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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  June 3, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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also live in san francisco at a dubs watch party with kron 4's gayle ong. but first -- lets go out to kron4's mark carpenter who is live on the court at oracle arena.mark.. (michelle) our team ontinue coverage tonight... coverage our team we
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continue (michelle) (michelle) we continue our team coverage tonight... kron 4's hermela aregawi live outside oracle arena now -- and hermela -- fans must've been very happy leaving the game tonight. (hermela aregawi)fans went home tonight just ecstatic about the way game two went. game 1 was a nailbiter.. and they say they're happy to see the dubs not wait until the last minute to take home a win.
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go warriorsdub nation celebrating tonight.. after the warriors take home a 19 point lead in game 2 of the finals. darrin thurman/warriors fan today they came out with more energy, the defense have done in their game. uld and they knew this game was on crucial game forey did all the things they needed to go to get the winthe warriors kept a lead for most of the game.. giving fans a relief from the anxiety of game 1, which went into overtime.jennette ponce i watched game one and it was extremely stressful. i thought there was a mini,it could have gone either way. this game i felt like we won it and we wont it in big time. brian pattersonthey started out well. last game was a little touch and go because it was a little too tight. but tonight kd, steph i think they stepped up their game. i feel like their intensity and defense on lebron was much improvedand as far as the drama on the
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court.. not much to report in game 2. a lot different than the run ins and the mis-steps of game 1.(hermela aregawi) dubs fans feeling very confident about their chances at the championship. game 3 is in cleveland on wednesday. reporting live in oakland hermela aredgawi kron 4 news. (hermela aregawi)(hermela aregawi)dubs fans feeling very confident about their chances at the championship. game 3 is in cleveland on wednesday. in oakland hermela aredgawi kron 4 news. (jr stone) our coverage continues tonight on the other side of the bay here in san francisco.scores of warriors fans are attending a watch party at the soma street food park. that's wherwe find kron 4's gayle ong tonight. gayle.. how's it looking out there this evening? the fans left happy tonight.. we had so much fun,fans were on the edge of their seats here at soma street food park for game 2, nba finals..
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they're not even at the oracle..but still warriors spirit everywhere a very electric crowd at the soma streat food park in san francisco sunday nightas they watch the two teams fight for the win..those who did not have tickets for the big game still made plans to watch it here with other people surrounded by food trucks..and television sets..these folks y they prefer this laid back atmosphere..
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the yells when something good happens, you heaar the groans when something bad happens and it's just an awersome time he wyo in the same community celebrating just the game, you know.">some camfo the food..some dressed up.. but fans were still on the edge of their seats at fourth quarter but were not suprised the warriors beat the cavaliers, in game 2. let's hope the warriors keep this up for game 3the warriors are hosting another watch party at the oracle..on are available tomorrow.we will be there!live in san francisco, gayle ong kron 4 news. (michelle) four championship matchups in four years ... (jr stone) and the tickets keep getting more expensive. (michelle) if you are willing to fly to cleveland,ohio for game three of the nba finals this have enough
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time...but it will cost you. according to ticketcity... nosebleed seats inside quicken loans arena cost $245 dollars a ticket. lower level seats are $471 bucks. courtside seats are nearly $five grand. and the most expensive courtside vip ticket...would cost you a little over $28 thousand dollars. back here in the bay area for game 5...if are pricey. nosebleed seats bump up to $549 bucks per ticket. lowerlevel seats are $900 dollars. courtside seats are 39-hundred each. and for an oppurtunity to sit with stars like beyonce.... vip tickets are 35-thousand dollars. (michelle) and the warriors have issued a fraud alert for nba finals tickets. the team said last year dutickets .. than any other playoff series in the past. over 800 fans showed up with fake tickets just this past regular season and during last year's finals the number of
