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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  January 21, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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(grant) tonight senate republicans said they'll vote this week on president trump's border security bill. the proposal provides some illegal immigrants temporary protection from deportation. (vicki) it would spend five billion dollars to build a border wall. that is why... as capitol bureau reporter mark meredith explains... democrats do not expect this deal to work at all. nat: "it's a great daybeautiful day"the president and vice president braved below freezing temperatures to visit the dr. martin luther king junior memorial.the president did not discuss the government shutdown during the brief trip to the monument for dr king "as we speak our government is shut down for one reason - so that the president of the united states can fund a monument to hate and division along our southern border"sen elizabeth warren of
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massachussetts was one of a chorus of democrats condemning the president's weekend offer to to reopen the government if they agree to build the border wallthe president is promising democrats he'll agree to sign a bill to provide some illegal immigrants temporary protection from deportationif democrats agree to the 5.7 billion for the wall..senate minority leader chuck schumer calls it a non starter."mr. president open up the government and then democrats and republicans can have a civil discussion and come up with bipartisan solutions." while schumer is a nothe white house only needs seven democrats to vote yes to move the bill forward in the senate. democrat joe manchin of west virginia says he's "undecided" on the the housedemocrats say they'll spend the week focused on border security.including spending money on technology to better scan cars at checkpoints for drugs.however the bill would not spend any money to build a wall between the u-s and washington, i'm mark meredith. minus ten degrees30 to 40
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degrees below zeroit is about as cold as it looks ...(grant) the northeast is reeling from a deadly blast of frigid air. at least six people are dead. tens of thousands are without power.and hundreds of airline flights cancelled.the big freeze follows a weekend blizzard that dumped several inches of snow from missouri to maine.(vicki) catherine heenan is here to show us how people are coping.catherine? (catherine) the brutal cold is affecting nearly 75=million people ... that's one in five americans. wind chill warnings are in effect for five states. and for some people, minus double-digit temperatures are just part of the job. wind, rain, sleet and snow, special delivery mail carriers have to do their job.lots of clothes lots of layers tow truck operators have to keep moving.two sweathshirts and snow pantspower workers have eryone else warhow do you stay warm out there? lots of clothes warm drinks
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occasionally coffee that's about it." working in the cold carries a deadly risk.a utility lineman was crushed by a falling tree in connecticut. a snow plow driver died in a rollover accident.and in west virginia was very heartbreaking to see,the body of a woman, found frozen to death on the steps of a homeless shelter.a buffalo plow driver nearly became another statistic,everything happened so quickly,good samaritans pulled him to safety when his truck burst into maine, a hawk was treated for frostbite .its native habitat is mexico,and this pennsylvania college student wasn't about to let her dog buttercup become a victim.when buttercup slipped through the ice, isabella snyder jumped into the icy water."i don't regret it one bit because she's fine and i'm fine and i'm just happy that she's still here!" (catherine) the chill might actually be a product of global warming. higher summer temperatures in the arctic have disrupted what's known as
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the polar vortex ... that's a weather phenomenom that usually keeps the most frigid weather in a circle around the north pole. lawrence? lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and beautiful day with cool temperatures. highs were in the 50s to low 60s. tonight will be mostly clear and cold and breezy. lows will be in the 30s and 40s. tomorrow will be mostly sunny and bright. highs will be in the 50s and low 60s. the week ahead looks sunny and dry with above normal temperatures later in the week. (vicki)
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(vicki) even if you're not into football... and don't like either of the teams playing this year... there's still a reason for bay area fans to watch the super bowl. (grant)kate rooney joins us now in kate rooney joins us now in studio with more on the
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matchup of a couple of bay area quarterbacks. longtime patriots star tom brady and rams pro-bowl qb jared goff grew up and played their high school football just about 50 miles apart here in the bay area. but 17 years of age and 16 seasons of nfl experience seasons of nfl experience separate the two. chris myers says: "you and the rams are going to the super bowl." jared goff says: "unbelievable man, can't put it into words."on one side of the field will be rams quarterback jared goff...who hails from novato, played at marin catholic and cal, and was the number one overall draft pick three years ago. he's heading to his first career nfl title game.jared goff says: "we're still so fresh removed from it...definitely went through a whole gamut of emotions when the field goal went in from excited, to emotional to just overwhelmingly happy. very excited, we get to play in the super bowl and we earned it, we deserve it."then there's
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patriots quarterback tom brady...a san mateo product, serra high and and university of michigan grad, who was drafted in the sixth round. eighteen years and five championship rings later, brady is headed to his ninth career super bowl.tom brady says: "everything man, it's everything. on the road against a great team, they had no fight, they had no quit, neither did we."brady hasn't quit since he won his first super bowl at the age of 24. goff is 24 will he be contacting someone older for some words of wisdom?goff says: "i don't plan to. i don't have many veteran quarterback friends. but if i can get some advice from anyone i will definitely reach out."the man who might best be able to relate won't be available, as he's quarterbacking the opposing team. but if goff follows the brady plan, he'll pause to enjoy the moment.brady says: "these are memories that'll last a lifetime. i said a few weeks ago that i'm blessed to find something i love to do, that i love to work at. that's probably been the biggest
