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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 10, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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alicia harmon / home destroyed: "it's gone. we lost everything."homes --churches -- restaurants --the fire spared nothing.mind boggling. it's hard to fathom right now. it's just numbing as you're driving through here. it's crazy how many places are burned in just the families trying to reconnect with missing loved ones lost in the confsion of mass evacuations"we love you crystal please try to get a hold of us somehow." while the death toll rises we-009sa"really wish you went home, but we're really worried about you so please come back soon." firefighters struggling to battle the flames as high winds fuel the fires. "this event was worst case scenario. it's the event that we have feared for a long time.""your first responders your law enforcement officers your firefighters made heroic efforts in saving lives and protecting property."but hope... found in the ashes"just completely scared shaken their whiskers are burnt their paws are damaged but they are here and were gonna try and bring them to safety.""the people up here are strong and they're resilient and they don't take no for an answer. they'll come back." (justine) but the fight is not over.
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california firefighters have a long road ahead of them to get three major wildfires under control. good evening, i'm justine waldman (jr stone) and i'm jr stone. thank you for joining us tonight at 8. (jrs) right now.... the camp fire is burning at 105,000 acres and is 20 percent contained. there have now been 23 confirmed deaths. 14 bodies were recovered today. over a hundred people are still missing. cal fire says 6,713 structures have been destroyed. and at this moment we have more than four thousand firefighters out on the lines and 23 helicopters in the air. (jrs) new evacuations are in place as the camp fire spreads. today cal fire says evacuation orders have also been issued for... the communities of berry creek, brush creek, mountain house and bloomer hill. those areas are listed on your screen. and all evacuation orders are on our website
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kron4 dot com. (jrs)the camp fire is one of three consuming parts of california.(justine) but the weather is only expected to get worse -- and make fighting fires harder. paul vercammen is in malibu, california to explain. deadly and deadly and uncontrollable flames forced more than a quarter of a million people from their homes."heavenly father, please help us."for those making the terrifying journey to safety -- it looked like the whole world was on fire."hey guess what? we're not going to catch on fire, ok?""ok.""we're going to stay away from it and we will be ok.""ok"'we're doing all right."trapped in traffic -- some abandoned their vehicles.all that's left are the charred cars that litter the side of the roadin the midst of the chaos -- families became -- there's a desperate search for loved ones.gracie harmon / sister missing: "we're really worried about you so please come back soon"in northern california -- the camp fire has become the most destructive in state history. at one point -- growing more than a football field every second.john luther / business s what you see. you see just devastation everywhere."the woolsey and hill fires ravage southern firefighters struggle to
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contain the flames.mark lorenzen/ventura co fire dept.:"right now mother nature has given us a short reprieve. the winds are not blowing. but we know tomorrow mother nature is going to turn her fans back on and start blowing."daryl osby / los angeles co fire dept."we are here for the duration. we are going to do all we can do to protect life, property and environment and we hope all of our firefighters and our citizens stay safe."in malibu, california -- i'm paul vercammen reporting. (jrs) we now want to dip into a communty meeting happening in chicostate (justine) lets listen in lets listen in (j.r.) (j.r.) our team coverage
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on the devestating wildfires continue now with kron four's philippe djegal... who reports from the east bay -- where, like the rest of the bay area.... air quality remains poor. he has more
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tonight on when these conditions could improve. (phlippe) masks in smoke are helpful and better than nothing... but they don't garauntee complete protection. misako hill/asthmatic- "i might have to leave because my throat is already scratchy." stuck indoors for the past few days... misako (me- sock-oh) hill needed a little time outside in oakland after battling a case of cabin fever. misakao hill/asthmatic- "i have a history of asthma, so it's critical, um, you know the particulates already irritate my eyes, and so any sort of protection -- i need to make sure i take that precaution." and, of course, the best way to limit your exposure to this toxic air is to simply stay inside. angel sweet/dog walker- "we're just going to do a quick little walk and um call it a day." children's fairyland remained closed saturday due to the poor air quality. visibility on roadways and from this typically picturesque rest stop in pleasant hill extremely low. walter wallace/baaqmd- "right now we are in the red for pretty much the entire bay area. um, the meteorologists tell me, that we are expecting, if models continue to stay the same, we are expecting to see some improvement over the next day or two." walter wallace speaks for the bay area air quality management district. he says the air quality is
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unleahlthy -- especially for those with pre-existing respiratory problems. strong wind in the fire zone may cause more destruction... but wallace says wind would help clear the air in the bay wallace/baaqmd- "if it stay stagnant, and an inversion layer sits, then what happens is the smoke will actually settle down at our levels where we breathe and then there will be poor air quality for all of us. so, we're hoping for some clean air to kind of push in and hopefully make the whole situation beeter for everyone." misako hill/asthmatic- "it's unfortunate. i mean, the reason why is because of all the fires and you know, i just feel for all those families that are, you know, lost their property." the bay area air quality management district has also issued a spare the air day alert. wood burning is illegal. philippe djegal, kron four news. (justine)(justine) the camp fire may be 180 miles to the north ... but the
