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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 27, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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the attack also injured six others, including four police officers who dashed to the scene. the violence today, marks one of the deadliest attacks on jews in u.s. history. good evening, i'm justine waldman.(jrs) and i'm jr stone. thank you for joining us tonight at 8. the gunman is in custody -- and now, federal prosecutors have slapped him with 29 charges, including using a firearm to commit murder. and as stacey cohan reports, investigators have turned their attention to his postings on social media. (stacy) a horrific act of hate -- michael eisenberg / fmr. synagogue president: "police cars everywhere, guns drawn... rifles..or. jewish neighborhood east of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. wendl very bad inside... there multiple fatalities. there are at least six injuries to include four police officers."
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a local official said a worship service was in progress when the shooting began. three different congregations hold simultaneous shabbat services in the building on a typical saturday, according to a former president of the synagogue. phyllis kimel/resident: "the people who are regulars there are people that the community loves and knows, and if any of them are injured it's going to hit pretty hard."a law enforcement official said the gunman -- 46-year-old robert bowers -- made anti-jewish comments during the shooting. rabbi chuck diamond: "there's a lot of anti-semitism out there and there's a lot of hate out there."authorities said the shooting will be prosecuted as a hate crime. president trump condemned the act --president trump: "this wicked act of mass murder is pure evil, hard to believe, and frankly something that is unimaginable."now, federal investigators are combing through the suspect's social media postings --hoping to find clues about what motivated him to kill.rep. mike kelly / -r- pa 3rd district: "you have a situation here where you have disturbed minds with hate in their hearts and guns in their hands."i'm andy rose reporting. (stacy) "be vigilant, be prudent, be aware and we have to take seriously the threats that people make.""no matter who the neighbor is."
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(jrs) the (jrs) the neighbor is." (jrs) the president has ordered flags flown at half- staff at federal buildings in "solemn respect" for the synagogue shooting victims.(jr stone) and san francisco police have increased their presence around the city's synagogues in light of the pittsburgh tragedy. even though, there are no known threats.(justine) vigils are taking place across the country and here in the bay area. here in san francisco ... people are gathering to mourn and grieve.
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kron4's michelle kingston is at the contemporary jewish museum for us tonight where a vigil is just getting started. michelle? (michelle)dozens of people are coming together tonight to mourn the victims of today's shooting.we spoke to the regional director of the anti defamation league today - as well - who says while he believes this is an isolated incident ... everyone should remain vigilent. (mk)seth brsyk, regional director of the anti defamation league"it's a very sad day"eleven people confirmed dead after a mass shooting in a pennsylvania synagogue ... this -- coming just a month after five east bay synagogues received anti semitic flyers.seth brysk, regional director of the anti defamation league"the last full year that we have numbers shows there's been almost a 60- percent increase year upon year of anti semitic incidences that have taken place. it also demonstrates that when people talk about hatred, talk about bigotry they hold in their hearts, that often times there are times when somebody will take action so we need to be vigilant."san francisco police confirm they are stepping up patrols around synagogues in the city ... brysk is asking everyone to be alert and aware. seth brysk, regional director of the anti defamation league "this is quite possibly the deadliest attack on the jewish community in american history. sadly security is a concern we all have to be aware of for these institutions and unfortunately we need to be vigilant and at the moment our
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thoughts and prayers are with those people who are affected." (michelle)tonight's vigil here is just beginning so if you are beginning so if here is just tonight's vigil (michelle) (michelle)tonight's vigil here is just beginning so if you are nearby, there's still time to join.we are live outside the contemporary jewish museum in san francisco.michelle kingston kron 4 news
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(justine) two people were seriously injured when a balcony collapsed. it happened early this morning in the outer sunset district of san francisco.(jrs) the victims were taken to the hospital.. they were injured when the railing gave way. kron4's gayle ong is live in san francisco. gayle how are those victims tonight? (gayle)they were taken to san francisco general hospital,no word on their conditionit's quiet now no one seems to be home but a spokesperson from pg and e tells me the power has been shut off at this residence due to the balcony crossing a service wire when it came down. two women were rushed to the hospital after they fell from this third story balcony,when it appears the railing gave way..the accident happened
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just after midnight saturday at 2020 sunset district of san neighbor says there was a party at the site but it was not disruptive. hours after the accident - yellow caution tape plastered on the window.a spokesperson for the city's fire department says police are investigatingand the city's building inspectors were called to examine the structure. (gayle)i reached out to the city's i reached out to the city's building inspection but have not heard in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news. áácheersáá(jrs)less than two weeks away... vermont senator bernie sanders has been busy touring the country... rallying for progressive causes and it n ca
