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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 22, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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part of the south bay burns in a fast moving fire. and tonight, it is unknown when it will be fully contained. (justine) a large (justine) a large grassfire in milpitas torn through more than 300 acres. thanks for joining us tonight at 10. i am justine waldman.(jr stone) and i am jr stone. this fire destroyed one structure. about 10 more are threatened. and people have also had to evacuate.(justine) kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to cal fire.. she joins us live in milpitas... hermela at last check, this fire is 40-percent contained. what is the plan for tonight? (jrstone) good news (jrstone) tonight?plan for what is the contained. what is the plan for what is the plan
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for tonight?plan for tonight? tonight? (jrstone) tonight?plan for what is the plan for tonight? (jrstone) good news tonight near good news (jrstone)
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tonight?plan for what is the plan for tonight? (jrstone) (jrstone)(jrstone) good news tonight near clear lake as all evacuations have been lifted in connection to the carder fire near kelseyville. we first told you about this fire saturday on kron 4 news. these are some pictures showing what it looked like. you can see all of the smoke there yesterday. in total 57
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acres burned. evacuations had been issued yesterday but again all of those have been lifted. (jrstone) and in mariposa county-- yosemite west and anderson valley areas are under mandatory evacuations...a s the ferguson fire continues to grow. at last check..that blaze has burned more than 32-thousand acres and is 6 percent contained. close to 3,000 fire personnel are attacking the flames on the front lines. the fire is moving in a north /northeastern direction. so hand crews and bulldozers are aggressively cutting fire breaks to protect nearby communities--like anderson valley area and yosemite west. "being up very steep terrain. it's not to get to there the crews have to trip to get around and into tha area." kelly peck / red cross shelter supervisor: "this is our home and were taking care of our own."> (jrstone) (jrstone)of our own.">were taking care of our own.">
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(jrstone) the latest addition to the list is anderson valley and yosemite west. a red cross shelter was set up at the new life christian fellowship church and has volunteers from madera, mariposa, merced and fresno counties. expect seasonal highs to start the work week with temperatures in the 60s-70s along the coast and 80s-90s inland. a warming trend is forecast to peak by midweek with very warm to hot temperatures across the interior portions of the bay area. the cool sea breeze will keep temperatures relatively mild along the coast. no rain is in the forecast for the next seven days. (justine) (justine) next seven days.forecast for the no rain is in the forecast for the no rain is in the along the coast. relatively
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mild along the coast. no rain is in the forecast for the next seven days. forecast for the next seven days. (justine)(justine) we first told you about
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the northern california wildfires with a push alert on our mobile app. stay connected on breaking news by downloading it today. (justine) new at 10 tonight -- the pathway home in yountville will not reopen. in march, a former client shot and killed three women inside the mental health facility, and then took his own life. since then, veterans in the pathway program have been referred to other places across the bay area... including in napa and martinez.(justine) in a letter to supporters -.. the chairwoman of the pathway board, says... "our focus now is to continue honoring the memory of our fallen colleagues by helping to support other pathway home- like facilities, working to support similar v-a programs and partnering with local rotary clubs and veterans' facilities to bring our model of reintegration to communities across the country." the pathway home opened in 2008... and will formally end its lease with the veterans home of california on august 31st.
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(justine) and now to an update on tonight's breaking news out of oakland... 6 people are in custody after a police pursuit in oakland. we first brought you this story as breaking news during kron 4 news at 8. police told people in the area of 34th avenue and farnam in the fruitvale stay insdie their homes. the suspects, according to police, ran into a home in the area after being chased by police. (justine) one person is dead and 13 others injured after a gunman opened fire outside a toronto restaurant tonight. authorities say the suspected shooter is now dead. officials say the shooting happened in toronto's greektown neighborhood around ten o'clock eastern time. victims were taken to various trauma centers in the area. toronto fire services were also on scene, helping with recovery efforts. one witness describes what he saw. mos: "i would say i heard at least 20 shots in intervals. and then i saw the carnage as i ran down the street. i saw at least four people shot."