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smoke is blanketing the bay area. this is video from earlier today. that is not today. that is not fog. it is smoke -- making it hard to see and breathe.(jr stone) and now we are bracing for another red flag warning right here in the bay area. we are joined by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez.. mabrisa how could this impact the fire situation? . smoke from the camp fire will continue to drift across our area over the next few days, negatively impacting air quality. daytime high temperatures will remain mild
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in the 60s, while nights will be cool in the 30s and 40s, particularly in the interior valleys. very low humidity this weekend and increasing offshore flow will begin on saturday night into sunday afternoon. this will result in critical fire weather conditions in the hills of the san francisco bay area once again. (jrs) critical fire weather is critical fire (jrs)
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(jrs) critical fire weather is expected tonight in parts of the bay area.the north bay and east bay hills are some of the most vulnerable spots.(justine) the red flag warning starts in just a few hours (10pm).... kron4's ella sogomonian is live at the alameda county fire department in dublin... where they are ready for fire danger. ella? (jrs)(justine) (ella)gusty wind, low humidity and higher than normal temperatures has the weather service and calfire warning people who live in the most vulnerable areas to be ready to go! the alameda county fire department has added two crews in addition to the firefighters working overtime right now because they've already shared resources to the north for the camp fire ni south in county for the woolsey fire. so tonight
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those who remain have resources prepositioned in the east bay hills in places near homes surrounded by trees and brush. captain matthew portteus , alameda county fire// "well we are strategically placing our resources in our higher risk areas. areas where there is lots of vegetation near homes such as castro valley and the canyons or out here in the valley where we get very strong winds and its easy for fires to get started moving very quickly."ready for wildfire dot org recommends you make an evacuation plan with your family. have a checklist you can find an example on their site an emergency supply kit in the car and cover up from heat and embers by wearing 100 percent cotton pants long sleeved shirts and bandana to cover your face, also goggles if you have know where your pets are. (ella)if you want to be notified of a wildfire burning in alameda county sign up on a-c alert dot in dublin ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (jw) we are keeping you up to
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date on these wildfires through push alerts. download our kron4 app for everything you need to keep you safe during these red flag warnings. (jrs) and the camp fire isn't the only wildfire consuming california tonight. after the break we take a look at the deadly woosley fire down in southern califorina. (jw) plus we are sending help down to ventura county to help with the woosley and hill fire... as a red flag warning approches (jrs) plus fires in the park. the reason san francisco police believe a string of fires in golden gate park seem pretty suspicious.
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♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort. (justine) continuing our wildfire coverage.. and go to southern california. where at least two people have died. the 'woolsey fire' has burned 70-thousand acres. the 'hill fire' has burned more than 45-hundred acres in ventura county.(jr stone)about 150 homes have been destroyed so far, and thousands of people under evacuation orders. kron4's gayle ong has been tracking these fires and joins us live in the studio with details.gayle, last night i flew right over these fires. what does the situation look like this evening? the pictures are devastating
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and there is no end in sight when this fire will be outso far the woolsey fire is only 5 percent contained,the hill fire 25 percent contained. since thursday..this has been the scene in southern californiathe woolsey and hill fires ravaging ventura county as firefighters struggle to contain the flames. --sot-- mark lorenzen/ ventura county fire chief: "mother nature has given us a short reprieve. the winds are not blowing, but we know tomorrow, mother nature's going to turn her fan back on, and the winds are going to start blowing. the fast moving fire has forced thousands of people to evacuate including the entire city of malibu. --sot--"you just think about the things that mean the most and that are the most valuable, something that could help you out along the road if you need help from someone else or you know, grab and go and just fit as much as you can in there." and a desperate escape through the intense, firefighters are focusing on saving lives, rather than far more than a hundred d, thousands of structures threatened..the aftermath - charred cars, a burnt yard and downed power lines are what's
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left in this malibu high winds have been fueling the fires -- prompting a massive regional responsescott jalbertcal fire --sot--"this morning we know that we have 153 engines from surrounding states coming in to us to help us on these fires. thirty of those engines are currently here assigned to the fire guard." earlier today president trump tweeted about the wildfires, threathening to withhold federal payments to the state of california, claiming its forest management is "so poor" after backlash from firefighters and politicians, the president has since taken a more empathetic tone in his tweets about the in the studio, gayle ong kron 4 news. (justine) a strike team of fire fighters from contra costa county and 2 trucks from
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sonoma county are ...helping to fight the woosley fire near malibu. the assistant fire chief with contra costa county fire says the lack of wet weather is extending fire season and conditions are just getting worse.
