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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 9, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(pam) now at 10 -- president donald trump has nominated brett kavanaugh to succeed anthony kennedy on the u.s. supreme court.(pam) good evening -- i'm pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne. the 53-year old kavanaugh serves on the court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit. if confirmed.... he would make the supreme court solidly conservative...providing a five-vote majority. but -- as camila bernal reports -- democrats are already voicing strong opposition. pres donald trump: tonight it is my honor and prive to annoucen that i will announced brett kavanaugh to us supremem courttthe president touting his pick to replace justice anthony
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kennedy - a conservative and often key swing vote on the high court. pres donald trump: 21:07:36 judge has impeccable credentials and proven commti to equal justice under the laweven before his announcement-- democrats were already voicing strong opposition. at the heart of their concerns -- that the president's pick would undermine roe v wade - the landmark 1973 ruling that upheld a legal right to an abortion. the affordable care act could also be on the line. sen chuck schumer/-d- minority leader: these two rights affordable health care and a woman's freedom to make sensitive health care issues hang in the balance of this nominee. but any hope for democrats to block the appointment-- is slim to none. the senate only needs áfiftyá votes to supreme court nominee -- meaning that if all but one republicans vote along party lines -- they will not need áanyá democratic support.still a lot could happen in what will likely turn into heated
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confirmation hearings. sen. john kennedy -r- louisiana: i'm not a rubber stamp for anyby. i got some hard questions, whoever the president nominates. in washington, i'm camila bernal reporting. (ken) democrats reacted with quick concern over the president's pick for high court. many, includg house minority leader nancy pelosi and senator kamala harris blasted kavanaugh's stance on women's rights..and health care.kron 4's ella sogomonian spoke with a legal expert spoke with a sogomonian kron 4's ella health care.kron 4's ella sogomonian spoke with a legal expert about the future of the high court...if confirmed. the legal expert admits brett kavanaugh is certainly accomplished but calls him a disappointing pick as a retiring (ken) (ken) we first told
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you about the president's supreme court nomination through our kron 4 mobile app. make sure to download it from the app store for breaking news updates on this story.
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(pam) another big story we are following tonight -- new details about the mother accused of leaving her six- year old boy... at a busy transit station in los angeles on the fourth of july.she has been charged with child endangerment. it turns out, she is from the bay area....(pam) kron 4's j.r. stone is live in walnut creek where the mother used to live....he spoke with her former neighbors...jr? (j.r.)those neighbors tell me they were saddened to hear the news about this boy being left at the transit center. they say, yes he has some mental challenges but if she needed help she should have tried to get it. 31 year old dava webster, of walnut creek, arrested last week in los angeles after leaving her 6-year-old son at union station, the main transit center. she left the boy alone at 7 pm on the fourth of july.sotneighbors say webster's son is autistic and taking care of him had been a struggle for her. webster returned to the area where she left her son a day later around 2 in the afternoon. that's when she was arrested. those who know webster say that several
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months ago she lived here in walnut cree but was evicted. in fact webster told them she is suffering from cancer...something they have serious questions about.sot neighbors say webster's health had diminished in recent months and they are hopeful that she gets help...saying she really does care for her child but had serious struggle trying to take care of his autistic challenges.sot (j.r.)some of the neighbors say they weren't surprised that police couldn't talk with the boy. he doesn't communicate well because of being autistic. police say he is in the care of other family members tonight. live in walnut creek, j.r. stone kron 4 news. (ken) a wildfire that shut down interstate -580 last night in livermore is fully contained.(ken) the grant fire burned about 640- acres. the fire started yesterday afternoon... and all lanes of 580 were shutdown around 6:30- yesterday evening. the freeway was not completely reopened until just after midnight. (pam) tonight the county wildfire is in napa and yolo counties is 75- (pam)
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midnight.just after reopened until (j.r.) (ken) news.stone kron 4 creek, j.r. stone kron 4 news. (ken) a wildfire that shut down interstate -580 last night in livermore is fully contained. (ken) the grant fire burned about 640- acres. the fire started yesterday afternoon... and all lanes of 580 were shutdown around 6:30- yesterday evening. the freeway was not completely reopened until just after midnight. (pam) tonight the county wildfire is in napa and yolo
