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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 18, 2018 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning and thank you for joining us here on the morning news i am james fletcher. the breaking news comes to us out of the east bay where thousands of people have been evacuated as a fire threatens an underground gas pipeline. it broke out last night. we put an indicator here where that is. it is north of highway 4 right near the delta. they said that it was sparked by a power line that fell after a grass fire broke out late last night. train traffic amtrak services have been adopted both
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directions. so you happen to take that corridor as part of your morning commute, services have been interrupted. evacuations are currently in place are people in the area of north broadway avenue to the west, some way to the east cost the suit avenue and willow pass road. this is a map of the evacuation area. in this is set up at the calgary temple church. and at the pittsburgh bay -- bart system. there is a threat of a possible explosion. the fire has spread to an underground vault operated by chevron and that is threatening a natural gas pipeline. they issued a statement saying that they have shut down the pipe. it is like a shrieking sound almost like an air jet engine and it's being heard from miles around. we do want to get the very
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latest on this live from the scene it's being followed at the bart station by sarah standing by with the situation and i guess, we are talking upwards of 4000 people evacuated in the parking lot there is that correct? >> reporter: that's correct. i was initially told 4000 people were evacuated and when i arrived, it's very true. there are thousands trying to stay warm. it's very cold. red cross is here. they are working as hard as they can. they ran out of hot water and blankets. they just got blankets, luckily, people are running over here because a lot of people ran out of their homes with nothing but the shirts on their backs and so, they didn't think to bring a blanket. a lot of them create -- forget to create that. so a lot of people just grabbed
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what they thought in the moment but a lot of people forgot what they truly needed. so they were really depending on the red cross. a lot of people are concerned because they don't have a ton of information. as you said this is one of the evacuation centers. another one is the calgary church. so a lot of people are going wherever they can. that's 4000 people. people who use the station on a regular basis. you are being advised to maybe not use it because there won't be any parking for you unless you get a ride or something like that. but this is at full capacity. and to give you some perspective, thank you for joining us. tell me what happened when he started to evacuate. >> it was shocked. with like anything. you never think it's going to happen to you. unrtunately, it has.
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and, you know think god we have someplace safe to go to and with the support of the red cross we just want to find out what's going on you know, so we can return home. >> reporter: you said you forgot your prescription. >> yes. i left all my medications everything like that. i am disabled. so i have trouble getting around. my son loaded up my wheelchair in the back here so you know i have it but everything else beyond that you know just a little bit of coffee in a blanket and i'm grateful for it. >> definitely a lot of good help from them but it is cold. >> reporter: it is. you know i'm a city boy. i'm used to little cold-weather but yes. you can see there's a lot more people here, a lot of elderly people and older part of bay point. so, they need a lot more help.
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>> reporter: tell me where you live and what happened. how did you know that you needed to evacuate? >> i live on highway avenue right off the willow pass. i kept hearing sirens throughout the evening. and then, a quarter after 12, we had police car shares knocking on the door and -- sheriff's knocking on the door. all the neighbors are being alerted and everyone was being asked to pack up and evacuate. and of course, you never really think that it's going to take that long. but when we got here, we found out that we are going to be here all night probably. so, that >> how many hours would you say you have been here?
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>> i got here at about 12:30 am. so it's been a good three hours or so. >> and no sleep at. >> know. i just getting ready to go to sleep at this woke me up. >> reporter: we have been hearing that there's a loud sound coming from chevron. >> from what i've been told is that they are venting the pipes. it's a high-pressure gas pipe and when they vent them. you hear it. and they make a real -- like a low-level jet flying by. you know it's really shocking. >> that's a hearing. >> and it's still going on from some of the people that i heard you had just left the area is still going on. >> reporter: we are glad that you're safe and there's a lot of people like you out here trying to just do -- make do with what we have. >> definitely. make the best of it and you
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know if we pull together, things will be okay. like i said, again thank god for the red cross. you know those problems all over this country and a lot worse than what we have right here but every little bit helps. so, -- >> reporter: thank you, robert. stay warm. >> you too. >> reporter: that is a very good perspective from someone at least 4000 other people in the exact same situation and again is very cold. so they are doing everything that they can to supply hot water, coffee, anything to keep people warm. you can keep your heater on but it is hard to stay warm. this is one of the evacuation centers. a lot of people will be here all morning. we will continue to follow this throughout the morning. >> thank you. fantastic interview.
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give me a lay of the land. i have to imagine a large section of that is being used up by evacuees. is that correct? >> reporter: yes, from the time that you get to the parking lot you can tell because everyone is in their cars. i first was just thinking that it was the station but i realized it's very early and this really is thousands of people evacuating from their homes. people are walking their dogs trying to take them out. you know a lot of elderly people are really bundling up. i heard one man say you know i have my mom and she doesn't have a blanket. and i must tell you that. when i first arrived they were all scrambling and about 10 minutes ago a car full of them came. >> so we see the red cross behind you. are there any other officials? do they know when they make another briefing from anyone
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who is in command? >> reporter: know, i asked several people if they could talk with us and they said that they don't really know anything they are just trying to get people what they need. and they are saying you know they didn't expect to be here this long but it's kind of looking like it's going to be a bit longer it could be several hours. >> that might be tough, like you said. >> reporter: i can zoom in to take a look so that you can see the resources. you can seal the here, they have water bottles. they are prepping making sure that they are prepared for anybody who needs anything. then, over here, you can't really tell how packed it is.
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but yeah, everyone is down here just trying to stay warm. >> and that is the key, just to stay warm. and obviously this will have impacts into the day today. thank you. we will come back at the evacuation center there throughout the morning. so stay tuned for more updates. anyone let you know one of the impacts of this is the fact that willow cove elementary school will be closed because of what is going on it says, as a result of the incident and related evacuations willow cove elementary school will be closed on thursday. so that will certainly be impacting parents who might otherwise have expected kids to be in school. now they will have to scramble to make different plans as this is playing out. and because that parking lot is going to be used as an evacuation center for the foreseeable future what does that mean for the morning commute? let's find out.
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>> reporter: so many impacts on traffic. we have the street closures in place. as you said, the station is open but that station services thousands of people from brentwood, >> right. that's where it all starts. >> and is so hard to find a parking space. so that this being used it is a good idea to be heading over to the pittsburgh part nation right now. and then, it's also happening near the train tracks so it will impact freight train service as well as amtrak. here's a list of the streets that are impacted. you have north broadway to the west, summer way to the east, and willow pass road to the south. this whole area that we have highlighted here. so that is the stretch that you're going to want to avoid. but this may start to impact willow pass road which is always very busy and of course
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highway 4 which is just south of the evacuation area. keep in mind that the pittsburgh bay point bart station is open. trains are running through the area without interruption so it's not impacting train service. right now we are only talking about the parking lot which is filling up quickly. and it's all ready a top station to find a parking space. for those of you who normally use that station i want to recommend that you head on over to north concord martinez. there's also concord or pleasant hill. park at those other stations do not try to park here because there's so much going on in the parking lot keep that in mind. amtrak, the tracks running through the area that has been evacuated. they will not release those until further notice. they have party set up a bus route for passenger so make sure you plan ahead. this will mostly impact people
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traveling out to the sacramento area or to san jose trains are not moving to the area. they will be setting up a bus bridge. pay close attention to the announcements being made when you make it over to the amtrak station. here's a look at how this will impact your commute. he will take a look at other drive times coming up in just a bit. in the meantime, we need to take a look at your forecast. on a morning like this, you want to see calm winds. that is what we are seeing across the pittsburgh bay point area. winds sustained at around 6 to 8 miles per hour. now, as we know, this region could see some breezy conditions during the morning hours as they get that marine layer trying to scoot through trying to get its way into the delta. good to see that winds are relatively calm that certainly windy enough that we could see some fire movement. and often times this could create prone wind currents and result in gusty conditions right around the immediate vicinity.
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the numbers we are looking at closely all morning long. taking a look at the broader wind picture. this is really good news seeing a lot of that calm out there for areas like livermore, and he really want to see those staying around for the course of your morning. and futurecast should show that it should remain that way. now, we are also seeing a little bit of fog. it is patchy and what we are seeing is low-lying cloud cover. in the golden gate bridge. so your visibility is not really impacted unless you are through the hills where you are making contact with that low- lying cloud cover. that is certainly trying to push well into the interior of the delta. it will pass as we move into the afternoon. and, we are going to see that cloud cover and fog breaking up pretty early. 40s and 50s. in nevada and napa. not as cold as we were for your tuesday.
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very similar to where we were. again, this fog and cloud cover helping to moderate. we are pretty similar to a yesterday. 50s to start 60s and 70s by noontime. these are buyer daytime highs in the afternoon. i have more on your forecast to come, so make sure to stay with us. thank you. again, breaking news this morning we have that pipeline threat going on right now the pittsburgh bay point station a grass fire has spread to an underground vault that houses a chevron natural gas pipeline and because of that we have thousands of people evacuated from the area that you see where those claims are. it's on the north side of highway 4. and they have been evacuated to a couple of locations. the pittsburgh they point bart station has been turned into a vacuous center and they are also at the calgary center
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church in concord. we have more at the command center and we are on our way to the church. we are going to include this for all angles. we are continuously updating you with the latest information coming to us from concord pd. the fire department is out there. the various agencies that are there as well. at this point, we don't know when that will be lifted. it could happen this morning, a could happen this afternoon. there's no way to tell. but download our mobile app as soon as we get new information we will send out a push alert so make sure that you update that the second we send them out. we will be back with more in just a minute.
