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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 14, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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(jrstone) now at ten -- another highway shooting. this time early this morning. three people were hit by gunshots. it happened on i-80 near the gilman street exit in berkley. c-h-p investigators say the shooting was first reported at 3:00 this morning after three people who had been shot drove themselves to the hospital. (jrstone) good evening -- and thank you for joining us at 10 i'm j.r. stone.(justine) and i'm justine waldman. c-h-p says they have been standing by waiting for the shooting victims to recover enough to provide more information. the c-h-p says the suspect or suspects are still at large. kron 4's gayle ong is live in berkely with the latest. gayle? we know the victims are still
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meanwhile i spoke with some marcus walker has lived in berkley for 8 years..he says he was not surprised when he heard about a shooting at the gilman exit on interstate 80 early saturday morningjust a half a mile off the exit, bar patrons feeling the same wayc-h-p says the shooting shot
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and taken to the hospital.. they apparently self transported themselves..the victims were all african american men in their 30'sbut investigators are still trying to figure out what happened.. officers shut down eastbound lanes of i-80 between gilman street and university avenue, issa (ee-sa) cohen is from pinole but usually takes this exit when he visits
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morning a pitbull bit him in the face while he was talking to a woman who his department saved from a fire. kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to fireifighters and joins us live in san leandro with that story. hermela? this is the pitbull this is the pitbull firefighters say... attacked one of their was around aturday firefighters finished putting out a fire in this home.a woman who was rescued out of the window was sitting on this curb with a pitbull on a leash. the battalion chief was walking over to ask her questions about the fire.alan evans /division chief, alameda countyand as he approached, he was making sure that the job was subdued and it was okay to approach. she said yes. she started talking to as part of
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investigation to ask questions. and he was two to three feet away from the gal. for whatever reason, the dog jumped up and attacked out battalion chiefjohn whiting suffered major injuries to his face. and is being treated at stanford hospital.around 9:30 saturday morning.. fireifighters received a report about a house fire here on the 16-thousand block of maubert avenue... whiting and several others arrived to find multiple people in the home and twenty pitbulls. two of them died in the fire but they were able to save the rest. including this one.. that firefighters describe as male dominant.. which means he is the pack leadthey say.. alameda county you know going to talk to somebody and somebody had a dog, the dog was on a leash. we secured it. we make sure. we ask questions. you make sure it looks like the dog was on a leash. she just wasnt holding the leash taught. so when the dog went to go jump, it pulled her and pulled the leash. she wasn;t hoding it taught to make sure the dog wouldn't jump. this is another
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prime example of our first responders, firefighters, you know fighting fire is one danger and other circumstances that we encounter (hermela aregawi)all of the dogs have are in animal control custody. the pitbull in questions was quarantined. and the alameda county sherrifs department tell us they have initiated an animal neglect and cruelty investigation. reporting live in san leandro. hermela aregawi. kron 4 news. (jrstone) a deadly fire is ravaging parts of the sierra nevada forest tonight near yosemite-- it's being called the ferguson fire and it is burning in mariposa county. a firefighter has already died in the fight. the fire is more than 150 acres. and just 5-percent contained. no word on what caused the fire. (justine) while trying to
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get a handle on the fire, the cal fire family is also mourning the loss of one of their own.(justine) cal fire says, braden varney was cutting a "fire break" with his bulldozer ... to prevent the fire from spreading when he was killed. chief nancy koerperich / cal fire madera-mariposa-merced unit "this is truly a tragic event fire fighters know this is a dangerous job we don't ever want to lose one of them we just thank everybody for their support." (justine) the chief also says, varney was with calfire for almost 10 years. following in the footsteps of his father, who was also a cal-fire bulldozer operator, and just died of cancer. he is survived by his mom, his wife , and two children aged 3 and 5 years old. he was 36 old. he was 36 years old. (justine) and an update to
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the county fire -- tonight we've just learned that fire is declared to be 100 percent contained, and is expected to be virtually completely out by tomorrow. a slight warming trend is forecast to start sunday into early next week in the bay area. daytime highs are expected to be near or slightly above seasonal normal during this time, expect 60s-70s along the coast and 80s inland. monsoonal moisture will return for the second half of the work week bringing the outside chance of showers and possibly thunderstorms.
