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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 8, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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island road where she met with the man who lost his home but is lucky alive. the branscombe fire burning in southern solano county has burned 4,700 acres and is 70 percent contained as of early this morning, according to solano county sheriff's office dispatch. the blaze had burned two buildings, including a house, according to social media reports on sunday night. the fire is named for a rural road east of suisun city along state highway 12 near where the blaze started. it was first reported about 11 a.m. sunday. the suisun fire protection district, based in fairfield, is the lead agency fighting the fire. crews from cal fire, suisun city, montezuma, benicia, american canyon, vallejo and travis air force base are also fighting the blaze with trucks and water tenders as well as helicopters and airplanes. efforts to reach a spokesman from the suisun fire protection district tonight have so far been unsuccessful. smoke from the branscombe fire darkened the skies to the south on sunday, casting a heavy pall of smoke over cities including concord, pittsburg, pleasant hill,
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walnut creek, danville, san ramon, dublin, pleasanton and castro valley, with some smoke evident as far south as san jose. (ken) tonight marks one year since fires tore through santa rosa and the north bay leaving thousands without a home. (grant) in october of last year 12 fires burned through sonoma, napa, mendocino and lake counties. 44 people died in those fires. 3-thousand homes were destroyed... and nearly two thousand people have yet to decide if they will rebuild. hundreds though have moved forward and have already started the process of building a new home.(ken) kron 4's j.r. stone was there
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during the devastation in the north bay last year. tonight he joins us live in santa rosa...the city which was hit the hardest. j-r? imagine living in a home that looked like this one afternoon and looked like this the next. that's exactly what brian beaudoin and his wife dealt with last year in santa rosa when the tubbs fire destroyed their home.that night we watched the flames come up and over the hill didn't realize how devastating it was going to become because we were the first wave. the first six to eight forward a year later...beaudoin and his family have come a long way. his future house, which is located in a neighborhood off of fountaingrove parkway, is actually starting to resemble a home. it could be done by early next year. as to what beaudoin was able to salvage... the stuff you didn't want that is the stuff that survives the stuff that makes it. anything you really want it's gone for some reason some crappy little tea cup that you got that you didn't
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know what to do with. that made it.brian says that telling his story has become sort of therapudic to him. he likeadmits that what happened was was a bit traumatic. i tell people it's almost like loosing a family member cause yeah it's just stuff and it's a house but it's everything you had all your memories tapes and pictuers...all that stuff is this quadcopter 4 video you can see that most of the debris in beaudoin's neighborhood has been cleared but most of the lots remain empty. it's harder to build in this fountaingrove area. the houses that burned were origionally custom made and more permits are required because of the hills. as to his most cherished items.....brian says his baseball card collection that included micky mantle and willie mays burned in the fire. perhaps the hardest loss are the items linked to his time serving our country in the navy.used to be in the submarines so i lost my sword and everything associated with my submarines that i was on.
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you (mk) ánatsá "remember the garden we planted here and you
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guys would eat the snap peas right off the plants?"the morris family reminiscing about the house they once called home in coffey park ... before the fire ripped through the neighborhood last october. ted morris, coffey park"it was just ash coming down like snow and at that point i could hear some explosions in the distance and i realized ok it's starting to get close." michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"the night of the fire the morris' were unsure what to pack because they thought honestly they'd be able to come back the next day to their house unaware that the next day when they did return that there'd be nothing
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left."ted morris, coffey park "no concept that it was actually going to come here. this is the middle of a neighborhood. we are way away from any kind of forest. it just seemed silly that it would come to us."but it did -- the fire destroyed their home .. and the homes of 30 other families that belong to the bridge church..a church where -- despite it all -- these families still gather every sunday...including trey and kelly box -- newlyweds -- who got married just a month before the fire burned the first home they ever had together.trey and kelly box, santa rosa"it felt like one of those apocalypse movies or zombie ... people were just, it seemed like there was just chaos everywhere.""we ran and grabbed as much as we could as quick as we could."together -- in a dark room transformed into the church's temporary hope ... dozens who lost it all, in a way, have it all, holding each other upelissa andre, pastor's wife"we understand each other.
