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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 16, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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now at 10 -- republicans and democrats openly criticizing the summit between president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin. critics say that during the meeting, trump did not directly stand up for u-s intelligence and against russian interference in the 2016 elections. (ken) good evening -- i'm ken wayne. (grant) and i'm grant for pam moore. president trump and first lady melania are back at the white house tonight... but members of congress...on both sides of the aisle...are not welcoming them back with open arms. after their meeting...the president seemed to side áwith putin...and áagainst his own intelligence officials...who have been adamant that russian nationals hacked democrats in the lead up to the 20-16 election. but senator rand paul defending the president, saying that the positives of the meeting should not be lost in the criticism. in the bay area -- people here say kron 4's j.r. stone is live in san francisco with reaction... j.r.?
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(j.r.)the protest out here is just wrapping up. a little more than a dozen people who were fired about the russian meeting today. behind me you can see the side of the federal building and the images being projected onto it. all anti-trump images. one says traitor trump another impeach you look at the scene out here keep in mind...there has been quite a bit of negative reaction across the country after the president's press conference with russian president vladimir putin. republican and democratic lawmakers have been vocal in their displeasure. the vice president was one of his only backers today. republicans
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from nebraska, arizona, and south carolina just to name a few called his comments on russian election interference bizarre, shameful, and a bad day for the u.s.. comments where he refused to say if he believed russia interfered wtih the 2016 election. something the u.s. intelligence agencies have found to be true. we spoke with those at this rally. this is what they had to say. back out here live you can see that this is wrapping up. organizers say more rallies across the country are schedueled for wednesday. live in san francisco, j.r. stone kron 4 news. (ken) immigrant parents who are not u-s citizens will be allowed to vote in san francisco school board elections starting this november. registration began today. kron4's
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maureen kelly reports that those who sign up are being warned to get legal advice, since doing so could put them on the radar of federal the non citizen voter registration drive kicked off on the steps of san francisco city hall with a warning....we would say to please families we need you to have a voice were going to give you a voice be careful though in 2016 san francisco voters passed a charter amendemnt that allows non citizens to have a say when it comes their children's allowing them to vote in the election of school board members.those behind the move say it's the democratic thing to do citing a stat that over a third of sfusd students are immigrants why would we not want our parents invested in the classroom of our children?but this new law kicks in just as crackdown on the undocumented heats up under the trump administartation. those interested in excercising this new right to before filling out this form....since the city can't block this information from ending up in the hands of
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federal immigration officials. what is very risky is that we don't know where this president will go. on the back of the information pamplet explaining the new city law a list of immigrant rights groups who can help give advice.a representative of one group on this list says some non citizens parents have less at stake ...than others. they are residents they have visas they are part of the daca program information and their information already have the federal government already has so they're not running the risk of divulging that information immigrant parents you don't have any type of documentation they are at greater risk there are three open seats on the sf school board in this novemer's election....those non citizens who've weighed the risks and want to cast their ballot have up until election day to register. maureen kelly kron4 news (grant) a wildfire burning near yosemite doubled in size overnight.. the so called "ferguson fire" is burning in mariposa county here are the latest numbers...
