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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 28, 2018 8:00pm-8:59pm PST

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get a first peek at the planned new new waterfront home for the oakland a's. the ballparks going to be 100 percent privately financed but money isn't the only challenge. (whoosh) a disturbing video of a woman beatenfinding one of the men wa in connection with the brutal attack. (ken) now at 8. heavy rain...strong winds...and big surf. even the possibility of tornadoes. it's all what you can expect as a second powerful storm slams into the bay area. (pam) taking a look at storm tracker four. you can see the rain has already started coming down. and the storm is expected to strengthen as the night goes on.(pam) thank you for joining us i'm pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne. the bay area can expect to see some big effects from this storm including power outages and downed trees.(pam) and we have team coverage on the wet weather. kron-4's charles clifford shows us how san francisco
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prepared for the rain. and kron-4's gabe slate has details on the big surf this storm is bringing.(ken) but first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us... tracking the timing of this storm. lawrence karnow: a major storm is now approaching the bay area. this is an unusually intense storm with gusty winds, heavy rain and even some thunderstorms. heavy snow will fall over the sierra with some places seeing over 2 feet of snow. a wind advisory is up tonight through tomorrow afternoon for much of the area with winds gusting to 45 mph or more. rain will become heavy tonight before turning to showers. thunderstorms will likely affect the morning commute with heavy downpours possible and gusty winds. showers will decrease by tomorrow afternoon. it should be dry on friday with another chance of rain this weekend. this weekend.chance of rain another chance of rain this
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weekend. the return of wet weather always brings with it... the risk and danger of flooding. and it really doesn't take a lot of rain to create problems. a single blocked storm drain can flood an intersection or a home. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in san francisco along the embarcadero with a look at conditions and what the city is doing to prevent problems.
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well, the city of san francisco has a sprawling web of sewer lines and storm drains and it only takes a small pile of these to mess things up and crews are doing what they can to clean things up. natswednesday afternoon, an sf puc crew was hard at work clearning drains in the city's north beach neighborhoodnats teams like this one regularly check to make sure that san francisco's vast network of storm drains and sewers are clear of clogsif they find a problem, they can lower a powerfull suction tube down into the drain to clear out any leaves or debris. natthey then flush the drain with water and check the nearby sewer lines to make sure that everything is flowing.natsthis drain is clear, but many are not. just a small pile of leaves can block a drain and flood the area.natsthis was a city worked clearing leaves earlier in the day.natand while crews are doing what they can to fix problems, the puc is also asking residents to do their part to keep the water flowing. if a storm drain is clogged, clear it out if you can do so safely.clear gutters and drain around your home and use sand bags to prevent flooding in garages or low lying area.avoid flushing wet wipes or anything that might clog a drainand report
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problems when you see them. in san francisco, charles clifford kron4 news. kron4 news.charles clifford kron4 news. the national weather service has issued a high surf advisory for coastal areas throughout the bay area in effect through friday. kron 4's gabe slate waves rolling in but first, let's talk about the current conditions gabe, is it raining there now? adlib curren toss to big waves earlier earlier i was at sharp park
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beach where the waves got so big the city sent out crews to evacuate the pier and close it down to the public. sound from people talking about the waves."it's just amazing, so big, "at times 20 foot waves were crashing into the sharp park beach area in pacifica wednesday afternoon. sound from people talking about the waves. "beautiful but reminds you how dangerous can be" the waves got so big city officials decided the pier was no longer safe a public works crew escorted people off the pacifica pier and then they locked the doors and shut it down for the night. sound from people talking about the waves.. "the energy is incredible, you only see it once or twice a year" greg cochran, a local here, came down to see the rookie wave watchers sound from people talking about the waves.. "i'm seeing the waves hit people who get to close" he was not disappointed.. i met several soaked people along the sharp park boardwalk
