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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 18, 2018 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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break. how three miscarriages made her question everything and now how she's full of joy. then "e.t." at the emmys. we have details on a preshow brawl that could spell legal troubles. >> plus -- >> ben is an alcoholic. we come from a long line of alcoholics. >> how ben's addiction is affecting jen? >> then in the kitchen with the duchess. >> why cher isn't a fan of cher. >> we're getting ready with "this is us" star chrissy metz. ♪ could you be the most beautiful girl in the world ♪ >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> we judy coming to you from
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the microsoft theater in downtown los angeles. >> stars brawling and getting bruised up. it's nuts. you can't make this up. >> let's start with carrie underwood getting emotional. the country superstar revealing her struggles with fertility. >> we got pregnant early 2017 and it didn't work out. got pregnant again in the spring and it didn't work out. got pregnant again early 2018 and it didn't work out. so at that point it was just kind of like, okay, like what's -- why do i keep getting pregnant if i can't have a kid? >> suffering three devastating miscarriages in less than two years. leading up to last month's announcement. >> i would literally have these horrible things going on in my
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life and have to go smile and do some interviews and, like, do a photo shoot or something, you know. >> i saw firsthand just how much of a professional carrie remained during that heart breaking time. >> you said you were going to relax a little bit and take a little time off and enjoy home. >> yeah. right now i'm kind of in the process of remembering what it's like to be human. ♪ jesus take the wheel >> you put this face on for the world. >> and sometimes you just can't cry pretty. >> carrie told "cbs this morning" she titled that pain into the title track of her new album, "cry pretty." >> she recently spent time with disneyland with her husband and son isaiah. >> my son is the best thing in the world. it sucks so much.
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things are looking better. >> congratulations carrie and two little ones on the road. she's going on tour in may. >> that will be a handful. >> another mom not letting pregnancy slowing her down. kate hudson was supporting 7-year-old son bingham at his soccer game. looks like he needed tlc from mama. >> those games can be very emotional. >> speaking of getting upset tempers flared at an emmy party this weekend. >> mark burnett attacked me like a psycho. >> that's tom arnold minutes after filing a police report against producer mark burnett today. roma downey said she and her husband were the real victims. she tweeted this photo and wrote got this bruce tonight when tom arnold tried to ambush my husband mark and me at a charity event. a source who was there said jeff
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probst separated the men. arnold has been pushing burnett to release outtakes from "the apprentice." it's the subject of his new "vice land series." at entertainment weekly's pre emmy bash justin hartley released a secret. >> what's the biggest perk about party hoppinhopping? >> the driver. >> "snl" was fresh off his emmy win last week. >> to see him with a better half of himself and making him happy is really nice. >> over at the nominee's reception ed harris was ready to
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celebrate. >> "west wood" with 21 nominations. >> that's what they tell me. >> wow. it's hopefully a big fun night >> do you all do something on emmy day? >> my ritual is get out of the house. like it's usually on sunday. >> let's hit it. let's go kevin. >> here we go. >> let's talk about ben affleck. we know his family and friends are rallying around him right now, including his younger brother casey who updated me on ben's mindset today. >> i think for his kids' sake and for their mom and for himself he's trying to do the work and get it together. >> is he doing okay? >> that's ben's girlfriend shauna sexton packing up groceries yesterday after visiting affleck. today he arrived home for his daily workout before returning to rehab. his 28-day treatment is expected
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to end mid week and casey says it's affecting everyone in ben's life. >> alcoholism has a huge impact on not just the person, but also their family. >> out of respect, can you give us some space? >> 26 days ago it was ben's estranged wife jen garner who drove him to treatment, his third time in rehab. casey notes substance abuse is a demon both brothers know all too well. >> ben is an addict, an alcoholic. most of my grandparents are alcoholics. my father is an alcoholic, as bad as you can be, and he's been sober for about 30 years. i've been sober for about six years. ben is trying to put it together and it can be a very hard thing to do. it's nothing to be ashamed of and it's good that he's taking care of it. >> we sat down with affleck and co-star tika sumpter for "the old man and the gun." the new crime comedy also stars, no biggie, just robert redford and sissy spacek. >> both of us kind of kept sneaking looks, like that's robert redford.