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(jr) people living in alamo say they are all too familar seeing coyotes roaming around their homes -- but they've never heared of them attacking dogs until now. this little pup is recovering tonight after a coyote attacked her in alamo. it happened while she was in her owners backyard. this is lucy -- a nine year old jack russell terrier who is lucky to be alive. her dad let her outside their alamo oaks home first thing in the morning and before he knew it ... lucy was in a coyote's mouth. the coyote ran off and left lucy bleeding around her neck ... this is a photo a neighbor took of the coyote possibly in question ... lucy is now
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recovering from surgery and wearing a red bandana to hide her wounds neighbors say they have had six coyote attacks in the past month ... one of the deadly ones was lucy's brother enzo ... who disappeared and was found five days later in a neighbor's yard -- his body partially eaten for now, little lucy is only going outside with her family when she has a leash on ... and her owners say they aren't sure what they'll do when she recovers. (justine) a popular mural of musician carlos santana was vandalized overnight in san francisco's mission district. (jrstone) a local non- profit went as it a hate crime...kron 4's ella sogomonian met the artist as he worked tirelessly to restore his work... sot: ella sogomonian, @ellasogomonian// "the artist mel waters has been here since noon. distrought by the vandalism he told me off camera he can't understand why someone would be so aggressive in ruining his gift to the
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community."(nats: shaking paint can)it's been an emotional afternoon for bay area artist mel waters... (nats: shaking paint can)for seven hours now he's poured his soul into restoring a mural he created four years ago...after a vandal poured white paint across the center of the piece...the face of latin musician carlos santana. sot: // "it gives the artist opportunity to reclaim himself and get him known out there by the publicity. but it's also a shame that 15 seconds can destroy something so beautiful."waters woke up to the disturbing news saturday morning after a picture of the desacrated mission district mural went viral. locals in the area were pained to see the work vandalized...some including the non profit 'our mission not eviction' took the act as a hate crime against the latino community. sot: gregory dillan, mission district resident// "it's really upsetting because it feels like we're in a time when kids are being put in cages. trump is over there in europe saying immigration is bad for the culture of our country... but the immigration of his wife is good."swaters said he spent countless hours on the details during the
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initial work back in 2014 complete. he says it will never be the same because it's nearly impossible to tap into the feelings he had at the time that led to the creation of this mission district staple now known across the bay area.sot: ella sogomonian, @ellasogomonian// "waters told me he plans to be out here into the night and back again tomorrow to do the best he can bring the piece as close as possible original state. in san franciso ella sogomonian kro n4 news." (jrstone) a woman had to be rescued yesterday afternoon after her boat crashed in the delta. in this video you can see the boat up on the rock levee near franks tract state recreational area. a helicopter was dispatched to the scene just before one o'clock. officials say the woman became pinned inside the boat after the crash. the woman was then airlifted to a local hospital for treatment. her condition is unknown tonight. no other injuries were reported. (jrstone) coming up -- a driver's fate after an officer stopped her for speeding was decided using an cell phone
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app. (justine) and -- a we continue to follow angela hernandez's road to recovery after being missing for a week. she is the oregon woman who searchers found alive in montery county, last night,. an update when we come back.
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we're following tonight... the oregon woman who was found alive.. after being missing for a recovering
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tonight. angela hernandez was found on a remote beach off of highway- one in monterey county... near big sur. hernandez was headed to southern california for a wedding... but never made it. authorities say, they got a cell phone ping near davenport. then, a white 20-11 jeep patriot, matching the description of angela's car, was seen on surveillance video at the carmel- highlands station and general store.... along highway- one in monterey county. the monterey county sheriff's office made the announcement last night, that angela's vehicle was found down a cliff. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. a slight warming trend is forecast a slight warming a slight warming trend is
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forecast to start sunday into early next week in the bay area. daytime highs are expected to be near or slightly above seasonal normal during this time, expect 60s-70s along the coast and 80s inland. monsoonal moisture will return for the second half of the work week bringing the outside chance of showers and possibly thunderstorms.
