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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 11, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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now the first black woman... sworn in as the city's mayor. thank you for joining us im pam moore. (ken) and im ken wayne. the new mayor promised to tackle the many challenges facing the city. a hot topic issue... housing. ..building more housing (pam) breed grew up in public housing in the city's western addition.. she was raised by her grandmother. she says, she credits her family, teachers and mentors for bringing her to this point in her life... today - chal talked about : the changing make-up of san francisco... a city that was once rich in culture ... now has dwindling black and latino populations and fewer families.. in part because
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of sky- rocketing housing prices.(ken) kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to the president of the naacp's san francisco branch about the significance of today's inauguration. hermela? naacp leaders tell us that it's not just that breed is a woman, an african american.. in a city where there has been an exodus of black people in recent years.. but that she has an experience that looks like that of many people of color in san francisco today. a historic moment for the city of san francisco..and its mayor london breedthe first female african-american to hold the leaders say.. she's a symbol of hope at a time when the black population is dwindling partly due to skyrocketing human rights commissiona symbol of the fact that there is still african americans, that there are still black people here. and then i think the ability for her to be the first female african american mayor also talks about the importance of women at this point in time in the leadership role. and i hear somebody say on several occasions today the future is female and i think that will
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resonate with our young people and give them hope.naacp leaders say breed's personal experience along with her academic and professional achievemnts makes her a great fit for the position.dr. amos c. brown/naacp san francisco that says a lot about a person who was living in public housing, reared by her grandmother. and against great odds, against the tides, became a stellar, quintesentiial achiever. it says something also about san francisco, where even though the african american population is less than 5% that we were able to build coalitions city and did the incredible thing of electing her the first african american female mayorsheryl davis/sf human rights commissionthe other piece is really this part about her coming from this community, having been in community centers like this one, understanding the system, living in public housing, having gone through job training programs, having been, having friends and other folks who have been displaced but also people who have been incarcerated that when she goes into these meetings with department heads that she will not just be talking about what the system is but she'll also have some experience with what works and what didn't.
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pam and kencountry.across the replicate want to people will story that the success san francisco she could make leaders say.. she could make san francisco the success story that people will want to replicate across the country. pam and ken (ken) there was a lot of excitement outside city hall this morning before london breed was even sworn in. a grandmother says she woke up her two grandsons at five-30 in the morning so they could be the first in line. there were only 24-hundred first come, first serve seats available and she didn't want to miss it."it's very important for me to have my two grandsons here, to witness this historical moment. because it is a very historical moment for san francisco as well as all
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african americans, people period. not just african americans but people period." the family was able to secure a spot at six-30 this morning. the grandmother says she will continue to support breed who was raised by her own grandmother. (pam) we now know the cause of the fire burning in napa and yolo counties. investigators say, that massive fire started because of an improperly installed electric livestock fence. the person responsible for causing the wildfire has been cited. the county fire has burned more than 90- thousand acres..... tonight, it is 89-percent contained . 20 structures have been destroyed. lawrence karnow: temperatures cooled but were still hot inland. highs were in the low 90s in the valleys, with 70s and 80s around the bay and 50s temperatures cooler. on the doppler you can see the monsoonal moisture in southern california. there are even
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some thunderstormsver the southern sierra too. on the satellite you can see high pressure has moved a little further east also allowing for slightly cooler temperatures. some of that moisture will move norht into the bay area late tomorrow afternoon. it will bring a slight chance of thundertstorms to the bay thursday night and friday morning. highs tomorrow will be similar with 80s to low 90s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. more clouds are likely on friday morning before clearing late in the day. high pressure with return this weekend to bring more sunshine and hotter temperatures. it will cool slightly toward the middle of next week. drop it drop it drop it (grant)new video just released-- showing the moment police... and a jury has already ruled that the man committed suicide by not dropping his knife. tonight though we are seeing the moments before he was shot in the dramatic video. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the
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story and joins us live in the city.(live in mon) j.r. you spoke with neighbors who knew this man what did they have to say? (j.r.)they just shook their head. a bit shocked when i told them he was shot 41 times. here is the video that was just released this week.jeffrey barboa is the man you're looking at here. the video cuts off before he was shot and killed by five vallejo officers in richmond. he was shot a total of 41 times. he had a knife similar to a machete in his hand and was slowly walking or inching towards the officers with his hands up when he was gunned down. this happened after a high speed chase with barboa. police say the car he was in was the same one used in an el cerrito donut store robbery weeks before. a jury
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previously ruled that barboa was responsible for his death by not dropping that knife in his hand. a former neighbor of his said all of this came as a shock when it happened last year.we were a pretty close knit community so it was like what. neighbor down the street what...that was kind of confusing sowe've had some contact with his former wife and her children and they're just doing what they can to get their lives back together at this point.must of been some other mental issues or something going on because people don't generally behave in front of officers like that in the first place. especially in such an aggressive manor.again a jury has already ruled on this case and ruled that barboa was to blame for not dropping the knife that he was holding. i'm also told that his family now lives out of was also found that he had some meth in his system. live in san francisco, j.r. stone kron 4 news.
