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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 29, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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evacuated from their homes tonight. in our area we have three wildfires burning. thank you for joining us at 8... i'm jr stone.(justine) and i'm justine waldman. we start tonight with the steele fire. it is burning in napa county. and we know at least 7 homes have been destroyed.. this is where we find kron 4's gayle ong who is live for us in napa county in front of one of those homes now. gayle what are you seeing? (gayle)a lot of damage can see right here - mangled metal..charred driveways..this is one of the 8 homes that was destroyed this used to be someone's drive way..a smashed garage door,charred structures and shattered glass is what's left of this home on highlands
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drive in napa countythis is one of the homes destroyed in the steele fire saturday afternoonthe fire broke out around 4:30 -- it started off arroyo grande drive and steele canyon road in this berryessa highlands then jumped over to highlands drive where these homes were consumed by the flamesa street over.. at woodhaven court - it came close to roy powell's house - but scorched his next door neighbor's home
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(gayle)neighbors say the some of the owners have not seen this..some of the houses these are vacation homes..4 other structures were also damaged.. cal fire says they've been making progress today..we'll be here through the night and have an update from them on kron 4 news at 10live in napa county gayle ong kron4 news.. (justine) thank you gayle. and we want to continue with team coverage for you tonight on the fires burning in the bay area. marbrisa rodriguez is tracking how the weather conditions are effcting the battle against the flames.(jrs) but first we want to send things over to kron 4's ella sogomonian who is live in lake county where the mendocino complex fires are forcing new evacuations displacing hundreds of people tonight. ella we're getting word it's already filling up quickly there? (ella)volunteers here tell me the twin pines casino is at maximum capacity. they have taken in about 80 evacuees here that are set up with cots inside and they're working on getting them food and more supplies. the mendocino complex fire
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doubled in size over night...with the ranch and river fires burning more than 30 thousand acres in total. 5 structures were destroyed ... forcing evacuations across lake and mendocino counties...and is 5 percent contained.volunteers are moving quickly to set up shelters for places people where people can seek refuge. the twin pines casino here has served as an evacuation site for disasters like this back to back for the past few years with the valley fire in 2015 then the clayton fire two years ago then a flood and now the mendocino complex fire...that's forcing people to flee with what little they can grab... sot: bill (ella)and if you're trying to get out of the area just keep
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in mind that state route 20 is closed because of the ranch fire between the intersection at potter valley road and hwy 29.we're going to stay on top of the evacuations and the fire for you all in a report tonght at in middletown ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (justine) a 6th victim died today in the carr fire. the sheriff's office saying the person did not evacuate despite receiving an evacuation warning. fire officials say crews made good
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progress ... which has destroyed more than 500 buildings.(jr stone) tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes by the wildfire, which has scorched more than 89- thousand acres. reporter doug johnson spoke with one shasta county woman ... who says her home is being protected from this fire by damage from the last fire.(pkg) -nats fire-the sound of the carr fire gives you a good idea of just how dry the terrain it's burning in... really is.-nats fire-sue bee semore/homeowner: 'this fire has no mercy, it's just everywhere.'sue bee semore has a front row seat to the blaze's destruction.her house on clear creek road near igo is an island amongst a charred landscape.but that terrain burned during the creek fire in june.sue bee semore/homeown er: "it burned all the way up to the house and then this little red chicken coup; inside and outside, it burned
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the outside but we were fine." -nats-now it's protecting her home from the carr fire.but she knows the rest of shasta county is in trouble.sue bee semore/homeowner: "i hear it's going this way and that way and then anderson. my roommate said he was in cottonwood, there was a fire that started in cottonwood from a spot fire so it's just everywhere." --nats--off placer road in redding, crews use dozers and hoses to build a protective barrier on the western edge of the city.while 500 structures have been destroyed, so many more are still threatened. -nats-meanwhile semore says, four years ago her house did burn down in the clover fire... when her son owned it. so she knows how hard the loss is for others.but tonight, she's counting her blessings. -nats-reporter: "i gotta ask. why stay?" (jr stone) that was doug
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johnson reporting. state (justine) it is hot, dry, and windy. brutal conditions for fire fighters. and just the right fuel for flames. (jrstone) for the conditions we turn to our meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. high pressure will maintain warm and dry conditions inland. expect 60s-70s along the coast and 80s-90s inland. onshore flow and a persistent marine layer will keep temperatures near the ocean and bays a few degrees cooler than normal. inland areas will likely cool slightly starting around midweek as high pressure weakens.
