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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 4, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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the party.gayle. so much excitment in there, everyone is inside..enjoying a free concert with bay area musicians - e40, mistah fab..p- lo..just to name a's a look inside steph curry's big bash they came from all over the bay area, all here to be part of steph curry's big party.. the golden state warriors guard invited fans on social media tuesday, announcing plans to celebrate his ten years in oakland. hundreds of faithful fans waited in line the day before for free coveted concert tickets at curry's pop up shop on 9th
9:01 pm the end..only 225 tickets were given out but all who came gave it their all.. a day later, fans back in line waiting hours anticipating the big bash.. including this 9-year-old girl from napa who made national headlines back in november.. riley morrison wrote curry a letter asking why his under armour shoes aren't made for girls.he wrote back things will change and promised she would be one of the first kids to get the new curry 6 she is today sporting her christmas present from the man himself those new curry 6 shoes you just saw was inspired by the marquee of the fox theater, today is also a celebration of the 'global' launch of the new sneakers made by under armor. live in oakland, gayle ong kron 4 news.
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(grant) it has been more than 3- months since the salesforce transit center was shutdown ... following the discovery of two cracks in the structure. now repair plans have been approved.. but, it is still unclear how soon buses will start rolling through the facility. kron 4's dan kerman has an update. it was last august when the salesforce transit center opened, only to be closed a month later when two cracks were found in steel beams on the bus deck above fremont street. now progress is being made towards the eventual repair and reopening of the facilitysot christine it purchasing steel we have the design approved by the independant reviewers and we are going to get started on that no date has been set for when the fix will be completed, but even when the repairs above fremont and first street are finished that doesn't mean the transit center will immediately reopen until the rest of the structure is reviewedsot mike
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engelhardt/chair, transit center peer review panel :34we are looking for members and connections of the structural system that migh thave the right conditions come together to have a brittle fracture university of texas at austin structural engineering professor mike engelhardt chairs the independant panel reviewing the transit center repair project. he says the panel has now started to review thousands of construction drawings to make sure no other parts of the transit center have the potential for cracking.sotwe are not expecting to find problems, but at this point just to do our do diligence we are going to look throoughly to be sure no other conditions exist in the center that may cause a brittle fracture standup dan kerman/sf 122if the panel sees anything there will then be a visual inspection and then a determination of there needs to be a fix.. that's why it's unclear eactly when this facility will reopen. in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news.
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(vicki) an east bay mother says ..... her son was depressed and needed help. instead he was shot and killed by police.(grant) tonight, dozens of people showed up at a vigil for the hayward man killed in an encounter with police in november.kron 4's ella sogomonian has the story. pkgloved ones organized a vigil for agustin gonsalez front of hayward city hall friday night.the 29 year old was killed by police outside his ex girlfriend's home november 15th.sot: karla gonsalez, mother// "i would give anything to get my son back. i would have never thought in a million years i would be in this position." someone in the area called them reporting erratic behaviour.his mother admits he was going through a depression but believes police should have deescalated in what was a cry for help.sot: karla gonsalez, mother// "i would have liked them to try and help him to talk to him to see if they were able to talk him down. he was crying from what i understand he was sobbing he was really crying. just trying
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to see instead of using a lethal weapon. and just try to talk to him there could have been a different way."three officers told gonsalez to put down what they thought was a knife.when he didn't they fired 13 rounds killing him. later they found it was instead a razor blade.their attorney stands by the family believing it didn't have to end this way.sot: ben nisenbaum, attorney// "while he may have taken a step or two toward them he was not moving quickly and so two officers two well trained officers certainly can control a man with a blade or box cutter i have no doubt about that."the hayward police department is conducting an internal investigation because of the use of will remember gonsalez as a loving father of two who brightened the room.