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for re-election. kron four's philippe djegal reports on the senator's morning stop in berkeley. (philippe)barbara lee/nats- "are you fired up and ready to go? alright, senator bernie sanders." a rousing berkeley welcome for independent vermont senator bernie sanders... who as he mulls another possible 20-20 run for president... promotes progressive values in front of a capacity crowd at the berkeley high school community theater. and, progressive candidates like democratic congresswoman barbara lee, running for re- election... fighting for a seat she's held in oakland since 1998.bernie sanders/senator- "i've been told by reliable political sources that barbara will probably squeak out a victory here in berkeley." making housing more affordable... increasing wages and a push for universal healthcare among the pressing issues both elected leaders mentioned are critical to the nation. as is gun control, following
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saturday's deadly synanogue shooting in pittsburgh pennsylvaniabernie sanders/senator- "we have got to end that hatred, that bigotry which is sweeping this country." representative lee also taking a stand for the hospitality industry... as hotel workers across the country continue weeks-long strikes for better pay and benefits.barbara lee/congressw oman- "we can insure that hotel workers are paid fairly and protected from sexual harrassment -- we can do that." ahmad mahmuod/student- "(philippe) did you walk away inspired? (ahmad) yes, i did. cause, you know what, there's a growing movement in this country -- and, you know what, i'm so excited to see the way it comes out." and, of course the main point that senator sanders and congresswoman lee wanted to drive home to the large audience... was the importance of getting out the vote. the election is on novemeber 6th. in berkeley, philippe djegal, kron four news. (justine)(justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist
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mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . a cooling trend is a cooling trend is forecast for sunday and monday. daytime highs will cool down about 3-5 degrees along the coast and 4-8 degrees inland sunday. expect 60s along the coast with 70s inland. dry offshore flow will develop by tuesday of next week. your halloween wednesday forecast will be warm and dry, 70s in coastal areas and widespread 80s inland. a warming and drying trend will continue through the week, along with increased fire weather concerns.
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(justine) a terrifying where a l kill your child if the parent does not pay up. a bay area mother tells only kron 4...why it sounded so real.. and how you can not fall vicitm. (jrs) the fbi is warning the mail bomb threat is not over. the danger investigators want you to look out for. .. as we learn new details about the suspect under arrest. hear from his former boss, next. (justine) learn about a special team of bomb technicians right here in the bay area... find out how they are trained... and the devices they detonate all the time. time. big corporations are making and just got a huge tax break. but the middle class is struggling. prop c is a common-sense plan. the top 1% of businesses pay their fair share to tackle homelessness for all of us. companies with revenue greater than $50 million pay,
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not small businesses or homeowners. the prop c plan is supported by the democratic party, teachers, and mental-health professionals. vote "yes" on c. big corporations pay for it, not you. warn there could still be more
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mail bombs. police found two in california on friday the first one was sent to sacramento... addressed to senator kamala harris. the second was discovered right here in the bay area, at the burlingame post office. it was addressed to billionaire democratic donor tom steyer.. steyer has been behind a push to have president trump impeached. (justine) after a four day manhunt and more than a dozen mail bombs -- cesar sayoc was taken in to custody. (jrs) reporter camila bernal explains why the fbi still wants you to be cautious with your mail. chris wray / fbi director: we have arrested cesar sayoc in connection with this investigation.authorities say they've caught the person
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responsible for sending more than a dozen explosive devices through the mail to prominent democrats and critics of president trump and today we're learning more about the suspect -- 56-year-old florida resident cesar sayoc.a former boss says sayoc was a good employee but that he also had, quote "crazy political views." debra gureghian / former boss of cesar sayoc: he told me more than once 'debra, i like you as a manager, but i hate you for being a lesbian.'and sayoc's former attorney, who represented him for at least five years starting in 2000 or 2001, says sayoc was a loner who lacked an understanding of reality.ron lowry / sayoc's former attorney: he suffered from certainly an identification issue as to who he was. he needed people to be impressed with him. he had issues of insecurity.what authorities don't yet know, whether they have recovered all of the suspicious devices and are encouraging anyone with information to come forward.chris wray / fbi director: there may be other packages in transit now. so we need the help of everyone out there, every citizen, everyone in law enforcement, everyone we've got to help with this investigation in the days to
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come. (justine) that was camila bernal reporting. sayoc is being held at a detention facility in miami and is scheduled to make a court appearance on monday. (jrs) here in the bay area - there is a special team of bomb technicians who frequently handle hazardous conditions.(justine) kron four's terisa estacio teamed up with the alameda county bomb squad to learn the kinds of devices they see here in the bay area. this may look like an ordinary piece of luggage.. but it is far from it... at least for this demonstration... sgt. mike norton with the alameda county bomb squad showed me a scenario that could certainly happen at one of our airports... a pipe bomb hidden inside a carry on - sgt. mike norto, alameda county bomb squad. so safe. hidden safely hazard dealt with... sgt. ray
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kelly, alameda county bomb squad. this is a training letter, that could come into an office.. and this is something that could also be ptoentially hazardous. sgt. ray kelly also a member of the bomb squad, showed me how the team trains on identfying items and educating others on how to effectively face these risks in our communities. the team uses a wide variety of specialized tools to render devices discovered safe... such as this robot, and this total containment vessel, that can effectively decommision nuclear, biological and chemical threats. te kron4 news
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(justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. .