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people shot."saw at least four people shot." toronto's police chief says a young woman was killed and a young girl is in critcal condition. conditions of the other victims are not immediately known. police have not yet released the shooting suspect's identity or a possible motive. (justine) berkeley police are investigating a shooting that sent stray bullets flying into at least 2 homes.(jr stone) it happened near the delaware and 10th street intersection in northwest berkeley. kron 4's ali reid has the latest on the investigation. in a neighborhood where families take strolls and go on bike rides, a barrage of bullets flew through 2 homes early sunday morning.i woke up and there was plaster on my blanketspam wilson was sleeping on her living room floor when a number of shots penetrated her kitchen wall.i heard the gunshots and then i turned over in time to see flashes of light outside that windowalso hit ... her cabinets ... leaving broken bottles ... and at least one bullet exited through the living room wall. there were so many shots, neighbors cant seem to figure out how many they first it seemed like 3 to me, but then i realized there were at least 7 inside the 3 burstsneighbors say there was an altercation on the street, before what sounded like a semi automatic gun, go off. the victim ... who managed to escape with only a shot to the toe ... ran between these two buildings. that's when at least 3 stray
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bullets pierced this neighbor's window. that tenant telling me his 2 young children are now scared for their does not feel safethis all happened just before 1-30 sunday morning on delaware and 10th streets. police remained on scene 4 hours later. neighors are on edge, not knowing what's next. there's enough bullets going around. is there a hole up there too? yeathis is still an ongoing investigation. right now police haven't released any suspect decriptions. repporting from berkeley ... ali reid .... kron 4 news. kron 4 news. ... ali reid .... kron 4 news.
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(jrstone) an african american business owner in san francisco says someone called the police on him when he was simply just standing in front of his shop.(jrstone) tonight he is upset and wants answers.(justine) police asked to see his hands and for identification before clearing the scene. kron4's michelle kingston spoke to the owner .. the owner ..
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(justine) the search is on for a missing university of iowa student,who grew up in oakland.. 20-year-old mollie tibbets was last seen wednesday night in the
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wednesday was last seen mollie tibbets 20-year-old oakland..grew up in student,who iowa university of missing is on for a the search (justine) (justine) the search is on for a missing university of iowa student,who grew up in oakland.. 20-year-old mollie tibbets was last seen wednesday night in the small town of brooklyn iowa, an hour outside of des moines. officials say tibbets went out for a jog and never returned home. hundreds of volunteers came out to help in the search. mollie's aunt says she knew something was wrong when mollie didn't show up for work the next day. the family remains hopeful that she will be found. police say the investigation is ongoing. (jrstone) coming up -- the city of seattle facing a major lawsuit over their new gun law... why the nra law... why the nra and the second amendment foundation say the new legislation is illegal...
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(jrstone) and -- mario woods would have been 29 years old today. back in 2015 he was shot and killed by police. after the break -- we'll hear from family and friends remembering his life.
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(justine) shortly after the san francisco police killing of stabbing suspect mario woods in december of 2015, the board of supervisors declared his birthday, july 22
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as mario woods remembrance day. (justine) for the third year in a row..(jrstone) today people , including his mother gathered to remember him. kron 4's dan kerman reports. the reading of names of those killed by police began this third anniversary remembrance for mario woods sot gwendolyn woods/mario woods' mother 12-22 i'm going to celebrate you mar, i'm not gonna let your name be forgotten, i'm suppose to fight for you and i will fight for him, so i can celebrate him.woods was the stabbing suspect who was shot and killed by police back in december of 2015... cell phone video of the shooting went viral, and complaints of excessive force, led to the ouster of the police chief, a review of the sfpd by the department of justice and police reforms to the use of force many here maintain there remains a how people of color are treated by sot there are two black brown and poor people and one for white may the d.a. declined to prosecute the officers mario woods shooting saying under that use of force was here say that has to change sot phelicia jones/justice for mario woods 110-120you cannot shoot at someone 41 times and hit them 21 bulldets and say oh we were justified to do that, we dont even kill and animal like thatthe da's continues to anger mario which makes it even more important for on his birthday and keep his spotlight, so it doesn't happen again.sotits bigger tahn mario's birthday it speaks to the person who nothing or nobody it says your life matters.kerman/sf many here are still hoping the state attorney in and prosecute officers involved in woods death, whether that happens or not people here say they will continue justice for mario woods. in sf dan kerman kron 4 news. news.
