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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 20, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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tomorrow will be cool and in the 50s and 60s. more rain is likely next week.
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(vicki) you can stay connected on this storm with our kron-4 mobile app. there you will find full forecasts... and get push alerts about the weather in your neighborhood. it's all on the kron-4 mobile app (ken) the incoming rain could bring relief to the bay area on two fronts. one to help clear the smoke that has lingered now for a couple weeks. and two to help drench dry vegetation. east bay residents concerned about flooding are getting ready. some packed sandbags in walnut creek today. there are also concerns about the possibility of smoke particulates contaminating local water. experts say the problem lies in storm drain runoff. (ken) baykeeper recommends
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waiting three days after a rain event before getting into any body of water. (vicki) this storm will bring a welcome improvement to our air quality.(ken) but kron4's maureen kelly says, there will still be pockets of unhealthy air... in some sections of the bay area. we rolled down and they were available so we decided to jump on after being out of service since of san francisco's most beloved tourist attraction was back on track today.the historic landmarks were taken out of service for close to five days as the ugly avery un levels.....but now that the air quality improved slightly.....the conductors hel patrons on board....altough several were wearing masks. the tourists i talked to getting ready to ride were happy to do so. we are super
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excited especially since their planned trip to alcatraz was cancelled as the federal park remained closed tuesday because of the we were unable to go it was disappointing year coming from out of town and really looking forward to taking a trip and then i'll be able to go it was a bummerbut while much of the city's landmarks remains veilled in a brown haze....the upcoming change in the weather should make a difference. actually it's the wind that we're looking forward to the most, the windows what's gonna come in and blowout a lot about pollution from the bay area. the rain text out about 10% of the particulate matter that's in the air but it's definitely the wind that we are looking forward tothe bay area air quality management district says much of the bay area air quality wednesday will be in the moderate range but there will still be pockets of unhealthy air in the east bay which is why they are issuing the 14th consecutive winter spare the air alert in a row....which is a record. .the air quality is expected to be moderate across the bay area thursday and friday.....beyond that say it's too soon to say if the smoke will come back after the rain stops.....much of that depends on how much the wet weather helps in the firefighing effort in butte county. maureen kelly kron4 news.
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(vicki)(vicki) the death toll has risen once again in the 'camp fire' in butte county... as we are learning two more lives were lost...and more structures are gone. here is where we stand at this hour... 81 people have died. but hundreds remain unaccounted for. almost 13-thousand homes have been destroyed. and more than 5-thousand are still threatened. the fire has now burned 152-thousand acres. and is 75 percent contained. (ken) and as crews are continuing to battle the camp fire... cal fire is anxously waiting for the rain to fall but they are hoping it doesnt come down too fast or be here for too long because as kron 4's gabe slate explains... the rain could make cal fire's job harder and
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conditions dangerous for evacuees. sound from amy head - cal fire spokesperson / cal fire chico base camp"any rain is good helps put out the hot spots and clears the air" i caught up with cal fire spokesperson, amy head, at the silver dollar fairgrounds in chico where cal fire has set up their base camp. she said the cal fire crews are counting the minutes until the rain falls.. but. they are nervous. if it rain comes down to fast. or if it rains for too long.. it could make their job harder and conditions dangerous for nearby evacuees. sound from amy head - cal fire spokesperson / cal fire chico base camp"it can cause debris flow and cause problems with our equipment, the crews are deep in the woods and if it turns into mud can make life harder, right now the prediction is not too much should be good but we will be watching the forecast closely" gabe slate kron 4 news
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as towns start to slowly reopen... evacuation orders were lifted in little chico creek, butte creek, upper honey run and parts of lower butte creek canyon. since
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morning, residents have been making their way home ... many of them met with huge disappointment. kron 4's alecia reid is live in chico tonight where she spoke with the butte county health department... alecia, should people be concerned about the rain and debris? as evacuation orders are lifted ... residents need to remember, they're entering at their own risk.there are hazardous materials, ash, and debris. then add rain to the mix.pkgdont disturb the ash or sort through the ash as it's extremely toxic.while this man tries to find his mother's ashes in the rubble ... neighbors along honey run road are trying to salvage anything they can. that's the hardest part. you don't know how to feel.while the health department understands families will want to find ... and hold on to any momentos, they urge ... beware of the highly toxic chemicals in the debris. disturbing it can cause serous health and safety issues.everyday household items that come into contact with extreme heat, such as wildfire, become hazardous