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here like jenna she was walking with her boy avery who got a nice cold wet surprise from the ocean. sound from jenna talking about the waves.. "we were going along and it came out of nowhere, i told him to stay by me" most people followed the advice of the posted warning signs and stayed back from the sea wall.. others did not. sound teddy valdez-denton - i got hit by several waves. teddy valdez-denton and his friends came down here after school to see the waves. sound teddy valdez-denton - i was just walking and it just came crashing over the first soaking was an accident.after that the fearless teenagers said bring it on to mother nature they stood as close they could daring the ocean to hit them again. and again. and again. the waves just kept coming sound from gabe - oh did you see that those kids just got hit in pacifica gabe slate kron 4 news (pam) (pam) the chainsaws have of
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storm. p-g-and-e crews have been busy protecting power lines. our grant lodes is here with details on the work being done. grant? (grant) welcome to orinda... where three large monteret pine trees are being taken down. p-g & e has a distribution line that would likely be taken out and power
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would go out for lots of people if any one of those pines came down... and down... and arborists determined they were at risk of falling given the saturated ground and high winds we're expecting. and the utility is expecting the problem ares to be widespread around the bay. sot tamar sarkissian/pge spokesperson :17"it looks like the areas most impacted north bay peninsula and santa cruz coast and that means we will have crews situated on those areas to respond to power outages and we can bring crews in from other areas to keep the lights on."(grant) taking down 3 massive trees in 48 hours is not done limb by limb, but 40 feet at a time with the help of a massive crane. the third of three trees will be coming down
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tomorrow. a reminder.... kron-4 dot com and the kron-4 mobile app are your resources for weather. you can find full forecasts. interactive radar... and weather conditions in your neighborhood. just download the app tonight .. or visit kron-4 dot com (ken) a big story tonight... a new ballpark proposal is on the table for the oakland a's (pam) the new location will require the team to move from east oakland to west oakland. and city leaders say, it is the price that they find most attractive... kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. you are looking at artistic renderings of a next- generation urban ballpark for the oakland a'ssot
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projects that we're proposing. one is at the coliseum site. it is an adaptive re-use of the coliseum itself and bringing jobs and housing and other community benefits to that region. then we have the water front location where we are proposing the actual ballpark">among the many logistics to be worked out is safely navigating baseball fans though a transportation gaunlet full of big rigs coming and going around the clock and regularly scheduled amtrak trains sot
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a's president: "well the ballpark is going to be 100% privately financed. we've said that from the beginning. we think that is the responsible way to handle a project of this magnitude">target date for first pitch in the new a's water front ballpark? spring oakland haaziq madyun kron4news (ken) fans are also sharing their feelings on the new stadium proposal. some believe it is vital to do whatever it takes to keep the as in oakland, especially in light of the raiders and warriors leaving. < navem aujla, fan. "i think it is good, it is a blow to oakland to have the warriors leaving and the raiders, so we need the as. carley. "my nephew texted me, i know their are some challenges, but it is great for oakland." >(ken)(ken) other fans voiced
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concerns about getting to the new stadium if it is built. for one bart is not that close by. transportation did come up during the press conference today... both the mayor and the a's management say they are working on it. coming up at eight.. nearly a dozen rain- related crashes on highway- 17 today. we hear from one man whose car flipped over. plus. the east bay is getting a new area code. what you'll need to know before you make a call. and next. a disturbing attack on a woman at a local bar. now police want your help tracking down the suspects. i'm kron 4 meteorologist lawrence karnow coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break.
