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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 20, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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now at eight ... a break in the weather and a break for your lungs.after nearly three weeks ... the bay area's air quality moves out of the unhealthy range.whoosh the rain , both very good and very bad news for firefighters and residents in butte county. we will take you live to a fire post.whoosh and happening right now ... thanksgiving travel reaching a 13=year high. kron four, right in the middle of the crowds at s=f=o tonight. (pam) now at 8. the bay area bracing for rain. the first significant storm of the season is set to arrive overnight.(pam) thank you for joining us. i'm
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pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne. the november storm is bringing rain to dry vegetation...but also relief from the thick smoke. tonight we have team coverage on the storm. gabe slate tells us how the rain will impact the fire fight in butte county... and alecia reid explains how it will effect residents.(pam) but first.. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the storm... lawrence. lawrence karnow: rain is finally headed our way with gusty winds and much better air quality. rain will be heavy at times tomorrow before turning to shower in the afternoon. more rain is we are all counting down the hours until it rains to help clear out the air here in the bay area. and we are not the only ones. our gabe slate joins us live from the newsroom.gabe you talked with gabe you newsroom. lawrence.storm... tracking
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the storm... lawrence.
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we are all counting down the hours until it rains to help clear out the air here in the bay area. and we are not the only ones. our gabe slate joins us live from the newsroom.gabe you talked with cal- fire ... which is anxiously awaiting the rain as well.. yes.i caught up with cal fire spokesperson, amy head, who was near the fire line today in butte county. she said the crews there are excited for the rain.but.. they are crossing their fingers that it doesn't rain too much sound from amy head - cal fire spokesperson / cal fire chico base camp"any rain is good helps put out the hot spots and clears the air" i caught up with cal fire spokesperson, amy head, at the silver dollar fairgrounds in chico where cal fire has set up their base camp. she said the cal fire crews are counting the minutes until the rain falls.. but. they are nervous. if it rain comes down to fast. or if it rains for too long.. it could make their job harder and conditions dangerous for nearby evacuees. sound from amy head - cal fire spokesperson / cal fire chico base camp"it can cause debris flow and cause problems with our equipment, the crews are
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deep in the woods and if it turns into mud can make life harder, right now the prediction is not too much should be good but we will be watching the forecast closely" gabe slate kron 4 news kron 4 news gabe slate kron 4 news
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cal fire wants to remind you to not let your guard down once it starts raining.. they say we are now in year round wild=fire danger... and you should always be prepared to evacuate at a moments notice... cal fire created this website " ready for wild=fire dot org" that walks you through how to prepare for a evacuation.. in the newsroom gabe slate kron 4 news... (pam) the death toll has risen once again in the 'camp fire' in butte county.(ken) here is where things stand tonight. 81 people have died. the remains of two more people were found today. but hundreds remain unaccounted for. almost 13-thousand homes have been destroyed. and more than 5-thousand are still threatened. the fire has now burned 152-thousand acres. and is 75 percent contained.(pam) some
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towns are slowly starting to allow people back into the burn zone ... evacuation orders are now lifted in little chico creek, butte creek, upper honey run, and parts of lower butte creek canyon.(ken) since morning, some residents have been making their way home ... many of them met with huge kron 4's alecia reid spoke with the butte county health department and joins us live from chico tonight ... and you found out about concerns about the rain and debris? s the rain is expected to help the air quality ... but the problem, is when folks get home and start digging through that toxic debris ...pkgas towns start to reopen .... clean-up crews continue to work hard .... and roads are crowded with families anxious to see what's left of their homes.that's the hardest part. you don't know how to feel. while this man tries to find his mother's ashes in the
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rubble ... neighbors along honey run road are trying to salvage anything they can. every home surrounding corey huskey's was's hard because you feel sorrow but you're also happy. it's hard to show your emotions about having a home when everyone else around you doesn't have one.the camp fire came extremely close, even touching parts of corey's home. but nothing compared to others. while the health department understands families will want to find ... and hold on to any momentos, they urge ... beware of the highly toxic chemicals in the debris. disturbing it can cause serous health and safety issues.everyday household items that come into contact with extreme heat, such as wildfire, become hazardous material. and they become such fine particulate matter that they're in every bit of ash and debris that's left behind. the n95 mask is sufficient however it does not protect you from asbestos.standup especially with rain on the way .... the health department is sending a reminder ... it is extremely unhealthy to have children around any of this debris, even if they're wearing a mask.reporting live from butte county ... ar .... kron 4 news.