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(jrstone) a typical saturday afternoon at a los angeles-area grocery store turned tragic... one person is dead following an hours-long hostage situation at a trader joe's. today, we're learning more about the victim and what lead up to the standoff. kim hutcherson has the details. an armed man terrorized a trader joe's saturday afternoon -- leaving one person dead.chief michel moore / la: "a young woman was shot and killed and unfortunately were unable to revive her."the victim, identified by her brother as melyda corado, had worked at trader joe's for about four years.authorities say the suspect was fleeing the scene of a seperate shooting incident when the ordeal began. chief michel moore / lapd: "he shot his grandmother multiple times. in the course of that attack, a young woman was also injured and he forcibly took her from that residence and drug her to a vehicle and then left the scene."officers followed suit -- police say the suspect fired multiple rounds at them during the chase.the pursuit ended when he crashed his car in la's
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silver lake neighborhood. miguel trujillo / eyewitness: "he quickly and the cops fired at him, at them. and in all that, in that instant moment, into trader joe's."about 40 people were inside the the suspect ran in.some immediately ran outside -- released during the nearly three-a few employees escaping on a chain ladder dangling from window.ultimately, negotiators were able to convince the surrender.mayor eric garcetti / los suspect at the end asked for handcuffed himself and then released himself of lapd."i'm kim hutcherson reporting.
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six people were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. police have not released the condition of the two victims in the initial shooting incident. the suspect has not been identified, but police say he's a 28-year-old male. male.male. (anchor) time now (anchor) (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez.
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expect seasonal highs to start the work week with temperatures in the 60s-70s along the coast and 80s-90s inland. a warming trend is forecast to peak by midweek with very warm to hot temperatures across the interior portions of the bay area. the cool sea breeze will keep temperatures relatively mild along the coast. no rain is in the forecast for the next seven days.
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(justine) coming up -- more details released about the suspect accused of being involved in the shooting death president george h.w. bush's former cardiologist. (jrstone) and -- president trump's controversial summit with vladimir putin sparked a backlash on capitol hill. we'll have capitol hill. we'll have reaction coming up.
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♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. (justine) the nra and the
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second amendment foundation are suing the city of seattle are suing the city of seattle over its new gun law the city passed a law requiring all guns be locked up or owners would face punishment the new law is aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of people who will misuse them. the law includes fines that can go as high as $10,000 if a gun owner is found in violation. the second amendment foundation says the city's gun lock law isn't legal. and while the city has tried to go around state laws before, it hasn't worked think this new law will stay on the books for long. (jrstone) in national news -- president trump's controversial summit with vladimir putin sparked a backlash on capitol hill -- and it's getting mixed reviews from everyday americans. just 33-percent surveyed in a new washington post poll approve of trump's performance in helsinki. exactly áhalfá -- disapprove.
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for some trump voters, things went south this week, especially following president trump's presentation as he stood next to russian president vladimir putin. but then there are trump voters like dick hoffman reports say the villages, florida is known to be a popular place for republicans to retire. (justine) tonight we're getting a closer look at the suspect who is beleived to be involved in the shooting death of president george h.w. bush's former cardiologist. according to the description written on the photo, police are searching for a thin but fit white male about 5'9' to 5'10 and could be in his 30's.
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police said the doctor was riding when he passed the shooter - also on a bike -- going in the other direction. the shooter allgedly opened fire at the doctor and fled the scene. (jrstone) up next -- a family thankful to be alive after devasting tornado that tore through their neighborghood. why they say they're still feeling optimistic. (justine) and -- the parkland march for our lives team was in the bay area today. highlights from the event -- when we from the event highlights from the event -- when we come back. (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up...
