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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 7, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(jrstone) now at 10 -- we start tonight with breaking news out of thailand. the long and tedious mission to rescue 12 boys and their football coach trapped inside a flooded cave is officially underway. (jrstone) good evening and thank you for joining us at 10 -- i'm j.r. stone. justine waldman has the evening off. thai authorities confirm that an international contingent of 13 specialist divers entered the cave at 10 a-m local time. the governor of chiang rai told the media quote "today is d-day." heavy rain is d-day." heavy rain is in the forecast for sunday in thailand... as rescuers have been working around the
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clock. officials say the boys will come out separately and that each person will be escorted by two officers. it's sunday morning in thailand right now -- these are new pictures of military officials clearing the entrance of the cave site. military police and rescue workers are on hand and ready to deliver oxygen near the entrance. (jrstone) handwritten letters from deep inside a cave in northern thailand... the soccer team was finally able to send word to their families for the first time in two weeks. but despite the optimism inside the cave... authorities are working against time and weather to get the team out. the father of one boy spoke with cnn.
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wants whenever he comes. we would go together. and before that he and his aunt had agreed to have those fried chicken at kfc together."> (jrstone) there is a hope that father will be able to unite with his son in after these brave rescue efforts. we will continue to follow this story as more information becomes availible. (jrstone) we first alerted you to this breaking news through our kron 4 mobile app. make sure to download it from the app store for breaking news updates on this story. (jrstone) now to another big story we're following -- a slight sense of relief for people affected by the devastating county fire burning in yolo and napa counties. firefighters say they're gaining a better handle on containment.... (jrstone) here's an update on the county fire. it has now burned 88,425 acres and is
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55-percent contained. ten structures have been destroyed. (jrstone) a meeting was held today for people living in the small yolo county town of guinda. folks were able to get an official update from cal fire. kron 4's hermela aregawi was there and talked to those affected by the fire. it's been a week since the it's been a it's been a week since the yolo county fire started burning...scorching more than 88-thousand acres to date.the blaze has destroyed ten stuctures and damaged two others.saturday.. residents in the small town of guinda came together to get updates from cal fire and share their experiences.bradley harger/guinda traumatic, very traumatic. the property up here even though they call it
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ugly, this is my little piece of paradise, now it's been toasted. i lost land. no structures but i lost land, the grass, the trees, the things when i go outside and look, the beauty.christine hildebrand evacuated twice in four days.a challenging move with an elderly mother and fifteen horses on the land.on the land.fifteen horses on the land.christine hildebrand/guind a what a roller coaster. it was good to hear from offices of emergency services. we actually called them at one point because we weren't really clear about whether we were supposed to evacuate or not on the second time. officials say the fire is a particularly aggressive one. it is chewing through tens of thousands of gallons of retardant.. which isn't buying them as much time as it would with an average firemike smith/cal fire spokesperson this fire is uncharacteristic in that normal supression efforts are showing very little effect. what we would normally do this time of year is go direct on the fire
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lines, place firefighters right on the edge of the fire and they would be able to supress it with small hand tools or fire hoses.the fire is now 48-percent contained but officials say weather conditions are slowing down the progress.mike smith/cal fire spokespersonhere the topography is extremely steep, the fuels are very dry for this time of year. it's been exceptionally hot in the past few weeks. officials tell me although the fire is particularly difficult, they do feel like they have a grip on it at this point. although it is unclear whether it will be days or weeks before it is fully contained.reporting in guinda hermela aregawi kron 4 news (j.r.) an update to a fire in contra costa county that led to a shelter in place for thousands in the pittsburg area. this had to do with a vegetation fire in a former hazmat area near 3rd and harbor street. a helicopter was used to put out the flames. around 6 p-m the shelter in place was lifted. no one was hurt and the fire is out. the cause is unknown. (jrstone) and in amador county -- a brush fire that burned almost 800 acres forced
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an entire neighborhood to evacuate. once they were out of their homes, all they could do was watch firefighters and hope they could stop the flames. like many flames. like many neighbors, autumn miller stood at this lookout point. watching the flames spread in the afternoon. officials say no homes have been destroyed and no injuries have been reported. (j.r.)the heat is on - especially in the south bay, where temperatures are into the 90's the national weather service issued a heat advisory today - kron4's gayle ong went to santa cruz where many people cooled down at the beach. many people here had the same ideathey