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counties is 75- percent contained... however, mandatory evacuations are still in effect for several areas west of state highway- 16. the fire is up to more than 90- thousand acres now ... it has destroyed 20-buildings. (pam) as we've been telling you... firefighters are having a busy wildfire season already this year. this summer's hot tempertures and high winds are proving to be major factors. kron 4's gabe slate met a cal-fire spokesperon... for an update on the fire season.. sound from jonathan cox - cal fire last week we saw 340 fires that's up from last year and the amount of acres burned is up from last year so unfortunately we are on track for a devastating fire season cal fire public information officer jonathan cox says the agencies fears for this fire season are becoming reality.. sound from jonathan cox - cal fire it's full force right now we have over 3,000 people working the lines we're seeing larger fires that we normally
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see later in the year and fires that do not stop at night because of the temperatures cal fire is concerned that people have become desensitized to hearing about " red flag warnings "... and they want to remind the public that the devastating wildfires last october a red flag warning jonathan cox - cal fire everyone that red flag warnings if you do anything start a fire it could be catastrophic catastrophic could be start a fire it could be catastrophic (ken) taking a live look outside... at the san mateo bridge.(pam) time now to check on our weather... with chief our weather... to check on time now to
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check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. (ken) (ken) one phase in (ken) one phase in the
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homelessness crisis in the bay area. ----finding a solution for people living in recreational vehicles...(pam) the challenge is finding a spot where they can park.... legally. one group has already been evicted from a marina lot in the east bay.. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story folks living in rv's who were evicted monday from the parking lot of the now closed hs lordships restaurant in the berkeley marina have relocated to marina blvdsotamber whitson explains why the people living in these 15 recreational vehicles, who call themsleves the berkeley
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marina friends on wheels, moved back to this location after the city forced them to leave here a couple of months agosot but parking overnight at this location means they will face the same risk of being cited and or towed that they faced in the parking lot of hs lordships says berkeley city spokesperson matthai chakkosot berkeley mayor jesse arreguin says vehicle dwellers have become a regional problem. he is seeking help outside of the city berkeleysot mayor jesse arreguin/berkeley: "berkeley is commited to working with our neighboring cities and within the county of alameda to help our most vulnerable residents. while we have the second largest
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homeless population in alameda county, we need to look at regional solutions for those who are living in vehicles and those who are living on our streets">however at this point mayor arreguin and city of berkeley have no immediate solution for this community of rv's in the marinasotin berkeley haaziq madyun kron4news kron4news (ken) coming up -- the maker of the popular weed killer "round up" .... faced its first day of trial in san francisco. the latest on the case that could have national implications. (pam) plus -- all eyes on thailand... where eight of the 12 boys, stuck inside a flooded and treacherous cave, have been rescued. when rescue crews expect to bring the rest of the boys.. and their coach to safety. (ken) and -- tomorrow's deadline to reunite children with their parents continues
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will apparently miss tuesday's court- ordered deadline to reunite roughly 100 young children .. with the parents who entered the country illegally..(pam) a list is being circulated which indicates only about half the 102 immigrant children under five will be reunited.. as was ordered by a federal judge . the justice department
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has indicated it needs more time.. among the factors complicating the situation -- 19 of their parents have been removed from the u.s. others have been released from ice custody - and authorities have not been able to track them down. and at least two parents have criminal histories - that will prevent officials from reuniting them with their children. (ken) 39 protestors who camped in front of the immigration and customs enforcement building in san francisco... were arrested. this is video sent to us by a kron-4 viewer. the protesters had been blocking the driveway of an ice office for nearly a week... and eventually took over the entire 400-block of washington street. police made the arrests this morning after getting complaints from neighbors. all 39 people arrested have since been released (pam) a courtroom battle between a man dying of cancer - and agro- chemical giant 'monsanto' .... is underway in san francisco... the vallejo man is suing because he blames his disease on a chemical in the weed