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a cooling trend is forecast for sunday and monday. daytime highs will cool down about 3-5 degrees along the coast and 4-8 degrees inland sunday. expect 60s along the coast with 70s inland. dry offshore flow will develop by tuesday of next week. your halloween wednesday forecast will be warm and dry, 70s in coastal areas and widespread 80s inland. a warming and drying trend will continue through the week, along with increased fire weather concerns. (jrs) can't make it to vote on can't make it (jrs)
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(jrs) can't make it to vote on election day? one city is making sure you still get a chance to make your vote count. (justine) a warning about a new phone scam targeting parents. after a bay area mother gets call from a man threatening to kill her child. this isn't just any saturday. this is a saturday with the best wifi experience and your shows streaming wherever you go. and with savings on wireless, this is a saturday you can share with the whole family. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv for just $39.99 a month for 12 months and ask how you can save on your wireless bill when you include xfinity mobile.
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click, call or visit a store today.
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what does help for heart fait looks like this. entresto is a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on. yeah! "when she received the call help me help me" (jrs) a warning from a north bay mother tonight ... about a new phone scam that
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targets parents. this scam threatens to kill their child, if they do not pay up. the scary twist with this one - the parent hears a screaming child in the background. (justine) i spoke with the mother who just got this call and started to give in to the scammers demands. it is a story you will only see on kron 4. sot you are going to do exactly as i say or i am going to kill your sona terrifying phone call for shannon basquan. it came from a 52 number on her cell phone while at work in san rafael wednesday first, she heard screaming on the phone, and thought it was her 13 year old son.sot help me i have been kidnapped please help me mom please help me this is for real the caller claimed to have kidnapped her child - and he was going to kill him unless she gave him money. because she says she would do anything for her son, she went straight to the bank.sot all i was thinking was my kid is hogged tied in the back and where are we going to meet. (nat ringing)the man on the phone told her not to call police, to put a smile on her
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face and go get as much cash as she could.she couldn't text anyone while on the line, because of her phones settings. something she has now changed. while at the bank, a security guard noticed she looked panicked...and helped her call her child's school - which confirmed he was okay.the marin county sheriff's office .. wants potential victim of this stay calm before taking any action. sot demand proof and determine this person actuall has your childshannon never wired over any money.and when the fake kidnappers called her back looking for the cash, she hung she wants other parents to know about this scam, so no one else falls victimsot these things do happen and you just can't take your chances when it comes to your kidssuthe sheriff's office also tells me ... as this scam makes the rounds in the bay area, if you get a call from an international number you don't know. do not pick it marin county justine waldman kron 4 news. (justine) the sheriff's office also tells me ... as this scam makes the rounds in
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the bay area, if you get a call from an international number you don't know. do not pick it up. (jrs) the san mateo caltrain station is back open after being closed for several hours as police investigated a shooting. we spoke to a woman who was there in the parking lot when it happened. "the united states does not tolerate this kind of ruthless action to silence mr. khashoggi, a journalist, through violence."(justine) the united states vows to hold people responsible for killing journalist jamal khashoggi. what his widow wants from president trump. (jrs) and we take a look at how santa clara county wants to help make sure you have a chance to vote in this coming election.
