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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 28, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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(pam) the rain is now falling in many sections of the bay area. while we definitley need the rain... there are many dangers that come with the wet weather, including slick roads and possible flooding. good evening i'm pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne. we want to get right to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to see where the rain is hitting right now and how this will affect the morning commute. lawrence karnow: a major storm is now approaching the bay area. this is an unusually intense storm with gusty winds, heavy rain and even some thunderstorms. heavy snow will fall over the sierra with some places seeing over 2 feet of snow. a wind advisory is up tonight through tomorrow afternoon for much of the area with winds gusting to 45 mph or more. rain will become heavy tonight before will likely affect the morning commute with heavy downpours possible and gusty winds. showers will decrease by
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tomorrow afternoon. it should be dry on friday with another chance of rain this weekend. (ken) and we have team coverage for you tonight on the rain falling in our area. (pam) gayle ong is in the east bay where the rai in the east bay this weekend.chance of rain another chance of rain this weekend. (ken) and we have team coverage
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for you tonight on the rain falling in our area.(pam) gayle ong is now live in walnut creek where the rain is really coming down. (gayle)(describe conditions) commuters here have mixed feelings about the storm. it is the calm before the in walnut creek, some are not pleased with mother nature's expected heavy downpour..helen mekonnen drives to work from union city to dublin..she has a point...the wet conditions have caused many accidents in
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the bay area,prompting first resonders urging everyone to take it slow on the roads.. and then there's the impact on the bart commute.. emily hurt takes bart from walnut creek to emeryville - especially in rainy conditions to avoid the freeway..kevin armonio also takes bart, he commutes to san francisco.. with the recent dry spell, isarel singh is also welcoming the he takes his four legged friend oliver on his daily shine..
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we're just waiting, we were told it was supposed to rain tonight so we can't wait, we so need the rain."> (gayle)the rain is expected to impact the morning commute so it is best to take it slow and allow yourself extra time before you head in walnut creek, gayle ong kron 4 news news the national weather service has issued a high surf advisory for coastal areas
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throughout the bay area in effect through friday. kron 4's gabe slate was in pacifica ... where he got footage of some huge waves rolling in.. sound from people talking about the waves."it's just amazing, so big,"at times 20 foot waves were crashing into the sharp park beach area in pacifica wednesday afternoon. sound from people talking about the waves. "beautiful but reminds you how dangerous can be" the waves got so big city officials decided the pier was no longer safe a public works crew escorted people off the pacifica pier and then they locked the doors and shut it down for the night. sound from people talking about the waves.. "the energy is incredible, you only see it once or twice a year" greg cochran, a local here, came down to see the rookie wave watchers sound from people talking about the waves.. "i'm seeing the waves hit people who get to close" he was not disappointed.. i met several soaked people along the sharp park boardwalk here like jenna she was walking with her boy avery who got a nice cold wet surprise from the ocean. sound from jenna talking about the waves.. "we were going along and it came out of nowhere, i told him to stay by me" most people followed the advice of the posted warning signs and
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stayed back from the sea wall.. others did not. sound teddy valdez-denton - i got hit by several waves. teddy valdez-denton and his friends came down here after school to see the waves. sound teddy valdez-denton - i was just walking and it just came crashing over the first soaking was an accident.after that the fearless teenagers said bring it on to mother nature they stood as close they could daring the ocean to hit them again. and again. and again. the waves just kept coming sound from gabe - oh did you see that those kids just got hit in pacifica gabe slate kron 4 news news slate kron 4 news
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three and a- half- feet or more. that's how much snow sections of lake tahoe could get over the next four days. a winter storm warning is in effect tonight as it is again expected to start snowing. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story live in the newsroom tonight. j.r. you talked with officers. what are they saying? (jrs) they're keeping it basic....slow down. it is likely to be slippery out there. this morning we saw seven inches and that's nothing compared to what's coming. driving conditions to lake tahoe....a bit tricky as at least two major storms prepare to hit. as of early wednesday evening not so bad. but it's unclear if we will see what we saw on wednesday morning when chain restrictions were in effect for highway 50. sot stormy weekend....for those who are able to battle the drive....white slopes can now be seen at squaw valley alpine meadows. this is what it looked like on wednesday. in fact not only can snow be seen on the ground now but more is
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expected to fall in the coming days. 8 inches forecasted for wednesday night and 14 expected for thursday. they're preparing for it at northstar california resort. sot looking at anywhere from one and half to three and a half feet.those are the totals that we could see by monday after at least two major storms. boarders aren't waiting around. they're already racing down the mountain and enjoying the snow that's on the ground. lorenzo fitzpatrick is pulling out his trickbook as the season gets underway. dogs are enjoying the conditions as well. koda the bear wolfdog is a husky who had his first snow day on wednesday. it's possibly kids could be playing around in the snow very soon as well. sot...oc: wonderland up there (jrs) chp says one of the biggest
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problems of late is with bay area electric car drivers who can't get to their who can't get to their destination in tahoe. they get delayed on the road and the tesla simply can't make it in some cases the 190 miles from san francisco to truckee. pam, ken now back to you. (pam) a reminder... download the kron-4 mobile app .. or go to kron4- dot com to stay on top of this series of storms. there you will find full forecasts... interactive radar.. and get alerts for your neighborhood.. with the kron- 4 app. download it today. and visit kron-4 dot com. (ken) a san francisco supervisor is calling into question the reason the city's public hospital is named after a social media giant c-e-o.