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killer - "round-up." kron4's maureen kelly reports .. his case is the first of hundreds more expected to be heard by juries. mr. johnson is gonna die 46 year old dwayne lee johnson sat in the courtroom as his lawyer told a jury the grim facts of his diagnosis.and having to say this in front of him and his wife when i wanted to fight but the simple fact is is gonna die it's just a matter of time in between now and then he's gonna have to use more chemo more radiation more whatever the heck he can to try to live another day longerthe married father of two is suffering from non hodgkins lymphoma and is covered with lesions over 80 percent of his his opening argument his lawyer told the jury that johnson's cancer was caused by a chemical inside the weed killer roundup made by the agro chemicial company, monsanto. johnson used a generic of the product in is job for the benecia unified school district controlling weeds.the plantiff's attorney outlined his strategy promising to do in depth into
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scientific evidence that he says shows that the weed killer causes cancer. he says roundup should come with a warning label.johnson's case is the first of hundreds if not thousands like it....johnson's case was allowed to go first because his doctors say he doesn't have long to live. our firm alone represents 700 others it's a long pipe line and it's getting longer and longer so many people of been exposed to this chemical this group of chemicals and many of them have been injured the lawyer for monsanto said in his opening statements that while they have sympathy for what johnson and his family are going thru, there is overwhelming scientific evidence that the chemical in question does not cause cause cancer. they say johnson's cancer started long before he got his job at the school district. the trial is expected to run at least a month, if not longer. maureen kelly kron4 news (ken) in northern thailand
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-- there's cautious optimism... as crews prepare for a third day of rescue operations, at a deep and treacherous cave. four more boys -- trapped for more than two weeks -- were pulled to safety on monday... bringing the total number of boys rescued to eight. still -- four of their football teammates and their coach are stuck inside the cave. arwa damon talked to some of the divers involved in this dangerous mission. thai health official says first 4 boys rescued are aged 14 to 16 and 2 of them possibly have a lung infection. rescue workers are hoping to get everyone out -- before heavier rains move in. ( pam ) let's take a live look outside tonight.. (ken)lawrence has the
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forecast.. lawrence has the forecast.. lawrence karnow: there was plenty of sunshine today all the way to the coast. it was hot again inland with temperatures in the 90s and comfortable 60s at the coast. you can see on doppler radar a few showers and even some thundertorms. monsoonal moisture will slowly head our way to make things more muggy on wednesday. on the satellite you can see the low off the coast. eventually it will move west and help cool us down midweek. but high pressure over the desert will rebuild to bring more hot weather into next weekend. highs tomorrow will be in the upper 80s to mid 90s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay and 60s and sunny at the coast. it will cool slightly on wednesday but it should be more humid and muggy. temperatures start to
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heat up again on thursday with more monsoonal moisture arriving on firday. it should be sunny and hot over the weekend. (pam) still ahead tonight -(pam) still ahead tonight -
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- starbucks is making a major change to how you get your drinks. why soon... you won't be able to get a straw at the coffee shop. (ken) and next. the d-m-v plagued by long lines...we'll tell you what lines...we'll tell you what could be behind the headache.
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drivers are facing longer lines and wait times at many d-m-v offices in the bay area. this spike is connected to the department of
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motor vehicles issuing new federally-mandated real id's, which require more staff time to review documents. the deadline for those new id's isn't until october of 2020 but evidently people want to get them sooner rather than later. dmv customer "...i know, i travel a lot and i just wanted to get it done as soon as possible..." "...i had an appointment but i had to get in a line to get a number and then another line to get some paperwork and then another line to get my picture taken to get back in line to take a test but i got it all done in about one hour..."(ken)(ken) the d-m-v says it is working on some new strategies to ease the crunch, some offices will be opening earlier and staying open later. the state agency is hiring another 400 workers statewide. (pam) pretty soon, you won't be able to sip that starbucks iced coffee or frappuccino through a plastic straw.(ken) the coffee giant says it's getting rid of all plastic straws by 20-20. the phase-out elimination was announced today. starbucks will replace the straws with new lids that have a raised lip for sipping.
