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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 28, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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this fire is centered at the south end of lake berryessa. and mandatory evacuations are underway tonight. kron 4's gayle ong is live for us there tonight.. (gayle) (gayle) sheriff tom sheriff tom
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(gayle) (gayle) there tonight.. live for us there tonight.. (gayle) (gayle) sheriff tom bosenko: ""we know that people are concerned about their homes and they want to see if their homes have survived or they have losses. we have to share that concern as well. (jrs) a state of emergecy is now in effect in california, in
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response to the wildfires that have killed 5 people and destroyed hundreds of homes. president trump approved the declaration this afternoon. (justine) the carr fire in redding has burned almost 84-thousand acres and continues to threaten homes and people. 536 structures are destroyed. more than 100 are damaged. camila bernal spoke to evacuees and is in shasta county with a view of the damage. heidi bulbuk / evacuated: "get out of here as quick as we can!"documents, pictures and prized possessions. the bulbuk family piled everything into a suitcase and walked away from their home. it's the last time they expect to be there before the carr fire is contained. heidi bulbuk / evacuated: "its not even my house in a way. i walk in and it feels like a mausoleum of stuff"like the bulbuks, thousands of people in the shasta county, california area are hoping their homes remain standing as the fire continues to expand jonathan cox / calfire pio: "this fire is just a massive challenge. it's burning in the wildland interface. it's burning in remote areas and it's burning in multiple directions"the damage is in western redding and old shasta but the end in this firefight is cal fire says it could take weeks to reach 100% containment"jonathan cox / "what we do want to just make sure everybody knows is there are 3500 firefighters here who are not going to leave until this thing is out"fire crews are working 24-hour shifts,
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with help from police, the sheriff's office, highway patrol and the national guard. jonathan cox / calfire pio: "we are here to protect this community make sure that we save as many lives as possible and get this thing under control"evacuation orders remain in place for tens of thousands of people in shasta county heidi bulbuk / evacuated: "just praying... praying for the whole community"in shasta county, california i'm camila bernal reporting. (j.r.) reporting.camila bernal reporting. (j.r.) tonight there are evacuations underway in both lake and mendocino counties
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for the river fire. this is all new viewer video shot by nicole andre less than three hours ago. she lives in lakeport and shot this video from vista point. that is on the north side of clear lake. evacuations are underway there in lakeport. nicole tells us massive ashes have been falling on her home since 10 this morning. in fact the sutter lakeside hospital is being evacuated in lakeport as well. 15 patients are being transferred. 6-thousand acres have burned in this fire. it is just two percent contained tonight. (justine) and near yosemite, the ferguson fire, is almost 30 percent contained. but the flames continue to spread. it has burned more 46-thousand acres. the valley was evacuated as a precaution. it won't reopen until august 3rd. firefighters got some help from mother nature in their efforts to contain it. low winds helped them move the fire back to the containment lines. (justine) and with these
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fires spreading rapidly we want to send things over to meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez.(jrs) mabrisa we have thousands of firefighters working right now across the state... how are the tempertures and wind impacting the conditions? very warm inland temperatures will continue through sunday in the bay area. a cool sea breeze and steady marine layer will keep the coast and bayside locations near average. expect 60s along the coast with 80s-90s inland. high pressure will keep things dry as warm temperatures continue inland. milder weather will continue near the coast through the middle of next week.
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(justine) you can track the weather conditions in your neighborhood.. on your phone using our mobile app...and online at kron-4 dot com. you will also find full forecasts and current conditions and get breaking news push alerts with our app. you can download it right now. (jr stone)new tonight at 8 --
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pittsburg's first homicide of the year.police say a man shot and killed his roommate. that killer is on the run tonight. (justine) officers are asking for your help in finding the man. kron4's michelle kingston is live at the pittsburg police department with more on the murder.michelle? (live)police say the suspect was spotted in san bruno and san leandro last night -- but at this point -- they have no idea where he might be. (mk)pamela hoover, neighbor"it was crazy. it was crazy because they had ambulances, fire maybe six or more police officers out here." police say this man -- 61 year old rolando aquino -- shot and killed his roommate -- 61 year old mark gretler -- at about 10 am on friday morning and then took off roommates in the house say they have no idea where he might be -- and are now afraid for their own safety.neighbors say thought áthis would happen here.pamela hoover, neighbor"i never seen them violent toward each other and that's what's really surprising."pamela says victim's truck ... sitting out in front of the she described and helpful neighbor who living here for a few months. arguments about the suspect's dog share a bathroom -- should have escalated to according to neighbors.pamela hoover, "you never now what's going on inside a person's very sad and sorry that that police say this first homicide of the year.working now to find aquino behind bars.pamela hoover, "i'm just sorry come to that altercation to settle disputes without violence."