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it has scorched more than 9-thousand acres and it is just two-percent contained. yosemite park officials say all trails, campgrounds, restaurants and lodges are open... but smoke is creating poor air quality. mandatory evacuations remain in effect in clearing house; mariposa pines; cedar lodge/savage's trading post and sweetwater ridge... and safety officials are investigating the death of a firefighter while battling the fire.while battling the fire. (grant) that firefighter was 36 year old braden varney. he died while operating a bulldozer. he was a second- generation firefighter and had served with the california department of forestry and fire protection for ten years. he is survived by his wife and two children. lawrence karnow: it was another hot day inland with some temperatures soaring into the mid 90s. but it was a much cooler day at the coast with highs there with patchy fog in the 50s and 60s. on the doppler you can see a few pop-up showers over the
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mountains to the north and the sierra. monsoonal clouds will likely make a return in the middle of the week to bring a chance of showers and thunderstorms. on the satellite you can see high pressure building in from the desert. it will bring some temperatures near triple digits in the valleys over the next couple of days. highs tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 90s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast with fog. wednesday will be the hottest day of the week with highs in the 100s inland but monsoonal clouds will move in late in the day to bring another chance of showers and thunderstorms. temperatures should cool over the weekend a little and into next week. (ken) she drove off a cliff into r andthen battled the elements for seven days but she survived. as kron four's rob
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fladeboe tells us, new details are emerging in the amazing survival and rescue of angela hernandez. steve bernal/monterey county sheriff "....angela is an amazing young woman..... monterey county sheriff steve bernal is talkng about 23-year-old angela hernandez, of portland, oregon, who is recovering in the hopsital after driving her car off a 200 foot cliff in big sur. steve bernal "....she has a brain hemmorhage, she has broken ribs and a shoulder injury..."hernandez and her battered jeep were discovered by hikers on a remote beach near the intersection of highway one and thenaciamiento- fergusson road.steve bernal "....she in great spirits but she's anxious to get out of the hospital. she will have a long recovery because she basically survived on water..." on facebook, hernandez wrote how she found that water by following a dripping sound to a patch of moss and used an engine hose tocapture some. she wrote how she could see and tried to call out to cars passing above as she endured the elements but there were few cluesthat she was there.
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until chelsea and chadmoore came along.chad moore/found missing woman "...i said, chelsea, did you hear that? and she said, what? and then we heard it again and we turned around and we saw angela, she looked like hell but she was happy that we were there...:on her way from portland to southern california, law enforcement and her family had been tracking angela from san mateo south through the santa cruz area to the carmel highlands before her rescue.steve bernal "....for her to survive on the coast with waves crashing over her with the injuries she had is just amazing, she is a fighter and had the will to survive..." angela says she lost control and plunged over the cliff after swerving to avoid a rabbit. insalinas rob fladeboe kron 4 news (ken) (ken) we have continuing
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coverage of this story on our website. there you can read angela's facebook post.. where she tells her harrowing story... and describes the moment she was rescued. it's all on kron-4-dot-com. (grant) a mountain lion was caught roaming a residential neighborhood in san mateo today. authorities with the police department and fish and wildlife tracked it's movements for about 5 hours until it was finally safely tranquilized . (grant) kron 4's ella sogomonian went to virginia avenue and alameda de las pulgas... where the mountain lion was first spotted... this now sedated 80 pound female mountain lion kept san mateo residents on the edge monday morning... as police shut down several blocks in the baywood area during their search for the animal.sot: andy fest,
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witness// "we witnessed an amazing operation with san mateo pd and fish and wildlife. we just happened to be around the corner from where the animal was tranquilized and they were able to capture it."a call from two witnesses working on a home on virgina ave and alameda de las pulgas came in at 9:35 in the morning. frustrated drivers were rerouted at crystal springs road and nevada avenue during the five hour ordeal that police credit for the happy ending.sot: sgt. von glahn, san mateo police department// "we dont want to put the animal in a position where its being attacked ot threatened in any way so that's why we have a loose permiter and call out fish and wildlife because we want a successful outcome for the animal."neighbors say they're used to wildlife in the area and kept their small pets close by.sot: robert green, neighbor// "in spite of all the houses in the area there's still a lot of wildlife so it's not suprising and that's why we have a mountain lion in the area and that's dangerous."sot: ella sogomonian// "and are you happy with the outcome here?" sot: lari caughlan, neighbor// "very much so, they didn't have to shoot it. that's amazing that the fish and game got out here in time it's the perfect scenario."tagpolice report the department of fish ect to relocate the mountain lion. live in san mateo ella sogomonian kron 4 news.