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fraudulent tickets increased by 70-percent per game compared to the regular season. (michelle) and now to another warning you should know about. concert ticketing serve ticketfly system back online after a data breach leaked users' personal information and disrupted services at live music venues. today -- eventbrite said that the stolen information included customers' names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. it hasn't disclosed other details... but a website that tracks data breaches says the hack affected more than 26 million user accounts. the breach left nightclubs and other venues from seattle to providence, rhode island, scrambling for alternatives to sell tickets for upcoming shows. eventbrite bought rival ticketfly for 200-million last year from music rvsee pandora. (michelle) one north bay kid is making strides in his favorite sport even though he's still in elementary school. (jr) part of his popularity might be due to his
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incredible skills.... but looking like golden state warriors star steph curry... certainly helps. we're talking about 6 year old trent fuller. dure week...he's a kindergartner at laurel creek elementary in fairfield. but on the we... it's straight to his backyard to work on his dribbling technique. and with his skills...along with a resemblance to his favorite player...he's earned the nick-name 'baby steph' at oracle arena.(sot) trent fuller/six-year-old basketball player: "well, i don't really mind if they call me "baby steph curry'..not all the time though!" not only has trent met steph curry, he's on a first steph curry, has trent met not only time though!" not only has trent met steph curry, he's on a first name basis with the all he is with many of the warriors players. the little guy even served as the warriors sideline reporter during media day. and was surely a happy dubs fan after game two of the finals tonight. (jr stone) and dubs fans across the bay area are showing their warriors pride.
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(michelle) we are flooded with emails.... these are just a few... so keep sending us your fan photos... through the kron4 mobile app and use the "report it" tab."... and you might see yourself on t-v. (jrstone) we're certainly not done talking warriors. sports director gary radnich is iushoe on this sunday night and will have highlights later in the show.(michelle) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. (jrstone) (jrstone) (jrstone)
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(jrstone) coming up -- a wildfire threat forces thousands of residents to evacuate in orange county... how firefighters are holding up while battling the flames. (michelle) and -- we'll have a live report from one of japantown's family owned businesses who have become targets and are now shaken by the crimespree.
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(michelle) in the south bay...historic japantown in san jose is at the center of a crime wave.(jr stone) several businesses were broken into these past few months and most recently this week. kron 4 's ella sogomonian spent the night down there and picks up the story. it's a pattern that has this tight knit historic community on high alert. several of these family owned businesses have had their glass doors smashed and cash registers swiped.(nats:greetings)warm
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hugs welcome customers at the door of kazoo sushi restaurant in historic japantown in san jose. although it's all smiles today - it was glass and shattered hearts on friday as e broken into using a cement sewage block....and the cash register gone.sot: sean yang, kazoo restaurant owner// "a small shop like us we don't have a lot of cash to steal, we are just making a day to day living."it's the latest in a series of burglaries in the past few months in the area. japantown is made up of about two dozen family owned businesses who have become targets and are now shaken by the crimespree.sot: lyra halprin, customer// "i wonder what the reason is whether it be political climate or people just desperate for money but it's just awful."across the way kumako ramen had their door broken and cash register stolen on tuesday at 5:45 in the morning.a coffee shop owner nearby spotted the burglar in action and called police.kumako's owner says it's not only financial but a loss of a sense of security. sot: micahel cruz, kumako
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ramen owner// "the restaurant is going to be your baby and coming home to see your baby all scratched up it hurts. but at t sae you can only do so much."he says since january three other businesses have been also fallen victim. business owners say they'd like to see more police patrol ckson street but understand that the department is they're relying on each other as the first settlers did about 90 years ago.surveillence video is now in custody of police but kazoo's owner says although it was a quick and vague look at him before the thief cut the cord to the cameras.a thief drove off in a red chevy cobalt in the last san je ella sogomonian kron4 news. (michelle) new at 10. we now know the name of the two climbers... who died after falling from a rock in yosemi national park. wells 42-year-old tim klein. the duo fell from el capitan yesterday...a three