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(pam) the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for many charity organizatations, including food banks. and this year, the demand for food is greater than ever because of the recent wildfires burning across the state. kron 4's charles clifford is live tonight in contra costa county, where the food bank is doing what it can to help fire victims in butte county... charles yeah, it's a very busy time of year for bay area food banks. they have also been seeing more interest because of what's happening with the fire in butte county. natsinside the wearhouse of the food bank of contra costa
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and solano, workers move pallets of food. making room for incomin donations and loading trucks headed out to drop off spots. this is the busiest time of year for the food bank which provies meals to more than 170,000 people in contra costa and solano counties. on top of that, the food bank is also coordinating donations of food and money to the fire victims in butte county. they estimate that because of the camp fire, demand for services has gone up by about 10 percent.sotfood banks are sort of the second line of defense in a disaster. lisa sherrill is the communications director for the food bank. she says they have been working closely with food banks across the bay area to take make sure fire victims are getting what they need.sot we will be doing weekely distributions in oroville and chico.and while they are sending food to butte county, they are also recieveing and distributing financial assistance.sotmost of the partener agencies up in butte county are at capacity as far as food and water go. so, the funds will help us continue to serve them.during the holidays, the food bank recieves enough donations to cover about half of their annual budget and they want to remind donors and potential donors, that once the holidays are over and the fires are out the demand for services will be as great as ever. sothe need is not going to go away once the fires leave their news feeds. we will still need to support people in northern califronia as well as contra costa counties.
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in contra costa county, charles clifford kron 4 news. (ken) santa clara police admit there are some unanswered questions in the mystery surrounding the disappearence of 49ers fan ian powers but they do know it was powers' body that was found in the bay near alviso over the weekend. kron four's rob fladboe has the latest from santa clara. it was here in the bay, about a mile from the alviso marina where san jose police
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recovered the body of a man on saturday. the county cornor has determined the body is that of this man, 32 year old ian powers, of spokane, washington. the corner found the cause of death was drowning by saltwater. captain wahid kazem/santa clara police "....we can see no evidence of foul play being involved in this case at any point. it's a very sad and tragic end to the case and there are still a lot of questions unanswered, unfortunately the only one who could answer those questions is ian himself..."powers had attended the november 12th 49ers game with his girlfriend and her children, leaving for the restroom in the 4th quarter not to return. he was last seen on surveillance video leaving the stadium. why did he leave without his companions? how did he end up in alviso when his car was parked in the opposite direction? captain wahid kazem/santa clara police "...we have not found any new evidence and we have not heard from anyone here or back in spokane who can give us any new avenues to look into..."a search for powers turned up no clues around the stadium. powers wallet was on his person but his phone is still missing. the coronor says his death was an accidentcaptain
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wahid kazem/santa clara police "....the coroner's analysis is an important part of our investigation, had there been any inkling of foul play im sure the report would have pointed that out and taken us down a different path.police welcome any information that might suggest re-opening the investigation but for now the case is closed. in santa clara rob fladeboe kron4news coming up at eight.. thanksgiving travel hits a 13-year high. and travelers to the bay area are
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bringing more than just luggage with them. plus. the president expected to give new authority to troops on the border. what they will now be allowed to do. and next. a warning to all americans ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. romaine lettuce is not safe to eat.
