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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 15, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(jrstone)(jrstone) now at 10 -- the brakes got slammed on a families vacation... after they learned someone stole the wheels right off their truck... while it was parked at the airport.(jrstone) good evening -- i'm j.r. stone.(justine) and i'm justine waldman. the family is in hawaii right and told us the theft happened sometime this past week. and says the airport has no idea, who stole their trucks tires.(jrstone)spoke with the owner of the truc hawaii. and told us this happened sometime this past
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week. sometime this this happened sometime this past week. and the airport has no idea, who stole his trucks tires. kron4's gayle ong spoke with the owner of the truck and joins us live now. gayle the truck is their ride home. they were notified by san jose police in the middle of vacation. here's that truckstill sitting in lot 1 - at the longterm airport parking lotyou see all four wheels are missing from cory oogjen's chevy silverado sotcory and his family have been spending a chunk of their hawaiian vacation dealing with this..cory got a call from san jose police, notifying him thieves have stolen his tires and rims off his trucksotit's unclear how they got ut airport officials tell us in a statement "there are numerous layers of security in our on-airport public parking lots. the vandalism experienced is unique and unprecedented at sjc.our airport security team is working closely with sjpd to prevent this situation from
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happening again .. airport officials reached out to the family, their parking fees have been waived they return from their trip tomorrow nightlive in san jose gayle ong kron 4 news (jrstone) a 7-eleven store in fremont was lit on fire overnight.. the store on mission blvd at niles wasn't badly damaged.. but the fire is considered suspicious and the cause still under investigation. kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to frequent customers.. and joins us live in fremont with that story. hermela, what are customers telling you? employees at employees at this 7-eleven say
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the fire was started in the back of the building.. but won't say how a suspect might have gotten there. a fremont fire battalion chief says.. around 3:30 sunday morning.. the department received a call about a fire at the mission blvd location.several engines showed up... and were able to put out the two alarm blaze in about 20 minutes.some customers were surprised to hear about the incident.. but others say... these sort of crimes happen from time to time here.. as the transient population moves in.matt smith /fremontwe've had people in the neighborhood actually rip the fence by our house to get back to the traintracks and go back. when you think about it, the freight train that comes through here is a great opportunity to be mobile. and ultimately there's no where for them to go. there is no homeless services around. matt smith /fremont i am not surprised. you know, i wish i
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was surprised. as the incomes are rising, you would think that things would be getting better. you know, the tax dollars with all the new building that's happening in this area would solve that problem but it really hasn't, it's amplified it. steven johnson /fremont it is a pretty safe neighborhood. i live actually two miles up the road so i've never seen any problems or issues in this area. although there is some homeless people that hang around the area. but as far as issues or anything like that, i've never encountered anything.the fire caused damage in the back exterior of the store. employees say.. a suspect would have needed to break into the store or jump the fence to get there. for now, fremont fire is investigating the incident as suspicious. (justine) (justine) in the east bay, a ten car pile-up, snarrled traffic and sent three people to the hospital. just before 3:45 this morning two cars crashed into each other blocking lanes on north 680 in walnut creek. this caused a ripple effect
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and 20 minuets later ten cars had crashed into each other. it blocked all lanes of traffic at north main street and stretched over a quarter of a mile. you can see these cars are mangled and debris from the wrecks all over the road. one car even flipped over into a ditch. in this video you see several ambulances were called to the scene. three people went to the hospital.. we do not know the extent of their injuries. (jrstone) a headache for some residents in martinez today ... living without water for hours after a water main break at talbart and escobar. according to police -- the break is now fixed ... but as kron4's michelle kingston reports -- some neighbors were not happy about the mess. (jrstone) water service is turned on to everyone turned on to service
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is water (jrstone) (jrstone) water service is turned on to everyone impacted by the earlier break. but crews are still patching up the street damage.
