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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 19, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PST

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tonight, prattzenegger's love runs really, really deep. >> i'm dying to move. >> what katherine just did for chris that no celeb ever does, as we take you inside their private family celebration. plus, why chris is on a mission to mars with james corden. >> it's okay to press these. then -- how oprah just gave fans the surprise of a lifetime, and a michael buble prank gone wrong? the celeb who accidentally blew buble's cover during a shoot for
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ellen. plus, "snl" is back. the marvelous way the show snags those big name guests. and 40 million people can't be wrong. inside the hair-raising hit, "you." why penn badgley is creeped out by his own show's success. >> all it took was for me to start murdering people. >> this is "entertainment tonight." hi, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. >> we have got a lot of hollywood news to get to. here's tonight's top story. chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger are officially living together. >> check it out. it's moving day. >> the couple, quote, knew it was the next step for their relationship and are settling into this mansion in west los angeles. >> i'm dying to move. >> the couple will be living close to his ex-wife, anna faris to co-parent their 6-year-old son, jack, and how cute is this? last night, jack gave out a
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double dose of hugs after dinner. that's katherine's mom, marie shriver, another sign it's true love for these two? that's katherine dropping chris off at 7:00 a.m. at l.a.x. that's something no celebrity does. >> have a good one. >> thank you. >> he couldn't have been more charming when answering the photographer's question. >> who's going to be the best man? >> you are. >> i would be glad to. >> the leggo movie hits theaters february 28th. he'll hit his cast mates for a james corden special after the championship. >> let's go, james. >> it's absolute comedy gold as the crew takes over space camp in alabama. >> put your fingers in james' mouth. >> it was kate's last week before chris popped the question, but he told us he feels part of their love story.
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>> i feel responsible. >> confident. >> of course, he didn't. but i'm so happy for him. i mean, he is just the single loveliest man you could ever wish to meet. >> right now, it's lady o's big surprise. oprah shocked diners last night in pasadena's true food kitchen bringing along homegrown produce from hawaii. >> everything you're getting comes from my garden. i love my garden so much. >> she has always gushed to "e.t." about green thumbing it up on her 16-acre maui farm. it has been her fashion. >> i like to do things that feel like they are coming from a space of authenticity, organicness, good foods. >> are you going to find a way? >> not find a way to make that nutritious. >> her favorite spirit was in these margaritas last night, but
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she toasted with irish coffee. the java harvested from her ranch, of course. it may have calmed the nervous stage mom. >> i knew my vegetables were going to be on stage, on display. i'm so glad that the beets came through. >> michael buble came through with a surprise of his own wellen at the controls. >> if you can hear me, michael, just stick your tongue out for no reason at all. >> the singer was disguised. >> make the noise every time you scan it. >> beep. >> i smell something awry. >> who knew his first customer would be this unplanned coincidence? >> aren't you eric stonestreet from "modern family"? >> are you that guy from "modern family"? >> yes. >> can i have a hug? >> buble went hard for the gang. >> take the banana apart one at a time. just keep beeping for no reason. >> beep boop.
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>> tell her who you are. >> i'm -- i'm michael buble. >> i knew you looked familiar, but i wasn't sure. i didn't want to say anything. >> what happened? >> all these cameras are on you. >> oh my god. >> you know, the awards show season has been good to rachel bros hand. she has been in one of my favorite shows, "the marvelous mrs. maisel". >> i found an extra shelf. it is my toilet shelf. i tried to put the emmy on there also, but it's not a big toilet and i covered the button so i have to take it off otherwise you can't flush and that's not fun for anyone. >> add another honor. rachel is about to host "saturday night live" for the first time. >> tune in. it's going to be great. >> yes, rachel's excid, folks. posting shots from the "snl" set and her name on the schedule, a thing, i would never, ever, ever thought i would say.
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i'm hosting "snl." she's getting a lot of love from r cast mates too. >> we'll be cheering her on. i'm hoping to be there. >> how am i doing? how do i look like i'm doing? >> i gave her advice which was make peace with the cue cards. >> if i was hosting, i would probably do a comedy bit. >> the gig follows stephanie strong's last month of rachel auditioning to the oscars host. >> i would want my help of my fearless creator, amy sherman. >> hello. >> the following week, january 26th, james mcavoy. >> i don't know. i feel like i should be nervous and the lack of nervousness is something i'm getting nervous about. >> if you are wondering how pete davidson is doing, he seems just fining thank you. following a scary social media post in december, this month pete is looking very happy. seen out and about all over the place, january visits denver in beverly hills and sunday in new york city.