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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we are back again following that breaking news out of the east bay were a natural gas pipeline is under threat by fire and we have a locator on
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the map showing where this is. this is an bay point. the pipeline runs parallel to the train tracks which is why train service has been halted and and upwards of 4000 people have been evacuated and they are at various locations some of them are camped out at the parking lot or the pittsburgh bay point bart station and others have been sent to the temple church in concord. so those are the two places where they have been evacuated. and in many cases evacuated with very short notice some as erin stenson reported in the last update, let's without even grabbing prescription medications. you people who are desperate to find out when they can you back to their homes so that they can get things like prescription medications. and erin stenson is there live once again at the bay point station parking lot. in the last time that we chatted with you you said that
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they are handing out supplies and most importantly blanket to those who needed them desperately this morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's correct. at the time i first got here, they were running very low on blankets as well as hot water. they just got blankets right when i arrived. luckily, people are running towards the red cross station. and they were grabbing blankets because it is a very very cold morning. a lot of people like i said earlier they went out of their home with nothing. so right now they are just sitting here standing by. a lot of people that i spoke to at 12:30 am. so they were thinking maybe this would just take one or two hours. obviously we are in seven hours. that's we are in -- we are several hours in. i am joined by robert -- i'm sorry not robert. this is george. we talked to robert last hour. so tell me, you ran out of your
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home, you forgot your medicine but you need your medicine. what are you thinking right now? >> i'm cold, and thinking about how to get to work on time hoping that the evacuation be lifted by 3 pm. >> -- >> reporter: how did you evacuate, what were the circumstances? >> i got woken up by the sheriffs department banging on my window. there was a list of my apartments that's a list of apartments and my number wasn't on that list. they told me to evacuate. so i forgot my insulin, my medicine and my thing to put my finger. >> reporter: so you are a diabetic. >> yes. the only thing i grabbed with my phone my wallet and keys. >> because you are in a state of panic. >> i was back
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>> reporter: so tell me, tell me the circumstances. he said that there are multiple parking lots. the one we are in is starting to fill up and then you could use the second one? >> yes. this one is for paying customers that parking lot is a second. then there is a parking lot near the entrance of the bart nation that is filled up as well. >> -- >> reporter: that is be right now. so it's good for people to know that this is the pay lot but you can come here there are a few more spots but is rolling up. >> it is. >> reporter: and how amazing is the red cross was giving a hot cup of coffee? >> this is my first me experiencing this. i'm okay with it i'm really just worried about later today. >> reporter: the aftermath have to go through after this.
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>> reporter: i hope you get your message that your medicine. that's a scary situation. >> it is. >> reporter: he is not alone. there's a lot of people like him. we spoke with robert he said he also forgot his medication. but he has his wheelchair. a lot of people are just worried about what they are going to do. because when you do get evacuated it is at a moments notice and a lot of times you aren't taking clearly. i do have a tip from police in the parking lot. they tell me that it's going to get more and more packed because 4000 people are evacuating. there are other evacuation centers but they are saying be careful when you are driving through the lots. there are a lot of people here they are walking around, walking dogs. so drive extra carefully. make sure that you are going slowly. especially, if you are a
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regular b.a.r.t. customer they are asking that you do not drive into these lots . if you do a careful there are a lot of people -- be careful, there are a lot of people here. as people are waiting to find out, the police officer said he had no updates for me to give he just wanted me to tell everyone to be careful, take it low. and again, we have the red cross -- slow. and again, in the red cross on the scene. back to you. >> and a reminder about driving safe. we do have a willow code elementary school close. so there are probably parents with kids and they may be playing around walking in the parking lot. so as she said, very careful. we also have continuing coverage on our website at . we had this indicating that this is burning on highway 4 out near poinsettia. it has stopped train service.
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it is not impacting the b.a.r.t. rail service but that particular parking lot, which a lot of people use will be severely impacted. we will be right back with continuing coverage of our breaking news story a chevron natural gas pipeline by fire forcing the evacuation of thousands. we will be right back.
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our breaking news this morning that natural gas pipeline threatened this morning in pittsburgh, they point impacting a neighborhood where 4000 people have been forced from their homes. we will be back with continuing coverage and just aim -- a minute. download the kron4 mobile app. it is free, activate the alert feature. and we will send out an update as soon as it comes into the newsroom.
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good morning it is 4:30 am. and, we have breaking news out of the east bay. that is signed by fire and it
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has prompted the evacuation of a nearby neighborhood we have thousand people have been forced out of their homes. a good number of them have made their way to the parking lot for the nearby pittsburgh bay point b.a.r.t. station and others have headed to the calgary church. between those two locations a lot of folks who are in their cars they are intense, they're trying to stay warm with the help of the red cross. they don't know when they will be allowed home. and neither do the firefighters. all they know is they have evacuated the area. and about 8 am -- 8 pm or so it actually spread to an underground vault where that gas pipeline is located and that is why they started evacuating all of these folks between 8 pm and midnight. we had all these people leaving their homes in a hurry. many of them left their medications behind. they could bring their pets but only if they were in a carrier.
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so was a mad scramble to get out of these neighborhoods, to get them clear so that there wouldn't be any threat in case the pipeline does explode, they didn't want any residence being impacted. these pipes, you see where the flames are on the map. that is also right where the railroad lines are and they are parallel to those railroad tracks. for that reason we have amtrak service completely stopped in this location. we have robin who has been following these impacts. the last we heard from you can't the rail service it is running. is that still the case? >> yes. the station is open and we know a lot of folks go over to the station fairly early because it is hard to find parking as that station is being used as an evacuation center. just recommend that you stay away from it. here is a look at the map in the area under evacuation. the streets that are impacted are north broadway, number,
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will pass road, -- willow pass road and right here you have highway 4 and the b.a.r.t. station. to do expect some delays. no delays to the trains but you may want to head on over to north concorde there's also the concorde or pleasant hill station. so consider using those as an alternate since it is the b.a.r.t. parking lot that is all ready full. so just plan ahead. for those of you who normally use amtrak service, this is interrupting the service because of the fire that is burning near the tracks. so, they are setting up a bus bridge to get you from point a to point b. so as you head over you need to listen to the announcement that they are making. they are holding all trains right now and they release those trains or if they release them anytime soon he will definitely let you know. that is a look at amtrak
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b.a.r.t., let's check in on that forecast. everyone is looking at winds, especially near that place. you can see the winds are sustained at eight miles per hour. in the immediate vicinity of the fire. out of the southwest, that is the primary wind direction as that tries to stream through on into the delta. your member, monday was a breezy one. the winds are remaining primarily calm. not just for this blaze. but, you can see a lot of calm showing up. and like i said, that is good news. backs that breaking news story. the fire that has prompted evacuations throughout the pittsburgh bay point area right near poinsettia avenue, it is that, that half mile radius where folks have been left out -- forced out. as we talked earlier, a lot of
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them are at her location which is the parking lot for the b.a.r.t. station. they can't get back into their neighborhoods. we do have a lydia since she was able to make her way this morning into one of those evacuated neighborhood. so we like to get to her from the on the ground perspective of what's happening right now. lydia? >> reporter: i was able to get into one of these neighborhoods, i was allowed in by one of the crews who is blocking off the streets trying to find the command post. it is very dark. there are some people in those neighborhoods trying to figure out what to do. but we know a lot of people are trying to get back into their homes. some people told me that they were evacuated around 11 pm or 12 am last night. they are trying to get back in. i told them it wasn't safe and they were allowed to get back in. so there are a lot of people waiting to see if they can get
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back in. this is one of the streets that is closed near bailey road. but as you said poinsettia, several streets along willow pass road are closed going into this neighborhood so people in the neighborhood i know how to get back in. as you know, the fire got very close to chevron bolt. they are venting that gaslight to release pressure on the lines and as you know, as you have been saying, it is an evacuation center as well as the church in concord. some people i spoke to were not aware of those evacuation centers others were just tired of being there and wanted to see when the neighborhood was going to reopen. >> are right. in one quick question if you are still connected. we heard reports of people had been evacuating that that release of natural gas sounded like a jet engine maybe flying over can you still hear that or
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can you not hear that? >> no. i can't hear anything i actually went back right at those roads and i didn't hear that. >> perhaps they finished. thank you so much for giving us that on the ground perspective. it is a view that a lot of the folks the right to give you those updates throughout the morning. sarah as i mentioned, with those evacuees at the nearby b.a.r.t. parking lot. that is the pittsburgh parking lot. we want to rejoin her again for the update. is there any word for officials? is there any new update as to when they may be able to get home? >> -- >> reporter: know. i keep asking that question to any officials police, red cross, anyone. but there are no updates as to
4:37 am
when these people can return home. as i have been saying, people are filing in at the bart station that's b.a.r.t. station. there are three lots that -- b.a.r.t. station. people are piling in and it's getting more and more packed. as they said, they will try to help everyone and handout hot coffee and it's about holding that cup of coffee to stay warm. and, people, i heard a lot of different stories about evacuations and what it was like. now, tell me, this is michelle. she is all bundled up in a blanket. thank goodness because it is so cold. >> i didn't grab a jacket or a blanket. i didn't have enough time. it was just like hurry, hurry, you have to get out right now. and i was like you know do i have time to grab anything and they were like no, you need to leave now. so when it's urgent you don't think about grabbing certain
4:38 am
things. i grabbed my medication. >> at least you grab that. because we don't know that's >> reporter: at least you grabbed your -- at least you grabbed your medication. i spoke to two other people who didn't think to do it. but when you are evacuating you feel anything you just need to get out. >> right. you don't think about any of that. you don't feel cold or hot you're just nervous. it's late at night, it was almost midnight. bang, bang, bang and i was like who's at the door? it was the pittsburgh policing you need to get out right now. i asked how long do you have any said you don't have any time there is a gas line leak. >> reporter: how long did it take you to get a blanket? >> reporter: -- >> about two hours? >> reporter: how cold where you? >> well, i ran the heater. the first batch of blankets went really fast.
4:39 am
they were trying to get into the elderly first. >> are they working at? >> they are. along with the hot coffee in the hot chocolate. >> then you have to go back into your cars as soon as you can. >> reporter: so what could you say that what would you say, what is it like? would you say it's pretty chaotic? >> i don't that it was chaotic i think it's very controlled. there's a lot of people here. the whole development over here you know half of them are over at mount cavalry. >> the church. >> that's really good that it was controlled because you have 4000 people evacuating in an area it can be very chaotic. >> yes. when i got here, two or 300 of us got here at one time. >> reporter: stay warm, thank you for joining us. she has her blanket and she's not the only one.