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. in lets listen (justine) lets listen in . smoke from the camp fire will continue to drift across our area over the next few days, negatively impacting air
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quality. daytime high temperatures will remain mild in the 60s, while nights will be cool in the 30s and 40s, particularly in the interior valleys. very low humidity this weekend and increasing
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offshore flow will begin on saturday night into sunday afternoon. this will result in critical fire weather conditions in the hills of the san francisco bay area once again. (justine) and we are cocoverage of t
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in california. we look at how the camp fire may have started. (jrs) calfire say 110 people are still missing due to the camp fire in butte county. we take a look at
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the technology cal fire is bringing in to help find your loved ones and register people that are missing.
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(justine) 23 people are dead. and 110 people are still reported missing in the camp fire. calfire said tonight... expert anthropologists from california state university, chico are coming to analyze bones found during searches. and calfire is going to use dna technology to help identifiy the bodies they find.
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(jrs) and the american red cross has an option on its website for residents to register as "safe and well" ... and post a message that describes their status. for example.. you can say where your evacuation location is .. whether you are able to make phone calls. the website is - safe- and- well-dot-org. on the page... people can also search for those who have registered themselves. we have a link to this... on our website at kron-4-dot-com. (justine) 14 more people found dead today from the camp fire. we have a live report coiming up.
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tragic update..almost two update..
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"omg this is our town.. omg get me out of here kevin!" (justine) this is video family i meet at the camp fire evacuation center. the nattress family.. shared this video of them driving through the flames... barley escaping the fire... you can hear in their voices on the video.. and they admit.. they were so scared as they drove out. it was frightening to see everything around them burning. and people, their neighbors, running for their lives. . "my windows were scalding hot even though the ac was running my windows were so hot you could not touch them peoples tires were catching on fire people walking babies middle of the smoke there was no room in the was horrible it was like literally hell."nats oh no!!!! somebody's propane tank just blew up!!"(justine) (justine) blew up!!"(justine) the family tells me they believe their home burned based on what they saw as they left
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paradise. they are staying with friends as they figure out what to do next. all they have is their car, their dog, cell phones, and each other. (jrs) right now - thousands of evacuees are waiting to find out if their home burned down in the camp fire. (justine) some are at hotels, staying with family and others are at one of many evacuation centers in butte county. kron 4's sara stinson went to an evacuation center in oroville to find out how they are holding up.
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it was time to run for their lives on thursday. sarah tuck says she's feeling hopeless as her home has most likely burned down, which adds to the burden she was already facing - her husbands diagnosis with four different types of cancer.
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(2 shot) we now have a phoner t lean the chief of public information cal fire. (jrs)scott?(jrs) (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas,
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and all thro' the house. not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are chefs, bakers and food order takers. doctors and surgeons and all the life savers. the world is alive as you can see, this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree. (morgan vo) those who give their best, deserve the best. get up to a $1,000 credit on select models now during the season of audi sales event. (justine) firefighters are
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continuing to battle the devastating and deadly camp fire in butte county.(justine) but questions remain on what sparked the fire, and some eyes are pointing toward p-g and e.(jrstone) but p-g and e says, not so fast. macy jenkins reports. audio:"we have eyes on the vegetation fire. it's going to be very difficult to access camp creek road. it's near inaccessible."six-43 on thursday morning, butte county firefighters called dispatch after seeing flames across the feather river from poe dam. audio:"it is on the west side of the river, underneath the transmission lines. probably about 35 miles per hour, sustained wind on it."c-b-s 13 obtained this report from p-
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g-and-e, describing an incident at six-15 a-m, 28 minutes before that call from says ... graphic:"pg&e experienced an outage on the caribou- palermo...transmission line in butte county."and cal-fire records show the camp fire started at six-33 a-m, just 18 minutes later.sheriff kory honea:"this was a devastating fire. and if you've been up in this area, you absolutely know that, you know how quickly it came through the paradise area."thursday's report also says, p-g-and-e noticed a tower on that caribou-palermo power line was damaged,just one mile northeast of pulga, the exact origin of the camp fire.a p-g-and-e spokesperson told c-b-s 13 in part ... graphic:"the cause of the fire has not been determined. pg&e is working with first responders on the fire lines to turn off power as they would during any wildfire emergency." (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on... (jrs) people aren't the
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only ones fleeing the flames. animals need a place to stay too. we speak to a group lending a helping had to those who have already lost everything.