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(ken) in the east bay -- we have an update tonight on the condition of john whiting, the veteran battalion chief of the alameda county fire department, who was viciously bitten on the face by a pit bull at the scene of a house fire saturday near san leandro. reports say whiting's spirits are up, and he was able to talk. and has more surgeries to go through. no charges have been filed yet against owners of the dog. sergeant
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kelly says the 16 younger dogs have been checked out by a vet and they are good shape and will be able to be adopted soon. as for the dog who attacked fire chief john whiting... 19 dogs in 19 dogs in total were 19 dogs in 19 dogs in total were found inside the house, 2 of them died in the fire. (grant) coming up -- a judge has temporarily halted deportations of families who have been recently reunited. how governmentresponding... (ken) and -- a store clerk helps free a kidnapped woman. the survallience video that captured how it all went down. (grant) plus -- a man bein accuseg into a woman's home and stealing her underwear . how he was caught... after the break
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(ken) a man in the north bay has been arrested for stealing women's underwear while they were away.... and tonight we are learning the suspect is the maintenance man of the apartment complex where they live..(ken) now police are trying to find out if there are more victims out there....(grant) it happened at the woodcreek village apartments in santa rosa.... kron 4's ali reid talked to neighbors dealing with this le that live in this complex are shocked.not only is this maintenance guy
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accused of breaking into at least 2 homes, police say he was also stealing womens' underwear.pkgmaintenance man cornell holiday-- seen here entering a home at the woodcreek village apartments without consent. nothing actually surprises me these daysthis neighbor ... who doesn't want to show his face, believes holiday also entered his apartment when no one but the dog was 6 months ago while we were walking, my dog saw him and goes ballistic. so animals don't forget when they're mistreated. in the case where the 65 year old is caught on camera ... authorities say he used his work keys to enter when the tenant was not home ... taking some of her clothing, including got all types of sick people on police searched holiday's storage unit in the complex, the day of his arrest. santa rosa p-d recovered a number of articles of women's clothing. they believe the on-site maintenance man burglarized multiple apartments ... but so far they have only been able to locate 2 victims.that dog confirmed my beliefs now that this incident has occured standupthis is an ongoing
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investigation.anyone with information is urged to call police.meanwhile, holiday is booked at the sonoma county jail for 2 counts of burglary. reporting live from santa rosa ... ali reid ... kron 4 news. (grant) an unlikely (grant) (grant) an unlikely hero behind a mini mart cash register is being called a hero tonight. this comes after a woman came into her store needing help after being kidnapped and sexually assaulted. kay recede has the survallience video which captured these tense moments... "you did a good u. i appreciate th(nats)"man: you're a celebrity, huh?"24-
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year-old clerk who says she a woman in need...and did not hesitate to act(savannah pritchett cashier)"everything that happened it was just instinct for me like i just knew that i had to keep her hid."savananah pritchett shared this surveillance footage taken wednesday afternoon ... in it -- you see a tulare county woman that stanislaus county sheriff's deputies say was kidnaped and sexually assaulted by four teens(sergeant tom letras, spokesman, stanislaus county sheriffús department)"back into waterford, they stopped to get gas and the victim used the rouse that she needed to use the restroom."(savannah pritchett cashier)"and then this girl grabbed my hands and she was like very shaky and she was just kind of like please help me."in this moment -- pritchett says she could feel the woman's fear... (pritchett)"gave her my cell phone, i locked the door and i took her to the back and i hid her back there until the sheriffús got t of the bathroom" pritchett locks the front door... then a minute later -- this 18 -year old... identified as anthony sandoval... and another teen... tell pritchett he needed to use the bathroom.. the clerk says she recognized both teens... she says sandoval had claimed he had a prosthetic foot and cancer (pritchett)"wait, what? those guys that youúre outside with
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right now? iúve never had a problem with them, theyúre super nice to me, all the time."she unlocks the door... (pritchett)"they asked me you know whyúd you lock the door? and i told them she told me she started her period."within minutes pritchett says he realizes that deputies are on their way... he begs her to hide him... she says no... the door opens again... this time an armed officer storms inside the store(pritchett)"i wasnút trying to put anyone in jail... i was just trying to help a woman who said she needed help." lawrence karnow: it was lawrence help."she needed woman who said she needed help."she needed help." lawrence karnow: it was another hot day inland with some
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temperatures soaring into the mid 90s. but it was a much cooler day at the coast with highs there with patchy fog in the 50s and 60s. on the doppler you can see a few pop-up showers over the mountains to the north and the sierra. monsoonal clouds will likely make a return in the middle of the week to bring a chance of showers and thunderstorms. on the pressure building in from the desert. it will bring some temperatures near triple digits in the valleys over the
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next couple of days. highs tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 90s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast with fog. wednesday will be the hottest day of the week with highs in the 100s inland but monsoonal clouds will move in late in the day to bring another chance of showers and thunderstorms. temperatures should cool over the weekend a .
