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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  January 9, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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kron4 is always tracking local stories. here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now. (vicki) a deadly rollover crash involving a big rig truck caused a major backup on 101 in san jose. kron 4's sara stinson tells us what happened. traffic backed up for just over five hours as crews worked to tow a big rig that over turned here just north of the mckee road exit on 101 in san jose.the driver survived, but the passenger died on can see traffic snarled for miles as the c-h-p investigated the scene.the big rig overturned around 3:45 this morning in the northbound lanes.when firefighters arrived on scene they were able to get the 67 year old driver out after being pinned inside the truck on it's side. the driver was concious and said he fell asleep at the wheel.he was taken to the hospital with major injuries. his 64-year-old passenger died on scene, he was not wearing a seatbelt.both men are from orange county and
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were driving a truck owned by a security company. traffic continued to back up as crews worked to tow the truck away.
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people inside ... but nobody was hurt. police do not have a detailed description of the gunman-- or the car they were driving. (grant) in the east bay... sheriffs deputies are searching for a man who they believe violently attacked a woman near hayward. 49-year-old douglas allan pruitt is considered armed and dangerous. deputies say he has connections with white supremacy groups and outlaw biker gangs. he is wanted in the december 27th attack of a woman in the cherryland neighborhood of hayward. police say pruitt is driving a white 19-89 chevy camaro ... with california license plate number 2-p-j-l-7-6-4. he is known to frequent hayward, castro valley and fremont. (vicki) on the peninsula... police are looking for the man who exposed himself to two young girls. it happened monday morning near taylor middle school in millbrae. officers say the man tried to get the attention of the girls as they were walking around the track during school hours. he then pulled down his pants, exposed himself, and then urinated. police say he was standing near the fence of the school.
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(vicki) in palo alto--- there was a significant police response-- but it was all a prank. it happened just after 9:15 last night on emerson street. that's not far from downtown palo alto. police say they received a "swatting" call -- which is a prank emergency call intended to draw a large law enforcement response. they say the caller told them somebody was injured-- but didn't provide any other details. when officers arrived at the scene-- they didn't find any victim's of any crime. (grant) in the north bay... novato police are looking for a man they believe robbed a bank inside a safeway store on nave drive. this is the picture of the suspect captured by security footage when the man allegedy robbed the store on tuesday night at around 5:30. police say the teller did give the robber cash and then he ran away. the suspect has been described as a white man, wearing a black hoodie, black baseball cap with a grey bill. lawrence karnow: showers continued around the bay area
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today. they were scattered and heavy at times. the doppler radar is still tracking some local showers but they should diminish shortly. tomorrow will be cloudy eary with fog. more rain is possible on friday after noon. another storm is expect late in the week and well into next week. (vicki) lawmaker is trying to get
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california to cut down on paper waste. assemblyman phil ting introduced a that bill would require businesses in the state to issue receipts through text or e-mail... or be at risk of a fine. kron 4's terisa estacio spoke to the assemblyman today about his legislation. california would become the first state to require businesses to offer electronic receipts unless customers ask for paper copies under newly
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proposed legislation. democratic assemblyman phil ting of san francisco said tuesday that many businesses and consumers already are moving toward e-receipts.he says a law still is needed because many consumers don't realize most paper receipts are coated with chemicals prohibited in baby bottles. he says customers often don't know that receipts can't be recycled and can contaminate other recycled paper because of the chemicals.his bill, ab161, would take effect in 2022. it comes days after a new california law required dine-in restaurants to provide drinking straws only at customers' request.the california retailers association says it's unclear whether a mandate would harm small and medium-size stores. (grant) coming up... a woman in a vegetative state gives birth. and today police are finally breaking their silence on the investigation. (vicki) plus-- a warning if you still have sweets lying around after the holidays. the candies that could make you sick.
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(grant) 4 your health tonight... a warning if you still have a warning if make you sick. that could the candies the holidays. around after sweets lying you still have investigation. silence on the breaking their stores.medium-size harm small and mandate would whether a it's unclear association says retailers the california request.customers' request.the california retailers association says it's unclear whether a mandate would harm small and medium-size stores.