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newly released surveillance video from napa police.... and a warning.. this video is disturbing. it
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shows two men attacking a woman at a local bar. this happened about two weeks ago, but police have only been able to track down one of the two men involved.. they say they need your help finding the second suspect. kron 4's michelle kingston spoke to the victim ... and has exclusive video that could help you identify the other man on the loose. (mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"the victim hopes by releasing this video, someone recognizes and helps police find the man who attacked her who is still on the loose."horrific video released only to kron 4 news shows audrey amundsen thrown to the ground inside stones bar ... and then in a second different men on the loose. audrey amunennds on someone's neck or to kick them when they are down, you know, it's not ok."juan rojas -- the man in the blue hat in this video -- turned himself in -- but the second man, shirtless with tattoos -- shown here in this exclusive
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video -- james curtis faulkenberry -- is on the run. the victim hopes by releasing this video, you can help track him down.audrey amundsen, victim"he started taking off his shirt, making a scene, and he came aroudn to the side of the table where i was and i put my pool stick up and just no no no no back up back up."today -- amundsen is still dealing with swelling, bumps and bruises after hitting her head hard on the concrete -- but is thankful she's alive.audrey amundsen, victim"i'm grateful i can tell my story and these guys can go away for a long time because they need to."if you have any information that could lead investigators to faulkenberry, contact napa police napa kingston kron 4 news
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((pam/ots)) new details on the deadly camp fire. p-g -and- e now says, it decided not to shut off power on the afternoon wind-whipped flames destroyed parts of butte county. in a state filing today.. the power company says, it determined that weather conditions on november 8th ... were no longer dangerous enough to warrant a power shut off. but by the time that decision was made, flames were already destroying the town of paradise. p-g and- e says, it did warn roughly 70-thousand customers on november 6th.. that it might shut off power in nine counties, including butte, because of the risk from high winds and low humidity. a spokesperson for the power company says, the shut off plan.. is not deployed as a response to an active fire. ((ken + me3 vo)) a dicey commute over highway 17 because of the rain. there were almost a dozen accidents between the summit and sugar loaf drive on the santa cruz county side of the mountains... and that was all before noon. the chp says
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there were 26 crashes from los gatos to scotts valley. there were no serious injuries reported. the chp is urging drivers to slow down. "....we just ask that the motoring publi slow down and be aware of the conditions, don't follow too closely and drive like your kids are in the car..." with more rain on the way overnight, authorities are reminding drivers to give yourself extra time to reach your destination. (pam) as much as five- feet of snow is expected on the top of the mountains ... south of lake tahoe by the weekend. that, as a series of storms make their way into the sierra nevada. significant nevada. significant travel impacts are expected on and off through saturday ... up and down the sierra, and on all mountain passes around lake tahoe. a winter storm warning is in effect at the lake... from 10 p-m tonight until 4 a-m friday. (ken) turning now to storm tracker 4. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look at the forecast for the sierra.
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lawrence karnow: a major storm is now approaching the bay area. this is an with gusty winds, heavy rain and even some erra with some places seeing over 2 feet of snow. a wind advisory is up tonight through tomorrow afternoon for much of the area with winds gusting to 45 mph or more. rain will become heavy tonight before turning to showers. thunderstorms will likely affect the morning commute with heavy downpours possible and gusty winds. showers will decrease by tomorrow afternoon. it should be dry on friday with another chance of rain this weekend.
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new ahead at 8 a couple in shock.... saying they're surprised to be alive after a massive tree toppled on their car. now they're recalling the moment they thought they were going to die and next. a new area code being added to the east bay. what you will need to know .. to make a call. we now know when steph curry will return to action for the warriors... mark has that story... later in sports ((ken))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... ,.
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so many phones and not enough phone numbers. in the east bay, a new area code is coming next year.(pam) if you have a 510-phone number... kron 4's justine waldman explains .. you will need to learn a new way to make a phone call. 341 is new to the july 22 2019, the 341 area code will be added to 510 region in the east bay.this is to make sure there are enough telephones phone numbers for the area, according to the california public utilities commissionsot this is just part of living in a more connected worldpeople with 510 area codes will keep their number.the 341 is for new numbers.also, for 510ers..
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people will need to start dialing 1 before the area code for all calls from a landline. you don't need to dial the 1 on a cell phone.just the landline... still ...sot i will prob have to cut back on some phone calls if have to dial a one now that is prob going to happenit is recommended people start thinking about reprogramming alarm systems and updating contact information to include the area code... while the area code change officially starts next year, the cpuc wants people to start practicing dialing the "1" now!-- justine waldman kron 4 news. coming up at t. health officials revealing the six california counties where tainted lettuce came from. plus. a man who says he created genetically edited babies faces a hostile audience of his peers in hong kong. and next.. the clock is ticking on a possible federal government shut down. what the president says he wants.. in order to keep the government open.