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>> i know. >> can you blame them? >> they're so great in this movie. they handled it well. >> across the pond there was another reason to celebrate. >> prince harry turned 34 on saturday. meanwhile his wife meghan markle just turned her pre royal passion into her first solo charity project. >> in january 2018 as i was settling into my new home in london i met a group of women whose community had been affected by the grenfell fire. >> the duchess gets hands on in the kitchen and narrates this new video where she's shown cooking and bonding with women whose lives were changed by the horrific fire. >> like these women, i am passionate about food and cooking as a way of strengthening communities. >> the result is "together the duchess has written the forward to the book that will raise funds to support the kitchen. meghan will appear at an event thursday at kensington palace f cookbook. meghan calls herself a foodie. she used to share recipes on her
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lifestyle blog "the tig" but shut it down seven months before becoming engaged to harry. long before she was a royal, she made a grilled shrimp ceasar salad with matt lauer on ""the today show." >> toss your shrimp in there, a little bit of olive oil. >> in other royal news, the markles versus the royals family feud is heating up. as prince harry was celebrating his birthday, meghan's half sister samantha markle is still fuming that harry and meghan did not contact her dad in july when he turned 74. samantha posted this photo of a hamster saying quote, happy birthday, harry. as you mack down on your birthday cake, think about the birthday wishes you never extended to your father-in-law. one slang version of mack down is to stuff your face. ouch, that's harsh. >> i don't know. let harry have a happy birthday. >> happy birthday harry. >> coming up your first look in the magic in "mary poppins
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retur returns." >> plus channing tatum and james corden and the best news we've heard all day. >> if you think chrissy tiegen is an open book,
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>> leonardo did he cap ro foundation anything back.
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♪ ♪ nothing's gone forever only out of place ♪ >> the singing, the magic. it's all there in these new scenes from "mary poppins returns," even an animated sequence just like in the original it. it brings me a lot of joy. >> joy for you, fear for emily blunt. >> we asked her what was going through her mind during the flying sequence. >> whether i thought i was going to die. you're so high if you look out you're higher than the trees. >> she knows what she's talking about. i ha i tried it once for cirque du soleil. >> well, i don't know about flying, but channing tatum and james corden are ready to sing and dance as nischelle turner found out. >> i wanna do the first carpool dance. >> dance pool karaoke. >> okay. >> i can't dance like this guy. >> that's not true.
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>> even my son, when he's being told off is flossing, relentlessly. it all does. can't not be around it. go to your room. he's just okay. i'm going. stop flossing. >> apparently even superstar dads get sassed, but that doesn't stop them from making movies for their kids. james and channing tell us their new animated feature "smallfoot" is mostly a big hit at home. >> are you guys so glad, though, to do a movie that your kids can finally see and enjoy? >> i am, yeah, yeah, absolutely. i mean evie just doesn't like any of my movies at all. she will sit through anything that's scary. stuff where i'm like i don't want to see that. >> really? >> yeah, it's crazy. but she did not like seeing -- there's a moment in the movie where i get tranquilized, darted or whatever. she about ran out of the whole theater. >> she wasn't having that? >> no. she was like nope i want to go. >> it's just a story everyone knows, that the smallfoot isn't real. >> channing is the yeti. james is the smallfoot, leading an all-star cast that includes
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zendaya, common and lebron james. >> the movie is "smallfoot." who has the biggest foot? >> channing for sure. >> no way. i got a 10 and a half, 11. >> i got a nine and a half, but don't read too much into that. >> big socks. >> big swinging socks. >> still ahead -- >> i'm going to do something different. >> "this is us" star chrissy metz before she stuns at the emmys, the dress, the bling, the last minute make up. >> then how denise richards pulled off a surprise wedding in less than two days. >> looks like it's been planned for months. >> we're with cher. why her abba cover album is not what you expect. >> i'm too stubborn. >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ >> check out victoria beckham dancing to the spice girl' hit. dancing to the spice girls "spice of your life," a fitting tribute from posh who just celebrated the 10th anniversary of her fashion line at london fashion week. >> here's another anniversary of sorts. denise richards out with her husband aaron phypers just days after tying the knot and only i was with the newlyweds telling me how they pulled off their dream i dos. >> it was really sweet, close family and friends.