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(vicki) facing potentially billions of dollars of liability for its role in a series of deadly wildfires... pg&e may be considering selling off a major part of the company to pay for it all. an annonymous company official and former employee says pg&e is looking at selling its natural gas division later this year. it would be a way to pay for potential wildfire claims. numerous lawsuits have already been brought against the power company... including a lawsuit filed yesterday by insurance companies. california fire investigators have pointed to the utility's power lines as the cause of several wildfires in the state... including the devastating camp fire last year. (vicki)in a statement obtained by kron4, pg&e did not address the potential sale of assets directly, but did acknoweldge that among other things, the board of directors is "reviewing structural options to best position pg&e to implement necessary changes while meeting customer and operational needs. (grant) the partial
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federal government shutdown does not appear to be ending anytime soon.(vicki) but some in congress are calling on president trump and house and senate leaders to tone it down and compromise. manu raju reports. two weeks into the government shutdown, and most lawmakers are digging-in, while some are growing impatient and demanding a deal without funding for president trump's border wall.on the republican side congressman peter king sent a message to president trump: don't pay attention to house conservatives.rep. peter king:"the president shouldn't always be listening to the freedom caucus."king joined with six house republicans and house democrats last night to reopen federal agencies shuttered over trump's demands for billions for the border wall.but sided with trump by opposing a separate measure to reopen the department of homeland security.rep. peter king:"i just thought it was wrong to hold those hundreds of thousands of employees hostage over an issue they have nothing at all to do with. i think the president should negotiate. i think the democrats should negotiate."in the senate, republicans susan collins and cory gardner --
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both facing potentially difficult re-election bids in 2020 -- also expressed their concerns.calling on g-o-p leaders to allow a vote on legislation reopening the government... and let talks over the wall to take place later.but majority leader mitch mcconnell says that won't happen without trump's support.sen. mitch mcconnell: "the package presented by the house's new democratic leaders yesterday can only be seen as a time-wasting act of political posturing. it does not carry the support of the president."some democrats also growing impatient with house speaker nancy pelosi's refusal to compromise over the wall. reporter:"so she should cut a deal essentially?"rep. jeff van drew:"yes in my opinion, i know that there are some people in my party that don't agree but there are people that are now not working and not getting paid."reporter: "you are worried that she is digging in too much?"rep. jeff van drew:"everybody is digging in to much. and you know who doesn't like it, in my opinion? the vast majority of the american public."but in a private meeting today, sources tell c-n-n that most house democrats were in budge.with even some of pelosi's toughest democratic critics standing behind her. rep. kathleen rice:"i completely support the speaker's position on this."
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(grant) today in a meeting... president trump told democratic leaders he's willing to keep the government closed for months or years. and two people familiar with the meeting tell c-n-n that the president refused to back off his demand for five-point-six billion dollars in funding for a border wall. (vicki) local business near federal buildings are also feeling the impact of the government shutdown. coffee shops, pizzerias and cafes near the oakland federal building ... have all seen a drastic drop in sales because the number of federal building employees and visitors ... has dropped as well; for example, the 'city cup for example, the 'city cup coffee shop' has seen a 60- percent decrease in customers...
