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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 23, 2018 1:30am-1:58am PST

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a. tonight. >> pop the hips out. just badle. >> this thanksgiving we got bins in the oven. >> moving all around\we're with the stars gearing up for babies. >> i'mver dresses i can squeeze into to. >> crazy fashion. >> bring it on. >> then cell ebbpratt to jen garner. >> exciting. >> your family too will turn on the bird. >> before you shop until you drop oprah has gift ideas. we'll show you what made her
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favorite things list. >> you can hear squeals of delight. >> this is "entertainment tonight". >> thanks so much for gjoining s everyone. hope you're having a fantastic thanksgiving. >> today is all about counting our blessings so going to get started with famous ladies with something truly be thankful for. babies on the way. >> craving anything. >> everything. with a girl i want pop tarts and cinnamon roles and gummy buries and cherries. >> bring it on. >> 30-year-old jess pregnant. >> this time i can't rock the heels, i don't know why, my feet grew with every pregnancy and
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i'm very sfadad to change my sh size again. maxwell in this one will have all of the shoes from size seven to 8.5. >> what are your other pregnancy hacks or shortcuts or secret. >> please make my hair big aswd. just own the waddle. that is my strut. >> carry underwood's approach to baby two puts the bump on full display. >> this one is really harder on my body for some 'seen really g. i'm squeezing myself into what's dresses i can squeeze myself into it. >> 35-year-old rocked 11 different looks when she hosted last year's cma award.
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>> i feel bad returning dresses all stretched out in the middle they adore children. will it be pink or blue. it's a girl she'll teach female empourment. >> when girls given right to succeed they can create incredible futures not only for themselves but all those around them. >> expected to rewrite the rule book. translation the spares air will not be spoiled, quote the children are expected to one day have regular respect. of course royals game amy schumer info when it came to her
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pregnancy announcement but having a baby on the way not easy for the 37-year-old posting me #so blessed last week hospitalized with vomiting and got retrasound. >> it's moving all around. see she has so much energy that's why i'm puking every day. >> i love we're on this journey with her. 2019 will be a year for those ladies who knows maybe big engagements next year. some favorite celebrity romances are heating up. chris pratt and catherine schwarzenegger getting four out of five. they're in good with each other's ex, the four some went trick or treating even
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comfortable enough to kiss few feet from anna. >> it's crazy let's go. >> moment they started dating sources say everything fell into place with so much in common. 39 and 28-year-old have the full support of her family and mom maria feels they're a match made in heaven. now neeky and brona starts 5 out of 5. started dating in may and will likely say i do in india bef wi. han' happier andsomeone who cou partner to you in many more ways than one is amazing. >> so why the rush down the island. we're told, quote, they know they love one another and are going to be married so they don't see the appeal in waiting too long. next up.
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jenna and her love. >> are you happy? because we love you, so we want you to be happy. >> yes i'm very happy. thank you for asking. >> she's got the glow ladies and gentlemen. >> thank you. >> they're less than two months into their relationship but this pair get a's three on the heat index for their we don't care who sees us. >> what are your plans for thanksgiving? >> i'm thinking destination thanksgiving, i don't know where yet. something. maybe some family. just go chill somewhere, you know. >> as for channing tatum and hio photographers channing leaving her house in early morning hours. and this love connection we are loves that jesse has her own
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successful career and he's a big fan of her music. we give jen garner and her 40-year-old ceo jon miller four flames because it's good to see jen find love again. it's been going on for months and a source tells us jen's ex ben is supportive of her relationship as for her thanksgiving plan. >> oh, just cooking. sometimes i do pretend cooking on my instagram so i did pair foot contessa thanksgiving special. >> lot of kids it's all about kale and avocado. >> do you know the bucket list h >> you won't find kelly ripa
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cooking this year because she told us she and mark invitedeve. they could have called on their son because he knows his way around the kitchen. >> please welcome joaquin. >> we couldn't book any guests. that's what's going on. no one's is a available so the families are coming in. it's true. >> i was bragging about my three kids you are without question the most helpful and best in the kitchen. >> thank you i take a lot of pride in my culinary skills. >> he knows ryan so wel his whole thing was you're not going to ask me any personal questions will you, i said promise i won't. >> rumor has it you are the favorite child and you know it. >> from what i know it from 15 years i've been in the family i can say most likely true. >> he's the youngest, has a sister 17 and 21-year-old
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brother who is an actor on "river dale" kelly will be guest star on the show next year. >> the family is it turning into three day old fish of river dale how many more are there of. >> today we're making a classic of our family a pork cutlet. >> it only takes one year with half raw turkey and your family too will turn on the bifrd. at our house nobody touches it, it hangs around a long time. >> coming up, oprah's favorite thing is here. >> oh, my gosh. oh, this is good. >> why is dale king at holiday >> i actually don't like that rule. >> mrs. doubtfire turns 25, what you never knew about robin williams classic role. >> doesn't look anything like me except my
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luxe lather, with a weightless feel, transforms skin from dull to dreamy. new olay foaming whip body wash. ♪ to. ella, what did you say. >> i love it. >> you love it. >> that little cutie is ella grayson and that mom you heard,
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little rooney from the cosby show is a mother now. and we sat with her and costar to talk about their new lifetim utah, it's like 90 degrees we'r. >> i was 15. completely jealous of my sister and her dreamily boyfriend, so fine. >> their real life bond is decades in the making, 39-year-old moms met before she landed role on "fresh prince". >> we were friends in real life, like sleep overs, the whole thing. >> my memories are like my 13th birthday party. >> oh, my god. you didn't.jump, jump. my god it >> in the holiday flick she's forced to reunitwi the christma.