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(justine) san mateo police
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continue to look for a gunman involved in a shooting at the cal-train station that sent one man to the hospital. kron 4's sara stinson spoke with a woman who was at the scene and has the latest details on the investigation. the shooting was first reported around nine last night about a disturbance on b street in san mateo.when officers arrived to investigate they found a 20-year-old man with a single gunshot wound in the downtown transit center parking lot.he was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries where he is currently in stable condition.police shut down the entire caltrains station.
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this woman who wishes to remain anonymous had her car parked in the lot during the this morning she came to pick up her car.the parking lot was closed until about midnight as police investigated the scene. officers are now reviewing surveillance footage from the parking lot to see if they can identify the shooter.police believe the shooting is gang related.the san mateo woman says she is not surprised a shooting happened in this parking lot."at this hour the investigation continues.if you have any information call san mateo police. in san mateo, sara stinson, kron 4 news.">###
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(justine) only 9 days until the midterm elections. today the santa clara county registrar opened up additional early voting centers.(jrs)they will be available to voters through election day.kron4's ella sogomonian went to the palo alto center and has more. (ella)they just opened up at 10 am and already people were in there filling out ballots telling me how convenient the process was...especially that the centers are open on the weekend. seven early voting centers have opened up across santa clara county this's a moserved at ve by the registrar to making voting more accessible for people who might not be best their neighborhood polling place, or just need more time to do so. sot: sasikarn perreault, early voter// "its pretty convenient that there are several centers that were open even on the weekend at a convenient hour and we can just come and vote and do everything in one place."they can print out ballots, cast their vote, get
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help through the process, and if you missed the deadline- conditionally register to vote. sot: karen moskaluk, team leader palo alto early vote center// "it gives people who want to come to an actual center time to come in and take their time and do it. and if they cant make it back home to a polling place they can come here and print out there ballot."the santa clara county early voting centers will remain open everday for 10 days straight leading up to the midterm election on monday november 5th. (ella)check out the complete list of early voting centers on kron 4 dot com.their hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.everyday - except for the rinconada library location which closes at 5 p.m. live in the studio ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (jrs) last year's flu season here in the u-s was a deadly one. that is according to as report by the center for disease control and prevention. that same report shows fewer people got flu shots last year. we asked dr. chris farni-tano
8:32 pm
with contra costa county health services if there could be a connection.(jrs)sick.">(jrs) even though he says last year's h3-n2 flu virus was a problem even for people who were vaccinated dr. farnitano suggests getting the flu vaccine every year. (jrs) now to new developments in the khashoggi case. a senior turkish official tells cnn, 18 saudis are being investigated on the charge of "intentional homicide"(justine) turkey is seeking their extradition, but the saudi foreign minister says that's not going to happen. it's a tense standoff between two countries over who is going to get jurisdiction over 18 saudi men.mohammed al-
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tuwaijri / saudi economy minister"i think it's fair to say that the joint effort between the saudi team and the turkish team in the investigation is what really matters. and i think the whole world deserves to see the outcome of these investigations the chief prosecutor has issued extradition warrants to saudi arabia for the 18 people the saudi officials have in detention over the suspicion of their involvement in jamal khashoggi his murder. turkish president is stating if saudi arabia wants show the world it is cooperating then send those 18 here for trial. the justice minister says it is perfectly capable of bringing them to justice. but saudi foreign minister adel al-jubeir is pushing back adel al-jubeir, saudi fm"we have made it very clear that we would have a full and transparent investigation, the results of which will be released. we've made it very clear that those responsible will be held responsible and will be held into account. and we've made it very clear that we will put in place mechanisms that ensure that this doesn't happen again. tidhe tent is demanding to know where the body of jamal khashoggi is located. the fiancee of the late washington post columnist jamal khashoggi is declining an invitation to the white house. hatice cengiz told turkish media that president trump
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invita tion, but that she will only go if the administration takes action on the case. u-s defense secretary james mattis says the united states does plan to hold people responsible.james mattis, u.s. defense secretarywe will maintain our twin imperatives, as stated by secretary of state pompeo of of protecting america and our interests and holding accountable those responsible for this murder. c-i-a director gina haspel has met with turkish officials regarding the investigation. u-s officials believe the mission could not have been carried out without the crown prince's authorization. (j.r.)the rapper drake is in oakland performing at oracle arena tonight. he was there last night as well but not everyone is happy with the well known star. he was schedueled to make a public appearance at san francisco city hall late last night after's unclear today if drake even showed. he certainly did not rap or acknowledge anyone if he did.