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deadly. in the ferguson fire, we learned today another fire fighter died in that huge wildfire near yosemite national park.(jr stone) kron 4's hermela aregawi is live in the newsroom with what we know about the victims from all the fires across the state.. hermela? (hermela) we have just learned from cal fire that a second firefighter has died battling the ferguson fire. seven others have been injured. we don't have the identity of the latest victim. but we do know about the first fatality. captain brian huges of sequoia died in the line of duty this morning. the 33 year old and his crew were operating in a complicated area.. when huges was struck by a tree. he was treated on the scene but died before he was transported to a hospital. according to cal fire.. a total of six people have now died in the carr fire.. which
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continues to burn in and around the city of redding. a firefighter and a bull dozer operator were the first victims of that furious blaze. they were killed in the first 24 hours. a 70 year old grandmother and her two young grand children were also killed. they were stranded in their home when flames swept through the rural area. the sixth victim has not been identified.. and several others remain missing. to date, there have been 16 reports made of missing persons. nine of those have been cleared. 7 are currently been investigated. and there has been a fourth victim identified as a result of a fire consuming a residence and a decedent located in that residence (hermela) the images from the carr fire are eerily reminiscent of last october's fires in the north bay. but the death toll from that fire and the
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one near yosemite.. are still far below what we saw then. live in the newsroom hermela aregawi kron 4 news. (justine) you can track the weather conditions in your neighborhood.. on your phone using our mobile app...and online at kron-4 dot com. you will also find a list of evacuations centers and ways you can help wildfire victims. (jrs) just six miles away another car has gone over the edge at big sur. we have the story coming up. (justine) police say a woman admitted to shooting her husband. the reason she says drove her to kill. (jrs) cutting ties. the reason a local coffee shop is ending their deal with salesforce.
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(jr stone) this coffee shop owner willingly stepped away from a 40-thousand dollar contract to stand up for what he believes in. brewing gourmet coffee for patrons is nick cho's passion
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.... but in this case's not just a symbolic gesture. it represents sacrificehe's referring to the opportunity to provide coffee for salesforce's annual dreamforce conference.a big reason we made the choices we have, is that in america we're addicted to money. and although we may shake our heads at things when it comes to money, we'll still go to things that make us the most.cho says salesforce's alleged work for immigration and customs border patrol doesn't sit well with him. after finding out texas based non-profit raices who's raised millions to reunite migrant families at the border --- declined a 250k donation from salesforce ... the korean immigrant decided the right thing to do was turn down his pending 40-thousand dollar our proposal we wrote the stipulation that they stop working with cbp these are concentration camps that are being built for kids
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.and all the other details are irrelevant. it's just not ok what's happening.for wrecking ball coffee, that chunk of change .... it's actually 2 months of our raw coffee supplies and would pay a lot of billssupporters of the shop's decision say they stand behind the owner because .... for holding true to what you stand for and believing what you believe in no matter the consequences.i reached out to salesforce c-e-o, marc benioff who's previously pledged millions in local philanthropic efforts ... for comment. so far we haven't heard back. reporting in san francisco .... ali reid ... kron 4 news. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast.
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. high pressure will maintain warm and dry conditions inland. expect 60s-70s along the coast and 80s-90s inland. onshore flow and a persistent marine layer will keep temperatures near the ocean and bays a few degrees cooler than normal. inland areas will likely cool slightly starting around midweek as high pressure weakens.
