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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 8, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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(ken) tonight, (ken) tonight, police are investigating a deadly shooting that left a 17-year- old football player dead... and the gunman is still on the loose. thanks for joining us i'm ken wayne...(pam) and im pam moore. the shooting happened in belmont. the teen's body was recovered in an elementary school parking lot last night with a gunshot wound.(ken) kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us from pleasanton where belmont police spent much of the afternoon. j.r. what were they doing in pleasanton? (jr)the swat team was out here and detectives searched this house behind me for a couple of hours. neighbors were told to stay inside. this is 17 year old mohammad othman. a teenager found outside central elementary school in belmont monday night. life saving efforts were given but othman was pronounced dead at the scene.
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officers say he had been shot. they origionally responded to the school after receiving a call from his family members saying they believed he was at the school and concerned for his safety. tuesday belmont police with the help of other departments searched this pleasanton house on blossom court. it's unclear what the connection is to the case but neighbors tell me the homeowner moved here from belmont over a year ago. police believe othman knew his killer but won't say what the connection is. the young man was a football player at carlmont high school in belmont. his coach jake messina described him as a "happy go lucky kid" who was "fun to be around" and a big part of the school winning a championship. (jr)back out here live this evening this is a look at the home that police were in and out of earlier this afternoon. at this point no arrests have been made. many neighbors told me that they didn't feel comfortable going on camera talking about this.
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lawrence karnow: we had a few showers today but most of them were light. doppler radar is now tracking more rain off the coast. rain will be heavy tonight before midnight then
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turn to showers. the winds will also be very gust and a wind advisory is up for much of the bay area. showers will continue tomorrow with highs only in the 50s and the low 60s. it should be dry on thursday before more rain moves in on friday and late this weekend. (pam) in the south (pam)
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(pam) in the south bay -- the latest series of winter storms caused some heavy rain and high winds in the santa cruz mountains. drivers met with slick roads and downed trees after the storm. crews say, more often than not, it is the tall fir trees, not the redwoods, which are most vulnerable to high winds. three homes suffered serious damage -- but no one was hurt. < "....there was just this loud crash, we thought it was some kind of explosion, we didn't know what was happening....">(pam) highway- 9 was closed for much of the day between felton
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andsanta cruz... as cal-trans shored up an ever- worsening slip out near paradise park. the c-h-p responded to several accidents on rain-slick highway 17. (ken) the north bay is one of the areas expected to get hit the hardest... kron 4's charles clifford is in marin county with a look at how people are keeping a close eye on the trees, and creeks that can turn into rivers.. natstuesday afternoon, only a light rain fell across most of marin county. some of the aftermath of recent storms was still visible, including this fallen eucalyptus in san rafael.sotwell, it's getting ramped up.san rafael resident kerry hansen lives along san rafael creek. following heavy rain on sunday the normally sleepy creek came alive. now he's keeping a close eye on the water.sotit turns into a river and then it goes back down. we have retaining walls so i think we are going to be ok.sotwe need to have breaks in between the rain so it has a chance to absorb. christine cilento also lives in san rafael. she likes the mix of dry days and rainy days.sot went to rodeo beach and the tops of the hills are just starting to turn green so that good.and even though there's rain in the forecast, both chrstine and kerry are thankfull for the moisture which will hopefully ward of
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drought conditions next summer. soti think it's looking pretty good so far.soti think we are looking pretty good on rain. we have to have some optimism going, right? (ken) stay (ken)(ken) stay (ken) (ken) stay informed on bay area weather with the kron-4 mobile app. there you will find full forecasts...interactive radar.. and get push alerts when breaking news happens in your neighborhood. it's all on the kron-4 mobile app (pam) another big story we
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are following tonight... a choice between 'right and wrong'. that's how president trump characterized the need for a wall along the southern border.(ken) but democrats dismissed the rhetoric -- and blamed the president for shutting down part of the government. camila bernal has highlights from the primetime speeches. president trump: "my fellow americans"from the oval office -- president trump speaking to the world -- about the u-s / mexico border.president trump: "this is a humanitarian crisis. a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul." president trump: "all americans are hurt by uncontrolled illegal migration. it strains public resources and drives down jobs and wages."the president demanding nearly six billion dollars to fund a barrier at the border.president trump: "this barrier is absolutely critical to border security." but democrats disagree.sen. chuck schumer / -d- minority leader: "the symbol of america should be the statue of liberty not a 30 foot wall."on the opposite end of