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some have described the some have described the new lid as an adult sippy cup. starbucks will also have eco-friendly straws made from paper or compostable plastic. the company says the change will eliminate more than a billion plastic straws per year. (pam) coming up -- police are investigating an officer, seen on video pointing his gun at children... we'll tell you where it happened... right after the break. (ken) and -- new information released about the woman who shot into a crowd of employees eating lunch at san bruno's youtube headquarters. the pathology report that revealed whether or not drugs or alcohol played a role in her acts. (pam) plus -- environmental advocate erin brockovich is talking about her latest battle against p,g and e. we'll hear from a survivor of the north bay firestorm about the case... after about the case... after the break. (ken) environmental advocate
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erin brockovich is back in the bay area today - trying again to do battle with p-g-&e. (pam) this time over pending legislation which she says ... will let the utility off the hook for its role in the north bay firestorm. kron 4's dan kerman has the story. monday afternoon environmental advocate erin brockovich left p, g and e headquarters unable to deliver a letter to the ceo. sot it's a letter to the ceo
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of pge asking her why she wants to move forward on senate bill 1088 and assembly bill 33attorneys for northbay firestorm survivors say that pending legislation would allow p, g and e to pass on the cost of the 2017 wildfires and future wildfires to ratepayers.sot erin brockovich/environmental advocate 32-42i do not think that we should be or this state should be on the hook for pge's lack of responsibility that they have demostrated time and time and time a news conference monday afternoon brockovich and attorneys for firestorm survivors said these bills, both authored by bay area legislators are being brokered without input for those who lost their homes during the firestormsot noreen evans/attorney, firestorm survivors 59-109all of this is happening behind their backs so its time peopel started to standup to pge and say it's not acdeptable and califronians will not pay for their misdeeds.for it's part pge says ab33 would provide relief to victims of the 2017 wildfires, without passing along a significant financial burden to electric customers....the measure does not absolve pg&e from responsibility. instead, it takes a balanced, common sense approach.standup dan kerman/sf 131-141over the summer recess a conference committee made up of several legislators and the
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governor are discussing these proposals. if some sort of agreement is reached a vote must come before the end of august. dan kerman kron 4news. 145/std= = = =erin brockovich slams pge 0709189 pkgsoti think there's very little courage here for this company to come forward and own up environmental advocate erin brockovich is talking about her latest battle against p,g and e this time over the northbay firestorm ... monday afternoon she tried to deliver a letter to the company ceo but was turned away.sot cowardly, yes i was expecting thatearlier she was joined by attorneys for firestorm survivors to blast pending state legislation (pam) a winery in santa rosa is slowly getting back on its feet after october's wildfire destroyed the tasting room and much of the property. one of the owners says, the current county fire in napa and yolo counties... is just too close to home... and hitting too soon after what they have been through.(pam) as kron4's michelle kingston explains -- while they lost a lot ... some of the most precious pieces on their property went unharmed.
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(mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"im sitting in the sculpture garden here at paradise ride winery... the fire here in october burned so much but left all of the art work here untouched."rene byck, paradise ridge winery "this was one of the miracles of the fire. all of the artwork survived."the charred trees and ash remain on site at the santa rosa winery, but in front of it all sits art work. big beautiful sculptures untouched by the flames, bringing back a sense of hope and love.rene byck, paradise ridge winery"my dad had a quote. that says something about art. it all survived a big fire storm. it's something someone's looking after."the sculpture garden reopened over the weekend and can be visited by the public during saturday and sunday afternoons through the end of october. that's about the time the rest of the winery will begin rebuilding. rene byck, paradise ridge winery"there's up and downs. it's kind of a rollercoaster ride but you have to stay postive and keep moving
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forward."michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"up at the top of the hill is where the tasting room once stood and now this is all that's left."rene byck, paradise ridge winery"there was nothing that could be done really to prevent what was going to happen with the fires."paradise ridge lost most of property's buildings -- but the vineyards they hope to start tastings again this fall and be fully operational again next santa rosa michelle kingston kron 4 news (pam) nasim aghdam, the woman who shot and wounded three people at youtube headquarters back in april ... died of a self- inflicted gunshot to the heart, at the scene of the shooting. the pathology report revealed ... aghdam did not have any alcohol or drugs in her system. according to her family... she was upset with the video sharing website... and complained the company's business policies were costing her income and views. she made videos in which she exercised, promoted animal rights and explained the vegan diet, often with elaborate costumes or with a rabbit.