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(justine) very close to where a woman crashed her car off a cliff and survived in big sur.... a man was killed in a single-car crash off a cliff in monterey county. (jrstone) reporter josh kristianto (chris-tea-anto) has more on what investigators are learning about the wreck. a tragic scene on highway 1 saturday morning. a man was killed when his car went off the side of the highway and down a steep cliff.the wreck was discovered by a resident... driving by... seeing unusual brush patterns on the roadside just before nine a-m. matt harris/big sur fire deputy chief:"he stopped to look over the side and he was the one that saw the vehicle and called 911."it was a white 2012 chevrolet cruze... likely already there
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for and rescue found the driver dead on scene. josh kristianto/reporting:"the california highway patrol tells me that the car was traveling on highway 1 north near gorda when it jumped the curb on that corner and fell about 300 feet below down to the cliff bottom." the initial investigation found the driver couldn't complete a right curve... crossing into the southbound lanes... and plunging off the road.matt harris/big sur fire deputy chief:"last night was an extremely foggy night, this is a sharp curve following a straightaway where people can end up driving a little faster than they think they are. who knows what the circumstances were."this accident comes 16 days after hikers found oregon woman angela hernandez alive. missing for a week after her jeep fell down a cliff about six miles north on the highway.
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matt harris/big sur fire deputy chief:"highway 1 is notorious for these types of calls. we get a handful a year, probably a half dozen a year over the side vehicles. (justine) that was josh kristianto (chris-tea-anto) reporting. c-h-p officials are still investigating the crash. the identity of the victim has not been released. (jrs) homeless and jobless. the way one man is taking the oppurtunity to ask for a job. (justine) a child was left in a daycare bus in the heat. where the child was believed to be hiding.
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r stone) an oklahoma parent says his four-year-old daughter was left alone inside a hot daycare bus. it happened in bartlesville which is in the northeast part of the state.(justine) the
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father, andy sutton, says carelessness could easily have led to tragedy. mycah hatfield has the story: andy sutton/daughter left on daycare bus: "whenever they found her she was sitting there screaming, bawling, beet red, freaked out."sutton says his four year old daughter sierra was left in a salvation army day care bus in bartlesville from about 3:30 thursday afternoon until 5:15 when his wife went to pick their kids up.andy sutton/daughter left on daycare bus: "whenever they got back, nobody done a head count. nobody cared to see that she got off the bus."the father believes his daughter was sleeping under a seat in the ian carr/salvation army bartlesville: "we had an incident concerning a child and we had a parent complain. we immediately launched an investigation. we are very sorry for the pain and concern this has caused the family." the pain caused to the family is more so emotional.they are
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so thankful it was cooler outside this week than it was last.voice of andy sutton/daughter left on daycare bus: "had it been last thursday, i would probably be making funeral arrangements."a thought that makes sutton shake.he plans to file a police report so the daycare investigated.andy sutton/daughter left on daycare (justine) that was mycah hatfield reporting. (justine) an arkansas woman is in jail ... after telling police she shot and killed her husband because he purchased pornography.(jr stone ) jefferson county authorities say 69-year-old patricia hill called 911 to report what she'd done-- telling dispatchers that she'd shot her husband, 65-year-old frank hill. she told investigators that she'd canceled his subscription when she found out he'd ordered television porn. hill said she then asked her husband to leave -- and when he refused, she shot him. investigators found him in a backyard shed. they said he'd been shot twice. "there's a shed that he would frequent from time to time, i'm not sure if it was designated as a man cave or whatever, but was found inside that shed."(jr stone) patricia hill is
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currently in jefferson county's detention center -- and will stay there until her court date next week. (jrs) a homeless man in the bay area is on the search. instead of begging for money he's giving something out instead. (justine) death in the french quarter. after a shooting kills three people... a nationwide manhunt to find the suspect is underway tonight. throughout the state we have a lot of resources spread out through the state.(jrs) three fires are now burning in our area. we speak with firefighters about how they're using their resources to battle all of these flames. firefighters are working
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tirelessly to battle numerous fires burning across the state right now.(jrs) we have three fires burning locally.... the steele fire.