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(ken) the c-d-c is warning the entire country that romaine lettuce is currently not safe to eat... after dozens of cases of e- coli. health officials say romaine lettuce, and that means any kind of it, should not be consumed right now.. at least 32 people in eleven states have been infected with e.coli -- linked to romaine lettuce. 13 of those infected have been hospitalized. one person has even developed a potentially life-threatening form of kidney failure. what's even more alarming....the c-d-c doesn't know what specific brand is associated with the outbreak.. which is why it is urging anyone who has romaine lettuce
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in their home to toss it..even if you've already eaten some and didn't get sick. (pam) triple-a is predicting more than 54- million americans will travel for thanksgiving this year. and we are already seeing the traffic on the roads and lines at the airport. kron4's michelle kingston is live tonight at san francisco international ... with how flights are doing there tonight... michelle? michelleit's not too bad here at sfo tonight!everyone i spoke to said they had a pleasant flight in ... despite all that smoke in the air. (mk)ánatá"i have my mask! ha!" people flying into san francisco brought more than suitcases this thanksgiving ... many were seen wearing or carrying masks at the airport. ann bryan, traveler"i was a little concerned about the air outside, but the travel was excellent."travelers on tuesday said their flights were smooth ... tsa -- though -- expects this thanksgiving to be the busiest travel season on record ... with more than 25 million passengers traveling by plane.triple-a says 54 million americans will
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hit the road for the holiday. no matter how you travel -- it's important to leave early and be prepared.jack heppner, traveler"i usually travel around thanksgiving a lot so you always want to travel a few days before. you never want to travel the day before it because that's always hectic, so usually two or three days in advance works. whether you are coming or going from san francisco for the holiday -- many people are concerned about the air quality and the smoke -- but are happy to be here.sarah misleck, traveler"sightseeing! hopefully i can see something with all the fog and the smoke!"jack o'hearn, traveler "traffic wasn't that bad. flights were on time. couldn't be happier to be home." michelleif you think it's busy now ... just wait until this weekend. tsa predicts 2- point-7 million travelers will be flying home on at sfo michelle kingston kron 4 news 4 news now to our four zone forecast... taking a live look outside at s-f-o.kron-4's
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chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: rain is finally headed our way with gusty winds and much better air quality. rain will be heavy at times tomorrow before turning to shower in the afternoon. more rain is likely on friday and early saturday morning. heavy snow will develop over the sierra with as much as 15 inches between wednesday afternoon and thursday morning. highs tomorrow will be cool and in the 50s and 60s. more rain is likely next week.
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(pam) a legendary san francisco baseball memorabilia bar .. which was forced from its touristy spot in the city's downtown union square area ... has re-opened in equally touristy fisherman's wharf. lefty o'doul's ballpark buffet and cafe opened today. several hundred fans, including san francisco mayor london breed, attended the opening ceremony. and the owner says, the bar, at its new location, is bringing back good memories for customers.
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12- year old california girl is now in remission after fighting cancer... and beating it.(ken) and her community helped her do it. kay recede reports. 'shaving head'whether it was a friend by her hospital bedside (nats)'surprise'in a conference room(nats)'clapping' or the entire jefferson school...melanie couch fought cancer with the tracy community by her side(melanie couch)'really scared. like, really scared, i was like uhhhhh.'back in january -- the then-active 12-year-old girl says she had a health scare (couch)'i almost like passed out when i was singing and i was like, úmom, i think we should go to the doctorsú.' doctors would diagnose the preteen with wilms tumor - which is highly treatablestill -- her parents knew there was the úwhat-ifú factor(matt couch, father)'how do you deal with this? i donút recall us having a choice on how to deal with it. you just have to.' melanie says the next four months were rough(melanie)
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'this is going to suck, youúre going to hate some doctors, youúre going to not like nurses, youúre going to not like this, not like that.' hospital visits turned to hospital stays while melanie underwent chemotherapy and major surgery...her mom, jennifer, was able to stay with her(jennifer)'just all the support from our community was amazing from friends who came in and took care of the dogs, cleaned our house.'(nats) 'happy birthday'in february -- her classmates helped make her birthday special -- turning this conference room into a celebration(jennifer couch)'so many people from her friends that call her without fail, even if she didnút call back, facetimeúd her, text her, sent her gifts, sent her cards.' (nats of girls playing with slime)now, the couchús say melanieús cancer is in remission...sheús says sheús appreciative of the obstacles her loved ones helped her overcome(melanie)'this doctor that i really didnút like, this is what they did for me and thatús why iúm so healthy right now.'