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(ken) still ahead tonight -- questions of discrimination when it comes to paying uber drivers.. we'll tell you who's being targeted when we come back. (grant) more deportation drama...what a judge has ruled affecting families who've been re-united...and how the trump administration is reacting.
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♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. (ken) in national news -- today a federal judge
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ruled the u-s must temporarily pause deportations of reunited immigrant families for a week. (grant) the decision gives the american civil liberties union and u-s attorneys time to debate whether to make that week grace period permanent. (grant) the a-c-l-u says parents should be given a week to decide whether to take their children with them or leave them behind. there have been reports that prior to the ruling, some families were deported immediately after being reunited. ice cleared about 900 detained parents to be reunitied with their children. (grant) in world news tonight -- billionaire elon musk is facing backlash after making a disparaging claim on twitter about an expert caver in thailand. in a now deleted tweet, the tech entrepreneur called vernon entrepreneur called vernon unsworth a "pedo" ... or pedophile. the unsubstantiated claim came after the expert caver criticized the miniature
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submarine musk created to help with the thai cave rescue. "it's not finished...i believe he's called me a pedophile. well by definition rescuing 12 young boys by definition that puts everybody in the same context." reporter: "after everything you've done, how does that make you feel?" vern unsworth: "i am not gonna make any further comment about him but i think people realize what sort of a guy he is." reporter: "would you consider taking legal action?" vern unsworth: "yes, yes, it's not finished." in an interview with in an interview with c-n-n ... unsworth said that the escape pod had absolutely no chance of working ... and said musk's efforts a, quote, "p-r stunt." unsworth's knowledge of the thai cave system helped rescuers locate the missing
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soccer team. musk's device was ultimately not used in the rescue mission and all 12 boys and their coach made it out of the cave alive. (grant) there is no indication the disparaging claim musk made 22 million followers is true. representatives for musk did not respond to requests for comment about the incident. (ken) coming up -- why c-v-s officials are apologizing for an incident involving a customer...a coupon...and police. (grant) plus -- we have an update on the man suspected of raping multiple women while posing as a ride-share driver will face criminal charges.