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those who paid thousands of dollars for tables threw their drinks from the balconies at city hall as the event ended with no drake. you can see the deputies here looking for the person who did that. many waited for an hour just to get into city hall. the event was a halloween themed drake birthday after party that was supposed to happen after drake's concert at oracle. tickets ranged from a hundred to thousands of dollars. many demanding refunds online today. organizers did not return our emails. (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on... (jrs) a man nearly gives up finding a new furry friend when he falls victim to a pet scam. in just two minutes we are going to meet the people who helped him give this pup a second chance. this pup a second chance.
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four years ago, we rejected marshall tuck and his billionaire backers for superintendent of public instruction. but they're back. the corporate billionaires and their handpicked candidate, former wall street banker marshall tuck. tuck's billionaires have spent over $25 million distorting tony thurmond's outstanding record on education. all because they know tuck shares their agenda: diverting funds from our public schools into their corporate charter schools. the same agenda as trump and betsy devos. protect our public schools. say no, again, to marshall tuck. (jrs) a man in
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portland-maine lost his beloved pet after being taken advantage of...but...there's now a happy ending.(justine) john crisos has the story of how he was able to find a new forever friend. natsangel is a three-year-old corgi mix - a playful pup in need of a home. natspete cole is a disabled portland man in need of a friend to help heal his broken heart.natscole's pug gizmo died six months ago from cancer.when he tried to get another dog, he got wrapped-up in an overseas puppy selling scam -- costing him 500 dollars.pete cole, angel's owner: "after that scam situation i was so mad i didn't know what to think. i didn't think i was going to get a dog" last night the i- team exposed the scam and the website.pete cole, angel's owner: "i mean, yesterday was kind of rough - i just stayed in bed all day yesterday. didn't ... didn't have no umph" natstoday -- with the help of the i-team and the animal refuge league of greater portland -- two strangers, each in need of something, becoming fast friends.jeana roth, animal refuge league:
8:39 pm
"there's nothing like the companionship of an animal. so, when we heard what pete went through, we thought it was really important to help find him a new companion to feel that love and affection again."buttedpete cole, angel's owner: "it changes your mind on the human side of people you know. when i got scammed i just thought, everybody's out there ripping everybody off."buttedpete cole, angel's owner: "this brings back happiness to mankind."after some paperwork and an adoption counseling session, pete and angel are on their way.pete cole, angel's owner: "his name's angel - so it's a blessing." some might even say -- it's a match made in heaven.pete cole, angel's owner: "he's going to like portland, let me tell 'ya. he's going to be spoiled." reporter: you're going to give him a good life?"pete cole, angel's owner: "best he ever had. i thank you guys so much. so, so much. i just can't wait!."
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(justine) a man makes a split second decision and ends up saving a woman and her dog from death. the story of survival in just two minutes. this isn't just any saturday. this is a saturday with the best wifi experience and your shows streaming wherever you go. this is a saturday you can share with the whole family.
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this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv for just $39.99 a month for 12 months and ask how you can save on your wireless bill when you include xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today. a sacramento woman and
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her dog are back on dry ground and safe at home. reporter steve large tells us, a good samaritan rescued them from a frigid river. "it was a horrific night for us."chanda benson and her dog gunther are back home now... "we've done a lot together, that's the first time though that we've ever been swept down a river."the pair nearly died..."well of course he's like my child."after gunther jumped in the stanisalus river to retrieve a stick...and he started and the swift current...started carrying him away..."in a state of panic, i jumped in the river as well." benson's plan to save her dog--nearly cost both their lives."i had only been in there a few minuteshe grabbed gunther by the collar with one hand, and an overhanging tree branch with the other."i was trying to think, what should i do? and that's when i knew we
8:44 pm
were in a bind. i could feel myself getting was getting colder cause it was getting darker...and i thought hypothermia is going to be what gets us. and i just started crying out at the top of my lungs for help." incredibly--"and then i just hear a help..."gerardo hernandez heard the calls for help...he followed the voice.. "i just seen a head above the water, i seen another figure, i couldn't really tell what it was, i guess my adrenaline started kicking in."hernandez held out a 7 foot long branch and the two made it safely to the shore.these are pictures after their successful river rescue.a life-saving celebration."honestly i think it hasn't really hit me yet. cause everything just happened so fast."faced with a making a split second a scary scenariogerardo hernandez emerged a hero"in this world we live in today it's hard to find true heroes like that. i told him that, and i was like, thank you for saving our lives, your our hero, hahaha."
8:45 pm
(justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone)(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast.