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♪ upbeat music travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. (jrstone) students
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who survived the school shooting in parkland, florida last fall are on a cross country tour to promote voter registration and putting an end to gun violence...(justine) today they made a stop in oakland at the iconic de fremery park...kron 4's ella sogomonian takes us there... sot: ella sogomonian// "the march for our lives movement started in parkland, florida and it's made it's way across the country finally coming out here to oakland where people are no strangers to gun violence."since the start of july survivors of the high school shooting in parkland florida have made their way across 13 american cities advocating against gun violence...on sunday they made their last stop of their first leg of the tour in oakland. sot: matt diesch, marjory stoneman douglas high school student // "it's just been absolutely incredible to connect with people all around the country and show that we're not a divided nation. we can stand together and combat this issue as americans and not as democrats dozens of people of all ages came out park for the march for our lives tour that for far and alex king from chicago sot: alex king, violence "because we know that we got to get the youth involved and one way to get the not only having these town halls, but coming into these communities with kenzie smith who says he was victimized by a woman now known as bbq becky that called police on his barbeque at lake merritt and is now running for a seat on the oakland city council helped event. sot: kenzie city council
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candidate// "i wanted to bring out the young people to actually come out and vote. so young people wanted to get engaged and contacted me i said no doubt and lets do voter registration here." registration booth people to sign up and help make a change involved politically.the environment fostered the young children who grow up to join the light of that, 11- year-old sienne helmer who is heading to ironhorse middle school in san ramon got up to concerns too.sot: sienna helmer, anti-advocate// "i decided to come out here and give because i thought gun violence didn't matter as it but it mattered to other people make a difference."sot: ella "so this was truly a community effort and it attracted people nation to make a difference and specifically get out and vote. in oakland ella kron4news." (justine) kron4news." sogomonian oakland ella out and vote. in oakland ella sogomonian kron4news." kron4news."sogomonian
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kron4news." (justine)(justine) in maryland -- the rain didn't stop a new push for stronger gun control laws. a rally was held outside the state house in annapolis this weekend. the event was organized by students after the recent shooting at the capital gazette and at great mills high school in saint mary's county earlier this year. it began with a moment of silence for those victims. students at the rally say they hope to get the attention of governor larry hogan. (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero.... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez.
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expect seasonal highs to start the work week with temperatures in the 60s-70s along the coast and 80s-90s inland. a warming trend is forecast to peak by midweek with very warm to hot temperatures across the interior portions of the bay area. the cool sea breeze will keep temperatures relatively mild along the coast. no rain is in the forecast for the next seven days. (justine) the national weather the national
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(justine) next seven days.forecast for the no rain is in the forecast for the next seven days.
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(justine) next seven days. (justine) the national weather service confirmed that an e-f-1 tornado touched down in harrison county, indiana. (jrstone) officials said winds got up to 105 miles per hour. this is video of the damage it left behind -- the tornado flipped trailers and devastated barns. reports say it was about 300 yards wide.
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coming up -- an 11-year-old boy who was declared a genius at the age of five -- now has a degree... the dreams he plans to pursue... when we come back. (jrs) still ahead -- a woman buys fish from an east bay costco... and it comes with something extra. what she found in her salmon.
