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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  January 14, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PST

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(robin) good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 4 morning robin winston.lets start this morning with a check on weather and traffic. after an overall calm weekend heavy rainfall is on it's way. your morning commute will come along with a few areas of rain with increasing showers later in the day. skies will remain mostly overcast through the day with high temperatures staying cool in the 50's.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101.
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(robin) breaking news... p-g-and-e has announced plans to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy. this comes a day after the c-e-o resigned... as the utility company faces a financial crisis.. geisha williams became first latina c-e-o of a fortune 500 company. and has been in that role since march of 2017. state regulators have recently called for management changes
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within pg&e. now an interim chief executive officer will take over. john simon has been serving as the executive vice president and been with pg&e since 2007. pg&e released a statement from simon saying... "while the board conducts its ceo search, our priority will be keeping the company focused on further improving safety while continuing to provide reliable service to our customers." right now pg&e is in discussions with lenders about trying to get permission to finance a package worth up to 5-billion dollars. this would allow pg&e to continue to operate while going through bankruptcy proceedings. pg&e faces several lawsuits from the tubbs and camp fires. . . (robin) san francisco police are investigating an explosion in the south of market neighborhood. kron 4's gayle ong spoke to numerous people there who heard the commotion. the san francisco bomb squad and police blocked off the alleyway of taber place in the south of market neighborhood sunday morning..police haven't
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said exactly what happened but the windows of buildings shattered..and many residents say they heard a loud explosion..daniel chen was at the coffee shop nearby.. when jean harper heard the sound, she immediately took her dog "bee-ju" for a walk to see what happened..hours later..we saw a man in hand cuffs, put in a patrol car..on south park street -- a block away from where the incident happened.. the officer confiscated what appears to be explosives and a white plastic bag..chris newman lives in the area, he didn't hear the loud boom but spoke to officers on the scene..
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"they told me the explosion was from an mat firework. i believe, they have been set off in taber alley just there.">most of the windows are now covered with plywood boards..daniel casey and his employee joshua spent the afternoon cleaning up the mess.. (robin) the contra costa county sheriff's office is warning about a spike in stolen boats from the delta. these are photos of some recent discoveries. deputies say in the last few months, more than a dozen boats have been taken. the boats are often stolen or stripped... before being abandoned, grounded or dumped. in some cases, they are set on fire. police have made some arrests the sheriffs office says the thieves are targeting outboard engines and tower speakers. v(robin) happening today... we will learn more information about the more
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than 30 clergymen accused of sex crimes from the santa rosa diocese. a news conference will be held later this morning. the santa rosa bishop says the church disclosed the names to help victims heal. kron4's dan thorn spoke with a woman who helps these victims. the names of almost 40 priests accused of sexual abuse is released by the diocese of santa rosa..bishop robert f vasa revealing the list on turday after announcing he would do so in october..the bishop released a statement along with the names saying he expresses quote " "sincere sorrow that so many have been subjected to the evil actions of priests and bishops."the bishop says his goal was to assure victims of sexual abuse that they have been heard. sot: it always helps survivors to have the names of their abusers out in the public maybe some people thought they were the only one and they'll look at this list and go i wasn't and it will be a step on the road to healing melanie sakoda works with the suvivors network of those abused by priests--better known as snap..sakoda says she
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appreciates the bishop releasing the names but is frustrated he did not release them sooner. bishop vasa has been with the diocese since 2011. sot: all those years that these names have been hidden and depending on where they are now they could still they could be unknown to the public and they could still be in a position where they can pray on childrenthe new release comes in the wake of a pennsylvania grand jury's sweeping report on sex abuse within the catholic church. earlier this month the diocese of monterey released a similar list. in october the diocese of san jose named 15 clergymen in their child sex abuse probe..of the names disclosed by santa rosa, most of them are retired or dead. (robin) the diocese of santa rosa said its press conference will be at 10am this morning to answer any questions about releasing the names of the accused priests.
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(robin) as the the longest government shutdown in history continues... congresswoman barbara lee held a meeting with people who have been impacted by the shutdown to discuss how the shutdown has affected their daily lives. the group included two t-s-a agents... an employee at the e-p-a... and an employee at the f-d-a... all of whom are furloughed or working without pay. (robin) in the east bay... money is getting tight for federal employees as the partial government shutdown enters it's 4th week. so the east bay coast guard spouses club is stepping up. yesterday they gave away donated food and supplies they've been collecting from alameda residents and local businesses. about 300 coast guard families came by and picked up a week's worth of groceries. unlike other federal employees that have been furloughed ... members of the coast guard are still reporting for duty ... despite not getting paid.
