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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 31, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(pam) breaking news now at ten: a 3-year-old was killed when she was struck by a car in the east bay. good evening im pam moore. (ken)and im ken wayne. police tell kron 4 the crashed happened when the girl was crossing the shepard avenue in hayward on monday.the driver remained on scene and is cooperating with the investigation.(pam)the cause of the crash is still under investigation.head to kron 4 dot com for the latest updates on this breaking news. (pam) "mac" , "big mac", and the nickname he is best known as- "stretch"... san francisco giants legend willie mccovey has passed away (ken)tonight - many across the
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bay area are mourning the loss of one of the most beloved players in franchise history... sports director mark carpenter with more. (mark) mccovey spent 19 of his 22 major-league seasons with the giants.. mccovey is one of seven players in history to win a rookie of the year award, a league m-v-p and be named all-star-game mvp. he finished with 521-homers... and any home run that lands in the water behind right field, splashes into mccovey cove. kron4's j-r stone is live in san francisco with more.. number 44 is what can be read on the at&t park scoreboard right now. in memory of willie mccovey. giants superstar who has passed away wednesday at the age of 80. sotwillie mccovey played in the majors for 22 seasons. 19 of those with the giants. he slammed 521 home runs. a record for a lefty batter that would last up until 2001 when it was broken by barry bonds. if you weren't around in the 60's and 70's you may know mccovey best as the player that mccovey cove was named
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after. giants ceo larry baer says his fondest memory of the slugger came as a kid.sotand it's the fun loving mccovey that led to the creation of the willie mac award. one voted on by players, coaches, and training staff and given to the most inspirational player. even in willie's later years, and even with limited use of his legs in a wheelchair, he would come to the ballpark and support his team.sot (mark)
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(mark)thank you j-r and we'll have much more on this story later on in sports, including a look back at more highlights from willie mac. ken, pam back to you (pam) new tonight at ten: we continue to remember the life and legacy of san francisco giant slugger - wille mccovey (ken)joining us on the phone is sf chronicle sports columnist scott ostler. thanks for joining us scott.
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we first told you about willie mccovey's death ... with a push alert on our mobile push alert on death ... with a willie mccovey's told you about we first told you about willie mccovey's death ... with a push alert on our mobile app. you can stay connected when breaking news happens.. by downloading it tonight. (pam) halloween is coming to an end ... but as children were out trick or treating ... law enforcement took action to make sure sex offenders were off the streets. (ken)the compliance check is also known as operation boo ... and it's happening across the state.kron 4's alecia reid went on a ride along with one of the teams and joins us live in san francisco tongiht.what were the results? these pedophiles are not allowed outsied of their homes between 5pm and 5 tomorrow morning.and these parole agents are making sure of it. pkgany changes? (no, same old
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same old.)these checks on halloween are random, so any sex offender on parole may get a knock at their door.ensuring families can go out without running the risk of encountering a sex offender while children were out trick or treating ... agents were sometimes crammed into a small room, searching from top to bottom ... in drawers, under beds, and any crevice ... making sure there's no paraphernalia ... or anything indicating a child lives in the residence.that shouldnt be there such as baby bottles, baby blankets, toys, electronics that are unaware to the agenthalloween is one of those days where the california department of corrections gets to team up with local law enforcement partners in order to do these checks. there are also other rules pedophiles have to abide by.can't have any porch lights on, any decorations, any candy. anything that wold entice a chidl to enter the residence or have any contact iwth a sex offenderthese 4 or 5 man teams are extremely methodic in making sure sex offenders currently on parole ... are compliant. this year's parents guide also focuses on danger from family, friends, caregivers and relatives. whats highly important is one thing to remember is 80-90% of child sex abuse cases come from family members or anyone that has easy access to a child. neighbor, family member, friend, daycare. so just remember to watch your children.standupfor those sex offenders that are transients ... they were required to check in here for 5 hours until trick or treating wrapped up. while inside, they were offered pizza and movie
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night ... reporting live from san francisco ... alecia reid ... kron 4 news. (ken) (ken) the south san
