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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 15, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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(pam) the number of people missing in the camp fire has skyrocketed this evening .. as cal- fire gives new numbers during its update in chico. good evening... i'm pam moore(ken) and i'm ken wayne we want to get right to the latest numbers from the camp fire. (ken7 bodies were found. bringing the total victims to victims to 63. and as we heard before the number of missing people has doubled to more than 600.
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a list of names believed to be missing has been released. 1,862 structures have been destroyed.... the vast majority of the vast destroyed.... have been structures 1,862 structures have been destroyed.... the vast majority of those are homes. the camp fire has burned more than 140,000 acres and is 40 percent contained. more than 5,600 firefighters are on the lines. (ken) at the press conference earlier tonight the sheriff explained why the number jumped so drastically from yesterday. updated it updated it."> (pam) law law law enforcement still
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says.. there is no timetable for how long the search for remains will last ... as we reported.. 631 people are still unaccounted for... the butte county sheriff has released an updated list of people who are missing from the 'camp fire'. we have posted that list on kron-4- dot- com. authorities say, some people may be in shelters - and just may not be in contact with family members. so the sheriffs are asking people to take a look at the list... and tell let them know if someone on the list is accounted for.. again-- we have that list posted on kron-4 dot com. you can likely imagine the anxiety and stress.. so many fire victims without a place to call home ... some staying in shelters, others in tents .. many sleeping in their cars... kron 4's gayle ong is live in chico tonight where many evacuees are seeking refuge at a walmart parking lot. gayle. (gayle)i'm here at the wal
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mart in chico, where it has been ground zero for donations for evacuees, some living in their cars and tents for days now.they have not seen the devastation in person one is being allowed inside the zone,mainly for safety. one week after the camp fire tore through butte county,the town of paradise is gone.left are piles of twisted metal and home after home,reduced to ash. the same road where hundreds made the desperate filled with utility workers cleaning up..and the daunting rescue workers search for victims,the number of missing people has doubled and the death toll gets higher each day.many evacuees are staying in tents and cars at a wal-mart parking lot -sot: i've been here since monday eveningmichael robertson lost his home in paradise, he's been living in his tent with his two daughters.michael robertson: "just when you feel like everything is going to be fine, you know you got your family, you got friends, everybody here has been so generous, giving out anything.">and giving him time to spare as he looks to the future.
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(gayle)many evacuees taking it day by day.they are hearing they have until sunday to stay here in chico.but just grateful to have each other to lean in chico gayle ong kron 4 news (pam) (pam) dozens of schools across the bay area are going to be closed tomorrow.... because of the dangerous air quality in the bay area. the list of school closures keeps getting longer -- and we are constantly updating that information on kron-4-dot-com. (pam) here are some of the districts closing
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schools: south san francisco unified, san leandro unified, pittsburg unified, orinda union, new haven union, napa valley unified, martinez unified, hayward unified, castro valley unified, and benicia unified. several college campuses are also closed. again -- we have the entire list on kron-4- dot-com. with schools closing .. parents are in a mad rush to try and find a place for their children tomorrow. we are joined by kron4's alecia reid who went to alemeda to speak with parents. alecia what are their options right now? (alecia) the air has gotten so much worse outdoors, parents brought masks for their children at pickup today. they're glad school is canceled tomorrow, but now have to come up with alternate plans.pkgtoday is the worst day a layer of smoke sits on the street ... people are careful to protect their lungsbeijing was famous for this, but not as bad as thisair quality
