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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 14, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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hospital this afternoon and is undergoing serious treatment. good evening. and thanks for joining us. i am justine waldman.(jr stone) and i am jr stone. this morning a pitbull bit him in the face while he was talking to a woman who his department saved from a fire. kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to fireifighters and joins us live in san leandro with that story. hermela? (hermela) (hermela)
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(justine) a firefighter died while battling a wildfire near yosemite national park. it is being called the ferguson fire. the last update put, the fire at 150 acres. and is 5-percent contained. cal fire says, bulldozer driver braden varney
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was cutting a "fire break" with the vehicle to prevent the fire from spreading when he was killed. the cal fire chief says varney was making his way out of the fire area when he died. chief nancy koerperich / cal fire madera-mariposa-merced unit"it's going to be hard for the unit to process the loss but we all know that in the world of firefighting it is a difficult job. it is a dangerous job."(justine) the chief also says, varney was with calfire for almost 10 years. following in the footsteps of his father, who was also a cal-fire bulldozer operator, and just died of cancer. he is survived by his mom, his wife , and two children aged 3 and 5 years old. he was 36 years old. governor brown has declared that california capitol flags will be flown at half-staff in varneys' honor. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone)(jr stone) meteorologist
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mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. a slight warming trend is forecast to start sunday trend is forecast to start sunday into early next week in the bay area. daytime highs are expected to be near or slightly above seasonal normal during this time, expect 60s-70s along the coast and 80s inland. monsoonal moisture will return for the second half of the work week bringing the outside chance of showers and possibly thunderstorms.
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(justine)(justine)(jrs) (jrs)(justine) thunderstorms. thunderstorms. (justine)(jrs) (j.r.) 3 people have serious gunshot injuries after yet another highway shooting in the east bay. the california highway patrol says it happened at 3 in the morning on interstate 80 in berkeley by the gilman street exit.(justine) c-h-p had to shut down part of the interstate during the investigation. kron 4's gayle ong is live in berkeley with the search for suspects... and the safety concerns.gayle
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(gayle)c-h-p says the shooting happened just after 3 this morning..we know three people were shot and taken to the hospital..they apparently self transported themselves..the victims were all african american men in their 30's officers shut down eastbound lanes of i-80 between gilman street and university avenue, as they investigated what happened..they're still trying to figure out if the victims knew the shooter or shooters or if they were innocent bystanders..we do know investigators are working to connect with the victims at the hospital,to gather more information like a description of the suspects, the vehicle that took off, we're told they sustained major injuries but all three of them are in stable condition.meanwhile, i spoke to a resident here in berkley describing the neighborhood.. (gayle)
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(gayle)c-h-p had a busy morning, they also responded to an accident over by powell street half a mile from the shooting -- that also caused a major traffic backup this morning - but it's not related to the shooting..we'll be following this and bring you the latest details as it becomes availablelive in berkley gayle ong kron4 news (jrs) this little pup is recovering tonight after a coyote attack in alamo. it happened in her own backyard. she survived ... but another dog, her brother, wasn't so lucky. kron4's michelle kingston is live in that neighborhood tonight. michelle what happened? (michelle)neighbors here say they see coyote's all the time ..but never hear of them attacking dogs until now. (mk)this is lucy -- a nine year old jack russell terrier who is lucky to be alivekent molinaro, lucy's dad"i just
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threw open the glass door and screamed really loud"her dad let her outside their alamo oaks home first thing in the morning and before he knew it ... lucy was in a coyote's mouthkent molinaro, lucy's dad "i didn't know when i threw open the door and yelled if she was dead or alive"the coyote ran off and left lucy bleeding around her neck ... this is a photo a neighbor took of the coyote possibly in question ... lucy is now recovering from surgery and wearing a red bandana to hide her woundskent molinaro, lucy's dad"i knew right away that's a coyote"unfortunately -- lucy's dad is familiar with these attacks ...neighbors have had six in the past month of the deadly ones was lucy's brother enzo ... who disappeared and was found five days later in a neighbor's yard -- his body partially eatenkent molinaro, lucy's dad "we've been here 22 years and we've never had a problem. we've had dogs before these two and never a problem."the molinaro family sees coyotes around their home often -- these are videos they've taken