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checked the weather forecast and came here, where it's much coolerany spot along the water was the place to be saturdaysotbeach goers living inland escaping the heat advisories and warnings sotjessile santa maria drove two hours from pittsburg where its expected to be in the 90's all weeksotand tourists who are staying inland traveling here where it's much coolersot plenty of umbrellas blanketing the sand for shade while others splashed around in the pacific oceansotif you are not able to escape to the beach, the national weather service suggests to limit outdoor activites on hot days,and stay in air conditioned areas staying under shade and staying hydrated are key to beating the heatlive in santa cruz gayle ong kron4 news
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tracking a few degrees of cooling around the bay area on sunday. not expecting much of a marine layer on sunday with 60s along the beaches, 70s near the coast, 70s-80s bayside and 90s inland. temperatures will near or slightly above normal through early next week. (jrstone) (jrstone)
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(jrstone) (jrstone) you can track the weather conditions in your neighborhood.. on your phone and online at kron-4 dot com. you will also find full forecasts and current conditions and get breaking news push alerts with our app. you can download it today. (jrstone) a guatemalan mother was unable to get her child out of an immigration detention center on saturday. our cnn partners has been following the case of 39-year- old lesvia - who only recently bonded-out of the hutto detention center in taylor-texas. lesvia
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traveled to brownsville, where her 10-year-old son yudem has been held by authorities. she told cnn despite showing documents to prove her relationship with her son, she was not able to leave with him. a federal judge has set july 26-th as the date for all families separated by the trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy - to be reunited. (jrstone) in the bay area -- immigrants detained by i-c- e have the support of the interfaith community in richmond. (jrstone) today, at the west county detention facility -- immigration advocates called for the release of non-violent people held without bail. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with a russian mother pleading for the release of her husband. (philippe) every first saturday of the month.... several hundred people with the interfaith movement for human integrity... meet out front of the west county detention facility in richmond... sharing prayers for immigrants held without bail for months on end.
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this saturday was no different. the focus of this vigil was family separation... and, anna tutckaia's (toot-sky-uh) husband alexey.anna tutckaia/wife- "deporting alexey would not only mean a danger to his life, but also a huge trauma for our kids." anna says alexey has been held here for 10-months. he was taken into custody by federal agents while applying for asylum. he and his family defected from russia to the united states, fearing retaliation from the russian government... after his business partner spoke out about political corruption in his home country.mother anna lange-soto- "and, then, the partner's having spoken about it, implicated alexey. not because he had done anything, but because he was a partner there." anna has yet to tell her two young children where their father really is. she told them he's on a long business trip, but as time goes on, that story isn't holding up.anna tutckaia/wife- "he would be the one who would bring them to school, and get them out of school and bring
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to all the activities. read with them. i mean, he was like a mom to them, because i was super busy studying and working." now she's unclear if she'll ever see her husband again here in america... because being deported is a very real possibility. in richmond, philippe djegal, kron four news, (jrstone) coming up -- a bus goes up in flames! and it wasn't the only vehicle. we'll have details on the damage after the breaking (jrstone) and -- a man caught on camera exposing himself multiple times and even breaking into homes. details on what you need to be on look out for. (jrstone) plus -- a community pouring out their support for a pedicab driver hit on the job. we have a live report on those efforts coming up.
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a pedicab cyclist in san francisco is still recovering after he was badly hurt by a hit and run driver. it happened at embarcadero and sansome street. kron 4's ella sogomonian joins us live from that area...ella what is the san francisco bicycle coalition saying about this ? kevin manning was driving his pedicab here when the car hit him and took off, he is now left battling serious
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injuries...the sf bike coalition believes this could have been avoided. fellow pedicab cyclists have missed seeing kevin manning at the embarcadero who was severely injured in a hit and run crash. on june 27th a driver hit manning at the embarcadero and sansome while he was working with cabrio pedicab for a sixth year. sot: matt montgomery, pedicab cyclist// "shock and sadness...i know kevin, he'sa great guy. it's terrible this happened to him we all hope he's doing okay."a go fund me page has raised 27 thousand dollars for manning's medical expenses since the crash two weeks ago.the executive director of the san francisco bicycle coalition says they've been advocating for protected bike lanes on the embarcadero for years.sot: brian weidenmeier, sf bicycle coalition// "the city has supposedly has been planning to install them for over five years according to the city's original timeline final designs for a protected bike lane in the embarcadero were supposed to be approved over a