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levels across the bay area have gone into dangerous territory ... and is projected to be at a more hazardous level friday. school districts are giving students an early start to their thanksgiving now we get 5,6,7,8 straight days off. so i think the girls are really excited. hahahahajohn larsen may have the day off friday, but with athletic practices and other events canceled, some parents are scrambling to figure it out.we're not off. we didnt close down so tonight i'll have to talk to my husband and figure something outother parents decided immediately which of the two will have to take off worki dont have to deal with it, that's all i'm concerned about.overall, parents are quite understanding of the decision. it's inconvenience but on the other hand i can also understand their worry with all this smokestnadupa number of colleges will also be closed the air has gotten so much worse outdoors, parents brought masks
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(alecia) (ken) one of the many inconveniences coming from the poor air quality is parents left with stir crazy children. (pam) kron 4's gabe slate visited an indoor kids playground ... which has seen traffic quadruple this week... like most cities in the bay area thursday smoke from the camp wild fire filled the sky over berkeley. pushing parents away from parks or outdoor activities and into indoor kid playgrounds like the kids gym in berkeley off 7th street. sound from barbara - took kids to indoor kid gym "it's really bad out here" barbara has her two grandchildren on thursdays she normally takes them to the park, but today she opted for the indoor playground. sound from barbara - took kids to indoor kid gym"they shouldn't be outside" nats playground sound from jenny - took kids to indoor kid gym"it's really bad out here" jenny needed something to do with arlo today and did not feel safe
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playing outside. sound from jenny tom"it's good they hathin playgroundsound from vernita mccray - works at kids gym / berkeley vernita mccray works at the kids gym in berkeley she says business has been way up. they typically have around 100 kids a day this week each day they have had over 700. sound from vernita mccray - works at kids gym / berkeley (pam) take a look at this
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picture of downtown san francisco. this was taken last summer on clear day. now almost the same location this picture... actually closer to the trans america building... on the right of your screen, taken today. you can see how low the visibliity is today ... with all the smoke covering the city.(ken) we are joined by chief meterologist lawrence karnow. lawernce what is the difference between our air quality and those right next to the fires? and is there any releif in sight? lawrence karnow: very unhealthy air and smoke continue to smother the bay area. winds are very light which means there will be very little improvement. high pressure continues to sit over california keeping the air stagnant. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and 70s with very poor air quality. expect partly cloudy skies this weekend but improving air quality on sunday. next week
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there is a chance of rain from wednesday through saturday. (ken) air quality (ken) remained unhealthy in the bay
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area for the last week as smoke and particles hang in the air. breathing masks are flying off the shelf. at hayward hawa owner says keeping dust and particulate masks in stock has been tough. customers have been coming in all day asking for them - depleting the store's inventory almost as fast as they get shipped in. the limit is 3 per customer. apparently these masks are in such high demand, that the vendor they buy from has no more in stock. (ken) weekend.">>(ken) the
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hardware store owner emphasizes the importance of getting the right mask. he says the n-95 model is the way to go because it's the model that filters out the most particles. he says he doesn't look at this situation as a profit opportunity for his store but as a community service. (pam)wáá>(pam) animals abandonded and lost from the camp fire... are crowding shelters we take a look at where many are ending up now... you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less.