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(ken) we continue to learn new information tonight about the man dubbed the rideshare rapist. the san mateo man is accused attacking four women in san francisco. (grant) we are now learning that the da's office has decided to charge the suspect. kron 4's dan kerman reports from the hall of justice. it now turns out that orlando lazo, the man arrested for sexually assaulting 4 women in san francisco while posing as a rideshare driver, actually was employed by lyft, one of the two main rideshare companies in the an email to kron 4 news lyft says
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"we have confirmed that this person did drive for lyft, but as soon as we were made aware of these horrific and deeply disturbing allegations, we immediately deactivated him. we are still investigating at this time, but with the information presented, we have no reason to believe these incidents occurred on the platform." meaning while lazo was on duty. however lyft did not say how long lazo has been driving for them.police say the 4 women who were sexually assaulted were picked up by what they thought was the rideshare vehicle they had requested outside bars and nightclubs mostly in the south of market area, only to be taken to another location and sexually assaulted. police say dna evidence has and june of this year. the sfpd's special victims unit stopped lazo last tuesday in the south of market area, obtained his dna and arrested him thursday for rape, false imprisonment and kidnapping. federal immigration have also confirmed vilchez lazo, is in
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the country illegally. in a statement they say on july 13, ice lodged a detainer with the san francisco county jail on orlando vilchez lazo --a citizen of peru illegally present in the u.s --following his recent arrest. ice would not say if they had any previous contact with the suspect or if he had been deported previously.standup dan kerman/sf 149-159san francisco police say they are convinced more victims will come forward in the days ahead. in the meantime, the da's office says it will file charges agaist the suspect. details will come at his arraignment tuesday afternoon. at the hall of justice in sf dan kerman kron 4 news. (ken) uber is under investigation after allegations of discrimination against women. reports say the ride-share company set up a pay scale that was taking away from women. a person
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familiar with the probe says the equal employment opportunity commission opened the investigation in august 2017. that was shortly before uber hired their new ceo to clean up a business plagued by a pattern of sexual harassment and other abuses. uber says it has already reconditioned its pay system while introducing other means designed to ensure men and women are treated fairly. (ken) the d-m-v is working to relieving those long lines. today-- the oakland- claremont and the san jose driver license processing center opened one hour earlier, at 7 a.m. this morning. those are just two of 14 field offices opening early four days a week. the department of motor vehicles today announced it will open offices every saturday at 60 locations across the state starting in august 4th. we spoke to people at the d-m-v in san jose -- they say the lem.
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that that old school process and the wait times and everything. it's crazy."> the d-m-v already started saturday service earlier this month and exteneding office hours during the week at some locations in the bay area. the d-m-v says wait times are so long... due in part to the new federal "real id" card program. (ken) on the heels of her swearing-in ceremony last week, mayor london breed this morning appointed vallie brown, one of her former legislative aides to replace her as district five supervisor.(grant) brown is a longtime district 5 resident and recently worked as a project manager with the city's office of economic and work-force development... rying to create more affordable housing. prior to that, brown served as breed's legislative aide from 2013 to 2016 and as former supervisor ross mirkarimi's legislative aide starting in 2006.
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community. she listens to the needs of our small business and community memebers and she makes sure when legislation is introduced, that she proposes amendments or raises questions or other issues so that the legislation and the work we do at city hall can actually have a positive impact on our communities. it is my honor today to administer the oath of office to my friend and a friend to our district -- vallie brown....cheering."> brown says as a supervisor, one of her priorities will be to create more housing within the district, in order to keep families and low-income workers from being displa another hot day inland with some temperatures soaring into the mid 90s. but it was a much
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cooler day at the coast with highs there with patchy fog in the 50s and 60s. on the doppler you can see a few pop-up showers over the mountains to the north and the sierra. monsoonal clouds will likely make a return in the middle of the week to bring a chance of showers and thunderstorms. on the satellite you can see high pressure building in from the desert. it will bring some temperatures near triple digits in the valleys over the next couple of days. highs tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 90s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast with fog. wednesday will be the hottest day of the week with highs in the 100s inland but monsoonal clouds will move in late in the day to bring another chance of showers and thunderstorms. temperatures should cool over the weekend a little and into next week.