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(pam)kron 4's alecia reid joins us live from s-f general tonight ... with details on what this is all about... alecia (alecia) this supervisor wants to hold facebook ceo mark zuckerberg accountable .. by removing his name from this hospital.pkgit cannot be normal for a city to put a prricetag on the branding of institutions and spaces that fundamentally belong to the citizens. supervisor aaron peskin is calling to remove the zuckerberg name from sf general hospital. this is the public's health hospital, and the public, the tax payer, paid almost 900 million dollars peskin's reasoning behind this ... facebook and it's leadership have had a string of scandals in recent months. the use of 87 million facebook users personal information. their involvement in election behavior, is not a good lok for their ceo's name to be on our hospitals-f general was renamed mark zuckerberg sf general after a $75 million dollar donation during its reconstruction. however, supervisor peskin says the majority of the $887 million dollar cost came from tax payers. we appreciate the 75m but it also sends a message that san francisco condones the instutions behavior that is abhorrent and unacceptablehe's calling on the city attorneys office to investigate if the city has
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the legal authority to remove zuckerberg's is a complicated agreement and we'll see what the city attorney comes back withhe also wants to address charitable exchange "charitable donations" for naming rights for public institutions that fundamentally been paid for in most part by the taxpayers of san francisco.standupthre's no time frame on when the city attorney will have an answer. reporting live from san francisco ... ar ... kron 4 news. (alecia) (pam) our rain
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coverage continues after the break..... with how crews are prepping the streets to prevent flooding ... and how you can help. (ken) and while the rain is much needed... cal fire says it could cause devastating effects to the camp fire area in butte county. (pam) a woman shaken after a brutal attack outside of a bar in napa . we have the disturbing video and her story... in just one and a half minutes.
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(pam) newly released surveillance video from napa police .... and a warning.. this video is disturbing. it shows two men attacking a woman at a local bar. (pam) this happened about two weeks ago, but police have only been able to track down one of the two men involved.. (ken) they say they need your help finding the second suspect. kron 4's michelle kingston spoke to the victim ... and has exclusive video that could help you identify the other (mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"the victim hopes by releasing this video, someone recognizes and helps police find the man who attacked her who is still on the loose."horrific video released only to kron 4 news shows audrey amundsen thrown to the ground inside stones bar ... and then in a second video -- you see her thrown out a door and beaten by two different men in napa earlier this month. the man in a green tshirt is still on the loose. audrey amundsen, victim"it's
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not ok. it's scary, you know? for anyone to put their hands on someone's neck or to kick them when they are down, you know, it's not ok."juan rojas -- the man in the blue hat in this video -- turned himself in -- but the second man, shirtless with tattoos -- shown here in this exclusive video -- james curtis faulkenberry -- is on the run. the victim hopes by releasing this video, you can help track him down.audrey amundsen, victim"he started taking off his shirt, making a scene, and he came aroudn to the side of the table where i was and i put my pool stick up and just no no no no back up back up."today -- amundsen is still dealing with swelling, bumps and bruises after hitting her head hard on the concrete -- but is thankful she's alive.audrey amundsen, victim"i'm grateful i can tell my story and these guys can go away for a long time because they need to."if you have any information that could lead investigators to faulkenberry, contact napa police napa michelle kingston kron 4 news ((ken/map vo))one man is in the hospital after he was shot near the lake merritt shot near the after he w 4 newskings in napa michelle kingston kron 4 news
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((ken/map vo))one man is in the hospital after he was shot near the lake merritt bart station in oakland.tonight, two men are in custodyit happened just after 4:00 in the area of ninth and jackson streets.two alameda county deputies patrolling the nearby peralta community college district found the victim suffering from a gunshot wound. no word tonight on his condition. let's take a live look outside tonight lawrence is here with the lawrence is here with the latest on the weather.. there is intense rain falling in many areas right now..