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(justine) in the east bay... a woman finds a disgusting surprise in her costco salmon.(justine) she says the fish had a worm in it.(jrstone) kron 4's terisa estacio has the story. this is cell phone video taken by felicia cipolla of el sobrante... after she noticed something was moving around in her parnter's planned dish for dinner. felicia cipolla. "it was gross." felicia cipolla says on monday night, she and her partner were getting read to cut up some fish they bought earlier in the day from the costco store in
10:39 pm
richmond... when she noticed the movement. felcia. "we buy fish occasionally from costco, but this is the first time a worm in it. and it isn't your typical worm, parasite." "the scary thing about it, it looks similar to bones and if you are not paying attention, you would just eat it and that is gross." in fact, felicia says she is so grossed out finding the white parasite, she decided to double bag the wild caught salmon and put it in a refrigerator in the spare room. felicia. it is definitely not dead. kron four reached out to costco. in response, they sent us a leaflet on parasites in marine fish which stated all lviing organisims inclduing fish can have parasites. the leaflet written by two uc davis seafood specalists, said that throughly cooking would destroy the parasite. for felicia, who is vegan, she wasn't interested in that.... felcia. i don't want to eat it, i want to take it back. we bought someotehr seafood, we are taken it all back. in richmond, terisa estacio kron four news.
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(justine) still ahead -- an act of kindness on a sacramento baseball field... find out what a team did to help their opponents. (jr stone) still ahead -- the giants and a's fighting for bragging rights in the bay bridge series finale mark carpenter has the highlights and reaction coming up
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(jrstone) while most 11-year-olds are busy focusing their energy on hobbies like video games... a florida 11-year-old has taken things a
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bit farther.(justine) he already earned his associate's degree from st petersburg college in floriday. jorja roman has the story. nats: "i present to you the graduating class of 2018." hundreds of students achieving a dream. congratulations are in store for each graduate- but all eyes were on onenats william maillis, 11-year-old graduate: "it's very exciting." this is william maillis. he's 11 years old and now has an associates degree. william maillis, 11-year-old graduate: "it's about as difficult as anyone else going there."the humble kid left a lasting mark at st petersburg college. dr. tonjua williams, president, st. petersburg college:"i am totally fascinated by william and the work that he has done. he's extremely brilliant, very open and collaborative." william could do simple math at one and half years age four- he learned algebra. and age five, an ohio state university psychologist declared him a at 11, with one degree in hand, he plans to continue reaching for the stars. william maillis, 11-year-old graduate: "i want to be an astrophysicist. i want to prove to the world that god does exist through science." he'll attend the university of south florida to make that dream come true. when it comes to his genius status- he to his genius status- he feels no different than his peers. william maillis, graduate:what i'm gifted in are gifted in other things."
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other things." (justine) (justine) that was jorja roman reporting. in august william will transfer to the university of south florida where he will pursue his dream of becoming an astro- physicist. it's a great time to be an a's fan. they've exceeded expectations... are three games out of a wildcard spot... and at least for this month, are the best team in the bay area. -- we go to the coliseum jeurys familia playing his first game as an athletic...the team acquired the closer yesterday from the mets. -- johnny cueto on the hill for the giants... looking for his first win since coming off d-l -- --bottom six... matt
10:45 pm
olson...breaking out the lumber. hits his second home run of the day down the right field line and cueto is not pleased... screaming into his glove allows 3home runs, 6 hits, and 4 runs in seven innings -- top 7... giants down 4-1... with runners on the corners pablo sandoval pinch-hitting for gorkys hernandez rolls a 2-run double to the right field wall...and it's getting exciting. giants tie the game heading into the 8th --top 8 -- the home runs are getting ridiculous now. andrew mccutchen..all by himself to left field off of lou trivino. giants take their first lead of the game, 5-4 -- bottom of the inning... a's sticking to their late heroics and their round-trippers. khris davis...again... slaps his second homer of the game..this time off mark melancon. 400 feet back...23rd dinger of the year a's tie the game at 5 to force extras --bottom 10th... ty blach
10:46 pm
trying to get out of jam a's with two on... two outs matt chapman hits a chopper down the middle it goes under brandon crawford's glove take another look... crawford had a chance to make the play semien scores... chapman gets his first career walk-off hit -- and for the 2nd straight game, the a's win a walkoff and take the bay bridge series for the 2nd weekend in a row. oakland gets to hoist the custom trophy.... you hope the ball's hit to him. nobody better. it went off his glove there, and that was the ballgame. well played game. tough way to lose, no question. when you make a comeback like that. they got a break. really a great series for the bay area overall. two great teams. going back and forth. with the trophy and all of that. i think i broke it actually in the front there. they're trying to pick it up. it was an exciting series.