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there's this immediate bond with total strangers because even though we lost different things, the loss and just the heaviness, we can relate, you know?"áchurch musicáin santa rosa michelle kingston kron 4 news é é(grant)the city of santa rosa held a ceremony downtown to commemorate the one year anniversary of the sonoma wildfires.(grant) kron 4's ali reid joins us live from courthouse square tonight ... did they do something special to honor the people that lost their lives? this event started in the
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afternoon, but by 6pm tceremony a moment of silence ... a memorial bell rang 2 dozen times to honor those lives lost.pkgin succession ... the santa rosa fire department rang the memorial bell 24 times to honor everyone that lost their lives in the sonoma complex be here on this day and to know that happened last year is really crazy. i feel glad it's over and everyone can come together and talk about it.families looked on as local officials commemorated the wildfires ... all while thinking about how they got out alive.i mean it was just alive this thing. it was like the devil coming at you.i had to go back in for her. i took her out on my shoulder, slip her in the back of my jeep. slid across the landscaping to get out. couldn't see a thing.the evening was about inspiration ... children expressed their artistic side right on the feels
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good to be a part of this community. i know its been a difficult year but it makes me so proud to be living here in santa rosait's still a long road ahead, but the community has come a long way.the first hurdle was getting through all the debris and certainly we were able to get it all out in record time and that gives people the opportunity to rebuild and come back together standuptomorrow people can come back to the courthouse square for more "public art expression".it runs from 10am to 6 in the evening ...and it is free to the public. reporting live from santa rosa .... ar .... kron 4 news.
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(grant) we are looking back at the firestorm at kron-4 dot com. there you can find more reaction from survivors of the fires. as well as stories of the rebuilding efforts and challenges. and the church community that's come together after losing everything. it's all at kron4- dot com lawrence karnow: it was a beautiful start to the work week with sunny skies and warm weather all the way to the coast. highs were in the upper 80s in some of the valleys with 60s at the coast. on the satellite you can see high pressure off the coast. the offshore winds will weaken and more of a sea breeze develops. hurricane michael is also strengthening and could hit florida during the middle of
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the week. highs tomorrow will be a little cooler with highs in the 70s to low 80s inland and patchy fog and 60s at the coast. it will continue to cool through midweek before warming next weekend. (ken)coming up: a tragic crash in coming up: a tragic crash in new york state. how one of the victims warned family members that she had a bad feeling about the limo they were riding in. (grant)a public held today as brett is the latest supreme court justice.why president trump apologized to him and his family (ken) it is the only time the two candidates for governor will meet.... what they touched on during the debate.. and a one on one with republican candidate john cox.
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you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say both? sure. or when you find that brand at that price? are you kidding me? that's yes for less. and that's what ross always has in store. whoa. yes.... oh, yeah. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. kron-4 is your local election headquarters and tonight we are hearing more from the two men hoping to be california's next governor. they met in what is likely to be their only one -on-one debate. it wasn't a formal debate. the hour=long session was held at public radio station k-q-e-d. republican jon cox is facing off againsta democrat gavin newsrom. (ken) after the debate.... cox sat down with me in the kron-4 studio to
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talk about his platform one of his key points is housing and how to address affordability in the state. < ken wayne: what are you going to do to try and fix the housing problem?john cox: well i'm in the housing business ken. i build 80, 90k thousand dollar apartments a unit in indiana that cost 5, 6-hundred thousand dollars here. and the difference is not the price of the land. it's the red tape, it's the regulation, it's the lawsuits, it's the taxes, it's the delays in getting things approved. those are things that are caused by government. so my mission is going to be as governor to try and shorten those approval processes, try to limit those cost factors that are going into this and reduce the cost down. we obviously have got to build a lot more apartments and homes, we're way undersupplied in the state. but my opponent wants to just float a bunch of debt f and that's going to help a few people. but we need to help millions of people be able to afford an apartment of a home. and to do that we're going to have to bring down the cost of
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building.> he also addressed immigration... saying he's against sanctuary cities but also doesn't want to see families ripped apart. he said the way to stop illegal immigration is at the border.