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of them before ...but they say the one who grabbed lucy was different -- dark in color and much larger than the ones they typically seekent molinaro, lucy's dad"i can't see us letting her out here though knowing that that animal is out there.." (michelle)for now, little lucy is only going outside with her family with a leash on ...and her parents say they aren't sure what they'll do when she in alamo michelle kingston kron 4 news (justine) tonight a woman is recovering after being rescued from a boating accident in the delta. in this video you can see the boat up on the rock levee near franks tract state recreational area. a helicopter was dispatched to the scene. the contra costa sheriffs office says the woman became pinned inside the boat after the crash. she was then airlifted to a local hospital for treatment. (jrs) twenty-five people were hospitalized when the bus
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they were on overturned on a southern california freeway, the incident happened early saturday on the 10 freeway in los angeles. authorities say the bus was returning from a casino when it overturned. one witness tells c-n-n affiliate k-a-b-c the bus tilted and dragged across the westbound lanes of the highway. it took two cranes to get the vehicle upright. it was later towed away. most of the injuries were minor, but four of the victims were hospitalized in serious condition. the cause of the accident is under investigation. (justine) the way a police officer in antioch helped reunite a long lost pup with his owners. (jrs) messages of gratitude. days after the final boy has been extracted from that cave in thailand... we are now hearing the message they have for everyone in the world who helped make their rescue possible. (justine) a carlos santana
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mural vandalized in san francisco. why the destrution hurt so many in the mission district. and how the artist plans to fix it.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. (jrs) days after the final boy was extracted from a cave in thailand... we're hearing their messages of gratitude from inside the
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hospital.(justine) but as the boys thank rescuers for their lives... a community is remembering the diver who lost his. kim hutcherson has more. adun sam-on/rescued: "hello. i am adun. now, i am very fine. i am very thankful for you saving us. thank you so much." after a grueling eighteen days stranded deep inside a flooded cave in thailand... twelve boys and their soccer coach are recovering in the hospital.the coach and some members of the team recorded video messages thanking their rescuers: sompong jaiwong/rescued: "i would like to thank everyone for supporting me and thank you all people around the world for helping us."
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divers and cave experts from around the world descended on thailand to offer their help. rescue crews faced life- threatening challenges to get the soccer team out... dangerous terrain while heavy rain threatened their efforts. but the mission proved successful -- the soccer team was extracted after nearly three weeks inside the cave. akkapol chanthawong/rescued coach: "i would like to thank to all sisters and brothers. thank you to all ministries that always help. thank you prime minister and all seals. thank you very much doctors." as recovery continues for the team and their coach... a funeral with full honors was held to remember the former thai navy seal who died during the rescue efforts. hundreds of people gathered at a custom-built crematorium on saturday to pay their respects... laying flowers and photographs to celebrate the hero's sacrifice. i'm kim hutcherson reporting. (justine) twitter has suspended two accounts allegedly used by russian intelligence to spread hacked information during the 20-16 u-s election. the social media giant says the accounts for "guccifer two" and "d-c leaks" have been suspended. the move comes one day after 12 russian intelligence officers were indicted for allegedly hacking the
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computers and email accounts of democrats ...... as well as releasing documents from those hacked accounts ahead of the election. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. forecast to start sunday into early next week in the bay
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area. daytime highs are expected to be near or slightly above seasonal normal during this time, expect 60s-70s along the coast and 80s inland. monsoonal moisture will return for the second half of the work week bringing the outside chance of showers and possibly thunderstorms.