4:40 am
a lot of people are heading over here. you can cut they are handing out water, i saw some cookies, coffee, blankets, just anything to ease these people into being warm and being calm because, this is a situation where we do not know how long they will have to's daycare. so we will be standing by here live to bring everyone latest but also i will be standing by with these people who have evacuated from their homes and see how they are doing. with some of the things that they are missing. sending it back to you. >> thank you so much. what a great interview. that is located at bailey and west liu and just on the south side of highway four pack -- mac. four. if there's any update, it will likely happen here. that is why we are standing there now live. what are you hearing? will? >> reporter: i am a mile and a half from sarah's location.
4:41 am
many officers are here and are continuing to show up. you can see them over my right shoulder. these firetrucks still parked in the driveway but you can see that the garage doors are open so they are ready to fly out. many of them are huddled. i showed up and they were speaking to each other. so i tried to get them to talk to me and they said you know let me get back to you. so as soon as the public information officer gets an update he promised to come on out and talk to us live on the morning news. as far as body language, if it matters, they are showing up. but there is not that urgency. they are walking in here a little faster than you normally would walk into your office. but, as far as rushing and running around, i have seen a lot of places you know especially during disasters and breaking news. not here. that's probably a good sign. they are still huddled around talking get back to me as soon
4:42 am
as he comes that we will do a live interview with the agencies, cal fire is here as well. there are some agencies believe it or not even the railroad police officers are here. there are a lot of lines to this location and you can see that suv through the railroad service. so, many agencies are getting together. they are working as a collaboration to see what's going on. but right now it seems like according to many firefighters and officers that i spoke to as they were walking and they said thank goodness for now there are no injuries and we don't see any visible flames because it's happening underground. james? >> thank you, will. they are obviously on alert at not nervous anyway so hopefully that's a good sign for everyone who has been evacuated that at least the situation isn't escalating. they are watching, waiting, hoping that the pipeline gets
4:43 am
depressurized without any serious consequences. he will keep you updated on that and throughout the day as well. download the kron4 mobile app. in the meantime, we are taking a brief break but we will be right back with this continuing coverage of this breaking news story in just a minute. honoring those who served. captain john billings, a world war ii veteran is a private plane pilot. now a part of angel flights, he donates his aircraft in time to get people to faraway hospitals for lifesaving medical care. veterans voices are sponsored by events in tach.
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welcome back to the b.a.r.t. -- kron4 morning news. we are following breaking news out of the pittsburgh bay point area where crews have evacuations underway because of a large grass fire that is threatening in underground gas pipeline. the evacuations are still in place. take a look at the map on the traffic tracker. it shows you the area that has been evacuated and some of the street closures that are in place. and, also willow pass road. this is an area to avoid.
4:46 am
one of the evacuation centers is the pittsburgh bay point kron4 station -- b.a.r.t. station. keep in mind that there is a heavy presence in the parking lot since that is being used as an evacuation center. it is half full and a tough place to find parking at so it's not a good idea to head to the b.a.r.t. -- kron4 station. now, this is also impacting amtrak service because it is happening near the tracks. so it is impacting freight train service and amtrak service. the sacramento to san jose line has been canceled. they set up a thing for people who normally pay that take that line. but you need to pay close attention. we will continue to follow this during another update is coming up in a bit. meanwhile, let's check in on that forecast.
4:47 am
>> if you like yesterday morning you will like this morning. we have low-lying cloud cover. we saw overcast conditions working their way into the golden gate yesterday late in the day after those clearing skies. and, that set us up for this overcast morning that we have to start your thursday. so what is in 30s. and on the cold side get those jackets ready to go concord right now 52. fairfield at 53 and napa at 43. although, avoiding the 30s like we did see a couple of days ago a new tuesday morning. the winds are light and that's good news as we have that blaze burning to to the east. and when around. around eight miles per hour. looking above the fog in the cloud cover that we do have this morning very low. you have the abundantly sunny skies. you see that fog showing up on your futurecast with the offshore marine air hanging
4:48 am
right offshore today. moving into your friday, we can expect a pretty similar start. a little push of the marine layer. but then, plenty of sunshine into the afternoon. you actually see by 9:30 pm a retreat of that marine layer in general. so saturday morning may actually be pretty clear with those overcast conditions that we had yesterday and this morning starting to ease a little bit. 60s and 70s for san francisco daily city in pacifica each at 67 for your highs and looking at 70s from brisbane down to foster city and back up into the 80s which is barely for woodside in mountain view. a few more 80s and yesterday for the south bay, and among them, each at 81 or 82. livermore attached warmer up to 85 today and as for oakland, pretty much the same as yesterday, maybe once or -- one or 2 degrees up. nice and calm with pittsburgh
4:49 am
81 and venetia at 71. as for santa rosa, nearing the 80s with petaluma and novato in the lower 80s. your lookahead shows a temperatures falling into the 70s for next week as cloud cover increases and we will be looking at showers possible on tuesday. the bay falling into the 70s while the coast is remaining pretty steady in the 60s. >> thank you. a quick look again at the breaking news story. a map showing this location that is threatening the chevron natural gas pipeline that is what has forced the evacuation of nearby neighborhoods and forced thousands out of their home overnight. it is a makeshift evacuation center. we have more with our continuing coverage on this breaking news story in just a minute.
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4:51 am
4:52 am
the bay point area home have been forced out we are talking about this people because of a fire that broke out in ewald that contains a chevron natural gas fire. those 4000 people in the surrounding neighborhood have been evacuated. here he put a red circle around the area. we are talking about all those people told that they have to camp out at the parking lot for make their way -- or make their way to the church in pittsburgh where they are currently being housed. the red cross is at both locations. they are assisting people. they are handing out hot water, and cocoa.
4:53 am
a school has been shut down as a result of the evacuation. if you have kids to go to willow co. entry school there is no school. you are going to have to make some alternate plans. some of those kids may be at the evacuation center so they are trying to deal with this in real-time. we will continue to follow this. we have breaking news coverage in just a moment. we are there talking to the evacuees and we have will tran at the command center we have various agencies coming together., -- and we are in one of those neighborhoods that has been evacuated. download the kron4 mobile app. we will send out a push alert. in the meantime, they tune. our coverage continues.
4:54 am
4:55 am
welcome back. this is the kron4 morning news. and you the a map indicating a
4:56 am
fire that's burning in the area of they point. right at the soon avenue. and that has forced the evacuation of thousands. that is our breaking news story. these neighborhoods have been evacuated and they really had no clear choice to go to when they were forced out of their homes by emergency personnel. they could either camp out at the pittsburgh station or they could go to the calgary church in concord. and, those are the two main places where he have residents camped out right now. many of them with their kids, pets, and not much else because a only given minute. there out of bed between 10 pm and midnight and told to grab what's important to them. as for when that may be, it's all dependent on where they had
4:57 am
the natural gas pipelines for chevron they're trying to depressurize. they're trying to put out the fire. we will try to get updates on the progress throughout the morning. in the meantime download the kron4 mobile app. that's the best time to get an alert. we will continue to follow this during our broadcast. the stated, we will be back with ongoing coverage in just a couple of minutes. (burke) that's what we call a huge drag.
4:58 am
4:59 am
seriously, that's what we call it. officially. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ( james ) goodmorning and thanks for joining us on the kron 4 morning news. that breaking news good morning thank you for joining us. that breaking news that we have been following comes out of the east bay where thousands have been evacuated as a fire threatened in underground pipeline. >> they had moment to get out of their homes. while you are sleeping they were going to evacuation centers. take a look at where the fire broke out.
5:00 am
it was sparked by a powerline that fell after a grass fire broke out in that area. it's after near to -- it is also near train tracks. evacuations are in place in the area of north broadway avenue to the west. and, will pass is in the south -- willow pack is in the south. >> that is 4000 people have been forced from their homes. there is an evacuation center in concord but closer at the pittsburgh bay point station they have designated the entire parking lot as a makeshift evacuation center with thousands of people there warning people that there really is no estimate on when they may be able to return home. >> there is a fire burning underground so they have to shut down the pipeline and put that out. in the meantime, they have all
5:01 am
these evacuations. so we had team coverage we are at the evacuation enter. and, right now let's go to will tran who had an interview with a firefighter. >> reporter: i am at the command center at west cleveland about a mile and a half away from the pittsburgh bay point nation where so many people are running to because they have been evacuated. let's get right to the public information officer steve hill with a fire protection. what do you know about the very latest about this fire? >> we know that there's a lot of good progress. we have chevron working on their pipeline they have been working to reduce the pressure in that 12 inch high-pressure gas line that has caused a problem overnight. and, as they continue to draw down the pressure on that line they will be able to purge it. at that point, the threat of any explosion will have passed.
5:02 am
>> reporter: so that obviously is still very much there. >> it exists and that is why we are maintaining evacuation orders. it's just not safe to do it right now but it is getting safer by the minute. >> reporter: so what started this? wasn't within their own system or do we not know exact yet >> here is what i know, as we do with every fire company will invest this one as well. it's just not been possible to get an investigator into the site. what we know right now, yesterday evening 5 pm we had a grass fire out in that area. it was either started by an electrical line or the electrical line was impacted by the fire. we don't know that yet. we will know when we invest gate. even though that was relatively small and innocuous fire led to a situation where this fault, a chevron vault with the gas line running through it was set on fire.
5:03 am
so overnight, there has been a small gas line falling -- burning in that vault. and, that has been threatening the larger high-pressure line. >> reporter: my goodness. who alerted you the chevron checks and balances they alerted you? work you guys discover that while fighting the brushfire? >> they were out on the scene and they noticed the fire in the vault. >> reporter: how do you fight a fire in a vault? i have seen you in every possible situation but a firefight underground? how does that make it challenging? >> well, it's almost like in this case we observed smoke coming out of the vault and then we observe a glow. and on advice of chevron we evacuated the area because of the threat of a possible explosion we didn't fight the fire. >> reporter: how many people
5:04 am
evacuated into anticipate more evacuations? >> 11 pm we issued evacuation orders we were helped by the sheriff's office and the pittsburgh pd. they went door-to-door and they also helped people who couldn't self evacuate. our estimate is that we have 4000 people out of their homes in that half-mile area around the incident. and that is about 1400 homes were evacuated overnight. >> reporter: but you don't anticipate any evacuations. >> it seems unlikely. i think what is more likely that we will begin to lift the evacuation as we get news of that line being purged. and one last question are we over the hump or is it still a ticking time bomb still to speak? that's so to speak? >> well, we are safer now than we were. i would say we are getting close to the point where we can they it has been safe. but we are there yet. >> reporter: take you so much.
