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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 2, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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is mostly in yolo county. so far the fire has burned 60- thousand acres and is just five-percent contained. mandatory evacuations are still in place right now. 700 buildings are threatened. kron 4's charles clifford has the latest from yolo county on how the fire fight is going tonight. on monday, cal fire scrambled to contain the rapidly expanding yolo county fire. more than 1200 fire fighters and 119 fire engines are now asssigned to this blaze. 29 aircraft also made water and flame retardant drops around the burn zone, unil later afternoon when heavy smoke and poor visiblity forced all aircraft out of the area.the fire is now burning in steep rugged terrain filled with dry grass, brush and oaks. the smoke from this fire is spreading all over norther california with hazy skies and falling ash spotted as far away as the bay the town of winters, just off the 505, neighors kept a weary on the fire monday.sotkeep an eye on it. we've got go bags ready to go but just keep on eye on the smoke and the fire.sot theresa zamecink is the manage of the putah creek cafe in downtown winters. she says that the heavy smoke and falling ash has taken a toll on business.sotour patio slows
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down, people can sit out here breathing the air.sadly, smokey skies have become a summer tradition in winters. over the past few years, several big fire have burned in the nearby hills.sotevery year for the past 5 years or so we have had a fire right through the canyon at the damn of the lakesotit's like every year we are waiting for it to start. (pam)(pam) here is a list of mandatory evacuations from the yolo county fire. north of highway- 128 in yolo county - this does not include the city of winters... at this time. south of county road 23..
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east of berryessa knoxville road .. and homes off of highway 128 - between monticello dam and pleasant valley road. at last word-- the evacuation center had been closed because noone showed up to use it. that might mean those people went to hotels-- or are staying with friends and family. (pam) now to the pawnee fire burning in lake county... that fire is now 75- percent contained. it has burned more than 14-thousand acres. the double eagle subdivision remains under mandatory evacuation orders... an evacuation advisory is in effect in the area... between highway -20 and morgan valley road... and from sky high ridge road to the county line. (pam) firefighters now say, they have a handle on that brush fire in moraga and all roadways are back open. (ken) the fire broke out just after 1:30- this afternoon... in the area of moraga road and buckingham drive. it burned around 15 - acres... and has since been contained. fire
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officials say, it started in an open space... behind homes. two air tankers and a helicopter were brought in to assist ground crews .. no injuries have been reported. (pam) bay area air quality management district officials are encouraging people 'not' to set off personal fireworks for the fourth of july. they say, fireworks can cause an unhealthy spike in air pollution. a problem that we are witnessing ... due to smoke from the wildfires. reports say, smoke, dust and soot from fireworks make it difficult for people to breathe ... by triggering asthma attacks, coughing, wheezing and eye irritation. people who are sensitive, including those with respiratory issues, heart or lung disease, along with children and the elderly, should limit their exposure. (ken) weather is a big factor in deteriming the air quality. chief meteorlogist lawrence karnow is lawrence what plays a major role weather wise in the air
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quality? lawrence karnow: low clouds and fog were more common today as the sea breeze returned. it is still smokey with fires still burning to the north. air quality should begin to improve over the next few days with a stronger westerly wind. on the satellite you can see high pressure has moved out and cooler air is headed our way. highs tomorrow will still be warm and in the 70s to mid 80s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay, and 50s and 60s with patchy fog at the coast. it will continue to cool with more clodus on the 4th of july with highs running below average. warmer weather should return on friday. it will be hot over the weekend with some highs approaching 100 degrees at the hottest spots inland. (pam)
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(pam) you can track the weather conditions in your neighborhood.. on your phone and online at kron-4 dot com. you will also find full forecasts and current conditions and get breaking news push alerts with our app. you can download it today. (pam) another big story we are following tonight... as americans kick off the 4th of july holiday week -- security is a big priority across the country. (ken) in
