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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 8, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(jrstone) now at 10 -- we start with breaking wildfire coverage. the grant fire is burning in livermore. it's burned about 500 acres and is 25 percent contained. here's a look at traffic flows on westbound i-580. alameda county fire has announced lanes have just reopened on westbound i-580 at grant line and mountain house parkway. westbound i-205 at i-590 has also reopened.(jrstone) good evening -- i'm j.r. stone... justine waldman has the night off. eastbound lanes remained closed. kron 4's gayle ong has been
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there all evening long and has the latest on how firefighters are handling the flames... gayle what can you tell us this evening? (gayle)no word yet on the status of the fire.i've been here by north flynn rd off interstate 580 where west bound lanes have been reopened a short time ago.. the fire started sometime in the afternoon - it's not clear exactly when it started but it caused a sig alert around 6:30 tonight.this is video from eastbound i-580 just west of grant line roadthe fire scorched about 500 acres and is 25 percent containedviewers sent us video - you can see the smoke billowing in the sky, barely any visibilitythis prompted california highway patrol to close both lanes on 1-580 so firefighters can
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battle the blaze,this leaving many commuters stranded (gayle)back here on i-580 westbound lanes have been reopened. eastbound lanes remained closed.firefighters will stay here through the night to tackle any hot spots..we're live in livermore gayle ong kron 4 news (jrstone) (jrstone) after learning devastating lessons from last fall's north bay firestorm, the city of sausalito surveyed residents to find whether they support the idea of investing in fire prevention efforts. é
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kron 4 's ella sogomonian is live in sausalito...ella how did they vote? results are in ... and a majority of residents here are in favor of putting up city money to be proactive in avoiding a damaging wildfire from happening here. taking from the devastating lessons of the north bay firestorm the southern marin fire prevention district along with the city put on this recent survey to learn whether sausalito residents are genuinely concerned about preparing for a wildfire and whether they care to invest in prevention efforts.vosurvey results show 73% of voters back the idea of an ordinance related to the issue. the survey noted fire prevention methods would include engineering, enforcement and education strategies. some ideas included chipper days to dispose of brush cleared from residential properties... and public emergency notices were ranked as highly important.
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(jrstone) thank you ella. in yolo and napa counties -- firefighters continue to make progess constructing containment lines around the
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county fire. firefighters say steep and inaccessible terrain has created difficulty along the northern portion of the fire. one that has burned 90,288 acres and is 65 percent contained. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. (jrstone) we first alerted you about these fires through our kron 4 mobile app. make sure to download it from the app store for breaking news updates on this story. (jrstone) happening now -- all eyes on thailand-- where four of the 12 boys stuck inside a flooded and treacherous cave have been rescued. here's a timeline of the rescue efforts starting from june 23rd when the boys and coach were first reporting missing.(jrstone) and now rescuers are racing against time to save the remaining 8 boys and their coach who have been trapped inside for two weeks. kim hutcherson has more on the rescue and the challenges rescue crews are now facing.
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a dangerous rescue mission.divers in thailand finally managed to pull four of the 12 boys out of a flooded cave. narongsak osottanakorn, governor of chiang rai province: "it was a very smooth operation today. i'm very grateful for everyone involved." the soccer team has been trapped inside since late june, and were discovered last week. thai authorities were concerned about the children's health and dangerous weather conditions. but on sunday, crews decided the conditions weren't improving and took action.divers entered the caveand miraculously pulled off the rescue. rafael aroush, rescuer: "think about the responsibility of taking a kid under/beneath there and the conditions are really scary." michael mcdonald, rescue expert: "they've never experienced anything like this. they will be scared. full credit to the four that
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have come out already."the boys were taken to the hospital where they're undergoing examinations, but are said to be in good health. the next round of divers are now replenishing supplies and filling up air tanks before they can attempt another rescue. rafael aroush, rescuer: "the crucial factor is that they won't be panicked. in the.. in the cave.the second is that the weather right now there won't be any intense flooding."with heavy rain in the forecast, rescuers are racing against time. as the boy's parents hold on to hope that the rescuers can pull off more miracles and save each person inside the cave. rafael aroush, rescuer: "i really, really hope and pray for the kids."i'm kim hutcherson reporting. (jrstone) an underwater pod that ámightá be used in the cave rescue in thailand is now on its way to the site. that's from tech entrepreneur elon musk, who posted videos of the vessel being tested in los angeles. he says his engineers designed what he called a "kid-size submarine" with feedback from workers in thailand. musk says the vessel can be carried by two divers - and it can pass through narrow gaps in the
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cave. (jrstone) in the bay area -- two people are dead after a car slams into a v-t-a lightrail in san jose. according to v-t-a employees, the driver and passenger in the car died.. a business nearby caught it all on surveillance video.the light rail train was traveling north at lincoln and auzerais in san jose sunday afternoon surveillance video shows the terrifying moment of the crash you see the car careening across the tracks and the damage -- an overhead pole and wires down. it was kind of really scary because it took a little while to realize what was going on even after everything happened. and there was a lot of people here. we just opened."> reports say v-t-a will continue the bus bridge operation tomorrow while repairs are made to the light rail track and overhead.