5:05 am
i really appreciate you talking to us. he was on the phone all morning. i had to wait. but it's getting better minute by minute. they told us to stand to the side just in case they need to leave this location. come back to me if there's another update i'm sure he will tell me and then i will tell you. >> a quick question before he leaves could you ask him when will they get word? that the line is purged and that it safe for them to go in there? >> reporter: our anchor wanted me to ask you, are you still there? really get the word that it is safe enough for use to go in -- for you guys to go in there? >> we have been flying a drone over the site throughout the night and in the morning hours. we will do that again when the line is purged to do a final assessment before we send
5:06 am
people into it. and the chevron personnel to ensure that the site is safe. >> reporter: and it takes just one spark and it is dangerous, of all. >> yes we tend to air on the side of caution. we put fires safety -- firefighter safety at the top along with citizens we will go in there until we are sure that is and we will know that because it will be filled with gas. >> reporter: and they obviously want them to be safe they had drones flying over. there on and by and they are putting the pass out with another to make sure that it is safe. james clack --? >> that is great news. for all of those were just hearing that live, which is where sara stinson is at the bart nation we will have to tell you that they will be
5:07 am
closed for the next five or six hours. >> i could barely hear him in his interview. >> reporter: people have been standing by. they had been very nervous because people evacuated at a moment notice they were told that there was a possible pipeline next lotion and when people hear that around the area, they take it nicely. a lot of people left their homes with nothing but the shirts on their back and some of them didn't grab a jacket because it is a state of panic and you don't think to grab a jacket. a lot of people forgot medications and they are now in a state of panic because they are worrying about when to get home. and, they had been here since before midnight. so, you first of all, you're supposed be working soon. you are worried you're going to miss work.
5:08 am
>> yes. i have been here all night since 11 pm and it's cold. >> reporter: it is very cold. a lot of people are struggling to a warm. the red cross is giving out blankets. and you just off of work and you didn't even get to go home. >> yes. i heard that there was an evacuation right here. >> reporter: so you get out of work and that's pretty scary to think that you don't get to go home. the worst-case scenario you don't get to go home. i can't do anything about it. >> reporter: and what has it been like here? either people -- >> it has been pretty mellow. and, it's been pretty good so far. and it's going to take it toll in the morning. >> reporter: because you will probably still have to go to work. >> i'm going to be late. i need a few hours sleep.
5:09 am
>> reporter: did you see any flames or any fire? >> i came here from work. and, they were evacuated. and, there's a six inch gas line, that may arrive. the first that came into my head, was san bruno, me and my other son. >> reporter: we heard that there was a loud noise and did you hear that? it was like allowed almost eight. that's a jet -- a jet. >> i didn't hear anything. it was a calm night. i knew that something was going on. >> reporter: yes. did you get a knock on your door? did you hear anything at work? >> no. i'm the only one here left. the factory is way off of fremont. >> reporter: so you are left in the dark. >> so i texted him.
5:10 am
the only reason i knew it is because he texted me. >> reporter: how would you describe this parking lot? >> blurring, cold, tired and hungry. >> well, hopefully we get them released soon. thank you for joining us. people have been just standing by again it's very cold. when i first arrived here, there were enough blankets. it was a huge concern and no, about 10 minutes after i arrived, they were very panicked but when the blankets arrived, they were running over to the red cross. and, people were asking because there's a lot of elderly people here and children and a lot of people who are freezing for two hours or more. and they are glad to have blanket and are hoping for the best. they will get more on west cleveland avenue. that is where there are 2 to 3 parking lot we know that are
5:11 am
open right now at the pittsburgh in the bay point bart station. it is filling up very quickly. when i first got here, right when i drove in, it was just packed with people in their cars sleeping not trying to trying to sleep -- just trying to stay warm. it is very rough out here. often it back to you. >> and because he had a hard time hearing, firefighters are making great progress and soon hopefully soon, they will get the all clear to go in and assess the area. hopefully that will mean that they can get home sooner rather than later. >> can you imagine? 11 pm or 12 pm at night. and, it is 5 am. you haven't slept. they had to evacuate. and, we have lydia in one of those neighborhoods blocked off right now lydia? >> reporter: this is one of the
5:12 am
streets along willow pass road. we spoke to a man he was evacuated last night. he said about 11 pm they came knocking on his door telling him to get out. there were buses waiting to transport people who didn't have a car. let's take a look at that video. this one here, he told me there were buses to evacuate people to the bart station or the evacuation center at the church. but, we are also seeing people who are sleeping in their cars. they are just waiting for the neighborhood to reopen, 4000 people were evacuated from the neighborhood but people don't seem to be very worried i think it's because they can't really see the fire because it is underground. that doesn't mean that it isn't dangerous. it is burning near the train tracks at suisun and poinsettia. there is still a risk of explosion and no word on when the neighborhood is expected to
5:13 am
open. we did speak to some people who said that they had no idea about evacuation centers they said that there wasn't anyone who spoke spanish or other languages to tell them where to go so they were confused this morning. >> thank you a lot. and don't forget to download the b.a.r.t. mobile app. even those people that are out there right now, they were to know when they can get back and we will send a push alert as soon as change. in the status changes for those people. and you will get the latest if you download the app. >> and one of the big problems, at the bart station parking lot is how much of an impact that's going to be those who use that station. because the service is in operation. >> absolutely. just the parking is impacted and i used to rewrite across the street. and you could hardly find a parking space at 5 am. so with this being used not
5:14 am
going to be a good place to go this morning. people coming from brentwood, antioch, they all pile into the station. they recommending that people go on over to concord there is a pleasant hill station, concord nation can't use that. >> so for those in antioch, when they come into the pittsburgh area they don't have get off they can just stay on. >> right. it is an easy transfer for those people. >> but it is a matter of getting on summer else. >> and even traffic on willow pass road. and then we have the street closures in place so let's take a look at this traffic map. it's being impacted by the fire and the street closures you have suisun avenue and willow pass road.
5:15 am
and as they are heading to work it may start to jam up the traffic. this is happening right next to willow pass which is always busy. right now, trains are running through and there is limited parking so you need to plan ahead and get ahead. the track service freight train because of this fire, they are rerouting which is causing delays of up to 20 minutes. this will impact you between sacramento in san jose. they do have a bus bridge in place. just a quick check of the traffic, it is picking up quickly in the counseling. . we will have another look in just a bit. we all know that the wind through concord and pittsburgh can be very breezy at times. the good news is is that they are relatively calm as they make their way through at eight miles per hour from the southwest is running.
5:16 am
and, a lot of them are actually, such as walnut creek. and, as compared to monday which was a breezy one, we continue to trend a little bit colder. . you can see for the futurecast, it doesn't look to be changing through the morning. and, it's being held down a little bit by fog. and it's also a bit of good news as addressing the coastal inclusion. pretty deep towards areas like pittsburgh and bay point. 60s and 70s by noon. and by 3 pm we are back into the 60s, 70s, and 80s much a carbon copy, keeping an update on the car keen is area as well. and at 5:15 am, we went to go back to our breaking news coverage because we have ever live shot in different locations keep you posted on
5:17 am
this fire that started as a grass ire and then went to an underground vault. we have the latest that when this could all be settled. they are getting close to being able to get rid of the gas and making sure that the fire is out. but not quite yet. dated, we will be back with an update in a couple of minutes. oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®.
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5:20 am
thanks for joining us on the kron 4 morning news. that breaking news we are following is out of the east is welcome back. it is 5:19 am. let's continue our coverage of the east bay situation where thousands of people are out of their homes evacuated because of a fire that is too dangerously close to an underground vault. >> it darted out as a grass fire which in turn -- >> sorry, chevron vault. >> right. it houses a 12 inch natural gas
5:21 am
line. and, the worry is that if the fire should mark any of that gas, we could a major exposure. and, for that reason, that is why the evacuated people in a half mile radius and that is what you see here. all these folks, evacuated late last night and as a result, they left on their back. having the kids, pets, some forgetting the medication and they are now there was no indication as to when they could get back home. >> and they are good to our coverage because they are at the command center and he will be the first to know when it's safe to go back into that area. so let's go to him now or in eight. >> reporter: they don't know, they hope that the news could be updated at around 40 5 am as to when people can return to their homes. maybe in the next four or five hours. they have learned from that.
5:22 am
it is to -- to dangerous to allow anyone back right now. he says that the vault area about the size of a pickup truck and they don't know what caused this chaos, so to speak. they do know that there was a brush fire in the area. whether that started the problem or if it was something with in chevron, that is still part of the investigation. but the investigation is not important to them at this time. safety is obviously of the utmost importance to the evacuees as well as the firefighters which is why they have drones flying over the location. he says that they do not see any visible flames. but they won't let the firefighters through the area or in that area for now and that's until they can push that gas from the vault out using a harmless gas as he said. pushing on the gas out and when
5:23 am
it makes the clearance, it's okay saying you know that the firefighters will go in. as far as evacuations, we do know about 4000 people have been evacuated. my colleague has been doing a great job talking to them. about a mile and a half from my location at the pittsburgh bart station many of them sleeping in their cars. according to the public information officer, he doesn't anticipate any more evacuations at this time. the danger is still very much alive. but, at least, according to him, it is getting a little bit to where they might get over that hump and start to get a bit more safer. but he says it not as dangerous as what we thought maybe in the past couple hours. so at least we are heading into the right direction trying to get my hands on that video at that location and as soon as i get that i will pass it along. we will be well worth watching.
5:24 am
>> and we will send out a push alert with that mobile app so that you will know that the area is to go into. download that mobile app if you don't ready have it. >> we will be back with more in just a few minutes. stay with us. this is a saturday with the best wifi experience and your shows streaming wherever you go. and with savings on wireless, this is a saturday you can share with the whole family. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv for just $39.99 a month for 12 months and ask how you can save on your wireless bill when you include xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today.
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5:27 am
and they don't want anything to happen we are standing by to hear when they get the all clear. and included in the evacuation are folks and kids to go to the elementary and because they don't know when they will be allowed back home they had made the call. willow cove elementary is going to be close today. plan accordingly. more coverage of our breaking news in just a moment. managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority. until i held her.