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infrastructure improvements could be paid for by ending the bullet train project. we're reaching out to gavin newsom to get his response. my focus now is to be the best justice i can be. i take this office with gratitude and no bitterness. on the supreme court, i seek to be a force for stability and unity. my goal is to be a great justice for all americans, and for all of america (grant )in national news: brett kavanaugh is now a supreme court justice.a private ceremony was performed saturday night at the supreme court... a public one was held to today house. supreme court justice brett kavanugh says he is moving forward after a contentious confirmation...he spent hours g senators about his past after palo alto professor christine blasey ford accused him of sexually assaulting her when they were in high school.
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(grant)before judge kavanaugh spoke today president trump apologized to the him and his family saying they endured terrible pain. those who step forward to serve our country deserve a fair and dignified evaluation, not a campaign of political and personal destruction based on lies and deception. what happened to the kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness decency and due process. our country, a man or a woman, must always be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. and with that, i must state that you sir, under historic scrutiny, were proven innocent. (grant)kavanaugh had previously apologized for appearing "too emotional" during his testimony, where at times he accused democrats of orchestrating a political hit on him. (ken)president trump also commenting on a move made by a pop star taylor swift. swift is brushing aside her usual silence on politics.on sunday, she threw her support behind two democrats running for congress in tennessee.she endorsed u-s senate candidate phil bredesen and house
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candidate jim cooper.swift said on instagram she used to stay away from politics, but some events over the past two years made her speak up.she said she wants to support candidates who fight áforá l-g-b-t-q rights... and áagainstá discrimination and is what president trump had to say about it today. marsha blackburn is doing a very good job in tennessee. she's leading now substantially. she's a tremendous woman. i"m sure taylor swift has nothing or doesn't know anything about her. let's say that i like taylor's music about 25% less now, ok?(ken)in her post, swift also in her post, swift also urged her yog who have not registered to vote yet, to do so. (grant)an atlantic storm named michael is now a hurricane. heavy rainfall and strong winds are spreading across western cuba. hurricane michael is expected to
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through the gulf of mexico toward the gulf coast ... and may strengthen to a category three storm sometime tomorrow. it's expected to be a major hurricane when it reaches the florida panhandle on wednesday. (grant)(ken) lawrence karnow: it was a beautiful start to the work week with sunny skies and warm weather all the way to the coast. highs were in the upper 80s in some of the valleys with 60s at the coast. on the satellite you can see high pressure off the coast. the offshore winds will weaken and more of a sea breeze develops. hurricane michael is also strengthening and could hit florida during the middle of the week. highs tomorrow will be a little cooler with highs
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in the 70s to low 80s inland and patchy fog and 60s at the coast. it will continue to cool through midweek before warming next weekend.
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(ken)coming up: it has been a year after the north bay fires. how some long time napa residents are re-building while others moved on. (grant)bart is preparing for the next big the new alert system is supposed to give riders and train operators a heads up before the shaking starts.