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coming up at eight.. the new authority president trump is giving to thousands of troops at the u-s - mexico border. plus. a murder mystery on the high seas. what happened to a grandmother who died on a cruise ship and next. the bay area bracing for the first significant storm of the season. but there are concerns about smoky air ... polluting local water. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break.
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(ken) now to storm tracker four. the first significant storm of the season is on its way and it's coming at a time it's much needed.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look at this upcoming november storm lawrence karnow: rain is finally headed our way with gusty winds and much better air quality. rain will be heavy at times tomorrow before turning to shower in the afternoon. more rain is likely on friday and early saturday morning. heavy snow will develop over the sierra with as much as 15 inches between wednesday afternoon and thursday morning. highs tomorrow will be cool and in the 50s and 60s. more rain is likely next week. (ken) the incoming rain should bring relief to the bay area on two fronts. one to help clear the smoke that has lingered now for a couple weeks. and two to help
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drench dry vegetation. likely next week.
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(ken) the incoming rain should bring relief to the bay area on two fronts. one to help clear the smoke that has lingered now for almost two weeks. and two to help soak dry vegetation. east bay residents concerned about flooding are getting ready. some packed sandbags in walnut creek today. there are also concerns about the possibility of smoke particulates contaminating local water. experts say the problem lies in storm drain runoff.
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concerned that that pollution, the oil from our cars, the trash that collects on our streets, the fertilizers and pesticides that we've applied on our lawns over the summer -- that stuff will wash off and get into the storm drains.">(ken) baykeeper recommends waiting three days after a rain event before getting into any body of water. (pam) you can stay connected on this storm with our kron-4 mobile app. there you will find full forecasts... and get push alerts about the weather in your neighborhood. it's all on the kron-4 mobile app (pam) lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle have called for harsh actions against the kingdom of saudi arabia.. after the murder of a journalist - jamal khashoggi .. at its turkish consulate.(ken)but today the white house announced president trump doesn't plan to punish saudi leaders. natasha chen reports. pres. donald trump: "it's a very complex situation, its a shame, but it is what it is." the white house has signaled that it will not take significant action against
8:33 pm
saudi arabia, seven weeks after the killing of washington post journalist jamal a statement released on tuesday - the white house highlighted its relationship with the middle eastern country, as well as crown prince mohammad bin salman, saying in part -gfx: "our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information, but it could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic event -- maybe he did and maybe he didn't!"pres. donald trump: "they're buying hundreds of billions of dollars worth of things from this country. if i say we don't want to take your business, if i say we're going to cut it off, they will get the equipment - military equipment and other things - from russia and china."the statement goes on to say that we may never know the facts surrounding the murder. khashoggi entered the saudi consulate in istanbul on october 2nd, and was never seen again.the journalist was an outspoken critic of saudi arabia and the crown prince. sources say that the cia has assessed with high confidence that the crown prince ordered khashoggi's killing.but tuesday's statement notes that the crown prince and saudi king salman, quote,gfx: "vigorously deny any knowledge of the planning or execution of the murder of mr. khashoggi" mike pompeo, secretary of
8:34 pm