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ohio - a man has been arrested and accused of planning an independence day attack on downtown cleveland. he also reportedly talked about coming to san francisco. karin caifa has the latest.. authorities have arrested a cleveland man they say had a terrifying goal this fourth of july.justin herdman/u.s. attorney: this defendant was walking around downtown cleveland conduction reconnaissance on what he thought was a large scale attack.on monday, the f-b-i cleveland division announced the arrest of demetrius nathaniel pitts. they say days ago he told an undercover agent he was planning to carry out a large-scale attack on the holiday.justin herdman/u.s. attorney: he looked for locations to park a van that would be packed with explosives.before his arrest sunday, authorities say pitts reiterated his plans to inflict mass harm and specifically target military members and their families. the details are chilling. justin herdman/u.s. attorney: just yesterday he discussed giving remote control cars
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packed with explosives and shrapnel to the children of our military and uniformed members. pitts, also know as abdur raheem rafeeq, was charged in federal court with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. he had been under f-b-i surveillance since 2017 after allegedly expressing his support for al qaeda. stephen anthony/ special agent in charge: pitts' statements of violent intentions continued to cause concern during the investigation.the f-b-i says pitts also planned to target other cities, including philadelphia, where he had previously lived. authorities say the news shouldn't alter people's july fourth plans because the agencies involved did what they needed to do and will remain vigilant.steven anthony/ fbi special agent in division: the reason the joint terrorism task force worked is because of all the people to my left are ever forever grateful. in washington i'm karin caifa. (pam) continuing our coverage .. again, in that terrorist suspect's charging document .... it says he talked about coming to san francisco as well.(ken) san francisco police tell us they are on high alert and will have extra patrols on duty for the fourth of july. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins
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us live from san francisco tonight. j.r. you spoke with officers this evening. what did they have to say? (j.r.)officers say that regardless of what happened with that suspect in ohio. they will have extra staff on hand because of the thousands of people coming to the city. fourth of july fireworks are almost here and that means thousands are expected in san francisco for the annual fireworks show. an increased crowd size means an increase in the amount of officers on patrol.sot ton of officers here this years show comes just days after fbi agents in ohio announced the arrest demetrius nathaniel pitts. suspected of planning a terrorist attack in cleveland but also someone who, according to the federal complaint, discussed the possibility of traveling to san francisco to conduct additonal targeting and reconnaissance on behalf of al qaeda.sot per s-f-p-d- policy police won't say how many officers will be on the streets but do say that they will be out there whether you notice them or not.sot oc: noticeable difference
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(j.r.)a reminder that if you don't want to battle the crowds here in san francisco or elsewhere you can watch our fourh of july special....july 4th live at 9 pm on wednesday. live in san francisco, j.r. stone kron 4 news.
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(ken)j.r. police also spoke to you about fireworks. what did they have to say when it came to that subject? (pam) police are investigating a homicide in el sobrante. it happened saturday night in a parking lot, near sobrante avenue and valley view road. officers arrived and found a victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. that victim has been identified as richmond resident , mario ambriz junior. ambriz died at the scene. (ken)an update to a big story we have been following... the colorado gunman who killed one man and hurt two relatives in santa rosa...died this weekend from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. authorities say
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65-year-old walter ross barged into his son's home with guns and explosives june 24th... looking for his estranged wife. she wasn't there- but ross shot and killed 43-year- old tim gillaspie. he also shot and injured his 41-year old son and 4-year old grandson. both were treated and released from the hospital. ross then shot himself in the head. he died saturday. ross's divorce from his wife was to become final this month. (pam) coming up: we now know the name of the east bay woman who drowned over the weekend. who police say she was trying to save. (ken)plus: a man was arrested for placing a hidden camera in a santa cruz coffee shop. how police say the device was found. (pam) and next: more than 35 cars in berkeley vandalized this weekend... what police are saying about the sudden crimespree.