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(grant) today bart along with a team of scientists demonstrated showed off a new earthquake warning system designed to alert riders and hopefully save lives. the technology...called shake alert 2-pont-0 will enable bart to slow down or stop trains to avoid derailments. scientists believe their technology can give up to one minute of warning in the case of a major earthquake. "the idea behind earthquake early warning is that you very rapidly detect the beginnings of an earthquake, at the surface, close to the epicenter, you then characterized the area in which the shaking will be felt and then you push an alert out to people in harms way. but the challenge that we still face is getting that alert out to every single individual across the state of california or across the pacific northwest ">(grant) the technology to deliver an alert, within a second, to all 8-million residents here in does not exist here in the
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u.s. that technology does however exist in mexico and japan. (ken) a 50 cents daily parking fee increase at west oakland station began today. the increased fee will be $10.50. the single-day reserved parking fee also started today,. the monthly reserved fee will increase on november 1st. you can pay for parking by using you clipper card... cash...or with a blue ticket -- just as a reminder the blue ticket must be the same one used to enter the fare gates. (grant) coming up: 20 people were killed in a limo crash in new york state. we'll explain how 17 of those victims were connected. (grant)plus: a murder investigation near a school in fremont. why police belive the victim knew his killer. (grant)and next: we continue to reflect on the devastating wildfires that swept through the north bay one year some of the rebuilding is just getting underway. (lawrence)ten at ten
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california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent. since devastating wildfires
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erupted across the north bay forcing the evacuation of entire communities.(grant)many of the homes destroyed were in napa county where for some folks... the rebuilding is just getting started. kron 4's charles clifford reports.
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supersstandup>well, a year ago the atlas fire swept through this neighborhood off soda canyon road. destroying dozens of homes. a year later some are rebuilding and other people have decided to move one.natssotwe had just gone to bed and the wind was blowing like we had never seen.john corna says that a year ago he and his wife were woke up when they heard people driving by their house on soda canyon road. . honking and yelling about a fire. soti looked out the back window and saw the fire coming down atlas the time, john, a retired fire fighter, wasn't too worried about the flames. the fire was still a ways off and the trees and brush around his house were cleared away. they grabbed a few things and went to stay with their daughter in napa. john still wasn't worried.sotfigured, ah, it will still be ok.but the next day, john got a text from a friend with the fire department sothis first word were sorry. their house and their guest house were gone. there home of twenty two years had been reduced to rubble. john's wife took it hard.sotshe was very emotional. more than me. but after that initial shock, we were fine.many o john's neighbors lost their homes as well. . this is video from quadcopter 4 along soda canyon road. across napa county, the atlas, nuns, tubbs and other fires destroyed thousand of homes.since the fires, most of the debris has been cleared and many homes are now being
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rebuilt, but there are also a lot of people who have decided to move on.sotyeah, there are. there's lots that have sold. but just recently people are putting up forms and they are starting the process.john and his wife have decided to stay and rebuild. they have spent the last year clearing away debris, designing a new home, getting permits, and hiring a contractor. he says it was sometimes hard to get things done quickly because so many other people are trying to rebuild their homes too. nats but, after months of work, the foundation is in on their new house and the work is going smoothly. he says rebuilding has been a challenge and it's hard to see his neighbors struggle but he hopes one day the neighborhood will be back to the way it was.sotit's an experience, for sure. but, we are positive people and we will move on.john
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says they hope to have their new home finished by the end of the napa, charles clifford kro n4 news.trt 2:09 out: std00-05chuck twitterfire victims rebuilding (ken)our coverage of the napa county fires continues.... 6 people died in the fires that swept through that area. 650 homes were destroyed... and a year later, many changes, and a lot of challenges. kron 4's terisa estacio has more on the rebuilding. (take pkg) dry conditions, wicked winds, hot tempertures... fueled flames that combintaiton wrecked havoc in napa county a year ago.john robertson, never seen anything like it before. napa county sheriff.napa county sheriff says they have learned alot and made significant changes... like this... i rode along with deputy bill djernes as he showed how they now have evacuation signs for residents, in case a fire
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storm ever strikes again. deputy bill djernes, napa county. it is just faster to show that someone is gone and we dont waste valuable time. the deputy also demonstrated the county's new alert siren...that has a different pitch then other emergency sounds. all sherriffs cars are equipped with these. they can quickly project into neighborhods a heads up about an issue. during the height of the fires, some communication systems failed as towers burnt down. and while work is being made to improve communication... progress is also underway for rebuilding people's lives. kirk geyer is a builder in napa county. geyer. it was a scary time... but we are tough and rebuilding. (this is one of those signs... it is part of the new disaster communication steps the county has put into