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pennsylvania avenue -- in the halls of congress -- speaker of the house nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer rebutted the president's claims.sen. chuck schumer / -d- minority leader: "democrats and the president both want stronger border security. however, we sharply disagree with the president about the most effective way to do it."the wall is at the center of the second longest government shutdown on record. about 800 thousand federal workers are furloughed or working without pay.rep. nancy pelosi / -d- house speaker: "president trump must stop holding the american people hostage and stop manufacturing a crisis, and must reopen the government."despite the dueling speeches -- the president plans to meet with democratic and republican leaders wednesday -- to see if there can be a solution that ends the shutdown.president trump: "hopefully we can rise above partisan politics in order to support national security."in washington -- i'm camila bernal. (ken) congressman eric swalwell of the east bay took to twitter with his response saying the president does not want border security. he wants border theater. period. and
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mexico isn't paying for it. we all are. with this we all are. with this costly #trumpshutdo wn."we're going to build a wall. and mexico is going to pay for it. indirectly." promised no presidential candidate. #trumpshutdown (pam) california senator dianne feinstein released this statement following president trump's oval office speech: "what democrats don't support spending billions and billions of dollars on a wall... that won't help protect our country. it's not realistic. it's not necessary. and it's not where we should focus our attention or resources." (pam) president trump will now visit the capitol tomorrow for a lunch with republican senators. vice- president mike pence was already scheduled to attend the event. after the lunch -- the president will meet with a group of bi-partisan congressional leaders at the white house (pam) our coverage of this story continues online at kron4 dot com... there we have posted president trump's speech in its entirety... as well as responses from the
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democrats- senate minority leader chuck schumer and house speaker nancy pelosi... also, hear what senator bernie sanders has to say to president trump .. why he is demanding the shutdown end... all that on kron4 dot com... (ken) employees at the u-s food and drug administration are expressing concern that the partial government shutdown could threaten the health and safety of the american people. furloughed f-d-a staffers say they believe the agency is doing the best it can during the shutdown, but there are fears the longer it goes, the more likely americans could be at risk. in a statement, the f-d-a commissioner says the agency is working to perform critical functions and focus on consumer protection. but he admits a good deal of routine agency and review work has slowed down. about 41 percent of the f-d-a workforce is off the job due to the shutdown. (ken) it's estimated the cost of sending active duty troops to the southern border will reach 132-million dollars by the end of the month. that's according to two u-s
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defense officials, who say congress has been briefed on the cost. the cost of the deployment could go up if the defense department approves the most recent reguest for help by homeland security. guard deployment is estimated to be 308-million dollars by the end of september. (pam) president trump's recent decision to withdraw u-s troops from syria has gathered criticism from allies .. military leaders and even members of his own national security team. (ken) today national security advisor john bolton added conditions to the withdrawal policy drawing anger from the turkish president. (ken) our grant lodes joins us now to break down the confusion within the trump adminsitration. grant? (grant) today turkish today turkish president erdogan lashing out publicy at advisor john bolton.. saying quote we
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cannot accept the comments made by bolton... erdogan today cancelled a planned meeting between the two. bolton is in on a trip to israel and turkey.. and this morning he told reporters that the u-s would áonly pull out of syria if turkey pledged ánot to attack kurdish allies who have been fighting isis with the u-s. erdogan responding in a speech to parliamnet saying turkey made a deal with trump... and he's now hearing different voices from the adminstration... adding that turkey would not compromise. on sunday president trump reiterated his position on syria saying we are pulling back... we going to be removing our troops. bolton's remarks seem to add conditions to the president's pledge. (grant)assured.">(grant) but these (grant) but these conditions from bolton
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could extend the u-s presense in syria indefinitely. secretary of state mike pompeo is also in the middle east talking with allies about what the plan in syria is... but at this point he and bolton are contradicting the president's withdrawal edict.(grant) the timeline on any american withdrawal from syria is still unclear. (ken) today senate democrats blocked a bill unrelated to the government shutdown in protest of president trump's demand for money to build a border wall. it was the first roll call vote of the new session and involved bills related to u-s support for israel and sanctions against syria. republicans needed 60 votes to break a filibuster... but only got 56. many democrats are calling for lawmakers to continue blocking legislation until the president ends the shutdown. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell told democrats they should get serious about negotiating with
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trump instead of playing political games. (pam) in the north bay... a 14- year old napaiddle school student is in custody tonight ...after allegedly planning a columbine type attack on two schools.(ken) kron 4's maureen kelly has the details of what police say the young suspect intended to do. a columbine type esk event - a mass casuality event. were people were going to be hurt or killedénapa police say they were tipped to the threat to river middle school and vintage high back december 31st.according to investigators - the 14 year old suspect threatened to kill another student - who knew about the plot.if i had to characterize what this young man was planning and plotting to do it would be columbine esk, if you will explosives handgrenades knives those types of things were part of the planning process that would've been something that would've been, if came to for wishon that may have been something we could've facedthe suspect was arrested on january of the