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(pam)thieves targeted more than 35 cars across north berkeley this weekend...(ken) kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the berkeley police department...ella what was stolen? criminals got their hands on a laptop and electronics but in other cases nothing - like one victim who along with several dozen others are either way now stuck paying for a new window. five north berkeley neighborhoods were targeted in a crime spree over the weekend as thieves drove from one street to the next smashing windows and tugging on door handles.police say more than 35 cars were vandalized over
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the weekend.sot: officer byron white, berkeley police department// "it's very rare to give some context on average over the course of a month there's like 150-160 throughout the entire in this case we have over 35 that happened in just two nights."all the burglarized cars were parked in residential areas.some near indian rock park, hopkins, the alameda and fairlawn drive... but more than a dozen alone were targeted on josephine street between rose and cedar victim told kron 4 off camera she heard an alarm go off around 4 am but when neighbors woke up it was too late the thieves and property were gone.sot: victim// "i mean its ery frustrating it s a hassle to deal wiht it its expensive to get your windos fixed it something you werent frustrating it happened all down the street."police say none of the cars had anything in particular in common. although police say this is an unusual number of break ins for one weekend this does
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happen so drivers should be wary of leaving anything behind... (pam) what are some other things drivers can do to try and avoid becoming a next victim? police say park in a garage or a well lit area if you can...dont leave valuables behind and lock your car in berkeley ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (ken)a live look outside on this monday night.. (pam) lawrence is here with the forecast.. lawrence karnow: low clouds and fog were more common today as the sea breeze returned. it is still smokey with fires still burning to the north. air quality should begin to improve over the next few days with a stronger westerly wind. on the satellite you can see high pressure has moved out and cooler air is headed our way. highs tomorrow will still be warm and in the 70s to mid 80s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay, and 50s and 60s with patchy fog at the
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coast. it will continue to cool with more clodus on the 4th of july with highs running below average. warmer weather should return on friday. it will be hot over the weekend with some highs approaching 100 degrees at the hottest spots inland. (ken) a large medical convention medical a large (ken)
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(ken) a large medical convention that has been coming to san francisco every few years since the 1980's is now looking for a different host city. (pam) officials with that medical convention say ... the change is because of san francisco's issues with homlessness. as kron 4's gabe slate reports, this is the first time a major convention is leaving because of conditions on the streets... and some worry this could effect business overall . sound from -kevin carroll -
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executive director, hotel council of san francisco - " when these things leave it affects all of us the taxi the hotel the restaurant we need to be concerned." that's kevin carroll, executive director of the hotel council of san francisco, they represent hotels here and their guests. reacting the news according to sf travel, the city's convention and visitors bureau that a large medical convention that has been coming to san francisco since the 1980's, is looking for a new host city because of the dirty streets and the homeless issue plaguing the area. sound from -kevin carroll - executive director, hotel council of san francisco - " we want to make sure the guests and employees are safe" sf travel does not want to name the five-day trade show that draws 15,000 attendees, and pumps about $40 million into the local economy because they are hoping to lure them back in the future. the convention told sf travel "that they loved the city, but post convention surveys revealed their members were afraid to walk th streets amid the open drug use, threatening behavior and mental illness that are common on the
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streets."san francisco's biggest industry, is tourism, it brings in $9 billion a year, creates 80,000 jobs and generates more than $725 million in local taxes - conventions represent about $1.7 billion dollars of the industry. sound from -kevin carroll - executive director, hotel council of san francisco - " we all know there is a problem, and now we need to work toward a solution " in sf gs k 4 news (ken)coming up: caught on camera- a rocket launch went wrong. the details of what officials say caused the
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rocket to land head first. (pam) and next: dramatic images of a road collapse in china.why almost 200-feet of roadway caved in!
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(pam) yet another bay area viral video is a lot of getting attention on social media .. (ken) it shows a man complaining about a fellow bart passenger drinking coffee on one of the trains. take a look.(nat)"could you just make an announcement for people to not drink coffee on bart." according to the viewer who sent us this video... this man was asking an attendant to do something about a passenger drinking coffee on the train.... but the attendant didn't make an attempt to intervene. some might see this as another overreation to a relatively minor offense.... however bart's policies clearly state drinking anything on trains is against the rules.
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(pam) bart's official website says ... "bart police officers will ticket riders who eat or drink in the 'paid area,' which we define as the places where you need a ticket, such as inside the fare gates of a station, on platforms or on any train. state law sets the fine as high as $250.... and up to 48 hours of community service for this infraction."this policy has been in place since bart first started running... in 19-72. (ken) bart police is reminding passengers to make sure their cell phones are always secure... after several recent robberies at stations. three robberies happened yesterday at the coliseum station in oakland, and the 24th street and balboa park stations in san francisco. today bart warned riders to always be aware of their surroundings to help avoid cell phone thefts. (ken)dramatic images coming from china... surveillance video capturing the moment a road suddenly collapsed. witnesses says that at least 164 feet of road, that's a 50-meter long section, caved in. incredibly, no casualties
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have been reported. authorities are investigating what caused the collapse -- there are some reports that it was due to days of prolonged rain. (pam) coming up: a suspect has been arrested after a deadly stabbing at a childs birthday party in idaho. now - two children who saw the violence, describe what they saw .. (ken)plus: several people in the bay area forced to moved in rv's because of high housing costs. where they are now allowed to park their mobile homes. (pam) and next: an east bay teacher drowns trying to save two young boys. how the school where she worked.. is reacting. (lawrence)ten at ten ten at ten (lawrence) is reacting. she worked.. school where how the young boys. to save two drowns trying bay teacher ne ♪ it's time for the 'lowest prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting.