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place, residents can put this out on their mailbox to signal to local law enforcemetn that they are out safe, it is made of a special material... ) lawrence karnow: it was a beautiful start to the work week with sunny skies and warm weather all the way to the coast. highs were in the upper 80s in some of the valleys with 60s at the coast. on the satellite you can see high pressure off the coast. the offshore winds will weaken and more of a sea breeze develops. hurricane michael is also strengthening and could hit florida during the middle of the week. highs tomorrow will be a little cooler with highs in the 70s to low 80s inland and patchy fog and 60s at the
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coast. it will continue to cool through midweek before warming next weekend. (ken) happening now... police are searching for a suspect in connection to an early morning homicide in fremont. police were called to a home near the intersection of charleston way and jersey road.... not far from e-m grimmer elementary
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school. that's where they found a man who was shot and killed. kron four's rob fladeboe has more. it was about 12:30 monday morning when several gunshots rang out here on charleston way, between jersy road and continental drive. roweena and chris cowan live right across the street.rowene cowan/neighbor "'s kind of spooky for sure because you know there are kids in the neigjhborhood.."chris cowan/neighbor "'s shocking, especially for fremont..." inside this single story home where jersey meets charleston police found the body of a male identified so far only as a 56 year old south indian man. he had been fatally shot. a perimeter was set up as police used dogs and a drone to search the neighborhood for a man spotted by a neighbor who was riding away from the victims home on a bicycle according to fremont police lieutenant mike tegner. sotlt. michael tegner/fremont police "...we had a gentleman who lives down the block who said he heard the gunshots coming from the residence and he said he saw a man, he didn't know the age or race, but said the guy was coming
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from the front door of the residence and that he pedaled away on a bike..."there was no sign of forced entry. the victim, who was renting a room in the home, may have known his assailant.although a bit nervous that the alleged killer is still at large , residents are taking some comfort in knowing that the violence does not appear to be a randon act. neighbor "....this neighborhood is very safe,sometimes we even forget to lock our doors at night..." neighbor "...i mean everybody gets along and we all know our neighbors..."this was the city's 2nd homicide so far this year. in fremont rob fladeboe keron4news (grant)a candle light vigil was held today for the 20 people who were killed in a limo crash in new york state over the weekend. this was not your standard limo... it was one of those stretched ford
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excursions. the governor there says it actually failed inspection last month, and should'nt have been on the road. on top of that... the driver didn't have the right license to be operating that kind of vehicle. family members still can't believe it. karina halse, sister of crash victim amanda halse: "everyone's lives were just cut way too short, way too immaturely, and i don't know what to say about it. like, it just hurts." 0:09hurts." 0:09 (grant)according to the governor of new york... the limo driver was supposed to have a c-d-l or commercial drivers license with a passenger endorsement, which he didn't have. d-o-t records show d-o-t records show the company, prestige limousine chauffeur service, having several inspection issues over the past two
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years, with four out of its five vehicles taken out of service. (ken) sisters, husbands, newlyweds and parents were among the 20 people killed during saturday's tragic limo crash.they were celebrating a 30th birthday... most of those in the limo were in the birthday girl's wedding in june. trent less on more on the victims. sisters, husbands, newlyweds and parents were among the 20 people killed during saturday's tragic limo crash in upstate new york.the trip, which brought 17 people to schoharie in a limo, was meant to celebrate amy steenburg's 30th birthday, a gift from her husband axel steenburg. the newlyweds had just gotten married on june 30 in nearby saratoga, according to their page on sisters, abigail jackson, and mary dyson, along with husbands adam jackson and rob dyson were also in the limo when it crashed. a fourth sister, allison king, was also among those killed."they were the four musketeers," the sisters' brother tom king, 35, told the new york post."they were wonderful girls," their aunt, barbara douglas, told the associated press. "they'd do anything for you and they were very close to each other and they loved their family." axel's brother rich steenburg, was also killed in the crash. he is survived by his daughter, 10, stepson, 14, and wife, who were not in the car. another newlywed couple, 34-year-old erin mcgowan and her husband, 30-year-old shane
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mcgowan, were also passengers in the limo at the timembers wrote on facebook. was also killed.many of the victims were parents of young members said the group was doing a tour of local breweries at the time of the crash."they did the responsible thing getting a limo so they wouldn't have to drive anywhere," douglas said. two additional pedestrians and the limo driver were killed during the crash.the national transportation safety board is calling one of the deadliest transportation accidents since a 2009 plane crash."this is one of the biggest losses of life that we've seen in a long, long time," ntsb chairman robert sumwalt told the ap.