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everyone said that it looked like it had been planned for months. >> so exactly how long was it that you pulled it together? >> i would say less than 48 hours. >> oh, my gosh. >> denise says she and aaron were planning to tie the knot for a while, but in the end it came down to the date, september 8th. >> the 8th is a very significant number for him. he says it means infinity. >> the 47-year-old also explained why she went with this white lace romper for her walk down the aisle. >> we left on aaron's motorcycle. so, you know, i didn't want to have this long dress and have to hike it up. >> at the wedding, her new castmates on "the real housewives of beverly hills." >> no cat fights with me. well, so far. >> and last night the ladies showed their support for the newlywed again at the premiere of her new horror film "the toy box" about a haunted rv. >> everything in this camper's gonna die. >> there's parts of it that are a little disturbing. i prefer airplanes over road trips. now to another hollywood premiere. where cate blanchett tried to keep cool on the purple carpet. >> i want to talk to you about
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this fashion. you're so fabulous. >> i've come as bozo the clown. you know, i didn't actually look at the label before i put it on. i just liked the suit. >> cate looked drop dead gorgeous in derek lam at the premiere of "the house with a clock in its walls." the secret to her style? >> i don't know. i wear what i like i guess. don't you? >> in the image -- magical movie cate played a good witch, her co-star jack black is a warlock. >> i would spend the rest of my life with jack black. that would be a problem for both of our spouses and our respective children, but i love that man. >> that suit she was wearing. >> i know. >> cate is always a good time. and all the stars at the emmys, well they'll be having a great time once they hit those after parties. >> and i know what will get people to the dance floor. cher, her new album "dancing queen" is fantastic. cher telling me why she took a chance on abba's greatest hits. >> this came out of nowhere, this came out of "mama mia".
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>> i did the movie and i did the song and i really liked it and then i wasn't even supposed to sing "super trooper" but then i started that and then afterwards i just thought it might be fun. i mean, like out of nowhere. i mean, just out of the air that i thought it might be fun to do an abba cover album. ♪ >> put on your disco shoes. the icon's new album "dancing queen" is wall to wall hits from the swedish pop group. >> when there are so many incredible abba songs, how do you pick which ones are going to be on the album? >> some were the ones i wanted to do and then i looked and saw what were the ones that people liked the most and a couple of them everyone said don't do those. first of all, you can't tell me not to do something cause i am too stubborn. i just said no, i love those songs and i want to do them. ♪ so when you feel me darling sent me an sos ♪ >> cher will also take the songs on the road launching the "here we go again" tour early next year.
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we bet her 92-year-old mother georgia will catch a show. ♪ when you're gone >> you actually dedicated the album to your mom. >> yep. >> is that why because she's such a big abba fan? >> no, not at all. it's just that my mom was so supportive of me when i was young and nothing screamed you're gonna be cher, you know. but my mom was just always really supportive. ♪ do you believe in life after love ♪ >> and as much as we all adore cher, can you believe she once said she's not that keen about listening to and watching some of the things she's done? >> why do you say you're not a cher fan? >> because i would never listen to my music. i like doing my work. i just don't want to hear it and i don't want to see it that much either. i have to have some distance. i just have to have some distance. i have seen a couple of movies that i've done, but mostly not.
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>> she's watched one of them. it's a cher classic, "silk wood" opposite meryl streep. >> don't forget they were both in "mama mia." speaking of meryl we'll see her next year because of "big little lies." another show hoping to go with an emmy "this is us." nischelle turner with one of its stars chrissy metz. >> i'm told there is a "this is us" family text chain. >> yes. >> can we send a text? >> can't wait to see what you all are wearing. >> the wait is over. i got a peek at chrissy's emmy dress hours before she hit the red carpet. >> it's green. >> it's beautiful. you're going to be feeling yourself. >> it's open. i'm like why do you got to put so much fabric on a big deal. >> chrissy's date is her sister
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monica. helping is her bestie donny. her squaw for make up and hair. >> how long does it take on emmy day to get ready? >> when you look as good as her not long. >> what would this little girl say? >> you're what and where? >> all of this is just the cherry on top. >> let's forget cherries and talk about karats. chrissy gets to pick from these diamonds. stylist penny devil died her shoes to match. >> i feel like singing -- ♪ could you be like the most beautiful girl in the world ♪ >> okay guys. i have to get ready. you have to go. >> nischelle loves to sing.
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>> every [alarm clock] ♪ ♪ ghirardelli caramel squares. makes life a bite better.
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>> travel consideration provided by -- >> tomorrow we're going to break
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gown all the emmy fashion for you. we have to talk about chrissy teigen now. take a look at this. that's a big bruise on chrissy's leg. she got it falling down the steps. >> ma'ams are warriors. chrissy cleared up this. we've been saying her name wrong right to her face. it's not tiegen. >> i'm tired of living this lie. it's teigen, isn't it mom? >> yes. >> is her husband john legend? >> we'll have miss teigen at all
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