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in half moon bay ...a woman drowned there over the weekend... trying to save a number of children who got caught in a rip current.(pam) kron4's michelle kingston has more on this heartbreaking story. (mk)it's a beautiful beach just south of half moon bay ... and a spot where a group of people were taking a photo on sunday when a wave washed ashore here at cowell ranch state beach -- sending as many as seven people into the water. according to california state parks the youngest was just 14 years old.47 year old aarti senthilvel jumped in after the kids to save them ... but was unable to get out of the rip current.the children were rescued by other family and friends -- but senthilvel was swept away.california state parks released a statement that said in part "our hearts go out to the victim and her family during this tragedy."
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patrick gannon, communications coordinator for pleasanton unified school district"i'm so sorry for this loss"michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"she worked for the pleasanton school district as a substitute lunch supervisor. most recently here at vintage hills elementary. we stopped by her home earlier this afternoon which was filled with family who say they are heartbroken."patrick gannon, communications coordinator for pleasanton unified school district"she certainly touched a number of lives here at pleasanton unified. we are very grateful to her for that." california state parks say safety to their visitors is their top priority. and while this investigation is ongoing -- it also serves as a reminder to never turn your back to the ocean.they also recommend checking with on duty park staff about ocean conditions, being aware conditions can change quickly along the coastline and that rip currents can happened at any beach with breaking waves. patrick gannon, communications coordinator for pleasanton unified school district"our hearts go out to her family and friends during this very difficult time."in pleasanton, michelle kingston kron 4 news
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(ken) in north carolina. a man drowned ...while saving a child struggling in the water . police say they were dispatched yesterday afternoon to a report of a possible drowning at a wake county park . 36 year old jeremie dale earp... swam into the water to help the boy in trouble...without hesitation.(sot) "our investigation, really at this point, tells us there was a 7-year-old boy or 8-year-old boy that was swimming. apparently the child got into some sort of trouble while swimming. this gentleman jumped in the water to try and help the boy and was able to help the boy get over to more shallow water, but then he disappeared under the water himself." (ken) police say two people jumped in to pull the man out and started cpr. emergency responders tried to save him for an hour... but
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couldn't. the little boy involved in the case... is home safe tonight. (pam) happening now... san francisco police are looking for the people involved in a triple shooting in the mission district. a 30-year-old man was killed ... and two- 20-year-old men were taken to the hospital .. with non- life threatening injuries. the shooting happened just before 9:00- saturday night on mission, between 17th and 18th streets. people who live in the area say, shootings are happening more frequently. for now... police are not saying whether this incident is gang- related. police do not have a detailed description of the shooter. (pam) in national news. as memorial services are held for the victims of the shooting... at a maryland newspaper company... the community is starting to move forward. it has been four days... but there are still dozens of people coming by the memorials for the five capital gazette employees... murdered last thursday. jarrod ramos ... is charged with five counts of first
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degree murder. this is the first full week day, the building the shooting happened, is back open. the gazette says, it will continue to publish in the wake of the attack, but workers have not yet returned to the newsroom (pam) police have arrested a man in capitola -- and accused him of hiding a camera in the restroom of a popular coffee shop.(ken)police say the 35-year-old suspect installed the camera at "verve" coffee shop in capitola... and now as christopher salas explains... is facing several charges. voice of brian cleveland/santa cruz sheriff's office"he is not employed by the verve and is not associated with the verve."santa cruz county sheriff's office says 35-year- old sage savage installed a hidden camera in the bathroom of the popular capitola coffee shop..voice of brian cleveland/santa cruz sheriff's office"what we found is that it was similar to a usb charr,setup as a camera instead of a charging device."the device was found by an employee in an outlet facing the toilet.. just three hours after sage installed it.voice of brian cleveland/santa cruz sheriff's office"during that time, a
