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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 21, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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lodes...(vicki) and im vicki livakis... it's a story you'll only see here on kron4... this happened on clyda drive near dobern avenue around 5-30 on saturday... that's in the eastern part of san jose... (grant) kron-4's j-r stone is live at san jose police headquarters... with details on what happened. j.r. you spoke with people in the neighborhood. what did they have to say? (j.r.)all of them heard the gunshot. it was just one gunshot but at 5:30 on a saturday evening there were lots of people outside. whoever opened fire had a total disreguard for everyone. here's what one young witness told me.i was playing outside soccer when i heard the gunshot i was just playing soccer with my friend and we just hear the gunshot and we see the guy running by the houses hopping the fences by my neighbors house.this is snapchat video from the area on saturday night sent to me by a kron 4 viewer. the street was closed off at that point. police found the woman in this home. witnesses say there was a disagreement
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between at least two individuals. a shot was fired but the bullet ended up hitting the grandmother of two. a woman often see walking the neighborhood with her tiny grandchildren. neighbors say those kids were crying after this all happened. that witness described to me how the shooting went down.the husband came out with a gun and tried to shoot him in the truck and when he tried to shoot the car umm the truck moved faster so when he moved faster it hit the old grandma.(jr)police aren't saying if this is gang or drug related but many of those in the neighborhood believe it is. tonight no suspect has been charged and there is no suspect description. live in san jose, j.r. stone kron 4 news.
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(vicki) it was a sunny... but chilly day across the bay... (grant) joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... with what we can expect for the work week... lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and beautiful day with cool temperatures. highs were in the 50s to low 60s. tonight will be mostly clear and cold and breezy. lows will be in the 30s and 40s. tomorrow will be mostly sunny and bright. highs will be in the 50s and low 60s. the week ahead looks
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sunny and dry with above normal temperatures later in the week.
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(grant) unusually high tides bringing rising water to parts of the north bay. these tides better known as "king tides," were pushing water into low lying roads and parking lots in marin county. that's where we find kron4's dan thorn tonight... he's live in mill valley with more from people who dealt with the high water today..dan? the parking lot i'm standing in has mostly just big puddles
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right now. but earlier today, this area was filled with water and viewers also sent us pictures of what it was like for them throughout marin county. water from king tides filling up parking lots and roads in marin county..these were the scenes across areas in sausalito and mill valley.. sot: we had high tides that were about 6 point nine and about 7 feet they were so high that all of our parking lot got completely covered. anna henriquez is a manager at seaplane adventures in mill valley..henriquez says water was so high they actually had to take customers out to the planes wearing rain boots..sot: it was pretty extreme..on a day like today, the water was limited to just their parking lot..but a big
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concern is the combination of heavy rain and these unusually high tides..sot: it will flood so bad that the water can potentially come into the building..and that can cause major problems..the building uses sandbagging and this ramp system to help prevent high water from overflowing into the building. the king tides have since subsided--making life people to drive, park and walk. officials say if you ever experience high water and the road is closed do not try to go through it and respect the detours. reporting in mill valley dan thorn kron4 news.