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(pam) and our big story tonight is the lawrence karnow: a major storm is now approaching the bay area. this is an unusually intense storm with gusty winds, heavy rain and even some thunderstorms. heavy snow will fall over the sierra with some places seeing over 2 feet of snow. a wind advisory is up tonight through tomorrow afternoon for much of the area with winds gusting to 45 mph or more. rain will become heavy tonight before turning to showers. thunderstorms will likely affect the morning commute with heavy downpours possible and gusty winds. showers will decrease by tomorrow afternoon. it should be dry on friday with another chance of rain this weekend. wet weather always brings with it... the risk and danger of flooding.(ken) and it really doesn't take a lot of rain to create problems... a
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single blocked storm drain single blocked this weekend.chance of rain this weekend.
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the return of wet weather always brings ... the risk and danger of flooding. (ken) and it really doesn't take a lot of rain to create problems... a single blocked storm drain can flood an intersection or a home. kron 4's charles clifford is in san franciscwith a look at what the city is doing to prevent problems. problems.prevent problems.
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(ken) cal fire has released the names of five more victims from the camp fire. and the new threat to butte county even though the fire is out. (pam) and thousands of people are soon going to have to change the way they dial local phone numbers. the new area code being added ... and how you will have to connect when dialing..
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and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. (ken) so many phones... so few phone numbers. in the east bay, a new area code is coming next year.(pam) if you have a 510- number...
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kron 4's justine waldman explains.. you will need to learn a new way to make a phone call. 341 is new to the july 22 2019, the 341 area code will be added to 510 region in the east bay.this is to make sure there are enough telephones phone numbers for the area, according to the california public utilities commissionsot this is just part of living in a more connected worldpeople with 510 area codes will keep their number.the 341 is for new numbers.also, for 510ers.. people will need to start dialing 1 before the area code for all calls from a landline. you don't need to dial the 1 on a cell phone.just the landline... still ...sot i will prob have to cut back on some phone calls if have to dial a one now that is prob going to happenit is recommended people start thinking about reprogramming alarm systems and updating contact information to include the area code... while the area code change officially starts next year, the cpuc wants people to start practicing dialing the "1" now!-- justine waldman kron 4 news.
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(ken) and good news in the east bay. first fridays is offical back on!! back in october organizers cancelled the street festival due to violence. a shooting injured five people directly after the october first friday shortly after the cancellation of the november second event was announced. but now first fridays are back on for decemeber. the theme will be peace and love and the festival will take place from five to nine pm on december 7th. for the location head over to kron4 dot com. (pam) coming up.. a little more than a week that's all the time congress has to avoid a potential government shutdown ... but there is a big wall in the way. (ken) the camp fire may be contained but the work is far from over in butte county. the newest obstacale cal fire is facing tonight. (pam) we are staying on
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top of our big story tonight.. the rain coming down in the bay area. in two- and a half- minutes ... we will take a look at the current rain conditions in the south bay ... as well as.. some information from police on how to be safe during the morning commute. (lawrence)ten at ten (pam) continue to follow the rain
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storm that will pound the bay area ... this is a live look at the roads throughout the area. (ken) we are joined now by chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with where the rain is heading right now. lawrence karnow: a major storm is now approaching the bay area. this is an unusually intense storm with gusty winds, heavy rain and even some thunderstorms. heavy snow will fall over the sierra with some places seeing over 2 feet of snow. a wind advisory is up tonight through tomorrow afternoon for much of the area with winds gusting to 45 mph or more. rain will become heavy tonight before turning to showers. thunderstormshe mor commute with heavy downpours possible and gusty winds. showers will decrease by tomorrow afternoon. it should be dry on friday with another (pam) continuing our team coverage of the rain
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storm in the bay ... the santa cruz mountains are bracing for a direct hit .... as the next storm looms off the coast... (ken) that means the "over-the- that means this weekend.chance of rain another chance of rain this weekend.