state: "the united states will continue to have a relationship with the kingdom of saudi arabia, they are an important partner of ours. we will do that with the kingdom of saudi arabia - it's people, that is the commitment that the president made today. it's that straightforward."in washington, i'm natasha chen. (ken) chen. (ken) the president is expected to give new authority to thousands of u-s troops along the u-s mexico border. according to two defense officials and another u-s official... troops would be able to protect customs and border protection personnel from migrants...if they engage in violence. currently troops are not allowed to intervene unless they are acting in self defense. also the pentagon is estimating the cost of the military mission at the border will be about 210-million dollars. that total could grow if the active-duty mission is extended beyond december 15-th. "it was shocking and scary, too /// we heard after breakfast time that there had been a murder," (pam)
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their mother fell to her death from the top deck of a cruise ship.tonight, the children are saying, she did not want to go on the cruise ... and expressed fears she might not return alive.(ken) the fbi and police on the caribbean island of aruba are investigating alma-rosio tenorio's death as a possible homicide.(pam) catherine heenan has the latest on the fifty=two year old grandmother from alabama, who fell from the upper deck of the royal princess cruise ship. the royal princess was at sea between the dutch caribbean islands of curacao and aruba. some witnesses report seeing tenorio struggle with what they described as a muscular man on the top deck of the ship.tenorio died after falling fourteen stories, shattering the top of this lifeboat,""i heard a thump. i thought it was in the middle of night; it was early morning,"""it was 20 past three and we looked over the balcony."the next morning, police boarded the ship in aruba, questioning everyone but making no arrests. "they said that the husband had been cleared, and that it was someone - i don't know if
8:36 pm
he knew her or not," today, their two children told "good morning america" they believe she had a premonition of her death.daughter andrea said "she did not want to go on this trip. she knew something was going to happen.and son timothy said his mother gave him an extra-long embrace and said, "well it might be your last hug you get from me."the siblings say their parents went on the trip to patch up some marital troubles, but they do not suspect their father,last weekend, the royal princess returned to fort lauderdale ... the dead woman's stateroom, taped off as a crime scene.passengers say they have no idea if one of their shipmates was a murderder."just a lot of unanswered questions." (pam) a crowd cheered as the first customer walks in to buy legal marijuana in massachusetts. long lines were a sign of high demand .... as legal sales got underway today.
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the law says , people there can buy one ounce of marijuana in flower form, or five grams of concentrate. there are dozens of products, including pre- rolled pot cigarettes, brownies, and edible gummies. those who waited in lines for hours... got a price break. access to recreational marijuana in massachusetts has been a long process -- voters approved the usage two- years ago. still ahead at 8 a daring rescue amid a raging wildfire. the new video of firefighters saving lives in southern california. plus. a man killed while driving to work... what hit his windshield, and led to his death.
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(ken) one man is dead after nashville police say someone tossed a chunk of concrete off a bridge, striking a vehicle. police say 54-year-old joe shelton junior was on his way to work when the concrete went through his windshield and
8:40 pm
struck him in the face, killing him. the incident remains under investigation, and authorities are reviewing surveillance cameras from the area to see if they can find a suspect. (pam) today the los angeles fire department released video of firefighters saving the lives of three people and two dogs from the massive woolsey fire. the rescue happened on november ninth. l-a-f-d pilots david nordquist and joel smith were conducting a water drop ... when they got a call for a rescue nearby. with their fuel supply dwindling, they braved a thickening smoke column... and pushed forward to their target. they navigated a complex landing. then upon landing, smith got out and ran to the trapped civilians and animals -- including a large and very frightened dog which did not want to get on the helicopter. the department released this video of the rescue along with comments praising the heroism of nordquist and smith. next at 8 a father gets the flu shot...a week later he's in the hospital. the disorder that doctors describe as
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extremely rare. and coming up in sports, kevin durant has to pay up for a dust-up with a fan. details on why the nba is hitting him with a fine.