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material. and they become such fine particulate matter that they're in every bit of ash and debris that's left behind. the n95 mask is sufficient however it does not protect you from towns start to reopen .... clean-up crews are still working hard .... and roads are crowded with families anxious to see what's left of their homes. every home surrounding corey huskey's was's hard because you feel sorrow but you're also happy. it's hard to show your emotions about having a home when everyone else around you doesn't have one.standupif your home managed to survive the fire, the health department is urging you to toss everything in your fridge and freezer.even canned food from your cupboards should go. heat probably caused metal and other toxic chemicals to seep in.reporting live from butte county ... ar ... kron 4 news. (ken)
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kron 4 news.county ... ar ... from butte county ... ar ... kron 4 news. (ken) kron 4 and our parent company-- nexstar media group... have partnered to help the fire victims in butte county. if you would like to help those affected by the 'camp fire'... the american red cross is accepting donations. you can check kron for details.. (ken) the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for many charity organizatations, including food banks. and this year, the demand for food is greater than ever because of the recent wildfires burning across the state.(vicki) kron 4's charles clifford is in contra costa county, where the food bank is doing what it can to help fire victims in butte county... natsinside the wearhouse of the food bank of contra costa and solano, workers move pallets of food. making room for incomin donations and loading trucks headed out to drop off spots. this is the busiest time of year for the food bank which provies meals
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to more than 170,000 people in contra costa and solano counties. on top of that, the food bank is also coordinating donations of food and money to the fire victims in butte county. they estimate that because of the camp fire, demand for services has gone up by about 10 percent.sotfood banks are sort of the second line of defense in a disaster. lisa sherrill is the communications director for the food bank. she says they have been working closely with food banks across the bay area to take make sure fire victims are getting what they need.sot we will be doing weekely distributions in oroville and chico.and while they are sending food to butte county, they are also recieveing and distributing financial assistance.sotmost of the partener agencies up in butte county are at capacity as far as food and water go. so, the funds will help us continue to serve them.during the holidays, the food bank recieves enough donations to cover about half of their annual budget and they want to remind donors and potential donors, that once the holidays are over and the fires are out the demand for services will be as great as ever. sothe need is not going to go away once the fires leave their news feeds. we will still need to support people in northern califronia as well as contra costa counties. (vicki) coming up... (vicki) (vicki) coming up... e.
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coli might be lurking in your fridge right now and you might not even know it... details on the romaine lettuce outbreak and how to stay safe... (ken) plus...more than 54 million americans will be traveling for the thanksgiving holiday this year... we'll show you how lake tahoe is preparing... (vicki) up next... a body found in the south bay has been identified as the 49er fan who went missing during monday night football at levi's stadium... why investigators have ruled the death an accident.
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santa clara police admit there are some
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unanswered questions in the mystery surrounding the disappearence of 49ers fan ian powers...(ken) powers was last seen in surveillance video from levi's stadium a week ago monday. and his body was found in the bay near alviso over the weekend. kron four's rob fladboe has the latest from santa clara. it was here in the bay, about a mile from the alviso marina where san jose police recovered the body of a man on saturday. the county cornor has determined the body is that of this man, 32 year old ian powers, of spokane, washington. the corner found the cause of death was drowning by saltwater. captain wahid kazem/santa clara police "....we can see no evidence of foul play being involved in this case at any point. it's a very sad and tragic end to the case and there are still a lot of questions unanswered, unfortunately the only one who could answer those questions is ian himself..."powers had attended the november 12th 49ers game with his girlfriend and her children, leaving for the restroom in the 4th quarter not to return. he was last seen on surveillance video leaving the stadium. why did he leave without his companions? how did he end up in alviso when his car was
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parked in the opposite direction? captain wahid kazem/santa clara police "...we have not found any new evidence and we have not heard from anyone here or back in spokane who can give us any new avenues to look into..."a search for powers turned up no clues around the stadium. powers wallet was on his person but his phone is still missing. the coronor says his death was an accidentcaptain wahid kazem/santa clara police "....the coroner's analysis is an important part of our investigation, had there been any inkling of foul play im sure the report would have pointed that out and taken us down a different path.police welcome any information that might suggest re-opening the investigation but for now the case is closed. in santa clara rob fladeboe kron4news
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(vicki) palo alto police are looking for a man they say exposed himself to a young girl. it happened yesterday on east meadow drive. police say the 14-year-old girl was walking when a man pulled up in a car and asked fordirections. she told police she saw that he had his pants pulled down. the girl got away quickly and called her mother. she says the man followed her for a short time-- but eventually drove away. the car he was driving is described as an older model light brown or gold 4-door sedan that was messy inside. police are asking anyone with information to please call them. (ken) police in pleasant hill arrested a man for a violent carjacking. it happened yesterday at buskirk avenue and monument boulevard... near the crossroads shopping center. police say the suspect got into a car at a stoplight-- and demanded the driver take him home.