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(pam) (pam) continuing our team coverage of the rain storm in the bay ... the santa cruz mountains are bracing .... as this storm moves onshore .. (ken) that means the "over-the-hill gang," as highway 17 commuters are sometimes known, are in for more white-knuckle driving. kron 4's rob fladeboe went to highway -17 where police were cleaning up a car wreck. nats (tow truck rights flipped
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car)one minute he was northbound on highway 17 and the next, carlos vallejo was upside down, skidding to a stop just passed glenwood drive.carlos vallejo/rolled car on highway 17 " was like being in a washing machine, kind of crazy..."this was one of 10 accidents that occurred between the summit and sugar loaf drive on the santa cruz side of the mountain, all before noon. vallejo walked away but his honda sedan is nearly totalled. he still doesn't know exactly what happened.é carlos vallejo "...i wasn't going that fast, i had both hands on the wheel and for some reason i started to spin out and i rolled over..."a few may have occurred before the bu since midnight, there have been 26 accidents from los gatos to scotts valley. a busy day for officer brian mutoza.brain mutoza/chp "...mostly single vehicle spinouts and the majority caused by excessive speed, going too fast for the wet roadway..."moderate to heavy rain snarled the morning commute. but there were showers on and off all day. like this. dry conditions one minute. a few miles down the road, more showers. happily, amazingly, there were no serious injuries reported.
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carlos vallejo " okay, yes, i am, you can tell, i am lucky..." (pam) the chainsaws have been humming ahead of this storm. p-g-and-e crews have been busy protecting power lines. in orinda, this is video of three large monterey pine trees being taken down. p-g &- e has a distribution line that would likely be taken out there .. and that means power would go out for scores of people if any one of those pines does come down... arborists determined they were at risk of falling, given the expected saturated ground and
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high winds.. in fact, the utility expects problem areas to be widespread around the bay. sot tamar sarkissian/pge spokesperson :17"it looks like the areas most impacted north bay peninsula and santa cruz coast and that means we will have crews situatied on those areas to respond to power outages and we can bring crews in from other areas to keep the lights on."(pam ) on."(pam ) taking down 3 massive trees in 48 -hours is not done limb by limb, but instead, 40- feet at a time ... with the help of a massive crane. this is just one of the steps the utility is taking prepare for the high winds and rain... and with all this work today, there is still one monterey pine to come down.. that work is supposed to happen on friday.. "we are anticipating a severe weather system with rain coming and and flash flooding. that presents a whole new set of hazards. not only could it delay our on going effort for reentry it could also jeopardize people's lives."
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(kew) crews in butte county are bracing for heavy rain in the wildfire-burn areas. right now they are clearing drains and removing ash and sediment from creeks and streams-- in hopes of preventing heavy debris flows. a watershed emergency response team is working to identify areas that could be mudslides. damaging runoff from wildfire burn scars. (ken) another concern is the rain is making it more difficult to find human remains.... so far the camp fire has claimed 88 lives. 47 of those have been identified... and tonight five more names have been released. dennis hanko, 56 from paradise... donna ware, 86, from paradise... julian binstock, 88, from paradise... jennifer hayes, 53 from paradise.