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(justine) a family is now reunited with their dog after a random traffic stop.(justine) antioch police posted this video of the happy reunion. officer amiri brings the dog to the antioch animals services where they are able to find his owner from his microchip. the dogs owner started crying saying her dog "hemi" had been missing since november 2015. (j.r.) today was a special day for one north bay family that lost two homes in recent fires and has been featured on
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kron 4 news. janet mondragon sent me these photos of their new home in santa rosa. mondragon and her family lost their home in the middletown fires in 2015. then mondragon's mother lost her home in the santa rosa fires last year. the santa rosa fires last year. today the family held a party in celebration of their new home located in santa rosa. these pictures were taken before the party started...hence the reason why there are only a few people there. congrats to the mondragon family. (jrs)a popular mural of musician carlos santana was vandalized overnight in san francisco's mission district. (justine) a local non- profit went as far as calling it a hate crime...kron 4's ella sogomonian met the artist as he worked tirelessly to restore his work... sot: ella sogomonian, @ellasogomonian// "the artist mel waters has been here since noon. distrought by the vandalism he told me off camera he can't understand why
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someone would be so aggressive in ruining his gift to the community."(nats: shaking paint can)it's been an emotional afternoon for bay area artist mel waters... (nats: shaking paint can)for seven hours now he's poured his soul into restoring a mural he created four years ago...after a vandal poured white paint across the center of the piece...the face of latin musician carlos santana. sot: // "it gives the artist opportunity to reclaim himself and get him known out there by the publicity. but it's also a shame that 15 seconds can destroy something so beautiful."waters woke up to the disturbing news saturday morning after a picture of the desacrated mission district mural went viral. locals in the area were pained to see the work vandalized...some including the non profit 'our mission not eviction' took the act as a hate crime against the latino community. sot: gregory dillan, mission district resident// "it's really upsetting because it feels like we're in a time when kids are being put in cages. trump is over there in cages. trump is over there in europe saying immigration is bad for the culture of our country... but the immigration of his wife is good."swaters said he spent countless hours on the details during the initial work back in 2014
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which took him a month to complete. he says it will never be the same because it's nearly impossible to tap into the feelings he had at the time that led to the creation of this mission district staple now known across the bay area.sot: ella sogomonian, @ellasogomonian// "waters told me he plans to be out here into the night and back again tomorrow to do the best he can bring the as possible back to it's in san franciso ella sogomonian kro n4 news." (jrs) attacked with a chainsaw. police have new information on a man they say left his wife covered in blood in front of their children. (jrs) vaccination pushback. after a tightened statewide rule requires kids to be vaccinated... but some parents are finding a way around it.
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"medical freedom!"(jrs) two years after california
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tightened its school vaccination rules, more and more parents opposed to the shots are finding ways to avoid them. the anti=vaxxers, as they're known, are turning to doctors to gain exemptions for their children.(justine) the result is ... in some bay area kindergarten classes...the vaccination rate is less than 50 -percent. catherine heenan explains why that development is important. sfxsebastapol. petaluma, santa rosa, sausalito and berkeley. at these bay area schools, the percentage of kindergarteners with medical exemptions for vaccines ranges up to 58 percent.they are fueling a trend that has seen the number of medical exemptions statewide climb.sfx from under a thousand in 2013, they have quadrupled to more than four thousand last year.doctors say only about three percent of all children can't tolerate
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vaccines ... if they have a gelatin allergy, for example, or are in chemotherapy.and if more than ten percent are not immunized, they lose what is known as "herd protection"moo this graphic from the c=d=c shows that when only a few people are immunized ... they're the ones in yellow ... diseases spread easily from one individual to another. but if enough people are protected, the individual is isolated.and in cases of highly contagious diseases like measles ... as many as 95 percent of people need to be vaccinated. (jrs) the home featured in the t-v show "full house"... has become a nuiscance for some neighbors... what they want the city to do about it. (justine) a dog dies after a trip to the beach...the danger his owner did not know about. (jrs) the contra costa county sheriff announced this week that his office is cancelling it's contract with ice to house detainees. now protests are erupting about where the illegal immigrants will go from there.