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(ken) kenzie smith, one of the black men who had police called on him by a woman now known as barbeque becky, is running for a city council seat in oakland. smith decided to run in the november elections... he says in an effort to inspire young people. the 37-year-old member of oakland's park and recreation advisory committee, faces an uphill battle for council in district two. smith plans to focus on homelessness, renters rights, youth employment, and education. he started a gofundme page and is accepting donations... as he begins to build his campaign. lawrence karnow: there was plenty of sunshine today all the way to the coast. it was hot again inland with temperatures in the 90s and comfortable 60s at the coast. you can see on doppler radar a few showers and even some thundertorms. monsoonal moisture will slowly head our
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way to make things more muggy on wednesday. on the satellite you can see the low off the coast. eventually it will move west and help cool us down midweek. but high pressure over the desert will rebuild to bring more hot weather into next weekend. highs tomorrow will be in the upper 80s to mid s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay and 60s and sunny at the coast. it will cool slightly on wednesday but it should be more humid and muggy. temperatures start to heat up again on thursday with more monsoonal moisture arriving on firday. it should be sunny and hot over the weekend.
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(pam) as sections of colorado fall victim to major fires, there are questions about resources. in particular - the colorado springs - based 'sertanker'. it can drop nearly 20- thousand gallons of water or flame retardant in a matter of seconds. but instead of getting used in colorado... it is in california. connor wist reports. an intense process - in an already intense wildfire - we we went to colorado springs to get your questions answered about why this aircraft is on hold for drops on wildfires in colorado. bob soelberg/sr. vp, global supertanker services, llc"they are relying on and have agreed to accept the california carding process."here's how it works - the state of colorado does not have its own process to check aircraft and flight crews...known as carding.this
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is done every - colorado depends on the u.s. forest service or in the most recent case - cal fire.without either of those entities the state wouldn't be able to use the super tanker in the first place.bob soelberg/sr. vp, global supertanker services, llc"there's nothing that stops colorado right now today from calling cal fire officials and say hey i need the aircraft can you spare it for a day or two."global super tanker officials say the contract with colorado was signed before fire season started... the delay came working into the fire season.the 416 fire was already going and taking a lot of man power - the state put things on hold.but for residents like nancy newbold living near one of the fires burning...nancy newbold/westcliffe resident "knowing that the fire and the wind could turn at any moment and put us in jeopardy is concerning it kind of always gets you nervous."the need to get the super tanker back home to fight fires in colorado is heating up. (pam) that was connor wist reporting. three arrests have been made in connection
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to the ongoing high chateau wildfire in colorado. two adults and one minor have been charged with one count of first-degree arson. according to police... the three are a 19- and 23- year-old ... and a 17-year- old juvenile. they allegedly left a campfire unattended while a fire ban was in place in teller county, colorado... sparking the wildfire. (ken) in tennessee... friends,family, and loved ones... are remembering a mother... who was killed in a boat explosion in the bahamas. the boat, traveling off the island of exuma, roughly 130 miles south of nassau, was carrying 12 passengers, including 10 americans. maleka jackson...who attended tennessee state university... died in the accident. today her family, friends and former classmates gathered on tsu's campus to remember her. (sot) "she lit up a room, she go into a place she lit up the room, you'd feel her presence, she wasn't overly aggressive, but you knew she was there. she was with the man that she loved, celebrating, so it was definitely unfortunate and we will definitely miss her."(ken) it's unclear what went
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wrong, but ten others were hurt when the tour boat went up in flames july first...including maleka jackson's husband, who's still recovering. (pam) in pennsylvania.... five people were injured ... when a man drove his car into a crowd of protesters in pittsburgh. they were protesting the police killing of 17-year-old antwon rose. this video antwon rose. this video captures the moment the car hit the crowd yesterday... before they started banging on the vehicle. the driver was arrested on the spot, but he has not been identified yet. one victim was later taken to the hospital for evaluation. rose was shot last month while fleeing from officers who stopped a car he was riding in. he was unarmed at the time. the vehicle was suspected in an earlier shooting - and officer michael
10:39 pm