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when the driver refused, the suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim in the shoulder. the suspect was able to take over the car and drive away. shortly after a caller reported a man left a car in a west pleasant hill neighborhood and entered several homes police eventually arrested the man on the 18-hundred block of pleasant hill road. (ken) triple-a is predicting more than 54 million americans will travel for thanksgiving this year. and we are already seeing the traffic on the roads and lines at the airport. kron4's michelle kingston has more for us tonight from san francisco airport. (mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnewsit's not too busy now ... but that will change come tomorrow morning.jack o'hearn, traveler"we chose today just to get everything squared away ahead of time and have more time with our families"travelers at san francisco international airport say flights were pretty smooth on tuesday .. .despite the smoke in the air. ánatá"i have my mask! ha!"many
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people flying in to the bay area were seen wearing or carrying masks at the airport. ann bryan, traveler"i was a little concerned about the air outside, but the travel was excellent."while flights on tuesday weren't so bad ...tsa -- expects this thanksgiving to be the busiest travel season on record ... with more than 25 million passengers traveling by plane.and -- according to triple-a -- 54 million americans will hit the road for the matter how you travel -- it's important to leave early and be prepared.jack heppner, traveler"i usually travel around thanksgiving a lot so you always want to travel a few days before. you never want to travel the day before it because that's always hectic, so usually two or three days in advance works. michelle kingston, mkingstonnewsif you think it's busy now ... just wait until this weekend. tsa predicts 2- point-7 million travelers will be flying home on sfo michelle kingston kron 4 news (vicki) with the poor air quality and what's already expected to be a busy travel week... the tahoe area is bracing itself for a busier than usual thanksgiving. boreal mountain employees say
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they are expecting a huge holiday rush this season. visitors tell kron 4 they plan to go skiing and snowboarding on boreal mountain throughout the holiday weekend to get some fresh air. one visitor tells us their wife is helping relief efforts at the site of the camp fire.. (vicki) in the lake tahoe region, the only kind of snow you'll see right now is the man-made kind. the forecast for this week is calling for up to a foot of natural snow. (anchors) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: rain is finally headed our way with gusty winds and much better
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air quality. rain will be heavy at times tomorrow before turning to shower in the afternoon. more rain is likely on friday and early saturday morning. heavy snow will develop over the sierra with as much as 15 inches between wednesday afternoon and thursday morning. highs tomorrow will be cool and in the 50s and 60s. more rain is likely next week.
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been feeding the needy for almost 30 years... and now miss maryann mitchell, is hanging up her badge and retiring... but she's not giving up on the free thanksgiving groceries program... we'll tell you who will take over.... (vicki) and after the break... tips on how to avoid holiday scams as many get
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ready for the black friday weekend...
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(vicki) 4 your money... some good news for thousands of toys-r-us employees who lost their jobs when the company went out of business... (ken) some of them will be getting some severance pay. two private equity firms that owned a stake in toys-r-us -- bain capital and k-k-r ...... have set up a 20 million dollar severance fund to pay the ex-workers. 31-thousand employees did not get severance earlier this year after toys-r-us went out of business. the closures came after the retailer filed for bankruptcy. if the workers were laid off before bankruptcy, they would have been eligible for severance. the fund was set up following talks between the private equity firms and groups representing the workers. (vicki) as we enter the holiday season... the san
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francisco d-a is offering advice on avoiding scams.. first... shoppers should avoid using cash or debit cards and instead pay with credit cards. credit cards offer more protections against fraud. second... beware of taking out loans to pay off credit card debt. sometimes a loan offer is in fact a way for scammers to get your personal information. and third... when buying plane tickets... beware of offers from unfamiliar websites that seem too good to be true. (ken) and here's something to be thankful for...thanksgivi ng dinner will be a little cheaper this year. according to a new survey... the average cost of a feast to feed ten people will be 48 dollars and ninety cents this year. that's a 22 cent decrease from last year. that's not quite a quarter -- but every little bit helps this time of year. according to the survey, 20-18 is the third straight year the cost of thanksgiving dinner has gone down. the reason -- prices dropped for things like turkey, sweet potatoes, green peas, milk, and rolls. (vicki) ahead at nine...