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in real life met her husband on dating site and convinced her sister to do it. >> i did get a profile, right. just like. >> that's exactly how i started. [ laughter ] >> right. >> i know some men who are going to be running to that dating site. still ahead. >> a look inside real life brady house with all six brady kids. >> when i first stepped inside i was remodel to match their iconic set. >> plus we have gift ideas from oprah.$13. >> >> and mrs. doubtfire turns 25, which a-list fashionista missed out playing williams daughter. does this make you want a reese's?
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what does this cost. >> $20. >> under 50! >> everybody you know what time it is, oprah's list of favorite things are is here, we'll take you through her coveted holiday wish list. >> oh, my gosh. whew. she>> oh, yeah, oh, yeah. >> get that. >> looks like christmas came early for oprah with this almost $200 foot massager on her list of favorite things can which is bigger than ever this year. 107 oprah tested and approved gift ideas. >> this is kneeling pad for very curious gardener she is really into gardening, e >> the children in your house would really like this. you first hear of fingerless
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gloves you go why but it's great, your hands are warm but can still use your fingers. >> this year's list with 50$50. >> we're very mindful of price range. sometimes people say listen none of us have oprah's magazine including all of us that work at oprah's magazine. >> most expensive, this $1700 electric bike. it take to curate this gift guy but won't be getting presents. >> couple years ago she imposed the we don't need to exchange presents. we don't need a present. she's right. but everybody likes to open a present. >> we like to argue a lot. actually had one of our favorite moments of the year together. we did. hanging with the brady ubunch.
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we were with all six bradys. >> it was bananas. we lost our minds and own the renovate inside and cameras role. >> when i first stepped inside i was shocked. no! no! >> right now we're j trying to get like inside because it literally doesn't resemble the set at all that we had. i mean, everything from tall, h paper in the master room i don't think mike brady would have appro approved. >> it doesn't relate. don't necessity how they are going to make this look like our set. >> they've teamed up to renovate with the property brothers. >> this is a split level home.
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pretty much two story home. >> we are completelyproject, yo little slice of the pie. >> stairway. >> the living room, the stairway. >> that's amazing. i love that. >> it's iconic. i'm g mike's den, lot of orange going on back there. >> a very brady renovation premiers in september next year and also a chance for the actors behind greg, marsha, jan, peter, bobby and sinnecindy to reunite >> how long since you all have been together. >> they're saying 15 years, to me feels like 20, a really, really long time. >> how's it feel to see everyone again. >> a dream. like i love it. >> one thing we fall right back
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into it like we always have. >> fortunately we all remained friends throughout all these years. >> it will begin airing next year on hdtv. >> classic robin williams comedy "mrs. doubtfire" turns 25 today. >> today. >> and to celebrate we're taking you back on sy set. >> won't you please come in. >> the whole thing is just a favorite memory. you know. it was an extraordinary experience. ah! ah! >> i have so many memories of robin on the net. ♪ >> mara wilson was just five years old when starred opposite the late comedy legend but her role almost went to blake first there he asked what kind of lik really like show tunes so he started to sing it "there's nothing like a dame" from south
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pacific. >> more fun facts, first, it took four and half hours a day to transform robin into pls doubtfire. >> we start doing the make up test, wonderful, it doesn't look anything like me except my eyes. don't ever talk about me like that again or i'll hurt you. >> just like our interview most of what ended up in the movie was ad libed by robin like this austin-quoted line. >>. >> he threw a pine apple at me. >> favorite fun fact 25 years later this cast is still just like family. >> so good to be part of your lives. i want in the picture as well. >> our step dad. >> it's a family classic. i hope. i think. i think it has the legs to be that. >> one of my favorites. get this the film cost $25 million to make but gross the over $441 million worldwide.
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can. formal consideration provided by -- all right we've run out of time but thanks for spending part of your thanksgiving with us. >> believe it or not i'm thankful for you. >> ah, see, i'm thankful for you. >> actually we're very thankful for all of you, that's for sure. one more thing as we say good night. the cast of one three hill have reunited for new holiday lifetime movie called christmas
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contracts. >> take care everybody, take care. >> it's been six years since one tree hill ended but the cast o five of them are sharing the small screen. >> you don't have to go with me to losi the premium nostalgic continues prestige creams not living up to the hype? one jar shatters the competition. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay.
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