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(pam) (pam) disappointment. ... after a bay area hip hop music festival is abruptly cancelled... now ticket holders are wondering if they will get their money back(ken) the 3-day x-o music festival was supposed to get underway in antioch on friday.. and big names like t.i. and ludacris had been listed as performing.. but now... the festival is off. kron 4's dan kerman explains why... for sometime the bay area music scene has been a buzz over this... antioch's xo music festival, sporting the likes of ludicrous, bone thugs n harmony and t.i.nats-tibut
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now with just 48 hours to go, on the xo webiste the promoter has announced "that due to lower than anticipated ticket sales and... some negative media reports ... the xo music festival ... will be postponed. but that's not the full story. kron 4 news went to site of the event, contra costa event park in antioch and found event park management actually cancelled the event because "promoters failed to provide proof they had liability insurance which covered hip hop music." sot john mason / performs as jm3 47-57i'm jus tin shock becuase i thought big names were coming to home city and i would have a chance to perform with them and be on the same stage but i guess not and i am furious nowthese men are some of the local performers who had signed on to be part of the event, who also just found out the event is sot zach pilgram / performs as teamjayr 108-116it was a pretty upsetting hicccup, what bothered me is everyone had negative things to say about our community when we have been working hard to keep a positive vibestandup dan kerman/antioch 118-128we reached out tothe promoter but he didnt get back to us, but
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on their website it says ticket holders will be receiving refunds in full through their ticketing agency. the contra costa district attorneys office says if fail to receive a refund you should contact their consumer protection unit. in antioch, dan kerman kron 4 news. (pam) also in the east bay.... federal agents served search and number of locations in number of warrants at a number of locations in san mateo early today.. (ken) officials say several people were taken into custody but the reason for the raids - is unclear. one suspect says he was awakened by the raids and saw officers with guns drawn when he looked outside his window. he says he was released from jail yesterday and believes that could have played a factor in his family's aparment getting searched. his pregnant
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sister showed kron4 the aftermath inside the apartment. their neighbor says he is still shaken by what he saw. augustine torres/neighbor- "she got thrown on the floor, but she was experiencing a pain on her belly, so she uh, request to us to uh call 9-11." the pregnant sister was taken to the doctor as a precaution. some neighbors reported hearing what sounded like gunfire... but the san mateo police department says those were actually devices used to distract suspects and not actually harm them. the a-t-f says it's investigation is on-going. (pam)coming up: a shocking case of racism on full display on an east bay freeway. the reaction from those on the receiving end .... in an interview you'll see only here on kron 4. (ken)plus: we've have heard that the rescue that saved 12 soccer players and their coach was nearly impossible. but coming up in a story that is all new at ten new video shows us just how dangerous it was. (pam) and coming up at 10:30 - a violent crash in san francsico. only on kron
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4: what officials say... fell out of the suspect vechile that landed three people behind bars.