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(live)again -- police say the suspect was spotted in both san bruno and san both san spotted in suspect was say the again -- police (live) violence." (live)again -- police say the suspect was spotted in both san bruno and san leandro.but he is still not in custody.if you see him -- contact police in pittsburg michelle kingston kron 4 news
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(justine) it was a case that captured the nation, a young girl from vallejo survived after being abducted by a child serial killer. decades later, midsi sanchez created a foundation to help other children from facing the horrible abuse she went through...(jrs) kron 4's ella sogomonian is live for us tonight with more on how midsi plans to do this.... ella. (ella)the state of california reports more than 88 thousand kids went missing last year...and about forty of them were abducted by a stranger just like midsi sanchez... so her goal tonight with this car show is to create a fun way to raise money for a serious cause. gold rims, and a candy paint's .a sure sign you're at a car show...this time at gentlman jim's in vallejo. but the event on saturday was for reasons greater than standing out...more than thirty rides were registered to raise money for a foundation launched by midsi sanchez in her name... it's all to help fulfill a dream of hers to prevent the abuse she endured when she was
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8 years old at the hands of a child serial killer...and was lucky enough to escape.sot: midsi sanchez, child abduction advocate// "being an advocate is part of my healing process. it's something i hold near and dear to my heart and somethign that i am so passionate about. it's not about me it's about the other families of the missing children children that are being abused. i want them to know that they have a voice." the midsi sanchez foundation uses animatronic puppets to host safety assemblys across public and private schools to teach kids important lessons that may help them avoid such a nightmare.sot: angel rivera, animatronics operator// "i seen her on facebook. i do the puppet thing for cancer kids. so when i seen her doing her thing i figured it would be a good mix together and we could do a good job in schools as far as assemblys."last year more than 88 thousand children were reported missing in the state of california...42 of which were abducted by a stranger like cristobal guidos registered his hot rod 1967 el camino for her cause.sot: cristobal guidos, car show participant// "i think it's a very good idea to make people aware of what's going on. not too many people are aware of what's going or they turn their backs, close the window, or they shut the door. they don't want to know anything about it. by being here gives them a chance for other people to know about this."each car registered at $25 each and a raffle was held to raise support for the the
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(ella)sanchez's dream is to bring the first child abduction prevention class to her former school highland elementary here in vallejo before taking it across the tonight at 10 we'll hear from a man the search for midsi went she went missing who's only recently met her and registered for the car show. live in vallejo ella sogomonian kron 4 news. kron 4 news. (jrs) it's a bbq agaisnt ice. we'll tell you how the funds raised are being
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used to benefit illegal immigrants currently being held. (justine) 3-d printed guns. the date to be able to download and print is coming. the reason some are not a fan of the this new internet sensation. (jrs) and a body is found at a bart station. we'll tell you which station the woman was found at and where she was prior to her death.