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(grant) coming up... a woman in a vegetative state gives birth. and today police are finally breaking their silence on the investigation. (vicki) plus-- a warning if you still have sweets lying around after the holidays. the candies that could make you sick.
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tonight... a warning if you still have sweets lying around after the holidays. the f-d-a is recalling certain candies due to a possible hepatitis-a contamination. the candy affected is by the company "bauers". they are made in kentucky-- but sold on q-v-c--- so they could have been shipped nationwide. the candies affected are marshmallows covered in chocolate or caramel. a worker in the kentucky facility tested positive for hepatitis a. the fda is telling consumers not to eat and to throw away any bauer's candies purchased after november 14th of last year. (grant) today more vehicles are being recalled due to the massive recall on the potentially deadly takata air bags. takata inflators can explode with too much force and hurl shrapnel into drivers and passengers. at least 23 people have been killed worldwide and hundreds have been injured. the recall includes multiple
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toyota, scion and lexus vehicles from the 2010 through 2017 model years. dealers will either replace the inflator or the air bag assembly. owners will be notified by mail or other means by the end of the month. (vicki) still ahead-- police are intensifying their investigation after a woman in a vegetative state gives birth. the measures they are now taking in an effort to find the rapist.
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(grant) it's a case that's sparking nationwide outrage. an arizona woman in a vegetative state for more than a decade - gives birth at a nursing facility.(vicki) now phoenix police are testing dna samples from men who work there. sara sidner with our partners at c-n-n... has the disturbing details. a stunning revelation at a healthcare facility in phoenix. the san carlos apache tribe said one of its members a 29- year-old woman living in a vegetative state for more than decade, was impregnated and had a baby while in the care of hacienda health analyst and attorney brian claypool says there is only one explanation for what happened:brian claypool/attorney:'if the woman in phoenix was in a vegetative state and she gave birth to a child then she was raped because she could not have consented to a sexual relation."karina cesena - who's 22 year old daughter is a patient living at the facility -- says she and
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another mother panicked when they heard about the case."we were just so scared because who knows what would happen if it was a staff member it if was a family member if it was a stranger we have no idea." cesena's daughter is unable to walk and barely able to talk after suffering brain damage ... leaving her extremely vulnerable.sara sidner/reporting: "what did you decide to do personal to make sure your daughter who is inside is safe?"karina cesena/mother of patient:"i stay here 24-7 now... to make sure she is in a safe environment as well and just move forward because trust has been severely broken."as for the company's c-e-o bill timmons-- he resigned earlier this week.and hacienda healthcare's board sent out a statement calling what happened an "absolutely horrifying situation" and "an unprecedented case" without giving specifics of the case.cnn witnessed several police cruisers stationed at the facility during the day. and phoenix police say they are investigating . but have offered no additional details about the case.then on tuesday -- hacienda healthcare sent a statement saying "police served a search warrant" to "obtain dna from male" staffers.the company said it
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welcomed the development in the investigation.but cesena says the healthcare company didn't even inform the families of other patients at the facility about the incident until about five days after the birthand only after local news reports exposed the situation. karina cesena/mother of patient:"i think that there is a blanket that they are trying to hide under. instead of being transparent. they are not being transparent at all." (vicki) (vicki) (vicki) that was sara sidner reporting today police did break their silence on the investigation-- but there have been no significant updates. relatives of the woman also spoke out saying the baby has been born into a loving family and they will raise her child. (anchor) taking a live
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look outside... san francisco's embarcadero. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: showers continued around the bay area today. they were scattered and heavy at times. the doppler radar is still tracking some local showers but they should diminish shortly. tomorrow will be cloudy eary with fog. more rain is possible on friday after noon. another storm is expect late in the week and well into next week. (vicki) amazon founder and ceo jeff bezos and his wife mackenzie are geing a divorce after 25 years of divorce after getting a mackenzie are and his wife week.