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it's a heartfelt story of a man's fight to save his teenage son who was addicted to drugs... and now the book is headed to the big screen.. tonight we talked to father in the film about their journey and his message to others... (ken) plus... the national guard assessing the camp fireús destructive path... up in a birdús eye view... tonight we hear from the cal fire division chief about whay they are rethinking their tactics... (vicki) and up next... many fire victims will be spending this thanksgiving holiday without home... but some neighbors are stepping in to help fire victims and first responders with a massive feast... (vicki) this is not a bed.
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it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. it can even warm your feet to help you fall asleep faster. so you wake up ready to spin into the holiday season. it's time for ultimate sleep number week. this week only, save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends cyber monday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. (vicki) now at 9:30...
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the death toll continues to rise in the deady camp fire that ravaged butte county... 81 peope have died and over 12 thousand structures have been destroyed....(ken) the survivors of the deadly fire are still picking up the pieces...(vicki) and rain is expected to fall tomorrow, which will complicate the efforts of crews searching for human remains. reporte doug johnson flew with the national guard to assess the damage left behind... nats sequencegiving fox40 a tour from one of their black hawk helicopters... the california national guard offered us a birdús eye view of the camp fireús destructive path.natsitús a blaze which has now burned more than 150 thousand acres... and almost completely wiped the town of paradise off the fire division chief mark higgins flew along with us to assess the the aftermath,
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higgins says cal fire is now taking away valuable lessons. mark higgins, cal fire division chief'we will end up re-thinking a lot of our tactics. probably the biggest message that weúre going evacuations and the recovery and rebuilding process.' (ken) that was doug johnson reporting...(vicki) for the searchers... it is now a race against the clock, with hundreds of people still unaccounted for. (ken) despite the hardship that many students at butte college are undergoing, they continue to live their lives and push through. tonight is a testament to that as the men's basketball team is in the bay area playing against the ohlone college renegades. ohlone college presented gift baskets containing school supplies and some candy to the butte team to help those affected by the fire.. and they had a moment of silence for the lives lost before the game... the coach says this is important to bring back a sense of normalcy to the players and staff since the team was unable to practice since the wildfires broke out...
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more, i can definitely say that. we all feel a lot more comfortable in our own skin. h us together as a brotherhood and every night and every day we continue in every practice to get closer with each other and to go out and get w's..." noah zoppi, butte college guard "it's true because we're not just playing for butte college now, we're representing ourselves and our community. i know our community is very strong right now and helping everybody else out, so that gives us the sense to go out there and give it everything we got for our community."> (ken) a gofundme page for the butte college student fire relief fund was created to raise money for those students affected by the camp fires. the ohlone college foundation has made a donation in support of this cause. (ken) sadly, many fire victims will be spending this thanksgiving holiday without a home...(vicki) so a community in lincoln is preparing a massive feast for the victims and first responders of the destructive and deadly camp fire. reporter rowena shaddox shows
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us how it all began... it began as a facebook post, looking for people with a similar goal: how can we help victims of the camp fire. jeannette bermudez reached out to kris wyatt and before they realized, there were dozens within their community who also wanted to help. and that was just overnight.a week later... many families in lincoln won't be sharing thanksgiving dinner together.instead, volunteers will gather at the mcbean pavillion, with dinners they cooked at their own homes, to feed about 300 people, who lost everything in the big fire. and for all the furry family me victims... tina gschwender, owner of my dog's spot, will pamper those pets, while their owners enjoy home cooked meals.