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thousand foot rock. the known as one of yosemite national park's most difficult climbs. park rangers are still figuring out how those two clbers slipped. this is the second fatal incident in yosemite national park in a little over a week. last week... a hiker fell to his death climbing the granite cliffs of half dome in rainy conditions. (jrstone) in our world news coverage tonight -- guatemala's fuego volcano erupted for a second time this year on sunday. at 25 people are confirmed dead. reports say -- this eruption has been the strongest registered so far. the volcanic eruption ejected ash up to six miles in the air affecting guatemala city, as well as other neighboring towns. guatemala's government has ordered evacuations for towns near the volcano, and has closed aurora international airport in guatemala city, due to the ashes. (michelle) thousands of residents have been evacuated from orange county, california
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due to a continued wildfire threat. at least 150 acres have burned. officials said more than four-hundred firefighters were on scene. two of them sustained minor injuries. at last check, the fire was 10-percent contained. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. no structural damages have been reported so far. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. temperatures will cool back down to seasonal averages monday as an upper trough arrives along the west coast. it will keep temperatures near or slightly below normal
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through much of the upcoming work week with continued dry weather. on monday most areas will cool at least 10 degrees with 15 degrees cooler for transitional locations. expect mid and upper 80s inland with 60s along the coast and 70s around the bay. by thursday the pattern should reverse bringing highs back to normal to end the work week. (michelle) coming up -- the last minute coming up -- (michelle)
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(michelle) coming up -- the last minute push candidates are doing to gain voters for the june primaries... (jrstone) and -- 2- thousand people jumped in the water and escaped from alcatraz all to embark on this rigorous iathlon. we'll talk to those participants coming up. we all know guys like gavin... boasting. overselling his achievements.
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making false claims. as lieutenant governor, he skipped many of his duties, saying the job was "so dull," he only shows up to work at the state capitol "likene day a week, tops." the same gavin who, as mayor, "split town" during a massive oil spill and "jetted off.. to hawaii. gavin's not gonna work... as governor (jrstone) thousands of
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people from all over the world participated in the 38th annual escape from alcatraz triathlon. (michelle) kron 4's sara stinson talked with the athletes who completed the iconic event. reporter intro: ("the race started at 7:30 this sunday morning, 2,000 people jumped in the water and escaped from alcatraz all to embark on this rigorous triathlon.")(ánats start of raceá)and their off!the 20-18 escape from alca 1.5 mile swim alcatraz to the shores of san francisco. the water was 54 degrees and the sun was out!
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("it wasn't that bad actually, it was much warmer than i thought.")then participants hop on their bikes and ride 18 miles through the presidio.and lastly they run eight miles to the finish line. several olympians were in the mix. including a 25-year-old man who was the first to complete the triathlon at two hours. ("champion, mr. ben kanute.") the first woman - ("sarah haskins.")a 37-year-old mom of two finished at two hours and 15 minutes.people came from 56 different countries to accomplish this.("i'm from ireland but i live in dublin, came all the way for this race.")the hardest part?("the run, the technical trails.") ("i thought the water, being slapped in the face, being in like a human blender.")the best part?("finishing probably, to be done with it.") ("awesome, woooooo! we did it yessssss!!!)reporter tag: ("the last runners to finish
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the triathlon at around 12:45. the oldest participant was 89 years old! in san francisco, sara stinson, kron 4 news.") (jrs) a woman was taken into custody in san diego sunday after reports of gun shots being fired. san diego police say at one point, the woman put a gun up to her mouth. a san diego police spokesman says that woman will be booked on resisting arrest. any additional charges will be filed by the district attorney. the incident happened near the rock 'n' roll marathon... where thousands of runners were gathered. no injuries from that situation were reported... but police said a chula visa officer drove himself to the hospital after accidentally shooting himself in the leg. (michelle) coming up - - the last minute push candidates are doing to gain voters for the june primaries... (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up...