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((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break.
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(ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief kron-4's (pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead lawrence karnow: a major storm is now approaching the bay
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area. this is an unusually intense storm with gusty winds, heavy rain and even some thunderstorms. heavy snow will fall over the sierra with some places seeing over 2 feet of snow. a wind advisory is up tonight through tomorrow afternoon for much of the area with winds gusting to 45 mph or more. rain will become heavy tonight before turning to showers. thunderstorms will likely affect the morning commute with heavy downpours possible and gusty winds. showers will decrease by tomorrow afternoon. it should be dry on friday with another chance of rain this weekend. (pam) lawmakers are working lawmakers (pam) this weekend.chance of rain another chance of rain this weekend.
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(pam) lawmakers are working against the clock .. once again, to fund several government agencies before the budget expires on december 7th.(ken) at the nding for president trump's long- promised southern border wall. omar jimenez is in washington with the latest. a little more than a weekthat's all the time congress has to avoid a potential government shutdown and there's a big wall in the way.the wall. pres donald trump/monday: we want to finish the walland in a new interviewpresident trump tells politico if congress ádoesn't appropriate five ábillion dollars for a border wall, he would "totally be
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willing" to shut down the government.áhouse republicans have passed a bill with five billion for the wall.rep kevin mccarthy / -r- majority leader: we've seen what is happening along the southern border. i am hopeful now that that changes and that we can solve this problem and make sure our borders are secured and everyone realizes our immigration system is broken - that we can solve this problem once and for all.the ásenate needs democratic support for the billand bipartisan negotiators have only agreed to 1-point-6 billion dollars for any border wall.nowhere near the president's target. sen. lindsey graham/ -r- south carolina: secure the border is going to be a bottom line for the president. he's got a $25 billion plan. i don't think he expects to get $25 billion all at once, but he does expect to get $5 billion like the house authorized, without a bunch of strings attached."even áaside from immigration there's a lot of work still to be done.but there are other measures remaining...including commerce, justice and science...which encompasses some funding for special counsel mueller's washington i'm omar jimenez. ( pam ) president trump says... a "pardon" for his
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former campaign manager paul manafort .. is on the table. that is a shift from just 24- hours earlier, when his press secretary was asked about a pardon for manafort... and said, she was not aware of any possible pardon. the comment about a pardon drew swift rebuke from critics who fear the president will use his executive power ... to protect his friends and supporters caught up in the russia probe. (ken mon3 vo) another big story tonight... the democrats have nominated nancy pelosi to lead them in the new congress. pelosi's final vote for house speaker however will be in january when lawmakers reconvene. the bay area democrat will need 218 votes to be elected speaker.. and some democrates have pledged that they won't be backing her. pelosi was the first woman speaker of the house from 2007 to 2011. (ken) the food and drug administration is narrowing down the source of an e-coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce. it announced it's investigating six california counties as the source of the current outbreak. those
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counties are monterey, san benito, san luis obispo, santa barbara, santa cruz and ventura. if you don't know where your romaine was grown, do not eat it. (pam) a chinese scientist who said he altered the d=n=a in a pair of twin girls before birth, revealed today, another genetically modified child may be on the way.(ken) in both cases, the father is h=i=v positive. the procedure was intended to make the children resistant to the virus. catherine heenan has reaction from genetic scientists.. gathered in hong kong. 1"two beautiful chinese girls named lulu and nana came crying into the world as healthy as any other babies. doctor heh jee-ahn-qway sent shockwaves through the scientific world when he made the announcement earlier this week.the process, carried out at lab in shenzen, china, began with an in=vitro fertilized egg.the gene- altering "crisper" editor was injected into the embryo while it was only a single
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is able to attach itself to individual strands of d=n=a ... and alter the genetic code to make the twin girls resistant to h=i=v.the doctor said today the parents were overwhelmed with joy. "i feel proudest because they had lost hope for life, but with this protection, he (the father) sent a message saying he will work hard, earn money, and take care of his two daughters and his wife for his life."u=c= berkeley professor jennifer dudna says she felt physically sick as she listened to him. "i think it's very disturbing. it's inappropriate. it goes against all of the guidelines that were established by the national academy of sciences report from 2017. and i think there's just no way to defend it."scientists around the world have used human d=n=a for genome experiments ... but never before on an embryo destined to be heh was criticized today for conducting his research in private and proceeding before all safety issues had been dealt with.he says he believes he will be justified."we believe ethics is on our side of history.