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(justine) new at 10 -- papa john's founder john fallout from a racial slur he uttered on a call with the company's marketing agency. now he's saying that agency tried to blackmail him to bury the story. schnatter says the agency told him they could make the problem go away for six million dollars. he says one of the executives told him they could quote
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"bury" him. schnatter says the agency wanted the company to add a well-known rapper to its advertising campaign to negate damage from the nfl kneeling controversy. which he claimed had hurt profits. john schnatter/founder , papa john's: "i repeated something that somebody else said and said we're not going to say that, we don't use that kind of language or vocabulary and sure it got taken out of context and sure it got twisted, but that doesn't matter. i hurt people's feelings." schnatter says he did not say a slur but resigned his position at papa john's and his seat on the university of louisville's board of trustees. the university annocethey are remov papa john's name from their football stadium and will simply call it cardinal stadium. (jr stone) a couple of police officers in georgia used a coin flip app to decide if a woman should be arrested or not. she was pulled over for speeding in washington state in april. but as nicole carr reports,
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the officer's trick was caught on their body cameras. natsot: "stay in the car. officer brown, roswell police department. do you know how fast you were just going, ma'am? i'm so sorry, i'm late for work. so you can go over 80 miles per, on 92? no ma'am."when roswell police officer courtney brown stopped sarah webb for speeding past her, she didn't mince words. natsot:officer: "okay, so you think driving that fast on a wet road is a smart idea just because you are late to work? webb: "no."officer "instead of calling, saying you are running late for work, you would rather risk people's lives?"webb: "i'm sorry /choking up/."officer brown consulted a colleague on what to do next. because she didn't have a radar.natsot ofc. brown: "what do you think? (sigh) or just tickets?" officer kristee wilson reminded officer brown there are number of ways to cite a driver for speeding. but the two decided an app on wilson's phone would determine whether webb was arrested or cited. natsot: ofc. wilson: a
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rr(release) tail.ofc. brown: okay.ofc. wilson this says tails, right? ofc. brown: yeah. so release? ofc. wilson: 23.ofc. brown: michael jordan (laughter). all right."23- mj, the bulls and police speak for arrest. so off to jail webb went.chief rusty grant, roswell police:"i was appalled."roswell police chief rusty grant says an internal department source told him about the incident right before the fourth of july.the two officers are now on paid administrative leave, pending an investigation.chief rusty grant, roswell police: "the reality is someone will see this story in the state of washington and this weekend, someone is going to get stopped by a washington state police officer and someone's going to make a comment about hey-did you flip a coin to decide whether or not i get a citation." (jrstone) microsoft is asking the u-s government to technology. in a blog post, microsoft president brad smith says regulation is necessary due to what he calls
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the technology's "potential for abuse". smith called on lawmakers to form a "government initiative" to regulate the proper use of facial recognition technology. supporters say such technology improves safety for customers and companies, as well as helps police find suspects and missing children. but critics warn the technology can infringe on privacy and allow for illegal surveillance and monitoring. there are also concerns the software could lead to false identifications. (jrstone) coming up -- a fun day at the zoo takes a dangerous turn after a jaguar escapes from captivity.w auhtor the situation.. (justine) messages of gratitude. days after the final boy has been saved from that cave in thailand... we are now hearing the message they have for everyone in the world who helped make their rescue possible.
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boy was extracted from a cave in thailand... we're hearing their messages of gratitude from inside the hospital.(justine) but as the boys thank rescuers for their lives... a community is remembering the diver who lost his. kim hutcherson has more. adun sam-on/rescued: "hello. i am adun. now, i am very fine. i am very thankful for you saving us. thank you so much." after a grueling eighteen days stranded deep inside a flooded cave in thailand... twelve boys and their soccer coach are recovering in the hospital.the coach and some members of the team recorded video messages thanking their rescuers: sompong jaiwong/rescued: "i would like to thank everyone for supporting me and thank you all people around the world for helping us." divers and cave experts from around the world descended on thailand to offer their help.