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and john sedwick, 82 from magalia... 196 people are still missing. (ken) and thousands of camp fire victims are still struggling now three weeks after the fire started. hundreds are still in evacuation shelters while federal agencies try to help. kron 4's ashley zavala spent time with victims who are trying to put their lives back together in chico. ((nats))through the doors of the disaster relief center at the chico mall.. reality sets in.((patty holmes- paradise resident)) : "i've been coming here quite a bit.. i was here on day for more than six hours" paradise resident patty holme says this is her third disaster... having lived through a category five hurricane and a tornado in texas.. and now the camp fire. being a survivor brings her to tears..((sobbing)) "so i'm trying to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.."((az standup)) to move forward..fema officials say about 1500 victims visit the relief center a day.((frank mansell - fema)) "when they with what they need to do to rebuild their lives. there's an awful lot of disruption, lost birth certificates, licenses, registrations, any
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number of items you need to reclaim your life."((nats)) up the hill in paradise... a town still in repair. the elementary school crumbled... draped with powerlines, the high school is still standing. butte county school officials say students will return to classes monday-not in paradise-but in buildings throughout the county, including chico.((lindsey beltz - paradise residents)) "most of the kids i think find it really inviting. i think it gives them a sense of purpose, something they can reach out to instead of just being idle and watching everything go around. it gives them something to do."jason and lindsey beltz say with two teenagers...they are now grappling with the challenge of finding a permanent place to live...((jason beltz)) "it's been so difficult, because you just don't know what to do next."an open ended to-do list for the town and people in recovery. tag. jen leonard/ tie destroyed by disasters like this, that's by disasters like being destroyed "communities co.and timber brew jen leonard/ tie jen leonard/ tie and timber
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brew co."communities being destroyed by disasters like this, that's usually the first thought. then the second is, what can i do to help?" (pam) more than 1-thousand breweries across the u-s are banding together to make a new brew -- to benefit people affected by the fires in california.(ken) grant lodes joins us in the studio to tell us how seven breweries from southwest missouri are starting the national movement. (grant) if you're a fan of craft beer. southwest missouri is a
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southwest missouri is a great place to be. you see right now there are six craft breweries in springfield alone-- not to mention some of the others outside those city limits-- each one with it's own unique lineup of house-made beers. but pretty beers. but pretty soon, seven southwest missouri breweries will serbve the same beer... and they have the same mission. (grant) lewis also says, these seven local crews aren't the only ones working on the resilience ipa. out of the 8,000 breweries nationawide right now 400 are signed up to
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do this. (grant) for these brewers.. it was finally a way to reach out a group of people they'd otherwise be unable to help. the beer will be available on december 14th. the breweries said even though national recipe, the beer will likely taste different based on where it was made. if you're a home brewer and you're looking to play a part-- you can find the recipe online. online. (jrs) (jrs) kron 4 and our parent
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company-- nexstar media group... have partnered to help the fire victims in butte county. if you would like to help those affected by the 'camp fire'... the american red cross is accepting donations. you can check kron for details.. (pam) developing news tonight... the white house is calling on congress ... to spend five- billion dollars on a border wall. the president says, unless congress coughs up the money ... the nation may be in store for another federal government shutdown. kron 4's's mark meredith has more from capitol hill. trt: 1:13out: in washington, i'm mark meredith. nat: "we have an opportunity to get a few more things done" outgoing house speaker paul ryan says republicans are running out of time to deliver on one of president trump's biggest promises. nat: "we want to secure our border"ryan says he supports the president's demand for five billion dollars to begin building a border wall.the president says unless he gets the money...he may support a government shutdown next week. but so far...democrats are showing no signs of giving in. ohio democratic congressman tim ryan."the president
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promised the american people that if he built a wall, it was going to be paid for by mexico, now he's going back on that promise"congress has already passed five of twelve spending bills for next year. meaning...if there is a would only affect parts of the government...and many essential services would remain up and running.senate democrats say they're willing to spend 1.6 billion dollars on border security....but the money should not go to building a senator lindsey graham says that's not enough. "securing the border is going to be a bottom line for the president. "political ng says a shutdown i not a sure bet..."if they end up with a government shutdown, that doesn't benefit anybody" and in the end the odds are on a compromise that will keep the government washington, i'm mark meredith. (pam) the a's are moving! we will breakdown the plan for the new waterfront ballpark in oakland... and tell you how it will differ ... from any other current stadium in the major leagues.. (ken) burger king's newest deal is for the dogs--
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literally! the reason the chain is offering free food to your four-legged friend. (sports) just ahead in sports, by the time we get to the weekend, steph curry will be back in the warriors lineup. we'll hear from the mvp on his return.