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a seasonably warm summer pattern stays in place for the start of the work week in the bay area. temperatures will range from the 60s-70s along thcoast and 80s-90s inland. on wednesday some minor inland cooling may occur as the ridge weakens and monsoon moisture slowly increases across california. by thursday thunderstorms will be likely across the sierra and northern mountains but still not expected to impact the bay area.
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(jrstone) 4 your money tonight -- we all know it's expensive to live in san francisco, but a new study shows san francisco has the highest rent in the áworldá. kron 4's sara stinson spoke to residents and real estate agents to see how accurate this study is. the study the study created by
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walletwyse uses data from a website called numbeo that ranks the average rent in 540 cities found the average rent in san francisco is 35-hundred dollars.("nats and it has a remodeled kitchen.")joanne fazzino is a bay area real estate agent - she says the studies findings are pretty accurate. ("although prices have started to come down a little bit, it still could be the most expensive city to live in the world.")but she says rent prices has been on the decline in 2018. ("rooms that used to be 35-hundred are now about 32- hundred which is still high for that and it could be more depending on the views and amenities.")the study also found hamilton bermuda to be the second most expensive and manhattan as number three. san jose came in fourth with rent at an average of 25-hundred. while oakland came in fifth tied with hong kong at 24-50.
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(jrstone) the cheapest rent is in the u-s city of springfield, missouri. (jrstone) coming up -- dust can do more than create dangerous driving conditions. it's also hazardous to your health. we'll take you to a place where the wind is kicking up bringing walls of dust with it (jrstone) and a plane makes a crash landing on a house in virginia.. we'll show you the damage it left behind when we come back. (jrstone) and -- many people headed to the beaches today to cool off from this weekend's extreme heat. we'll tell you which beach was packed with people
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(jrstone) tempatures are rising inland causing people to head to the coast. kron 4 reporter lydia pantazes went to ocean beach in san francisco to talk with people trying to cool down. warmer weather means people heading out to the caose to cool down they drove to ocean beach in an effort to beat hot weather. they got here at seven in the morning
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to beat the crowds and get a good paarking spot. no matter wher you are make sure to stay hydrated. reporting in san francisco lp kron4 news (anchor) time now (anchor) (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez.
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a seasonably warm summer pattern stays in place for the start of the work week in the bay area. temperatures will range from the 60s-70s along the coast and 80s-90s inland. on wednesday some minor inland cooling may occur as the ridge weakens and monsoon moisture slowly increases across california. by thursday
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thunderstorms will be likely across the sierra and northern mountains but still not expected to impact the bay area. (jrstone) in sonoma county -- a hiker had to be rescued from a hiker had to be area.