rosfeld is now facing criminal homicide charges. (ken) el paso police are investigating an officer, seen on video pointing his gun at children. it also shows the minors screaming obscenities at the officer, who also pulled a baton.(ken) the video went viral on social media catching the attention of thousands of viewers. michael ikahihifo (ee-kah-he-he-fo) reports. dionne mack/ deputy city manager for public safety: "it's been captured on video, with lots of views at this point."this video viewed thousands of times on social media showed several police officers in a south central neighborhood. a series of events unfolded including children yelling and an officer who eventually pulled out his gun but did not open fire. elizabeth florida/ mother:"and i see the officer choking my son and i'm like what are you doing? so i got up in his face and said, what are you doing? you're not supposed to be doing that." elizabeth florida says she understands her kids were not respectful but she says the video does not show what
10:40 pm
happened earlier. elizabeth florida/ mother:"they didn't see the beginning. they didn't see when they saw my son getting choked and then they tripped and threw him on the floor, they didn't see that part. that's why the kids were agitated." two people were taken into custody, a minor and an adult. jacob florance was one of them and he was detained by police but later released. nats:"you choke me like i had like a short breath. right after he had me on the floor grabbed my hair like.. i couldn't, like i was barely breathing." el paso police say there is more to the incident than what was shown in the viral video. that is why they are opening an internal investigation on the officers response. right now that officer has been placed on desk duty. dionne mack/ deputy city manager for public safety:"the whole investigation process will determine whether the officer followed protocol, look at all of the related incidents that surrounded that, take an opportunity do interviews and go through that entire process so all the facts are gathered before any conclusion is drawn."we spoke to neighbors who say they side with the police officer.teresa chacon/ neighbor:"i personally am on the side of the law because the video shows they were disrespecting the cop."teresa chacon says those kids in the viral video are the same ones she's seen coming onto her property. teresa chacon/ neighbor:"nowadays they don't respect anyone. they throw rocks. they sneak into one property. and these are boys whose mothers should be corrected." although officials say they don't approve of the kids' behavior, they understand the need for proper protocol. it has yet to be determined if the officer was following it. dionne mack/ deputy city manager for public safety:"i think for me it was most disheartening is just sort of see the children just
10:41 pm
completely labeled and just see them sort of be discarded. i mean it's one incident. you know these are our children, this is our community. and you know i'm not giving up on those children." those children." (ken) that was michael ikahihifo (ee-kah-he-he-fo) reporting. el paso reporting. el paso reporting. el paso police say the officer in the video is a four- year veteran of the department. no complaints have been filed against the officer. (pam) still ahead tonight -- a dog labeled hero for protecting his owner from a rattlesnake... now being honored at a diamondbacks game. (sports) coming up i'll have all the day's sports highlights and scores.
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[music playing] (vo) pursue what drives you, today. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. is a hero - after recently
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saving his owner from a rattlesnake bite.. the dog - bitten by a diamondback rattler last month -- was honored by the diamondbacks over the weekend ... the arizona diamondbacks baseball team, that is. pictures of the injured pup garnered thousands of shares on twitter -- and thousands more cheered his heroics at the game. spencer blake has the story. natsot paula godwin: "sit. good boy! you're such a good boy!"paula godwin was pretty much speaking the collective thought of the internet to her golden retriever puppy todd.this is
10:45 pm
what he looked like last week, when we first met him -- just a couple of days after he heroically stood in between his owner and a rattlesnake getting the bite right on his face.paula godwin: "he took the bite for me, which is, i mean - i didn't see that snake at all. i didn't see him at all."after millions of people "ooed" and "awed" at his swollen chubby face online last week he's become quite a local celebrity.sunday afternoon the arizona diamondbacks honored todd now mostly healed as part of a pre-game ceremony today as part of the ceremony. "today, as part of heroes weekend celebrations."a six month old dog in a d-backs jersey featured alongside firefighters and emts -- quite an honor indeed even if it is coming from an unlikely source of praise.paula godwin: "i think it's kind of ironic - the diamond backs are honoring him, since a diamond back bit him."the d-backs realize that too -- as they mentioned in a tweet.they might have even met todd throw out the first pitch, except he'd probably playing fetcher, like the good boy he is.paula godwin: "i think everybody loves a feel-good story, regardless of their views." (pam) that was spencer
10:46 pm
blake reporting. todd's honor by the diamond-backs was part of the "dog days of summer" game -- during which fans are permitted to watch with their canine companions. giants hosting the cubs at at&t park... buster posey... played tonight but won't play in the all-star game due to a hip issue... bottom 5th... 1-0 cubs... the pick-of throw gets away from cubs 1st baseman anthony rizzo... alan hanson... he can run... he's around second... the ball goes all the way into into the
