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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 6, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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kron4 news . your local election headquarters. a big night for california and the nation. the controversial trump presidency has energized voters on both sides of the aisle. 2018 is shaping up to be a record midterm election turnout. thanks for joining us. the outcomes of tonight's races which will determine control of congress stand to alter the course of the trump presidency. the sentiment against president trump is trickling down to the race for california governor. we are waiting a speech from senator dianne feinstein. she's expected to speak any moment that is alive shot. we are going to bring you that life ago her folks gathered their. dan kerman is there as well and he's been giving us updates throughout the night. when senator feinstein steps to the podium we will go there
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live right now i want to get a look at where california's governor's race stance. democratic heavyweights gavin newsom has pledged to continue his combative stance against the trump presidency while republican businessman john cox has blamed newsom and democrats for california's high cost of living in the partners at cnn about 40 minutes ago called this race for gavin newsom. still just 12% of precincts reporting but newsom has a significant lead and everyone expects that lead to grow as the votes are counted. >> we will take you to his watch party in southern california when they are ready to announce the goat we have team coverage on the race for governor tonight. let's check in. it is getting pretty loud. >> reporter: i would say pretty loud is an understatement.
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it's an all-out celebration. just talk with gavin newsom's campaign manager and he told me gavin newsom will likely talk and address this crowd no later than 10:00 tonight. this has been a very busy day for him, a very busy week for him, months for him, your for him and all comes down to tonight. the campaign manager said he had so many plans to address different things like homelessness, universal healthcare and universal preschool for all different kids go but as i speak you can see this is an all-out party. i want to go into the distance to show you what it looks like. you can see the performers out here. many people came to this party tonight with the idea that they would be celebrating and it appears they are doing just
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that. we have heard some loud cheers but when he is officially named and when he does come to the stage in a little while, this place will likely get that much louder. i can barely hear myself so i'm going to get back to you in the studio. we will checking back and hopefully we will get better sound. there is a lot going up up here at the moment. dan kerman has -- is life for us. folks have gathered there to support senator dianne feinstein who has one yet again. here is willie brown. more than two decades of being the representative for california in the u.s. senate. they know of the wonderful kinds of things that you've done and when you walked in here tonight and i looked up and you had that lady from lo
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angeles that had been coming up here for years. it is amazing. there has not been a feinstein event that's been done that ross wyman was not in charge of. as usual when i walked in she greeted me as if i was just here from texas. it was impressive because she was using southern words and phrases, impressive enough however diane appropriately she is one of your best friends and she motored up from los angeles to make sure she was here for the celebration tonight of your victory. your victory is being celebrated almost simultaneously when nancy pelosi is celebrating a victory
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for the nation if not for the world. your victory sparkles. i saw the young woman who may in the numbers and the dust clears maybe the first lieutenant governor of the state of california. a lady was here earlier in the evening had to go back to her own event but she wanted you to know and she reminded me to be sure to tell you she is hoping to be the first woman lieutenant governor in the state of california. let me tell you how solid san francisco is in the whole scheme of things politically. we have been listening to willie brown former mayor of san francisco talking about another former mayor of san
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francisco, u.s. senator dianne feinstein who is the projected to win tonight. we have been following the governor's race from a bureau in sacramento. we have followed the republican candidate all the way to san diego where john cox and his supporters are gathering tonight. ashley, what is the mood there? >> reporter: right now is to a lot of excitement. we are right outside of the republican party main event here in san diego. there are candidates from this area speaking right now. republican candidates. john cox did come out to speak briefly about an hour ago encouraging people to go to the polls and he really wants to make change any hopes -- for the changes so we will one back in and see what the candidates are saying and if we see john cox we will let you know. we will send it back to you. i cannot imagine there will
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bring it up a whole lot but meantime hearing from willie brown at dianne feinstein's headquarters in san francisco a lot of happy people tonight and also the lieutenant governor's race looks like lenny is pulling ahead. >> shirley gavin newsom is going to be speaking in los angeles than his opponent john cox in san diego. we mentioned dianne feinstein and heard from willie brown the former mayor. another huge win for dianne feinstein. people expected her, the pundits did to compete -- -- 1992 is when she first was elected senator in the former san francisco mayor there. >> very powerful. tonight's big questions are being answered as to the balance of power in congress. catherine heenan is here with more on that. >> reporter: we know the democrats are taking control of
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the u.s. house. a question of how high they can go the projections are that could win as many as 35 seats. the republicans again easily hanging onto control of the senate, of course that's a victory for the party for president donald trump. a short time ago josh holly the republican challenger he will be the next u.s. senator from missouri defeating claire mccaskill. more bad news for democrats they lose a seat in indiana and indiana go republican mike braun has defeated democratic incumbent senator joe donnelly. that is a flip not everybody expected. in tennessee republican marsha blackburn the projected winner over democratic governor -- tightening the gop hold in the upper chamber and she will also be the first female senator from that seat. thank you. with lots of people to get to.