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little bit of over a of images of men, women and children were depicted on that video." and here's a photo of sage walking out just after he planted that camera.. ironically... police say they were able to identify savage by this surveillance camera just outside the coffee shop. christopher salas/reporting "and savage actually doesn't live far from the coffee shop. deputies say they served a search warrant right here on the 800 block of 41st avenue. that's where they say they found even more incriminating evidence at his home.cleveland said they found enough to connect him with this crime... and then some.voice of brian cleveland/santa cruz sheriff's office"as well as some additional images that were found on recording devices at his house which depicted some sex acts with women that may not know they were being recorded at the time." the suspect is charged with 2 felonies... sexual exploitation of a child and burglary.. he's also charged with one misdemeanor using a camcorder in a restroom.his bail has been set at 100,000 dollars. (pam) ash and smoke
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from the yolo county wildfire .... making its way throughout northern california ... polluting the air. but some families in modesto were willing to take the risk to beat the heat. with air quality sitting in the good to moderate range for modesto for the early part of the day... parents took their kids to a local water park. but just a few miles down highway 99, the air quality in turlock spiked drastically ... from moderate to very unhealthy in a span of several hours... a heavy haze sat over the city all afternoon, as smoke from fires burning north settled on the city. as of tonight the county fire is 60 thousand acres and five percent contained. (pam) and air quality weather changes are we seeing that effects this? lawrence karnow: low clouds and fog were me common today as the sea breeze returned. it
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is still smokey with fires still burning to the north. air quality should begin to improve over the next few days with a stronger westerly wind. on the satellite you can see high pressure has moved out and cooler air is headed our way. highs tomorrow will still be warm and in the 70s to mid 80s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay, and 50s and 60s with patchy fog at the coast. it will continue to cool with more clodus on the 4th of july with highs running below average. warmer weather should return on friday. it will be hot over the weekend with some highs approaching 100 degrees at the hottest spots inland.
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(ken) new video tonight -- a rocket burst into flames just seconds after liftoff. it happened in japan yesterday. you can see the rocket take off -- but moments later it comes crashing down. there was no one on board and no injuries on the ground were reported. the rocket was developed by interstellar technologies inc. another attempt last july also failed. if successful, the launch would have been japan's reach outer space. (pam) take a look: this is a group hanging out on the back of the boat in australia ... handfeeding sharks... don't ask why... and out of nowhere.... the
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shark bites the woman trying to feed it! here's a picture of her finger that was chopped up a bit .... but thankfully, not chopped off. even she acknowledges... this surely could have been much worse. a 3-year-old girl died after being stabbed saturday at a being stabbed saturday at a birthday party in idaho. suspect timmy kinner has been charged with murder in her death... and eights counts of aggravated battery for allegedly stabbing five other children and three adults.(ken) new at ten: haley kramer spoke with two children who witnessed the attack are sharing what they saw. fathi and esrom/witnessed stabbing attack:"we saw him saying bad words and killing and stabbing our friends." 11-year-old fathi and 12- year-old esrom were playingouts chthey say he the their words, he did it hard, and a lot of times. esrom habte:"we didn't want to get stabbed."fathi mahamoud: "and then we ran to the closet."esram says he brought his two sisters, fathi and another child to his house. they locked the door and hid in the closet.esrom habte:"we
10:38 pm
were on the phone with the police and we were waiting until they told us they caught him and then we went outside." now, just hours later, these children are trying to deal with what they saw.tssimply -- spread love where it's needed most.nats --tag-- police say 30-year-old suspect timmy kinner was asked to leave the complex friday and allegedly returned to quote "exact vengeance."along with the three adults, a three-year- old, two 4 year olds, a six, eight and 12-year-old were also stabbed.four of the victims have life-threatening's unclear if the attack was a hate crime.the f-b-i is assisting with the investigation. (ken) california has spent nearly half a million dollars to give bottled water to prison inmates just outside the bay area. that's since the tracy prison's water system failed last fall. water regulators are requiring prison e bottled water whenever system can't provide fresh water. they've spent 417- thousand dollars so far. the state's new budget
10:39 pm
includes 2 -million to plan a better system... which is expected to cost another 32-million by the time it's done in 20-21 (pam) seattle is following the lead of several bay area cities.... taking major steps to reduce single- use plastic waste. the city has banned plastic straws and utensils at restaurants, grocery stores, cafeterias and similar businesses.those who violate the ban face a 250- dollar fine.businesses are allowed to use straws and utensils with green materials... like paper or bamboo. greenpeace says, 40-percent of the plastic found in the ocean ... was likely used only once.only once.was likely used only once. (ken)here in the bay area... several cities have already plastic straw bans in place. alameda, berkeley, oakland and richmond are part of a nationwide high 9 cities in california with similar bans.