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and what about guest stars coming up? >> out of the loop. >> i wouldn't tell you if i did. >> but we don't even know. >> i honestly don't know. >> the cast has been tight-lipped about that, but ben stiller as former trump lawyer michael cohen is ready to get the call. >> i usually get the call the night before, but i'll be there if i get the call. >> it's saturday night. >> rachel will be making her appearance, and the musical guest is a hard rock band. wendy williams will air repeats of her show next week as she deals with a medical issue. the talk show host is experiencing complications regarding her graves disease, and she will require significant time in the hospital. "star trek" was on all-access, and the cast hit new york. including a new addition to the universe that we like to call
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hot spock. hot spocket. let's all think about that for a moment. >> is that a smile i see on your face? >> yes. >> so who is the new hot spock? he's ethan peck, 32 years old and star of "10 things i hate about you," and he is the son of gregory peck. >> did he ever give you any pieces of advice when you were, like, hey, i want to follow in your footsteps? >> no. we never talked about that, unfortunately. i wish we had. i have had to, like, look deeply and scrounge for my own answers to things. >> this is awkward, but i'm here to take command of the discovery. >> he comes aboard after answering a distress call from "enterprise." yes, that enterprise. and from the original pilot, he is a superfan. >> i have seen every episode of the original. >> i told you. we don't abandon each other.
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>> i will tell you something. season one. it was a sweeping introduction. now the war is over, and we have a moment to slow down and to take a breath. >> also new for season two, rebecca romaine joins the cast as a brunette number one. >> added pressure to not let anyone down. the fans are, like, always in the back of my head. i'm, like, got to get this right, you know? >> wherever our mission takes us. >> we'll try to make a little noise. hit it. coming up, chrissy and john share everything. but what is the one thing he keeps from his wife? >> he still doesn't trust me. then, inside the control room of "live p.d." >> what did i do, man? >> it's the wildest cop show on tv, but what's the craziest crime they have ever covered? >> this is bananas. and how gina rodriguez's new movie made
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well, get ready to see and hear a lot of gina rodriguez in 2019. she is the voice of netflix's new animated series, "carmen sandiego." you remember her, based on the hit '90s children's series. season one premiered today and gina has the big screen drama opposite anthony mackie out next
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month. they are revealing to "e.t." that their chemistry began in the gym. >> the bullet, settled everything. >> i feel like gina has proven herself as a kick butt hero. talk about training for this. what were your workouts like? >> it was strict diet, working out seven days a week, way too many hours a day. it's a lifestyle i don't think i want to do. >> when we had first met, we had never come across each other's paths or anything, but i'm in the hotel doing my thing. she comes in working hard core. sweating just, like -- >> it's so true. >> she comes over and goes, hey, anthony. how's it going? i'm, like, hey. she goes, it's gina. gina, you look rough. you are going for this character hard. >> gina turns action hero iin iin in ""miss bala" to save her
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family from the mexican cartel. that's kind of gina's thing. ♪ and next up, the 34-year-old is taking her "carmen sandiego" series to the big screen in a live action film. >> i'm excited for her. she is going out and not only creating work, but finding projects that are right for her, other women, people of color, using her power to develop that and give those people opportunities. >> tissues, because i'm going to cry. you did it. >> that's real. that's what little girls need to see. that's what little boys need to see. and learn the song. ♪ where in the world is carmen sandiego ♪ >> they sing, they cry, they act. so talented and one of the nicest ladies in hollywood, gina will wrap up her starring role on "jane the virgin." that premieres on march 27th. coming up, the most unpredictable cop show. >> this is real stuff. >> the strangest stories behind "live p.d." >> there is a guy making out
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with a doorbell. then celebs are going crazy for "you." >> i'm obsessed with it. >> why this is the show you need to binge this weekend. and reo speedwagon still rolls. how they're changing lives today. ♪ closed prapgsicaptions prov by --
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♪ we're hiding back here in this little box. >> "pretty little liars" shay mitchell and penn badgley are promoting their netflix series, "you." remember, the thriller first remeered on lifetime last fall, but once it began streaming on netflix, it is on track to be watched by 40 million viewers. here's why it makes the bingeworthy watch list. ♪ i want you to want me >> it's got romance, sex and a
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sweet guy with good hair saying swoonworthy lines to his girl. >> i'll be that guy. the one who sees you. you deserve that. >> only slight problem is he's a stalker and a murderer. >> i was disturbed. this guy, i'm really conflicted about him and bringing him to life. >> great writing and twisted drama makes "you" super bingeworthy, and millie bob by brown got heat for this post. >> i'm obsessed with it. i'm binge watching it. >> creepy stalking and killing is not okay. one tweet said, kidnap me, please. penn replied, no thanks. another one, you're gorgeous. i can see past that crazy. he said, but you're supposed to see past my face to the crazy. it's the other way. >> i wake up to find i have a million followers. i don't know what to say because all it took was for me to start