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(justine) bart police are investigating the death of a woman found at the east dublin bart station early this morning.(jrs) police don't suspect foul play but are looking into one questionable mark on the woman's body. kron 4's sara stinson has details. the woman was found dead here at the pick up and drop off at the east dublin pleasantan bart station.passengers i spoke to say they were excited to ride the bart for a fun day, but now they are concerned for their safety. bart police say the 26-year-old woman was discovered around 5:30 saturday morning.when crews arrived they attempted to treat her, but she was declared dead at the scene. she did have a bump on her head, but no other signs of foul play.police found out later she was recently released from santa rita jail.jail officials are looking at their records to see if the woman had a bump on her head when she was released.meanwhile bart police are looking at surveillance footage to see if they can learn more about what happened. ellie bidal hestitated using bart after learning about the body being found here in the parking lot area. she says she's on edge especially after several murders occuring on bart within the last week. an autopsy on the 26-year- scheduled for monday.bart police say this death is still under dublin, sara stinson, kron 4 news.####
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(jrs) as the outward transfer of immigrant detainees continues at the west county detention facility in richmond... local activisits are holding fundraisers to help keep the detainees close to their families. this after the contra costa county sheriff's office announced earlier this month that its cancelled it's contract with i-c-e. kron four's philippe djegal reports from a fundraiser in san francisco. (philippe) free food --
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the attraction. a desire to abolish u-s immigration and customs enforcement -- the main draw.ellen catalina/donor - "i am deeply, deeply, deeply concerned about the plight of children who have been abducted from their parents at the border." ellen catalina -- one of many activists who gathered outside the 16th and mission bart station in san francisco saturday for some barbeque... and to donate money to the west county detention facility community fund.ellen catalina/donor and activist- "we just need to, um, keep fighting this fight." overall, the non-profit "freedom for immigrants" has already collected more than 21- thousand dollars. the goal is a half-million. organizers say the money will go to the families of undocumented immigrant detainees held at the detention facility in richmond where protests are stagged every month. the funds will help pay the legal fees associated with attempting to bond detainees out and continue their cases in san francisco immigration court. sara allen/activist- "we want to free people who are basically in concentration camps." earlier this month... the contra costa county sheriff's office canceled its contract to house detainees at the facility in richmond. and, time is running out to help detainees before they're tranferred to other locations more than a
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hundred miles away... and, in some cases out of state. magick altman/donor and activist- "ice was created only in 2003 -- nobody knows this. it was created to stop terrorists and criminals. it had nothing to do with people seeking asylum and coming into our country." and, for that reason, activist magick altman says i-c-e has lost its way... needs to go away... and, the government should focus on keeping families together. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. (justine) taking a live look outside.... (jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. .
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very warm inland temperatures will continue through sunday in the bay area. a cool sea breeze and steady marine layer will keep the coast and near average. expect 60s along the coast with 80s-90s inland. high pressure will keep things dry as warm temperatures continue inland. milder weather will continue near the coast through the middle of next week. next week.
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coming up next week. coming up ((so are you working for lyft right now)) yes ((where's is your driver's license)) yes it doesn't work we look at a lyft driver who has some major issues, and why you need to do a double take before jumping into a ride- hail, i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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(jrs) when people take car sharing companies most of the time they make sure the license plate matches the car then they jump in and go on their way.(justine) unfortunately, police recommend you take another additional step to make sure the person behind the wheel is the right driver . stanley roberts shows you why.. .. whenever there is a crackdown, there is no telling what you might find case in point, this blue car just ran a stop (traffic sounds) so officer, (say can) sekhon of the san leandro police department will pull the car over and have chat with the driver who has a lyft decal in the windowi'm officer sekhon of the san leandro police department the reason i pulled you over because that stop sign back there the car in front you stopped but then you didn't stop you just went right through it uh i don't remember i did see it.. you didn't see it the driver then insisted that he did stop when the other car stopped so every car at the stop sign needs to stop this is when he was asked for drivers license .the driver says it's in his back pocket, so he gets out to show it yes this is my old one oh it's old do you think your driver's license is expired? yes, long time . 