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year ago and the city and the port continue to delay."san francisco's vision zero research shows the embarcadero to be a high risk area for cyclist injuries. weidenmeier is convinced a protected bike lane would have prevented manning's crash. live in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (jrstone) richmond police are looking for the driver of this car that hit a bicyclist and took off. surveillance video captured this photo of the suspect's car wanted in the hit and run. it happened just before one o'clock this morning near downer avenue and 23rd street. police found the victim in the middle of the street suffering from severe injuries. the victim was taken to the hospital where he remains in grave condition this evening. witnesses are describing the car as a dark colored, early 2000's ford crown victoria. (jrs) police in two different bay area cities are in need of your help
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identifying a man caught on camera exposing himself multiple times and even breaking into homes. kron 4's sara stinson has details of what went down. (reporter intro: "fremont and pleasanton police are working together to identify a man they believe is involved in 5 different incidences of a man exposing himself to people in both cities. the first one happened three weeks ago here on deuville part court and the most recent one was in pleasanton on june 5th. "it happened around ten thursday night when a person who lives here on whispering oaks way in pleasanton captured this man naked in front of their home on a security camera.neighbors say they are terrified this man was in their neighborhood. ("i'm creeped out, i don't feel safe.")("shocked, i'm shocked this would happen in this neighborhood.")and this might not be this man's first time exposing himself at someones home.fremont police department have connected this suspect to four similar
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incidents in fremont.the key piece of evidence is the suspect's distinct tattoo which clearly shows a feather hanging from a ring around the suspect's right bicep. other victims described this tattoo including the one involved in the incident on june 21st in fremont.police created this sketch from the description from the victim. it happened on andromeda circle...where the suspect broke into a home and exposed himself to an 18-year-old woman who was sleeping at the time. police say he could be driving a four door crossover vehicle. ("if you see anyone with the tattoo in the photo we just showed you, you're asked to call either police department. they're working hard to get the suspect off the street so this doesn't happen again. in fremont, sara stinson, kron 4 news.") (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. tracking a few tracking a few degrees of
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cooling around the bay area on sunday. not expecting much of a marine layer on sunday with 60s along the beaches, 70s near the coast, 70s-80s bayside and 90s inland. temperatures will near or slightly above normal through early next week. (jrstone) coming up -- a bus goes up in flames! and it wasn't the only vehicle. we'll have details on the damage after the break (jrstone) and -- a man's
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hand mangled by illegal fireworks. we'll bring you the video showing the you the video showing the the break
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(jrstone) coming up -- a bus goes up in flames! and it wasn't the only vehicle. we'll have details on the damage after the break (jrstone) and -- a man's hand mangled by illegal fireworks. we'll bring you the video showing the moments right before it happened. my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come
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together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. (jr stone) a bus went up
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in flames in massachusetts this morning - damaging a number of cars near it. take a look at this steamship authority bus - on fire - in a
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ferry parking lot on cape cod. the bus had just returned to the lot to pick up passengers when it caught fire. officials with the steamship authority say a fellow bus driver alerted his colleague of smoke in the back of his bus. there were no passengers onboard, and the driver was able to get out safely. it took firefighters about 45 minutes to put out the flames. more than a dozen vehicles also suffered fire damage. the cause of the fire is under investigation. (jr stone) ligthing fireworks can be very dangerous... a man in cleveland seriously injured his hand on fourth of july. it all started when 200 people blocked-off a street in a neighborhood. they started firing illegal and homemade fireworks... causing a fire hazard on a street lined with huge trees. some neighbors that were concerned say the man was lighting an explosive... when
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it blew up. they posted images of the man's damaged hand on facebook... the image is too graphic to show you... but you can see all his fingers covered in blood. neighbors say police and e-m-s arrived on the scene working to break-up the illegal fireworks party. steven woodruff, witness: "the police showed up, and then they were down there, and they got everybody to move their cars and they left."(jr stone) a short time later that night, people started to fire explosives again. neighbors say police did not make any arrests. (jrstone) people in arizona were in for a surprise on thursday when a beautiful sunny day changed quickly. the dust storm that blocked out the sun and snarled traffic was actually part of the monsoon that is headed for the ar. (jrstone) up next -- an eye in the sky. what sonoma county is thinking about using
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.... to help spot wildfires. (jrstone) and -- relief is one the way -- how one group is helping the people affected in the devastating california wildfires. (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up...