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alleged plot had some parents pretty upset. including one who didn't want to appear on daughter is 12 and it really scared me i am i didn't want to have my daughter come to school today, some parents have expressed being upset at the district for not alertting them sooner but police say they were still ruling out the possibility that there were other suspects involved up until monday this point the napa police aren't saying if any weapons were seized. they did say it appeared the teen was in the early planning stages of this attack....but was being very agressive in getting his plot in motion. police say they did not find any kind of hit list and do not know what the suspect's motive might have been. maureen kelly kron4 news. (ken) on the anniversary of the shooting that almost took the life of arizona congresswoman gabby giffords... democrats introduced a bill that would require near universal background checks. california congressman mike
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thompson and speaker nancy pelosi announced the bipartisan background checks act of 20-19. democrats believe they can pass the bill in the house of representative s in the first 100-days of the new congress... but its unlikley the republican controlled senate will even vote on it. nevada congressman steven horsford says the bill would expand background checks to online sales and tradeshows. (ken) the bill has exceptions for law enforcement and sales or gifts between family members. (pam) in the east bay... a respected youth soccer coach was arrested... in connection with an undercover sex sting operation.(ken) up until last week... alejandro sanchez coached teams with the lamorinda soccer club. but as kron four's philippe djegal reports -- he's accused of arranging
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to meet with a minor for sex. (philippe) since 20-15... alejandro sanchez has coached kids between the ages of 10 and 18 for the lamorinda soccer club based in moraga. late last week... the club's board of directors was notified by the contra costa county district attorney's office that sanchez was arrested in connection with one of their undercover sex sting operations. he's accused of attempting to arrange to meet a minor for sex... but it turns out the minor who allegedly exposed his intentions was an undercover officer.sam singer/spokesperson- "there have been no allegations by anyone at the soccer club of any wrongdoing amongst any of the kids at the club or by any of the parents of the children." as of friday... club spokesperson sam singer says sanchez has been placed on unpaid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.sam singer/spokesperson- "he's a respected coach, uh, this is something that comes as both a shock to the parents and the kids." singer says, for now, sanchez is barred from using any of the club's facilities or computer systems. he was the leader of four teams.sam singer/spokesperson-
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"other coaches have stepped up to take the four teams that the coach was responsible for. so, they're functioning and operating, uh, just fine right now. the parents are talking to the kids about this incident and trying to explain it as best they can." and, in every year sanchez has coached for the organization... singer says he's passed every background and fingerprinting check. in orinda, philippe djegal, kron four news. (pam)on cam in the east bay... sheriffs deptuies are searching for a man on the run, who they believe violently attacked a woman near hayward. they say, 49 year old douglas allan pruitt is considered armed and dangerous.... and has connections with white supremecists and outlaw bike gangs. he is wanted in the attack of a woman in the cherryland neighborhood, in unincorporated hayward on december 27th. he is driving a white 1989 chevy camaro r-s ... with california license plate number 2-p-j-l-7-6-4. he is known to frequent hayward,
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castro valley and fremont. if you know of.. or see pruitt, you are asked to call alameda county sheriff's. (pam) a string of sexual assault cases has a peninsula city ... on edge. police have already made arrests in the first two cases .... but tonight, police are asking for the community's help tracking down responsible in the most recent incident... kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. the palo alto police department is stepping up patrols in this area just north of downtown after a woman is sexually assaulted and robbed here on the 100- block of everette street just after 4am monday morningsot investigators say the victim, a woman in her thirties, was walking to her car when she was approached by a man who asked her for loose change. when she turned her back to get that loose change she was struck from behind, sexually assaulted...sot
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foot">palo alto police are checking surveillance cameras in the area for any possible leads on the suspect sot this is the third sexual assault in palo alto in recent weeks. however investigators say the three crimes are not relatedsot sotpalo alto resident: "it is something that you don't hear about and something you don't see very often. so for it to happen here again, three times in a row, that's kind of crazy"> once again police are asking for the community's help to make an arrest in this latest palo alto haaziq madyun kron4news (ken) in world news... at least 20-school children were injured in beijing by a man injured in children were school at least 20- news... in world (ken) (ken) in world (ken) in
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world news... at least 20- school children were injured in beijing by a man with a hammer. three of the children were seriously injured... and they all remain at the hospital. the chinese government says a 49-year-old maintenance worker at the school has been arrested. he reportedly lashed out after learning he was being re-assigned to a different job. (ken) still ahead... the bay area may be getting a rain now... but the new governor is already taking precautions to deal with the next wildfire season.. we have details. (pam) and it's the end of an era for san jose customers of harry's hofbrau. why after more than four decades,, the doors are closing..thats after the break.