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going to have to find a solution. even one day.. one person takes off a day, or i have to lay off some of you guys."> the vendors which provide supplies are seeing a drop in orders from those businesses, potentially causing them to lose money as well. (grant) muir woods will close on monday because of the government shutdown. like other is also seeing problems with overflowing trash cans...and toilets. it was one of several sites within the golden gate national recreation area that stayed open after the shutdown began. if you had parking or shuttle reservations to the park...those will be automatically refunded. (vicki) excitement is building... as the top two college football teams touch down in the bay area. the clemson tigers came in this afternoon... and the alabama crimson tide rolled in around 6. the crimson tide appearing to be strictly business as they got off the plane and headed straight for the busses. they seem to be focused without interacting with the santa clara lions youth football
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team who was greeting the teams. alabama will be meeting with clemson on monday night... the team arrived at the airport around 4-30 today. they were a little more interactive with the kids here. head coach dabo sweeney was also seen high fiving with the kids. this is the fourth time these teams are meeting up for the championship. (vicki) the college football playoff national championship in santa clara on monday will go on rain or shine... but what about thefan festivities? as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, organizers are working on contingency plans. nats (cheerleader)the big game will be held at levi's stadium in santa clara but mcenery convention center is the fifty yard line for pre game festivities with tons of interactive fun. fans can run drills, kick field goals or go out for a pass and they are pumped for the big game says john salberg.john salberg/fgoing to the gamefans were clearly enjoying the sunshine here at the quad at plazea de cesar chavez where several outdoor events are planned. there's rain in the forecastbut organizers say
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they are ready for that too. elon werner/fan centralrachel lindsay/college football ambassadoryou might recognize rachel from the bachelorette. she is also helping to promote a fundraiser for butte county fire victims, asking fans to text the word teacherto 56512. while most of the events related super bowl 50 were in san francisco,this time they're in san jose and while alabama and clemson are on the marquis, many of the fans are homegfrown.local fansin san jose rob fladeboe kron4news kron4newsfladeboe in san jose rob fladeboe kron4news kron4news
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(grant)(grant) cal trans has a warning tonight if you're headed to the sierra this weekend. fresh snow will be impacting weekend travel starting tomorrow afternoon. officials say the impact will
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be significant, meaning drivers could face white out conditions and chains will almost certainly be required so expect travel delays. (vicki) changes are coming to the bay area weather as well.(grant) joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: a series of strong storms are now headed toward the bay area and will impact the weekend. today we had plenty of sunshine with just a few clouds but the winds started picking up late in the day. its quiet on doppler radar now but the rain will be heavy at times late tonight and into tomorrow morning. also, gusty winds could bring trees down and make for difficult driving.
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another storm will arrive during the day on sunday with gusty winds and heavy rain. showers will continue into monday. a third storm will arrive tuesday evening with showers into wednesday. some people returning to the bay area after traveling for the holidays are bringing something nasty and contagious nasty and wednesday.
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some people returning to the bay area after traveling for the holidays are bringing something nasty and contagious back home with them - the flu. (vicki) 2sh doctors warn, the chances it spreads as people return to work and school ... is very possible..kron 4's justine waldman reports on the high levels of flu activity making people really sick. nats that achy, hot, miserable feeling is hard to mistake -- it's the flu and being sick can last for alexander evens tells kron 4 news, right now the flu is spreading quickly.sot we are seeing more cases it is picking up especially after the holidaynew numbers from the cdc show 24 states including california are showing widespread levels of flu outbreaks.those are the state in on the ma means regional outbreaks.
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yellow means california, all but 5 counties are reporting elevated flu activity.and so far, 13 children across the country have died.including, allison eagle speaker from montana, her mother says she passed away 48 hours after first becoming ill.sot mom crystal white / allison's mother"the illness hit her really hard and really fast. for it to just take her life, tithing prepares you for how fast it moves."children, especially, ones under 4 years old are vulnerable to h1n1 - which is this years predominate flu strain.sot their immune systems are not fully developed.standup "with several months of the flu season still ahead. doctors say it is not too late to get a flu shot. which seems to be working against this years flu virus." sot it looks so far that the vaccine got it right however the vaccine is not perfect80 percent of the children who died from the flu last year did not get the vaccine, according to the cdc. the peak of flu season is likely to hit this marin county justine waldman kron 4 news.
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(grant) police in the east bay are searching for two people who stole thousands of dollars worth of high end purses. it happened at the premium outlets in livermore. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, police are releasing some pictures .. hoping someone recognizes these thieves. it was here at the san francisco premimum outlets in livermore where surveillance cameras caught the incriminating photos.... images of the two suspects who reportedly ripped off a high end store... grabbing several handbags worth about 20 thousand dollars... (take vo) the bold crime happened at the end of the day... around 6pm.... that is when livermore police say two suspects entered a store the pricey handbags and fled in a dark suv...sources tell kron four news... this was the store,
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versace - at the north end of the spawling mall... and look here... these are the suspects... one suspect is described as a white male adult, think build, mid 20s, unshaven with short brown hair, weaeing a camouflaged tshirt, blue jeands black shoes and black reding glasses. the second suspect is described as a black male adult, thin build, mid 20s, clean shaven, wearing a grety vest with dark colored sleeves underneath, light blue jeans, black shoes and an oakland raiders beanie cap... as far as the vehcile... here is a picture of that... a four door dark colored suv. mall security had no comment... and asked us to leave the center... shoppers told kron four news they were suprised at how brazen the theft was... livermore police are asking if you recognize either man, or know about the crime ... to contact them immediately, terisa estacio kron four news.