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10:14 pm find your new fall look at an "oh, yeah" price. check this out. from the latest trends to your favorite brands, it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. (ken) with the smoke from butte county settling into the bay area.. people aren't the only ones who need to limit their time outdoors. (pam) your pets can also experience serious health problems from exposure to smoke. kron4's dan thorn is live with more on what veterinarians are recommending..dan? (dan)just like humans, a short amount of time is okay for your cats and dogs.but too long could be deadly. a day at the dog park has been fun for some people who say despite the air quality their dog seems to be fine..sot: but veterinarians say looks can be deceiving..bill king, owns sophie, shepard black lab mix. "she seems to do fairly well out here, she runs and runs and runs and hasn't had any problems like humans would." but veterinarians we spoke with disagree.dr. jyl rubin, dvm"they are very prone to
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secondary smoke inhalation and lung cancer as well as people." dr. brianna benedetto, dvm"dog and cats are going to breath in the same stuff you or i are going to breath in."that's why docter brianna benedetto says people with dogs should take them only on short walks dog at this time. it's best in the morning or the evening... when there's more moisture in the air.dr. brianna benedetto, dvm "and no exercise, no frisbee, no playing ball. just not right now, it's just not a good time."nats examine room doctor jyl rubin says she's been treating pets from an animal shelter in paradise. the shelter was destroyed.most of the animals she's seeing have respiratory issues.dr. jyl rubin, dvm"and unfortunately we've lost a lot of them from smoke inhalation burns."dogs are not alone..cats and other pets can also feel the affects of it's best to also keep them inside as long as possible. as for putting masks on pets... doctor benedetto says make sure they are not the ones for humans.dr. brianna benedetto, dvm"they're not going to work, they just don't fit right, you know with the masks you need them to have full face coverage and they just don't developed one that's for a long breed snout like this one." (dan)doctor's say there are some speciality pet masks, but
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they're not easy to find and often don't stay on right.this point in time, it's better to keep your in san francisco dan thorn kron4 news. (ken) (ken) the camp fire is not just a human crisis.... animals are crisis.... animals are being affected as well. kron4's maureen kelly went to a walnut creek shether that's taking in dogs from the fire zone. this black lab pup named midnight is one of 17 dogs taken in from the chico and paradise area...midnight is a little bit skittish still.....but that's understandable given what she and other dogs have been thru the dogs are already super stressed, they've had a hard week, not only for the smoke all the craziness, but their day-to-day schedule has been hugely interrupted so right now we're trying to give them
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a sense of normalcy these this three year old bulldog mix named sophie were up for adoption in butte county sheters.... but now those shelters have other priorties because of the camp fire. right now at the shelter is up there are focusing on reuniting animals that have been affected by the fires, with their families were looking for them, so for the time being adoptions of the animals who don't have home's is kind of paused, so that's where we take the adoptable animals because think about it these communities of been devastated, nobody's gonna use that opportunity to adopt the new puppy which is already a stressful thing on its own. the dogs picked up from the fire zone wednesday will be evaluated medical and behavioral issues and will hopefully be available for adoption next order to make room for those ??? dogs and any other dogs and cats that might come in from the fire area, or if he's waving their adoption fees through sunday for the animals like sassy hear who they already have ready for adoptionthose fees can run as high as $300 those who take in one of the animals here now could not only save money....but also be saving lives....that of the dog or cat given it's forever freeing more space in the arf shelter, animals from the fire zone.
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maureen kelly kron4 news. a live look outside tonight.. lawrence has the forecast lawrence karnow: very unhealthy air and smoke continue to smother the bay area. winds are very light which means there will be very little improvement. high pressure continues to sit over california keeping the air stagnant. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and 70s with very poor air quality. expect partly cloudy skies this weekend but improving air quality on sunday. next week there is a chance of rain from wednesday through saturday.
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(pam) new on kron 4 news at 10... an officer- involved shooting leaves one man and two dogs dead tonight. and this shooting happened in the burn area of butte county.(ken) our grant lodes is live in the studio with what we're learning tonight. grant? (grant) someone someone alerted a seargeant
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about a man who had been in his car, acting suspiciously for three days at the pines yankee hill hardware store parking lot .... which is in an evacuation zone. authorities say they ran the plate... realized the parolee was wanted for a double murder and called for back up. the seargeants says as they approached the car the man woke up, and went for hig right pocket as if he was reaching for a gun. he reportedly then yelled.... you guys should have left me alone... and i'm not going back. the man started the car... then took off south on highway 70.. speeds up 90 miles and hour as law enforcement chased him. spike strips forced him to stop. six law enforcement officers approched the car and yelled at him to get out. they say he did, but had a hand in a pocket. at that point, sutter county deputies released their canine, bandit. as bandit charged, the parolee reportedly pulled out a matalic object and pointed it at law enforcement.