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(jrstone) in sonoma county -- a hiker had to be rescued from a trail earlier today. it happened in a remote portion of the jack london state park near highway 12. a c-h-p helicopter was brought in to rescue the hiker who was suffering from a medical emergency. officials had to call the hiker on a satellite phone to locate them along the sonoma ridge trail. the hiker was treated and taken to a local hospital. officials expect the hiker to make a full recovery. (jrstone) now to a devastating crash in virginia... one person is dead after a helicopter crashed into a townhouse in williamsburg. the helicopter went down sunday afternoon, causing a fire that was apparently put out later. state police say the crash is under investigation. they also say first responders are still trying to locate and identify the pilot. (jrstone) people in
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arizona are dealing with high wind gusts and a huge wall of dust covering phoenix. that combination can make driving dangerous. it can also be hazardous to your health. what's actually in that wall of dust? it's much more than just dirt. melissa blasius has details. most of the desert dirt flying in your face.may sting... and gunk up your ears and nose.but experts say that won't make you sick.sot:your respiratory system the hairs in your nose the little hairs in your throat. that will filter those particles out. not as much as those get into your lungs. the smaller particles they are a concern because your body has trouble filtering those.those tiny particles... you can't see... scientists call pm10... air quality experts say we've had unhealthy ranges already 5 times this year.then theres the really icky stuff... that also gets whipped into a haboob.sot:it you are coming
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off an agricultural field it could be manure.poop!or pesticides and fertilizer. other stuff you are breathing in...could cause you to get valley fever...sot:the spores and soforth are in the soil so as you have these haboobs coming in a certain part is these spores that can affect people.though researchers are still studying the correlation between a bad haboob season and valley fever spikes. finally... you wouldn't lick a tire...but you could get the same effect... if you dare open your mouth in a dust storm.sot:if you are dust or wind blowing across the road it could be brake particles tire particles. there could be a number of different type of materials (jrstone) coming up -- americans are stuck in haiti... amid violent protests over the price of gas. details on where they took shelter... coming up. (jrstone) and -- here's something you might only see in san francisco. a three legged dog picnic in the park... why it's so important to dog owners -- after the break after the break
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♪ when i first came to ocean bay, what i saw was despair. i knew something had to be done. hurricane sandy really woke people up, to showing that we need to invest in this community. i knew having the right partner we could turn this place around. it was only one bank that could finance a project this difficult and this large, and that was citi. preserving affordable housing preserves communities. so we are doing their kitchens and their flooring and their lobbies and the grounds. and the beautification of their homes, giving them pride in where they live, will make this a thriving community once again.
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♪ and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. (jrstone) here's something
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you might only see in san francisco. a three legged dog picnic in the park. dozens of dogs missing legs gathered at duboce park. (jrstone) and kron4's michelle kingston got to play and meet them this afternoon. (mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"these dogs are in their element, absolutely loving being together. this is the 8th annual three legged dog picnic in the park and every year it gets bigger and bigger."elaine korn, fosters a three legged dog"running around and chasing each other and playing and just having a great time."it's a beautiful day in san francisco -- and these dogs are out chasing balls and meeting new friends...but something is missing.kevin cochran, lafayette"do you think she can tell the other dogs here are just like her?" "yes, i think so."these dogs are all missing one of their legs -- but it's not slowing them down.claudia
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heikal, east bay"she's doing great! she's healthy and running around."dandelion is just one of dozens of dogs out today for the annual three legged dog picnic -- started by a san franciscan who was amazed at what these dogs can do.jenny seifers, el cerrito "this is heidi and she's a five year old great dane and she's almost four months post amputation."holly is a bone cancer survivor who is now learning to live life with just three legs.jenner seifers, el cerrito"for the most part she just gets tired faster but other than that it's been pretty the same, everything's been the same." and this is mac -- his owners say they don't even think he knows he's supposed to have four legs!stephen lumley, san francisco"he was hit by a car and the family that owned him at the time didnt want a 3 legged dog so quite sadly he was given up for adoption and we were lucky enough to find him and hes just a fun little
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monkey hes kinda wiggly playful and like a lap dog." these energetic pups love meeting each other ... and having a special day all about them.elaine korn, fosters a three legged dog"they can play with other dogs and just get out and enjoy the ."michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"there are also some three legged dogs up for adoption here through muttville. if you are interested in adopting one of these dogs you can head to our website for more in san francisco michelle kingston kron 4 news." (jrstone) up next -- deadly flood waters ravaging cities in japan. an update on the death toll that continues to climb after the break.. (jrstone) and -- as violent protests in the port-au-prince in haiti continue to make unsafe travel conditions -- americans remain stranded there. details on where they took shelter... coming up. (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up...