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a woman who witnessed a man beating another woman in san francisco... was stabbed to death by that suspect according to police .. once she started recording him. it happened on ellis near leavenworth streets wednesday. veronica soliz walked outside her building when she saw the attack... and called police. she then followed the suspect and recorded him... when he turned and stabbed her in the head. she later died. police arrested 49 -year old arthur finch.. he is now facing murder charges. this is the first homicide of the year in san francisco. (vicki) and in castro valley -- police arrested the suspect of accused of assaulting a female jogger. the suspect is identified as 19-year-old alma cadawalader. the victims says she was approached by cadawalader just before 10-30 this morning ... at the chabot regional park. the victim also reported to police that she had to defend herself against a dog attack using pepper spray. the female assailant attacked and punched the victim several times. as the victim
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attempted to push off the attacker.. she was bitten on her forearm by the suspect. police say, the attacker had two dogs. coming up -- a democratic congresswoman goes viral for using an expletive to call for the president's impeachment. see the moment it happened . (vicki) and -- ford is recalling more than 950- thousand cars... what you need to know about those takata airbags... when we come back... (grant) and -- why president trump says apple should change the way it makes the i-phone. (lawrence) weather tease
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(grant) president trump made his first comments today on apple's stock free-fall. (vicki) apple has seen billions in losses in its stock value following its warning that iphone sales in china are slowing down. however -- at today's press conference trump said he wasn't concerned about apple's future and again encouraged c- e-o tim cook to move his supply chain to the united states. experts say the iphone is produced through a complex... global supply chain. moving it out of china would be extremely difficult and highly unlikely. (grant) ford is recalling more than 950-thousand cars because of defective airbag
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inflators. this is just the latest recall surrounding the takata airbags that can explode-- and injured drivers and passengers. the cars affected are the 20-10 ford edge and lincoln m-k-x. the 20-10 and 20-11 ford ranger. the ford fusion and lincoln m-k-z from years 2010-2012 the 2010 and 2011 mercury milan, and the 2010 to 2014 ford mustang. dealers will replace the inflators for free. at least 23 people have been killed worldwide by the defective inflators. for all the recall specifics... we've posted that on up next..former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords is heading back to her old stomping grounds. what her brain injury is prompting her to do now. plus..heavy hearts today as family, friends and complete strangers pay their respects to fallen newman officer ronil
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singh.reaction from the community still coming to grips with his tragic death. and the changing political landscape in the nation's that democrats have control of the house... how a once powerful wing of the gop is now adjusting to life in the minority. life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free
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preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. the last day to sign up is january 15th, so don't miss out! because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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lengthy and sometimes contentious conversation with the president. we agreed we will continue our conversations, but we all recognize, on the democratic side, we can not solve this until we open up government."> (grant) the government shutdown
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is dragging on. but now some in congress are calling on president trump and house and senate leaders to tone down the tough talk... and find a compromise. (grant) this as we mark a time of change in the nation's capital as democrats took control of the u-s house for the first time since 20-11. (vicki) washington correspondent drew petrimoulx reports on southern republicans who now find themselves in the minority. house republicans enjoyed almost a decade of control here in washington but now that's changed and republicans will have to adjust to life in the minority. when the speakers gavel passed to democrat nancy pelosi -- it signaled a new reality in congressional delegations from the south -- chock full of republicans like alabama's bradley byrne. "it's loyal