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ramsey butte county district attorney "six officer fired their weapons and brough the man down and also broght bandit down. bandit continued to try and bring the man downand then a pit bull came out and tried to attack bandit. a 7th officer shot the pitbull in attepts to try and save bandit. bandit did not he died at the scene as was the supject and the pitbull>(grant) the man who died is a 48 years old from
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berry creek. his name is not being released pending notification of family. he was wanted for a 2014 double murder in butte county. (ken) oakland police asking for help to find the shooter who left a father dead. the evidence police are releasing to try to track down the gunman.
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happening now... happening now... police in oakland are asking for help in finding the gunman who shot and killed a father of four. it happened as he was standing in a crowd outside of a bar. (ken) today homicide investigators released surveillance video of possible suspects. grant lodes is live in the studio with more. (grant) o-p-d homicide
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detective wenceslao garcia is showing surveillance video of three men who allegedly shot and killed 40-year-old chrystian valdez negrete back on august 11, 2018. investigators say it happened just after 2am. the three men were reportedly involved in a robbery a block away from valdez's location, when police say one of them fired a gun indiscriminantly toward a crowd of people
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this video because they need the public's help to catch his killer.(grant) there are a pair of $10-thousand-dollars rewards in the case. one reward for information leading to an arrest and another reward leading to a conviction of the persons responsible. talk of a second transbay bart tunnel is heating up. how serious is it... and when might it happen? a go- fund- me effort that tugged at the heart strings of people all across the country... was a hoax. we'll tell you what police are saying about the homeless man ... and the couple who claimed, they wanted to help him. (ken) the camp fire is a tragdey that continues to unfold. we look into the search for the hundreds of missing people. plus the effect the smoke is having on our bay area schools. (lawrence)ten at ten
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firefighters are making slow but steady progress in containing the california wildfires. but the tragedy is far from over. we learned today that president trump is coming to california on saturday to visit with victims-- and see the destruction first hand.(pam) the deathtonight .. and autho continue to search for the
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more than 600- people still missing. camila bernal has the details. the flames are still burning... but the firefighters working around the clock are making progress.ken pimlott/cal fire chief: "we will look at our resource needs throughout the state over the course of the next several days and certainly utilize all of the resources and move resources around where they need to be to put all these fires to bed" and as the fires become more contained the focus turns to the recovery efforts."here you go"in butte county, authorities continue to search for human remains... more than 100 residents are still unaccounted for.sgt. steve collins/butte county sheriff's office:"there are a lot of people that want some answers, they are depending on us to find their loved one"the california wildfires have burned more than 230 thousand acres over the past week. interior secretary ryan zinke visiting the state to assess the damage and committing the support of federal resources ryan zinke/secretary of the interior: "it's going to take working together from the community all the way up to federal government."and the white house announcing the president will travel to california saturday and is expected to meet with some of the most affected.ryan zinke/secretary of the interior: "this is not not a republican or democrat issue, this is an american issue and we should address it as such." i'm camila bernal reporting.
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(pam) the san francisco unified school district announced it is among the scores of districts.. shutting down all classes friday... (take vo) at marina middle school, this was the scene, children covering their faces with masks, scarves, sleeves... whatever they had. children were forced to be indoors only - all week ... with all outdoor activities canceled. parents say, shortly after the public schools made the announcement ... it created a domino effect with a number of other districts and some businesses deciding to close friday too. parents say, they understand. oc "air quality"(pam)quality" oc "air quality"(pam) quality" oc "air quality"(pam) you can go to kron 4 dot
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com for a full list of schools closed tomorrow .. (ken) it has been one week since the destructive blaze started in butte county. tonight-- crews are trying to get in touch with hundreds of people who are missing. at the same time-- they are combing through the debris, looking for human remains. kron 4's ashley zavala is in paradise as search and recovery efforts are ramping up. ((az)) (nats)one week into the camp fire and its flame ravaged-areas look like a mix between construction site and crime scene. "everyone is in task forces"the butte county sheriff's office says there are now 513 people deployed
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for the search... nearly double the amount from tuesday. "(michael st. john-search coordinator) this continues to grow everyday and we're going to keep going until we can exhaust all the options in locating people."about 30 different agencies from across the state are involved, including the national guard. "the area is very diverse, we have rural areas, homes that are spread, so it's a complex venture, it's exhausting and challenging work and you're in smoke all day long, it's going to slow going."alongside law enforcement, pg&e says it has about 900 employees in the area assessing damage and clearing down and draping electric lines. the power utility company, along with other services, are playing a role in the recovery efforts... ((nats))pg&e provided a generator to power this bowling alley serving as the search and rescue command center. verizon wireless installed a remote cell tower for better service. "everything is coordinated with calfire and pg&e and other services. we are all working as a team."
