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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 4, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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now at eight ... we are tracking the new storm heading into the bay area right now ... (whoosh)if it rains i say suck it upcollege football fans unfazed by the weather as the nation's top two teams arrive for their championship game in santa clara.(whoosh) coughit's that time of year ... doctors warn that flu cases are soaring.we have patients in the hospital right now sick with this stuff (pam) now at 8. an east bay mother says ..... her son was depressed and needed help. instead he was shot and killed by police.(pam) tonight, dozens of people showed up at a vigil for th ywa joining us i'm pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne. kron 4's ella sogomonian is
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live at hayward city hall where augustin gonsalez's family and friends gathered. gathered. his mother believes agustin gonsalez would still be alive if police had used their training to calm him instead of kill him. pkgloved ones organized a vigil for agustin gonsalez front of hayward city hall friday night.the 29 year old was killed by police outside his ex girlfriend's home november 15th.sot: karla gonsalez, mother// "i would give anything to get my son back. i would have never thought in a million years i would be in this position." someone in the area called them reporting erratic behaviour.his mother admits he was going through a depression but believes police should have deescalated in what was a cry for help.sot: karla gonsalez, mother// "i would have liked them to try and help him to talk to him to see if they were able to talk him down. he was crying from what i understand he was sobbing he was really crying. just trying to see instead of using a lethal weapon. and just try to
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talk to him there could have been a different way."three officers told gonsalez to put down what they thought was a knife.when he didn't they fired 13 rounds killing him. later they found it was instead a razor blade.their attorney stands by the family believing it didn't have to end this way.sot: ben nisenbaum, attorney// "while he may have taken a step or two toward them he was not moving quickly and so two officers two well trained officers certainly can control a man with a blade or box cutter i have no doubt about that."the hayward police department is conducting an internal investigation because of the use of will remember gonsalez as a loving father of two who brightened the room. the family would like to see body cam video and plan to file a civil lawsuit against the police department who did not get back to in hayward ella sogomonian kron 4 news.
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a somber day in a small central valley town today... as people honored an officer... killed late last month in the line of duty. hundreds of people lined the streets and packed a downtown theatre in newman ... to honor corporal ron-il singh. our grant lodes is here with more on how he is being remembered. (grant) the 33 year-old who immigrated from figi came to the states to be an officer. he loved his small community... several times turning down more lucrative off central valley law enforcement agencies because he told people... he liked serving the
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12-thousand or so folks in newman... just west of merced along highway 33. and today... those people he served... showed their appreciation... and expressed their profound grief. blue ribbons are all around... people holding american flags stook along the side of the road as ronil singh's flag draped casket was taken into the theatre in newman. the marquee there reading... "ronil singh forever remember" his family followed the casket into the viewing ceremony... then came officers... then the public... many of whom knew him personally. supporter: "he was a great guy if he was driving by and you were in your front yard he would stop and talk."(grant) and talk."(grant) that woman referring to
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the suspect... gustavo perez arriaga was arrested friday and charged wednesday with singh's killing. but this case brings up the sanctuary city and state debate... because he is an undocumented immigrant who had been prvioslu arrested for d-u-i. officer singh had pulled the suspect over hours after christmas day on suspicion of dui when he was shot and killed. singh leaves behind a wife and baby boy. a woman who witnessed a man beating another woman in san francisco... was stabbed to death by that suspect according to police.. once she started recording him. it happened on ellis near leavenworth streets wednesday. veronica soliz walked outside her building when she saw the attack... and called police. she then followed the suspect and recorded him... when he turned and stabbed her in the head. she later died. police arrested 49 -year old arthur finch.. he is now facing
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murder charges. this is the first homicide of the year in san francisco. the woman who bit a jogger who pepper-sprayed her dog at anthony chabot regional park was arrested today. 19-year-old alma cadwalader of oakland is facing multiple charges including battery with serious bodily injury.serious bodily injury. they say cadwalader's rottweiler tried attacking the jogger yesterday on a trail. the jogger used pepper spray to fend off the dog, and that's when cadwalader tackled the jogger and began punching her. when the jogger tried to push her away, cadwalader bit the woman's arm, leaving significant wounds. (ken)turning now to our four zone forecast. rain is on the way.(pam) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the timing of the storm
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lawrence karnow: a series of strong storms are now headed toward the bay area and will impact the weekend. today we had plenty of sunshine with just a few clouds but the winds started picking up late in the day. its quiet on doppler radar now but the rain will be heavy at times late tonight and into tomorrow morning. also, gusty winds could bring trees down and make for difficult driving. another storm will arrive during the day on sunday with gusty winds and heavy rain. showers will continue into monday. a third storm will arrive tuesday evening with showers into wednesday. the partial federal government shutdown government federal wednesday. showers into evening with tuesday evening with showers into wednesday.