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(pam) in the south bay... the end of an era. after forty years of serving customers in san jose ... harry's hoffbrau is serving its final meals to customers tonight... the operators announcing earlier this week, they had lost their lease. there were long lines for much of the day in front of the restaurant... as many people were trying to eat there one last time before it closed. harry's has served beer and german food to the south bay for 42- years. the doors will close for good... tonight at 11 o clock. (ken for your money tonight... california is trying to cut down on paper waste. a state lawmaker showed this display of a staff member wearing a large receipt at the state capitol earlier
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today to make his point. printed on it are not items... but reasons democratic assemblyman phil ting says a-b 161 -- a paperless receipt bill he introduced -- is needed. the bill would require businesses in the state to issue receipts through text or e-mail or be at risk of a fine. customers would still be able to request hard copy receipts if they choose. the bill aims for paperless receipts to be the default in california by 2022. committee hearings on the bill, a-b 161, are expected to begin this spring. (pam) coming up... the bay area sees its first flu death of the season for a victim under age 65.. and doctors warn, this is just the beginning (ken) plus... on the day of her funeral... police have officially arrested the second suspect in the death of a seven-year-old from texas. (pam) and after the break... a newspaper delivery man attacked while on his route today... (lawrence)ten at ten
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(ken)(ken)a big story tonight... the flu season has turned deadly in the bay area.(pam) santa clara county health officials say, a 39-year-old man is their first flu death of the season. kron 4's dan kerman reports. santa clara county health officials say the first flu death of the season of someone under age 65, is a 39 year old man who had other medical
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conditions whch put him at greater risk. health professionals say this flu death should serve as a reminder for peopleto protect themselvesdr. george han/deputy health officer :18 flu season is just beginning in our county and in our area so go out and get your flu vaccine and you will be protected. last season the flu was severe, the cdc reports 80- thousand people died. and the vaccine was not as effective as most had hoped... sotlast year we had h3n2 strain, which is more severe and the vaccine doesnt tend to work as well with that strain but this year the primary strain appears to be h1n1 so if that holds true for the rest of the flu season that bodes well for us because the vaccine tends to work well for that strain.doctors say the vaccine is recomennded for those 6 months of age and older. they say it should not only reduceyour chances of getting the flu, but reduce the severity if you do get it. 107/ do get itstandup dan kerman/san jose 1:07as far as prevention doctors say in addition to the flu shot your best bet is washing your hand
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frequently, and if you do get the flu the advice is to stay home... and not return to work or school until you are symptom free for at least 24 hours. in san jose dan kerman kron 4 news. (pam) a vacaville supermarket recently sold a lotto ticket that turned out to be a big winner. the man who bought it ... thought it was worth 10-thousand dollars.(ken) but it was worth a lot more---- try 10 million dollars. however when he went to collect...he was told his ticket had been altered. a police and lottery investigation led officials back to this man. adul saosongyang is the roommate of the winner. police say he altered a ticket he bought...then took the real one. yesterday...adul was invited to collect his winnings. instead...he was arrested and booked into jail. (pam) on his first full day as governor, gavin
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newsom announced, he plans to put a historic amount of resources into public safety and emergency response lonnie wong explains... how the governor hopes to distribute the money as the state braces for more wildfires in the future... fire maps show the history of wildfires that threaten homes in and around this entire zone is covered with structure a reason governor gavin newsom chose the area to present a comprehensive plan to deal with wildfires. . .investing in new technology like infrared cameras and satellite sensing gear. combine that with more equipment like aircraft and ground crews, and continuing thinning and forest management practices that will reduce wildfire danger. heús budgeted 305 million dollars this year alone to the effort.newsome 'we are stepping up our game, i hear you, i get it we need to do more, these last two years have been devastating... emergency planning is also a key, including identifying communities at risk which encompasses the people most at risk.newsom 'seniors, people who donút have the mobility other people have, people who donút have the resources others havea huge problem with the most devastating fires...a reliable early warning system for evacuations.the governor will invest in digital phones systems ...55 million dollars over two years...continued funding may come from a 9-1-1 fee..newsom 'i know , a 9-1-1 fee, i get it, no one is happy when they hear that word fee, but we think itús appropriate