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sent to the hospital days after getting his flu shot. his wife believes the vaccine
8:44 pm
is the cause of his illness. (ken) but doctors say it's actually a rare immune response. mahsa saeidi (say-ee-dee) spoke to a doctor about the reaction. the morgan family has been busy getting ready for the holidays.santa was step one. step two... flu shots... so the family would stay healthy as they welcomed visitors. monique says on november second... everyone including her husband got vaccinated. monique morgan/patient's wife: "36 hours afterwards, he developed flu-like symptoms." about 10 days after that ...shane asked for help! monique morgan/patient's wife: "he's like i can't feel my legs, i can't feel my arms. i need you to take me to the emergency room."tonight, nearly a week later...shane is still hospitalized.a medical professional confirms... this could be a rare disorder that's been linked to the flu vaccine.reporter:"had you ever heard of this?"monique morgan/patient's wife:"uh, no // this is the only -- the only inkling that they have as far as what's going on with him."guillain-barre (ghee-in burr-ay) syndrome... is a rare disorder in which a person's own immune system damages nerve cells, causing muscle weakness... and sometimes temporary paralysis.the exact cause is unknown, but most develop it after being sick. dr. daliah wachs/family medicine physician:"in all my years of practice i had only seen one case of this."doctor daliah wachs... who is not
8:45 pm
treating shane... spoke with us about g-b-s.dr. daliah wachs/family medicine physician:"you can't get that from a flu shot. a flu shot will not inject anything into you. guillain-barre is your body's response to a flu shot, or to a pathogen."doctor wachs says if you have a history of g-b-s, talk to your doctor.but medical professionals still urge the general public to get vaccinated.dr. daliah wachs/family medicine physician:"we don't want anyone scared to get the flu shot because the flu shot saves lives, and i've seen more gbs from people getting the flu than from people getting the flu shot." (ken) while she waits for her husband to hopefully completely recover, monique says her goal now is to educate the public on g-b-s (pam) are you starting to feel the stress and pressure to splurge on gifts this
8:46 pm
holiday season? you are not alone. bankrate reports, 45-percent of americans say, they feel pressure to overspend on gifts. those feeling the most heat? women and parents. in fact - according to the survey - an estimated 31- million americans are willing to boycott gift giving altogether... in order to save money around the holiday's... the survey also found just under a quarter of gift givers are willing to re- gift presents. experts suggest... keeping a budget to keep track of the money coming in ... and going out... before you start shopping. (ken) some people like that "new car" smell... ...but apparently some consumers in china hate it. so ford is looking into getting rid of it. according to a new study, upwards of ten percent of chinese drivers complained about the odor. ford is seeking a patent for a technique that gets rid of the smell after the vehicle is purchased. according to ford's scientists, the smell comes with the release of chemical compounds in leather, plastic, vinyl, and adhesives.
8:47 pm
ford describes the method for eliminating the odor as quote "baking" the car until the smell goes away. it involves parking the car in the sun, cracking the windows, and turning on the engine, heater, and fan. last week-- kevin durant tried to nip any talk of controversy right in the bud and says he doesn't wanna be asked about off-court stuff, the only problem is there's always something to talk about. kd fined 25- thousand dollars by the nba for a profanity directed at a fan in last week's game in dallas. it's unclear what was exactly said to durant, but video captured the two-time finals mvp telling the fan to watch the game and be quiet...not in exactly those words. this headline is just the latest in what's been a tough time for the champs... they've lost four of their last five matchups... the kd- draymond incident and an injured steph curry -with russell westbrook and okc coming to town tomorrow, steve kerr is confident his team can get out of this rut.
8:48 pm
"a year ago we lost seven of out last 10 games or something going into the playoffs. but we turned it around and uh... so we're going through something similar now in terms of just being beaten up and not being in a good grovve, and this is part of being in the nba. this is what every team goes through. you've got to fight your way out of it by competing and taking care of the details. so that's what we're gonna do." now to the nfl- now to the nfl- pro football hall of fame semi-finalists announced today with some bay area connections. tom flores, the head coach that led the raiders to two super bowl victories, is one step closer to enshrinement. also in the running, longtime broncos and tampa safety and current 49ers exec, john lynch. --on the topic of honors, joe staley is the 49ers nominee for the art rooney sportsmanship award. every team in the league makes one choice for the player that best exudes qualities of respect and integrity. -- it's the
8:49 pm
4th year in a row the left tackle has been nominated... the 12-year-veteran on what it means to be considered for this special honor. "i like to think of my teammates and the guys i play with in the nfl in respect to the way i play the game. i give my all, but not try to do anything dirty out there. just treat the game with respect and uphold that standard that the previous players have done here." don't need to look hard for this lexus ultimate highlight. monday niight football... chiefs at rams... 3 defensive tds... patrick mahomes... 478 yards, 6 touchdowns, 3 ints. jared goff... 413 yards, 4 scoring 413 yards, 4 scoring strikes final 54-51 rams 105 points was the highlight- scoring monday night game ever also, the highest-rated monday night game since 2014 football games aren't the only sporting event to look
8:50 pm
forward to this thanksgiving weekend. on friday, check out the showdown between tiger woods and phil mickelson. two of golf's greats going head-to-head in a winner take all 9-million dollar match at shadow creek in las vegas. today-- the two spoke at a press conference promoting the event...and even gave us a staged boxing-like faceoff. since big money is involved, it's only fitting there'll be some side bets... and today, lefty threw out this wager. "i'm willing to risk 100-thousand that says i'll birdie the first hole. you don't have to take it. your don't have to take it at all. "so you think you can make birdie on the first hole.""i know i'm goona make birdie on the first hole."double it (crowd says ooohhh!)" "did you see how i baited him like that? (crowd and tiger laugh)"
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what does help for heart failure look like? it looks like this. entresto is a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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♪ the beat goes on. yeah! new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. this week only, save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends cyber monday. there were a couple of
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lucky birds at the white house today, with president trump continuing the tradition of pardoning a thanksgiving turkey. (pam) but before pardoning the bird, the president also wanted to wish the nation a happy thanksgiving. camila bernal reports from washington.é president donald trump: i hereby grant you a full pardon. it's a white house tradition.