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francisco the south san francisco unified school district is being sued over sexual abuse allegedly committed by a middle school teacher. a parent filed the lawsuit ... claiming their 14 year old child was molested by westborough middle school teacher joseph toy.kron 4's michelle kingston explains why the school is now also being blamed. (mk)lauren cerri, victim's attorney"a teacher had been noticing that he was abnormally close to students and had reported that and the principals response was 'keep an eye on him.'"this is joseph toy ...the 39 year old westborough middle school teacher was arrested in may .. accused of inappropriately touching at least four boys ... he's facing dozens of criminal charges --his bail set at 6.1 million dollars. lauren cerri, victim's attorney "the warning signs for this guy were classic. getting kids alone, favoritism, gift giving, text messages, communicating outside school, putting his arm around them." this new lawsuit filed against the school district .. claims
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middle school officials failed to report mr. toy's behaviorit was filed by a parent of a student allegedly molested by toythe suit claims toy would put the 14 year old victim "... on his lap, kiss his head, and place his hand under his shirt where he rubbed and patted his stomach area."the lawsuit claims that a parent previously caught toy being inappropriate with a student .. and took a picture of the teacher with his arms around a student. the photo was turned over to administrators where it was not reported, but instead, shredded and thrown away.lauren cerri, victim's attorney"school districts sometimes put their own image over the protection of students and keeping the kids safe from sex ause and it needs to stop." to stop." ause and it needs safe from
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sex keeping the kids safe from sex ause and it needs to stop." lawrence karnow: it was a nice halloween with above normal temperatures. highs today were in the 70s and 80s. it will be a nice night for trick-or treaters with dry weather and temperatures in the 60s. highs pressure will bring more warm
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weather tomorrow with highs in the 70s and mid 80s inland and 60s at the clouds are expected tomorrow cooler temperatures. (ken) the california democratic party headquarters in sacramento was evacuated today after a suspicious package arrived. investigators swarmed the scene... including the f-b-i. nearby buildings were also evacuated before investigators concluded the area was safe. (ken)coming up: marijuana industry leaders say they are still facing too much red tape in the state. how that is limiting tax money that was expected to pour money into california communities. (pam) and next: a bart train ransacked. officials respond after every cushion on one train was ripped off its seat... and thrown on the floor.
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more and more people are feeling like it's either unsafe or a hassle to ride bart.. (pam) now, yet another quality of life issue is tainting the transit agency. kron 4's dan kerman shows us what it is... soti was scared and rattled i wanted to know is there someone on this train, am i safeit was a week ago monday night when diane wagner boarded a bart train at 24th and mission in san francisco and found the car completely
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ransacked. when she told the train operator he said it's routinesot diane wagner/bart rider 18-25he says the drug people come on the train and they flip over the cushions to find money.wagner says the train operator was friendly and apologetic but did nothing about it, nor did the station agent she told in castro valley the next day.sotthe message for bart is they need to clean it up and make it safe and secure because right now as a rider i dont feel safe sot we want to have people have a good experience riding the systemthat said, bart director bevan dufty says bart has more serious issues to deal with than people removing cushions, such as a recent incident when a bart rider pulled out a two chainsaws. sot bevan dufty/bart director 100-110in that case, bart police officers were on scene in two minutes so i would offer to you thats where they should be in a situation that is potentially violent or dangerous.dufty says trains are inspected at the end of the line and he says over the next few years seat cushion
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flipping will cease to be an issue as more new bart cars like this one come on line, with cushions that are not removable.standup dan kerman/sf 124-134dufty does want to see more of a presence on bart and is pushing for community service personal like muni has. he says it will make a real difference. in sf, dan kerman kron 4 news. (ken) new tonight at ten ... we are learning more about how three kids were killed at their bus stop in indiana. (pam) police say, they were hit by a truck.. the driver, a 24- year-old woman .. is now facing reckless homicide charges. (ken)witnesses say.. a nine year old girl guarded her younger brothers as all three were hit and killed. kaitlyn kendall spoke with family members who say it is going to be hard to get passed this tradegy. natá 911 call (two hit by a pickup truck at bus stop)nats elgin ingle ÷ victims' uncle: "he didn't just lost one kid he lost all of them."a family just beginning to mourn the loss of three family members... elgin ingle ÷ victims' uncle: "all the prayers we can get, that's all you can ask for. you can't bring back the kids."