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plus, the ranch fire and the river fires.... which together are called the mendocino complex fires. kron 4's charles clifford was on the frontline today with firefighters tackling the mendicino complex fires. mandatory evacuations orders are also in effect in both lake and mendocino counties where two wildfires are burning. the river fire and the ranch fire are now part of the mendocino complex fire. together it is now 14-thousand acres... and 10- percent contained. this is what it looked like saturday evening. a viewer shot this video and said that ash was falling on their home all day. evacuations are underway in lakeport and nearby areas. the mendocino county sheriff ordered mandatory evacuations in the hopland area... all the way to the lake county line. the fire has destroyed at least one home and an additional structure.. over 300 structures remain
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threatened. (jr)sad news tonight as a second firefighter has died in the ferguson fire near yosemite. the firefighter and his crew were engaged in a tactical firing operation on the east side of the fire. he was hit by a tree on sunday morning and later died. his identity has not been released. so far the ferguson fire has scortched 53-thousand
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646 acres. containment numbers are now at 30-percent. yosemite remains closed and won't open up until august third. (jrs) we have been following these wildfires as they develop on air and online and with our mobile app. make sure you download our kron 4 app for the latest breaking news alerts right at your finger tips. "i told myself you know what if theres one person out there who will take my resume and just offer me a job that would be awesome"(justine) homeless ... jobless ... but not giving up.(jr stone) kron4's michelle kingston shows us the creative way one young man is handing out resumes to land his dream job in the silicon valley.(jrs) .. (mk)david casarez, homeless "thank you. thank you appreciate it."it's a sight you see at many bay area intersections ... a homeless man holding a sign.david casarez, homeless"i was really at a down point in my life. didn't really know what to do." but david casarez isn't
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begging for money david casarez, homeless"i just need a job. i'm just looking for a job."he's looking for work ... handing out resumes and not accepting cash.david casarez, homeless"my goal long term is to eventually build a start up here that benefits society." michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"david moved to silicon valley after graduating from texas a and m and working as a web developer out of state. he came with a chunk of cash to live on until he landed his dream job.but 10 months later and he's out of money and sleeping on a park bench ... but he is not giving up."david casarez, homeless"i wanted to be in the bay area with all the other tech companies.""if you want to compete and play with the big dogs you have to come out here" "i was like, you know what, let me try something to stand out."and that's exactly what david is doing -- standing on the corner of san antonio and el camino road in mountain view with his resume that caught the eye of a driver who posted his photo on her twitter that went viral -- shared more than 125-thousand
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times ... and now david says he can't keep up with the amount of job opportunities being sent his way.david casarez, homeless"i'm pretty grateful for the support people have shown me."he's confident his week will be filled with interviews ... and says he won't stop until he's offered the position he's after -- a job in the tech industry here in silicon valley.david casarez, homeless "thank you. thank you so much." in mountain view, michelle kingston, kron 4 news. (justine) landmarks around los angeles were bathed in gold light last night... in honor of beloved local food critic, jonathan gold. buildings and landmarks across the city displayed messages and special lighting displays in honor of what would have been his 58th birthday. gold died of pancreatic cancer last week. during a career that spanned more than 40 years, gold wrote for l-a weekly, gourmet, and the los angeles times, where he won a pulitzer prize. (jrstone) a trader joe's employee killed during a police standoff last weekend has been laid to rest. mely corado was working as an
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assistant manager at the store when the suspect, gene evin atkins, crashed outside while trying to flee the police. corado was fatally shot by police gunfire during the three hour standoff. today, the family held a funeral that was open to the public. friends and family wore hawaiian shirts to honor the 27-year-old. corado's older brother told the crowd he feels like he lost his heart.albert corado/brother: "i want to say i'm going i'm going to stay positive and i'm going to do my best right now mely, you have left a horrible hole in all of our lives and i know that you didn't mean to." a memorial has been set up outside the grocery store in mely's memory. atkins now faces 31 charges, including murder -- attempted murder and false imprisonment. his bail is set at nine-million dollars. (justine) a shooting in new orleans that killed 3 people and injured 7 others ....has triggered a manhunt. (jr stone) authorities say two suspects opened fire into
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a crowd outside a business three miles from the french quarter. reporter kim hutcherson has a closer look and the plea for help from police. (pkg) chief michael s. harrison, new orleans police department: "this was an extremely tragic incident."police searching for hours for two suspects accused of killing 3 people and injuring 7 others. and making a plea for help-- chief michael s. harrison, new orleans police department: "a lot of people we know saw what happened, heard what happened, and we need more than anything for people to come forward." authorities say the suspects were wearing hoodies when they fired a long rifle and handgun. they also say the suspects walked up to a crowd gathered at a strip mall, approached the victims from behind and fired multiple rounds "indiscriminately."chief michael s. harrison, new orleans police department: "we believe that they actually stood over one of the individuals and fired multiple rounds. and then after that fled."two men and a woman died at the scene and several others were injured. including one person in critical condition.police are hoping
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the community will share any information they have about the shooting. the motive for the shooting is still under investigation. i'm kim hutcherson.