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the partial federal government shutdown does not appear to be ending anytime soon. but some in congress are calling on president trump and house and senate leaders to tone it down and compromise. c-n-n's manu raju reports. (pam) local business near federal buildings are also feeling the impact of the government shutdown. coffee shops, pizzerias and cafes near the pizzerias and shops, raju reports.c-n-n's manu raju reports.
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(pam) local business near federal buildings are also feeling the impact of the government shutdown. coffee shops, pizzerias and cafes near the oakland federal building ... have all seen a
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drastic drop in sales because the number of federal building employees and visitors ... has dropped as well; for example, the 'city cup coffee shop' has seen a 60- percent decrease in customers... and there is another level to this trickle - down effect. the vendors which provide supplies are seeing a drop in orders from those businesses, potentially causing them to lose money as well. (ken) muir woods will close on monday because of the government shutdown. like other parks... it is also seeing problems with overflowing trash cans... and toilets. it was one of several sites within the golden gate national recreation area that stayed open after the shutdown began. if you had parking or shuttle reservations to the park... those will be automatically refunded. excitement is building .. as the top area.(ken) the clemson tigers came in around 6.(dbx) let's check in with kron-4's dan thorn, live at the san jose ?
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an exciting day here at the airport in san jose as both of these teams get ready for the college football national championship. alabama and clemson arriving within the past few hours. vo the crimson tide appearing to be strictly business as they got off the plane and headed straight for the busses. they seem to be laser focused without interacting much with the santa clara lions youth football team who was greeting the teams. the crimson tide is nations top college football program and they seemed to carry that swagger all the way to the bay area. nick saban is looking for his 6th national title at alabama... they'll be meeting with clemson monday night at levi's stadium...the team arrived here at the airport around 4:30 today. they were a little more loose and interactive with the kids here. head coach dabo sweeney was also seen high-fiving with the kids.. this is the 4th time these teams are meeting
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up...making it pretty much an annual event.. some might argue this championship is disappointingly predictable. but these are the two best teams in college football. there were no interviews available with players or coaches today...we'll hear from them tomorrow. reporting in san jose dan thorn kron 4 news. coming up at eight.. a big party in oakland ... with steph curry as the star host. what is it like inside the concert. kron 4 news.jose dan thorn kron 4 news. coming up at eight.. a big party in oakland ... with steph curry as the star host. what is it like inside the concert. plus. a ca for the president's impeachment. see the moment it happened . and next. flu season is here... and cases are soaring.. why ---this year--- older americans may be
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at lower risk than the young
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returning to the bay area after traveling for the holidays are bringing something nasty and contagious back home with them - the flu virus. doctors warn, the chances it spreads as people return to work and school ... is very possible.. kron 4's justine waldman reports on the high levels of flu activity making people really sick. nats that achy, hot, miserable feeling is hard to mistake --
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it's the flu and being sick can last for alexander evens tells kron 4 news, right now the flu is spreading quickly.sot we are seeing more cases it is picking up especially after the holidaynew numbers from the cdc show 24 states including california are showing widespread levels of flu outbreaks.those are the state in on the ma means regional outbreaks. yellow means california, all but 5 counties are reporting elevated flu activity.and so far, 13 children across the country have died.including, allison eagle speaker from montana, her mother says she passed away 48 hours after first becoming ill.sot mom crystal white / allison's mother"the illness hit her really hard and really fast. for it to just take her life, tithing prepares you for how fast it moves."children, especially, ones under 4 years old are vulnerable to h1n1 - which is this years predominate flu strain.sot their immune systems are not fully developed.standup "with several months of the flu season still ahead. doctors say it is not too late to get a flu shot. which seems to be working against this years flu virus." sot it looks so far that the vaccine got it right however the vaccine is not perfect80 percent of the children who died from the flu last year did not get the vaccine, according to the cdc.