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(justine) the contra costa county sheriff announced this week that his office is cancelling it's contract with immigration and customs enforcement to house detainees at the west county detention facility in richmond.(jrs) immigration advocates are happy to see the relationship ending... but now fear that detainees will be transferred further away from their families. kron four's philippe djegal reports from richmond -- where families called for their loved ones' releases. (philippe)nats- "it's gone on far too long." anxious immigrant families cautiously await the fate of their loved ones held at the west county detention facility in richmond. tony bravo/advocate- "we want to free them all." fernando cabrillo stayed here for six months on an immigration hold until april
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when he says he won his case in court.fernando cabrillo/former detainee- "it was the worst six months of my life." he's been reunited with his wife and three kids. but there are still more than 160 undocumented adults being held at the facility... and the announcement this week by the contra costa county sheriff that his office has cancelled it contract with immigration and customs enforcement to house detainees here further complicates the matter. now families of detainees are wondering what's next. are their loved ones staying here going to be released? are the going to be transferred somewhere out of state? it's all up in the air.deborah lee/reverend- "and, some were already transferred this week." i-c-e has 120-days from tuesday until the contract is formally terminated. the closest ice detention facility is about 110-miles northeast of richmond in marysville california. anna tutckaia's (toot-sky-uh) husand alexey has been here for ten months. she says moving him elsewhere could cripple their family.anna tutckaia/wife of detainee- "i see my husband weekly here in the detention center -- it is through the glass. we cannot touch eachother. but at least we can see eachother. but currently, like if he's detained, i won't be able to visit him because i have two
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little kids. i don't have enough funds to go anywhere." deborah lee/reverend- "we see the announcement as a, as a partial victory, uh, and it will only be a complete victory when the people who are in here are home with their families." that means the detainees be released on bond... in richmond, philippe djegal, kron four news. (justine) we have new information about a man who police say attacked his wife with a chainsaw infront of their children. now police are saying the los angeles man had been deported from the u.s. 11 times. an immigration and customs enforcement spokeswoman says 32-year-old alejandro alvarez- villegas is a "serial immigration violator." police arrested him thursday in a stolen vehicle in chula vista, a few miles from the mexican border. his wife was badly injured but is expected to be okay. (jr stone) police are investigating a deadly shooting in salinas. it happened friday in chinatown... just after five p-m. officers found the victim suffering from multiple
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gunshot wounds at bridge street and east lake street. the man died at the scene. police still don't know the motive of the shooting. (jrs) police in emeryville arrested a man for having a fake gun. a officer pulled over a suspect who was driving a car without a license plate at 10 o' clock last night. the officer pulled over 48- year-old bryan black who was on probation with a search clause. during a probation search of the vehicle the officer found a fake firearm that was concealed in black's bag. the fake gun did not have the required orange tip attached. black was arrested for the related arrested for the related charge and a violation of probation. (justine) a vietnam veteran suddenly passed this week, leaving his family with unexpected costs.(jrstone) now a good friend is stepping up in a big way. reporter sara zendehnam (zen-den-nam) has the story. a friendship that spanned decades."three times a week, at least three times a week,
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he'd come see me," said michael o'leary, hash's friend. the call o'leary got that his close friend john hash died from possible heart failure wednesday was devastating."i haven't processed it; there will be a void there, a huge void," said o'leary.but itas when o'leary saw fox40's story last night about hash, a vietnam war hero whose family afford a proper burial, that he decided to pay for the entire funeral."they're worth it. john was my friend and they would do it for me," said o'leary.o'leary is taking his kindness one step further. "we're going to match every dollar that's donated to help the hash family," o'leary said. "his wife needs help." that money will get hash's wife of 39 years back on her feet.o'leary says he owes it to his friend to honor his death in this way and by speaking out about him after an interesting case of mistaken identity years ago. "john saw on the news that somebody was killed in an accident in the area i lived in; he thought it was me the name was similar so he raced right over got on camera and told the world what a wonderful person i was," said o'leary.but hash was wrong."i
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said, 'john' he said, 'yes' i said, 'i'm still alive,' so we've often joked, the first one of us to go, we'd do this again," expressed o' here he is."i just want to let everyone know what a wonderful person he was," o'leary said, telling the world about his friend. (jrstone) the family has raised nearly two thousand dollars through their go-fundme page. (justine) a dog owner in florida is heartbroken after losing his beloved seven-year-old lab after a day at the beach. chris taylor says his dog loved the water and spent hours on monday playing at the beach. however over the next couple days the lab began to have stomach issues wasn't eating and became unresponsive. chris rushed him to the vet. but his dog had suffered salt water poisoning... and it was too late.chris taylor/ dog owner"i saw him last night and he was convulsing, and i asked if he was in pain, she said i don't even think he knows where he is."dr. katy meyer/ tampa bay emergency veterinary services"things can come on gradually and you're not aware of how serious things are up front."(justine) dr. katy