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elgin ingle... the uncle of twin 6-year-old boys mason and xzavier ingle and their 9- year-old sister alivia stahl who were tragically killed tuesday morning while crossing the street to get on the bus. sgt. tony slocum ÷ indiana state police: "dad was out here having to identify his young children that were just a few hours earlier getting ready to go to school."little did the family know...their lives were going to change in an instant. after police say 24-year-old alyssa shepard came down the lane striking four kids...elgin ingle ÷ victims' uncle: "you're suppose to be able to go to your bus stop and be safe, you're suppose to get on your bus and be safe. you're not suppose to be smacked by a car going 60 miles an hour."sgt. tony slocum ÷ indiana state police: "we don't see first responders shed tears at crash scenes very often, but there were tears shed today."those tears... felt throughout the community... ingle left with only the memories of his niece and nephews... who he says were taken from their family just as their lives were beginning..elgin ingle ÷ victims' uncle: "parents hope that when their kids are born they have the perfect child. when you see these boys they were the perfect child, they were good, they were smart, they were kind. that's a
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rarity. these kids were great, good people and this family is good people."now... the family has to figure out how to pick up the broken pieces.. with only one sibling left behind... who stayed home from school because she had a doctors appointment. the family says it saved her life...but now they are left with the harsh reality... that their loved ones.. so young... are gone.elgin ingle ÷ victims' uncle: "my bother turned his whole life around for these two kids, and his step kids and now they are gone because somebody wasn't wanting to pay attention." a live look outside .. the night skies are clear lawrence has the forecast through the
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weekend.. lawrence karnow: it was a nice halloween with above normal temperatures. highs today were in the 70s and 80s. it will be a nice night for trick-or treaters with dry weather and temperatures in the 60s. highs pressure will bring more warm weather tomorrow with highs in the 70s and mid 80s inland and 60s at the coast. more clouds are expected tomorrow with slightly cooler temperatures.
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(pam) and next: actor william daniels... known as mr feeny.. is said to have scared off an intruder in his southern california home. now for the
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first time, daniels is speaking out about how he did it.
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(pam) new tonight at ten: actor williams daniels ... best known as mr. feeny on the 1990's sitcom - 'boy meets world' is involved in a drama off screen... a break- in at his home in southern california. (ken)now as less trent explains he's talking about how he stopped the would-be thief. the famed mr. feeny is being praised for foiling a burglary. "boy meets world" star william daniels, 91, and his wife, 89-year-old bonnie bartlett, were able to scare off a would-be robber who broke into their home on saturday. daniels invited inside edition to his san fernando valley, california, house to see the scene of the crime.daniels said he and bartlett awoke to the sound of glass shattering as the thief kicked in the bottom of their back door. "we hear 'pow, pow, pow,'" the actor said. "bonnie yelled and i turned on the
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light."what happened next has become the stuff of legend. in reality, the burglar just ran, said daniels. but you wouldn't know that online, where tales of mr. feeny's heroism are sweeping the web. "my favorite version was that i grabbed him by the neck, threw him down, 'bang, bang, bang,'" daniels said, miming throwing punches, "picked him up, 'bang, bang, bang,' and then he fled."his words of advice for any potential future thieves? "never mess with mr. feeny," he said.