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the peak of flu season is likely to hit this marin county justine waldman kron 4 news. kron 4 news. (pam) happening now a big party in oakland ... with steph curry as the host. it is all to celebrate his 10 -years with the warriors in oakland..(ken) it's a show only a select few fans got to see after they scored free tickets.kron4's gayle ong is standing outside the fox theater in oakland where the event is taking place. gayle. so much excitement here,
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everyone is inside..enjoying a free concert with bay area musicians - e40, mister fab..pi-lo..just to name a few. the event started at 7 but fans lined up here way before sunrise. they came from all over the bay area,all over the they came from all over the they came from they came from all over the bay area,all here to be part of steph curry's big party..
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his ten years in oakland. hundreds of faithful fans waited in line the day before for free coveted concert tickets at curry's pop up shop on 9th the end..only 225 tickets were given out but all who came gave it their all.. a day later, fans back in line waiting hours anticipating the big bash.. including this 9-year-old girl from napa who made national headlines back in november.. riley morrison wrote curry a letter asking why his under armour shoes aren't made for girls.he wrote back things will change and promised she would be one of the first kids to get the new curry 6 she is today sporting her christmas present from the man himself those new curry 6 shoes you just saw was inspired by the marquee of the fox theater, today is also a celebration of the 'global' launch of the new sneakers made by under armor. live in oakland, gayle ong kron 4 news.
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now to our four zone forecast. taking a live look outside at s-f-o. kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast lawrence karnow: a series of strong storms are now headed toward the bay area and will impact the weekend. today we had plenty of sunshine with just a few clouds but the winds started picking up late in the day. its quiet on doppler radar now but the rain will be heavy at times late tonight and into tomorrow morning. also, gusty winds could bring trees down and make for difficult driving. another storm will arrive during the day on sunday with gusty winds and heavy rain. showers will continue into monday. a third storm will arrive tuesday evening with showers into wednesday. (ken) it has been more than
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3- months since the salesforce transit center was shutdown ... following the discovery of two cracks in the structure. now repair plans have been approved.. but, it is still unclear how soon buses will start rolling through the facility. kron 4's dan kerman has an update. it was last august when the salesforce transit center opened, only to be closed a month later when two cracks were found in steel beams on the bus deck above fremont street. now progress is being made towards the eventual repair and reopening of the facilitysot christine falvey/transbay joint powers authority :15we are out purchasing steel we have the design approved by the independant reviewers and we are going to get started on that no date has been set for when the fix will be completed, but even when the repairs above fremont and first street are finished that doesn't mean the transit center will immediately reopen until the rest of the structure is reviewedsot mike
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engelhardt/chair, transit center peer review panel :34we are looking for members and connections of the structural system that migh thave the right conditions come together to have a brittle fracture university of texas at austin structural engineering professor mike engelhardt chairs the independant panel reviewing the transit center repair project. he says the panel has now started to review thousands of construction drawings to make sure no other parts of the transit center have the potential for cracking.sotwe are not expecting to find problems, but at this point just to do our do diligence we are going to look throoughly to be sure no other conditions exist in the center that may cause a brittle fracture standup dan kerman/sf 122if the panel sees anything there will then be a visual inspection and then a determination of there needs to be a fix.. that's why it's unclear eactly when this facility will reopen. in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news.