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we want to take a quick break right now. we have a look at how this measures right now on the california ballot. (vicki)(vicki) (grant) welcome back
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(vicki) welcome back t your a big night in politics. we are looking at numbers for the u.s. senate race, dianne feinstein projected to win.
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54 percent, we are awaiting her acceptance speech. the two democrats there she defeated kevin de leon. state senator there live in the presidio in san francisco. not much a life that's better than to have that kind of an introduction from a grand daughter. thank you. thank you ladies and gentlemen. thank you for being here. thank you willie brown. i remember a long time ago willie brown was the very first and only public official to support me when i ran for the board of supervisors. in 1969. willie brown has been a friend, a mentor and for me a scholar
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in the art of politics ever since. ladies and gentlemen, where are you willie? would you give him a big round of applause please? i think this is a very hard time to be in the american political arena. i think the country is very factionalized. the college tribes. i grew up in political life and never heard of tribes. i heard of parties. i heard of parties working together i heard of passing good legislation to integrate this nation, to make people more efficient and how productive in their lives and that was always the politics and the legislation that i understood and participated in. now i go to the senate with 25 years under my belt. with a great constituency to
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represent. this state, the fifth largest economic power on earth, over 40 million people, bigger than 21 states and the district of columbia put together. we need strong representation. what i have learned is because the state is so big that one really has to be very active. because if you take the money from california, you can split it with a number of other states. california has but two senators so the ability really is to be in a place, time and on a committee where you can get things done for your state and
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the most part that is something called appropriations. which i now have considerable seniority on. when joe biden some 20+ years ago asked me if i would be willing to be the first woman on the senate judiciary committee i said to him joe, i'm not a lawyer. he said that doesn't matter but things here have to change. that was following directly the anita hill hearings. maybe some of you are too young to remember this, but i have and to have been in an airport and i saw the groups of people around the television set so i went over to take a look. what did i see but and all-male senate judiciary committee grilling anita hill.
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it was not nice it was not what one would like to see. that was my incentive to run in 1992. it became the year of the woman because both a boxer and i were elected from california we have been listening live to senator dianne feinstein, projected the winner tonight. managed think she had some 25 years under her belt at the age of 85 one of the oldest and certainly one of the wisest. we will go to our panel of experts live in our news are. they have been talking about a litany of topics. randy standing by as early moderator. i know the house is projected to go to the democrats, the senate is projected to stay with the republicans, what are your thoughts on what this means for washington going forward and help president donald trump will react now that the change is in place?
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>> i think we know president donald trump really admits anything but victory. i think we can assume what his reaction will be and it is important to keep things in perspective even though republicans did lose the house tonight. i think going all the way back to the civil war the president's party has lost at least some house seats and 35 out of 38 midterm elections. is this a backlash against trump or more of the same? >> i think this is going to deepen the division in the sense of inequality in this country about what is -- what does about meeting. during his presidential that he delegitimized the results before they came in then he came up with an explanation for millions of illegal voters, illegal immigrants as he described them voted in
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california and flipped the popular vote. i think what you have to remember is that 78,000 vote margin in the upper midwest that trump took to his presidency. that gave him the path to victory in the electoral college is not a mandate. i think the loss of the house demonstrates that. he cannot pick up votes in population centers that any republican would need to win. california and texas in suburbs and cities the disproportionate strength of rural states is really what we see. that's why you see his republican senate and democrats
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of the control of the house. >> he did expand control of the senate. >> i'm trying to get people to see the broader issue echo we are so divided. this was just like in the tilted age, it flipped six times in 30 years. this is the fourth time now and 24 years and i think it's going to flip one or two more times in the next decade because as you point out it is more of a national referendum and we are reacting against whoever is in power. take out trump's name, take out obama's name. the next republican president is going to be loved by the left and the next democrat president is not going to be loved by the right. this pendulum in the house is going to -- this flipping will continue. >> let's face it, the president is incapable of any self reflection on this. he's going to figure out where to compete and this is a big