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rescue crews faced life- threatening challenges to get the soccer team out... dangerous terrain while heavy rain threatened their efforts. but the mission proved successful -- the soccer team was extracted after nearly three weeks inside the cave. akkapol chanthawong/rescued coach: "i would like to thank to all sisters and brothers. thank you to all ministries that always help. thank you prime minister and all seals. thank you very much doctors." as recovery continues for the team and their coach... a funeral with full honors was held to remember the former thai navy seal who died during the rescue efforts. hundreds of people gathered at a custom-built crematorium on saturday to pay their respects... laying flowers and photographs to celebrate the hero's sacrifice. i'm kim hutcherson reporting. (justine) up next -- authorities at one sheriff's office announced it is cancelling it's contract with immigration and customs
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enforcement. details ahead. (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up...
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(jrstone) in national news -- the trump administration now says it has a plan to reunite migrant children and their parents separated at the southern border.(justine) still, more than 25-hundred kids are being held at various centers around the country. (justine) in the bay area -- the contra costa county sheriff announced this week that his office is cancelling it's contract with ice to house detainees at the west county detention facility in richmond.(jrstone) immigration advocates are happy to see the relationship ending... but now fear that detainees will be transferred further away from their families. kron four's philippe djegal reports from richmond -- where families called for their loved ones' release. (philippe)nats- "it's gone on far too long." anxious
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immigrant families cautiously await the fate of their loved ones held at the west county detention facility in richmond. tony bravo/advocate- "we want to free them all." fernando cabrillo stayed here for six months on an immigration hold until april when he says he won his case in court.fernando cabrillo/former detainee- "it was the worst six months of my life." he's been reunited with his wife and adults being held at the facility... and the announcement this week by the contra costa county sheriff that his office has cancelled it contract with immigration and customs enforcement to house detainees here further complicates the matter. now families of detainees are wondering what's
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next. are their loved ones staying here going to be released? are the going to be transferred somewhere out of state? it's all up in the air.deborah lee/reverend- "and, some were already transferred this week." i-c-e has 120-days from tuesday until the contract is formally terminated. the closest ice detention facility is about 110-miles northeast of richmond in marysville california. anna tutckaia's (toot-sky-uh) husand alexey has been here for ten months. she says moving him elsewhere could cripple their family.anna tutckaia/wife of detainee- "i see my husband weekly here in the detention center -- it is through the glass. we cannot touch eachother. but at least we can see eachother. but currently, like if he's detained, i won't be able to visit him because i have two little kids. i don't have go anywhere."deborah lee/reverend- "we see the announcement as victory, uh, and it will only be a complete victory who are in here their families."the detainees bond... philippe djegal, news. (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero....francisco's at san francisco's embarcadero.... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez.
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a slight warming trend is forecast to start sunday into early next week in the bay area. daytime highs are expected to be near or slightly above seasonal normal during this time, expect 60s-70s along the coast and 80s inland. monsoonal moisture will return for the second half of the work week bringing the outside chance of showers and possibly thunderstorms.
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(jr stone) new at ten -- a new orleans zoo closed saturday morning after a jaguar escaped its habitat and killed six other animals. zoo officials say the incident happened around 7-30 a-m. the veterinarian team acted immediately... they sedated the three-year-old jaguar and returned him to his habitat just after eight in the morning... the zoo has initiated an internal investigation... some workers believe the roof where the jaguar lives was left open. officials say this is the biggest incident in the history of the zoo. kyle burks:"while there were no human injuries we did suffer the sad loss of four alpaca, one emu and one fox that lived in nearby habitats.
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they were attacked and did not survive."(jr stone) the zoo plans to re-open sunday morning. the jaguar habitat will remain closed.
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(jrs) typically, stanley roberts catches people behaving badly--in the act. (justine) sometimes though the crooks get away. tonight...stanley has a warning for you. ..