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only marshall tuck will change that. year after year, policians fail to improve public schools. tuck turned around failing schools, raising graduation rates 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. (jrstone) kron 4 is your
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local election headquarters. and in 2 days san francisco will be votifor its mayor. kron 4's ali reid met up with some of the candidates in their last push to gain voters. in the next few days, san francisco will have an official mayor ... and 2 of this year's candidates were out and about in a final push for votes. we caught up with superisor jane kim at sunday streets in golden gate park ... as she reminded some san franciscans what she's been up to in the last decade ... including figting for minimum wage and tenant proud to have led the initiative that has made city college free for all our residents, and also proud to have negotiated and won more affordable and middle income housing than any one else on the boardher team of volunteers have knocked on a hundred thousand doors and held over a hundred house parties. they believe she can create change in the city.the child care initiative .. prop
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c, which we're all excited about. to provide affordable childcare for everyone in the city.the most vulnerable, the most low income people have been pushed out and jane is the one that can fix it. i don't think anyone can stop ehat's happening, but she's the one that can put a plug in it and stop the trickle.over in the richmond district, london breed held a meet and greet with voters.i'm really impressed with her homeless platform. she really want to help people and get them off the streetbreed is also working on changing the mental health system so lies arent tied up in the criminal justice system instead of getting the help they need.she has the type the city in the direction it needs to go ini think it says a lot that the whole board of supervisors voted her unanimously to be the leader of the board. it says she can be a coalition leader.homelessness, housing and public safety are important to her platform... what i'm also focused on is education in the future. and making sure the next generation of young people have access to companies right
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in their back yards.with some similar and varying interests, both candidates are working to make the city more inclusive for all safranciscans reporting from san francio ... ali reid ... kron 4 news. (jrstone) a reminder-- kron 4 is your local election headquarters. and we have continuing coverage leading up to elections on tuesday. we have a special election section on our website-- with information on all the important races and propositions. we will also have complete coverage on election night-- when the returns start coming in at 8 o'clock. it's all on kron4 -- your local election headquarters. (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero.... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez.
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temperatures will cool back down to seasonal averages nd as an upper trough arrives along the west coast. it will keep temperatures near or slightly below normal through much of the upcoming work week with continued dry weather. on monday most areas will cool at least 10 degrees with 15 degrees cooler for transitional locations. expect mid and upper 80s inland with 60s along the coast and 70s around the bay. by thursday the pattern should reverse with warmer temperatures bringing highs back to normal
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to end the work week. (michelle) santa cruz county police are looking for a man who are looking
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county police santa cruz (michelle) week.end the work week.
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(michelle) santa cruz county police are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a woman yesterday afternoon at a watsonville park. it happened around 4 o'clock at pinto lake park on green valley road. police say the suspect forcibly grabbed the 27-year-old woman and tried to pull her away from her car. the victim was able to break away and started screaming for help... that's when the suspect drove away. this is a sketch of the suspect. police are
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describing him as a hispanic man in his late 30's to early 40's, approximately six feet tall with a thin build. his vechile is being described as a mid 90's light blue, two-door honda accord with sun damage on the paint. (jrstone) summer is almost here and marin county officials are warning car owners to be careful after an aerosol can did this to a car. you can see this car's back window was shattered after the can of cleaning product exlpoded due to extreme heat. it looks like someone broke into the car. with temperatures expected to increase these next few weeks, this is a reminder not to leave certain items in your car. (michelle) plus... bart just expanded into antioch a week ago... but riders áalready have one big problem. we'll explain next.
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we all know guys like gavin...