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(pam) a confrontation between two drivers on a bay area freeway... ends with one driver calling the other ... the n-word. a
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portion of the incident was captured on cellphone video and posted on twitter. it has been viewed more than 100- thousand times.(ken)today kron4's haaziq madyun spoke to the couple on the receiving end of the racial slur. they describe the events leading up to the incident. it is an interview you will only see here on kron4 it is a road rage incident caught on cellphone video that has gone viral. in it you see a white woman using foul language and making obscene hand gestures. then she drops the n-wordsot marshaunte farris was in the passenger seat recording the video. her boyfriend sheppard was behind the wheel. the incident happened monday at around 10am on eastbound interstate-80 freeway. farris picks it up from there...sot
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and i have to go get infusions there still. it has to be every two weeks certain times and certain dates. we were coming back from that and as we were leaving richmond to go through emeryville to get back to oakland, she just started tripping">shamiek sheppard says he driving in the carpool lane when it happenednat/sot haaziqwhen did you first notice that there was a problem with this driver?sot
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the freeway right now"> marshaunte farris tweeted the video from her @ogtayó account . in the first two days it has been viewed 130-times. the tweet included the licence plate number of the vehicle. it didn't take long for the twitterverse to identify the woman behind the wheel. kron4 has learned that she was an employee at a major investment bank and financial services company with offices in the bay area. a representative for that company told me "the behavior reflected in the video is completely inconsistent with our values and the individual involved is no longer employed by the firm."sot
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(pam) we reached out to the woman in the video to get her side of the story. so far she has not gotten back to us. (ken) a man in southern california went off on a racist rant outside the pavilions store in west hollywood. angela jefferson is the woman in the video. she says she was studying and listening to music around 2:30 tuesday afternoon, when the man sitting at the next table started saying derogatory things to her. the woman says she asked him to stop, but he then smashed her belongings and threw a chair at her. another woman was inside the store having lunch and heard the commotion. dulcinea circelli/witness"so i came out here and saw that he had broken a chair and was trying to hit this woman in the head and saying the n word, and at that point, i started word, and at that point, i started recording." (ken) in the video, you see another witness come over
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to stop the man from attacking the angela. when the witness told him to leave, the man got angrier. witnesses say the man was drunk and left before sheriff's deputies arrived. (pam) the founder of papa johns pizza has resigned .... for using a racial slur during a conference call during a media training exercise. during the call in may, john schnatter used the n-word while trying to downplay his n-f-l snafu, when he claimed players kneeling on the field affected his pizza sales ... shares in the pizza food chain .... dropped to a 12-month low when word came out about his remarks. in a statement, the company said:"papa john's condemns racism and any insensitive language, no matter the situation or setting." schnatter was no longer the c-e-o of the company... but he was the chairman of the board... until he resigned today. (ken) and this isn't the first time someone was fired or stepped down over a controversial viral video... right here in the bay area:
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the woman dubbed "permit patty" resigned as the c-e-o tr cannabis-products company-- after video of her calling police on an eight year-old girl-- near a-t-and-t park in san francisco for selling water-- went viral... lawrence karnow: still hot inland. highs were
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in the low 90s in the valleys, with 70s and 80s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. the cool fog helped to keep temperatures cooler. on the doppler you can see the monsoonal moisture in southern california. there are even some thunderstorms over the southern sierra too. on the satellite you can see high pressure has moved a little further east also allowing for slightly cooler temperatures. some of that moisture will move norht into the bay area late tomorrow afternoon. it will bring a slight chance of thundertstorms to the bay thursday night and friday morning. highs tomorrow will be similar with 80s to low 90s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. more clouds are likely on friday morning before clearing late in the day. high pressure with return this weekend to bring more sunshine and hotter temperatures. it will cool slightly toward the middle of next week. (pam) in a story youll only see on kron 4: residents in one east bay community are on alert after an outbreak of mail thefts in their neighborhood.. ..(ken)one resident said this has been happening for years but now they say theives have
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been caught on camera... kron4's gayle ong spoke to residents who say they are fed up. she joins us live in hayward with details. gayle. we're talking about taking important documents like tax papers, a debit card..that led to 4 months of identity theft.. residents are warning their fellow neighbors to be on the lookout.. lookout.. theresa reyes says for 6 years, theives have been stealing mail from her twin bridges neighborhood in hayward the latest strike was on june 28th -- it was caught on home surveillence videothey appear to be operating in see the pair walking during the early morning hours on
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cedarbrook rd they're digging through theresa's mailbox..they have the white package she was expecting.. a couple houses down, theresa's neighbor realized he became a victim of identity theft in january..