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5:29 am
welcome back. it is 5:28 am. there is a fire threatening a neighborhood in bay point, 4000 people are evacuated. they had to leave their homes in the middle of the night. which -- with the just the clothes on their back now they
5:30 am
are waiting for them to be able to put out that fire. >> if you just tuning in, that is our breaking news. around this fire. and all those folks are heading to either the calvary church in concord were the parking lot -- for the parking lot at the bart station that up with the red cross helping them out. they can't get back into their neighborhood until -- well that's the question. we don't know quite yet. the man we have team coverage because this is impacting more than folks just in the local area. it's going to affect you if you ride bart, it's going to affect you on highway 24. so, it's going to make an impact on train travel, and so much more. so we went to sit with our team coverage. we have various live shot. and let's start right at the people that have been impact.
5:31 am
she has the latest from the evacuation center. >> reporter: i am at the neighborhood that was evacuated and a lot of people are going to the evacuation center. but some people are just hanging out right here because they want to know when their neighborhood is going to reopen so there are a lot of people nearby and they are just reaping in their cars. we talked to a man who was evacuated and he told us when people came knocking on peoples doors telling them to get out there are buses waiting to transport those people and they couldn't get there. they didn't have a car. take a look at other street closures. because all of the streets along willow pass road are closed off. so you can't get into any of these neighborhoods but i did get into one. i was allowed in and i did a lot of people who had left and people tell me that there is a
5:32 am
large transient population so they may not have been aware that there were evacuations. he also told me about the buses being used to take people to the bart patient for the evacuation center. we are seeing people right now for thousand people evacuated from the neighborhood. we spoke to one man who was waiting out side the area. >> coming about the evacuation. >> they made everybody leave the said thing about and asked lotion. >> that's >> reporter: so what is your worry? >> i'm just waiting to see you know is a going to blow up you know just it's spooky. you know what i mean? a lot of people have homes and stuff like that. a lot of homeless people around here. and i'm just lurking and looking and seeing that's all. >> reporter: why didn't you go to any of the evacuation center
5:33 am
-- centers? >> i don't know. i went by but i left i just i didn't want to be in there. >> a lot of people are sitting in their cars just hanging out. are you worried about somebody going into your house? >> a lot of people might try to you know run me out. you just have to watch. >> reporter: some people i spoke to they aren't worried they are just relaxed about the whole thing in that because they can't see it but i want you to know that there is only that risk of pleasant and that's why people aren't being allowed back into their neighborhood. it's a very dangerous situation. >> that's going to be an issue i think. you know that people can't see the dangers know that they don't know that it's not safe to be in that area. a lot of people most of them have evacuated to those locations.
5:34 am
let's continue team coverage. a reminder download the mobile app because we are expecting it point this morning or late this morning and update from fire personnel as to whether they will be able to let people into their neighborhoods. >> and they scheduled a news conference for 645 -- 6:45 am. you will get that information so just download the app and make sure that that is asked. >> this is impacting not only folks in the neighborhood but looks that drive in the area so let's go to the traffic center with robin and get the latest. >> reporter: they are saying -- >> they are saying that it's not impacting service is impacting the parking lot. so keep in mind that parking is limited at the pittsburgh a point bart station. so you need to go to alternate patient there is the pittsburgh center station. there's north concord, concord, and pleasant hill.
5:35 am
so you have several options as far as parking but you need to leave early because it is a popular area. also keep in mind that is causing delays to the corridor service. they are saying because of the train traffic they are reporting that they have delayed up to 20 minutes as they are rerouting trains and nervous so keep that in mind for those of you who use that corridor delays the 20 minute. here's a look at the area under evacuation and where is your highly 4 you should stay away from the street. suisun to the north and willow pass, very popular during the morning and a lot of folks use it to get through bay point, pittsburgh and over to the bart station. so those will be in place until further notice. a quick check of bay bridge traffic. we don't want to forget about the rest of the bay area but no major trouble spots.
5:36 am
we aren't going to do the weather because we want to continue our team coverage but i want to mention that it's actually extra chili. it is cold. which this morning, for all of those folks who had to spend the night in the parking or in their cars it has been extra bad. we want to go to will tran because they are waiting and they are dating back at the fire center where we are waiting for a press conference. and he's going to be the first to know when it's going to be safe. >> and he had a really great interview with the public information officer. and they were telling us, that they had zeros that they are using to fly overhead because even the firefighters were evacuated out of the area. it was just too dangerous and they can't know and until that gas line is depressurized or at least purged enough that there's not more volatile gas inside. >> the third any timeline at all. any idea? >> reporter: right now,
5:37 am
according to the public information officer, the danger level goes down little by little, minute by minute. they are preparing for the worst. which is why you see the fire trucks they are starting to mobilize. they want to get their tracks out of the garage here by west cleveland avenue. they are trying to get them out in case anything should possibly happen where they could get to that location. the hazmat team showed up over the past couple of minutes. and we could swing the camera over in this particular direction. i will show you the team. they are here as well. firefighters, there's police officers from the railroad he is here as well and by. so this is the location. the brains, so to speak of the operation on what to do. the public information officer says right now that they are using harmless gas according to him to try to put -- push that dangerous pass out.
5:38 am
really quickly, are there any updates, we are live either any updates the last time is? >> no. still making good progress and we are hoping to get a report pretty. >> we just heard a school has canceled class today. female is wonderful that has canceled class in pittsburgh and it is bear with me is like tv. but it's early in the morning. >> and thank you for being here. >> it is willow cove elementary school in pittsburgh. >> -- >> reporter: so even though you know the danger is starting to go down little by little -- >> [ahead of ourselves. we haven't lifted the evacuation order, which means we aren't convinced that it's completely been mitigated. so, until that happens we will lift it. the school is just slightly outside of that area but our concern was that people would
5:39 am
be going into get their kids to school and so we had an abundance of caution. >> reporter: i see that team here they are just on and by there's no need to rush the main? >> that's correct. we have positioned the fire resources all around the area overnight and through the morning and we have hazmat here in case they are needed. >> i know a lot of people are watching this online, sleeping or sitting in their cars. is there any guesstimates in on when they could possibly return to their homes >> we don't know that at this point. we will have a really good idea in a couple of hours. i think time is measured in hours and not days at this point but i think we are within hours. >> and so much has been learned which is why you guys are getting ahead of it and getting people out. >> i think we mentioned it before but we put firefighter safety and civilians that we serve ahead of everything else. so we won't take any chances.
5:40 am
>> reporter: thank you so much. he's a busy man. i don't even think he was prepared to go on. >> i know. and maybe can ask him. but next time i think you know people who don't fight fires we hundred and firefighter with a building and go and you know we can't go in but there's nothing to see so i wonder for a firefighter is it more dangerous do they fear going into a burning building or going into a situation like this more. >> reporter: i can answer that question just talking to firefighters throughout the years is what they can't see that is gary to them because we are talking about gas, we are talking about vaults underneath. so when they see a burning building or the house every fire is different but they are prepared. they can see what's going on. in the -- even though it dangerous. so we don't even know if they can smell it. so you know that's why they are so fearful and they aren't
5:41 am
letting fighters near there. obviously, drones should be replaced. but they aren't taking any chances. they have drones flying over that location right now just for everyone's safety and seems like the second time that he talked to me he was even more urgent. >> right. >> thank you so much. he has been on every kind of fire. so we will keep you up dated with that team coverage. absolutely. and a reminder, the fire is burning and. . we have thousands of people evacuated from their homes and it will have ripple effects not only on school today but also on your commute. if you happen to have a commuter along 94. you are going to have a crush of people coming your way because, the parking at the pittsburgh station is currently serving as an evacuation area.
5:42 am
we will be back with more that coverage, in just a moment. mitzi: psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way? watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ ) joni: think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it. they're moving forward with cosentyx. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain and clearer skin. don't use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms of an infection. or if you have received a vaccine, or plan to.
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welcome back. it is 5:43 am. we are following breaking news out of a point. and, they are threatening and underground pipeline that is all happening near the area of poinsettia and suisun avenue. they have been evacuated and one of the centers is the pittsburgh bay point bart station. it is close -- i'm sorry it is enclosed. it isn't impacting the service just the parking because those folks are there including emergency crews. parking will be limited at the pit bay point part patient that's why we are recommending that they should stay away from it. and, they current martina station. and, this is a look at the area that is under evacuation. the streets that are impacted.
5:45 am
suisun, poinsettia, all ready building up still moving well across the upper deck. we will keep a track on train service as well as other slowdowns, coming up in a bit. enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity for $34.99 a month for 12 months. plus ask about xfi pods for even more coverage. click, call or visit a store today.
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and you know what goes greateak with that shrimp?shrimp. you guessed it. more shrimp. steak and unlimited shrimp, starting at $15.99. only at outback. goodmorning and thanks for joining us on the kron 4 we are back. again, are breaking news story is the fire that is threatening
5:48 am
a natural gas pipeline in pittsburgh. and it is impacting the bay point neighborhood that has been evacuated. it is impacting bart passengers because you can't go to the station. it is all full of the people who are evacuating with thousands of people have to avoid the pit bay point tatian all the other stations will feel a lot more pressure. that's one of the centers as well as over at the calgary temple church. >> and as part of our coverage, we do have sarah at the parking lot tatian. she has been talking to those who have been evacuated. sarah? >> reporter: that's right. i have been here alive talking to several people. i'm joined by christina -- katrina. what happened when the other elation first went into? >> about 11 pm house rain and
5:49 am
there was a long message and it was telling us we need to be evacuated. so i checked the website and there was an alert but i noticed my neighborhood wasn't moving. when we were moving, my mom cash is multiple sclerosis. when we started meeting, police coming down the street and they said you know everybody get out. that started about 11 pm. these sites were here. so, we came here because my mom can't get out of the car. so we've been out here sleeping. and i just woke up thinking we could get home. and when they come right back. >> reporter: i do hear that there is relief coming. they're working hard. there the fire lines under control. are you ready to go home hoping for the best. >> ready to go home. wants to go to school. my mom would like to get out of the car. and i was supposed to be at
5:50 am
work. what time did you go to work >> i would be getting up right now. i'm usually on the 6:33 am train. >> reporter: in usually the slot is hacked. so now it packed the people who are evacuating. you probably know, how this is going to impact. >> yes. when we were on the other died i didn't wake up and i saw someone unfamiliar at the being out here. and i was like oh no, that means that the commuters are coming. so we went to get something to eat he said we are going to find a park again. so we came back here. >> reporter: and call. people are sleeping in their cars. trying to a warm. what did you grab? >> we grabbed important papers. we major that we had blankets in the keep blankets in the car. and we had a couple of extra sweatshirt and i use stuffed animal for a pillow. you are doing much better than a lot of people. a lot of people into didn't
5:51 am
bring the medication, they didn't bring a blanket. and they just went out of the door. >> one thing we don't have our phone charges. so my family and me you know we are okay. with my mom being disabled and then i have done disasters that work i knew at least to keep things in the car. >> so, that's >> reporter: tell me, like you said, at least you have the warmth of the car. >> it is still kind of hard. and, it gets really warm you don't to roll down the window. so i do give props to the people who this is their life. >> reporter: did you see the fire or anything? >> when we were starting to leave, i could tell gas and that is when the panic started. trying to transfer my mom into the car, it was hard to find a good to do that. and we were starting to panic and we were like we just need to calm down.