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win for me. what he doesn't realize we look at the electoral map is that the inside that's my keyboard is starting to disappear. michigan, pennsylvania, may be gone as of now. if you were smart you would be thinking there are things i need to do to make sure that wave that did occur in those states doesn't hit me in 2020. i don't think he's going to do it. he keeps on doubling down on the base and i think you see there is a division. i think tom is right. this country is divided in a way that never before probably since the civil war. i think there is a moment that i don't think he is going to understand or grasp. >> in fact he has tweeted it was a great night. we are going to go back to grant and vicki. 20 much. that you momentarily and another contest we are closely following is the race for the mayor of oakland. let's take a look at returns so far. right now it appears let's pull that up. libby shaft is in the lead,
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65%. x 16%. it looks pretty decisive at this point but you never know. we are at the south party. alicea? are they celebrating? >> reporter: they are in great spirits. it is a very packed house here. the incumbent mayor is leading the pack but she is not celebrating quite yet. she says she is keeping -- voting and her competitors and mind. up to the very last minute maybe volunteers were busy on the phone lines urging people to vote. >> the people i reached that are supporting maybe a lot of it is because she is so tough. >> reporter: although in the lead the mayor says she is not taking anything for granted. ranked choice voting gives at least two of her appointments a shot at taking us. activists x who started the
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anti-police terror project is at the forefront every time someone is killed by oakland pd. supporters say she is the right choice for mirror. she's for the people, she is not a politician. she is a person just like you, me. >> i worked on three merrill complaints and i've never believed in anybody like this. i never trusted any other person who wanted to run for mayor to really stick what they say believe before they elected and after they elected but i know cat brooks she will be the mirror for the people that she says she will. brooks intends to address the housing crisis. homelessness and issues in the oakland police department. the most important thing you can do is fight at the local level. this is where we can get relief to people the fastest and we have distractor people inside of city hall that are making decisions about our lives and many of us don't like people inside of the salts care much about our lives.
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red brooks says she is humbled by the thousands of people that have supported her run for mayor. it's a true task going up against incumbent whose back by outgoing governor jerry brown and lieutenant governor gavi newsom who is trying to take his spot. shaft took over at a time of the local police department was dealing with a slew of scandals over the last four years she's also addressed homelessness head-on. sporadically the most pressing problem right now is homelessness. i will be focusing my first hours in a new term with our un- sheltered residents. listening to them, hearing their needs. hearing how they are experiencing the way that this city is helping to bring them off of the streets and into safety and services and onto a path of self sufficiency. >> reporter: now that the polls have closed people here are watching those numbers come in very closely. they are confident their candidate will take home that
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when. we will be checking back throughout the evening and go to a short break right now. the latest results from u.s. house races affecting the bay area. a number of
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california's politicians are heavyw hington .. another -- a number of
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californian politicians are heavyweights in washington and keep our positions. among them nancy pelosi. are pam moore is a newsroom with more on her run for reelection. >> reporter: as you know nancy pelosi is a powerhouse. she's held at 12 congressional seat for more than 30 years and her reelection tonight is pretty much all but certain. she's currently the house minority leader for 2007 to 2011 she was the speaker of the house. the first woman to ever hold that position in american history and tonight with the democrats winning the house again, she will likely be back as speaker of the house. she spoke in washington earlier tonight. here's some of what she had to say. >> democrats pledge to congress that works for the people. lower the cost of healthcare by lowering the cost of prescription drugs. raise workers wages with strong economic growth by rebuilding
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the infrastructure of america. cleanup corruption to make washington work for all americans. we will take very strong legislative actions that legislate to negotiate down the price control of prescription drugs. we will deliver an investment in america's infrastructure to create more good paying jobs, rebuilding roads, bridges, schools, water systems, broadband networks and beyond. we will drain the swamps of -- money. when we do americans have greater confidence in everything there congress works on from healthcare to taxes to guns to clean air and clean water for our children when they know that the people's interest will prevail, not the
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dark special interest. >> reporter: pelosi's republican opponent in the 12 congressional district is a woman named lisa remmert, an educator who works at fsa university. the numbers are on your screen. 84% at this point, nancy pelosi leading. zero precincts reporting these are the early votes that get counted by the electors office but 84%. she is expected to win this without any problem. nancy pelosi is a prolific fundraiser for the democratic party. nonetheless, there are some mild rumblings that should the democrat or as they have been reclaimed the house majority that some may want new leadership. nobody comes nancy pelosi out though she is a strategic fighter. we all know that. back to you. that is an understatement. we will take a quick break and more news coming up right after this.