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(pam) coming up: pot promises falling flat. why the tax money expected from legal marijuana .. is falling short. (ken)plus: a record number of women are running for office in the upcomping election from across the country. why voters say this is inspiring them to get to the polls. (lawrence)ten at ten (lawrence) ten at ten
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(ken) this year marks the first "safe trick- or- treat" event in the city of san pablo. (pam) children there put on their favorite halloween costumes ... they were treated to candy... along with an official police escort to several stops this afternoon ... including the san pablo police department... a senior living center ... a bank ... a restaurant... and a liquor store. for candy... of course. (pam) san pablo police
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say, they will continue high visibility patrols throughout the rest of this halloween night. lawrence karnow: it was a nice halloween with above normal temperatures. highs today were in the 70s and 80s. it will be a nice night for trick-or treaters with dry weather and temperatures in the 60s. highs pressure will bring more warm weather tomorrow with highs in the 70s and mid 80s inland and 60s at the coast. more clouds are expected tomorrow with slightly cooler temperatures.
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(ken) more than seven months after the deadly police shooting of stephon clark and
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the pain is still very real for his family. so today community members, along with city leaders and local businesses rallied around stephon clark's family to renovate his grandparent's home... the clark family held a ribbon cutting today, to thank the people who helped beautify the family home. it's a home family memebers say their granfather built from the bottom up... but the family is still healing since the shooting happened in the backyard of that home... and his family is waiting for justice. (ken) the sacramento police
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department has finished its investigation into the deadly shooting... now its in the hands of the sacramento county district attorneys office.. (pam) in pittsburgh today .. the grieving continues... there were three more funerals -- following saturday's shooting at a synagogue that killed 11 people. the suspect in the case faces dozens of charges ... and could face the death penalty. kelly smoot has this report. rich fitzgerald / -d- allegheny county executive: this is a small community that we all know each other in. we're burying our dead. we're mourning with our community. more funerals today in pittsburgh. mourners gathered at services for three of the 11 victim's of saturday's synagogue shooting.75-year-old joyce fienberg was a retired research specialist at the university of pittsburgh 69-year-old irving younger was a former real estate agent and greeter at the tree of life synagogue.val schroeder / irving younger's neighbor: he loved going there and he just loved lifeand 87-year-old melvin wax was an accountant and pittsburgh pirates fan. his sister-in-law said melvin loved his religion.bonnie wax / sister-in-law to melvin wax: he was just a good soul. he loved to tell jokes to everybody.11 people were gunned down saturday morning at the tree of life synagogue during worship services.the suspect in the case -- 46- year-old robert bowers is in
10:33 pm
jail and a federal grand jury today issued a 44 count indictment. if convicted, bowers could ultimately face the death penalty.scott brady / us attorney: my office charged robert bowers with federal murder and assault charges relative to the horrific acts of violence he committed at the tree of life synagoguebowers will next appear in court tomorrow at 10 a.m.scott brady / us attorney, western district of pa: at which time we will have the opportunity to present evidence demonstrating that robert bowers murder 11 people who were exercising their religious beliefs and that he shot or injured six others.i'm kelly smoot reporting. (k) reporting.