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when walking around san francisco you might want to watch your step, no, i'm not talking about doggie land mines i don't think the city know this is going on i don't think people have an ideal this is going onthis is antonio vargas he lives in the mission district of san francisco he and his wife noticed this, many of the cast iron vents have gone missing this is how easy you can just take it we walked around the mission district and noticed dozens of caps gone however the ones which are screwed down are intact well except for this one but many are missing so the e question is what's happening to them apparently back in the 80's a similar problem popped up they use them for hot plates or trivits put them on the kitchen table like out you hot pots on it hmm trivets so you think they are doing it again or they are just stealing them for metal that could be too so i headed over to the nearest metal recycling they said nope they absolutely would not accept cast iron vents this is more than just a missing metal issue this is a
10:40 pm
safety issue . how you say if a little kid walks down the street or a dog or a lady in high heals your snap your ankle and break a leg easy if you wear heels is that a problem yeah i'll fall on my face (i don't want you to fall on your face) no, that not a not a good idea know the city of san francisco has had issues with auto burglaries...and package thefts in fact this sign attest to the problem and of course recycling theft, to the point we now have to lock up our trash and we already know metal theft is nothing new.the water meters before they put the cement ones here, the use to be a metal old plate sais san francisco, city and county i didn't know that (they use to steal those too) that was the thingso if you are snagging them to use as hot plates, do me a favor put them back i don't understand i don't get it why are they stealing them they are taking these and what are do they do with them ust when you think you heard it all in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news
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(justine) just in time for the midsummer classic...a new exhibition opened at the library of congress... it's called "baseball americana." we'll give you an inside look -- after the break. (jr stone) also -- the a's looking to even bay bridge series tonight we have all the highlights coming up
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♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ upbeat music travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. (justine) a heart-stopping
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road rage incident in los angeles... we first showed you this cellphone video earlier this week. tonight we are showing you another angle of the incident.
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when we first shows is video on cbs2.. it appeared the man you see standing in the street was the victim of road rage. but tonight - new security video we've uncovered shows a different story. you can see a black toyota prius stopped at the intersection and a jeep cherokee stopped behind it. it's unclear why the prius gets out and chucks something at the jeep. the suv apparently tried to get around the prius -- but makes contact with the toyota's rear bumper. that's when the driver of the prius got out and confronted the jeep's driver. there appears to be some physical contact between the men - and the jeeps driver hits the gas - sideswiping the other car. this video is from wood pizza in silver lake. erik martirosyan is the owner. erik martirosyan: "you can tell pretty much the prius driver was putting his hands on suv driver which completely changes the story."--nat--
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he's taking about cellphone video that got on social media - that started with the collision - which happened around 9am thursday. hannah doumitt had just opened her barbershop.hannah doumitt/witness: "just a lot of cursing and screaming. any words being shouted. " the camera rolled as the jeep kept going with the prius wedged to it. we contacted the driver of the prius who declined to talk to us. but the lapd tells us both drivers stuck around to exchange information until officers got there. police say no one was hurt. and the case is being investigated after video surface. erik martirosyan says he thought the driver of the jeep was the aggressor when he first say the video on social media but he had a change of heart after scanning his cameras. "we should take a deeper look and see what's actually behind." (justine) the case is being investigated and that it is too early to release any information. (jr stone) the last time the giants and a's had at least 50 wins before the all- star break was in 2014. the a's in 2014. the a's trying to even the bay bridge series after losing 7-1 on friday. it seems everyone wants to be at a-t and tee park
10:46 pm
marty mcfly and doc's time machine was hanging out in mccovey cove tonight game tied at two in the fourth austin slater with a pinch-hit single to left field steven duggar scores... giants up 3-2 still in the fourth... giants with two on brandon belt gets called out on strikes take another look at belt's check swing that would end the inning but belt still not agreeing with the call as he's walking back to the field he gets ejected for arguing with umpire he throws he glove and let's greg gibson have it top seven... a's known for their late game heroics mark canha pinch-hitting hits no-doubter off tony watson... two runs come in a's retake the lead 4-3 bottom nine... giants with two outs... two on a's all star closer blake treinen hangs on brandon crawford strikes out oakland wins 4-3 series is tied at one