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the governorús comprehensive approach will take time, but local officials attending believe itús a time to take action... (pam) that was lonnie wong reporting tonight. governor newsom said, he is collaborating with the governors of oregon and washington state... to ask the trump administration to begin discussions on how forests can be better managed,
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because the majority of forests in california are on federal land. (ken) sacramento county sheriff's department is investigating a shooting that killed a 19-year-old woman. the shooting happened around 9 this morning... police say a man shot the woman before he took off. at first the victim was able to talk to first responders.. but later required first aid. she died on the way to the hospital. police believe the shooter didn't immeditately leave the neighborhood.. so they called out swat to search street by street. neighbors say the whole thing was scary... and the shooting has left them shaken up.
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according to investigators. (ken) it happened after he was confronted by a man riding a bicycle around 6 a-m... kay recede has the story. investigators say a man delivering newspapers on state street in modesto was just doing his job when he was attacked early tuesday."it's a bad neighborhood. i mean, things happen like that all the time around here," a neighbor identifying himself as jose.modesto police department spokeswoman sharon bear says the delivery man was confronted by a man on a bicycle around 6 a.m."i think mistaking him for someone else and thought he was following him," bear was not immediately clear if the victim was inside his car or not when the alleged attack happened."he had a little verbal exchange and the guy on the bicycle, using what we think was probably a box cutter, cut the arm on the newspaper delivery guy," bear said.the attacker rode off on his bicycle, bear said. the delivery driver is expected to be ok."we think he's going to be all right," bear said. "he'll probably have a scar."
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bear added that if you find yourself in a similar situation, it's best not to engage. (pam) that was kay recede reporting. police say, if you find yourself in a similar situation, it is best not to engage. lawrence engage. (pam) that was kay recede reporting. police say, if you find yourself in a similar situation, it is best not to engage. lawrence karnow: we had a few showers today but most of them were light. doppler radar is now tracking more rain off the
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coast. rain will be heavy tonight before midnight then turn to showers. the winds will also be very gust and a wind advisory is up for much of the bay area. showers will continue tomorrow with highs only in the 50s and the low 60s. it should be dry on thursday before more rain moves in on friday and late this weekend. (ken) a big story
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tonight... a suspected child killer is now behind bars..(pam) and he is facing murder charges in the shooting death of 7-year-old jazmine barnes. meredith wood has the latest on the case.. and the little girl's funeral. rep. sheila jackson lee, (d) texas: "this is a day that we mourn but we celebrate." thousands of people packed into a houston pay their final respects to seven-year-old jazmine barnes.. just 9 days after she was shot and killed in a vicious and violent drive-by shooting.a crime that has rocked her tight-knit community.bishop james dixon, community of faith church: "today your child's funeral was held. seven years old.. this is really a time of unimeasurable grief."jazmine's mother delivering a soothing message on an agonizing day.laporsha washington, jazmine barnes' mother: "do not be afraid to cry, it does relieve pain.. remember there would be no flowers unless there was some rain."and there was flowers. pops of purple, jazmine's favorite color..shined through moments of darkness today..and on the day she has been laid to rest..prosecutors say a second suspect, 24-year-old larry woodruffe, will be charged in her murder.police
10:39 pm
say both he and 20-year-old eric black junior are responsible for her death. sheriff ed gonzalez, harris county, texas: "in the case of a child we mourn not only the life that was but also the life that may have been. i'm told jazmine's dream was to be a teacher. it saddens me that she was robbed of her dreams and promise."i'm meredith wood reporting. (pam) reporting.wood reporting. (pam) for your health tonight... people in the u-s spend twice as much on health care, as their peers in other developed nations. that's according to a new analysis by johns hopkins - bloomberg school of public health. the study found ... it is not because americans use more medical services than those in other countries .. instead, it is because of a combination of factors.drugs cost more in the u-s ... doctors and nurses are paid better, and hospital administration and medical services have higher price tags. the high cost