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(ken)troops from 10 states will be dispatched to the u-s mexico border in response to a caravan from central america that is largely composed of migrant families with children... and is still weeks from reaching the u.s.-mexico border.according to the defense department, the troops will come from north and south carolina, colorado, illinois, maryland, georgia, texas, washington, kentucky and kansas.they'll be stationed at an air force base and army installation in arizona, at several marine corps facilities in the san diego area, and in five locations in texas, including navy and army - president trump said thousands of additional troops could be sent. our military is out. we have about five thousand eight.we'll go up to anywhere between 10 and 15 thousand military personnel on top of border patrol, ice, and everybody else at the border. nobody's coming in."(ken)the defense department has identified 7-thousand troops who will be participating in the mission at the border. about 2-thousand national
10:35 pm
guard members are already there. 2shot(ken) a record number of female candidates are on the campaign trail running for officein this election. (pam) the league of women's voters says, women are feeling more empowered to join the movers and shakers in government. brie jackson explains, female voters may play a key role in who gets elected. stacey abrams is a candidate for georgia governor. she is just one of the record number of women taking center stage this november.i think women are feeling more powerful than ever before.virginia kase is the ceo of the league of women voters.she says women are more interested than ever in politics--and in becoming politicians.people are starting to wake up and realize that we need to be reflected. georgetown university professor of government michele swers says the outcome of the races could have a major impact on local, state and federal policies. reaction to president trump and his style that's pushed alot of these women to throw their hat in the ringand its not just female candidates playing a key role in this year's midterms.experts says
10:36 pm
issues like health care, reproductive rights and even immigration may inspire a large number of women to come out and vote.especially for college educated women you had the women's march right after his inauguration and the me too for republican women-- swers says they're energized, too. ...especially white working class women....who voted for -- and strongly support president trump...there are alot of people within his base that are fired up about the democratic mob and how they reacted to the kavanaugh hearings. swers says whether running for office...or walking to the voting booth...women are sure to have a major impact on the mid-term elections. in washington, brie jackson. (pam) it hasn't even been a month since recreational marijuana was legalized in canada and the country is already facing supply
10:37 pm
shortages. quebec closed its government- run shops this week ... because there was no pot to sell. ontario's online government store cannot fill all its orders... and british columbia still has just one legal retail outlet. the canadian government says, it has added 300- people to more quickly process licenses for producers so they can increase supply. and elsewhere in the world .... doctors in the united kingdom will be able to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients... starting tomorrow. (ken) when california voters passed the law that made weed legal for adults, they had high hopes that the golden state would reap financial benefits from the formerly illict industry. (pam) it had been predicted that the state might eventually collect a billion dollars a year in taxes. but so far.. that appears to be a pipe dream. (ken) kron4's maureen kelly takes an indepth look at why we have fallen far short of what was projected. natsback in 2014 rapper michael quintinilla aka mic quin...became a marijuana
10:38 pm
mogul when he says he and his crew developed a new kind of pot product.combining a nugget of weed ... with cannabis oil and glazing with with finely grated pot particles called order to produce a super charged dose of thc. 15:54 that's what we were shooting for let's make this hybrid nug with all of these stuff in it and hey what do we call it and lets call it moon rockhe and his team used their rap video to promote moon rock....and it took off.. for a time it was selling in 500 dispensary retailing for 30 bucks a gram.22:10 it just took off faster than we can anticipate. i just wanted to get a name in the music industry it skyrocketed into a big name in a cannabis industry but he had to stop selling his product because he lacks the proper permits required now under the new law. he's trying to get permits to open a cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution center in modesto. it's a process that can take anywhere from 9 to 18 months. 26:40 i could paint a pretty picture and make it sound great but i call it a roller coaster ride, you have your ups and downs legalization advocates have long said that marijuana is california's real cash crop.....leading up to the vote that make adult recreational use legal....voters were told to expect that the next gold rush would be green....but while there are plenty of pot sales inside far the tax dollars that were expected to be generated aren't nearly as high as expected. when the state
10:39 pm