2003 to be exact the to have has a legal issue a few years ago ok do me a favor, just have a seat back in there ok can you had me the keys please .(say- kan) sekhon checks things i tired to have a chat ((so are you working for lyft right now)) yes ((where's is your driver's doesn't work .. i name this is my brother (( oh it's in your name)) yes ((but you're working for it)) yes my brother working nights i'm ((ok you know you kinda have to have a driver's driver's license is is a long time ago ( long pause ) in a hold alright fair enough now while i was talking to him, more came to light listen in when ask how his license was suspended dui so how long
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have you been driving for lyft this is two weeks let me ask you this does lyft run your license? before they can authorize you to work that when he revealed to the officer that it's his brothers account my brother... ok so lyft doesn't really know that you're driving under your bothers account theni'm going to have you come out of the vehicle and have you sign your citation where he gets detained ((handcuffs click)) placed in the police cruiser while things are sorted out first thing i pulled you over because, you ran that stop sign alright and then you have a suspended license .. and it's saying you have the ignition airlock you know the thing you are suppose to blow in yea that car is not equipped with it cited and the car will be towed with a 30 day hold (it's very expensive) just what could of happened, you could have been driving someone in under your brothers lyft id with no license, with no ignition interlock it would have been a little worse so he will have to find another way asked if thwas someone to ou got someone pick youp? ubenot havin icomes with fine up picked up any passenger todone passenge to but ar make the photo the matches the phodriver just he lice san lstanley roberts knews news roberts kron 4 news roberts kron 4 news
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"did you say coyotes? that is terrifying."(justine) that's right coyotes in san francisco. we spoke to tourists and neighbors about the univited house guests in north beach. (jrs) 3d printed guns. it won't be as simple as download and print. but we speak to one group who is still completely against the new online opportunity. (justine) out of control wildfires. there are more than 20 fires burning in the state right now. we have an update on the carr fire ....including what we know
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about the 5 people who have died, including young children.
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(jr stone) there are about 20 fires burning in the state tonight, firefighters are struggling to contain the carr fire which is destroying neighborhoods in redding, it has consumed almost 84- thousand acres. and is only 5-percent contained, (justine) this fire is also deadly. killing 5 people. (take vo full) a redding firefighter was killed friday. and a firefighter operating a bulldozer died thursday. the fire has destroyed 536 structures. damaged 117. and is threatening almost 5-thousand structures. more than 38-thousand people have been displaced since the fire started monday. and authorities said today they have made an arrest related to looting. the devestation is overwheleming. dominic galvin / lost home in carr fire"we didn't think the
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fire was going to come here, so we didn't take things out, like everyone else that was scrambling at the last minute when we saw fire on the ridge." "no idea what we're going to do tomorrow- hell we don't know what we're going to do tonight." (justine) a woman and her great-grandchildren, aged 4 and 5 years old, who were missing ... have been confirmed dead.confirmed dead. their remains have now been found inside their burned home. (justine) and following breaking news from the top of the hour. there is a fire burning in napa county. cal fire says the steele fire cal fire says the steele fire is near lake berryessa... and has burned 100 acres. at least 15 homes are already damaged. mandatory evacuations have been called for berryessa highlands and pleasure cove. we have a reporter on scene, gathering new information. we will bring you more from this fire live tonight on
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kron4 news at 10. (jrs) the cranston fire near palm springs in southern california is now at 12 thousand acres and 16 percent contained. i actually reported on this fire earlier this week. two firefighters have been injured in this fire. authorities think the fire was intentionally set. calfire officers arrested 32- year-old, brandon mcglover. they think he set several fires in southwest riverside county... one of them grew into the cranston fire. (justine) there are some heartwarming moments in all of this devesation. the california highway patrol golden gate division special response teams are in redding helping with the carr fire. and a sergeant dave fawson rescued a one month old fawn from the fires. the fawn was taken to local deer rescue organization. chp golden gate... posted these pictures on facebook today. (jrs) we have been following these wildfires as they develop on air and online and with our mobile app.