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new ahead at 8 he got trapped in a burger king bathroom...then was offered free food for life by the restaurant. why he 's now suing... and next. new video showing the moments a nail salon owner chased down a customer for not paying ... then lost her life.
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(ken) las vegas police are releasing surveillance video and a picture of a woman accused in the death of a nail salon owner.(pam) they are hoping it will help them
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track down the 21- year old woman. the video shows krystal whipple leaving a nail salon ... after failing to pay for a 35- dollar manicure. you then see the 51-year- old salon owner ... jumping in front of the black sedan that whipple was driving.. and then being dragged beneath the car, as it speeds away. police say, the car was stolen last month... it was later found abandoned. (ken) new details are emerging about a fiery crash in florida that killed seven... including five children. we are learning the truck driver at the center of the crash... received several traffic tickets over the years. court records show steve holland was cited for speeding, driving an unsafe vehicle, driving an overloaded vehicle, and not carrying proof of insurance. police say the five children killed were in a church van on their way to walt disney world. they e fourteen. coming up at eight.. days after taking back the house ... democrats are set to introduce gun control legislation. plus.
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hundreds of t-s-a workers are finding a way around the government shutdown. and there are concerns it could affect airport security. and next. a new congresswoman's remarks going viral ... after her expletive - laced call for the president's impeachment.
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(ken) a new democratic lawmaker's expletive- laced call for president trump's impeachment.. is going viral. (pam) and it is also raising questions about how the congressional democrats
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will handle the impeachment question. jeff zeleny reports. some democrats have been calling for president trump's impeachment for months.rep. maxine waters:"i said he should be impeached and they said don't use that word."but now they are part of the house majority, making that word carry far more weight and political a celebration after being sworn in as a new congresswoman from michigan, rashida tlaib, renewed her cry for impeachment with the f-word. rep. rashida tlaib:"when your son looks at you and says mama, look you won, bullies don't win. i said baby they don't. because we're going to go in there and we're going to impeach the mother f----" washington today, from the white house ...president trump: "i thought her comments were disgraceful."... to the generational and ideological divide over the wisdom of
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impeachment.rep. al green:"i'm absolutely convinced that impeachment is not dead."but house judiciary chairman jerry nadler is trying to put the brakes on all this impeachment talk.rep. jerry nadler:"i don't really like that kind of language. more to the point, i disagree with what she said. it is too early to talk about that intelligently."it's one of the first, and perhaps most consequential tests for democrats in the new era of divided government.speaker nancy pelosi has repeatedly called impeachment premature. yet she's not ruling it out. rep. nancy pelosi:"we have to see what happens with the mueller report. we shouldn't be impeaching for a political reason and we shouldn't avoid impeachment for a political reason."last month, a c-n-n poll found 43 percent of americans saying trump should be impeached and removed from office, while half say he shouldn't be.but among democrats, a whopping 80 percent favor impeachment, which presents a conundrum for the wide field of potential 20-20 presidential candidates. we caught up with california congressman eric swalwell, who is among those eyeing a presidential bid, and prefers trump leave office by defeat. rep. eric swalwell:"i just think its better for democracy that he loses at the ballot box.//if he somehow has made himself a martyr, than i think we've lost."reporter:"made himself a martyr."swalwell: "yeah. i don't want to see him make himself a martyr by saying oh, they've tried to impeach me, and he comes out more popular."the president believes impeachment is unwarranted and hopes it could backfire on democrats. president trump:"you know
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what? you don't impeach people when they're doing a good job, and you don't impeach people when there was no collusion." (pam) even if the house agrees to impeach donald trump, the measure would then move to the republican - controlled senate, where it would likely never succeed. (pam) days after reclaiming the house majority ... democrats are planning to introduce gun control legislation. it will happen tuesday ... which is the anniversary of the shooting of former democratic representative gabby giffords. speaker nancy pelosi will introduce a bill to expand background checks ..... for sales and tranfers of firearms.... and is citing polls which show 97- percent of americans support background checks.. congresswoman pelosi says,