10:40 pm
of drugs is expected to be a focus of both congress and the trump administration this year. (pam) the high cost of health care is having an impact on the national death rate from cancer.(ken) the american cancer society says there is a growing gap between the rich and the poor. nevertheless as kron four's catherine heenan reports ... the last 25 years have seen a dramatic drop in cancer deaths. two=point=six million people is roughly a quarter of the entire bay area's population. it's also the number of americans who would have died if the nation's cancer death rate had remained at its peak in the 1980s.the american cancer society says that death rate dropped 27 percent between 1991 and 2016. among women the number of cases has remained stable, while deaths declined saw a steeper decline in diagnoses and cases in the same period. as for reasons, the cancer society says far fewer people are smoking.diagnostic tests are getting better. and there have been revolutionary
10:41 pm
advances in treatment.but ... those advantages are mainly benefitting the rich .this map shows the cancer death rate is highest in appalachia and the rural south.the cancer society says poor people are more likely to be exposed to environmental risk factors. they're also less likely to have insurance or to afford regular checkups that can lead to early a result the poor are much more likely to die of cancer... and the gap is widening.compared with the most affluent counties, the death rate in america's poorest counties is double for cervical cancer and forty percent higher for male lung and liver cancers. (ken) still ahead.. one family's warning to pet owners after a trip to petsmart leads to concerns about their dog's safety. (pam) and how one city is coming together during the government shutdown to make
10:42 pm
sure your furry friend.. is fed. (sports) coming up in sports, the warriors with a double dose of good news tonight.. no problems against the knicks... and an update on when we can expect boogie cousins in the lineup. details just ahead.
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with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. so even when she grows up, she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only with expedia. (ken) government workers
10:44 pm
in anchorage, alaska are getting support for their pets during the government shutdown. the city's animal control is handing out free pet food to those affected by the shutdown. the organization says the
10:45 pm
money is starting to be tight for their government employees. so the group wants to make sure they don't have to worry about feeding their four-legged family members. (ken) the agency is providing food for cats and dogs. (pam) over the holiday season, americans spent between $70 and $200 on their pets. but one south dakota family got more than they bargained for... with a pet y.(ken) the dog toy in question was festive and on sale at petsmart. but as angela keencke reports.. the family says this particular toy was no bargain. rudy the yorkshire terrier may be little, but he holds a big place in allie dejong's heart. "we always get our dogs toys and treats for christmas and they have their own little stockings and presents to
10:46 pm
open," allie dejong said.allie bought a number of toys and other items for rudy for christmas, including this stuffed snowman."(rudy) started playing with it by himself and sat on the couch with it and tried squeaking it. but he's pretty small and had a hard time doing that, thankfully," allie dejong said. a little while later, allie's mom lynette began picking up the post-present mess."so i bent down to pick it up and like i always do with toys with the dogs, i started squeezing it to make the noise and the dogs always come and want you to throw it and i was about to throw it and then i got poked. and there's this needle sticking out. and i just looked up and i was shocked and i said, 'allie what is this?'" lynette dejong was a sewing needle."i was completely shocked. i never would have expected to find anything like that in a toy at all,' allie said.allie alerted petsmart where she had purchased the toy."so they told me to call their corporate office and i spoke with somebody who initially didn't think it was a big deal. i don't know if they thought i was joking that i found a needle in there and they said you can return it and get your money back," allie said.later she says the company did call her back to apologize for the incident.the dejongs carefully checked the other dog toys from petsmart for anything sharp inside."if you have a pet you know how
10:47 pm
important your pets are to you and you don't want anything to happen to them," allie said. they're worried this may not be an isolated incident and are urging everyone to use caution before giving their dog a toy."like i've done in the past--i get them home; i snip off the tag and throw it on the floor for them to play with. i'm going to start squeezing them and feeling it and making sure from now on every like that, there's nothing wrong with it," lynnette said. (pam) (pam) petsmart released a statement regarding the needle found.. saying in part "we are not aware of any similar complaints related to this dog toy ... and have no current plans to remove it from our shelves. we will remain in close contact with the pet parent."