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signifigance to her... martin luther king junior day. our washington d.c. corerspondent alexandra limon was there for the announcement... sen. kamala harris / presidential candidate (ca-d)i love my country, i love my country. and i feel a sense of responsibility to stand up and fight for the best of who we are.the slogan for her campaign is kamala harris for the people - those are the words she said daily in court as a prosecutor harristhere is a lot that i did as a prosecutor that i'm proud of. both progressives and conservatives have criticized her record as california attorney general... on issues like death penalty and california's three strikes law but harris says she's been a leader in the arena of criminal justice reform.harris joins an already crowded field of democratic candidatesshe says her campaign will be different..harrisfocused on the needs of the people, instead of self interest. i'm prepared to fight that way. and i believe it will be a winning fight. fellow democrats welcomed her announcementsen. elizabeth warreni think this is terrific, democrats are full of ideas and full of energy sen. jeff merkleyall of them would make a president a
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thousand percent better than where we are right now. alexandra limonas a senator, harris has been a vocal opponent of president trump and his agenda - particularly on immigration harrisand some people would suggest that in diversity when there is a diverse population, one cannot achieve unity. i reject that notion.harris says her home state of california is as diverse as the country and that will help her lead washington alexandra limon. (vicki) harris joins an already crowded field of democratic candidates.. (grant) kron-4's dan kerman got local reaction on why she stands out... why she stands out... and what her challenges may be. california u.s. senator kamala has declared her candidacy for the presidency... it's something that comes as no surprise to many who know her. sot london breed/san francisco mayor :17i think it's great and i think whats exciting is we have a number of people challenging this president for the things he has done to tear
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this country apart, we need unifiers , we need people who care about helping others and kamal harris represents a lot of thatbut those on the opposite side of the political spectrum see little chance of harris winning.sot howard epstein/s.f. republican party :44i think he strengths are she's knowledgable, but i think she's too left wing for the vast majority of the people sot willie brown/former s.f. mayor :56never udnerestimate kamala harris she has been a winner each and every time she has sought office.but former san francisco mayor willie brown puts harris at the top of the pack of those democrats already declared, and says california's decision to move it's primary from june to super tuesday in march will also help harris.sotany person who can start with california as their foundation you are ahead of the curve and to do so now that the rules have changed that when you are eligible, califronia is going to be a art of a group of states that will prepsensnt almost the majority of nomination delegates, thats important.standup dan kerman/sf 1:48harris' formal campaign kickoff scheduled for sunday at noon outside oakland city hall. in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news.
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(grant) our coverage of senator kamala harris' bid for the presidency continues at kron-4 dot com. there you can find out about her campaign theme. her record as a prosecutor and attorney general... and her path to public office. it's all at kron-4 dot com (vicki) in national news tonight... president trump is chiding democrats for saying "no" to his proposal to end shutdown. about a-quarter of the federal government has been shut down for áá31-days now - and
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there's no end in sight. as reporter kaitlan collins explains, the doctor martin luther king holiday became part of the competing narrative today.... president trump making an unannounced visit to the martin luther king junior memorial in washington today. president trump/no name font needed:"it's a great day. a beautiful day. thank you for being here. appreciate it. thank you."but declining during his two minute long trip to answer any questions on the longest government shutdown in history. natsot/reporters yelling questions:"can you talk about the shutdown at all? anything to say about democrats rejecting your deal?"now 31 days old, with 800,000 federal workers bracing to miss their second paycheck.hopes to end the stalemate remained slim this weekend, as trump blasted house speaker nancy pelosi as a "radical democrat" who's lost control of her partythose tweets coming after pelosi immediately rejected trump's latest proposal to provide three years of deportation protections for some immigrants - including many of those brought to the country illegally as children - in exchange for $5.7 billion for his border wall.president trump/no name font needed: "number one is three yegislativ daca reny years ago."
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democrats declared the offer dead on arrival.sen. chuck schumer, (d) senate minority leader:"if he opens up the government, we'll discuss whatever he offers, but hostage-taking should not work. it's very hard to negotiate when a gun is held to your head."and immigration hardliners dismissed it as amnesty, including ann coulter who tweeted "we voted for trump and got jeb bush."the president pushing back on that criticism from conservatives, saying amnesty isn't part of his offer now, but might be later on "in a much bigger deal."and on the eve of the martin luther king holiday, vice president mike pence likening the president's shutdown strategy to the civil rights icon.vice president pence/no name font needed:"one of my favorite quotes from dr. king was, 'now is the time to make real the promises of democracy.' you think of how he changed america. he inspired us to change through the legislative process, to become a more perfect union. that's exactly what president trump is calling on congress to do."martin luther king junior's son pushing back on that comparison.martin luther king iii, martin luther king jr's son:"now martin luther king jr. was a bridge builder not a wall builder."