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(jrstone) new at ten -- a church missionary team from georgia is stranded in haiti... this as demonstrations in the port-au-prince area create unsafe travel conditions. madison styles speaks to the pastor on what it's like on the ground ... and why he says they have no regrets. these are the 22 missionaries from mount olive baptist church now stuck in haiti waiting on a flight out. (voice of) jason webb / pastor, mount olivet baptist church: "we had no idea what was (unintelligbile) i guess you could say."pastor jason webb and his team have been there ministering, helping and feeding those in need. up until this morning when protests broke out due to a huge increase in gas prices.
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(voice of) jason webb / pastor, mount olivet baptist church: "there are some riots right now, the street is quiet but the roads are blocked. they are burning some tires." he tells us up until this point their week has been wonderful. and it wasn't until this morning when things started to get heated. (voice of) jason webb / pastor, mount olivet baptist church: "about 5 o'clock (unintelligible) ...violence and some road blocks and that sort of thing. it wasn't long the group got a look at it themselves. stacks of rocks blocking the roads. tires on fire creating clouds of thick black smoke and people all over the roads protesting.(voice of) jason webb / pastor, mount olivet baptist church: "this morning early we could hear some large popping noises that we deduced were gas canisters being popped to disperse the crowds." however back at their church in hartwell a room full of prayer warriors were gathering. "so we got on facebook social media phone calls e-mails everything that we possibly could and just spread the word."hanging the names of all 22 people at the altar many coming on their hands and knees praying for safety and ultimately a flight back home. "they are putting it out there for trusting god. i know that it's all in god's hands that none of this is coincidental. it was all part of god's plan."the team is
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safe now staying at a mission camp with armed guards. but the closest families can get to them right now is by phone. and thankfully they're just a facetime call away.(voice of) jason webb / pastor, mount olivet baptist church: "no one here has regrets ... the gospel is worth it ... the people of haiti are worth it." (jrstone) that was madison styles reporting. church groups in south carolina, florida, and alabama are also among those who haven't been able to leave. (jrstone) in national news tonight -- the trump administration released the names of children under the age of five who have been separated from their parents at the u-s southern border. there are nearly one-hundred names on the list, which was delivered to the aclu. the move was made to keep the administration in compliance with a federal court order. on monday, there will be a hearing on whether to extend the deadline for reuniting the children with their families, which is tuesday.
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government officials say they need additional time to track down dozens of parents who are no longer in custody ... including 19 who have already deported. (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero.... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. a seasonably a seasonably warm summer a seasonably warm summer pattern stays in place for the start of the work week in the bay area. temperatures will range from the 60s-70s along the coast and 80s-90s inland. on wednesday some minor inland cooling may occur as the ridge
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weakens and monsoon moisture slowly increases across california. by thursday thunderstorms will be likely across the sierra and northern mountains but still not expected to impact the bay area.
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(jrstone) we're following a big story out of japan -- the japanese government says 100 are dead or presumed dead after heavy rains, floods and mudslides in western japan. the floods have forced two million to flee their homes after record rains pounded the area. reports say another 20 people are still unaccounted for but have not been reported missing so far. (jrstone) the fdma added that a further 20 people are still unaccounted for but have not been reported missing so far. japan's prime minister set up emergency headquarters in his office. (jrstone) in southern california -- firefighters are battling several wildfires including the west fire. that fire is burning 505 acres and is burning 505 acres and
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is almost fully contained at 92-percent. 56 structures have been destroyed. (jrstone) the west fire isn't only affecting buildings and vegetation. a couple's wedding items have also been destroyed in the flames. michelle mcdonald and her fiance planned their wedding for more than a year. so they were understandably upset when a fire tore through her family's neighborhood... forcing her to leave many wedding items behind as she fled the flames. now, they're faced with setting up an entirely new wedding -- and contacing more than 200 guests to let them know the change of plans. mcdonald, along with her bridesmaids, are planning to go back to her house to grab any necessities ahead of the ánewá big day. (jrstone) coming up -- a birthday celebration took a
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dangerous turn after a porch fell to the weight of several party goers. details on where it happened after the break.