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(justine) a california official says the body of a firefighter killed during a wildfire near yosemite national park won't be retrieved until at least monday. braden varney was a heavy fire equipment operator. he was driving a bulldozer when he died yesterday. varney's body is in a precarious location in steep terrain and conditions are too dangerous to allow crews to get close sunday. crews will try again monday. investigators are working to determine further circumstances surrounding varney's death. reports say the fire is largely out of control after scorching more than 6 square miles of dry brush in on the park's western edge. some rural communities and several lodges and hotels have been evacuated. the ferguson fire has grown to 4,310 acres and is 2-percent contained. ap-us--california wildfires-the latestthe latest: crews to try again to get body of firefightereds: updates. with ap photos.
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mariposa, calif. (ap) - the latest on wildfires in california (all times local): 3:30 p.m.a california official says the body of a firefighter killed during a wildfire near yosemite national park won't be retrieved until at least monday.heavy fire equipment . 2-percent 4,310 acres and has grown to ferguson fire has grown to 4,310 acres and is 2-percent contained. . a modest warming trend in store for the first as high pressure aloft strengthens over the bay area. expect 60s- coast and 80s-90s inland. monsoonal moisture could week. models show the possibility of high-based showers or thunderstorms for the bay area beginning around wednesday evening.
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(jrstone) california highway patrol air operators have a reminder for hikers tonight. due to hot summer temperatures... they say to remember to bring plenty of water when you go hiking and hydrate before your hike as well. this comes after rescuers located a group of hikers 10 feet off trail towards a lake in southern california. you can see
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them waving at the helicopter in this video in wrightwood, california which is near victorville. reports say paramedics we're able to land safely a treat a 53-year-old female who was in severe distress. the hiker was loaded into h-30 and flown from the ridge to a resort where she was treated by firefighters who were standing by. (justine) new at 10 tonight -- a woman is behind bars tonight after trying return a pair of sunglasses for cash that, police say she purchased with counterfeit money. vacaville police caught up with marian alfonso today after employees called them to report her. police say alfonso purchased an expensive pair of sunglasses in walnut creek a few weeks ago with counterfeit 100-dollar bills. then say she went to a store in vacaville and attempted to return the sunglasses for cash. alfonso was arrested for an outstanding felony warrant out of walnut creek for her fraudulent purchase, as well as being in possession of counterfeit currency. (jrstone) the family of two young girls killed in an
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antioch crash back in january .... celebrated what would have been the younger child's 3rd birthday today.(justine) kron 4's ali reid reports the family wanted to do this... to show their support for all the people who have helped them in their time of grief. "happy birthday dear celina, happy birthday to you"after wishing camila cardoza a happy birthday, balloons soared into the air. her mother and father torn. camila's 3rd birthday was 2 weeks ago --- july 3rd --- but the family held off the was hard for us so wbo camila and her 4 old sister lenexy died when their family's car was hit by stolen pickup recovered from her injuries ... but not the pain of losing 2 of her children.we have ups and downs. depends on the day
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noe saucedo of pittsburg ... now facing a number of charges ... including 2 counts of murder.for now, the cardoza family celebrates the memories they have of the 2 young girls. and their appreciation for everything the commuinty has done for them. children couldn't get enough of the 3 huge bounce houses in highlands park.we decided to go with jumpers because our kids love themas much as it was a pleasure watching everyone have fun ... it was a bittersweet's hard seeing all these little kids but its funguests brought new toys to support the family's foundation in memory of camila and lenexy ... giving toys to needy children. reporting from pittsburg ... ali reid ... kron 4 news. (justine) now to a big story we've been following tonight -- we're hearing from the couple who came upon a missing oregon woman who survived nearly a week after her car went over a cliff in monterey county.
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auhtorites say the couple was on a camping trip when they found angela hernandez in a jeep liberty at the bottom of the 200-foot cliff. they gathered items from the scene, including the jeep's license plate, to bring to authorities. about 30 minutes later they located hernandez -- who was injured but stable. the 23-year- old had been missing since july 6.