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(vicki) that was rowena shaddox reporting(ken) that dinner feast will be on thursday from two p-m until seven p-m... at mcbean memorial park in lincoln... feeding people i need over the thanksgiving holiday is something an oakland city employee has been doing for nearly 30 years. she is now nearing retirement -- but says the free
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thanksgiving groceries program will continue... the whole process starts with hug... and then free holiday groceries are placed into the vehicle of someone in need this thanksgiving holiday at the evangelistic outreach center in oakland. the long running charitable program comes straight from the heart of miss maryann mitchell, an oakland police civilian employee and the woman behind miss maryann's meals. and although this is a civilian led food drive, oakland police officers play a key role in identifying those in need...(vicki) miss maryann plans to pass on the free thanksgiving groceries program to her granddaughter and this years turkeys were
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donated by safeway... (vicki) a west marin family is now the subject of a film that is in movie theaters across the nation. (ken) the film is called "beautiful boy" and tells the story of a man's fight to save his teenage son who was addicted to drugs. steve carrell plays the father david scheff in the film. tonight kron 4's dan kerman sits down with the real david scheff... beautiful boy father 1120186 insertthis is a clip from the film beautiful boy which tells the story of a teenagers decent into addiction and his father's attempt to save him. sotthere were ten years where we didnt know where he was on the street in horrible situations, he was arrested, he overdosed.the film is based on bay area author david's scheff's book of the same name, and one by his son nic. sotwhen he was doing better after those ten years i realized other people should know it can happen to us, no one is immunethis is a photo of the real father and son before things got bad... and this is them today, on the road, promoting the movie about their lives.sot2 things i felt when i saw the movie was devastated because of how close he came to dying and how
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lucky we were because we survivedwhen the book came out it generated letters from people in similar circumstances... the same thing has happened since the movie opened. he hopes those people will learn what he did, that addiction is a disease. sot when i went from blaming nic and being nagry to udnerstanding he was sick all that judgement and anger evaporated and i could look at him with compassion and just do whatever i could to help him scheff hopes those who see the movie or read the book will realize the notion that addicts must hit bottom before getting help are antiquated and often deadly.. andthat medication can be helpful in treating addiction. but most of all he wants to give people hope.sotdan kerman kron 4 news (lawrence bay area weather)(lawrence bay
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(lawrence bay area weather) (sports tease) just ahead in sports, the nba taking some funds out of kevin durant's bank account... for a little courtside interaction with a fan. details comin up.
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we'll start tonight with the warriors, before the team can start getting out of this rut, there's still some not-so glamorous headlines to talk about. kevin durant...hit with a 25- thousand dollar fine today for swearing at a fan on their road trip. this happened
9:40 pm
in saturday's loss against dallas... it's unclear what was exactly said to durant, but video captured the two-time finals mvp telling the fan to watch the game and be quiet...not in exactly those words. this headline in just the latest in what's been a tough time for the champs... they've lost four of their last five matchups... the kd- draymond incident and lingering injuries to stpeh curry. -with russell westbrook and okc coming to town tomorrow, steve kerr is confident his team can get out of this jam. "a year ago we lost seven of out last 10 games or something going into the playoffs. but we turned it around and uh... so we're going through something similar now in terms of just being beaten up and not being in a good grovve, and this is part of being in the nba. this is what every team goes through. you've got to fight your way out of it by competing and taking care of the details. so that's what we're gonna do." finally tonight, this'll be fun to watch this weekend-- tiger woods vs phil mickelson.
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two of golf's greats going head-to-head in a winner take all 9-million dollar match at shadow creek in las vegas. today-- the two spoke at a press conference promoting the event...and even gave us a staged boxing-like faceoff. since big money is involved, we got big time wagers. "i'm willing to risk 100-thousand that says i'll birdie the first hole. you don't have to take it. your don't have to take it at all. "so you think you can make birdie on the first hole.""i know i'm goona make birdie on the first hole."double it (crowd says ooohhh!)" "did you see how i baited him like that? (crowd and tiger laugh)" coming up on kron4 sports at 10, sharks at the tank hosting the oilers. highlights ahead. until then, more news after the break.