5:52 am
we got her in the car, we put her chair back in the garage and we got out. >> reporter: because when you, you hear the pipeline exposing you know >> right. they say no it's mandatory need to go. so it went from being okay, to we have to go. >> reporter: very urgent. we are glad that you are safe. obviously will be hopping on the bart today. >> no. thank you. >> reporter: people are going to the red cross station. however, they just ran out a blanket so i have seen some people without a sweatshirt so they are shivering. and, the red cross gave out all their blankets. so that is something that is kind of urgent over here. they are handing out hot coffee and hot chocolate. >> tell her, best mom ever. she was calm, she has that
5:53 am
emergencies. she had blankets. sweatshirt. medication. and you know what, our viewers watch and they do help. and now knowing that the red cross has run out and it so cold. >> i'm so they put out a call. >> maybe could drop off some blankets. >> and you heard her say, it is cold out there. what are you seeing? >> it is chilly. it's not as cold as you tuesday morning was when the same areas were flirting with the 30s. and, they aren't huber called. and, they are relatively light. and it is compared to a breezy monday just behind us. window around six miles per hour. and a lot of times they will season breezy conditions as that marine air tries make its way towards the car canas bridge. we are seeing some very breezy
5:54 am
conditions. you don't this stirring up any of that gas or that fire in the first place. when you move about the cloud, hanging above the bay area, you actually do have some abundantly any guys. so when that start to clear out, sunshine can be a acted into the afternoon and we are in for a day that should be very similar to what we saw yes today with overcast conditions start and then all of that shine 60s and 70s. up and down the peninsula for the daytime highs. i game right here in the middle 70s, then carlos in palo alto. as for santa clara, nearing the 80s right at 81 for highs. and middle 80s and upper 70s and lower 80s sonoma, napa, each in the 80s as well. a bit of a cool down into next week. active. thank you.
5:55 am
and a quick check of traffic. the traffic is slow and backed up to the bottom of the maze very quiet and hot but free. under 15 minute to make it in. here is a peek at 92. it is definitely crowded but it is moving under 15 minute to head on over to the peninsula. the richmond san rafael bridge along line here all ready tacking up towards castro. but no major incident report. the golden gate bridge nice and light. we will take a quick break and we will be right back. stay with us.
5:56 am
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6:00 am
breaking news we are following is out of the east bay thousands of people have been evacuated as a fire threatens an fire threatens an underground gas pipeline in bay point.( darya ) the fire broke out last night near poinsettia and suisun avenues. officials say the fire was sparked by a powerline that fell after a grass fire broke out in the area. train traffic has been stopped in both directions in the area.( james ) evacuations are in place for people in the area of north broadway avenue to the west... summer way to the east... suisun avenue in the north and willow pass road in the south. this is a map of the evacuation area. an evacuation center is set up at calvary temple church in concord and at the pittsburg/ baypoint bart station. ( darya ) fire officials are warning people that there is a
6:01 am
threat of a possible explosion. chevron issued a statement this morning saying that they have shutdown the pipeline in that area. ( darya ) let's go to kron 4's will tran who is live at the command post. we're learning that there will be a news update. if you're watching this on your cell phones, hang tight. it looks like it will be sometime today that you will be able to return. you can see the fire trucks behind me and the hazmat truck. this is not a hazmat situation. they are not rushing to the scene. it is too dangerous to allow any firefighter close to that. that is why they have drones flying over. also, they want to mobilize the resources in case the worst
6:02 am
case scenario happened that i have to rush out there. they are calling people in to work and having them on standby just in case the very worst, an explosion happens. hopefully that won't. i had a live interview with the public information officer and the fire district. he went through a lot of information. if you're just joining us now, this is the very latest. >> we are making good progress, especially in the last couple of hours. we have chevron working on their pipeline. they are reducing the pressure that caused the problem overnight. as a continue to draw down the pressure on that line they will purge it with a gasp. when it's -- once it is purged the threat of an explosion will pass. >> the threat exists right now.
6:03 am
that is why we are not lifting the evacuation order. it is getting safer by the minute. >> what started this? was it in their own system, did the gas fire puncture the line? here's what i know. as we do with every fire in this county, we will investigate. it is not been possible to get an investigator in right now because it is not safe. what we know right now is that yesterday evening at about 5 pm we had a grass fire out in that area. it was either started by an electrical line or the electrical line was impacted by the fire. we don't know that but we will know once we investigate. even though that was a relatively small fiery led to a situation where this fault with the gas line running through it was set on fire. overnight there has been a small gas fire burning in that
6:04 am
vault. that has been threatening the larger high- pressure line. >> okay. who alerted you? is this with chevron checks and balances or you discovered it while fighting the fire? they work out with the grass fire and noticed the fire in the vault? you guys are professionals, i have seen you in every possible situation. a firefight underground? how is that challenged -- challenging? it's in the vault. it's like the bed of a pickup truck size. it is buried with a lid on it. we saw smoke coming out and then saw a glow. on advice of chevron we
6:05 am
>> reporter: how many people evacuated and we anticipate more evacuations? at about 11 o'clock we issued evacuation orders. we were helped by the police who went door to door. they helped people who could not self evacuate. right now we feel we have 4000 people out of their homes in that one half mile area. that is about 1400 homes that were evacuated. no more evacuations? >> it seems him -- unlikely. what is more likely is that we will begin to lift that evacuation as we get news that the line is purged. >> reporter: are we over the hump? we are not completely out of danger but we are a lot safer than we were even two hours ago. we are getting safer by the minute. i would say it is close to where we can say the safe -- site is safe. >> it is still a very fluid
6:06 am
situation. so he was not committed to all of this. he has a news conference planned for about 40 minutes from now. we will carry that live for you when it happens. yes, they are rushing to the scene. if you want to gauge body language, there does not seem to be a tremendous urgency. that is a good sign. they know what they are doing and they have the situation analyzed and they are prepared to -- prepared to roll. they are at a safe distance while the drones fly over the location. >> art. inconveniences better than peril. a lot of people are being inconvenienced. they are all sleeping in their cars, trying to keep warm. this is been five to six hours for those people. >> all right.
6:07 am
we are at the bart parking lot. . i can't tell if it is getting warmer or if i'm moving around a lot and getting used to it. i'm feeling better. i think people are looking for blankets. the red cross is running out of them. i talked to them about 10 minutes ago and they were out of blankets. then they got blankets and they literally were out in a minute. they line up her blankets and then they're gone. this is the only red cross station in the entire parking lot. there are three different parking lots that people can be at. this is the only red cross station. it has been quite hectic. they have boxes like this, 10 different -- 10 blankets in each box. they go quickly. it is very cold. i am joined by jacob. he has his bicycle here.
6:08 am
you have a unique situation. you have a car to go to. tell me what happened when the evacuation went into effect. >> i wasn't even home. i was at a friends house. we get a call that we are getting evacuated i said no. that can't be. >> i so barry and i did not see anything of it. national barrier. i didn't think anything of it. by the time i got to my house had three cops on me thinking i was raking into my house. i headed straight year. i have been here since 8 pm yesterday. what have you been doing to stay warm? paddling around. i have a bike. i can't lock it up anywhere. i have been cruising around and drinking coffee.>> reporter: has the red cross been helpful? yes. they are handing out blankets as much as possible. they are doing a good job. i just want to go home.