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(justine) people behaving badly can also include people behaving foolishly.(jr stone) such is the case with this package thief...who backed her car into the security camera where her license plate was on
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display. .. this is video of a white minivan backing into a driveway in the city of vallejo nats ambiance out of the passenger side pops a woman wearing of all thing a los angeles lakers jersey, she walks up and grabs a package they actually parked on my driveway, they grabbed my package like nothing and just drove awaythis is idy (id) and her ring camera captured this event at her home near tidewater drive in vallejo, where according to idy several homes were hit well it seems like it's not only me a few of us have run into the same problem and i feel i like wow i want more people to know about it but wait, less than a mile away in a separate community near sandhurst drive at the home of a law enforcement officer sound of large box dragging on the exact same day, the same woman
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grabbed two packages, one which according to the homeowner contained a rare jersey, valued at just over 200 dollars nats: ambiance and large computer desk valued at close to 300 dollarsall captured on ring cameras the interesting thing about the ring camera, it's always recording, there is even video of me showing up looking for the people who were victimized how do you feel? very upset because after that i was like i want my neighbor to know about that you know my whole neighborhood because it's not happening to my neighbor it's happening to me package thefts have been come a huge issue all around the bay area along with mail theft people work really hard and you don't expect to come home and like your package got stolen idy's
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(id) package was a shirt valued somewhere around 100 dollars, and the worst part, the shirt is now out of stock but to add some levity to this not so funny event (jrs) do you recognize them? just who was caught on camera busting a move at the beyonce and jay z concert in dc. (justine) warning for parents. it is another internet challege. and this one has killed a child. what parents need to know.
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(jrs) nowadays there are many different viral challenges... from the kylie jenner lip challenge to the tide pods challenge... now there is another challenge parents need to worry about...
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(justine) the so-called "hot water challenge" involves drinking boiling water ... or pouring it on a friend. it's already killed a child in florida. and as report nick mcgill explains... it left an indianapolis teen with skin peeling off his body. kyland clark/friend poured hot water on him: "you already know ... (nat: you're so silly) ... get better ... get me back out there, shooting them hoops."he can joke now, but 15-year-old kyland clark is still wearing the scars of a dangerous internet challenge gone wrong.kyland clark/friend poured hot water on him: "the situation is here, so you canút like really just not deal with it."kyland says last week he and his friend were looking up the hot water challenge on youtube.when he fell asleep, he says his friend heated up some water and poured it on him. it was supposed to be a joke. kyland clark/friend poured hot water on him: "... when i came to my senses, the water got hot and i just got up and ripped my shirt off."kyland ran to a bathroom to try and escape the pain. kyland clark/friend
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poured hot water on him: "and then, like, i looked down at my chest, and my skin just fell off my chest, and then i went and i looked in a mirror and then i had skin falling off right here and on my face." when the damage was done kyland suffered second-degree burns on his back, chest and face ... putting him in the hospital for a was one of his mother, andreaús, worst nightmares.andrea clark/kylandús mother: "to see my baby, all burnt up like that ... it was heart- breaking."doctors with i-u health say...theyúre starting to see more of these so-called internet challenges land people in the emergency room. dr. ed bartkus/ems director at methodist hospital: "and, it's suggesting to people that they can try it and they won't be hurt, but they will be. i can guarantee it."in the case of the hot water challenge, dr. ed bartkus says its possible to end up with permanent disfigurement due to burns.or, if someone swallows the hot water ... burns to the airway that could cause them to close, resulting in death. dr. ed bartkus/ems director at methodist hospital: "if your friends are telling you to do this, they are not good friends."thoughts echoed by kyland and andrea clark ... who say, for now, theyúre just glad kyland is on the road to
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recovery.andrea clark/kylandús mother: "it could have been worse. my son could have died." kyland clark/friend poured hot water on him: "thereús a limit to what you should do in a challenge and what you shouldnút do. donút take it overboard." (justine) that was nick mcgill reporting... kyland's doctors say he should heal.... they say his pigment should be back to normal in a few months. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . high pressure will maintain warm and dry conditions inland. expect 60s-70s along the coast and 80s-90s inland. onshore flow and a persistent marine layer will keep temperatures near the ocean and bays a few degrees cooler than normal. inland areas will likely cool slightly starting around midweek as high pressure weakens.