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(vicki) the next shutdown battle line could be drawn in the senate - where majority leader mitch mcconnell plans to bring trump's proposal for a vote. (grant) thousands of people across the nation honored dr. martin luther king junior today -- you're looking at video from atlanta, georgia, denver, colorado and houston. rallies, marches and memorial gatherings were held across the country -- giving people an opportunity to celebrate the civil rights icon's life and legacy. (vicki) back here in the bay area to honor doctor king j-r... the caltrain "celebration train" traveled from san jose to san francisco
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....making stops this morning in palo alto... and san mateo. (grant) kron4's rob fladeboe caught up with riders making the annual pilgrimage... starting from diridon station in san jose. nats (boarding train)this was the happy scene as hundreds of folks boarded the martin luther king junior celebration train in san jose. the annual event celbrating dr. kings birthday, life and legacy. tasha bartholomew/caltrain "...this event brings out generations of families to celebrate what dr. king was trying to do....nats (new life fellowship praise team)the new life fellowship praise team set the tone for the ride to san francisco, which commemorates the 54 mile civil rights march, led to montgomery, alabama, in 1965. riders telling me dr. king's message is as relevant today as it was back then passengers "...he represented the past, the present and the future..." "...we all have a dream right, and we can never go back..." "...if dr. king
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had lived a little longer the world would be a much better place..." "...we have a lot more work to do, darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that..."as always, dozens of children were among the 2-thousand or so riders this year, sponsored by the martin luther king junior foundation. a teaching moment for young and old alike. said one long-time rider, "it as if the train itself were powered by king's eternal message of freedom and equality."alfred turner/san jose "...sometimes you look around and it seems like we're going backward but you now what, we have to remember all the people who brought us to this place so we can stand up and love each other and walk with each other..."nats (sing alongrob fladeboe "....on board the celebration train 2019. rob fladeboe kron4news. (grant) the (grant) (grant) the
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celebration train's final stop was at 4th and king streets in san francisco. kron4's maureen kelly reports that those on board were met by a big crowd... which joined them in a mile long march to honor dr. king's legacy. the sidewalks around the caltrain station were packed.....with many families with young children excited to celebrate the memory of the civil rights leader they've learned about in school. he did so many good speeches he did not fight with his fists he had a dream and his dream came true for all of us (singing)the march was led by mayor london breed and others singing we shall overcome.....moments before she was asked by reporters for her reaction to president trumps tweet in his ongoing
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shutdown standoff with house speaker pelosi ...that ended by calling the city's streets disgusting. after defending the action being taken to that end ....she said it's important to take the high road....we just have to continue to remember why we're here today to honor the legacy of someone who talked about love you talked about light talked about hope we talked about the kind of things that bring us together more about the things that bring us together and less about the things that divide us because were all in this together as us as a city as a community as a country and we can do better than this the march ended at a celebration and interfaith prayer service at yerba buena gardens....where house speaker nancy pelosi was a surprise speaker.this instead of being on her overseas trip that was scuttled by the president, another fallout of their squabbling over border wall funding. possibly in the spirit of the day....none of those issues were mentioned...instead she talked about the fight to raise the minimum wage, and stopping voter suppression as the continution of king's legacy. we must all be committed to make sure that the arc of justice that he talked about ben's more rapidly than some other people may ishey were rea to make the fight every single day.....and they answered with cheers and applause. (grant) neither of the bay area's n-f-l teams made it to
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the n-f-l teams the bay area's neither of (grant) applause.cheers and answered with day.....and they every single make the fight were ready to crowd is they asked the when she fights aboutthat with the fights aboutwhen she asked the crowd is they were ready to make the fight day.....and they answered with cheers and applause. (grant) (grant) neither of the bay area's n-f-l teams made it to the super bowl... but this game wi'll be a matchup of a couple of bay area quacks.(vicki) kron-4's kate rooney gives us a preview of tom brady and jared goff.. chris myers says: "you and the rams are going to the super bowl." jared goff says: "unbelievable man, can't put it into words."on one side of the field will be rams quarterback jared goff...who hails from novato, played at marin catholic and cal, and