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democrats will "press relentlessly" to end the nation's epidemic of gun violence. (ken) some federal workers appear to have found a way around working without pay. hundreds of t-s-a officers called out from work this week at four major airports. call-outs have increased by 200 to 300-percent at dallas-fort worth international airport. and north carolina airports report ten-percent higher call-outs. and as many as 170 t-s-a employees have taken a sick day each day this week at new york's john f. kennedy international airport. one union official says the absences could have an effect on the security of air travel. but t-s-a officials say the impact is minimal and security will not be compromised. t-s-a workers are required to work without pay through the partial government shutdown. (ken) despite one of the worst months for the u-s stock market in decades, the labor department says job growth was booming in december. the blockbuster numbers surprised economists and pleased the markets, but what do they tell
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us about the year ahead, and will the current government shutdown make a dent in next month's report? karin caifa (prono: kay-fuh) reports from washington. the labor department's monthly jobs numbers, delivering good news for president trump. president trump: this really took people by surprise. this is a great number.the u.s. economy created 312,000 jobs in december, rounding out 2.6 million jobs added in 2018. unemployment, at 3.9-percent, a slight uptick over the last update, but the result of more americans getting into the labor force.the report, beating expectations, and tamping down recession fears amid recent market volatility. mark zandi / chief economist, moody's analytics: there is no recession around the corner. growth is slowing, and that'll become more obvious as we make our way through 2019, but i don't think a recession is in this report.the ongoing trade dispute with china has dragged on u.s. and global markets and investors have been wary of the fed's plan for more interest rate hikes. on friday federal reserve chairman jerome powell, noting
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the strengths in the u.s. economy like the jobs market said, the fed will remain flexible.jerome powell / federal reserve chairman: markets are expressing concerns, again about global growth in particular, and trade negotiations that are related to that. and i'll just say, we're listening carefully to that.380,000 furloughed government workers were not factored into the report, the numbers were collected before the partial government shutdown began.a shutdown that continues could show up in the numbers released next washington, i'm karin caifa. (ken) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead.. and snow for the sierra is in the forecast.. lawrence karnow: a series of strong storms are now headed toward the bay area and will impact the weekend. today we had plenty of sunshine with just a few clouds but the winds started picking up late in the day. its quiet on doppler radar now but the rain
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will be heavy at times late morning. also, gusty winds could bring trees down and make for difficult driving. another storm will arrive during the day on sunday with gusty winds and heavy rain. showers will continue into monday. a third storm will arrive tuesday evening with showers into wednesday. still ahead at 8 fans are flocking to a california house to take pictures after a netflix film catapults it to fame. catapults it to a netflix film wednesday. showers into evening with showers into wednesday.
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california house to take pictures after a netflix film catapults it to fame. and
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next.. a man attacks a deli worker ... hurling not just insults ... but food. why he was so upset.
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(ken) a new york man is learning a lesson most of us already know. no matter how hangry you are, you shouldn't throw stuff at other people.(pam) about a month ago, 24-year-old edilberto burgos was inside a brooklyn
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deli waiting for his breakfast sandwich, when he lost it.... and started screaming and throwing things at the cook. yesterday, detectives arrested him. he is now facing charges of assault and menacing for throwing several items at the cook, including bread and a shopping basket. the assaulted employee was treated at a hospital for bruising and swelling. (ken) once in a while, breaking the rules can be a good thing. for a delaware teen this week, it turned out to be a life-saving decision. 13-year-old damir carter defied his mother by staying up late overnight wednesday to watch netflix. a fire broke out at their home, and because damir stayed up he was able to alert his mother who was asleep. authorities say the an overheated power strip caused the fire. they credit damir with saving his family's life. and his mother says he won't get grounded this time for staying up late. next at 8 a man suing burger king after he says it backed out of a deal to give him free lunch...