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earthquake struck nearly a mile away from castro valley this afternoon. that's where we find kron 4's ella sogomonian live for us tonight...ella did anyone feel the shaking? an earthquake of a 3.0 magnitude shook up east bay residents sunday just before noon. it struck about a mile
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north west of castro valley and three miles deep along the hayward fault.sot: alenele rudy, felt earthquake// "it was a big jolt, just a quick jolt and the house shook."sot: ed stoner , felt earthquake// "i was sitting in a chair in the family room and i could feel it rolling, i could feel the earthquake rolling toward me and then i felt a boom, a big jolt."the united states geological survey noted that of the more than 800 people in the bay area who responded, those closest to the location of the quake marked that they felt light shaking and experienced no damage.the usgs reported the most recent large earthquake along the hayward fault -which spans from san pablo to fremont - was back in 1868.and adds because the past five large temblors have been about 140 years apart... the hayward and rogers creek faults are expected to most likely be the cause for a big earthquake in the bay area.but a local who felt sunday's temblor says she plans on
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living here regardless...sot: alenele rudy, felt earthquake// "no i don't think about it, because what good does it do? if it's going to happen, it's going to happen. so if i don't like the idea i should move. and there's no place like the bay area so i'm not moving."sot: ed stoner , felt earthquake// "like she said it's there and you just have to get along with it so the one today was kind of a shock because it kind of hit hard it shook where you were sitting." (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. a modest warming trend in store for the
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first part of next week as high pressure aloft strengthens over the bay area. expect 60s-70s along the coast and 80s-90s inland. monsoonal moisture could return later in the week. models show the possibility of high-based
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showers or thunderstorms for the bay area beginning around wednesday evening.
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(justine) president trump headed to finland sunday ahead of his meeting monday with russian president vladmir putin. (justine) the summit moving forward despite political fallout over the indictments of 12 russian military intelligence officers for hacking into democrats' computer networks and emails during the 2016 presidential campaign. as melisa raney reports... the move has left democrats puzzled. air force one landed in finland sunday ahead of president trump's monday summit with russian president vladmir putin. the two are expected to meet alone before allowing other aides to join in on their conversation.a move that has democrats nervous. sen. mark warner / (d) virginia: "in putin, you have got a trained kgb agent who does his homework. my fear that putin could come in with maps of ukraine, maps of syria, and try to cut some deal and frankly take advantage of this president. so, i really would feel much better if there were other
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americans in the room making sure that we make the point that the first and top point this agenda should be no further russian interference in our elections."virginia senator mark warner among the top democrats in congress who called for trump to cancel the upcoming visit after the justice department announced the indictment of 12 russian military intelligence agents, who are accused of interfering in the 2016 election by hacking democrats' emails and computer networks.rep. adam schiff / (d) california:"and this is why we've been calling for him to drop the summit. that is because none of us have any expectation that he's going to do anything more than ask putin. in fact, he has said he's going to ask putin. we don't need to ask putin whether he did it. we know that he did it and merely by phrasing it as a question, i think betrays the confidence the president of the united states ought to have in his own intelligence agencies." trump taking to twitter sunday to defend himself... saying "no matter how well i do at
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the summit, if i was given the great city of moscow as retribution for all of the sins and evils committed by russia over the years, i would return to criticism that it wasn't good enough."i'm melisa raney reporting. (justine) coming up -- beekeepers make more money from pollination services... than they do from honey. we'll tell you why - when we come back. (jrstone) and -- amazon prime day starts tomorrow. details on how you can snag the best deals online... after the break
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airlines launched nonstop service today from oakland international airport to minneapolis/st. paul and indianapolis. yesterday -- southwest began daily nonstop service to orlando , florida -- following new routes to san antonio last week... and
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newark/new york last month. southwest will be the sole carrier on each route from oakland. the new routes bring the total number on daily nonstop flights operated by southwest out of oakland to 34. (justine) 4 your money tonight -- amazon prime day starts monday! this year's savings event begins at 3 p-m eastern and extends for 36 hours. amazon is also promising to deliver one million deals for the first time. more than one-million people around the world use the amazon prime membership service. it comes with perks like free two-day shipping along with other features like video and music streaming. (jr stone) a new study by the u-s department of agriculture says beekeepers make more money from pollination services... than they do from honey. the study shows from 19-10 to 19-88 pollination services only accounted for about 11 percent of beekeeper revenue. that was until the rise of the almond industry in the 1990's and early 2000's.