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murdering people. y'all. get out of here. >> he believes true love exists. >> hot doc therapist john stamos is another reason to binge. he shows up in episode seven, and you could figure out whatnot to do on social media. >> he posted this hours after our encounters. the next thing our friend the internet gave me was your address. >> i'm cautious about what i put out there, how much i put out there, and it's security and safety reasons too. i have been at a place where i was, like, how did you know i was here? we know the carpet of the flooring of that hotel. i was, like, okay. note to self. >> that is some next level superfandom. by the way, there will be a season two of "you." production is yet to begin, but it will air exclusively on netflix. can we talk about one of the wildest live shows on television right now? it's called "live p.d." on a&e, and they have built a heck of a following on friday and saturday nights. think of it as "cops," but on
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steroids, and only i was invited to the set and inside the control room where anything can and does happen. >> land. put your hands in the air. >> high octane, really stressful show. >> this is real life stuff. serious stuff. >> mm-hmm. >> this is "live p.d." >> since its debut in 2016, the docuseries has claimed the top ratings in its time slot and built a loyal fan following such as "live p.d." nation. >> what did i do, man? >> part of its success, no one can predict what's going to happen. not even the director. >> here's our routine. a blank piece of paper. >> that's how you start the show. >> this is the way we start the show. >> for three hours live, friday and saturday night, more than 30 cameras follow officers on patrol in eight departments across the country. >> there is canines. >> it's an opportunity for us in the police profession to show the country, this is what this job really is like. >> you have a pet rat? you better catch it.
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>> that's a first. >> i wonder how they shoplifted that much meat. >> the show is broadcast live from a&e studios in new york city, but there is a delay to avoid airing sensitive or especially disturbing material. >> how long is the delay? >> it totally depends. it can be a few times and there are times when it's getting real, real close to not having a delay at all. >> stop being a baby. >> because "live p.d." is considered a live news program, they don't blur suspects' faces, except for sometimes when the incident was taped earlier. over the course of 176 episodes, fans have seen a lot, but so far, nothing has topped this recent case, the doorbell licker, who quickly went viral. >> there is a guy making out with a doorbell? for hours? >> we're all sitting here saying, this is bananas, but this is life, you know? stuff like this happens. >> this is an amazing production, and we mentioned the show's diehard fans earlier.
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well, they are constantly making this show a top trender on social media. they even call in tips to their local police department. tell me that doesn't take you back. reo speedwagon. that's one of the band's many chart toppers. fast forward three decades, the band is tistill making music. >> we were just saddened so profoundly when we heard about the borderline shooting. ♪ and i'm going to keep on loving you ♪ >> to hear about it happening other places but you never think about it happening in your own backyard. >> tragedy struck twice in the rocker's hometown. first, on november 7th when a gunman opened fire at the
1:53 am
borderline bar, killing 12 people, and then the woolsey fire blazed its path of destruction. the guys will rally together to host two benefit concerts. >> we're here to honor the victims and show support for their families. my sons played at the borderline bar a couple of months before the shooting. they knew the bouncer who was tragically lost. >> come on. >> keep >> the band recruited his famous friend, to raise $50,000. >> over 200 firefighters, police, that will go to their families. we are so happy to lend our help. >> the outpouring of love and support has been tremendous. >> well, you fellas are tremendous too for giving back as well. >> for more on how you can help
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the ventura county community foundation, go to coming up, why john legend doesn't trust chrissy teigen. their hilarious late night confessions next.
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we have run out of time, but we have one more thing for you to check out before we go. >> have a great weekend, everybody. bye. >> chrissy teigen and john legend have been married for more than five years and have two kids, but that doesn't mean that they totally trust each other. listen to what chrissy confessed to andy cohen last night on "watch what happens live." >> chrissy, what's the dirtiest picture john's ever isn't you while you were apart? >> john never sends me sexy photos with his head in it because he still doesn't trust me. [ laughter ] >> that's hilarious. studies show that omega-3s are great for your health. but did you know that 98% of us don't get enough of them? that's why megared advanced 4in1 packs more omega-3 power into just one small softgel.
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