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(jrstone) a number of people are injured after a porch collapses in hartford, connecticut. it happened close to the campus of trinity college. matt mcfarland has more from neighbors who witnessed the incident. crowds packed the maryland hall for the creative arts..."everyone look around. standing room only, wendi." colleagues... friends... and
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family... all honoring wendi winters."we've come here to remember wendi. to remember her as the caring, passionate, loving person that she was."a reporter with the capital gazette, gone too soon."she charged at a coward who shot "she charged at a too soon. gazette, gone crowds packed the maryland hall for the creative arts..."everyone look around. standing room only, wendi." colleagues... friends... and family... all honoring wend winters."we've come here to remember wendi. to remember her as the caring, passionate, loving person that she was."a reporter with the capital gazette, gone too soon."she charged at a coward who shot her in the chest as she rushed him. slowing him down and giving the police time to arrive. doubtlessly, saving lives."her children sharing stories, memories, and heartache...."i think that losing someone you love makes you feel dizzy because even though your world has stopped, you have to watch everyone else's world continue to spin around you.""my mother will never get to meet any of her grandchildren or see her (jrstone) that was matt mcfarland reporting. the chief says luckily it doesn't appear that any of the injuries are life threatening. the city's licensing and
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inspection unit is on scene to make a determination if anyone will be allowed back inside the home. (jrstone) still ahead -- the stereotypes that plague dog-postman relationships lives on! how two dogs snuck into a postal workers truck and nabbed his lunch!!!
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(jrstone) a pair of dogs got busted after they went digging through the letter carrier's lunch. their mom though, is trying to make it right. laura caso has the story. bear and bull, brothers. the mastiff labradors are
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6-years-old. bull has a few pounds on his partner in crime. his name matches his personality.carol jordan/dog owner: "and he's all over the place."bear, the quiet type. this white spot is unique to him.carol jordan/dog owner: "because they're just, they're big goofs."but sneaky.carol jordan/dog owner: "they heard something."now they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks.but these two do not need any help in that department.carol jordan/dog owner: "we came home and we had this note in our mailbox." they wouldn't hurt a fly but apparently they'll swipe your lunch.carol jordan/dog owner: "hey, i drove up to deliver a package, and both of the dogs crawled into my truck they got into my lunch and ate an egg and some carrots and some pumpkin seeds. i don't know if that will upset their tummies, just fyi."carol jordan was not surprised and quickly drafted up this apology note.carol jordan/dog owner: "it said my humans said thank you for the note but we didn't like the note because we got in trouble."jordan included a subway gift card too.carol jordan/dog owner: "we wanted to shame them so we took a picture of the note and we
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took a picture of them and we put it on facebook."that reaction is right.thousands of likes and shares, it went owners in australia, new zealand and denmark have reached out. carol jordan/dog owner: "so many people could related to it because they have labs, and dogs."and while carol hasn't seen the mail carrier since the dogs put their paws in her lunchbox, she's grateful they've left paw prints on so many hearts. carol jordan/dog owner: "i guess everybody gets a good laugh out of it." (jrstone) that was laura caso reporting. the owner says she rescued bull and bear as puppies from a high kill the mlb the mlb trade deadline is still a few weeks away, but the giants already making some moves... sending cory gearrin and austin jackson to the rangers. that cleared the way for steven duggar to join the roster. - duggar...the 24-year-old making his first major league start. --but we'll start this highlight with a true veteran. bottom of 5th, giants down 1 with runners on the corners pablo sandoval... gets all of it...