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almond farms require more honey bee colonies per acre than almost any other crop. in 20-16, dependent on bees, almond's account for 82- percent of all pollination services. "you'd completely lose the world's almond supply. so every year, whenever the - it's time for the almond blooms in california, you'll see tractor-trailer loads from across the country that will transport bees."(jr stone) while honey isn't bringing in the big bucks like it use of the world's food supply is dependent upon the honey bee. (justine) up next -- a wild police chase ends with two arrests after thieves allegedly tried to steal a fire engine. hear from the suspects about why they did itñ! (justine) still ahead on the kron four news... after a road rage case goes viral... a woman loses her job. now many peope are wondering what rights employee's have... when incidents like these happen outside of work. we hear
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from a legal expert after the break. (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up...
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for special offers now. area woman is now out of job. she was fired after her racist rant was caught on camera.(jrstone) tonight... we're taking a look at the rights employees and employers have... when trouble happens áaway from the workplace.(justine) kron 4's haaziq madyun has the story. nats/cellphone road ragethe woman you see in this cellphone video was recently fired from her position at a major multi-national investment bank and financial services company with branches here in the bay area. a spokesperson for the company told me the woman's behavior in the video, which consist of
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foul language, an obscene hand gesture and a racial slur "is completely inconsistent with the company's values and the individual involved is no longer employed by the firm." sot nats/sutton watching cell phone videowe showed the video to holly sutton. she is a partner in the employment law practice group farella, braun + martell in san francisco. she says the california labor code does allow an employee to file a claim for being fired for lawful conduct occuring during nonworking hours away from the employers premises. however...sot
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an argument that's not lawful particularly when there is road rage involved, dangerous driving, it maybe not the kind of conduct that you're not necessarily going to be prosecuted for, so i think there is the chance that the labor commissioner might not bring that claim">but what if an off duty employee is caught on camera away from the workplace engaging in conduct that is not criminal but is against company policy?sot nats/haaziqeasy answer by case. talk sot
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this to have some deciding to terminate. apart we all i think in a more civil bright spot in all people to be a of what it is like modern world"> world where phone ready to moments like san haaziq madyun (justine) two suspects are behind bars tonight after allegedly stealing a sacramento fire truck.(jrstone) the joy ride lasted two hours and took authorities on a chase through four counties. it all started in sacramento county while firefighters were working on a brush fire. the male suspect jumped into the truck and drove off, stopping to pick up a female suspect and then led police through sacramento, placer and yuba counties.... finally stopping on highway 70 near oroville when the truck got stuck in an incline ditch. the male suspect claims he stole the truck to get help. male suspect: "get us to a hospital, get us to a psych ward, get us some shoes"female suspect: "he kidnapped me. he forcefully made me get into the truck with him. he said he needed mental health help or he was going to kill me"me" but c-h-p officials say the pair acted together and that the female suspect chose to go along from the very start. officials are very happy that
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no one was injured during the chase. (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero.... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. a modest warming trend in store for the first part of next week as high pressure aloft strengthens over the bay area. expect 60s-70s along the coast and 80s-90s inland. monsoonal moisture could
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return later in the week. models show the possibility of high-based showers or thunderstorms for the bay area beginning around wednesday evening.