10:48 pm
if you are if you are one of those if you are one of those fans worried the warriors haven't looked as dominant as before, we have some news surrounding demarcus cousins that'll ease your anxiety but first, the champs...snappi ng a 3-game home losing streak in impressive fashion. --golden state hosting the knicks... new york's only won 10 games this year and it showed --klay thompson... red hot tonight... end of the half... three ball corner pcket.. warriors up 12 at the break --kevin durant... getting into the act... nails the trey for theee of his 24 points... 65-57 warriors --steph curry... only 14 points... but a season-high 14 assists... whips this one to kevon looney for the dunk... golden state up 15 points --4th quarter... klay... another three... he had 7 on the
10:49 pm
night... 106-83 warriors --a couple of possessions later... thompson... once again from behing the arc... he had 43 points! --final... 122-95... warriors roll... draymond green with 11 rebounds and 10 assists himself... golden state ends it's three-game home losing streak... next up... the bulls friday at oracle arena...(wipe to boogie) now to our other top story-- according to multiple reports, demarcus cousins...aiming to make his warriors debut january 18th in l-a against the clippers. it will mark his first game action since last january... when he injured his achilles as a member of the new orleans pelicans. he's been ramping up his rehab and practice activity with the champs... so here we go, boogie playing next friday in l-a. friday in l-a. playing next friday in l-a. now to the nhl-- sharkies wrapping up a back-to- the oilers tonight at the tank. --and san jose has been looking sharp, winners of three straight --pick it up in the 1st period-- .joonas donskoi... great fake and puts
10:50 pm
it in the back of the net 3-1 sharks... doonskoi with 2 goals --2nd stanza, . puck goes off evander kane's skate and in for his second goal... 4-1 sharks ---then late, joe thornton... gathers the pass and goes glove side for the score... sharkies with a 7-2 feast to win 4 in a row. visiting the knights in vegas on thursday now to the college ranks-- let's revisit what we saw in the national championship game at levi's. clemson crushing alabama by four touchdowns... handing nick saban his worst loss since 2006 when he was coaching the miami dolphins. the blowout may not have helped ratings. last night's matchup at levi's was the lowest rated title game in the college football playoff's 5- year history. this was the 4th year in a row these teams have met...3rd time for the title. the tigers have now won 2 championships in 3 years... after the game, saban offered this highlight.... he's a man that usually is short-tempered with the media, but listen to this.
10:51 pm
"i know you don't think i like the press, but i really do love you for what you do to... a lot of positive self-gratification to a lot of our players by recognizing the things that they do well. and we certainly appreciate all the interest you create for our sport. college football is a great game and something that's great for a lot of these young people to learn a lot of lessons in life. so we appreciate you so much for that. thank you." (weather) coming up (weather) thank you."much for that. appreciate you so life. so we lot of lessons in people to learn a these young great for a lot of something that's game and football is a great sport. college create for our interest you appreciate all
10:52 pm
the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president
10:53 pm
so we can build a more just and prosperous future? please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad. (ken) in salinas -- a family says they're upset at
10:54 pm
a creepy looking trespasser who took "gross" to a whole new level.(pam) the man was caught on a security camera licking their doorbell for three whole hours. residents are reeling after seeing the video ... he man was caught on a security camera. police say , this is no laughing matter... the suspect also milled around the family's yard. the security system alerted the owners, who were out of town authorities say, the video helped them identify the suspect. he is roberto
10:55 pm
daniel arroyo. police are still looking for him, and say he could face a number of charges. lawrence karnow: we had a few showers today but most of them were light. doppler radar is now tracking more rain off the coast. rain will be heavy tonight before midnight then turn to showers. the winds will also be very gust and a wind advisory is up for much of the bay area. showers will continue tomorrow with highs only in the 50s and the low 60s. it should be dry on
10:56 pm
thursday before more rain moves in on friday and late this weekend.
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this is a fight. not to the finish. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every w beginning.
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you don't get to tell me whoate i can and can't hang out with on my personal time. i'm not really the sneak-around-behind-dad's-back kind of guy. says the guy that works undercover. let's just come clean. voight will respect us more if we look him in the eye. it's nobody's business but ours. hey, how's it going? good. how's the coffee? - it's delicious. - glad to hear it. - hey, sarge. - yeah. so either kev or i have to go to training course for the new penlink software, right? uh-huh. what's penlink? it's the-- uh, we don't know. (ruzek) which conveniently brings us to our point.


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