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week.into next week and well into next week. (vicki) amazon founder and ceo
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jeff bezos and his wife mackenzie are getting a divorce after 25 years of marriage. bezos and his soon-to-be ex made the announcement in a joint
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statement on bezos' twitter account. the statement said the decision was made after - quote - "a long period of loving exploration and trial separation." the couple married in 1993, six months after she reportedly first asked him out to lunch. and according to t-m-z... bezos has been in a relationship with t-v host lauren sanchez for several months. sources say sanchez and bezos started dating after they both separated from their spouses. (grant) next on kron4 news at 5... a bay area man goes to collect 10- thousand dollars from a winning lottery scratcher. but he was arrested instead. we'll explain why.
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a man learned the hard way-- don't tell your roommate if you won the lottery. a vacaville man is behind bars, for reportedly stealing a winning lottery ticket from his roommate. police say the suspect snatched the scratcher worth 10-million- dollars. as eric rucker reports, the alleged thief went a long way to cover up his tracks. we've all had that one thought. you know, the one that seems brilliant when it crosses your chris polen, vacaville police:"um, he thought he might have a chance of getting away with it."but this guy's alleged scheme was audacious to say the least. natsotit all began here at the lucky super market in
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vacaville just before christmas.a guy bought a lottery scratch-off ticket, then went home and told his roommates he won 10 grand.but when he drove to sac to get his money, he was told the ticket wasn't legit.russ lopez, california lottery:"and we had a discussion with him because he said 'no i won,' i saw i won 10,000 dollars, this game, and he kinda of told me some stuff."turns out, according to vacaville police, that the man's ticket wasn't his ticket.but the next day the real ticket surfaced, when his roomate, seen here, tried to turn in the winner.that's also when the roomate and suspect learned the scratcher wasn't a 10,000 dollar winner, instead it was a 10-million dollar's why investigators say the roomate had the winner -- and the guy who bought the winning ticket had the chris polen, vacaville police:"one of his roommates goes to the same store purchases the same ticket, later alters his losing ticket to match the winning ticket."reporter: "not only did he forge this, but he forged the wrong winning amount as well?"lt. chris polen, vacaville police: "correct."after both vacaville police and the lottery caught on, the suspect was invited to sac to collect his winnings. that's where arrested.
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(vicki) that was eric rucker reporting. the suspect - identified as adul saosongyang - was booked on suspicion of grand theft. (vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. grant lodes and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. (pam) thanks vicki. here's what we're working on tonight at 6. (pam) president trump rattles california's cage again on twitter.hear how top democrats in the state are responding ... to his latest threats regarding disaster relief for the state's deadly wildfires. (grant)and... concerns over schools in the east bay. we'll go live to oakland tonight where some parents are hoping to keep their school off the chopping block... as promised cuts loom large over the district. (grant)and we're tracking more rain on the way to the bay... we'll tell you when and where... coming up on the kron4 news at 6. (pam) tonight at 6.
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parents at an oakland elementary school are hoping to save their school from possible closure. it is one of 24- schools that may be shut down over the next five years ... as the school district battles declining enrollment and big budget shortfalls. (pam)thank you for joining us, i'm pam moore. (grant) and i'm grant lodes in for ken wayne. the oakland unified school district made parents aware of
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the potential closures last year... but district leaders are still deciding which schools could close.kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in oakland with details. charles. . . well, tonight the oakland unified school district is holding it board meeting. school closures are not on the agenda, but a group of parents wanted to be proactive about saving their school.back in november, the school disrict announced that it may have to close multiple schools and reorganize the district in order to balance the books and provide a better education for the remainings students.the district has said that many schools are under-enrolled and that this year as many as 10,000 seats in 87 schools will sit empty.while the district has not yet officially announced which schools might be shutdown, parents at roots international academy held a rally tonight to plead with the district to save their schoolnow as part of it's community of schools policy the district is developing what it calls a citywide map of the district. it will be an assessment of all the school that will help the district decide how to move forward.


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