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(justine) coming up -- a community is mourning the loss of a police officer after a dangerous standoff with a suspect. we'll take you to the scene -- when we come back. (jrstone) and a quick- thinking cashier helped save a woman from suspected kidnappers. the survallience video captured how it all went down.... after the break
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(justine) in national news -- an officer and a bystander were killed in weymouth, massachusetts today. the officer was responding to a call of "erratic driving." authorities say he found a crashed vehicle and saw the suspect vandalizing a home. (justine) the suspect was
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identified by police as emanuel lopes. an official says. . lopes refused orders to stop and struck the officer with a stone. they say he then stole officer chesna's weapon and shot him several times in the head and chest. more officers responded to the scene and returned fire on the suspect - who was struck in his leg. officers say the suspect also shot and killed a female bystander who was inside her home. her identity was not released. officer chesna leaves behind a wife and two children. the suspect suffered non-life threatening wounds. he was taken into custody and is scheduled for arraignment monday for two counts on homicide. (jrstone) a quick-thinking cashier helped save a woman from suspected kidnappers. (justine) reporter tom miller spoke with her to learn about the moment she took action. this is the moment a woman who
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investigators say was kidnapped from fresno and sexually assaulted overnight got away from her captors -- by convincing them to let her use the bathroom.she walked into a waterford gas station and asked the first person she saw for help.savannah pritchett/cashier:"the first thing she did tell me was, 'i was kidnapped and they do have guns. please lock the door. they will kill us or kill me.' so it was kind of like, okay, well, all right."it was just before three, wednesday afternoon when 24-year old-savannah pritchett, a cashier at triple r, realized the severity of the situation and needed to make a split decision.savannah pritchett/cashier:"she said she didn't have a phone and i had my cellphone in my pocket and i was like, 'hey, i'll put stanislaus county on the phone and here you go.'"tom miller/reporting:"trying to find a safe spot, pritchett took her into the back of the store and into the bathroom where she locked the door." savannah pritchett/cashier:"i told her don't open the door until you hear the sheriffs." two suspects, one 18 another 16, wait outside...and when pritchett locks the front door, they try to get in. after hiding the victim, pritchett unlocked the store and told the suspects the
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woman was using the restroom. sgt. tom letras/stanislaus county sheriff's department: "her being able to get this victim into a secured restroom with a phone to be able to contact law enforcement very well may have saved her life." deputies arrive guns drawn and storm the store. inside, they get 18-year-old anthony sandoval on the ground and arrest him. two 16-year-olds are also a gun is found inside the suspects' car, and another, in the store.savannah pritchett/cashier:"if i wouldn't have believed her, what would have happened to her?"pritchett hasn't been able to stop thinking about the woman and says she was just trying to do the right thing.savannah pritchett/cashier:"if you tell me that you're in distress, okay, well, let's try to figure it out and get you out of it." (jrstone) that was reporting. (justine) next on kron4 news at 10... we'll show you where you can get a taste of authentic texas barbeque-- right here in the bay area. that's after the break on tonight's dine and dish. (jr stone) still ahead -- the a's can't stop winning they win round one of the bay bridge series kron-4's mark carpenter has all the highlights and reaction coming up and dish - the upside to hot
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days and warm nights - backyard bbq's and beer gardens. here is vicki livakis with where you can get texas bbq in the bay area. even the name presidio social club - makes you feel... social. inside - white jacketed bartenders and tables ofhungry diners. outside - a backyard patio that transforms into a beer garden on wednesday nights. complete with texas-style bbq. texas native and pitmaster wesley shaw fires up his smoker and turns out briscuit with black bark. and all kinds of smoked beef, ribs, chicken sausage and pulled pork. followed up by an ice cold brew and for the really bold - scotch whiskey. owner ray tang says... think backyard get together with the neighbors.