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local electi we are tracking hundreds of races all across the nine bay area counties including the hotly contested sheriff's race. we have the latest on that. interesting to see how many people knew both candidates well and who they chose to support. -- >> reporter: the sheriff and her number two in office for
9:33 pm
many years was challenging the sheriff. sheriff lori smith seeking an unprecedented six term. she's been doing the job 20 years. i'm here at the south bay labor council which is holding a watch party tonight for all of the candidates endorsed by labor. these are union folks and one of the candidates was sheriff lori smith. we have video, smith made an appearance earlier congratulating her many supporters, posing for selfies and she was sorry optimistic, not necessarily claiming victory but we can report with about 43% of the vote in right now smith has a fairly commanding lead over challenger john here at kawa. 56 to 42% with about 43% of the vote in. we did manage to catch the sheriff or comment. she is not declaring victory but here's what she had to say about how the campaign went and how she is feeling tonight. >> i'm feeling optimistic, i'm
9:34 pm
feeling guardedly optimistic. this is my sixth election. i hope that it will go well. i trust the voters in santa clara county. we have a smart electorate and i hope they make the right choice tonight. we ran a really good campaign. we had so many volunteers and i think we ran a really good campaign. i'm proud of what we have done. >> reporter: what was the message you wanted to get across? >> i think the message was actually focused on the experts and the great job the sheriff's office does. i think we got that message out. >> reporter: sheriff lori smith by the way was the first woman elected sheriff in the state of california. this would be her sixth term with about 42% of the precinct in right now. sheriff leading 57 to 42% over
9:35 pm
challenger. x cautiously optimistic -- a cautiously optimistic sheriff. we will be checking back in with rob and she -- and she ends up delivering a victory speech we will be that life to as well. so many races, hundreds ballot measures and we have catherine heenan live in the newsroom to bring us up-to-date on some of those u.s. senate and congressional races. >> reporter: generally the whole happy chaos depending on who you're talking to tonight, president donald trump he is deeming the election results a tremendous success. that's as republicans are maintaining control of the senate. democrats of course did regain control of the u.s. house. just a short time ago texas senator ted cruz was talking about he is a victory over democrat beto o'rourke. he is suggesting he prevailed
9:36 pm
over hollywood influence. >> we saw an assault that was unprecedented. we saw $100 million race with hollywood coming in and against the state with the national media coming in and against the state, but all the money in the world was no match for the good people of texas and the hard- working men and women across our state. >> reporter: speaking of hollywood, look at this beyonce she posted this picture to instagram, just before the polls closed in texas sporting a better for senate hat. he lost but beto o'rourke thanked beyonci for her support on twitter. stomach something tells me we have not heard the last of beto o'rourke. considering the coverage on balance of power in congress. we want to go to
9:37 pm
washington. alexandra, a lot of change in washington tonight. what is your take away in terms of the house flipping to the democrats? >> reporter: that is right. democrats are officially projected to take control of the house of representatives and i know you are still waiting for some california house races to come in and that is still important. it will determine how big of a majority democrats will have in the house but you are right, we are going to see a definite sht in house. democratic lawmakers on the hill say there has not been any checks and balances on president donald trump during his first two years as president. that will definitely change. also thinks like any major changes to the nation's healthcare laws, any attempts to repeal or change obamacare also not likely to happen now that democrats will be in control of the house because you would need support from the house a couple of days go
9:38 pm
president donald trump said he wanted to make an attempt to have another round of tax cuts, tax reform. those are going to have to be tax-cut or to just that democrats are on board for because they are going to need support from the house in order to get things like that done. on the flipside the senate is a longshot for the democrats to imagine taking any kind of control so what does it mean now that the republicans are going to maintain control of the senate? >> reporter: if democrats had even a slim shot of taking control of the senate that ship has now sailed. republicans will remain in control and that is important. president donald trump has been tweeting, he is happy about that and it's important because he has been a busy feeling judicial openings across the federal court system with conservative judges and he will
9:39 pm
now be able to continue to do that because only the senate votes on those nominations. thank you, alexander. much more ahead. coming up we will take a look at where the state propositions stand and is not good news for the folks looking to repeal the gas tax. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort. (grant) we are tracking
9:41 pm
11 state tonigh welcome back. we are talking 11 propositions tonight. so far --
9:42 pm