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neighborhood i've got neighbors with security cameras, rarely they get used but when they do, it's an important tool to tackle this crime of sort."> hayward police is asking anyone (ken) anyonepolice is asking hayward police is asking anyone (ken)next: one couple is struggling with their daughters medical bills. why they say divorce may be the only option.
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(pam)(pam) a texas couple is considering a drastic step to save one of their children.(ken)their special needs daughter needs extra medical care... leaving them with sky-high costs. kron 4's grant lodes is here to
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explain why the couple says heare happily married.. therone solution. (grant)ken, pam... that solution is divorce. happily married couple jake and maria grey say they are thinking of getting a divorce in order to help their special needs daughter qualify for medicaid. the greys' six-year-old daughter, brighton, has a rare chromo- somal disorder.she is developmentally still a newborn and requires round-the- clock attention.even with health insurance, they spend nearly $15,000 a year out of pocket on health care. jake's income of $40,000 a year is too much to qualify for medicaid.(grant)state assistance is available, but there is a very long waiting list... they are number 60- thousand. thousand. by filing for divorce, maria
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would become a single, jobless mother of two on paper and qualify for medicaid. (ken)a group of parkland survivors are suing after 17 lives were lost. why those students, recent grads, and parents say officials made decisions that cost lives. (pam)and next: a violent crash in san francisco lands three people behind bars..and a gun off the streets.we'll explain what happened in a story youll only see right here on kron 4. (lawrence)ten at ten forecast just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint
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to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! (ken)a crash in san francisco
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...ended in three arrests. and a gun being taken off the streets.(pam) san francisco police say, this is a criminal investigation... that still has many unanswered questions tonight. kron 4's justine waldman has the details ... and video you will only see on kron 4. one man on the ground with his hands behind his back talks with san francisco police... about this nasty car crash by the broadway tunnel. now 3 people are under arrest.sot it did look like a person was trying to flee but we did take custody of that person sfpd tells kron 4 news.. 3 cars were involved in the accident. and 3 people went to the hospital hurt after the wreck. it is unlcear how many people were in each car. you can see the airbags deployed in this black porche many people also called 911,
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and talked with officers at the scene about what they saw. only kron 4 news, has video of the gun recovered underneath a parked car. the weapon is now evidence.sot there was a gun found at the scene but it is unclear exacly what role that plans into the situation we do have a traffic collison but it is very likely that this involves a criminal investigation (ken) investigation criminal this involves a very likely that this involves a criminal investigation (ken) a cyclist was killed after being hit by a pickup truck in concord. the crash was reported last night just after midnight on san miguel road near systron drive. police say the man was crossing san miguel road when he was hit. the driver
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stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. police say drugs and alcohol do ánot appear to be factors in this crash. (pam)two wind-driven vegetation fires, one in morgan hill and the other in san jose, are now fully contained. as kron four's rob as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now,residents are counting their blessings that no homes were lost in either fire. nats (homeowner tours his property)morgan hill resident octavio nunez was on his way home tuesday afternoon when a fire erupted just north of his home here on hale avenue. octavio/nunez ".....i got to the stop sign and the road was closed and i couldn't get to my house and i was worried about my family..." nats (firefighters battle flames near nunez' home)this was the nunez home on tuesday as firefighters were able to keep the flames away from his and a dozen other homes in the area. several outbuildings and vehcles were destroyed as the fire swept across about 40 acres of grass and other
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vegetation. it was all about the wind said another resident. home owner '.....the wind is always blowing through here, it's crazy, it's just a crap shoot as far as where it starts and where you are..." about 15 miles north, crews expected to remain on scene here in the hills near santa teresa county park, mopping up hot spots after the curie fire scorched about 100 acres. again, no homes were lost but it was a close call says long time resident karen funston. karen funston/santa teresa resident '....i heard the sirens and came outside, everybody was outside watching the fire, it gave us quite a scare..."back in morgan hill, p.g.& e. is replacing some fire-damaged utilities. fire crews were hunting down some embers here too. there were noinjuries in either fire. he lost fencing and some tools but octavio nunez says it might have been a lot worse. octavio nunez/home threatened by wild fire " was right here, as you can see some of the damage, but thanks to thefirefighters, we didn't lose our house..." rob fladeboe/morgan hill "..there
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were some casualties however, four horses perished in the hale fire. the cause ofboth fires still under investigation. in morgan hill rob fladeboe kron 4 news (ken) victims of california's deadliest wildfires .. and local politicians .... are calling on state lawmakers to stop trying to overhaul the state's liability laws on wildfires. the group gathered in santa rosa today.... about concerns that a newly formed legislative committee is considering cutting utilities' responsibility when their equipment causes fires. the legislation would protect companies ap-g- and-e. p-g-and-e equipment is blamed for several wildfires last year, killing 44 people. the company says, it expects to pay more than 2-point-5 billion dollars. but the group is worried, lawmakers may move quickly to help the utilities. attorneys for