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game 3 starts at one p-m sunday (j.r.) steph curry is not only a three-time n-b-a champion... he's a great golfer we head to lake tahoe for round 2 of the american century celebrity championship. the two-time m- v-p has one heck of a golf swing. we go to the eigth hole. approach shot for curry....looks like it's on's got the distance and wow....look how close this show is to the hole. how bout it steph curry. that would set up this....a putt for birdie...he's got quite the under armor golf shoes on. he sinks the birdie shot.curry had a few great shots...we go to the 15th ose...closer...and in. and check out the curry shimmey. he is doing it on the links now. fans were loving that. curry had quite a few tough shots today. check this one out....someone should have
10:48 pm
yelled fourrrrr because currys got distance and he's got the water. he was tied for 19th today after finishing with a 79. as for some of the other players. larry the cable guy was in action today....check this shot out. this is just flat out good. he was trying to make up for some bad shots...and he hit this well that it is in the hole. the cable guy can't believe it...he falls down in total shock. then former nba star vinnie del negro on an approach shot. nothing but the bottom of the hole. fun times all around. tony romo looked good. charles barkley actual which came as a shock. the leader going into the final round tomorrow is joe pavelski. the san jose sharks star. (j.r.)wimbledon finals taking place today in england.lots of stars in attendance to see serena williams in the finals. going for her 24 grand slam title...wasn't going to happen. she struggled today and lost 6-3, 6-3 in under an hour to angelique kerber. but hats off to 36 years old. she is a wife and a mother. she has just three tournaments
10:49 pm
back to tennis. wasn't even in going into this. she said she was happy with the way here at wimbledon but things to work certainly (justine)(justine)(justine) baseball's biggest stars.. and a lot of their fans.. are heading to the nation's capital for this summer's mlb all-star game. just in time for the midsummer classic...a new exhibition opened at the library of congress. it's called "baseball americana." the spectacle traces baseball through the ages. karin caifa (prono: kay-fuh) takes a look. the last time washington hosted an m-l-b all-star game was 1969, and the rosters included future hall-of-famers willie mays, hank aaron and names are part of an exhibition at the library of congress that looks at baseball's endurance and evolution, arratives that now span decades.carla hayden, librarian of congress: the story that we selected was baseball as community, as an equalizer, as something that brings people together, and then it was easy to say, what are the stories we want to tell? dozens of baseball artifacts, photos, and game footage create the experience. some items are from the library of congress collection
10:50 pm
others, on loan from the national baseball hall of fame and museum in cooperstown, new york, like babe ruth's leather cleats baseball's so-called "magna carta" is also on display -- a handwritten "laws of base ball," that laid out rules in 1857 like 9-inning games and 90 feet between bases, that still define the game today. an interactive wall looks at some of the record-setting stats that players, still chase today. but librarian of congress carla hayden said it was important to look beyond the play on the field -- to how the game has reflected life off of the field. carla hayden, librarian of congress: of course when you think about diversity and baseball bringing people together, you think about jackie robinson being the first african-american player. the library of congress collection holds jackie robinson's papers, and the peexecutive who helped him 1947. also part of the game, including a uniform from the rockford peaches, the team made famous in the film, "a
10:51 pm
league of their own." hayden, a baseball fan herself, hopes the sights and sounds of the space spark memories, and conversations across generations.carla hayden, librarian of congress: it's gonna take you right back to when you were at the ballpark, or you were at home and listening to a game on the radio, and that's what we hope people will feel. no matter how long ago, or not so long ago, those memories may be. in washington, i'm karin caifa. ((justine) up next -- how much are you willing to pay for a fancy hotel room in boston? inside look into a room costing over 10-thousand a night! details after the break.
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(jrstone) looking for a nice hotel room in boston? then check out this newly- opened suite at the boston
10:55 pm
harbor hotel.(justine) but you're going to have to pay a hefty price just to stay there. a chandelier hangs from the 20-foot high ceiling of the 15-thousand dollars a night presidential suite. a button touch reveals a panoramic view of boston harbor. the suite is complete with its own dining room, full-sized kitchen and fully-stocked wine bar. all complimentary of course. stephen johnston/boston harbor hotel general manager: "previously our largest suite, which is beautiful and which still exists wasn't quite good enough for some guests." so seven months ago, the hotel began converting what used to be a reception room into a 48- hundred square foot suite named for john adams. there's also a retractable television at the end of the bed, a soaking tub with a view of the harbor and a private elevator that leads to a private entrance. the hotel expects most people who book the suite will want it for two or three nights with some staying for a few weeks.
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