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opposition. were loyal to the country but in opposition to bills and policy positions that we disagree with on principle." after years of republicans controlling the house agenda -- freshmen members like tim burchett from tennessee come to office with little power to push legislation. "that doesnt bother me one bit. i spent most of my time in the legislature in the minority." one way house republicans can get things done is to find bipartisan compromise. "there are lots of things we can work on together." "i truly hope we can find some common ground." "its going to require leaders on both sides to sit together." drew petrimoulx, reporting:>"but the 116th congress begins its work under the cloud of a partial government shutdown. its the result of a bitter partisan fight over funding for a new wall along the southern border." g-o-p house members say they want to work with democrats on issues like fixing infrastructure, green energy and military readiness. but with no end to the spending fight in view -- it could be some time before lawmakers find ways to agree. in washington, i'm drew petrimoulx (vicki) california governor elect gavin newsom is scheduled to be sworn in on monday to become california's 40th governor.(grant) and
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we will be live streaming the inauguration on our website at (grant) michigan's new democratic representative isn't backing down from incendiary comments she made about president donald trump. representative rashida tlaib was sworn in yesterday. just hours after that ceremony, tliab said she wanted to get trump impeached. her comments were posted on social media and quickly went viral. take a look... tliab addressed the controversy over her statement on twitter friday ... and displayed no remorse.she tweeted that she would - quote - "always speak truth to power" - unquote - and included the hashtag "unapologetically me." (grant) former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords
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returns to capitol hill next week to help introduce a bill on gun background checks. the legislation would require background checks on private transactions for gun sales. democrats will introduce the bill tuesday. it's the 8th anniversary of the shooting that nearly killed giffords and left six others dead. she'll join newly-elected house speaker nancy pelosi and congressman mike thompson, a california democrat, to unveil the bill. (vicki) in pennsylvania, allegheny county police officials honored swat and bomb squad officers who responded to october's deadly synagogue shooting.a gunman killed 11 synagogue attenders and wounded six other people, including four police officers, in the shooting at the tree of life synagogue.the shooting in the pittsburgh neighborhood of squirrel hill drew officers from pittsburgh and beyond, including county police.
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day without any thought to their own safety is is the light that we take from it."> in friday's ceremony, 17 swat officers and five bomb squad members received awards of merit.among the officers honored: a k-9 named pedro, who works for a bomb team. (grant) the city of newman is remembering the life of corporal ronil singh. two honor guard viewings were held today. pedro rivera spoke with people in the community who knew singh and about what he meant to them. there are barely 11,000 people living in the city of newman, its a small town. friday morning it felt like the entire city aligned main street to honor corporal ronil singhin store fronts ,you see blue ribbons and flags draping windows as hundreds stood togetherwaiting in silence as the procession make its way to the west side theatre.. first the family is let into
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the theatre followed by the newman police departmentsh ortly after it was time for the community to make their way inside. kimberly lawson was one of hundreds of people to get in linesharing stories of singh and the times he spent greeting her family lawson wasn't alone in the sentiments singh was killed hours after spending time with his wife and young child on christmas. police say singh pulled over 32 year old gustavo was shot and killed on december 26th. police arrested arriaga ,an undocumented immigrant, on while the focus of the morning was on singh, his family and the newman police department, people in this small town are also asking for change from lawmakers in sacramento
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(grant) the corporal will be laid to rest at crosspoint community church in modesto tomorrow at 10 in the morning. (lawrence bay area weather) (sports tease) just ahead in sports, another step closer to the big national championship showdown monday night. more on the matchup as the teams land in the bay