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northbay firestorm survivors say, that pending legislation would allow p- g-and- e to 'pass on' the cost of the 2017 wildfires and future wildfires to ratepayers. lawrence karnow: temperatures cooled but were still hot inland. highs were in the low 90s in the valleys, with 70s and 80s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. the cool fog helped to keep temperatures cooler. on the doppler you can see the monsoonal moisture in southern california. there are even some thunderstorms over the southern sierra too. on the satellite you can see high pressure has moved a little further east also allowing for slightly cooler temperatures. some of that moisture will move norht into the bay area late tomorrow afternoon. it will bring a slight chance of thundertstorms to the bay thursday night and friday morning. highs tomorrow will be similar with 80s to low 90s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. more clouds are likely on friday morning before clearing late in the day. high pressure with return this weekend to bring more sunshine and hotter temperatures. it will cool slightly toward the middle of next week.
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(pam) along the california coast ..... the search continues for a oregon woman who has not been heard from since last friday. while her wherabouts remain a mystery. the san mateo county sheriff's office did hint today that they may have new information in the case. kron 4's charles clifford has an udpate. well, athorities have called the dissapearnce of angela hernandez suspicious and her location remains a mystery.on wednesday morning, the san mateo county sheriff's office tweeted out that they were following up on a lead in the investigation into the
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disspearance of 23-year-old angela hernandez. the sheriff's office declined to elaborate but later in the day they tweeted again saying that the search continues. our investigators are still working the this point it's unclear what new information the sheriff's office may be looking into. angela hernandez was driving from portland oregon to southern california last week but hasn't been heard from since friday morning when she texted her sister that she was leaving half moon bay, presumably headed south on highway one. later that evening, hernandez's cell phone was detected near davenport in santa cruz county but on monday the phone signal dissapeared and has been detecte since.after searching the coast between half moon bay and santa cruz for several days, authorites have suspended most of the search effort. on wednesday, the santa cruz county sheriff's office told kron 4 that they have not been asked to continue searching for hernandez.meanwhile, angela herndez's family has put up missing person posters in half moon bay and along highway one. they are offering 10,000 dollars for any information that leads to her wherabouts. we reached out to the family for comment on wedneday, but by late afternoon they had not responded.anglea hernandez was last seen driving her white 2011 jeep
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patriot with oregon plates. in santa cruz county charles clifford kron 4 news. (pam) new at ten: new video of the dramatic cave rescue in thailand, where 12 boys and their soccer coach were saved ... released tonight. (ken) doctors say they are in very good mental and generally good physical condition.cnn's matt rivers has more from chiang rai, right outside of the hospital where they are being treated. for the first released from inside the caveof one of the most daring rescues of all time. you can see how muddy the water is, as divers disappear under the surface. diving, swimming, and trekking miles into the cave, through darkness, they reach the boysand then the hard work begins. loaded into stretchers, one by one, over three anxious days, they're dragged across sharp, jagged
10:39 pm
floors. at times, they're pulled on top of the tubes sucking water out of the cavepart of the pumping operation that made this rescue possible in the first place. where it's too steep, pictures show the boys hoisted through the air, a pulley system attached to hanging stretcher. below, rushing water makes for a swift current underfoot, illuminated by rescuer headlamps. it's all incredibly dangerous, flooded passageways the definition of peril, heartbreakingly illustrated with the death of a former thai navy seal, saman kunan. he died after bringing oxygen supplies into the cave, just days before the rescue began. his navy seal brothers carried on their mission in his namediving, swimming, and carrying the exhausted kids and their coach for hours until they could make it out far enough for initial medical treatment. a final picture shows the last, eerily illuminated steps, heroes freeing the team from their subterranean prison. rear admiral arpakorn yuukongkaew, thai royal navythis unity is not only with chiang rai, in thailand, it's a global unity. this incident was more than a life saving mission, it's gone beyond that. it is the unity of all nationalities. all that led to this12 boys and their coach, weak but healthyrecov eringsome of them seen for the first time in this video from inside the isolation ward of a chiang rai hospital. one stand and talk. some make the sign for i love you with their hands, likely aimed at their parents on the other side of the glass. the doctors won't let them hug their kids for a
10:40 pm
few days yet, but the mere sight of themthe first time in 18 horrific dayswas enough to elicit tears of joy. this was the beginning of an improbable reunionthanks to the bravery and rescuersthe men who delivered the good news the whole world wanted to hear. matt rivers, chiang rai: "and a point worth making here is that the video from inside the cave doesn't show the points of the rescue where the divers had to bring the kids underwaterwhat rescuers described as the most difficult part of the rescue. as treacherous as it looks in the video we just showed you, that wasn't even the hardest part. matt rivers, cnn, chiang rai, thailand."