6:09 am
i want to sleep. >> okay. the good news is that they are holding the fire lines and it looks like they are being successful with it. so you are cycling around here. tell me what you are seeing. >> their cars packed with animals, people, people are sitting in beds of trucks sleeping. people have their cars completely blacked out. there are whole families crammed into cars. they just want to go home. that's what everybody wants to do, go home. hopefully it will happen soon. >> all right. you have got zero sleep? no sleep. >> reporter: how are you feeling? >> a little cold. i need some breakfast and another coffee. all right. you seem so optimistic. >> what you gonna do? you don't really think it's going to happen to you. then, out of nowhere it happens. >> you said you thought it was
6:10 am
a crime scene what did you think when you thought it was a possible pipeline explosion and wildfire? i thought what if it does happen? you got out immediately? yes. you never know. plus, imagine, everyone who left their animals behind it all their belongings, you don't need that situation again. that is happened before and it is not pretty. >> you have to hope for the best. >> exactly. >> you have the right mentality. thank you for joining us. stay warm. i'm sure biking around will get your blood flowing. >> all right. thank you. >> the red cross is going through blankets rapidly. it is sad to watch. a lot of people are freezing. as i said earlier, people ran out of their homes with nothing
6:11 am
but the shirts on their back. a lot of people don't even have jackets. i have seen people that don't have shoes because they ran out of their homes as fast as they could. a lot of people are trying to stay warm. they're hoping that they can get good news. i talked to one officer who said he is learning just like we are about what the latest is. obviously, we have somebody at the command center so we can get the very latest. i will send it back to you guys.>> thank you. >> people are so nice. and that reminds me, i know how people are. they ran out of blankets and people needs shoes -- need shoes and sweatshirts, just drop them off of your close by. plus, the red cross has a new shelter they just open. >> yes. they did just open one. it may be a couple miles further out but it is shelter, especially
6:12 am
for people wanting to get inside from the cool temperatures. we have a center there. i'm sure they have blankets. they have hot coffee at the parking lot. >> you are in a car. >> imagine right now, your whole family and your pets in your car for 7 to 10 hours. no sleep. >> reporter: we are right outside where they have cordoned off the neighborhoods. let's get the latest. we go people are sitting in their cars and sleeping in their cars right outside the area that is closed off. as soon as it opens they want to get back in their homes. i did notice that there is not really a sense of urgency when it came to the fire itself. they can't see yet. they are not worried about it. that does not mean it is not dangerous. there is a chance of an explosion. you have to be careful until they get everything handled. let's take a look at video of
6:13 am
the serio -- area. from willow pass road, there are several streets blocked off. they need to -- they were told that they needed to evacuate immediately. 4000 people were evacuated from this neighborhood. we talked to one person who was evacuated. >> the thing that we worry about is that there is a strong homeless president -- presence. we don't want any looting or anybody doing anything. you can walk wn in there. there is no police presence. i have seen people walking down into the homes. that worries me. my neighbors as well.>> you said
6:14 am
, as far as going back in, you said there is not a lot of communication? >> no. nobody tells how many -- tells us how long it will take, can we go back. there is no police over there. some barricades have been knocked down. people have gone back in there. i don't want to do that until we get official word that we can go back to our homes. >> you said -- why did you go to the evacuation center? >> it is crowded. you can go to the college but school will start ready soon. i don't want to go there. it is better for me to just sleep in my car, me and my wife. that is where we are right now.>> reporter: we did speak to a lot of people right now. i spoke to another person who was driving and had no idea what was going on. i think some people may not
6:15 am
have gotten the message to get out. also, there is a large transient population. police may not have gotten to those people either. back to you. all right. i feel for these people. we were talking about how the red cross is trying to help. let's talk about that. we have a representative from the red cross. >> so i was saying, the initial evacuation center, they ran out of blankets and people are cold. some people don't even have shoes. maybe people could drop stuff off. would that be bad? >> i don't know at this point that we needed. although it might add to the congestion of people coming in. >> that is a tough one. maybe you will get more over there. >> we just heard that the
6:16 am
college is opening some of its property. what is a situation there? what can people expect if they decide to head that way? well, they are generous enough to open the gymnasium for activities. we will supply them with food and a safe place to be. >> reporter: the man we spoke to said he was staying in his car because he thought that the gym would be packed. have you heard anything about that? the gymnasium is opening. i am here at the calvary temple search. there are about 150 people inside here and the parking lot is full of people. many of them have their pets with them. animal control dropped off
6:17 am
crates, leashes and food and suggested that people keep pets in the cars with them rather than leaving them in crates outside because it is chilly. we are dealing with a fluid situation. hopefully people can go back to their homes soon. in the meantime we have a safe alternative with food and supplies and comfort. >> yes. they have written out the hardest hours. they left their home between 8 pm and 10 pm. now if they can get in and get warmed up, that will go a long way. >> we do have one school locally. that is something to monitor. that is true. >> willow cove does not have
6:18 am
school. >> and people can go to the school even if they don't go to that school. people can't go to work and they are stuck at the evacuation center. >> so you guys are experts at coordinating very quickly. for people who are hearing that blankets are running out, what is the logistics behind the scene? >> do you just bring more? absolutely. when it was apparent that the supplies were running low, additional blankets were ordered to be delivered. again, we are working on the fly , like everybody else. each emergency has its own circumstances. we are absolutely in the process of getting more supplies and
6:19 am
blankets and food. >> all right. blankets are on the way. >> okay. one quick question. we know they are serving coffee to keep people warm. we are coming up on the morning hours. there are families there with kids. is there going to be any kind of meal? >> yes. we have ordered food for breakfast. i know there are some infants here as well the need formula. that has been ordered. we are taking care of things as they become apparent. >> thank you so much. >> so much to think about. >> do you have infants, do you have pets? it so much and you can't think about that when you have a minute to get out of your house. it is great that the red cross is there. as soon as that neighborhood opens, the best way to get that out, we will push alert that out to you? we will be about 30 minutes
6:20 am
away from that press conference. whatever new information is released we will send out as a push alert. >> if you think this doesn't affect you, it affects thousands who are not in that neighborhood because of the train then traffics -- traffic in that area. bailey takes you right to the bart station. we also have a -- an area that is under mandatory evacuation north of broadway. also willow pass to the south is closed including willow pass it bailey. this is a look at the traffic. it will be slow with people headed to the bart station. it is jammed leaving and all the way over to concord. 33 minutes right now. expect extra heavy traffic at the bart station because that is one of 3 evacuation centers. train service is not impacted
6:21 am
by the fires or the activity going on. the activity is in the parking lot. that is where the red cross is stationed and people are out there in their cars. that is why we are telling you to take -- avoid the station. if you compete -- commute here it's going to be hard to find a parking spot. hold over to pleasant hill. you do have several options. i also want to tell you about amtrak and capital corridor. because of the fire, both train services impacted this morning. amtrak runs right through the area that has been evacuated. they have delays up to one hour as they reroute the trains away from the area. this is also impacting capital quarters. there is up backup in train service. they have delays up to 20 minutes. keep that in mind.
6:22 am
plan ahead. >> we will look at the bridges coming up next. >> all right. we have been keeping an eye on the wind. they've been pretty stable. we so initially they were at 8 and diminished to eight. it is back up to seven miles per hour. that is steady wind from the west . it is good news to see that the wind is not superstrong like they were on monday. a lot of times we get that marine air that tries to scoop in and makes for breezy conditions. that is not the case this morning. at least the work crews are not working with super windy conditions. >> people have been saying that it is very chilly. 40s and 50s are on the map this morning. look at napa, 40 degrees. we do have numbers flirting with the '30s. it is quite cold out there. when you step outside you will want to bundle up. we start off with some overcast
6:23 am
conditions. skies will clear the afternoon. tomorrow more of the same. sunny finish and for saturday, we look at a clear start with a little less impact on fog and low clouds. '80s for daytime highs. that applies for half moon bay as well. san francisco in the low 70s and oakland and hayward in the mid-70s. we are holding on to the 80s. your next seven days do show cool down just around the corner as we work into next week. look at that increasing cloud cover and a chance of showers on tuesday. back to you. all right. we will take a quick break. again, the possibility of -- the worry that their could be a natural gas explosion. there is a fire burning in an underground fault with a
6:24 am
natural gas line running through it. we will continue to follow this. stay tuned we will be back in just a couple of minutes. >> this isn't just any saturday. this is a saturday with the best wifi experience and your shows streaming wherever you go. and with savings on wireless, this is a saturday you can share with the whole family. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv for just $39.99 a month for 12 months and ask how you can save on your wireless bill when you include xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today. ( james )
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6:29 am
for joining us on the kron 4 morning news. t breaking new we have an update on this breaking news. the evacuations, the bart station parking lot, they are telling all of those people that they want them to move over to the college, probably because they will be warmer over there. don't forget that this is coinciding with the commute. it has been impacting bart commuters. normal parking will be available at the bay park.
6:30 am
you may want to give it 15 or 20 minutes or so. this will be good for the people in the evacuation zone. we are showing you the neighborhood they had to leave from. it is also good news. we are waiting for an update from will tran to see if they can let those people go back in. >> all right. let's get the latest update. all right. i managed to get a little bit of information before the news conference which we will carry live for you. they believe now it is not a 12 inch pressurized line that is leaking. according to steve hill that we have been speaking to. he said had it been that line it would have been a lot worse. he believes there is a leak somewhere in that vault which is about the size of a pickup truck. he does not believe it
6:31 am
is that 12 inch line which he said would have been disastrous. yet, there is a fire still going on. it is improving minute by minute. if you're just joining us he said the evacuation orders now have been dwindled to hours. hopefully we will get an update on when the evacuees will be able to return to their homes. there will be a conference -- news conference in about 20 minutes. >> firefighters are still out there. they cannot get too close to the vault. they are mobilizing around it and watching it very closely. there could be a glow in that area. right now they are using drones to go over there in case anything bad happens. you can replace a drone and not a life. that is why they are taking these precautions. trucks are behind me, hazmat is mobilizing. it is better to wake those people up then for them not to be ready and we all know that
6:32 am
during a disaster, every second counts. they seem to know what is going on. they have analyzed this. the urgency is not there. they are attacking this slowly but surely. back to you. thank you. as people have been evacuated and moved to different centers, there are a handful that are camping out right at that line. they want to keep eyes on the property and neighborhood. >> they have been there all night long. let's go to lydia. she is live.>> reporter: i did speak to a lot of people who were just waiting out here. they are sleeping in their cars right outside the area blocked off. i saw a lot of people who were sneaking in to check on their homes. i saw at least two patrol cars
6:33 am
going back there to make sure nobody was back there. they want to make sure that they want to get to everybody. this area is still very much closed off and very much still a danger according to authorities. this is video from earlier this morning. these are several streets along willow pass road in the bay point area. we spoke to several people who were evacuated. one man told us that at 11 pm the police were knocking on peoples doors to have them evacuate. there were board buses here. we are seeing peopleho are sleeping in their cars. they are waiting for the neighborhood to reopen. again, 4000 people evacuated from this neighborhood. let's hear from an evacuee.>> they made everybody leave. they said there could be an explosion down there.>> reporter: you are hanging out
6:34 am
here and waiting, are you frustrated? no. i'm just waiting to see if it's going to blow up. it is spooky. a lot of people have homes out here. there are a lot of homeless people as well. i see them, they don't have any place to go. i am just looking and seeing>> reporter: i know there is a church and a bart station. why didn't you go there to evacuate. i went by there but i left. i did not want to be there anymore. >> reporter: a lot of people are just hanging out and waiting. are you worried about somebody going into your house?people might try to rip me off. yet the watcher stuff. >> reporter: we talked to another man who had the same worry. he said he went to
6:35 am
several evacuation centers and he said there were too many people there. they didn't have any blankets. he said he felt better in his car. he said there are a lot of people sleeping in their cars at a safeway parking lot nearby. while we still have you, -- >> every now and then we see headlines that show headlights. is that the area that's cordoned off? yes. you will see one right now. there is a car coming this way. there are people that are leaving. i am moving the barricade so people can get out. so the sheriff's department is going out at telling people to get out of that neighborhood. people started driving out. a lot of people did not get the message last night at 11 o'clock. >> okay. >> so far so good.