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starting tonight with the college football playoff-- the excitement going up another level... as the parties involved are now in the bay area. . check this out... both bama and clemson, present and accounted the teams landed at san jose airport this evening this is the 4th year in a row these teams have played in the playoff... 3rd time in the last four years they are playing for the title. the tide...are the favorites and rightly so, defending champions, heisman trophy runner up tua tagovailoa is their ranked team at 14-and-0. but the tigers are dangerous too... also 14-and-0...and they have a new young star at qb, trevor lawrence. kickoff set for after 5 monday night at levis. in our other top story, another bizarre game in this warriors season... and this latest one hurt as the champs just crumbled down the stretch...and let one player
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take a game over.. --what a showdown last night at oracle... warriors- rockets...a rematch of the western conference finals. --golden state led by 20 in the 2nd half, then houston just went off... james harden continued his hot streak... notched a 5th-straight 40-point game.. 2nd triple double in a row... --and the craziest shots came down the stretch... hit a three to send the game to overtime... then the game winner with klay thompson and draymond green in his face. --now, the warriors left reflecting on what happened. "he made an impossible shot at the end. just an incredible performance. i give him all the credit he deserves." "i thought both teams played great. down the stretch, you're going to make them miss shots. i thought we kept ourselves in it. i don't think down the stretch is the reason why we lost. i just felt like we let our foot off the gas a little bit in the 3rd quarter." "they were all tough shots. tip your hat to them. he made them. especially the last one in regulation, and the last one in overtime. for the most part, i felt like we made him work all night. he just made tough shots." finally tonight, the a-p announced
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its nfl all-pro teams today. as you would expect, the list isn't filled with raiders or 49ers, but there is one player that stands out. . congratulations to 49ers tight end george kittle. the 2nd-year star earned a spot 2nd team all-pro roster... what a year for him... racked up 1,377-receiving yards, a single season record for tight ends. worth noting that the raiders didn't have a single all-pro selection. that is your look at sports we'll have more news after the break. break. with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. so even when she grows up, she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only with expedia.
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look into the car, see young girls, observe that family, and without any other explanation he decided to riddle the car with bullets."> (grant) police are giving us the first glimpse at the man they think is behind the violent murder of a seven-year- old girl in houston. (grant) now her family is speaking plubicly... sending a message to her killer.(vicki) the hunt for her killer is now the top priority for the sheriffs office. andy rose has the latest. houston police say this is the face of a child killer. this composite sketch is the first look at a dangerous murderer on the loose..who fired a gun into a car full of women and children.striking 7-year-old jazmine barnes in the head, killing her.police believe this newly released surveillance video enhanced by nasa..shows a red or maroon pickup truck that could be the key to catching their suspect. laporsha washington, jazmine's mother: "i don't even go out the door, it's terrifying to look over your shoulder and not even know what you're
9:45 pm
looking for."jazmine's family says they're now living their worst nightmare.laporsha washington, jazmine's mother: "i'm praying that she's going to come walking through this door any second and say april fools.."through the tears, the pain and the heartbreak..her family is speaking directly to jazmine's killer.laporsha washington, jazmine's mother: "you took an innocent child life, and she did no wrong to you... she did not deserve this and you should step forward and do the right thing."christopher cevilla, jazmine's father: "i feel like he needs to be terrified, because i won't quit until justice is served for my baby." i'm andy rose reporting. (grant) funeral services for jazmine barnes services for (grant) (vicki) funeral services for jazmine barnes are scheduled to take place on tuesday.(grant)n-f-l star and wide receiver for the houston texans, deandre hopkins, says he's going to donate his entire paycheck from the playoffs to barnes' family to
9:46 pm
help them deal with funeral expenses. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: a series of strong storms are now headed toward the bay area and will impact the weekend. today we had plenty of sunshine with just a few clouds but the winds started picking up late in the day. its quiet on doppler radar now but the rain will be heavy at times late tonight and into tomorrow morning. also, gusty winds could bring trees down and make for difficult driving. another storm will arrive during the day on sunday with gusty winds and heavy rain. showers will continue into monday. a third storm will arrive tuesday evening with showers into wednesday.