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for life. and just ahead in sports, more on the upcoming national championship game at levi's. check out the teams arriving in the bay area... and also, we have to talk about last night's warriors game.. how james harden engineered a furious rally against the champs
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(pam) an oregon man's trip to burger king ... did not go as planned. he ended up stuck for an hour in the restroom.(ken) not because he was sick, but because the door just wouldn't open. to make up for the incident,
8:46 pm
the restaurant offered to spring for lunch... for the rest of the man's life.(pam) but the restaurant reportedly flipped on that offer ..faster than they flip burgers... and now the man is suing. kellee azar reports. the lawsuit may sound funny but the experience stuck with michael fuller's client. michael fuller / attorney: "he went to the restroom washed his hands and when he went to pull the door it wouldn't open."on december 15th curtis brooner says he went to burger king off northeast 238th--- fuller says.he got trapped in the bathroom for over an hour. michael fuller / attorney: "they gave him a fly swatter to jimmy the door open which actually cut his hand."court documents claim employees on the other side laughed at brooner.finally a locksmith who was able to get him free. michael fuller / attorney: "it wasn't a pleasant experience for him and he spent an hour in the restaurant after just gaining his composure."during his time in the restaurant brooner claims he was presented with an offer. michael fuller / attorney: "to
8:47 pm
make things right burger king offered him free food for the rest of his life should he come into the restaurant."and for a few weeks -- they say, burger king honored the deal. until fuller says a regional manager reneged the offer. michael fuller / attorney: "its a principal, the jury is going to enjoy it. there are funny elements of the case but there is nothing funny about being locked in a dank bathroom for an hour."on tuesday, they filed a lawsuit -- for the cost of the burgers. michael fuller / attorney: "we estimated his life would last 72 years which is about 5 years less than average based on his frequent consumption of cheese burgers."fuller along with his client determined that works out one burger a week at $7.89 over twenty two years -- or the rest of his life-- equaling a little more than 9-thousand dollars and sixteen cents.michael fuller / attorney: "i think we will reach a fair settlement, my client was presented with an offer, he accepted it and a deal was a deal." deal was a deal." (pam) a would-be kidnapper was hospitalized.... after chasing a woman into a karate studio in north carolina.. according to police. the head instructor at the studio says, a woman entered the studio thursday night and said someone was trying to hurt her. then,
8:48 pm
a man entered saying he was there for the woman who had just come in. she said she didn't know him, and that he had tried to kidnap her. the instructor says, he defended himself after the man refused to leave and became violent. the altercation continued outside the studio, with the suspect reportedly, also trying to attack responding police officers. he was ultimately arrested and carried out on a stretcher. (ken) a netflix thriller has turned this california home into a must-see for fans of the movie. the house is featured in the streaming service's wildly popular film -- "bird box." it is located in monrovia... about 20 miles east of los angeles. in the movie-- sandra bullock's character finds refuge in the home. fans of the film are taking pictures on the home's front steps. some of them wear blindfolds or cover their eyes. that's because in the film-- characters must keep their eyes closed in order to stay alive. (pam) it is not just children you need to worry about allergic reactions .. when it comes to what they eat. a new study
8:49 pm
indicates just how prevalent food allergies are for adults .. kim hutcherson has more in tonights' health minute. more than one out of every ten americans suffers from food allergies.that's according to a new study published in the online medical journal jama opennetwork.researchers surveyed more the 40-thousand adults in the u.s. on the prevalence of food allergies. and the three most common types of food allergies amongst the participants may or may not surprise you.1. shellfish (2.9%)2. milk (1.9%) 3. peanut (1.8)half of those that reported having an allergy, described their particular food allergy as being "severe."about 40- percent had to make a trip to the emergency room as a result. around half of the participants said they didn't develop their allergy until they were's important to note that all of the results were self-reported, not verified by the researchers.while nearly 20-percent reported experiencing symptoms of a
8:50 pm