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make sure you download our kron 4 app for the latest breaking news alerts right at your finger tips. (justine) outrage among gun control advocates after a shocking loss in court. a federal judge in austin denied a request that would have prevented a texas company from making blueprints for 3-d printed guns available online. (jrs) that could happen as soon as august first. a local mom is fighting back. they spoke to kron 4's hermela aregawi who joins us live from san rafael. hermela, what is that mom saying tonight? (hermela) (hermela) (hermela) (hermela) tonight? (hermela)(hermela) (hermela) (hermela)
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(jrstone) a man was arrested in santa barbara county after stealing a fire truck and leading police on a high speed chase down the coast. police say 38- year-old donald schellinger broke into a monterey county fire station and stole keys to a truck yesterday morning. schellinger was then spotted in los alamos a few hours later. a chase ensued -- reaching speeds up to one-hundred miles-per-hour. schellinger was finally stopped when he tried to make a u-turn. lt. clayton turner/santa barbara county sheriff's office: "and, once they got him out of the vehicle and had him laying prone on the ground that's, that's when we made physical
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contact with him ... just to get his hands behind his back, and he was compliant, and we were able to get him handcuffed and, and placed safely in the back of a patrol car." in the back of a patrol car." at one point, military security forces got involved when the truck started driving towards the vandenberg air force base. schellinger is now facing numerous charges including vehicle theft and evading police. (justine) a los angeles police department officer remains in the hospital tonight... she was shot in the leg friday evening. the shooting happened when the female officer and her partner conducted a traffic stop. police say, the driver shot and injured the officer as she was walking to the car ... and was wounded when the wounded officer's partner returned fire. the injured officer is expected to recover. (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on...
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(jr stone) a boy nearly died at a santa cruz county beach after he got trapped in the sand.(justine) reporter ashley keehn talked to the hero lifeguard who was able to save the day. ryan springer/lifeguard: "we got to the sce it was pretty hectic, a lot of people screaming."ryan springer was one of the first lifeguards to respond saturday.she says they were alerted about a boy who had become trapped in the sand after a tunnel he was digging collapsed on him.ryan springer/lifeguard: "when we got to our patient and did our first check, our primary assessment we like knew what we had to do."when crews got to the boy he was unconscious, not breathing and had no pulse. springer says that's when her training kicked in and is ultimately what helped save that little boys life..ryan springer/lifeguard: "on the last day of training i remember we had a sand entrapment were all doing some kind of test or something and then one of the instructors runs up to us and is like there's someone buried in the sand! and we all ran down, dug up this mannequin, like the formation that we had like learned through training and then we started cpr on the mannequin and it was pretty helpful for this call i would say."lifeguard supervisor eddie rhee-pizano says there's nothing wrong with digging holes, it's part of the fun of being at the beach but the problem,eddie rhee- pizano/state parks lifeguard
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supervisor: "if they go too steep, too deep or they start digging tunnels or caves that's when the problem arises. when you initially dig in the sand, the sand is very moist and it actually holds its shape pretty well. you can dig a nice deep hole or tunnels and caves, but as the sand and day goes on, as it gets hotter the sand does tend to dry out and it gets really soft and light and that's when it can easily collapse." (jr stone)(jr stone) that was ashley keehn reporting. officials say the young boy is expected to make a full
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recovery. (justine) reynolds revamp. what's the next big project for ryan reynolds? an r-rated twist on a christmas classic. (justine) get your garlic everything in gilroy. the garlic festival is going all weekend and we spoke to organizers about how this event helps the whole community.
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(justine) it's coyote season in san francisco... and friday, a coyote was seen walking with it's breakfast in mouth in north beach.mouth in north beach.(jr) kron four's philippe djegal shares video of the animal and how neighbors and tourists reacted to the rare sighting. (philippe) a neighbor does a double take, then turns on his phone and starts recording
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what he realizes is a coyote taking a strole down jones street near chestnut street in san francisco's north beach neighborhood.ed lang/tourist- "did you say coyotes? that is terrifying." the sighting happened just before six o'clock in the morning. tourists in the area had no clue coyote's live nearby. warning signs are posted up at pioneer park near coit tower. it appears this coyote was hungry -- seen walking away with what looks like a rat in it's mouth.natalie batlin/neighbor- "it actually made me feel really sad that the coyotes have to come into these neighborhoods to get food." coyote's rarely attack humans, though it has happened. and, over time, they have become more aggressive towards us. their preferred prey are smaller animals like cats and dogs.natalie batlin/neighbor- "usually, they're sighted in the presidio, um, i walk small dogs, so i would definitely just go the opposite direction, or try to get them in the car as soon as possible." a year ago, a woman witnessed a coyote kill her dog in the ingleside neighborhood. san francisco animal care and control estimates there are several dozen coyotes living in the city. long-time neighbors like jan blum don't mind them.jan blum/neighbor- "the thing that you always do with an animal like that is you make yourself as large as possible and make as much noise as possible to scare them off. they really don't want to interact with people." animal care and control says it's illegal to round up coyotes and take them elsewhere. adding that there are no plans to do in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. (jrs) happening tomorrow...