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blessing of my life. i love working hard at trying to make improvements, and every year we start and a different place, and i love the grind of it, being in the moment."the biggest course, will be a super bowl 53 whether it belongs to the qb from marin, or the one from the peninsula, there will be plenty of bay area pride. at 24 goff is the youngest quarterback ever to have won an nfc championship...brady is 41 and that will make him the oldest quarterback to start a super bowl. (grant) bad news for coffee lovers... as a variety of factors... may soon impact the varieties of coffee.. that are available in stores. (vicki)and in houston today... the annual parade to celebrate doctor martin luther king junior.happy mlk day. we'll be right back
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(grant)enjoy that morning cup of joe while you can.... new research shows 60-percent of coffee species found in the wild could soon go extinct. researchers at kew royal botanic gardens in the u-k warn climate change, deforestation, droughts, and plant diseases are putting the future of coffee at risk.the study published in science advances says governments and commercial producers need to increase protections for coffee species and stock-pile more seeds.fewer coffee crops means coffee could cost more and taste worse.out of 124
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types of wild coffee, 75 are at risk of extinction.about 35 of the 124 species grow in areas with no conservation protections. (vicki)coming up... an update to a story that went viral over the weekend... as now the teen at the center of a controversial protest... is telling his side of the story. (grant)and thousands marching in denver today... down east colfax avenue...celebrating the life and legacy of doctor martin luther king junior during the annual mlk day parade.we'll be right back.
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(vicki) a northern kentucky high school was forced to apologize for the behavior of some of its students.... after a covington catholic high schooler was caught on video facing off with a native american elder at a march friday. but...the teen at the center of the controversy... is now saying he was trying to quote "defuse" a situation. he says a look at áallá of the video shows what really happened. cnn's sara sidner explains. the catholic high school student who comes face to face with a native american elder in a viral video is now a statement, student nick sandmavideo does n the true nature of events when the students arrived at the lincoln memorial."when we arrived, we noticed four african american protesters who were also on the steps of the lincoln memorial," he said. "the protestors said
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hateful things."indeed, a small group of black men who identify as "hebrew israelists" did say hateful things to seemingly everyone around them, including a priest.(nats)"that's make american great again. a bunch of child molesting (bleeped out.)"and the students.nats: "see how you got these pompous bastards coming down here in the middle of a native rally with they dirty ass hat on." when a black visitor tries to stand up against their rhetoric, he faces hate too. nats: "you got all these dirty ass crackers behind you with a red, with a red make america great hat again on. and your (bleep) you want to fight your brothers."at first the catholic students, there for the march for life are there in small numbers.but more and more show up, watching but not engaging.the small group of men continue taunting them. nats: "a bunch of incest babies. a bunch of babies made out of incest." sandmann says the rhetoric was startling: "because we were being loudly attacked and taunted in public a student group asked one of our teacher chaperones for permission to begin school spirit chants to counter the
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hateful things that were being shouted at our group."and they one point a student removes his shirt and the chants drown everything out. two minutes later, you hear a drum beat.that is nathan phillips, an omaha tribe elder, and another drummer. phillips says it was their attempt to thwart potential violence.the kids dance to it. they begin chanting, some doing a tomahawk chop, which native americans consider offensive.nathan phillips/ native american activist"i realized i had put myself in a really dangerous situation. you know there's like, here's a group of people who were angry at somebody else and i put myself in front of that." phillips - a vietnam veteran - walks around.other students avoid him-- until you see him come face to face with the student who has now gone viral. in his statement, the student says he was the one trying to de-escalate the situation, not phillips."i believed that by remaining motionless and calm, i was helping to diffuse the situation. i realized everyone had cameras and that perhaps a group of adults was trying to
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provoke a group of teenagers into a larger conflict." sandmann has every opportunity to move does phillips. neither do.while they faced off, the kids face more taunting from the hebrew israelite group.(nats) "this is a bunch of future school shooters.""that's right."while phillips maintains he felt the kids were mocking him and being rude--sandmann says it was the adults using hateful words and trying to provoke the kids -- not the other way around.sara sidner/ reporting: "after seeing the initial viral video, the diocese that oversees the covington catholic high school in kentucky condemned the students' behavior toward native americans saying they would also investigate. the mayor of their city also condemned them. but now congressman thomas massie who represents their district is praising them tweeting in part: 'in the face of racist and homosexual slurs, the young boys refused to reciprocate or disrespect anyone. even when taunted by homophobic bigots, which was obviously bewildering to them, they insulted no one.' the congressman said it was his honor to represent them."back to you.