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still ahead at 8 a restaurant facing backlash over this t-shirt. why some say it sends a message of violence toward the president/ and next.... call it a modern day bodega. vicki liviakis takes us inside a neighborhood store .. with a hip flair.
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grocery stores are a necessity. we need food to make our meals, right?(pam) but the traditional corner market is changing in some neighborhoods. tonight, on dine and dish - our vicki liviakis gives us a personal look at a mom and pop's store ... for the younger generation. "this is not your normal bodega." i grew up next to
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a mom and pop's store - so had to check it out. but there's not a penny candy or cigarette stand in sight. this is dougla.. and it's not your father's grocery store. it's my kid and his girlfriend's... meet mike and maggie...(maggie) one of my favorite shows as a young adult was supermarket sweep. douglas is her dream... not a supermarket but a cozy cafe and modern market. with cee-cee the barrista and chef leo kicking out gourmet treats for the neighbors who pop by.(chef) (customer) you might sip on sparkling wine while waiting for your housemade spanish tortilla complimented with arugula salad. or order up an italian ham on fresh baked roll. all the while shopping the well- currated shelves to stock your own fridge. from almond milk to cow kind tomatoes - heirloom of course. or just browse art books of beautiful food. the only ode to old school - is this ancient produce scale. the proprietors of douglas may or may not make it big with their little corner market. but they're happy to meet and feed their new neighbors. in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news.
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(pam) if you have a restaurant, cafe or bar that you would like to see featured on 'dine and dish... send an email to dine and dish at kron 4 dot com .... or fill out the submission form on our website. you can also check out our 'dine and dish' facebook page. next at 8 a couple escapes death after a tree topples on their car... now they're talking about the moment they almost lost their lives. just ahead in sports, the warriors set to begin a five-game road trip and we know when steph curry is back in the lineup. the latest
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on number 30's return.
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(ken) a couple in washington state says they're lucky to be alive after a massive tree fell on their car monday.(pam) it happened as they were driving along highway- 101 during a windstorm. steve mc-carron reports. one look at the damage left
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behind, it is amazing joseph and deborah bernard are still here.nats: "hi esther! thanks for everything. we sure loved ya."one last goodbye for the 4-door buick they called "lady esther" named after a woman they bought it from 5 years ago.this car and incredibly timing likely saved their lives.joseph & deborah bernard / large tree fell on to their car:"this was an act of god. there's no way around it. there's just no way."the bernards were driving on this stretch of highway 101 yesterday when deborah noticed a 100-foot tall fir tree begin to fall.joseph slammed on his brakes thinking both of their lives were about to end.joseph & deborah bernard / large tree fell on to their car:"debbie put her hand on my leg and i held firm and we weren't frightened. we said 'this is it. if it has to happen the last thought i had was 'we're together. and just waited for it to happen."joseph never made a complete stop before the tree landed across their windshield coming to within inches of their heads.joseph & deborah bernard / large tree fell on to their car:"i looked at debbie. i said 'what?' we're alive!"several good samaritans immediately stopped and ran over to check on them. joseph & deborah bernard / large tree fell on to their car:"and i opened the door and said 'fine.'"the man pictured here on the left snapped several photos of the bernards on deborah's phone as the investigation began.but during all of the commotion, they never got his name.joseph & deborah bernard / large tree
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fell on to their car:"you are like god's presence on earth, is what i would say. you were there when we needed somebody right then. to bring joy back and we were in shock. and he did."it's that joy they now hope to spread to others - knowing their lives were spared for a reason.nats 'this is the symbol for lady esther." this glass slipper will hang in their next car - a reminder of how precious life is and how close they came to having it taken away.joseph & deborah bernard / large tree fell on to their car:"we were given a second chance. and i'm going to make something out of it for both of us." (ken)amazingly, the couple walked away without any serious injuries. (pam) a mexican restaurant in rhode island is facing backlash .... for a t-shirt worn by employees.. that has gone viral. the shirt takes on a political message... and some claim it promotes violence.