10:40 pm
legislation -- backed by mayor-elect london breed... to ban plastic straws as well. it is estimated that one million straws are used in the city every day -- and that single use food and beverage packaging makes up two-thirds of bay area street litter that finds its way into the bay. if the san francisco ban becomes law, it would go into effect in one year --- july 2019. (pam). a community of r-vs can continue living at the berkeley marina....for one more week. city officials met today and voted on whether or not they should suspend a law that prohibits people from lodging at the parking lot on seawall drive. this comes after a group of people known as friends on wheels settled their r-vs in the h-s lordships restaurant lot in may. the city manager reminded officials that the marina fund faces a growing financial crisis partly because of the declining conditions at the waterfront. officials voted to allow the r-vs to
10:41 pm
stay until next monday morning. (pam) the high cost of housing has led to a growing number of people, many of them homeless, living in motorhomes and other vehicles on the streets.(ken) mountain view has its share but as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, a new effort is underway to provide some of those people with safe parking and other services. it's not just mountain view of course but there are at least 40 motorhomes pickup trucks and other vehicles parked here on crissanta avenue right next to the caltrain tracks. there are at least 300 city wide. this month, a 2-year pilot program begins that will allow some of these vehicles to spend a night or two in the relative safety of a church parking lot. it would help a lot say those who live in vehicles because they can't afford to own or rent a home
10:42 pm
or apartment.miguel contreras/lives in motorhome " will help a lot because there are a lot of homeless families here and now we will havea better place to live and water and a bathroom and a place to take a shower..."the santa clara county board of supervisors voted to fund safe overnght parking and supportive services, including restroom facilities. a new non-profit called "lots of love" will coordinate the program which might just help provide a path out of homelessnesssays county supervisor joe simitian who pushed for the funding. verlyn/martinez/lives in motorhome "....this was once effecting low income families but now it's more middle income families, i'm a college student but i also work...." verilyn martinez and miguel contreras are living in this rv while they save up for an apartment. they hope to take advantage of the church parking plan if for no other reason than to get a good night's sleep, away from the caltrain tracks.rob fladeboe/mountain view "..lot's of love's pastor brian leong confirmed that the program is now underway with a handful of homeless families placed at churches around town as soon as tonight. in mountain view rob fladeboe kron 4 newss
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well known images of dogs underwater. and while a lot of people headed to the pool to cool off this weekend... so did the dogs. (ken) reporter katie alexander got a behind the scenes look at how these pictures are made. some dogs also spent some time
10:46 pm
in a pool, as models for world- renowned underwater dog photographer seth casteel.the photo shoots at sanddancer canine swim therapy & fitness were a once in a lifetime opportunity for some dog's families."it's just a keepsake forever. i was telling people, it's my dog's bucket list kind of thing," mia is an eight- year-old maltese/yorkie mix, who can be pretty shy when she's on land.but, the veteran dock diving dog transformed when she got her chance to get in the pool with casteel."as soon as that dog sees the water, bang, right in the water, going crazy, going bonkers, and the pictures will blow your mind," mia is one of 21 dogs getting one of these special sessions in orchard park this weekend, as part of casteel's national photo shoot tour.casteel has been taking these kinds of photos for about eight years now, and book underwater dogs, underwater puppies, and underwater babies showcase his unique portrait style.mia's family came all the way from ottawa to get that perfect pi
10:47 pm
furry friend."it's amazing. you don't get shots like that!" casteel's photography sessions start with some play in the water, to get the dogs used to the pool and his equipment. then, it's straight to work, encouraging dogs to dive for their favorite toys, while casteel works to capture the spirit of the canine models doing what they love in the water."i'm just fascinated with dogs. dogs inspire us. they inspire me. my whole life's about dogs. and it's cool to just go along for the ride and do what they want to do," "that's why underwater dog pictures are so much fun is because these dogs are having a blast."no two underwater dog photos are the same. there's a huge variety in the tone and composition. that reflects the huge variety when it comes to the models, even among those taking part in photo shoots in orchard park this weekend."all different breeds, mixed breeds, ages. our smallest dog is i think, mia, the maltese/yorkie. and yesterday we dog, which was a mix,"with so many different dogs, hard to pick a but, he says little runner because enthusiasm in the "when i see a that, that shouldn't be because it never breed that's on the couch dog is maybe a underwater dog (ken) that was katie alexander reporting. and seth casteel is brining his underwater dog tour to california this month. (pam) he'll be in sacramento on july 21st. to find out more information on his tour-- head over to kron-4 dot com.