8:54 pm
president donald trump pardoning "peas" a 39-pound turkey and its alternate "carrots". they hatched on june 28 this year and will now live a long life away from the dinner table.president donald trump: peas and carrots will both live out rest of their days at gobblers rest on the campus of virginia tech.the tradition of pardoning a turkey can be tracked back to president lincoln but it didn't catch on right away.the official presidential turkey pardon became the norm in 1989 when president george h.w. bush revived the tradition, which is now a staple of the white house holiday season. president donald trump: i've never seen such a beautiful the ceremony in the rose garden tuesday, president trump also taking the time to give thanks for what he said were "many blessings", president donald trump: we give thanks to god who continues to shed his almighty grace up this magnificent land. asking the american people to pray for the victims of the california wildfires, and thanking god for the men and women who serve in our military,president donald trump: we send our eternal gratitude to the heroes who keep america safe, strong, proud, prosperous, and free. and with that the president wished the nation a happy thanksgiving before taking off to mar-a-lago for a long holiday washington, i'm camila bernal reporting.
8:55 pm
(pam) here is something to be thankful for... thanksgiving dinner will be a little less expensive this year. according to a new survey... the average cost of a feast to feed ten people will be 48- dollars and ninety- cents this year. that's down 22 cents from last year. that's not quite a quarter -- but every little bit helps this time of year. according to the survey, 20-18 is the third straight year the cost of thanksgiving dinner has gone down. the reason -- prices dropped for things like turkey, sweet potatoes, green peas, milk, and rolls.
8:56 pm
(pam)(pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) vicki liviakis is here with kron 4 news at 9. (vicki) thanks pam and ken... coming up on kron4 news at 9 the bay area bracing for rain to start falling late tonight. it's a much needed reprive from the drought and smokey air. we'll show you how people are preparing for the first sizable storm of the season here in the bay. plus - in the butte county fire zone we'll show you where evacuations are being lifted for those affected by the fierce flames. where we stand tonight on fighting the fire. and meteorologist lawrence karnow tells us how much rain and even snow to expect in the coming hours. keep it here, kron 4 news at 9 in primetime is next.
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(vicki) a much (vicki) a much needed storm is headed towards the bay area... and that could mean a dramatic improvement in our air quality... but-- it could also pose some dangerous conditions in th butte county as crews are fighting the deadly camp fire...(vicki)2 shot desk thanks for joining us im vicki livakis... (ken) and i'm ken wayne in for grant lodes.... the rain is expected to move that nasty toxic, smoke out of the bay area. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with details on when the storm will hit-- and how much rain it will bring... lawrence you're saying this is the biggest storm of the season? lawrence karnow: rain is finally headed our way with gusty winds and much better air quality. rain will be heavy at times tomorrow before turning to shower in the afternoon. more rain is likely on friday and early saturday morning. heavy snow will develop over the sierra with
9:00 pm
as much as 15 inches between wednesday afternoon and thursday morning. highs tomorrow will be cool and in the 50s and 60s. more rain is likely next week.


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