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to do. they provide security and stuff for a country on a daily basis so they have to go to work even though they're not getting paid">( robin ) the military families got paychecks worth nothing last week.. which means resouces are scarce since many already live paycheck to paycheck. (robin) coming up on the kron 4 morning news ... a triple shooting in oakland... and police need your help in finding the shooter. (robin) and... some much needed help for commuters as more parking meters are added in the east bay. (robin) plus... we pay tribute to a beloved san francisco broadcaster... a look back at the career of ray taliafero. (robin) and here's a live look the san mateo bridge.
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(ácommercialá)(áábreakáá) (robin) welcome back. checking in on your morning forecast. after an overall calm weekend heavy rainfall is on it's way. your morning commute will
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come along with a few areas of rain with increasing showers later in the day. skies will remain mostly overcast through the day with high temperatures staying cool in the 50's.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101.
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(robin) in the east bay... five people were shot in oakland on friday and saturday nights. and police say the shooters... are still on the loose. police say a triple shooting happened saturday night on the 19-hundred block of 90th avenue... which is in far east oakland. those three victims were taken to the hospital in stable condition. another shooting happened on filburt street that same day. one person was shot and drove to a hospital. that victim is in stable condition. police said they are also investigating a shooting that happened on boden way. the victim in that shooting also drove themself to a hospital. . (robin) the city of
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walnut creek is installing new parking meters in downtown this month. this is video of the parking meters that will be replaced... the new meters are scheduled to be installed over the next several weeks and feature a large solar panel that will allow for fewer battery replacements. according to a city news release... they will accept coins... credit cards and parkmobile phone payments... rates and time limits will remain the same. (robin) san diego's airport was the scene of an emotional family reunion. an ohio woman flew in to meet her mother -- who she hasn't seen since she was a baby more than 50 years ago. jason sloss has the story. lori webster/step-sister"it's crazy, yeah. i'm glad it's coming to fruition."ramona resident lori webster waiting anxiously at san diego international airport with her sister and their stepmom for a very special family reunion. karen leslie flew in from michigan and is about to meet the daughter she put up for adoption 51 years ago.lori webster/step-sister"she has
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never heard her daughters voice. she's never hugged her daughter. the hardest thing for her to ever do was to give that baby up."karen's daughter, erin chatterton is flying in from ohiolori webster/step-sister"she grew up in same area always where they lived and karen would always say she always wondered if the person walking by was her daughter."after a flight delay, erin finally arrives and then the hugs and tears erin chatteron/daughter"how do you love somebody that you've never met? but you can. she gave me life. it could've been the alternative, unfortunately, and always known i was adopted gave me life, and i'm so appreciative of that."the reunion only came about because erin and lori's sister, lisa had gone on ancestry d-n-a last year to take tests and then matches were revealed.erin chatteron/daughter"i was sitting by a campfire opened my email and saw the results and i just cried and cried. this part of me that i've always wondered is now answered."lori webster/step- sister"i'm just happy they were able to find each other and reconnect again."
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(robin) the family says they have a lot of catching up to do. they're going to start that process with a family barbecue. (robin) still ahead on the kron four morning news... pg&e in hot water... as the company's c-e-o steps down.
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welcome back to the kron four morning news. i'm tracking your entertainment headlines today... a film classic returning to theaters. david daniel has that story and more in today's hollywood minute. (singing) "you're off to see the wizard -- the wonderful wizard of oz."if you've never seen "the wizard of oz" on the big screen, now's your chance! for the film classic's 80th anniversary, fathom events is showing it in select theaters on january 27th, 29th, and 30th. check fathom-events dot- com for details.(nat) "what's your name?""bumblebee's" performance has been solid, but not spectacular at the domestic box office, but it's
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a different story overseas. the "transformers" prequel topped the international box office again, earning 35-point-six million dollars in 64 markets. it's now taken in 256-million internationally , 70-percent of its worldwide total."you've been ready for this your whole life. there no aspect of the law in which you can be bested.""on the basis of sex" co-stars armie hammer as martin ginsburg. relatives of the real-life ruth bader ginsburg say she loved his portrayal of her late husband. sounds like armie has a pretty important fan!"in the supreme court! so if i ever get in trouble, i'm gonna call her!" in hollywood, i'm david daniel. (robin) and here's a live look outside... at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll be back with more of your kron 4 morning news after the break.
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checking in on your morning forecast.
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after an overall calm weekend heavy rainfall is on it's way. your morning commute will come along with a few areas of rain with increasing showers later in the day. skies will remain mostly overcast through the day with high temperatures staying cool in the 50's.


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