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(ken) everyone in the limo was killed including the driver along with two pedestrians. experts say a vechile this
10:42 pm
size should be going less than 40 miles per hour... officials say at the time of the crash it driver was going 60. (grant)new at ten: an indiana woman had her wedding photos taken...even though her firefighter fiance wasn't there...after a drunk driver killed him. the photos were snapped on the day jessica padgett was supposed to marry kendall murphy.murphy was a volunteer firefighter who was killed by another volunteer firefighter who police say responded to a crash scene while drunk.on what was supposed to be her wedding day, padgett put on her dress and makeup and took a set of pictures. in some of the photos, she poses with murphy's firefighter gear and she kneels over his grave. (grant)coming up: halloween is just weeks away... what parents need to know to keep their kids safe during trick or treating.
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(ken)plus: giving back to veterans. how officials in the bay area want to get veterans off the streets and into a comfortable bed (sports) just ahead, who said coaches can't get ejected in nba preseason games? see why steve kerr didn't finish tonight's warriors game at oracle. ♪ from the start, the c-class was ahead of its time. [ indistinct radio chatter ] still, we never stopped making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better. introducing the new c-class. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer for exclusive offers.
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so you can find a party dress event is finally here. that actually makes you want to celebrate. yes. or find a new dress that's perfect for work. perfect! or one that you know exactly how to work. yeah? yeah. that's yes for less. get to the ross fall dress event where you can find the latest styles and trends for every occasion. the ross fall dress event is on now, and it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. (grant)halloween will be here
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before you know it... and the priority is safety. gabe slate explains what parents can do to make sure kids are trick or treating in safe neigborhoods. (ken) (ken)we see it every day in
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the bay area ...people living out of their cars and rvs -- on streets in so many of our communities.(grant)a nonprofit organization teamed up with the v-a to make sure that no veteran sleeps in their car when in need of medical treatment.kron4's michelle kingston explains. (mk)billy bryels, veteran"i'm not sleeping in my car, i'm not sleeping in the lobby, i'm not sitting out there for a half a day because conditions dictate that."billy bryels was hit with grenade shrapnel in vietnam ... and has needed medical attention since he returned home from war.he's thankful to now have the lee and penny anderson defenders lodge in palo alto -- where he can stay overnight for free when getting treated at the va medical center.since opening in 2014 -- the defenders lodge has provided 115-thousand free nights of healing for veterans receiving critical health care. lisa freeman, former director of va palo alto healthcare system"they had two choices, either sleep in their car or not come and not get the care
10:48 pm
they so richly deserve at all." the lodge is like a hotel -- with 104 beds, a cafe and library ... and most importantly -- a room to rest. billy bryels, veteran"i just met a veteran this morning who traveled 180 miles this morning to get here and that's an expense in itself just to travel but if you got to rent a room, a decent room, you're going to pay a couple hundred bucks or more."it's an expense some veterans can't afford ... but skipping the treatments they need is something the penfed foundation says is unacceptable.james schenck, penfed foundation"men and women who went into harms way to fight and win in our nation's wars to give them a safe place to sleep in order to get their medical treatment they so truly deserve and earned it's a great feeling for me. it's a warm facility, it's a great place for them to stay."michelle kingston, mkingstonnewsthe defenders lodge has saved veterans almost 35 million dollars since opening its doors in palo alto michelle kingston kron 4 news"
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(ken) coit tower turns 85 years old today. the san francisco tower rises from telegraph hill and built to honor the city's firefighters. in addition to its 85th year, coit tower is also celebrating being named a "nationally significant" historic place on the national register of historic places. as you know, art is a big part of coit tower with the 27 different murals along the walls inside. to celebrate canessa gallery in north beach is displaying the "coit tower artists-in-action" photo exhibit through the end of this month. having the back-to-back champs on the court is reason alone to turn on warriors preseason games. but tonight, the team gave us even more incentive to watch thanks to some back and forth between steve kerr and the refs.