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boasting. overselling his achievements. making false claims. as lieutenant governor, he skipped many of his duties, saying the job was "so dull," he only shows up to work at the state capitol "like one day a week, tops." the same gavin who, as mayor, "split town" during a massive oil spill and "jetted off.. to hawaii." gavin's not gonna work... as governor (jrstone) it's been just
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over a week now since the bart extension in antioch begain carrying riders in east contra costa county.... the new antioch station has been so popular -- rkg has been a major issue. drivers i talked with are upset about the parking situation. some say there aren't enough spaces it is a traffic nightmare in the morning. sot i would have fired half the people involved in this project and put them some place else.outrage over the parking situation at the new bart extension in antioch. the issue...not enough spaces. sot they had to have known there were going to be this many solution.a viewer reached out to us showing that parked in the grass across the street. in fact those cars weren't ticketed wednesday but were ticketed tuesday. those with bart say there are 1-
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thousand six spots saying the extension was built with the idea that some would drive, some would carpool, some would take the bus, and some would walk or bike.sot i think there is a lack of respect for people out here maybe because there isn't as much money out i thiot of people feel that way.some we talked with were able to get a spot. this man arrived at 5 am and this one at 5:30 6 though...spots were gone with the exception of the scoop carpool app that guarantees you parking until 10 but riders i talked with are fearful of getting home after work if they don't drive their car.bart says there are no this project was budgeted for a lot not a garage. something that would cost 40-50 thousand per space. many very upset. sot i would have thought they would have known how busy
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pittsburg was sot it's just poor antioch, j.r. stone kron 4 news (mihcelle) it'g advertised as a sushi lovers dream. w30 local vendors offering all things sushi, including filet demonstrations, door prizes and live entertainment. the sacramento sushi fest is scheduled to happen in july at the hyatt regency in downtown sacramento. but the hotel says they're not hosting it. fanoomies entertainment is the company behind the event but the better business bureau says there are a lot of red flags....including the event's site.(michelle) the company's website lists a fake address in southern california. and the secretary of state's website has no records of fanoomies entertainment being a legitimate business. the link for tickets to the event has also been disabled. (jr stone)topvo and the
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golden state warriors beat the cavs in game 2 of the nba finals....we'll breakdown the highlights... (michelle) plus -- we're looking at the future of sports betting in america and why that future is a little closer than you think.
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a big reason why the warriors didn't lose game one was because of j-r smith. he ran out the clock... with the game tied to force overtime. for game two... still no word of andre iguodala... who has mied the last 6 games with a bone bruise. the good news is... the warriors have never lost a game two against the cavs in the finals. klay thompson playing in his 100th straight playoff with the warriors... despite of suffering a high ankle sprain in game one klay got to work early in the first quarter hits a three pointer over kevin love warriors start the game 7-for-7 finishes with 10 points in the first half late in the second... steph curry got cooking scores 11 in the from three at the break warriors up 59-46 javalee mcgee... starting at center... a factor in the game finishes at the glass and gets
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the foul what a night for him... 6-for-6 and 12 points lebron over kevin durant hits a three... passes kareem abdul jabbar for second most points in the finals lebron got everyone else involved... finds love for a three connects with tristan thompson for the slam lebron... 29 points, 13 assists, one rebound shy of a triple-double kevin durant had 9 points in the third quarter scores 26 points in game 2 12th straight game with at least 20 points in the finals warriors up by 10 heading into the fourth steph curry making a case for finals mvp the fourth it was curry versus the cavs puts larry nance junior on skates... hits step back three feeling it... he's feeling it breaks the record with a three over cedi osman drops 16 of his 33 in the
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fourth quarter warriors win 122-106... golden state heads to cleveland up by two games game three set for wednesday night turning to baseball turning to turning to baseball when the giants faced the phillies in philadelphia last month they got swept today san francisco got some revenge over at a-t and tee park the giants celebrating 25
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years of raising h-i-v and aids awareness both teams participated by holding the red ribbon during the national anthem the giants were the first pro team to host a benefit game for the deadly disease back in 1994 top sixth... brandon crawford makes a diving snag to get jorge alfaro out at first dereck rodriguez, the son of hall of famer pudge rodriguez... who was making his first m-l-b start grateful to have crawford grateful to have crawford grateful to have crawford behind him allows five hits and strikes out six in six innings bottom of the inning... tied game giants with runners on the corners buster posey hits a single off arrieta alen hanson gives san francisco the lead 2-1 posey finishes 2-for-4 and 2 r-b-i giants not done with arrieta andrew mccutchen slaps a three-run
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bomb down the right field line... first dinger against arrieta giants score 5 gets his fit n san driguez francisco cote a 3-game sweep over philly... 6-1 over in kansas city -- the a's looking for a series win we head to the eight... tied game jed lowrie singles to right. brings in the go-ahead run... oakland takes the lead 2-1 two batters later... matt olson with a no-doubter off burch smith the ball hits the waterfall olson finishes the series with 3 home runs oakland wins 5-1 they take two out of three in kansas city have won 9 of last 11 road games
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(michelle) we are in the middle of both the nba and nhl finals, and while fans might áthinká they're into it now...the game may look a whole lot different years down the line.(michelle) this is all stemming fm a recent supreme court decision. omar jimenez takes a look at the future of sports betting in america and why that future is a little closer than you think. when it comes to sportsbetting has always been nevada it's ábeen legalbut everywhere else in the u-s? not so much.that's all about to change though after a recent supreme court decision. ted leonsis, owner, washington wizards & washington capitals: "this is the biggest new pot of revenue imaginable."ted leonsis is the owner of sports teams like the washington wizards and washington capitals.and imagines what a stanley cup finals game might look like years down the road.