budget was drawn was predicted that the excise and cultivatation taxes in the first six month of this year would total 175 million dollars.that figure may have been a pipe dream.the state office of tax and fee administration reports they've taken in close to 85 million from pot businesses in that time frame....which is less than half of what was hoped for. the sales tax totals during that same time was $53 million. which puts the total tax levied on nearly 138 million dollar. and some say the state and local goverment's overly burdensome regulations are to blame for the shortfall.35:19 the passage of prop 64 it's actually caused the market to constrict because it's created higher barriers to entry natalia thruston is a cannabis business attorney who helps clients navigate the many hurdles being put up by the state and local municipalities. 36:30 because the city and counties are taking a long time to process permits that people have applied to on a local level or even consider permitting it's creating a bottleneck in the industry because nobody can get up and running and operational unless they have a temporary permit which very few peopke are able to obtain right now .one of her clients used to run a non profit medical marijuana delivery service that processed an average of $1500 a day in orders. but she decided to close up shop and become a cannabis consultant...because she says once prop 64 became law it was too expensive to stay in business....02:27 i see that i'ts very difficult for small businesses to continue or get into the business. it's unfortunate that i've had to tell a lot of my clients who come in wanting to open a dispensary that if they don't have a million and a half dollars it's probably not going to happen and with u-s banks unwilling to loan money to businesses operating in a market the federal government still considers illegal....smaller mom and pop entrepenuers are being forced
10:40 pm
to fold....or stay underground......and while some like rapper mic quin are able to bid their time while waiting for the red tape to loosen's believed that a loof pot products are being kept off dispensary store shelves.....which translates to fewer tax dollars going into the state coffers. maureen kelly kron4 news
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(pam) coming up: a member of a family known for their hiking skills, is missing. the latest on the search efforts.. from the sierra nevada. (ken)and next: a largely hidden segment of the homeless population: college students.. now some are looking for an affordable housing solution .. (sports) coming up in sports, another look back at the legacy of hall of famer willie mccovey.
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tonight at ten: the brother of the man named after yosemite valley's dozier dome .... is missing. the search is on for bradford dozier... he went hiking in the sierra nevada saturday and never returned home. steve large has the latest on the search and rescue efforts in alpine county. "three helicopters today, dog teams, mounted horses," alpine sheriff's deputy taylor green said.brooke wells is a family member who's also been searching for dozier. he last saw him friday night."we had a family dinner friday night, and brad got up saturday to drop his daughter off at the university of california, and probably around 10 a.m. he parks his car and went into the backcountry," wells said. dozier's car was located sunday. but he has not been seen or heard from.dozier is a skilled outdoorsman who grew up in a family of mountain climbers. his brother jeff dozier is a pioneer of rock climbing in the yosemite valley-"dozier's dome" is named after him."he's studied survival, he can build fires, he can do first aid," wells
10:45 pm
said. "he can. if given the opportunity, he can do an awful lot."dozier did not carry a satellite phone. wells says he likely had enough food and water for a single day."we keep hope because there is no knowledge of what happened, there could be a simple explanation, there could be a complicated explanation," wells said.
10:46 pm
(pam) bradford dozier is an attorney based in stockton. he has a wife and three children.. (ken) the homelessness epidemic has touched many lives here in the bay area. but you might not know that a growing number of college students are now among those without a permanent home. (pam) kron four's rob fladeboe tells us about the ballot measures being touted ... as part of an affordable housing solution. an estimated 400 san jose state students are either living in cars or couch-surfing. across the csu system the number is closer to 52,000 says their on campus advocate and fellow student oladotun hospidales.oladotun hospidales/san jose state student "....students cannot and will not succeed in the classroom if they don't have access to housing and other basic needs..."students joined
10:47 pm
elected officials and housing advocates on campus wednesday to call on voters to support state propositions one and two, along with local measure v. prop one authored by state senator and san jose state alum jim beall.senator jim beall/(d) san jose "...prop one will provide about 50,000 housing units including veteran home loans and prop 2 will provide $2 billion dollars to house homeless people and get mentally ill homeless people off the streets and into housing..." supporters say measure v, on the local ballot, will help leverage those state funds to help build more affordable housing for students and veterens like de anza sophomore don tietjen who is already doing what he can to help.don tietjen/veteran and student "....i have a futon and i have had friends and comrades at my house all the time becauswe they cant afford a place of their own.... sam liccardo/san jose mayor "'s so important that we pass this as a package because otherwise we ae just sending our money to other cities and while we know they are also deserving the need is especially critical here in san jose..."carl guardino/silicon valley leadership group "...we can build more homes statewide with measure one and two but with mesure v we can match those funds and build still more homes here in san jose..." the mayor handed out leaflets on campus with the message that supporting the three measures would help prevent students from having to choose between rent, food, books and other necessities. in san jose rob fladeboe kron4news
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
and it's highlights like that, that explain why there's a statue of willie front of the body of water named after him. the baseball world...mourning the loss of a true giant tonight---the legendary willie mac. mccovey was one of the greatest to ever play the game..and just loved by so many giants fans. among the first major fan favorites when the franchise came to san francisco. he was a big- time, major league slugger with the resume to back it up. six-time all-star... mvp... rookie of the year... three-time national league home run leader. he finished with 521-homers...20th on the all-time list.. a 22-year major league career that started back in 1959...with him going 4-for-4 off the hall of famer robin roberts. mccovey went into the hall 1986...his first year of eligibility... here's a clip from willie mac's hall of fame induction...and reaction from giants ceo larry baer.