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survived the 'camp fire' are badly injured. a few are being treated for burns covering half of their bodies. kron4's justine waldman went to the burn center at u-c davis ... to hear these survival stories.. they escaped the camp fire .. but now paul and suzie ernest have 3rd degree burns all over. paul used his body to protect suzie as the flames spread over them... their pants and shoes melted off, as they got out.they are some of the 12 camp fire victims being treated at shriners and uc davis regional burn center in sacramento. it is considered the top burn center in the country.sot either they got out or their didnt get out unfortune people with the big burns did not get here in time they passes awaydoctor david greenhalgh (greenhall) is head of the burn unit. he tells me most camp fire patients have
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20 to 50% of their bodies burned... most with injuries to their faces and hands.the oldest patient is 103 years children arrived, because paradise is mostly a retirement for the first time ever, a few adults were treated in pediatric unit,.the last major burn disaster, the wine country fires from 2017. lessons learned then were applied now... declare a state of emergency at the burn center to get all resources ready.sot with the napa sonoma fires those people had major burns and they came to us later paul and suzie ernest survived, but this is what is left of their home in paradise. after undergoing skin grap and surgeries... they should be in the hospital for the next few months. smiling from their hospital beds, just happy to be sacramento justine waldman kron 4 news. (ken) kron 4 and (ken) kron 4 news.
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kron 4 news. (ken) kron 4 and our parent company-- nexstar media group... have partnered to help the fire victims in butte county. if you would like to help those affected by the 'camp fire'... the american red cross is accepting donations. you can check kron for details.. lawrence karnow: very unhealthy air and smoke continue to smother the bay area. winds are very light which means there will be very little improvement. high pressure continues to sit over california keeping the air stagnant. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and 70s with very poor air quality. expect partly cloudy skies this weekend but improving air quality on sunday. next week there is a chance of rain from wednesday through saturday.
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(ken) projections are the bay area and beyond could see its population increase by 35 percent by 2040. the question is how do you move all those people around. (pam) one answer under consideration.. is creating a second bart tube. kron 4's dan kerman reports from outside the embarcadero bart station .. new bart tube 1115185 insertit was back in 1964 when construction began on barts
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transbay tube connecting san francisco and oakland... now there's talk of adding a second transbay rail crossing. soti think a second transbay tube is going to be a reality thursday barts' board of directors was presented with an update and reasons why a second tube will be needed.sot bevan dufty/bart board director :20our region is going to grow by 4 million people between now and 2050 so we need to double the capacity of bart. that additional 4 million people in not just in the 9 county bay area, but what's called the 21 county megaregion.sot ellen smith/transbay rail crossing project mgr. :35theres a large number of people makiing a comute today from northern san joaquin county, san joqin merced of stanislaus county in the bay area over the altamont pass , also a large number of commutes in both directions going from the bay area to sacramento that wthis n take bart trains, but cal train and the capital corridor sot we are hopingto put
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together a single seat ride from sf to sacramento or sacramento to san jose.the new study will get underway next year that will look at demand and possible locations for the tube.. .one scenario would be to connect san francisco's growing neighborhood in mission bay with an area further south in oakland (ken) a ventura county deputy killed last week in the thousand oaks mass shooting was laid to rest. a funeral service was held in westlake village thursday for sheriff's sergeant ron helus. he was killed while trying to stop a shooting at borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks. eleven others were also killed. hundreds of people came out to pay their respects to helus for his courageous service. he was a 29-year veteran of the sheriff's office. he leaves behind a wife and son. (pam) north korean leader kim jong un has - quote - "supervised a newly developed tactical weapon test." that's according to a statement published friday ..