10:50 pm
ted leonsis, owner, washington wizards & washington capitals: "could be something to the effect of you're not betting on the hockey game, the playoff game tonight, you're betting on who's gonna win the first period, the second period, the third period." now...the ruling from the supreme court doesn't mean sports betting is all of a sugal áeverywherei nstead it just opens the door for ástates to decide randy barnett, professor of constitutional law, georgetown law center: "up until this point, if the states tried to do that, they might be accused of actually aiding and abetting illegal federal conduct."the ceo of mgm resorts international says "we are already working with regulators to bring legal sports wagering in the states where we operate."and all of the major pro ásports leagues are áopen to the coming possibilitiesbut emphasize a commitment to maintaining the integrity of their respective games.the ncaa...where notably athletes are ánot still reviewing all of the implications but their chief legal office says "we will adjust sports wagering and championship policies to align with the direction from the court."utah senator hatch was one of the four original authors of the 1992 act struck down by the supreme court.he says there needs to be áfederal standards in place and that áhe plans to
10:51 pm
introduce legislation on the issue.randy barnett, professor of constitutional law, georgetown law center: anybody who wants to bet on sports can bet on sports now. the question is how convenient is it going to be? and i suppose for some states, whether they get a piece of the action."and many of them are already capitalizing.ádelaware's full-scale sports gaming operation is ready to go. people will be able to bet on single games for major pro sports including golf and auto racing.other states like new york, west virginia and mississippi have already passed laws to allow casinos to take sports bets once the federal law was struck down. ted leonsis, owner, washington wizards & washington capitals: this is just a way to get deeper into that exploration of what it means to be a fan. i think we need to get it out of the notion of 'it's gambling.' it's less gambling than it is buying a stock on wall street."but any transition to that mindset is going to be a gradual one...coming state by state. and it's one that by at least one estimate could bring in revenue measuring in the ábillions.i'm omar jimenez reporting (michelle) the world's
10:52 pm
largest gavel has been unveiled! we'll tl you where it happenedjust how big it is -- coming up.
10:53 pm
i call it like i see it. the race for governor has turned into a scam. gavin newsom's trying to elect a republican who was endorsed by trump. and villaraigosa's being bankrolled by a handful of billionaires. it's everything that's wrong with politics. and none of it is helping struggling families. here's my pledge to you. i'll keep our budget balanced. invest in affordable housing. fight for universal healthcare. and stand up to donald trump. as governor, you can trust me to do what's right- because i always have. (michelle) the world's
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largest gavel was unveiled in illinois friday night. this massive piece is outside the clark county courthouse in marshall. it's 66 feet high, 17 feet long and 36 feet wide. the whole thing is made out of red oak. the giant gavel was built hor the long legal history of the clark county courthouse ... which is one of the places where enesabraham lincoln practiced law.
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