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(jrstone)a local store owner is helping people impacted by the yolo county wildfire... by collecting donations outside her shop. sunshine powers runs love on haight -- the store known for its tie dye and rainbow designs. kron4's michelle kingston has the story. (jrs)
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(jrs)and unfortunately, it's not a question of if... but when more fires will break out. officials in sonoma county are
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now looking at camera technology that could help them detect large fires even kron4's terisa estacio reports on a similar system already in place in marin county. graham groneman, battalion chief marin co. fire. "our fire response starts with prevention, response and those cameras really help. marin county battlion chief graham groneman was talking about this fire camera system... putting in place a few years ago in the county... here is a closer look at the network, in the dispatch center... there are six cameras in total, all perched in strategic locations.... graham. it is a really good, helpful system. currently, sonoma officials are considering a similar network... to help with early detection and response. this is a map obtained by kron four news... of a proposed new network of 8 fire cameras...for sonoma county. officials will be voting on the proposed system in august. the cost is close to half a
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million dollars. if passed it could be in place in the fall... close to the one year anniverasry of the deadly wine county fires. in addition to working as an extra eye in the county... marin battlion chief says the network also helps other agencies... that have access to the cameras, and can help send back up crews accordingly. graham. i can access them and put resources accordingly. other counties in the state have networks, including san diedo, and in and around the lake tahoe
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basin. in marin county te (jrstone) puerto rico has not completely recovered from destruction caused by hurricane maria. and now the island is bracing for another storm. as hurricane beryl approaches, puerto ricans are preparing by stocking up on food and supplies. beryl is expected to hit the islands in the caribbean late sunday or monday as a tropical storm. puerto rico could be impacted monday or tuesday, but forecasters don't expect the island to take much of a hit. (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero.... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez.
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tracking a few degrees of cooling around the bay area on sunday. not expecting much of a marine layer on sunday with 60s along the beaches, 70s near the coast, 70s-80s bayside and 90s inland. temperatures will near or slightly above normal through early next week.
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(jrstone) now to breaking news tonight in oakland -- officers are investigating a shooting in the area of 102nd
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ave and international blvd. here's a photo of the scene. one person has been killed, another injured; ad lib (jrstone) the u-s embassy in haiti is warning americans to not venture out into the streets of the country's capital port-au-prince. that's because of demonstration
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s in the wake of steep fuel price hikes that were to go into effect - ordered by haiti's government. u-s officials were cautioning american tourists and missionaries not to travel and avoid protests. at the royal oasis hotel in port-au-prince, demonstrators earlier tried to set it on fire and get past security. officials say there are around 120 american guests at the hotel, along with 100 haitians. later saturday, haiti's prime minister pleaded for peace, and said there would be a temporary stop to the price hikes. an emergency medical professional at the oasis hotel said the situation around the property had calmed down. due to the protests, three airlines - american, three airlines - american, jetblue, and spirit - announced they had canceled haiti. (jrstone) still ahead at 10 -- parents outraged after a marker fight between two kids
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went terribly wrong. who they're pointing their fingers at... after the break.
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(jrstone) two sets of parents in suburban-area denver say they're not getting the straight story about what happened to their children. they say a teacher is responsible for chemical burns to their kids - after an incident with a magic eraser at a daycare in may. now they've filed a lawsuit. jeff todd spoke to the parents. caitlin sims, parent: "the two teachers came up to me when i picked him up and said 'your son and another boy got into a marker fight.' and immediately my son said 'mommy my throat hurts."caitlin sims was the first parent to be notified of the injuries. caitlin sims, parent:: "the teacher said 'oh i'm so sorry i must have been scrubbing you too hard when i cleaned you." joel and stacey dant didn't find out about what happened to their son until hours later. joel and stacey dant, parents:
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"it just looked red, like just redness was all. and then the next day was whenever it like really started to show." both sets of parents returned days later to review surveillance video. josh sims, parent: "it was the toughest thing that my wife and i have ever seen." they say the scabs on both of the faces don't show the real trauma.josh and caitlin sims, parents: "pushing her thumb into his neck, ripped him backwards and pulled him over backwards, to the extent that he buckled." butted joel and stacey dant, parents: "if i would have done that to another person i would be in jail...for assault."the dants and the sims' say they started getting different stories from the school about what happened and what could br done. stacey dant, parent: " no one apologized."buttedjosh and caitlin sims, parents: "frankly we expected the school to advocate a little bit more for us and department with us. and to be honest." online records showed the school is under probation, but don't show any injuries or complaints for the past three years.child protective services told the sims' it could be a few more weeks before a report is they contacted parker police on their own. josh and caitlin sims, parents: "how many incidents have happened? parents need to know the truth. this is what happened