the voting has ended but they have not counted up all the votes. we will run through the 11 props and where they stand. the first one the affordable housing proposition. if it passes it would fund existing affordable housing programs which would veteran -- benefit veterans. yes is right now ahead as well on proposition two. that is the mental illness and housing proposition which would take existing money intended to help people with mental health issues. and streamlined it to pay for housing for those people with mental illness who are currently homeless. proposition three right now is being defeated if the voting ended right now or if the counting ended right now this is the bond that would provide telling two dollars to fund environmental and water project. moving on to proposition four, that is currently doing well. pop four would use bond money to build, expand and renovate children's hospitals, at least three of which which are here in the bay area. oakland children's hospital,
9:43 pm
initial packard stanford and ucsf. proposition five is currently being defeated. that would provide a property tax break to homeowners over 55 and select others were moving into a different home and this one is pretty significant in terms of the nose over the yeses. we will keep an eye on that. prop 6, a big one, the gas and vehicle tax if top six passes it would get rid of the 2017 gas and vehicle tax and i know we are not showing numbers right now but right now the yeses for repealing it are 45 and the no's are 55. we will keep an eye on that one. proposition seven, that is the one that would allow the state legislature with a vote of two thirds and with approval from the feds to change daylight savings time and that so far during the week of so people are like we want to get rid of
9:44 pm
that. opposition eight, this is a very controversial one. we are now onto prop 10. proposition eight was the proposition that would regulate kidney dialysis companies and that is currently not in favor of passing. that doesn't look like it is going to pass. but reporting still 22% of the precincts and proposition 10 was the rent control proposition. michelle kingston our reporter is following that one. that is a big deal proposition 11 would require private ambulance companies to have their emts be on duty and available all the time. that is where the things stand right now. we will take a quick break. more news right after this.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. (grant) voters are
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deciding on eliminating an tax. talking about this one voters in the state deciding on whether they want to eliminate the existing gas tax, proposition six would do away with the tax that was initiated in 2017. it is a vehicle tax and a gas tax and the id is the money raised would help fix roads and go to public transit as well as other things. we've seen all the -- voters are getting together for a no on -- >> reporter: imat an election party here in -- where people have gathered against prop 6 so they tell me that they want to keep it going because right now it's collected $5 billion since it was enacted last year. it has collected all that money
9:48 pm
for road repairs as well as transit projects. at this time gas payers are now paying $.12 more and for diesel they are paying $.20 more if you are registering your vehicle with the dmv you are paying a maximum of one $75 depending on the value of your vehicle. this is all has been going toward road repairs. the caltrans spokesperson tells me at this time 50 projects have been completed and there are hundreds that are underway at this time. those can be compromised if prop 6 is voted in favor. we spoke with the silicon valley group ceo tells me that he is part of the california commission for transportation and it is very important to keep this going and fund all the projects to make sure our roadways are safe for everyone. >> we had not increased the california gas tax in the quarter of a century. we have lost 55% of the buying power from the last time we increased it because we did not
9:49 pm
adjusted for inflation. i can tell you as a member of the california transportation commission just to maintain the current conditions of our 51,900 highway miles, not even mentioning our local streets and roads, it cost $1 billion here and we only have $2.2 billion. >> reporter: mean well the surrender with the sense of the scope republican party says even before the new taxes were added california's were already paying -- transportation related taxes and fees but are california legislatures were consistently devoting the funds from road repair and transportation improvements to their touch projects. people who are in favor of prop 6 say they want to be able to pocket the money back because it's all the expense of living in the state of california. as it stands right now with early results it looks like prop 6 is losing. we'll keep you posted tonight at 10. speaking of losing,
9:50 pm
proposition 10 new numbers in and proposition 10 has been defeated. that is what is being projected. 23% of patients reporting this is the law that would repeal state law that limits the rent control that cities and counties can impose. >> the ones after 1995 that single-family homes and condos. a lot of people were talking about this one. michelle kingston has been following prop 10 tonight. she joins us live from oakland. what is the feeling? >> reporter: -- we are at the -- on prop 10. we will have a train coming by so sorry. even though they lost here they are very optimistic. they say at least getting it out there getting the
9:51 pm