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going into the all-star break, the giants looked to be a team that had potential to make a run, but 12-games
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into the 2nd half, they've yet to win a series and are 3-and- 9. --giants wrapping up a 4-game series against the brewers. hansley "bam bam" meulens serving as manager in place of bruce bochy the skipper skipped today's game to attend trevor hoffman's hall of fame induction. --top first... giants get rocked early ryan braun hits a 2-run shot off andrew suarez the rookie allows 8 hits and 4 runs in six innings milwaukee up 2-nothing --giants left 18 runners stranded in the first three games bottom third... buster posey hits a 3-run double to the gap... clears the bases... giants take the lead 3-2 posey finishes with 4 hits for the first time in 2 years in the fifth... pablo sandoval with a full count and two on slaps a triple down the right field line... posey and evan longoria score giants up 7-3 panda leaves the fifth with a hamstring strain will have an m-r-i monday morning
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moving on to the a's, not too long ago, the hottest team in baseball...but on the verge of getting swept. -we go to mile high...a's wrapping up a three-game set agains the rockies. here's a fun tradition, the team chugging redbulls in the dugout pregame. team chugging redbulls... --frankie montas...getting the start and could have used a little more energy. --bottom 2nd, no outs, rockies with a man on 2nd... tom murphy...deep and true into the mile high air...2-run homer to centerfield. 2-zip rockies. --herman marquez...on the hill for the rockies. the 23-year old rookie..not afraid to go right after that a's lineup.... 8-punchouts and only allowed 5 hits through 7 and 2/3rds. --top 7, a's down 2 runs..they've scored more than 200 runs in the 7th inning or later this season. khris davis at the dish.. and khrush comes through... 28th home run of the year-- 4th in all of baseball. a's down 3-2. --next inning, tying run at first for the a's, matt
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chapman...strikes out swinging... and the green and gold, lose 3-2... swept for the first time since mid june. finally, grand images from a dazzling celebration in france for the final stage of the tour de france. it's really more cerimony than competition at this point... gerent thomas of wales.... cemented the yellow jersey yesterday... so today he and his team brought out the champaine to celibrate his first tour de france title.... the riders made their way into paris and down the "champs-elyees" for the final stretch... and you can see all the iconic visuals... the eiffel tower 4-time overall champion and defendinf 3-time champion chirs froome finished 3rd this time
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(jr stone) the obamas were seen at a beyonce and jay-z concert near washington, d-c . videos were shared
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on social media of former president barack obama and first lady michelle obama at the maryland show. michelle obama was also spotted dancing at another beyonce and jay-z concert in paris two weeks ago. the obama's youngest daughter, sasha, was also there. beyonce and the obamas have teamed up in the past. beyonce performed at the former first couple's inaugural dance in 2009 and at the presidential inauguration in 2013. finally get a the giants
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stone>(nat pop)the giants finally get a win over the brewers... buster posey has his best game of the season... and they do it without their skipperthe a's continue to cool off in colorado... but "crush davis" keeps hammering awaynfl training camps are here... we will break down both the 49ers and raiders as they prepare for the nfl seasonand the final stage of the tour de france is a champaine celebration for a first-time winnerso get in the fast lane... sports night live is... ... next! (nats - show theme music> "this is kron 4's sports night live." (jrs) welcome to sports night live. i'm jr stone, al


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