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one who's texas brand of cooking happens to be smokin' hot. the bbq biergarten series runs thru late summer. (justine) summer. (justine) if you have a restaurant, cafe or bar that you would like to see featured on 'dine and dish... send us an email at kron 4 dot com .... or fill out the submission form on our website. you can also check out our 'dine and dish' facebook page. through the first half of
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the baseball season, both the giants and a's have fans feeling pretty both teams are in position to make a run for the postseason. until then, no better way to go into the break than with the bay bridge series. --we go to at&t park-- they split the first two, today was the rubber match. giants honored its 1989 squad, you see the great will clark. e-40 also in attendance. --sean manaea...on the hill for oakland and seeking his 9th win of the season. bottom 2nd, giants runner on 2nd... gorkys hernandez...drops a blooper to right...a greenlight for brandon crawford san francisco up 1-zip. --andrew suarez..starting for the giants. real bad day for him. top 4th, oakland up 2-1. matt chapman...lines another single to right... suarez allowed four runs on four straight hits. a's up 4-1 after 4. --reyes moronta comes in at the top of the 6th. he had allowed only one home run coming into the game... stephen piscotty... solid
10:47 pm
contact, leads to a solid shot...a rocket that's outta the park. he's been one of the hitters through july. 5-1 a's. --giants would tack on a late home run, but that wouldn't spark a rally... the a's come across the bridge and rule the bay...winning 6 to 2 and they ...take 2 of 3 against the giants here's bob melvin on being the hottest team in baseball " it's been a great run, you know first night didn't go so well. to show the resiliencyto come back and win the next 2 is something we havanybody that first night, this is a tough team that plays well at home and has been playing well. so to come back and win 2 is pretty rewarding going in to the break. you know we have been able to cut the defict a little bit, so these guys are going to be excited to come back as well." steph curry rolling on with another amazing summer. the two-time-mvp in the final round of the american century celebritity golf in lake tahoe. we get right
10:48 pm
to the action curry jumps into the lake... after losing a bet to his dell. the two- time m-v-p had to beat his dad by more than 20 points. he was two points shy from winning that wasn't enough... steph kept swimming until he got to a boat... climbed to the top... and took another dive into the lake former cowboys quarterback tony romo... he sinks the short putt on 18 to claim his first american century title... he racked up 71 points... rallying from four points down to beat sharks captain joe pavelski to take the win event and a beautiful ending to the tournament featuring the beautiful game. france and croatia in the world cup final. --we go to moscow-- --you see the trophy being r this mega showdo young french star kylian mbappe... croatian legend luka modric.... --some controversy on the 34th minute, game knotted at 1. croatia's ivan perisic goes from hero to villain....scored a goal. then this happened a few minutes later. the video assistant referee system picks up a handball on
10:49 pm
perisic... france gets a penalty kick opportunity... and griezmann makes it look so easy, converts the pk and france is up 2-1 going into the break. --then, in the 65th minute, france up 3-1, the future legend..puts a bow on it. 19-year- old mbappe...on point...becomes only the 2nd teenager to score in a world cup final, the other was pele in 1958. --4-2 is the final...and france are your 2018 world cup champions (justine) to watch the world cup, hundreds of people gathered for a viewing party in front of san francimorning. kron 4's sara stinson was with france fans as they witnessed the historic victory. "the crowd was electric as they watched the world cup in front of the city hall in san francisco. i couldn't even get through an interview without people cheering with excitement."cheering "we are the champions"hundreds of
10:50 pm
people on city plaza watched as france and croatia battled for the world cup. when france made the first goal - the crowd went wild!(nats)but it was a close match - croatia made a goal several minutes later."it was a great game going back and forth. croatia is an amazing team and they came back several times."the excitement continued to grow as france took the lead...the final score climbed to four to two. ánatsá"it was awesome to see all of us united to see our country win."one of the most amusing france fans to watch in the crowd was oscar popravka as he was very expressive during the entire match. he says he was on the edge of his seat."two years ago we went to the final and we lost. so this is the redemption you know we lost against a team but now we are the champions. cheering. "as you can see we couldn't even get through the interview without him starting to cheer
10:51 pm
and chant we are the champions. "i'm extremely proud i think everyone here is as proud as me. we all came together. it was early, but that's okay. it was cold but that's okay. we came together because we love this team! we love all these players!"ánatsá reporter: i tried to talk with a croatia fan, but no one wanted to talk on camera. everyone i spoke with was very disappointed in the loss, but as you saw the france fans are ecstatic. in san francisco, sara stinson, kron 4 news." (jrstone) up next -- all pets need to be taken care of. but what happens when the owner becomes homeless and money is tight? we'll tell you what one organization is doing to help... when we come back. (jr stone) all pets need
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to be taken care of. but what happens when the owner becomes homeless and money is tight?(justine) there's a pop-up clinic, to lend a helping hand for animals in
10:55 pm
those situations. the street dog coalition is a fort collins based non profit that helps provide care for pets of the homeless. in addition to an examination, each pet is given a rabies vaccine and a voucher for the pet to be spayed or neutered.
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