8:46 pm
amigos employees say, they collectively wore t-shirts that read 86--45. the 86 is a restaurant reference .. meaning to remove something. the 45 was for president trump. now, a rhode island state senator is calling for a boycott on the business... saying, the term 86 stands for murder. the restaurant owner says, she meant no harm. (pam) the t-shirts are sold on numerous web sites including amazon and zazzle. but the restaurant owner says, the shirts will no longer be worn or sold at the restaurant. (pam) the f-d-a has approved what could be a breakthrough drug in treating some types of cancer. it is called vitrakvi the drug is designed to fight a specific genetic mutation in some forms of cancer... and it comes in an easy- to- take capsule ..or in liquid form. doctors say, some patients, including children,
8:47 pm
have seen remarkable turnarounds. but they warn ... it does not work for all cancers -- and it is expensive! the wholesale cost for the children's syrup is 11-thousand dollars for a month's supply-- and the oral capsules for adults, wholesales for 32-thousand dollars per month. but the makers say, with insurance, most patients would pay 20- dollars or less for a 30- day supply of the medicine. (ken) a warning for people who use google maps. security experts say that google maps is being targeted by criminals trying to steal confidential information. the site allows users to see certain information about a place or business. now scammers are editing and deleting this information and then replacing it with fake information like fake phone numbers. people then call the fake number and think they are talking to a business... when they are actually talking to the scammer. google says they are working to address the problem. (ken) breaking up is hard
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to do. but for some, it seems impossible. they can convince themselves to stay with a partner that they're "just not that into" anymore. (pam) in tonights' health minute, kim hutcherson explores, why some people just cannot quite break away. there comes a time in every relationship when one, or both, of the partners wonders if their union will last foreversome relationships continue even though the couple no longer feels fulfilled or why is it hard for some couples to just pull the plug?two recent studies set out to answer the question: why would someone stay in an unhappy relationship?the studies followed close to nineteen hundred people for eight to ten both studies, the more dependent someone thought their partner was on the relationship, the less likely they were to break up.concerns about kids, finances, lifestyle, and community standing can also influence a person's decision to stay in an unfulfilling relationship. but studies show that not wanting to hurt the other person's feelings, was the main reason they stayed. therapists say this approach doesn't do anyone any good, and can actually be selfish,
8:49 pm
because you're taking away your partner's right to make a choice.instead, be honest. there is no guaranteed way to break up without causing some pain, so the best thing you can do is tell your partner the truth, and make sure you take care of your own mental health.for today's health minute, i'm kim hutcherson. we'll open we'll open tonight with some news warriors fans have been waiting to hear... a date has been set for steph curry's return. --warriors practicing in toronto tonight in advance of tomorrow's game against the raptors... and steve kerr announced that the two-time mvp will come back saturday in their showdown with the pistons. --curry is still recovering from a groin injury suffered earlier this month against the bucks.... since then he's been working
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his way back, going through practices and upping his workload. --draymond green may be out for a little longer...he's dealing with a toe injury. now to the other big news from the day-- the a's have their sights set on a new home...a state-of-the-art stadium at howard terminal. these are the renderings released this morning... 34-thousand seat stadium... right on the water with some picturesque views and really transforming the entire neighborhood. projected to open in 2023. --even though they are leaving the coliseum, the team is proposing to take care of that area... building a large park as well as affordable housing, office and retail space. -as far as price is were thrown out on how much it would cost. --here's team president dave kaval.....on today's development. lws liked the idea of a waterfront, downtown, urban location for a ballpark. with the 81 days that baseball provides for home games it really is the best and most conducive environment for success, both on and of the field. to attract fans, to have an amazing fan experience, and to have a positive effect on the community. i think what we found was this project is bigger than baseball. it's not just a ball park. it's something that could have a