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was the number one overall draft pick three years ago. he's heading to his first career nfl title game.jared goff says: "we're still so fresh removed from it...definitely went through a whole gamut of emotions when the field goal went in from excited, to emotional to just overwhelmingly happy. very excited, we get to play in the super bowl and we earned it, we deserve it."then there's patriots quarterback tom brady...a san mateo product, serra high and and university of michigan grad, who was drafted in the sixth round. eighteen years and five championship rings later, brady is headed to his ninth career super bowl.tom brady says: "everything man, it's everything. on the road against a great team, they had no fight, they had no quit, neither did we."brady hasn't quit since he won his first super bowl at the age of 24. goff is 24 will he be contacting someone older for some words of wisdom?goff says: "i don't plan to. i don't have many veteran quarterback friends. but if i can get some advice from anyone i will definitely reach out."the man who might best be
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able to relate won't be available, as he's quarterbacking the opposing team. but if goff follows the brady plan, he'll pause to enjoy the moment.brady says: "these are memories that'll last a lifetime. i said a few weeks ago that i'm blessed to find something i love to do, that i love to work at. that's probably been the biggest blessing of my life. i love working hard at trying to make improvements, and every year we start and a different place, and i love the grind of it, being in the moment."the biggest course, will be a super bowl 53 victory...and whether it belongs to the qb from marin, from the there will be area pride. (grant) social media accounts for both schools congratulated their nfl alumni following the championship games sunday. the serra athletics twitter account wrote "congrats to tom brady '95 on his ninth super bowl appearance!" (vicki) marin catholic's twitter account marin-catholic wrote, "congrats jared on heading to the super bowl. get it done. #beatserra." the super bowl between the rams and patriots will take place in atlanta on feburary 3rd...
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we'll have more coverage on the match up coming up in sports. (grant) it's a controversial video that has gone viral... showing a tense encounter between a teenager and native american.... tonight the chaperones on the trip are speaking out-- what they reveal about the situation... (vicki) plus...a soda shop is adding something extra to its milkshakes and sundaes -- a hemp extract from cannabis... we'll tell you why... (grant) and up next... when you search online probably don't know you are being tracked for targeted ads.... we'll tell you how to have more control over your information. (lawrence) weather tease
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4 your money tonight... everyone's been there -- you're looking at something looking at you're looking at something online ... you something online ... you click over to another page ... and then pops up an ad for the very thing you were for the very thing you were just viewing.(vicki) targeted advertising is commonple social media platforms -- but a new poll suggests most people don't know those annoying pop-ups are directed specifically at them.(grant) reporter mary moloney has everything you need to know about targeted advertising.... facebook c-e-o mark zuckerberg testified last year before a
9:25 pm
congressional committee -- assuring lawmakers in the wake of the cambridge analytica breech ... that users have complete control over the the information they share on the platform.but a new pew research center study suggests most facebook users don't know that facebook records their interests to generate targeted ads --or how to access that information on their profiles. 51-percent of the participants said they aren't comfortable with facebook compiling the data.but facebook isn't the only company collecting and using information about their customers.clickstream data is a history of webpages a person has's collected using cookies -- tiny text files embedded into websites. cookies enable marketing companies to compile records of a person's browsing habits ... so they can specifically target their advertising.a person's search history ...
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purchase history .. and social media profile data is all part of the clickstream -- and all used to create targeted ads. though third-party cookies get a bad rap -- most are harmless. they can't plant computer viruses and they can't collect personal information from a hard drive.and the increased ad revenue generated by targeting ads for products a person might actually buy ... allows users free access to many websites and apps that might otherwise have to charge a subscription fee.cookies ácaná be disabled for users who aren't comfortable sharing their online habits.the setting can be found in a browser's "settings" or "privacy" tab.for consumer watch, i'm mary moloney. (vicki) ahead at nine... pg&e's plan for bankruptcy is expected to take center stage at capitol protests tomorrow. how one popular hollywood activist is getting involved.... (grant) plus.. we'll tell you how much is too much when it comes to screen time and your kids... (vicki) and freezing temperatures hit the northeast and midwest after a weekend storm turns deadly... wreaking havoc on travel across the country.