10:46 pm
deep shot to levi's landing... the ball bounces around and eventually makes its way to mccovey cove. 3-run jack for the panda. giants up 6-4. -- --bottom 6th, duggar..0- for-3...looking for his first hit. welcome to the show rookie! slaps a double to right center... and he's got some material for the trophy case.. ball and bat case.. ball and bat for his first major league hit. he'd also add another one later on to finish 2-for-6. --still in the 6th, giants up 5. gorkys hernandez...finds the gap... 2-runs come home, however, he'd have to leave the game with an undisclosed injury. we'll monitor how that plays out. but in the meantime, giants win 13-8 and split their series with the redbirds. 3-game-set with the cubs begins tomorrow night. brett anderson coming off the d-l the a's going for their fourth straight series win... they have won 9 of their last 11 -- bottom four... the tribe with the bases loaded anderson gets out the jam... eric gonzalez
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grounds into a forceout he tosses a five-inning shutout against the indians --the pitchers were getting some solid run support.. the a's love hitting homers on the road top six... stephen piscotty goes opposite field for a solo jack second straight game with a home run a's up 4-zip -- jed lowrie... snubbed from the all-star game... doesn't seem too game... doesn't seem too concerned in the seventh... lowrie hits his 16th homer of the year... tying a career high the a's second baseman is tied for second place in the american league with 62 r-b-i a's with a 6-run shutout... take two out of three against the indians in other big news around the league, all-star lineups are out today... brandon crawford and buster posey representing the orange and black in the midsummer classic. crawford...won the fan vote at short stop while posey was selected by players and coaches as a reserve. this is the catcher's 6th all-star bid. --for the a's, closer blake treinen gets the nod...but the big story is jed lowrie being snubbed despite being one of the amercian
10:48 pm
league's top offensive players. switching on over to the warriors who continue to be busy through the summer. they stole the free agency news cycle with the boogie cousins signing.... and now that the all-star center is coming to the bay, another big man is moving on elsewhere. the detroit pistons reportedly signed zaza pachulia to a one-year, 2.4 million dollar contract. pachulia started 127 games for the warriors over the last two seasons... but he started losing playing time last year, and barely saw the court in the playoffs... he only appeared in 7 playoff games and averaged just 3.7 minutes per contest... the warriors have four big men under contract for next season, so they could afford to let pachulia go... pachulia will back up all-star center andre drummond in detroit. --and we'll end in vegas for warriors summer league. --bob myers and steve kerr in attendance to scouting the young talent. --early in the game, rookie from former rookie. jordan bell with the no look pass to jacob evans. and evans...with the reverse layup. his big highlight in a 5-point
10:49 pm
afternoon. --later on, bell...steal leads to a dunk on the other end. that's what he does best. great energy from the former oregon star. --down the stretch, this matchup would go to houston. deanthony melton....converts the lane jumper. rockets win 87-81...give the champs their first summer league loss. league loss. (jrstone) this weekend's new movies included the 20th film set in the marvel cinematic universe. the first 19 all debuted at number one -- here's david daniel with the weekend box office. "sicario: day of the soldado" fell to fifth place in its second weekend out, earning seven-point-three million dollars. "the first purge" opened in fourth place with 17-point-two million dollars, more than the prequel cost to make. after two weekends on top, "jurassic world: fallen kingdom" fell to third, but 28-point-six million dollars gave it 333-million domestic, and over a billion worldwide.(nat) "a
10:50 pm
new elasticycle!""elasticycle? i didn't know you had a bike!" "incredibles two" spent a second straight weekend in second place: 29-million dollars put the long-awaited sequel past the half-billion mark in domestic box office. (nat)"ant-man and the wasp" easily opened at number one with 76-million dollars -- nearly 20-million higher than the 20-15 original's debut. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. (jrstone) up next -- if you're good with words and love animals, you otter help! how you can find a name for a bay area sea otter after the break.
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(jr stone) employees at sausalito's marine mammal center... need your help naming their newest patient. take a look at this little otter pup! it has been in intensive rehabilitation since she was found orphaned and starving last february. the otter was only a few months old when she was found stranded in monterey. experts at the center say she had been exposed to an acid, which can damage the heart and brain. the new sea pup has been matched with a friend during her recovery. head to our website for link to submit names and to watch the otters on a live cam! (jr stone) singer justin bieber and model hailey baldwin got engaged this weekend. that's from a source close to bieber. he popped the question during a trip in the bahamas. the couple dated two years ago, but they later split up. however, they've been appearing together in recent weeks, which set off speculation they are back together. bieber's love life is a huge deal for his
10:55 pm
fans. they closely followed his an on-again, off-again relationship with singer and actress selena gomez.
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