food allergy -- researchers found half of those were caused by other conditions.if you're one of those out there that suspects they could be suffering from a food allergy, researchers encourage you to seek out a medical professional to get tested.for today's health minute, i'm kim hutcherson. starting tonight with the college football playoff-- this is how you know game week is finally here. check this out... both bama and clemson, present and accounted for in the bay area, the teams landed at san jose airport this afternoon... this is the 4th year in a row these teams have played in the playoff... 3rd time in the last four years they are playing for the title. the tide...are the favorites and rightly so, defending champions, heisman trophy runner up tua tagovailoa is their ranked team at 14-and-0. but the tigers are dangerous too... also 14-and-0...and they have a new young star at qb, trevor lawrence.for after 5 monday night at levis. in our other top story,
8:51 pm
steph curry hosting a party tonight out in oakland. but their most recent game against the rockets...didn't provide any reasons to celebrate. --what a showdown last night at oracle... warriors- rockets...a rematch of the western conference finals. --golden state led by 20 in the 2nd half, then houston just went off... james harden continued his hot streak... notched a 5th-straight 40-point game.. 2nd triple double in a row... --and the craziest shots came down the stretch... hit a three to send the game to overtime... then the game winner with klay thompson and draymond green in his face. --now, the champs left reflecting on how it fell apart. "he made an impossible shot at the end. just an incredible performance. i give him all the credit he deserves." "i thought both teams played great. down the stretch, you're going to make them miss shots. i thought we kept ourselves in it. i don't think down the stretch is the reason why we lost. i just felt like we let our foot off the gas a little bit in the 3rd quarter." "they were all tough shots. tip your hat to them. he made them. especially the last one in regulation, and the last one in overtime. for the most part, i felt like we made him work all night. he just made tough shots." tough shots."
8:52 pm
finally finally tonight, the a-p announced its nfl all-pro teams today. the only player from the bay area franchises to land on a roster... 49ers tight end george kittle. the 2nd-year star earned 2nd team all-pro list... what a year for him... racked up 1,377-receiving yards, a single season record for tight ends. as for the raiders, they did not have an all-pro selection.
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with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. so even when she grows up, she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only with expedia. of the year: some people in
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the entertainment world are preparing for award shows, others for a big music festival... (pam)and at least one person is doing both. david daniel has that and more.. in the hollywood minute. (nat)this year's golden globes will feature a slew of past winners. presenters are set to include halle berry, gary oldman, octavia spencer, jessica chastain, jamie lee curtis, and allison janney. they'll all help announce this year's winners on sunday (1/6). (nat)idris elba is another past globes winner and a presenter this year -- in fact, he seems to be everywhere! the actor, record producer, and people's current "sexist man alive" is set to d-j at this year's coachella music festival. elba's been d- j'ing since he was 14, and spun some (pam)(pam) that wraps up kron 4 news
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at 8.(ken) grant lodes and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. (grant) pam, ken thanks very much. next at nine: the king of the bay... is celebrating 10 years with the warriors. we're inside at steph curry'as big bash in oakland... where big names in hip hop are performing... as curry puts on a different kind of show.(vicki) plus... the plus... the government shut-down... is now having a significant impact on local businesses. why regular people who work at stores and restaurants may lose their jobs for good. (grant) and our chief is timing out orms set to roll in.(vicki) keep it here... kron4 news at nine is next.
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(grant) now at 9 --a big party in oakland has been going on all night ... with steph curry as the host. it is all to celebrate his 10 -years with the warriors in oakland..(grant) good evening -- i'm grant lodes.. (vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis. it's a show only a select few fans got to see after they scored free tickets. kron4's gayle ong is standing outside the fox theater in oakland and has new video of
9:00 pm
the party.gayle. so much excitment in there, everyone is inside..enjoying a free concert with bay area musicians - e40, mistah fab..p- lo..just to name a's a look inside steph curry's big bash they came from all over the bay area, all here to be part of steph curry's big party.. the golden state warriors guard invited fans on social media tuesday, announcing plans to celebrate his ten years in oakland. hundreds of faithful fans waited in line the day before for free coveted concert tickets at curry's pop up shop on


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