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(ken) today a group survivors from the parkland, florida shooting announced they have filed a federal lawsuit claiming certain governmental entities failed to protect students. 17-people were killed and 17-others were wounded during the february 14th shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school. the former school resource deputy scot peterson, who is named in the suit, is accused of taking cover instead of trying to stop the shooting. "the goal of this lawsuit is to ensure that this never happens again, that law enforcement is aware that we're expecting them to be heroes. that's their job. and if they choke and they cause people to die they will have to face the music."(ken) also today the federal
10:42 pm
school safety commission held its second meeting. president trump formed the group in response to the parkland. today the commission discussed issuses such as behavioral health services in schools, use of psychotropic medications for kids, and student confidentiality. (sports) coming up i'll have all the day's sports highlights and scores.
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happening ... racist rants caught on camera, and this time in an area known for its acceptance and tolerance .. (ken)but what happened here
10:45 pm
was far from the acceptable.. or tolerant. you are disrespecting your entire black race there are black people and there are (censored) and you need to know it here we go again, what appears to be yet another racist rant. censoredexcept this time there is so much profanity and racial epithets that when i tried to clean up the conversation it sounded more like one giant series of censor beeps censored (censored) (censored)a while back i showed you this lady in daly city inside a lucky store steal our food, steal our money, our jobs hahah (so racist oh my god) i told you to keep recording those racist rants and shine some light on something which has been going on for years.,i decided to show this video uncensored to people on the street near where this happened to see their responsethere was tyrone
10:46 pm
i've been in trump country and trump country is everywhere there was julio that's crazy i can't even believed that even happen around here and ferra and alex visiting from san diego i wouldn't expect it here in san francisco that's that i was going to say too definitely not here before we come back to them here is what i know happened the man shown her in the video attempted to buy a phone with cash from this store at market and sanchez in san francisco after about 10 minutes in the store and not presenting the required documents to legally purchase the phone he became irate it was when he was leaving when he flashed a large wad of cash and dropped the n bomb at that point everything went downhill censored (censored) (censored) people think racism is something new, it's just finally starting to step out of the shadows do you think there has been an uptick in racial rants or more people are recording now (ummm i think a little both to be honest people i more aware now with their cameras and their technology i honestly think it's something that people need to be aware of but that's just crazy though i feel like san francisco is really diverse you don't really get like
10:47 pm
racism, or like people are like open minded of people of like ethnicities but then you see that yea then we see that racism is still present like everywhere, it doesn't matter where you're at .in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news news roberts kron 4 stanley francisco stanley roberts kron 4 stanley roberts kron 4 news 81st ave and 81st ave and olive street in oakland éinvolving a child involving a oakland é
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olive street in oakland é involving a child child if the a's were playing in the giants national league west division... they'd be in first place and they had some fans in housto..taking on the astros they come out swinging in the first...khris davis... smokes one off the wall...marcus senien and jed lowrie score... 13-game hitting streak for davis... he also had an rbi triple top 4th...chad pinder... a line drive to left... and out for a 3-run home run..his 9th of the year...puts the a's up 6-0 top 5th... scary moment for the a's...stephen piscotty... their hottest hitter... gets hit by a pitch on his left
10:49 pm