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meyer says when sodium levels get really high, it can cause severe brain damage, dehydration and seizures. doctor meyer offers this crucial advice: if you want to take your dog to the beach, limit the trip to two hours, taking breaks every thirty minutes with plenty of fresh water for your four- legged family member. it could save your dog's life. (jrs) you may know the full house home in san francisco. today it's a tourist hot ot.(justine) and now there is a renewed push to limit the number of picture snapping tourists... flooding the lower pacific heights neighborhood. as kron4's maureen kelly reports.... how the city plans to keep touris off the block. they show up to snap selfies.... and pose with their familes on the same steps of the home of the fictional tanner clan...from both in the 90's hit show full house....and the now netflix reboot fuller house...the
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show's producer bought the house for a cool 4 million when it came on the market two years ago telling the hollywood reporter at the time that it was great to be able to preserve it for the fans....the tourists i talked to said it was an important stop on their trip.because we watched it all of our lives is one of those bucket list things you're gonna be in san francisco you got to see the tanner housebut so many are showing up on this small street that the city is proposing to restrict buses and vans from the block because of safety concerns. but one neighbor i spoke to says the tour buses are only part of the problem.... we're afraid someone's going to get hurt we have pictures of people standing in the street to take pictures we have people double parking cars racing down to get to the lights we had a few accidents with cars been damaged so far no one's been hurt but there been some very close calls and were afraid for our safety as well as the safety for everybody whoshe says they've tried to get the owner to make the house less of a draw and are frustrated with the response. he lives in la he has a gated mansion he doesn't deal with this in an email the hollywood producer says he's sympathizes with the neighbors....he's asked fans to be courteous via social media and on signs like these on the property..the home is being remodeled now and his says his long term plan is to
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sell it. we'd love to have a family living there again instead of this i'm not sure who would want to live here this point the setting of a situation turning into a long running drama for some. maureen kelly kron4 news. (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on... (jrs) still ahead... "vote for age, or vote for action"-- that is the slogan for one mayoral candidate in a small town in merced county... and if elected he would be youngest mayor in california's history. just when you thought you were done painting...
8:37 pm discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! (justine) he's not even
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old enough to buy alcohol, but a 19-year-old merced county man in gustine is hoping to be
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the city's newest mayor.(jrs) reporter kay recede has the story. mayoral candidate in gustine (merced county) would be youngest mayor in ca history at 19-years-old - kay recede/melissa deverell - live pkzachery ramos (ray-miss) is on the campaign trail... or quite literally the campaign walk (zachery ramos, teen mayoral candidate)'our slogan is are you going to vote for age or are you going to vote for action?'he might have just got his driverús license.... but the 19 year old says he has the passion to lead the city of gustine(ramos)'because i wanted to help people, thatús one of my biggest things, i wanted to help people, get peopleús lives on the right track.'if elected — ramos will be the youngest mayor in californiaús history...however, he faces pat nagy... a city council member with nine years of experiencewe spoke to nagy over the phone(phoner)'running for mayor as a culmination of being on the council for nine years and itús the next step in far as serving the city of gustine.'(kay recede in gustine)'between homes... only about 58-hundred people live here... some business owners feel the new mayor should focus on retaining gustineús small town charm'(sherri marsigli business owner)'we
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need some very strong, very seasoned leadership.'for others — downtown is where itús at... it just needs a little work (jonathan flanagan, business owner) 'focusing in downtown, just for me and my family and my business just because of the sheer fact that you know thereús a lot of empty buildings.'no matter who wins — (phoner)'well meaning young man but i donút think he really understands the workings of a city.'ramos says heúll continue to work for his hometown(ramos)'if weose this for some reason, iúm not done in gustine, born and raised here, iúm going to stay here.' (justine) ramos adds that, if elected, he'll be the youngest portuguese-american politician in history.(jrs) and a good luck to him. (jrs) follow the music. how you can enjoy secret performances in golden gate park. (justine) when one woman sets out to perform 35 random acts of kindness... the way one person thanks her ends up giving her a new mission.