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by the state- run korean central news agency. k-c-n-a does not specify a date... as to when this test and visit took place. the news agency says, kim reacted with "great satisfaction" saying quote - "the great success serves as another striking demonstration .... of the validity of the party policy of prioritizing defense, science and technolocy .... and the rapidly developing defense capability of the country." - unquote. (ken) we have new surveillance video showing a man who went missing during a 49ers game. and we hear from his girlfriend about what was happening in the last moments she spoke to him. (sports) just ahead in sports, the rockets are waving carmelo anthony after only 10-games, but that is nothing compared to what's happening on the warriors roster. the latest on draymond and kd in houston. (ken) in new jersey...two people
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involved in a go fund me campaign to raise money for a homeless man have been arrested... along with the homeless man himself. (pam) kron4's grant lodes kron4's grant lodes joins us with the latest on what happened in this case. grant? (grant)you remember this story... it was said that homeless man... johnny bobbitt... gave his last 20- dollars to kate mcclure when she ran out of gas late at night one year ago. mcclure and her mcclure and boyfriend... mike d'amico... raised over 400 thousand dollars on gofundme... supposedly for the homeless man ... from more than 14-man ... from more than
10:45 pm
14-thousand donors to... "pay it forward." prosecutors now say the whole story was a lie.they say d'amico and mcclure had discussions about their inability to pay bills and mounting debts.and bobbitt agreed to be part of the deception.scott coffina: "d'amico, mcclure and bobbitt conspired to pass off a fake, feel good story that would compel donors to contribute to their cause. and it worked in a very big way. but it was fictitious and illegal and there are consequences." (grant) the three have been charged with second degree theft by deception. the scam initially came to light because bobbitt filed a lawsuit against the couple ... after only receiving 75 thousand of the more than 367-thousand the trio got from
10:46 pm
"gofundme" after fees... prosecutors say the couple squandered their share due to expensive purchases and casino trips. their home casino trips. their home was raided ... and b-m-w towed... as part of the investigation into this case back in september. (grant)go fund me says it will provide a full refund to all donors ... adding that such behavior on the site is, quote, "extremely rare". (ken) it's been almost three days... since ian powers was last seen leaving the 49ers game on monday... and then just suddenly disappeared... but as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, surveillance video has so far done little to help police figure out what happened to him. (surveillance video)levi's stadium surveillance video shows ian powers walking across the bridge near gate "c", heading toward the
10:47 pm
parking lot after leaving the the 49ers game during the 4th quarter. captain wahid kazem/sanat clara police "....he seems to be by himself in the video, he exited out of the stadium about 8;52 pm, you'll see him walking by himself in the same clothing that we described before crossing the bridge at gate c...the 32 year old spokane, washington, man was attending the game with his girlfriend and her two kids when he left to visit the restroom in the 4th quarter and did not come back to his seat. the girl friend, chelsea robbins and famliy members resumed their search for powers on thursday, showing his picture to passers-by, but learned nothing new as to his whereabouts.chelsea robbins/missing man's girl friend ".....i have no idea and there has been no bank or cell phone activity or anything to give us any idea yet about what happened..." robbins shared this "screen grab" from the last cell phone contact she had with powers as she searched for him after the game.chelsea robbins "....we kept face timing and missing each other, we would talk for a minute and try to find each other for the next hour or so and that was the last time i saw him...."santa clara police resumed their search as well. a planned aerial search was grounded by fire smoke but a team focused on nearby alviso and waterways in the area. asked about the direction the investiation is taking.... captain wahid kazem/santa clara police "....ranging from him being a victim of a crime to potential being a walkaway type situation or
10:48 pm
something wher been drinking at the game but police say there is nothing about the surveillance video to suggest he was santa clara rob fladeboe kron4news the last time the warriors were in houston, the stakes were 7 with a trip to the finals on with a trip to 7