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thousands of runners will hit the streets for the san francisco marathon. but this year... there are some changes. runners involved in the full marathon will run on the sidewalk of the golden gate bridge not the roadway. half marathon runners aren't able to go on the bridge at all. this is a change from prior years. the race will still dip through popular parts of the city like fisherman's wharf... and the golden gate bridge. there will be new interactive
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displays that will cheer the 27-thousand runners along. (justine) gilroy garlic festival is in full swing.. kron 4's lydia pantazes tells us how this festival gives back to the community. here at the garlic festival tell me you guys supply all the garlic for this event and tell me how long does it take to prepare. we supply about 2 tons as a donation we work year round this event means everything to our company because this gives back to the community. in the last 39 years garlic festival has raise more than 11 and a half million dollars for the community. that money goes back to non profits and allows high school students to go abroad and football players to have new jerseys. and it all goes back to our community to create opportunities. my favorite is gourmet ally food hs out us on the map. garlic festival runs through sunday. lp kron4 news.
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(justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . very warm inland temperatures
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will continue through sunday in the bay area. a cool sea breeze and steady marine layer will keep the coast and bayside locations near average. expect 60s along the coast with 80s-90s inland. high pressure will keep things dry as warm temperatures continue inland. milder weather will continue near the coast through the middle of next week. (justine)(justine)
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(justine) a lifeguard in florida is taking the term "experienced" to a whole new level.(jr stone) richard steinfirst is 85-years-old - and still saves lives on the job. jake peterson found him on duty in bradenton. at first, you wonder."85 and lifeguard, can he really do that."but after you watch richard steinfirst in action, you realize he's the real deal. he's four times older than most of the lifeguards in bradenton.richard steinfirst, 85-year-old "i turned eighty- five a few weeks ago. it's really wonderful. i swim every day 1,000 yards "steinfirst's love of the in the fifties. he's taught thousands richard steinfirst, 85-year-old lifeguard:"i like teaching children. i think it's very important for how to swim."and saved dozens of lives.richard steinfirst, 85-year-old lifeguard:"i make two or three rescues every summer."jake peterson, reporting:"richard used to patrol the beaches, but now he's at a community pool because he says it's much more his speed."he says the basics of lifeguarding are the same anywhere.richard steinfirst, 85-year-old lifeguard:"it's the anticipation. it's the eyes, really, watching the children all the time."and he doesn't plan to hang up his whistle
8:52 pm
just yet."until they have me here, i can probably get into three more years if i try." ryan gagliano, lifeguard:"he's gonna live until he is a hundred, probably more. he makes us smile every single day." (justine) despite his age, steinfirst can still out-age, steinfirst despite his (justine) single day."smile every he makes us smile every single day." (justine) despite his age, steinfirst can still out-swim some of his far younger co- workers.
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(justine) ryan reynolds is redoing the christmas classic
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home alone. reynolds will produce the r-rated revamp for 20th century fox. "stoned alone" will focus on a twenty- something weed grower who misses a plane for a holiday vacation, gets overly high and encounters thieves trying to break into his home. no word on a release date. breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. cal fire has released the steele fire is now burning 150 acres and is only 10 percent contained. stay with us online at kron 4 dot com and our reporter is on scene gathering information and will have a live update for you on kron 4 news at 10. (jrs) and for the river fire the area that has burned has jumped to 9,000 acres and 5 percent contained. the sutter lakeside hospital is being evacuated in lakeport as well. 15 patients are being
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♪ >> so we're currently sitting about a half mile from the suspect's residence. suspect has a $100,000 felony warrant for a 245, assault with a deadly weapon, and forr


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