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a lot of excitement around a new ballpark aln the table for the oakland a's... the location will require the team to move from east to west oakland. (ken) and city leaders say it is the price tag that they find most attractive... kron 4's haaziq madyun has the story looking at artistic renderings of a next- generation urban ballpark for the oakland a'ssot
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ballpark here at howard terminal at the port of oakland, the project also includes simultaneously redeveloping the current coliseum site. oakland a's president dave kaval explains sot
10:47 pm
county supervisor: "the county, we have been in conversations with the a's for quite a long time on the a's acquiring our interest in the property">sotwhile that is being sorted out, one thing that is not under negotiation is who is paying for thissot(ken) other fans voiced
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concerns about getting to the new stadium if it is built. for one bart is not that close by. transportation did come up during the press conference today... both the mayor and the a's management say they are working on it. the a's ballpark isn't the only big story of the day... we now know when steph curry will be back in the lineup. --warriors practicing in toronto tonight in advance of tomorrow's game against the raptors... and steve kerr announced that the two-time mvp will play saturday in their showdown with the pistons. --curry recovering from a groin injury suffered earlier this month against the bucks.... since then he's been working his way back, going through practices and upping his workload. --draymond green may be out for a little longer...he's dealing with a toe injury. --but until
10:49 pm
then, let's hear from number 30. "it's been three weeks or so, so i'm iching to get back. obviously excited that the end is near, but love coming to toronto so it's dissapointing i'm not playing.""we're never gonna look back and saw we wish we played him in toronto, but the opposite would definitely be true. we would look back and say, what we give him a couple day, so caution is the word of the day." finally tonight, sharks in a back-to-back.. visiting the maple leafs. --we go back to toronto-- former anarfranchise leading scorer patty marleau now with the leafs. --pick it up in the first period-- thomas hertl.. hits the spin button...taps it into the net on the power play. game knotted at 1. --later in the frame- toronto's john tavares...gets one of his two scores... a tic-tac-toe goal... leafs take a 3-1 lead. it doesn't take long for toronto to pick up marleau... 1
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seasons in san jose... but now getting it done north of the boarder leafs win 5-3... next up... at the ottawa senators on saturday moving on over to the nfl-- the 49ers now moving past the reuben foster drama... and sending their full attention to a classic division rival. --niners practicing this afternoon in santa clara...preparations underway to visit the seahawks in seattle. the first of two matchups in the next three weeks. --nick mullens will get the start once again...following an unimpresive outing last week in tampa bay. --and richard sherman...returning to the city he helped bring a super bowl title to. --49ers have a chance to throw off seattle's playoff the hawks are in raiders have their own difficult task to deal with...the 9-and-2 kansas city chiefs coming to the coliseum --we've seen what the chiefs are capable of this year... best record in the afc... patrick mahomes is an mvp candidate and leads the league with 37-touchdown passes... 2nd-highest scoring offense in football...
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top 5-attack. --oakland is 2-and-9... losing 6 of their last 7. (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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(ken) burger king doesn't want you eating alone when you order a burger for delivery. so they are giving your dog to a treat too. for a limited time - the restaurant chain says it will give away free "dog-per og-per bones" to who buy whoppers. the treat is dog-friendly and supposedly features burger king's "flame-grilled taste." the bones are not for pickup or dine-in. you can only get them through the door-dash food delivery service. fyi....the "dog-per" is not for human consumption. lawrence karnow: a major storm is now approaching the bay area. this is an unusually intense storm with gusty winds, heavy rain and even some thunderstorms. heavy snow will fall over the sierra with some places seeing over 2 feet
10:55 pm
of snow. a wind advisory is up tonight through tomorrow afternoon for much of the area with winds gusting to 45 mph or more. rain will become heavy tonight before turning to showers. thunderstorms will likely affect the morning commute with heavy downpours possible and gusty winds. showers will decrease by tomorrow afternoon. it should be dry on friday with another chance of rain this weekend.
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i'm natalie morales. and i'm craig melvin. and this is dateline on mynetworktv. stephanie roller bruner: i'm here, asking for help.
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craig melvin: it was like hearing a ghost-- a voice from beyond the grave. stephanie roller bruner: there's no way i can go back. craig melvin: can she help solve her own murder? jennifer voxakis: so surreal. this is something that happens to other people, not to you. craig melvin: she was a dancer who married a dashing photographer. they seemed the perfect family until the bone chilling night she went missing. greg sadar: you could see the body underneath the snow. craig melvin: where was her husband that night? dale bruner: my attorney said, you don't know the tidal wave that's coming towards you, do you? craig melvin: seems like it's always the husband, isn't that what police usually say? except this time, they weren't so sure. greg sadar: it's a whodunit.


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