6:36 am
we are 10 minutes away from an update from the fire coordination center. we will have that as soon as it happens. >> all right. we will send that as a push alert. you will still get that information if you are away from your television. download our mobile app and make sure that is active so your phone will time and you will see at the second we send that out. >> hurried. since they are having people move out of that parking lot, that could help for people who have been going to other bart stations. >> a lot of traffic is coming in and out. that will have all huge impact on the streets around the bart stations. willow pass and bailey is an area to avoid. stay away from broadway. some away is to the east. also willow pass road is
6:37 am
shutdown north of the bart station. here's a look at the traffic on highway 4. it is at a crawl. there is extra slowing if you're getting off at bailey south or north because that is where the bart station is. 41 minutes antioch to concord. this is not impacting train service, just the parking lot. parking is limited but they are heading out. that should free up some spaces. you may want to consider using another bart station. you could also use concord or pleasant hill. also, keep in mind if you hop on amtrak, they are reporting delays because of this fire. it is burning near the amtrak
6:38 am
tracks that service the san joaquin line. delays up to one hour. reroutes have impacted capital corridor service. so, that is something to think about. so >> --. 23 minutes over to bayshore. a quick check over the richmond bridge, quiet and slow. 11 minutes out to the 101 one -- 101. all right. in the pittsburgh bay point area there is a natural gas pipeline under threat of fire. they want to avoid an explosion. they're trying to depressurize the line right now. all the people that were evacuated inside that red circle are now having to make their way to the calvary church or the college gymnasium where the red cross has shelters at
6:39 am
both of those locations. >> we will be back. stay tuned and we will be back in just a couple of minutes from right now. goes beyond fas. by letting you make and receive calls from any device using your business line. and conference calls you can join without any dial-ins or pins. (phone) there are currently 3 members in this conference. i like that. i like that too. i would use that in a heartbeat. get started with innovative voice solutions for a low price when you get fast, reliable internet. comcast business. beyond fast.
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comcast business. the places you clean the most are where the people you love the most hang out the most. the first ever, lysol daily cleanser. only 3 ingredients. and no harsh chemical residue. lysol what it takes to protect® and thanks for joining us on the kron 4 morning news. that breaking news we are following is out of the east bay thousands of people have been evacuated as a fire threatens evacuated as a fire threatens an underground gas pipeline in bay point.( darya ) the fire broke out last night near poinsettia and suisun avenues. officials say sparked by a powerline that fell after a grass fire broke out in the area. train traffic has been stopped in both directions in ( james ) evacuations are in place for people in the area of north broadway avenue to the west... summer way to the east... suisun avenue in the north and road in the south. this is a map of the evacuation area. an evacuation center is set up at calvary temple church in concord and at the pittsburg/ baypoint bart
6:44 am
station. ( darya ) fire officials are warning people that there is a threat of a possible explosion. chevron issued a statement this morning saying that they have shutdown the pipeline in that area. ( darya ) let's go to ( darya ) let's go to kron 4's will ( darya )
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
there is a school nearby but don't forget, a lot of kids will not be going to school because they have been in a parking lot sleeping in their cars or outside the neighborhood or over the college or the church in the gymnasium trying to keep warm. standby for this. they have been all night without sleeping. they have their prescriptions, their prescriptions if they're lucky and they are staying glued to will tran to see where they will deem it as safe. >> we have been watching his live shop -- shot. there will be a moment -- a
6:48 am
press conference about 1.5 miles away from the bart station. i think we may have that live signal that we can share with you. it shows thpodium. fire officials will be coming forward to explain what progress has been made. the firefighters can do their thing until chevron has purged the light and made it safe. that is what this waiting processes. we need the purging to be completed. as we are waiting we might be able to listen to the interview. what he said was that things were looking good. it was minute by minute and they were puing more and more of the dangerous gas line and tell the firefighters that yes, you can get in. then they could make it safe to go in. we have a live shot working. can we go to that interview? no. we can't go there right now. >> all right. we put a red circle there. that is the location, the neighborhoods evacuated overnight. you have to remember, they did not put out a mandatory evacuation. that was 11 o'clock and midnight that they were evacuated by the
6:49 am
police knocking on their door. >> they have their kids, their pets, they ran out of blankets. i think twice they ran out and replace them. >> the red cross has been doing a great job. >> all right. let's go to the command center for the latest.>> good morning and thank you for being with us. i am to steve hill. we have an incident commander here and law enforcement commander at a subject matter expert from chevron. i would ask that you hold your questions until the end. without further ado, i know some of your live. we will go to our incident commander. thank you. good morning. my name is terrence carrie. i am the assistant chief for this
6:50 am
incident. a brief overview. approximately 6 pm last night, we had a vegetation fire in the area of the incident. they responded to that fire, extinguished that fire and about one hour after we left the scene we were called back out for a fire in a vault. what we discovered was an active fire burning in a vault with a large pipeline with natural gas. our severed -- subject matter expert will discuss that. it was realized quickly that there was a high probability of danger. we set up an evacuation zone half-mile around the incident
6:51 am
and called out additional fire resources. it went to a second alarm to stage. since then, we have been working with our partners in a unified command to mitigate this incident. we understand that we have evacuated these people. the safety of our citizens is our number one concern as well as the safety of the fire resources. right now, we are working on clearing the gas line of gas. chevron people will talk about that in more detail. once that is cleared out, we anticipate the active fire that is still burning in the vault to be extinguished. we will go in and investigate and ensure that that is the
6:52 am
case. once that is done, we look at lifting the evacuation order. we are very sympathetic to our citizens displaced from their homes. we want to ensure their safety and our safety as well. >> -- good morning. i am the station commander. this falls under my area of operation. last night we were notified that there was a fire and possible evacuations, we had of the sheriff respond along with pittsburgh pd because and a half fire -- half-mile went into their area of jurisdiction. week evacuated 4000 individuals very quickly. we set up evacuation sites at
6:53 am
the pittsburgh mark station and the calvary temple church. two locations that individuals know and they were able to respond. we probably have many individuals who don't have means of transportation to leave the area. we contacted transit and they said three buses. they literally went down every street without and assisted with that -- in evacuating individuals with no transportation. we have ambulatory individuals. we had ambulances who assisted those individuals who needed assistance out of the area. we also were able to bring their drill team out. they have a drone that is capable of detecting heat sources and give temperatures. we use that last night to get
6:54 am
temperatures to help chevron determine what was actually going on there. currently, our shelters are still open. the red cross responded and provided necessities to make everybody as comfortable as we could while they were displaced. short of that, the evacuation order will hold until we get an all clear from chevron. thank you. >> good morning. i am the pipeline team lead for the facility involved here today. we have been working with the fire department and sheriff department to address the situation. our number one priority is the community and the people of this community, their safety and the environment. one thing we have done is to
6:55 am
implement the emergency response protocol with first responders for our assets to respond and address the situation. part of that was to go down the line, blow down the pipeline to purge the pipeline of natural gas in there. we do have an active fire in the vault that is on-site. it is still on fire. our plan moving forward is to go in, purge the remaining natural gas in the pipeline. then we will inject nitrogen into the pipeline which will extinguish the fire. that is our number one priority, extinguished the fire. we will get control of the situation at hand.
6:56 am
if you have any questions, we will take them now. >> how long will this take before the danger is mitigated? >> with the purging of the pipeline, we will extinguish the fire. it is contained within the vault itself. basically, the natural gas in the pipeline has been consumed by fire. the release that is happening, it is a relatively small leak. nonetheless, when the fire started, it ignited natural gas from what we believe is a transmitter line that created the release and initiated the fire within the vault. >> so the fire started the leak?
6:57 am
>> we will conduct a thorough investigation to find out exactly how that happened. until we can get in there and see the damage within the vault and what has been damaged, we will not be able to determine that.>> are we in danger of -- in danger of an explosion as we speak? >> we started releasing the pressure through the night. as we speak we are applying nitrogen to the system. no. we are not in any threat of an explosion at this point. >> how many hours are we talking about where it both -- before people may be able to return home?our hope is that as the purges completed, in the shorter realm of ours, once the purges complete and we are able to get in there and ensure that the fire is out, the integrity of the other pipe is not
6:58 am
compromised, then we should be able to lift the evacuation order. we don't have the -- specific time. we hope that will be in three hours or less. that is just an estimate. >> does it seem like there is an abundance of caution. people might want to go home and take a shower go to work. would they be in trouble for going into these areas? >> we are trying to discourage anyone from entering that area. our hope is that they don't want to return home because they understand the nature of this fire. we have explained that the sites , i have been to both evacuation centers. i have explained as much as i can?you have a question about the fire? from the 12 inch line? >> that is correct.
6:59 am
>> is it two lines? >> it is a single pipeline running through the vault. one pipeline in the vault. there is a bypass around an isolation valve in the vault. there are transmitter lines that indicate pressure on the pipeline. that is sent back to our control center for monitoring. so what we are assuming is that there was a transmitter line that suffered the damage that ignited, based on the volumes and trends we were seeing on the pipeline. the loss of pressure on the pipeline was not significant during the time of release. >> it is a 3/8 inch pipe. >> was there any loss of gas
7:00 am
service to anyone in the area? >> this is the medium btu gas line. it is a service line that uses production gas and moves it into another system. no one is affected by the downtime or loss of gas through the system at this time. >> there is no threat of explosion so why people -- why can't people go back into their homes? that is a great question. our concern is that we have this 12 inch mainline. throughout the evening we have had direct infuse met on it. until that fire is extinguished, we are not comfortable that truly there is no chance that there could be a catastrophic failure of the larger pipe. in the abundance of caution for our citizens and personnel we have chosen to keep the evacuation order in effect


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