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to our child and this is how it was not properly handled." (jrstone) that was jeff todd reporting. the lawsuit filed is against the school, its parent company, and the teacher involved. a statement from the school's company says it has taken the appropriate steps in a continuing investigation. (jrstone) after the break... a look at an experimental brewery... where beer goes from tap to table... next in dine and dish. (jr stone) still ahead... the a's rally in the eighth inning to force extras in cleveland highlights and all the sports are coming up
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(jrstone) to many... summer time means hot days and cold beer. on today's dine and dish -- we give you a taste of the new craft
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brewery... based here in the bay area. to hear beer officiando josh leavy talk about beer, you'd think it was fine wine... josh and his brother aaron love all thing beer and are "bringing it" to their craft brewery and restaurant in historic ghiradelli square. here at san francisco brewing co, beer comes in flights. with a wide range of flavor profiles. sports fans line up to cheer on their team, while downing all manner of beer. there's a beer garden, ping pong... you can even hit the self-serve
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beer wall to self pour using high tech. there's pub faire to compliment the beverage - like fish tacos, chicken salad and gourmet pizza... for holidays - you might order up this sparkle beer brew... head brewmaster justin educates on how to get the most out of hops and malt. if you want to do more than inbibe - you can always take the tour... or ask either leavy bro about their favorite beverage - and you'll be sure to get a get a mouthful. (j.r.) the headlines this summer continue to be golden state warriors. on saturday the team officially signed kevin durant. durant has won the n-b-a finals mvp award two years in a row. this year during the finals he averaged
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more than 28 points, more than 10 boards, and more than 7 assists a game. the golden state warriors did not reveal details of the contract but previous reports have said that this is a one and one deal. so durant would make thirty million this year and could either opt in or out of a 31 and a half million dollar deal next year. it's likely he'd opt out of that deal as well as the salary cap increases again. but again...kevin durant is officially still a warrior. speaking of the golden state warriors. more signing news tonight. utah jazz forward jonas jerebko has been waived by the utah jazz. here's why you should care. the 6 foot 10 forward is expected to sign with the warriors monday at a league minimum if no team claims his four point two million dollar contract for next year. jerebko shot averaged just over six points a game last
10:48 pm
season for the jazz but he's a three point shooter. he shot over 41 percent from outside and there is chatter out there that he could be a great back up punch to come off the bench. again if he clears waivers and is available monday reports are he will sign with the warriors. ((j.r.)) the oakland athletics have been red hot. they've won eight of their last ten and were in a hole saturday. down three to nothing in the 8th inning on the road and here they come. get out of town. jed lowrie says good bye. two run shot. oakland is on the board. same inning...khris davis says how do you like this...431 feet to left center. that ball is gone and this game is tied. we go to extra innings. top of the eleventh. stephen is this for yaaa??? how bout a homerun. he goes to left center field. that would put the a's up five to three. they would go on to score another in the inning. they
10:49 pm
win this 6 to 3. they've now won 9 of their last 11 games and sit nine games above five hundred in a very tough division. beautiful day for a baseball game out at at&t park. fans always having fun. jeff smarardzija, the shark, back. top of the third inning...carlos martinez...didn't care that the shark was back. base hit to left field. one run would come in on the play. that would make it one to nothing. next inning...two men on base dexter fowler taking notes from martinez...he sends this ball opposite field. sacrifice fly. the relay throw is made but it is off the target. that would make it two to nothing. giants trying to get something going but they struggled at the plate all day. bottom of the sixth. brandon belt...pulls one down the line. the man on second would score. belt with a stand up double but the giants go on to lose this 3 to 2. (jr stone) it's been 28 years since the last time england reached the semifinals at a world cup. the three
10:50 pm
lions looking to end sweden's run in russia harry kane and england playing in a quarterfinal match... after winning their first-ever penaly shootout at a world cup. 30th minute... off a corner kick harry maquire headers it in... england takes the lead 1-nothing sweden's defense overwhelmed by england 59th minute... jesse lingard finds dele alli for the second goal of the match england wins 2-zip (jr stone) russia-croatia playing for the final semifinal spot. we pick it up in extra time... russia down 2-1 mario figueira fernandes with the equalizer to force penalties... the brazilian-born representing russia after playing six seasons with moscow fernandes went from national hero to ultimate villan he misses his penalty ivan rakatic hits the game- winner for croatia they win 4-3 in penalties croatia reaches their second semifinal at a world cup
10:51 pm
they will face england wednesday
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(jrstone) we have an update on the breaking news we first brought you tonight at 10. the long and tedious mission in thailand to rescue 12 boys and their football coach trapped inside a flooded cave is officially underway. we now know -- a thai army commander says the rescue could take 2-4 days depending on conditions inside the partially flooded cave. thai authorities confirm that an international contingent of 13 specialist divers entered the cave at 10 a-m local time. it's sunday early in the day in thailand right now -- these are new pictures of military officials clearing the entrance of the cave site.
10:55 pm
military police and rescue workers are on hand and ready to deliver oxygen near the entrance. (jrstone) now to breaking news tonight in oakland -- officers are investigating a shooting in the area of 102nd ave and international blvd. here's a photo of the scene. one person has been killed, another injured; ad lib
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