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(grant) a "lava bomb" -- or flying chunk of molten rock -- hit a tour boat off hawaii's big island monday, injuring 23 people. (ken) the lava bomb left a large hole in the boat's roof and damaged a railing. here's footage of the incident. that's the boat
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going up in smoke. 13 people were taken to a hospital, while another 10 passengers with superficial wounds were treated at the harbor. one woman in her 20's suffered a broken leg. "a big chunk fell through the roof and partly on passengers. we've seen parts of the lava on the vessel when we pulled up to it. there's a few big chunks that was on the roof." (grant) hawaii's kilauea volcano erupted in early may, sending lava into residential areas on the big island. tonight it is still erupting. (ken) c-v-s is apologizing -- after its managers called police on a customer, when she trieon friday, she presented a manufacturer's coupon she got in the mail for a free product. she said two managers refused to honor it and said it was fake... but did not try to scan it. she said they got agitated, slammed a door in her face, told her to leave -- and
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eventually called police twice. hudson recorded video of one of them calling police -- and posted it on facebook. hudson says three officers responded but did not take any action. c-v-s said after an investigation, they fired the two managers and apologized to hudson. (ken) cvs released a statement regarding in incident saying in part -- " c-v-s health does not tolerate any practices that discriminate against any customer." and said, "we are committed to maintaining a welcoming and diverse environment in our stores." the statement says the company has firm non- discrimination policies in place. (grant) members of an alleged hate group were involved in a confrontation
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outside a bar in los angeles. it happened saturday night - and was caught on video. adrianna weingold has more on the social media backlash the bar is facing. video that is now going viral shows a group of men wearing make america great again hats arguing with bar patrons outside of the griffin in atwater village. people in the neighborhood identify the group as the proud boys. according to the southern poverty law center, the group is a hate group. neighbors say they complained to management but the proud boys were allowed to stay. twitter has since exploded with posts about the incident. this tweet from justin caffier, a writer with vice, has been retweeted thousands of times over."hey, l.a. friends just a heads up stay away from the griffin in atwater village, they accommodated a white supremacy group, and when pressed about it said only color they see is green, let's make sure they don't see much of that color any more."the proud boys responded on twitter saying, "we were hanging out having beer, josh and his friends showed up to start a problem,
10:40 pm
they did. then they cried online. the end."it wasn't long before the owner of the griffin also responded saying, in part, neither i nor my business partner don't support nazi or white supremacist groups and this not a nazi bar. i advise we use tactic we have used to past, with gang members - kill them with kindness and they'll get bored and go away. it my bar and i'm ultimately responsible for what happened last night, i feel terrible and sick to my stomach. now, thousands of people have taken to yelp posting one star reviews, urging people to avoid the griffin. mos:"i think its a little frightening if this becomes a gathering point for this type of festering movement." (grant) that was adrianna weingold reporting. police say both sides were asked to leave the bar and they
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cooperated. (ken) a woman was getting robbed inside a south florida gas station, until she decided to fight back. dorothy fletcher is the customer at the valero gas station in sunrise early sunday. the man standing next to her, according to police, is terrance dagrin. she says he asked her for money. she gave him some coins but that apparently wasn't good enough for him. dorothy then handed the casher 100 dollars, and when he was giving her change, the man grabbed it, so she grabbed it back. "he insisted, 'i have a gun. i have a gun.' so i pulled away the chair and i hit him in the head with it and he staggered a little."(ken) then as suspect is leaving, he keeps looking back. a police officer circles back around and gets back to confront the robbery suspect. something happens where the cop flinches. he stands back, then walks towards suspect. you can see the
10:42 pm
point where he fires several times... hitting dagrin. police say after suspect is released from the hospital... he'll be taken to jail. the police officer who shot him is on administrative leave pending investigation results. coming up, have you driven along 49 scenic drive in san francisco? i've seen people smoking crack, in the alleys, and on the broad street, i've seen people people literally injecting needles swabbing w8ith dirty q-tipsi'll show you what i found, in the next edition of people behaving badly (sports)(sports) (sports) coming up i'll have all the day's sports highlights and scores.