information out there that we need help with our rent numbers. hopefully legislators will start to work on it and take a look behind me and see people are still here and there still -- their food trucks and people are taking photos stay very optimistic. what this means is everything will stay the same. it prevents control on housing built after 1995. the people here were voting to repeal that instead we are keeping it intact in the state of california. at last check i think you said those numbers were definitely calling it prop 10 did not pass here in the state of california. we are working to get a statement from the -- we will bring that to you as soon as we get it. we will check back with you when you can get a comment from that. still waiting to hear from
9:52 pm
gavin newsom and los angeles. we will take a break right now. more news after that. people like to live where nature is
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so we've got this wildland urban interface area. we all love our parks and the best way to keep them healthy is to come in and manage them. hi my name is eileen theile. i'm acting fire chief for east bay regional park district's fire department. what keeps me up at night is that people have a short memory. they'll forget the oakland hills firestorm that happened in 1991. we lost well over 2000 homes, 26 people lost their lives, we really need to stay vigilant especially with climate change. this area, california, is a fire prone landscape. the one thing that we can control is the fuels. east bay regional regional park district partners with pg&e to annually thin or remove more than 1000 acres of hazardous vegetation. pg&e is accelerating its wildfire risk reduction program, pruning around overhead electrical lines, reducing the fuel loads underneath those electrical lines to help reduce the spread of wildfire. what we're really doing is making the property that's adjacent to their homes safer. pg&e, east bay regional park district,and our communities, we're all in this together to keep people safe. (vicki) we have a panel of
9:54 pm
guests tonight in the kron-4 newsroom.(grant) > we want to check in with our panel standing live in our newsroom. th're here to talk about how the balance of power has shifted in the house. >> yes, grant. and that balance of power is good news especially good news
9:55 pm
for california democrats. it goes well beyond the obvious that nancy pelosi is the likely speaker of the house once again. a whole lot of other democrats could be chairs of important committees. >> first acknowledge the fact that as speaker nancy will have a lot of control over who gets on committees as well. california could have 10% of the house just from the democratic side of the equation with over 43 members just from the democratic delegation. adam schiff who will probably replace devon nunes as chair of the house intelligence committee. that will mean a seat change in the way some of the russia investigation has been handled or not handled. appropriations probably 3 to 4 seats there. and it's great for california because a lot of things we do with the federal government require cooperation. and who's the best person to negotiate that cooperation because of the power of the purse, it will be the speaker of
9:56 pm
the house and this california delegation. >> okay. we're pretty tight for time. so quickly to you karen, then quickly to tom. >> i would say upside for democrats is investigative power and downside is going to be overplaying that hand. i already just saw a headline tonight saying here come the crazies with maxine waters and pelosi and these caricatures, right. so democrats might say what are you going to bring home? >> tom, real quick. >> she's right double edged sword. we'll see how they use it. >> double edged sword and good news for california. means a few republicans lose power kevin mccarthy and devon nunes. back to you. >> thank you very much for that. >> the rest of kron4 news at 9:00 and our prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour. >> we're going to take a break
9:57 pm
and when we come back we'll have the latest results so don't go away.
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kron4 news your local election headquarters. >> good evening everybody and thank you for joining us i'm pam moore. >> and i'm ken wayne we continue our live coverage of the election results on this election night. >> and we want to take a look at the latest numbers in the race for governor as you know gavin newsom is the projected winner. and gavin stone is at gavin newsom's headquarters in los angeles tonight. jr, bring us up to date? >> reporter: i can tell you the energy building here in downtown los angeles. anticipation from so many people to hear gavin newsom and as i speak i want to go up in the distance you can see this is the first speaker tonight. and i'm going to just get out of the way right now because this is one of the speakers we have been waiting for so long. i believe this is newsom's wife
10:00 pm
at this point. i'm going to let her take it away. >> immeasurable honor to stand here before the voters of california and all of you. i know that you're anxiously waiting to hear from the next governor of the great state of california. but i couldn't let him get up here without first telling him and telling all of you how proud i am of him and how proud i am of the leader that he has become. proud of the life that we have built together and the children that we brought into this world and proud of the campaign that he has run and all of the incredible tngs that i know he will do for this state. [ cheers and applause ] >> gavin's courage has been on display from the minute he stepped out on the political stage. we saw this


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