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(vicki) the n-double-a-c-p is joining a florida student in her fight demanding the company that administers the s-a-t test release her score. (grant) she says the score -- which is 300 points higher than her last attempt -- is the result of hard work... but s-a-t officials say she cheated.trent kelly has the story. kalimah campbell/student"i know from an example that you have to work hard and study and focus, to achieve your dreams. and i'm not going to let ets take what i earned away from me."a passionate plea from kamilah campbell, the south florida student accused of cheating on her s-a-t after the company that s said her score increased by 300 points.shirley campbell/mother"we're asking that you give her the score that she earned. not what you think she got."on wednesday, campbell's attorney benjamin
9:50 pm
crump demanded e-t-s validate campbell's score or face possible legal, crump says the company, has yet to even present any evidence of cheating. . benjamin crump/attorney"if you accuse somebody of cheating, if you defame someone's character, than the burden is on you. it is not on the person accused to prove their innocence."crump says his office has been contacted by at least a dozen other families who claim the very same thing happened to their more voices are joining in the fight in support of campbell. including the local n-double- a-c-p and at least two miami-dade school board members.steven gallon/miami- dade school board"i think it is high time that we elevate the discussion around this issue, and what the data will reflect is is that too often, there's issues malign certain communities, and certain children, specifically children of color."
9:51 pm
(vicki) congressman frederica wilson says she is now planning to look into this matter. during the press conference today, crump is still threatening possible legal action against the exam administrators. as of tonight -- the company released a statement earlier this week saying it's their policy not to comment on individual test scores. up next...first he was out.but could comedian hart still host this year's oscars?why he says it's a possibility.
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a docuseries containing abuse and sexual misconduct accusations against musician r kelly debuted last night. (grant) "surviving r. kelly" is a six-part documentary series airing on the lifetime channel. it examines accusations of child sexual abuse and predatory behavior that have been leveled against the singer -- and contains interviews with accusers, witnesses, and people who were close to kelly. the history of back to 1994, when he in 2002, he was charged with 21 counts of child pornography, but was eventually acquitted.kelly denies any wrongdoing.his lawyer says the documentary contains false claims and the people involved are defaming kelly for personal gain. (vicki) talk show host ellen degeneres wants kevin hart to host this year's
9:55 pm
oscars.he stepped down last month after tweets from nearly 10 years ago resurfaced with derogatory language he used while referring to gay an interview on the ellen degeneres show... ellen reveals she called the academy to personally ask them to reconsider having hart host the awards show next month. hart tells ellen he has regrets-- and will evaluate re-taking the oscar host role. (grant) and -- beyonce's company is facing a class action lawsuit. a new york woman who is blind is suing 'parkwood entertainment'. she says it violated the americans with disabilities act. mary conner specifically targets beyonce-dot-com in her impaired equal access to products and services. in the suit-- conner alleges she could not browse the site or make online purchases on her own. the lawsuit wants an injunction from the court so the company can make the website accessible for the blind. she is also asking for
9:56 pm
compensatory asking for compensatory damages... including the costs of attorney fees. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten... get ready for a wet weekend across the bay area. the first in a series of storms is set to hit in just hours.hopefully it does not put a damper on your weekend plans. our chief meteorologist is here with your 'ten at ten' forecast. plus... new tonight at ten.a disturbing story you have to see to believe.a a coma for a decade, delivers a healthy baby the care facility is trying to figure out who got her pregnant.(pam) and warrior star steph curry.. hosting a huge party in oakland for hundreds of young fans.and it is still rocking there tonight. we'll take you there live.(ken) don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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we are expecting some rain here in the bay area in the next few days. here is a live look at the radar... nothing is showing up yet on land but that will be changing in the next few hours. (ken) thanks for joining us im ken wayne. (pam) and im pam moore.. we are expected to see quite the soaking in parts of the bay area. here to give us the details is chief meterologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: a series of strong storms arheaded toward the bay area and will impact the weekend. today we
10:00 pm
had plenty of sunshine with just a few clouds but the winds started picking up late in the day. its quiet on doppler radar now but the rain will be heavy at times late tonight and into tomorrow morning. also, gusty winds could bring trees down and make for difficult driving. another storm will arrive during the day on sunday with gusty winds and heavy rain. showers will continue into monday. a third storm will arrive tuesday evening with showers into wednesday. (pam) the big party in the big (pam) wednesday. showers into evening with showers into wednesday.


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