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4 your health tonight... a warning to all americans from the centers for disease control. romaine lettuce, and that means any kind of it, is not safe to eat right now.. (vicki) at least 32 people in eleven states have been infected with e-coli -- linked to romaine lettuce. and at least 13 of those infected have been hospitalized.... one person has even developed a potentially life-threatening form of kidney failure. right now the c-d-c does not know what specific brand is associated with the outbreak... which is why they're urging anyone who has romaine lettuce in their home to just throw it out even if you've already eaten some and didn't get sick. restaurants and stores are being urged not to serve or sell it... signs of e-coli usually begin to show up three to four days after infection....symptoms can include: diarrhea..fever ...abdominal cramps..nausea and vomiting.. (ken) with flu season upon
9:45 pm
us, parents are making the important decision about whether or not to vaccinate their kids. and according to the latest poll released by c-s mott children's hospital... 34 percent of parents say they will not be vaccinating their children against the flu this year. another 21 percent say they don't remember their doctor mentioning anything about the vaccine. the top three reasons parents gave for not vaccinating their children were...1. they were concerned about possible side effects 2. they don't think it works well 3. their child is healthy and doesn't need it while doctors agree the vaccination isn't perfect, they still advise it as the best prevention against the influenza virus. (vicki) it's not necessarily a news flash. but the centers for disease control and prevention is reiterating that americans sit too much and don't exercise enough -- and that's bad news for their health and lifespan. a new study from the c-d-c surveyed nearly six-thousand american adults. it found
9:46 pm
one in four people sits for more than eight hours a day. and four in 10 do not exercise to either a vigorous or even moderate degree each week. the data follows a 2017 study that found no matter how much you exercise, sitting for excessively long periods of time is a risk factor for early death from any cause. lawrence karnow: rain is finally headed our way with gusty winds and much better air quality. rain will be heavy at times tomorrow before turning to shower in the afternoon. more rain is likely on friday and early saturday morning. heavy snow will develop over the sierra with as much as 15 inches between wednesday afternoon and thursday morning. highs tomorrow will be cool and in the 50s and 60s. more rain is likely next week. (ken) new video tonight showing firefighters saving the lives of three people and two dogs from the massive woolsey fire-- massive likely next week.
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(ken) new video tonight showing firefighters saving the lives of three people and two dogs from the massive woolsey fire in southern california this rescue happened back on november ninth. l-a-f-d pilots david nordquist and joel smith were conducting a water drop when they got a call for a rescue nearby. with their fuel supply dwindling, they braved a thickening smoke column and pushed forward to their target. they navigated a tough landing scenario on a ridge crowded with buildings, vehicles, and antennae. upon landing, smith got out and ran to the trapped people and animals -- including a large and very scared dog that didn't want to get in the chopper.. the dog eventually got in to the chopper and pilots flew them to safety. (vicki) it was an early thanksgiving meal for a group of bears in north carolina. the furry creatures broke into a high school student's car to chow down on a sweet treat.(ken) reporter
9:49 pm
kimberly king explains it appears the bears were drawn by the smell of chocolate.. nat sound"i don't know if you can see this but there's a bear inside my bleep car right now, he's literally in the seat."16-year-old tc roberson junior lilly thurmond used her cell as a mama and 3 cubs got at a box of sweet smelling chocolate bars inside her prius."i just don't even understand i have bears in my car."lilly thurmond/bears got in her car"i hear something to my side and i turn my head and i see that my car door is open."lilly was videoing from a window inside her house. lilly thurmond/bears got in her car"i could hear them growling and stuff. i even saw one bear open my front door get in the car shut the door."inside 50 chocolate bars lilly was selling for a school prom fundraiser.nat sound "there's 3 bears in my car at the moment. three there comes another one."lilly thurmond/bears got in her car "i'm calling my mom and 'i'm like i've got bears in my car.'"kim peck/mother"i was like oh my i can't believe this is happening."kim peck, asked her daughter the obvious first question..learning this.. kim peck/mother"so her car was not locked."wrappers from the bars are still on the
9:50 pm
family's drive..evidence of the candy caper committed by the furry thurmond/bears got in her car "i probably sold like 10 before they got hold of it.." the bears left the car's interior dirty and punctured but insurance is covering the for the lesson..that's an easy one now living in the woods the family say bear sightings becoming increasingly peck/mother"i think we all learned a lesson keep your doors locked because bears know how to open them up." (ken) that was kimberly king reporting...(vicki) wildlife experts say to invest in a bear resistant food container if you plan on leaving any kind of food in your car... (ken) we've been honoring outstanding teachers in the bay area... tonight it's someone who works with boys detained in alameda county's juvenile justice center... christine rominiecki has been
9:51 pm
at the butler academic center for more than 15 years.. colleagues say she offers her students hope....and goes out of her way to make them feel they're special and have meaning.. she tries to come up with fun and interesting ways of learning... her principal says she knows how to teach complex problems to kids who may not have been exposed to the material before...or who haven't gone to school for long periods. he says you can see their confidence increasing.. at holidays - christine works hard and spends her own money to make things special for the boys.. everyone agrees she's genuinely dedicated.. if you know a teacher you'd like to nominate...just go to our website, kron four dot com. click on 'features' and then choose 'teacher of the week.' (vicki) up next... many of animals at the shelter will be without a loving home over the holidays... but one shelter's unique idea is helping many four legged friends feel the love with their newest program. details after the break...