10:49 pm
stakes were in houston, the warriors were time the the last the last the last time the warriors were in houston, the stakes were 7 with a trip to the finals on the line. this time around, the champs brought their own drama. before tonight's showdown with the rockets, draymond green...with his first public comments since his verbal altercation with kevin durant. "kevin and i spoke, we're moving forward, i've read a lot about how is this the end of the run or is it over or did i ruin it or did i force kevin to leave. at the end of the day, whatever kevin decide to do, whatever klay decide to do, whatever who decides to do, we had great years together and i support everybody." --and now to the game--- warriors-rockets, rematch of the western conference finals. kd-green...still no curry in the lineup green...on the fastbreak...pass to durant who finishes at the rack. draymond didn't score a point tonight, but
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5-boards and 5-dimes. -but houston's offense was doing just enough in the first half. james of the key stepback.. rockets up 6 at the break. --2nd half, it got ugly. rockets up 17... tyler ennis..dagger from the corner... they led by as many as 32 midway through the 4th. 107-86 houston your final. --afterwards, green and durant..seem to have worked through their differences. but in the postgame, kd not willing to elaborate on where they stand. reporter:"having another game to play and having some problems, how do you characterize how things are with you and draymond?""don't ask me about that again." now to san jose-- sharks at the tank...trying to build up their 1st-place standing in the division. --let's go to the sap center.. san jose rolling on a 6- game homestand --1st period-- 2-2... a little tic c joe pavelski to marc edouard-vlasic. the lamp is lit! 3-2 sharks --2nd period--leafs on a 2-1 break josh leivo...right to the back of
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the net. game knotted at 3. --later in the stanza-- kasperi kappanen..shor thanded goal.. between the pipes toronto takes the lead 5-3 your final. the poor air quality having an impact on bay area sports. the cal men's basketball team forced to cancel its game tonight at berkeley... while the raiders were forced to move their practice to an indoor location, --the silver and black moving forward with their preparation for the 2-and-7 cardinals in the desert. --a win would snap oakland's 5-game losing streak, but with the team currently in line for the number one overall pick, some fans may be torn on wanting the team to win. --earlier this week, mark davis touched on a number of topics in a sitdown with espn.. including, the state of the team, vegas, and the play of derek carr.. --the team backing his franchise qb..and says this year isn't all on him. --carr's response to the vote of confidence. " he calls me and tells me those things, i'm still like, i could have done this or this..keep doing this and he keeps having my back, keeps telling me just whatever everyone else keeps telling me on the inside so i just go by what him to say that, i feels good, it's nice but at the same time, i just want to win."
10:52 pm
now to some thursday night football packers and seahawks in seattle. ---back and forth down the stretch... packers up 1 in the 4th, looking for more, aaron rodgers......airs it out to davante adams . what a catch from the paly grad...and a throw from the cal star --that led to a field goal to make it 24-20 green bay, 5-minutes to play, russell wilson...connects with ed dickson. touchdown seattle. --that's the game winner 27-24 hawks. (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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(pam) and take a look at this... while we are barely seeing a chance for rain... the east coast is getting hit with snow. look at this beauty shot of the white house earlier today... as the snow is really coming down. let's send things over to chief meterologist lawrence karnow for a last check on the local weather... no snow for us huh? lawrence karnow: very unhealthy air and smoke continu area. winds are very light which means there will be very little improvement. high pressure continues to sit over california keeping the air stagnant. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s and 70s with very poor air quality. expect partly cloudy skies this
10:56 pm
weekend but improving air quality on sunday. next week there is a chance of rain from wednesday through saturday.
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maybe we should just get on with our d... nat(knocking)ty. here we go. i love you both. (softly): hi. hi. hey, dad. zach. come here. (chuckles)
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hi, grace.


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