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(justine) a houston woman thought she was just doing a good deed .. when she bought food for a homeless man. (jrs) then he thanked her with a song that left her wanting to find him again. reporter steven romo has the story. cristala poole's 35th birthday plans fell through this week. but instead of sulking, she decided to focus on others.cristala poole/celebrating birthday "doing 35 random acts of kindness." paying for someone's gas, covering a woman's bus fare a then delivering a meal to a homeless person that brought her downtown and led her to maurice.cristala
8:44 pm
poole/celebrating birthday "god told me that that was him."natsot/poole "today i was going to take care of a homeless person's food." but what cristala didn't know was that maurice had a surprise for her. natsot/maurice "happy birthday to you. happy birthday young lady." she left after the song but only got his first name. she now hopes to reconnect and see if there's more she can do. cristala poole/celebrating birthday "i want to know this man's story. how did he end up on the street? no one knows that this man can sing. she posted the video online and many have shared their admiration for this silky smooth voice hidden somewhere on the streets of houston. it's also a reminder that sometimes the come from taking a moment to stop and truly connect with a stranger, who you may otherwise pass right by. natsot "happy birthday to you." "i'm gonna cry." cristala poole/celebrating birthday "this is like the best birthday present ever. for my 35th."natsot "that's what's up." "and i was sure hungry." steven romo. (justine) taking a live
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look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . a slight warming trend is forecast to start sunday into early next week in the bay area. daytime highs are expected to be near or slightly above seasonal normal during this time, expect 60s-70s along the coast and 80s inland. monsoonal moisture
8:46 pm
will return for the second half of the work week bringing the outside chance of showers and possibly thunderstorms. (j.r.) it's not often we start sports with golf but this was celebrity golf but this (j.r.) it's not often we start sports with we start it's
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not often (j.r.)
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(j.r.) it's not often we start sports with golf but this was celebrity golf up out in lake tahoe.stephen curry in action at the american century championship. he has one heck of a golf swing. we go to the eigth hole. approach shot for curry....looks like it's on's got the distance and wow....look how close this show is to the hole. how bout it steph curry. that would set up this....a putt for birdie...he's got quite the under armor golf shoes on. he sinks the birdie shot.curry had a few great shots...we go to the 15th ose...closer...and in. and check out the curry shimmey. he is doing it on the links now. fans were loving that. curry had quite a few tough
8:49 pm
shots today. check this one out....someone should have yelled fourrrrr because currys got distance and he's got the water. he was tied for 19th today after finishing with a 79. curry was fun and so was this...jeremy roenick here on the 17th. former hockey player for the chicago blackhawks who is now one of the big time commentators. i origionally thought this was his family but it appears these were random kids. he brought them onto the course to help him out. they're in their bathing suits. talk about a fun putt. then roenick trying for a birdie. you think he's going to be distracted...think again....get in the hole...that ball is in...that's a birdie. roenick picks up the boy and runs around in celebration. what a shot. more in lake for some of the other players. larry the cable guy was in action today....check this shot out. this is just flat out good. he was trying to make up for some bad shots...and he hit this well that it is in the hole. the cable guy can't believe it...he falls down in total shock. then former nba
8:50 pm
star vinnie del negro on an approach shot. nothing but the bottom of the hole. fun times all around. tony romo looked good. charles barkley actually look decent at times which came as a shock. the leader going into the final round tomorrow is joe pavelski. the san jose sharks star. (j.r.)wimbledon finals taking place today in england.lots of stars in attendance to see serena williams in the finals. going for her 24 grand slam title...wasn't going to happen. she struggled today and lost 6-3, 6-3 in under an hour to angelique kerber. but hats off to serena. she is 36 years old. she is a wife and a mother. she has just three tournaments since she came back to tennis. wasn't even in the top 100 going into
8:51 pm
this. she said she was happy with the way she played here at wimbledon but has some things to work on. she has certainly matured.
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something incredible is here at disney california adventure park. it must be epic! thrilling! daring! come ride the incredicoaster. it's going to be simply exhilarating, dahling. (jrs) most 12-year-olds
8:54 pm
are worried about middle school...(jw) but there is one 12- year old girl from the southside of chicago, celebrating getting her college diploma. ... d-j tillman walked into the commencement at excelsior college to get her bachelors degree. tillman says, she chose environmental engineering, because it is all about helping people, and the environment.(jrs) so whats next? d.j.'s planning on getting her masters degree in environmental engineering, and hopes to use that degree to become a part of the space
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force. (justine) only two days left to find the music in the san francisco's golden gate park. the annual flower piano the annual park. golden gate francisco's in the san francisco's golden gate park. the annual flower piano event invites you to come out and listen to professional pianist perform with the beautiful backdrop of the san francisco botanical gardens. you can still go and hear performances all day tomorrow with special childrens themed performances starting in the morning at nine. and the pianos are open to the public to play all day monday. monday.
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♪ >> so right now we are going to do a warrant service at a problem house. there's always a ton of people living out of there. there's always a ton of people on probation. there's always a ton of people on warrants. >> keep youran


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