10:47 pm
finally, we were so close to having another memorable tiger woods moment. fist pumping and rocking the red polo on sunday in the final round of a major. --here we go, the carnoustie...the winds, whipping on the course. --el tigre...entered the day in the top 10... and was hot on the front... birdies the 4th hole... then also birdies the then also birdies the 6th... and guiess what... tiger leads at a major... could he pull this out? --14th hole... francesco molinari...who was in tiger's group... drains the birdie putt at the 14th hole to go 7- under --tiger... 11th hole... it unravels for him here... his approach goes into the gallery...he would double bogey the hole and followit up with a bogey in 12th as well.. . he shot a 71 today... finishing 5-under... three strokes back of the winer and tied for 6th place --18th
10:48 pm
hole... molinari... only up one stoke... sticks his approach to set up a birdie putt and he nails the short birdie to win by two strokes... he shot a 69 today... finished 8-under... monileri lifts the claret jug as the first italian ever to win the british open (jrstone) new at ten -- a baseball team competing in sacramento for a shot at the "little league world series" was dealt a major blow... after someone stole all of their equipment. but as tom miller shows us... the game goes on ... and they got some help from an unexpected place. the chalk is set, dirt dampened, and bases in place - but when the boys from montana showed up to the ballpark, something was missing - their gear.player/no name provided: "i was just kind of amazed that everything is gone."the truck and the trailer carrying it all, driven here from outside billings, was gone.ken pelesky/team's parent volunteer: "every piece of baseball equipment that these kids and this team owned, bats gloves, um helmets."ken pelesky parked the truck outside his sacramento hotel last night - and woke up this morning to find it wasn't there.ken pelesky/team's parent volunteer: "we asked them if they wanted to continue in the tournament or if they wanted to forfeit and they said absolutely we're not
10:49 pm
going to forfeit."and because this is little league -- which teaches values along with the game -- they went to their áopponents.player/no name provided: "my first thought is where are they going to get gear, how did this happen, how could it happen and i wanted to help."the team from washington state stepped up to the plate and offered to share. player/no name provided: "i gave them my whole bag so bat, helmet and mit"(nats) "guys i found a helmet."while breaking in new cleats and catching with a foreign glove isn't ideal - it sure beats not playing ball.player/no name provided: "yep just make it work, we all got brand new cleats on, that's not very comfortable, just make it work."with karma like this - good things are sure to come - shortly after the first pitch - police called to say they'd found the truck and trailer. unbeknownst to these boys thousand miles from home, all untouched - their gear safe.a day that began with a tough out - finishing up with a home a home finishing up tough out - finishing up with a home run. run.
10:50 pm
(jrstone) that was tom miller reporting. the montana baseball team finished up their game against with a home run. (justine) japan has unveiled the japan has unveiled the names of its mascots for the tokyo 20-20 olympic and paralympic games. blue and white checked character combines the two japanese words of "mirai" (future) and "towa" (eternity) -- they will appear at the olympic games. the paralympics' pink and white "someity" ( soh-may-tee) is named after a type of cherry blossom flower with games organizers saying the name echoes "so mighty" in english. (jrstone) up next -- pugs and pints -- we'll show you how one brewing company helping find new homes for rescued pups new homes for rescued pups something incredible is here at disney california adventure park. it must be epic! thrilling!
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daring! come ride the incredicoaster. it's going to be simply exhilarating, dahling.
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come ride the incredicoaster. (jrstone) dozens came out to rocklin today for beer, food trucks, and pugs!(justine) moksa brewing company released two new cans today ... and held a pug adoption event. to make the event
10:55 pm
even better ... some of the profits went to the pug rescue of sacramento. the head brewer says it's an agency that's very important to him. gallanosa says can releases typically draw big crowds ... which was beneficial for the pug event. he notes that moksa is working on how they can continue to be involved in the community and give back. (male announcer) the following is a paid program
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