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(jrs) this is a very trying time for many residents up in butte county. it is an area where many people have ranches and farm animals. with residents fleeing for their lives, an animal rescue group is stepping in to help those left behind. people have been showing up to the butte county fair grounds, leaving their horses, goats, sheep and other animals. the north valley animal disaster group said it is prepared to take more animals and will set up more corrals and pens as needed.artemis
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black, (jrs)incident."> (jrs) as for volunteers - they are coming in from all over dropping off supplies for the livestock. (justine) kron four's terisa estacio spoke with one woman who brought her horse to the evacuation center for shelter.(take pkg) i am here at the butte county fairgrounds where some evacuvees have parked their rv after fleeing from the camp fire... one woman who just dropped off her horse talked to me about the horrific race to run from the flames. karpathia herzbrun, evacuee. i brought in a horse, edelwiss, goat, chicken rabbit. i am a nervous wreck, been up all night long. i caught up with karpathia hersbrun.. as she was checking on her horse...
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she shared with me what it was like to flee her cherished home... karpathia herzburn, evacuee. i have been told that my home is gone, but i am fighting that until i know for sure. we left, we were on the ridge, flames everywhere, i thought we were done for. she says at first, when forced to evacuate.. she didn't have a horse trailer and had to say good bye to her beloved animal. karpathia. i was crying, i thought it was the last thing. but she says at the last moment her prayers were answered, a neighbor who had planned to sleep in his horse trailer appeared and they were able to hook up the trailer and save edelwiss... now they are all safe, but must wait to find out about their home. in butte county, terisa estacio
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(jrstone) the san francisco fire department has launched an investigation into the causes of a total of six fires that broke out in golden gate park over the past 24 hours. (justine) the fires have been isolated to various areas of the park and are being called "suspicious in nature." kron 4's michelle kingston the story. michelle kingston, mkingstonnewsthere are a lot more people out here in golden gate park than i expected ... with the haze and the smoke i figured a lot of people would be staying inside ...i've seen people playing frisbee and having picnics out here ... they say the smoke isn't bothering them too much ...but were very surprised to hear about the suspicious fires set
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in the park last night.ánatá this is video of san francisco firefighters working to put out six fires in golden gate park on friday.the fire department says the fires were in the polo fields and casting ponds and were up to one acre in size.they say the fires are suspicious."that's a definite problem if there's people setting fires."on saturday -- people were riding thier bikes .. walking the park and not too bothered by the poor air quality in the city.but frustrated to hear about the fires in golden gate park. allie kimura, san francisco "it's very malicious and gosh, it's adding to what everyone's suffering from right now, the poor air quality."cory murrell, san francisco"i live in the sunset so it's going to take a lot for the fire to get really threatening but it's not fun to have it right next to me."the san francisco fire department says the six fires happened within 24 hours of each other ... and that anyone with information is urged to contact them so they can get to the bottom of this investigation.allie kimura, san francisco"that's not good and i hope they don't do it again."in san francisco michelle kingston kron 4 news
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(justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . smoke from the camp fire will continue to drift across our area over the next few days, negatively impacting air quality. daytime high temperatures will remain mild in the 60s, while nights will be cool in the 30s and 40s, particularly in the interior valleys. very low humidity this weekend and increasing offshore flow will begin on saturday night into sunday afternoon. this will result in critical fire weather conditions in the hills of the san francisco bay area once again.
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(j.r.)the camp fire in paradise is having an impact on the sports world. we've learned that shane wallen, who you see here and who is an assistant strength coach on the san francisco 49ers lost his childhood home that his father had been living in. this is what the location looked like on saturday. on twitter shane wrote, the camp fire has taken our homes, businesses, our livelihood but we still have each other. he says that this was the house that he grew up in and the house that was home to my amazing father and wonderful step mother for the last 20 years. i will be stronger because of this. i will stop paradice community that has suffered the wrath of his unexpected tragedy. wallen started a gofund me page that was pushed by players on the 49ers. so far more than 12- thousand dollars has been raised for the wallen family.
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(anchor)(anchor) we have breaking news...(anchor)
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god.
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when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music] it's been a long time
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coming... but the 49ers are finally coming off a win as they get set for monday night football against the new york giants.--a name fans are becoming more familiar with ... nick mullens... he's taking the starting quarterback job by strom...can he help the 49ers string together 2 wins before the bye week... get ready.. it's time for the red and gold zone. welcome in to the red and gold zone... i'm your host, kim smith.. the 49ers have gone through 3 different quarterbacand through all of th beinto their new starter.. let's take a look back at the battle of the bay week nine against the raiders. ghts weren't too much for nick mullens in his nfl debut...on play


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