8:46 pm
. a cooling trend is forecast for sunday and monday. daytime highs will cool down about 3-5 degrees along the coast and 4-8 degrees inland sunday. expect 60s along the coast with 70s inland. dry offshore flow will develop by tuesday of next week. your halloween wednesday forecast will be warm and dry, 70s in coastal areas and widespread 80s inland. a warming and drying trend will continue through the week, along with increased fire weather concerns. (j.r.) concerns.
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(j.r.) the world series is happening right now. wild one going in los angeles as they are tied as boston is up 8 to 4 in the ninth. highlights at ten. another big story...they are likely still partying it up in berkeley tonight. cal taking on 15th ranked berkeley we go. huskies on the drive. up seven to six late in the third. jake haener looking for his man. steps into the pocket fires it....intercepted . evan weaver has got the ball and he's got some running room. inside the ten, inside the five...reaches out for the pile on. intially the official marks him down on the
8:49 pm
one but as they confer together...they change the call. he's in. that's a touchdown. cal goes up 12 to 7. to the 4th quarter we go. huskies all about blitz from cal. ball is thrown. looks like it is intercepted and then fumbled but the ruling on the field is an incomplete pass. washington kicks the field goal. they are now down twelve to ten. cal though would do what they had to do to run out the clock. huskies with no timeouts. and there you have it. cal knocks off and upsets 15th eranked (j.r.)24th ranked stanford going up against 14th ranked washington state. stanford has lost two of to 7....and here they come. ndhe's got speed. there he goes...he is fun to watch....down to the 20. that would set up this...handoff to cameron scarlett who punches it through. 14 to 14...we got
8:50 pm
a tie game. to the second quarter we go. stanford with the ball again. k.j. action pass to kaden smith. that's a first down and more. move the chains here comes the cardinal. that would set up this...smith looking for his man. he's got all the time in the world. finds smith again that's a touchdown but stanford would be shocked. washington state comes back and beats them. stanford loses 41 to 38. (j.r.)we are less than 24 hours away from san francisco 49ers football.the team will be in arizona tomorrow taking on the cardinals. both teams arthe season. the cardinals only win of the year came against the niners when they won 28 to 18. the issue with the 49ers has been turnovers. they have 18 giveaways on the year and just three takeaways. they rank last in both categories. quarterback c.j. beathard has thrown seven interceptions and lost three fumbles. key to victory is not turning the ball over. matt breida is questionable and pierre garcon
8:51 pm
is out. (j.r.) as for the other bay area team. the oakland raiders are coming off their bye week and take on the colts in oakland. should be interesting to see what type of reception the teams gets fans. will there be boo's? this past week the raiders traded away star wide receiver amari cooper to the dallas cowboys for a first round draft pick. cooper was a fan favorite. that's the second major trade of the season for the team who appears to be planning for the future. the raiders have scored just thirteen points in the last two even received ally the quarterback of the future for the silver and black. raiders go up against a colts team that has just two wins on the season. they rolled over the buffalo bills last week.
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(justine) a lost cat is found. an indiana man is thrilled to finally be able to bring his cat home home. just how long she was missing.
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is back with his cat, 'julie' after she ran away six years ago. jonathan gulla was home from college in 20-12, having been diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. somehow his cat got out of the house and never came back. his family put up flyers around the neighborhood, but... nothing. then someone across town recently found a cat and posted a picture on a site for lost and found pets. jonathan went over to the house and was thrilled to find her. jonathan gulla/ cat's owner:"i picked her up and she just like went right up here. i
8:56 pm
turned her around and these two gentlemen were looking and i said 'does she have a white spot?' and they said 'she has a white spot on her stomach!' i couldn't believe it." (justine) it's still a mystery where julie has been all these years. but all that matters is she's home, living with gulla, who's now married and cancer free. (anchor) we have breaking news... (anchor) we now want to send things over to .... proposition 11 solves two issues.
8:57 pm
first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
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proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. more than a quick fix to turn
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their team around....5 straight losses....and another week of their number one problem--- turnovers..find out how the niners plan to stop the bleeding, looking ahead to the arizona's time for the red and gold zone. welcome in to the show, i'm your host kim the turnovers have become a problem on both sides of the ball..but before we dive into the 49ers ongoing problems..let's take a look back at week 7.the niners losing stands at 5...after going up against the best teams in the nfl right now-- the undefeated los angeles rams.this was the beginning of many more to come...cj beathard drops back...he's hit from behind by aaron donald...beathard fumbles...rams recover..the


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