10:47 pm
right field corner... hanson is around third and coming home... and he scores all the way from 1st on rizzo's error... 1-1 tie top 8th... this is pretty sweet... brandon crawford... wonder why he's an all-star and gold glover?... the great bare- handed grab and throiw to first base... pitcher mark melacon likes it... we go extra innings bottom 11th... bases loaded for pablo sandoval... and the panda comes through... the base hit through the drawn in 5-player infield... andrew mccutchen scores... sandoval is mobbed on the walk-off win final... 2-1 giants...andrew swarez... 6 ip, 3 hits, 0 runs... posey was 0-for-5 brandon belt is on a ballot of five players... one of which will be picked by the fans for the final national league all-star spot belt's giants teammates derek holland and hunter pence went to the "pro wrestling" motif in
10:48 pm
an effort to get belt into the all-star game..." let me tell you something, were the ballot brothers, the ballot brothers. we need all of you out there to get up out of your seats, right now, pull out your cell phones and start casting your votes for the undisputed, supreme, reigning, defending brandon belt. tell your momma, tell your pop, tell your brother, grab your friends, and get up on the ballot right now or else , or else, or else, the ballot brothers will come running wild for you." the a's in houston the a's in the a's in the a's in houston
10:49 pm
tonight... winners of 10 of their last 12 games but bob melvin and company had lost 8 straight to the world champion astros bottom 6th... scoreless... frankie montos... he was really god... enduces the double play to get out of trouble here... 6 ip, 3 hits, 0 runs top 7th... steven piscotty... solo home run to give the a's the lead... 1-0... he also had an rbi single to give the a's an insurance run bottom of the 9th... all-star blake treinan... got in a little trouble... allowing two baserunners... but he strikes out evan gattis to end the game... treinan's 23rd save final... 2-0 a's... they are now 11 games over .500 and have won 11 of their last 13
10:50 pm
after winning their first five summer league games... the warriors have games... the warriors have dropped two straight... jordan bell... not playing the final of the pre-playoff games in las vegas... steve kerr... also in the house warriors on the attack... elijah brown... with the steal and behind the back pass to j.p. tokoto... for the two-handed slam the mav's jalen brunson... remember him from national chapion villanova?... he hits the 3-pointer final... 91-71 pointer final... 91-71 mavs... the warriors now mavs... the final... 91-71 pointer final... 91-71 mavs... the warriors now move to the single elimination playoff round
10:51 pm
gues what's back... that's right... the tour de france... stage 3 today... in "cholet" near coach... those rolling plastic as human "bumper the winner trail was b-m-clocked the 22-minutes and 46 defending froome's "team four seconds winning celebrated the captain greg donned the although he is specialist" and co just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape...
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not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! in entertainment news
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tonight -- drake's new album "scorpion" has only been out a week, but it's already been streamed more than a-billion times.(pam) it's the first time an album has crossed the billion mark in one week's time. "scorpion" is also drake's eighth consecutive album to top the charts it includes a guest appearance by jay-z and a previously unreleased vocal by michael jackson. one of the songs on the album "in my feelings" has even started a viral dance challenge. scorpion will be issued on c-d on july 13th.
10:55 pm
lawrence karnow: there was plenty of sunshine today all the way to the coast. it was hot again inland with temperatures in the 90s and comfortable 60s at the coast. you can see on doppler radar a few showers and even some thundertorms. monsoonal moisture will slowly head our way to make things more muggy on wednesday. on the satellite you can see the low off the coast. eventually it will move west and help cool us down midweek. but high pressure over the desert will rebuild to bring more hot weather into next weekend. highs tomorrow will be in the upper 80s to mid 90s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay and 60s and sunny at the coast. it will cool slightly on wednesday but it should be more humid and muggy. temperatures start to heat up again on thursday with more monsoonal moisture arriving on firday. it should be sunny and hot over the weekend.
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something incredible is here at disney california adventure park. it must be epic! thrilling! daring! come ride the incredicoaster. it's going to be simply exhilarating, dahling.
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jack, tell my wife i love her. nooooooo!!!!!! try my new $5.99 spicy chicken club combo. another great deal from jack in the box. narrator: in the criminal justice system sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. woman: you had to take a shortcut. man: well, i wouldn't have had to if you would just once get out of the house on time. what's the big hurry? one of your girlfriends supposed to be there? god, i hope so. did something just fall out of there? i didn't see. well... tell him his doors came open. excuse me.


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