hand... he had to leave the game.... luckily x-rays were negative...he is day-to-day with a wrist contusion. final... 8-3 a's... unfortunately they are still 9 games out in the a-l west giants and cubs wrapping up their 3-game series at at&t park...and it was a great one... tim flannery... doing to p-a announcing for renel... who was at london breed's ingauguration as mayor of san francisco... bottom 1st... gorkys hernandez.... drives one the opposite way and off the bricks in right field... andrew mccutchen and brandon crawford score... 3-0 giants (4-run 1st inning) back come the cubs... top 7th... 4-3 giants... javier baez... solo home run off tony watson... 4-4 tie... this game is going to extra innings bottom 13th... buster posey... won't be playing in the all-stdrives one of the bricks with two runners on... brandon belt scores... league-leading 8th this season final... 5-4 giants in 13 innings... brandon belt did not get the brandon belt innings... giants in 13 final... 5-4 season
10:50 pm
final... 5-4 giants in 13 innings... brandon belt did not get the final vote for the all-star game... jesus milwauke brewers beat him out the warriors in the first round of the one-and-one las vagas summer league tournament... trae young...and floyd mayweather... in attendance... warriors versus hornets warriors shot misses from the corner...and woah...omari johnson throws it down for the putback dunk!... but this one was all charlotte...miles bridges...the rookie out of michigan state... with the spin move...he had 17 points... hornets win....87- 69...and that ends the warriors' run in the summer league... semifinal...england taking on croatia... 109th minute... tied at 1-1... mario mandzukic finishes it off to put croatia up for good... a wild celebration ensues for croatia... dismay for england...the croatian coach... liftedup and tackled by his players final... 2-1... croatia... they will take on france in the final on
10:51 pm
sunday... in moscow(wipe to croatians celebrate) and they are loving it in croatia... throwing beer and lighting flares in celebration... they are going to the world cup final for the first time ever...2nd smallest country to ever make the final...croatia has never beaten france before, but don't tell that to these guys... a shocker in the wimbledon quarterfinals... roger federer vs. south african kevin anderson 3rd set... federer acutally had a match point in the... but anderson... with a 133 mile-per-hour serve.. ends up taking the set... and the 4th too 5th set....match point... anderson with the service-winner to cap it off... after winning 34 straight sets at wimbeldon... federer loses three in a row and he's done anderson will face american john isner in the semifinals on friday morning (weather) coming up i'll
10:52 pm
have the seven day forecast.
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10:54 pm
lawrence karnow: temperatures cooled but were still hot
10:55 pm
inland. highs were in the low 90s in the valleys, with 70s and 80s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. the cool fog helped to keep temperatures cooler. on the doppler you can see the monsoonal moisture in southern california. there are even some thunderstorms over the southern sierra too. on the satellite you can see high pressure has moved a little further east also allowing for slightly cooler temperatures. some of that move norht into the bay area late tomorrow afternoon. it will bring a slight chance of
10:56 pm
thundertstorms to the bay thursday night and friday morning. highs tomorrow will be similar with 80s to low 90s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. more clouds are likely on friday morning before clearing late in the day. high pressure with return this weekend to bring more sunshine and hotter temperatures. it will cool slightly toward the middle of next week. before we go here is a better look at where the breaking is happening right now. police tell kron 4 - there is a shooting involving a child at 81st ave and olive street in east oakland. right now there are very little details about this situation. stay with kron 4 dot com for the latest on this developing story. story. developing this the latest on this developing story.
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i'm natalie morales. and i'm craig melvin. and this is dateline on mynetworktv. 's gone missing. we are frantic-- calling, all of her friends are calling. you would think that sort of thing happens to other people. it's the most frightening thing in the world. craig melvin: a young wife. she always saw the good in people. troy wagman: she had a way to make you smile. craig melvin: missing for nine days. gael schneider: it's so wrong, and nicole's somewhere where she shouldn't be. craig melvin: it was hard enough when they didn't know, much worse when they did. it came over the tv that a body had been found. i'll never forget that as long as i live. dennis murphy: this could go down any number of paths. and it did. craig melvin: had her troubled past finally caught up with her?


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