10:50 pm
"i'm truly honored d blessed with this ultimate adoption if you will, by the game that i played so hard and loved so deeply. and for many warm summer sunday afternoons in the years to come, i will cherish the memories of my baseball career and the closeness of my family, friends, relatives, teammates, fans and my fellow hall of famers. and i know my mother would not want me to leave this stage without thanking god almighty, thanks jesus and thank you."you." jesus and thank you." "he lived in the same house on the peninsula for 40 years, i think going back to almost when he was playing and just as he was last few years as a player so he was very much part of the community. he came here in 1959 hailed from alabama, and he never left. it was pretty much a beautiful story, you wish it can go wish someone like willie can live forever."
10:51 pm
mccovey died at the age of 80...and was battling a number of health issues. the giants said there will be a public celebration of mccovey's life announced at a later date. no easy way to transition to this next story-- warriors hosting the pelicans tonight. --klay thompson...setting records, so he can do what he wants. dressed up as will ferrell's character jackie moon for halloween. --anthony davis..not in costume, but the all-star held to 17-points. --1st quarter, steph curry 3 ball good. curry finished with a game high 37-points, hit 7 times from downtown. --in the 3rd, draymond green got going... in and out and in for the trey... what a line from green... 16 points, 14-rebounds, 8 dimes. near triple double. --this was one of those matchups where the pelicans hung around, but golden state was always in control. late in the 3rd kevin the breakaway, ends at the rim for the dunk...kd with 24. --131-121 champs your final.. they now move to 8-and-1.. up next, t-wolves on friday. now to the nfl-- raiders and 49ers tomorrow night at levis. we still don't know who will be starting at qb for thniners. still unsure
10:52 pm
if it'll cj beathard will go, if not then nick mullens gets the start. the raider defense does have some intel on mullens.. as he played with running back jalen richard... and worked out with southern miss legend and hall of famer--brett favre. good thing gruden can get a hold of favre. on kron4 news at 8, we gave you the 49ers keys to the game. now, 3 points of now, 3 the game.49ers keys to gave you the news at 8, we on kron4 on kron4 news at 8, we gave you the 49ers keys to the game. now, 3 points of emphasis for the raiders... first off, despite the loss, derek carr had a good game sunday against the colts... 21-of-28, 240 yards, 3 tds and no picks...let's get a repeat performance.. -- dovetailing off of that, 49ers pass defense tends to allow some big plays...opportunities for carr to find some playmaking pass catchers. --finally, raiders gotta get a pass rush going... the defense is last in the league in sacks. those are your mercedes benz keys to the game
10:53 pm
(weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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lawrence karnow: it was a nice halloween with above normal temperatures. highs today were in the 70s and 80s. it will be a nice night for trick-or treaters with dry weather and temperatures in the 60s. highs pressure will bring more warm weather tomorrow with highs in the 70s and mid 80s inland and 60s at the coast. more clouds are expected tomorrow with slightly cooler temperatures.
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