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lasting impact in a positive way here in oakland. to ensure the a's are here for another 50 or 100 years, or really basically forever." going forward, kaval says they'll now be working on what's called a 120-day action plan... enlisting more community feedback, working with the port and coliseum, and analzying the environmental and economic factors. finally tonight, sharks in a back-to-back.. visiting the maple leafs. --we go back to toronto-- former shark and leading scorer patty marleau now with the leafs. --pick it up in the first period-- thomas hertl.. hits the spin button...taps it into the net on the power play. game knotted at 1. --later in the frame- toronto's john tavares...gets one of his two scores... a tic-tac-toe goal... leafs take a 3-1 lead. it doesn't take long for
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toronto to pick up another goal, this one courtesy of a one-timer by marleau... 19 seasons in san jose... but now getting it done north of the boarder leafs win 5-3... next up... at the ottawa senators on saturday
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(pam) you might not have seen it coming, but the 'big mouth billy bass' is back on the market-- just in time for christmas. but hold onto your virtual rods and reels --this version is different than the one that caused a craze in the late 1990s. amazon is taking pre- orders for the toy fish now. its newest feature-- it can now connect to amazon's voice assistant-- alexa. the fish can respond to alexa voice the beat of songs from amazon with alexa's words. the toy costs 40-dollars on amazon. the original big mouth billy bass was first sold in 19-99. (ken) (ken)
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president trump and his wife melania lit the national christmas tree on the ellipse behind the white house. it's the 96-th straight year for the presidential tradition. mrs. trump hit the switch to light the tree after the president did a countdown. the national christmas tree is a living colorado blue spruce. it is surrounded by 56 smaller trees featuring ornaments from every state and the district of columbia. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) but our primetime coverage is just getting started this wednesday. grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))thank you pam and at nine..rain is falling in parts of the bay area, and it is expected to pickup overnight.on top of that...fierce winds could
8:57 pm
cause lots of problems out there on the roads.our chief meteorologist is tracking this latest storm...he'll tell us what we can expect for the rest of the team coming up. tonight at nine..a san francisco supervisor is pushing to get facebook ceo mark zuckerberg's name removed from sf general hospital.why he says it doesn't belong. that's next in a live report. ((grant))and attention snow lovers, the sierra is getting hammered right now, and the ski resorts are gearing up for what's expected to be a busy weekend.we'll take a closer look at the conditions. ((vicki))keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break. (grant) (grant) a powerful storm
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
is making its way towards the bay area... and it's expected to bring heavy rain, strong winds, thunder and lightning... and the possibiliy of tornadoes and waterspouts...(grant) thanks for joining us, im grant lodes...(vicki) and im vicki liviakis... tonight we have team coverage
9:00 pm
as we are tracking this intense second storm... kron4's j-r storm is in the newsroom where is monitoring conditions in the sierra... kron4's gayle ong is live in walnut creek watching condtions out there..(grant) but we start with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence, the brunt of the storm is coming overnight so how is it going to impact the morning commute? lawrence karnow: a major storm is now approaching the bay area. this is an unusually intense storm with gusty winds, heavy rain and even some thunderstorms. heavy snow will fall over the sierra with some places seeing over 2 feet of snow. a wind advisory is up tonight through tomorrow afternoon for much of the area with winds gusting to 45 mph or more. rain will become heavy tonight before turning to showers. thunderstorms will likely affect the morning commute with heavtomorrow after


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