10:48 pm
(ken) here at home... in the east bay. the search is on for the owner of this happy looking pitbull. she jumped into a parked patrol car yesterday near newell and broadway plaza in walnut let the officer know she was lost. she is currently at the contra costa animal service center in martinez. the dog has no chip... but is at a healthy weight and is very friendly with people. big big news out of the nba big big news big big news out of the nba big big news big big news out of the nba todaifally the warriors... they agreed on a one-year deal with all- star center demarcus cousins... he comes to golden
10:49 pm
state for the mid-level exception of 5.3-million dollars he suffered a torn achilles he suffered dollars he suffered dollars he suffered a torn achilles supffered last season... and reports were he was offered no free agent deals... after talking to his agent... today cousins called warriors president of basketball operations bob myers to discuss joining the team. "this is my ace of spades," cousins said. "this is my chess move." the 6-11, 270-pound cousins is a 4-time all-star... although some reports have hiim not ready to play until late january... cousons says he plans on being ready as early as december... which for recovering from a torm achilles is a very reasonable time-table but the warriors are so good they can wait until he is ready... whenever that is... the playoffs being in their sites with this move(wipe to curry tweet)(wipe to curry with this movein their sites playoffs being in their sites with this move
10:50 pm
(wipe to curry tweet) steph curry dosen't hesitate to welcome boogie to the warriors. immediatley after the deal curry tweeted, " the 3rd splash brother (laughing emoji's). lets go @boogiecousin s." (wipe to s." (wipe to summer league) warriors starting their summer league in sacramento... damien jones... they hope the former first-rounder can play some center this cousins c the dunk inside... jones had 14 points late in the
10:51 pm
game.... jordan bell... tries to throw it off the backbopard and dunk... just like he did in the regular season last year... but this one was a fail final... 79-68 warriors... they play the host kings tomorrow night... first round pick jacob evans didn't play with an injured to the giants got another good performance out of madison bumgarner... but it wasn't enough... gorkys hernandez... had no home runs last season... this was his 11th this season... first pitch of the game... 1-0 giants madison bumgarner... came into the game with a 16-iniing scoreless streak...and he was cruising through the 6th inning... his streak reaching 22 innings... 2-0 giants going into the 7th but in the 7th mad-bum got into trouble... allowing a couple
10:52 pm
of runs... then... with releiver reyes moronta replacing him.. gets the grounder to 2nd... you never see this... brandon crawford's throw is high and wide to brandon belt... he can't come up with it... a runner scores on the error by the multiple gold goover... 3-2 roickies final... 5-2 rockies... bumgarner: 6 ip, 7 hits, 3 runs here we go... brazil versus mexico in the kniockout round of 16... 51st minute... neymar... they say he is the 3rd best player in the world after messi and ronaldo... he pokes home the cross to put brazil up 1-0 88th minute... roberto firmino... puts brazil... aqfter neymar makes the great run to set him up... final... 2-0 brazil... they advance to the quarterfinals... and mexico... very popular here in the bay area... goes home(wipe to belgium-japan) maybe the game of the world cup so far... belguim against japan... 52nd mimnute... takashi inui... with the long shot for japan... and it goes in... 2-0... maybe you could save energy by
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narrator: in the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. winfield, citizen watch. i was on patrol, got here first. you see anything? just the body. thomas marchek, pedophile. did you say... did you say marchek? yeah. you know the guy? he raped a seven-year-old girl. left her cut up and unconscious in a drainpipe. yeah, i know. now, how are you so tuned in? i'm just doing my job. all right. sir, did you touch the body? i know better. not even to check for vitals? well, shorteye's head was practically blown off. look, if you want to talk to me, here's a card with my numbers... home and work.


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