10:50 pm
check out steph curry at last night's open practice at oracle arena... throws it over his head from half-court... all net to tonight's exhibition against the phoenix suns. steph... 21 of hs 23 points in the first half kevin durant... nice pass from kevin looney... for the dunk... k-d with 12 points bit in the 3rd quarter... curry picks up his 3rd offensiove foul... he gets a technical foul... steve kerr doesn't like it... he gets tee'd up... then tossed from the game and if you read lips... he says twice "i don't want to be here anyway"... then waves goodbye suns win 117-109... warriors play the lakers in las vegas on wednesday turning to the 49ers--who hit another low this weekend... losing to the winless arizona cardinals. niners and cards in santa clara.. kyle shanahan's club lost its 3rd straight... despite outgaining the cardinals by more than 200- yards... having a 33-10 advantage in first downs... and running 92 plays compared to 49 for arizona.-but the key difference was... 5
10:51 pm
total turnovers, 4 of which from cj beathard... 2- interceptions and 2-fumbles lost. --today, shanahan...said it's not all on cj..and the coach is doing his best to quiet down the 'season is lost' storyline. "with social media, when guys go home they don't listen to things. their wives do, their girlfriends do, their brothers do. thats the world we live in. so its when you go through that stuff and you dont meet outside expectations, it starts to effect you. i just try to constantly preach to our guys to be stronger than that, to try to not pay attention to that cuz thats not gonna help you solve any problems. thats part of what we do, thats part of what we signed up for and we expect it. now are we capable of winning these games? i definitely think we are." the silver and black were completely dismantled by the chargers in a 26-10 loss. --what an outing from philip rivers... 22-for-27... 339-yards passing... -- one of the talking points today...that derek carr interception at the goal line. a play that had us thinking back to that seahawks-patriots super bowl, when marshawn lynch didn't get
10:52 pm
the ball at the one-yard line. --this afternoon, jon gruden...standing by his call. "it won't be the last pass i call on first-and-goal either. i think it's the best time to throw down there. i regret that it was intercepted. turns out to be a horrible call. my opinion is that it shouldn't have been intercepted. we shouldn't do that right there. but, we did. lynch is frustrated. i think i threw my visor and my headset, so i think he and i have a lot in common." raiders going to raiders going to london next week to face the seahawks. --until then, some excitement tonight on monday night football.. saints- redskins... drew brees...making history in style..a 62-yard-touchdown strike to tre'quan smith...and brees is now the leading passer in nfl history. breaks peyton manning's mark of 71,940-career passing yards. officials stopped the game to commemorate the moment... and the ball was immediately handed to the pro football hall of fame. drew all-time passing leader. saints won by the way, 43-19.
10:53 pm
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week with sunny skies and warm weather all the way to the coast. highs were in the upper
10:56 pm
80s in some of the valleys with 60s at the coast. on the satellite you can see high pressure off the coast. the offshore winds will weaken and more of a sea breeze develops. hurricane michael is also strengthening and could hit florida during the middle of the week. highs tomorrow will be a little cooler with highs in the 70s to low 80s inland and patchy fog and 60s at the coast. it will continue to cool through midweek before warming next weekend. weekend.warming next before
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