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(vicki) the holidays are here... and that means many people around the world are going home and spending time with their family...(grant) but during the holidays it can be very lonely for dogs at the shelter... so one shelter in ohio is letting people take a dog home for a holiday sleepover. reporter ross caruso shows us how it works. this is zeke and he is currently up for adoption at the franklin county dog shelter and adoption center.
9:55 pm
but he's not the only one.kaye dickson/ director, franklin county dog shelter & adoption center"right now our counts up to about two hundred and forty animals here at the shelter." that's right. two hundred and forty animals looking for their forever homes and sadly many of them will be without a loving home over the holidays. kaye dickson/ director, franklin county dog shelter & adoption center"they'll just stay here all by themselves and their in their little kennels. we do have staff that will clean up after them and they get fed."this is what inspired one of the shelter's newest programs called the holiday sleepover.kaye dickson/ director, franklin county dog shelter & adoption center"basically it's an overnight stay just to get them out of the shelter, get them out of this environment and give them a little field trip."sounds like a win win- right?kaye dickson/ director, franklin county dog shelter & adoption center"when they bring them back. only thing we ask is we give em a little report card to fill out so we've got a little more information on the dog than what we had before. and we're hoping that'll help us get them adopted a lot quicker."it gives a family an experience of what it may be like to make a furry friend addition to their families with no long term commitment.kaye dickson/ director, franklin county dog shelter & adoption center"it's just such a happier environment for these guys to be in a home versus being stuck in a cage all day."and if it all works out.kaye dickson/ director, franklin county dog shelter & adoption center"we're hoping these host families fall in love with the animal as well and they may definitely adopt them."dickson says that they also have a new family volunteer program at the dog shelter.kaye dickson/ director, franklin county dog
9:56 pm
shelter & adoption center"but can show the families together what it takes to what's all involved with taking care of a dog. as far as walking and feeding and some of the enrichment activities that we have for the dogs that can maybe modify behaviors." dickson encourages to make it a family affair.kaye dickson/ director, franklin county dog shelter & adoption center"we want the entire family. we want it to be a family event. we want mom, dad, grandma pr grandpa, aunt or uncle - whomever is the guardians of the children if you have children, to come up and do things as a family." (ken) that wraps up kron 4 news that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore is here with kron 4 news at ten.... pam? (pam) thank you ken and vicki.... next at ten... rain is expected to hit
9:57 pm
areas across northern california overnight. we'll look at how it will affect our air quality.... and firefighters on the lines battling the deadly camp fire... plus... some butte county residents are finally able to return to what used to be their homes in paradise ... why the coming rain and existing debris are concerns for them tonight.(pam) and -- a serious warning about romaine lettuce. we are tracking the latest on an e-coli outbreak affecting californa and other states.. don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break. break.after the
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9:59 pm
(pam) the bay area bracing for rain. the first significant storm of the season set to arrive in a matter of hours now.(pam) thank you for joining us. i'm pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne. the november storm is bringing rain to dry vegetation... and relief from the thick smoke we've been dealing with for days now. right now we want to check in with kron 4's chief meterologist la
10:00 pm
significant will t lawrence karnow: rain is finally headed our way with gusty winds and much better air quality. rain will be heavy at times tomorrow before turning to shower in the afternoon. more rain is likely on friday and early saturday morning. heavy snow will develop over the sierra with as much as 15 inches between wednesday afternoon and thursday morning. highs tomorrow will be cool and in the 50s and 60s. more rain is likely next week. this storm will bring a welcome improvement to our air quality. but kron 4's maureen kelly says, there will still be pockets of unhealthy air ... in some sections of the ... in some likely next 60s. more rain is likely next week.


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