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(anchor) taking a live look outside... at the san mateo bridge.(anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and beautiful day with cool temperatures. highs were in temperatures. karnow. back to you. (anchor) taking a live (anchor) taking a live look outside... at the san mateo bridge.(anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and beautiful day with cool temperatures. highs were in the 50s to low 60s. tonight will be mostly clear and cold and breezy. lows will be in the 30s and 40s. tomorrow will be mostly sunny and bright. highs will be in the 50s and low 60s. the week ahead looks sunny and dry with above normal temperatures later in
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the week. (grant) some young hospital patients' wish is granted... when videos they make entice a superstar visit...superstar week.later in the temperatures normal with above normal temperatures later in the week.
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hospital patients' wish is granted... when videos they make entice a superstar visit... that story coming
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up next.
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(grant)justin timberlake made an unscheduled appearance over the weekend.... much to the delight of some young fans. (vicki) -- and faced with a severe winter storm -- police had to get creative with their communication.reid binion has those stories in today's ámusicalá take a look at this. nats "jt see me / i got that sunshine in my pocket"patients and nurses at the methodist
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children's hospital sang along to justin timberlake's 'can't fight the feeling' --to try to entice the superstar into a visit.hashtag j-t see me caught on -- and j-t did just that.he surprised the kids with a visit before his san antonio show --going from room to room, talking and taking pictures with lucky fan even got v-i-p treatment -- taking a limo to the show and sitting front row next to the stage!nats "let it go, let it go"some massachusetts officers decided to make the best of a frozen situation over the weekend! they enlisted elsa's help as they cruised down the somerville streets -- enforcing the town's snow parking policy.and it álooksá late, but this video was taken a little before 9 saturday night ... so you know what residents with complaints had to do.nats let it go, let it go good luck trying to get that out of your head today.for take a look at this, i'm reid binion. (vicki) (vicki) that wraps (vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news
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at 5.(grant) ken wayne and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. (ken) thanks vicki. coming up at 6. california senator kamala harris choosing a day with personal significance to throw her hat into the ring for her candidacy is being received here in the bay area. (pam) and -- dr. martin luther king junior.'s legacy was celebrated across the bay and the nation today. we'll take you on board the annual m-l-k "celebration train" when we come back. (pam) plus, two people were injured tonight after a backyard deck collapsed in san francisco. kron 4 news at san deck collapsed
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(pam) now at 6 -- u.s. senator kamala harris announces she is running for president. the california democrat made the announcement this morning ...then held an event in washington.(pam) good evening i'm pam moore. (ken) and i'm ken wayne -- the slogan for her campaign is "kamala harris for the people" - those are the words she said daily in court as a prosecutor. both progressives and conservatives have criticized her record as california attorney general... on issues such as the death penalty and california's three strikes law
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but harris says, she's been a leader in the arena of criminal justice reform.(pam) she joins an already crowded field of democratic candidates.. as a senator, harris has been a vocal opponent of president trump and his agenda - particularly on immigration. standing by for local reaction to the senator's announcement.... kron4's dan kerman.... in san francisco. dan? california democratic senator kamala harris' decision to throw her hat in the wrong for president comes as little surprise to former san francisco mayor willie brown. sot willie brown/former s.f. mayor 21but that opinion of harris' chances is not shared by everyonesot howard epstein is with san francisco's republican partysot howard epstein/s.f. republican party 56but harris's record speaks for itself says brownsot
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wall builder, martin


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