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(grant) when you think of a scenic drive...this probably is not what you had in mind. (ken) stanley roberts takes us to san francisco...whe re a scenic drive ic mixed in with.urban reality is mixed in with if you happen to drive around san francisco you might have noticed signs like this reading 49 mile scenic drive first off it's not really 49 miles, it's actually just slightly over 46 miles and let the truth be told some of it.. is not really that scenic like at the corner of 36th ave and geary where this lovely couch along with other items patiently waits for the 38 geary line not so scenic huhnats:ambiance now you might see the golden gate bridge but if you make it to howard street, there is not telling what you will see like on the corner of 6th and howard still part of 49 scenic drive san francisco fire had 3 seperate medical calls at almost the exact same time but might also see people smoking from glass pipes anddrug use,
10:46 pm
i've seen people defecating on the businesses ...on the broad daylight, urinating, women pulling their dresses up fully nude under and just urinating out in the open that sad man and no it wasn't hard to find uncapped syringes lying in the street and used condoms and human feces between parked cars further up at 9th and howard here at this empty lot where the old gas station use to be yet another uncapped needle anything to see here? i've seen people smoking crack, in the alleys, and on the broad street, i've seen people people literally injecting needles swabbing w8ith dirty q-tips, i've seen fights i've seen you name it, i've seen drug dealers all along 10th with back packs i've seen it all, there's been a lot going on around here...but you don't see it because you're just driving by i ended my outside san francisco city hall . where right on ground two more uncapped needles. for late mayor ed lee where someone dumped empty soda
10:47 pm
containers in the plantersince we obviously can't reroute the 49 mile scenic drive we need to make some other changes in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news is tomoorow night... tonight... the home run derby... nationals park in washington d-c the host... and the fan favorite of course the nationals' bryce harper... who was the biggest name in the event the phillies rhys (reece)
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the phillies rhys (reece) the phillies rhys (reece) hoskins... out of sacramento... made it all the way to the semi-finals... losing to the cubs kyle schwarber... depite having the second highest round of the night with 20 homers the final came down to harper... shwarber... who had the highliest night with 21 homers in the semi-f18 in the final... harper...with his dad... ron... who said he dyed his beard for national television... pitching... he the stretch to tie it... and in bonus time... harper hits th their latest edition today...
10:49 pm
jonas jerebko... he a 6-10 forward who can step out and hit a three-pointer... averaged about six points-per- game with the utah jazz last year... the team hopes he will be an upgrade for thr role they signed omri casspi to do last year off the bench probably the most interesting thing about jerebko is he is the only player in the nba from sweden... and the second swedish-born player to play in the nba... miles simon was born in sewden but grew up in the los angeles area here is jerebko...(sot: jonas jerebko) " i played in this league for 10 years and i have done my parts. my main goal, my lifelong dream is to get a ring and to win an nba championchip. money is secondary to all that i don't really care i have played in this league for 10 years, kid from sweden never dreamed of that so i am glad where i am at right now." according to multiple vegas over the wekend... wearing 500-dollar shorts of his new tyeam... the los angeles lakers... while taking in a lakers summer league game the mini-camp will be the first official usa basketball gathering with gregg popovich as the head coach... james played when poppovich was
10:50 pm
larry brown's poppovich was played when coach... james played when poppovich was larry brown's assitant coach on the 2004 bronze medal team... james won olympic gold medal in 2008 and 2012... after playing in eight straight nba finals it's understandable why lebron would take the camp off(wipe to levar the camp offwould take the camp off(wipe to levar ball) some of you may rememebr the "dis rap" shaquille o'neal directed at kobe bryant years ago... in ine of his recent d.j. sets... shaq had a dig at his "nba on tnt" co-host... charles barkley...
10:51 pm
diesel performance into a roasting of barkley at the washington d-c area club "ecostage"... getting the corwd to chant "barkley sucks" while ponting out that sir charles has no nba championship rings (shaq has four)) shaq and barkley often exchange barbs on and off the air... but both insist it is purely friendly... unlike shaq's former fued with kobe
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(weather) coming up i'll have the seven day lawrence karnow: it was
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in the criminal justice system sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. the perp is sergeant frank foster, brooklyn narcotics. his kid ran away, her picture turns up on this web page. guy who took it won't say where she is. who's the hostage? the guy who interviewed his daughter-- he films street kids and puts them on the web. sergeant foster's state of mind? wants his kid. how many in the room? four plus the taker. two are his family. if it was my kid, i'd probably do the same thing. we all might, lieutenant. ready? we got him on the monitor. here you go. cragen: sergeargeant fost. this is captain donald cragen, special victims unit.


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