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okay, so you've been to the it's great right? earth. but i bet you haven't done this.
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or that. been here. but i bet you haven't done this. i bet you haven't met her, or him, or them. ooo, dance-off! this is... incredible. you, see what i did right there. and when is the last time you felt like this, or that or (sighs deeply) i mean, come on- that's basically a perfect moment. it's time to make some magic for as low as $70 per person, per day. into question what was really going on --in a viral video showing a confrontation between catholic high school students and a group native americans in washington d-c. (grant) it appears that a teen is taunting a native american. but he says he was actually trying to diffuse the situation... and that's not apparent in the video. reporter meghan mongillo spoke to the parents who were chaperones on the trip. (nats)this video of a covington catholic student standing, seeming to mock a native american man on the
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steps of the lincoln memorial in washington d.c. lit up social media.jill hamlin/ chaperone"our boys were targeted they were targeted from the get-go. immediately there were all these people running around filming." parents jill hamlin, jim wilson and val andreev were chaperones on the school's annual trip to take part in the march for life.they shared this video that shows a verbal exchange - leading up to the now infamous moment.(nats) "ain't you all support trump?" jill hamlin/ chaperone"i mean, i can't believe they stayed and listened to the vitriol and hatred being shouted at them as a mother, it was horrible, horrible."jim wilson/ chaperone"our boys did nothing, no violence. they did not attack those gentlemen. they stood there and waited for their bus."jheri neri with the greater cincinnati native american coalition says nathan phillips, an elder, wasn't trying to have a confrontation with the group but change the tone.jheri neri/ greater cincinnati native american coalition"you have young people who are on a field trip and perhaps don't have that experience as to how to act whenever someone comes forward and is yelling things at you and that is unfortunate because someone should have been there. at any point in time in that hour and a half, an adult, or representative from that school could have
9:31 pm
stepped in and this would have been, we wouldn't be having this conversation."but the parents i talked with said they can see and hear jim wilson doing just that in this video.(nats)"back it up, hey up. you're college degrees was paid for by the bloodshed of slavery."jim wilson/ chaperone"they were men so i got the boys and pushed them back. eventually i could get some of them who knew me and i said 'we need to get out of here.'"the parents say the 170 or so boys were standing waiting on the bus to pick to pass the school cheer. at one point a student takes off his shirt.(nats)minutes later, nathan phillips begins beating a drum - and walking towards the students.(nats) "look at their make america great again hats..look at their hats."jill hamlin/ chaperone"if you were in the march for life, you saw a lot of make america great hats, sweatshirts (and attire) right, but they were also wearing their covington catholic sweatshirts proudly." jheri neri/ greater cincinnati native american coalition "we've made ourselves available. that is yet to happen with the diocese or with the school."
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in a joint statement, the school and diocese said the students' behavior is opposed to the church's teachings and they are investigating. they add appropriate action, up to and including expulsion, is being considered. the mayor of their city also condemned the students after seeing the viral video. tonight president trump tweeted about this, saying in
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part, the students were treated unfairly... implying there was a rush to judgement... led by the media. (vicki) in the east bay .. teachers in oakland will vote next week ... on the call for an official strike. the vote will take place over four days, starting january 29th. it comes after hundreds of teachers .. and their supporters.. demonstrated in front of the district office in a sick- out on friday. they demanded higher pay, smaller class sizes and more resources for students. over the weekend, educators and supporters created signs and banners.. in case a school strike does take place. (grant) environmental activist erin brockovich is leading a protest along-side wilfire victims in return from the holiday weekend, they'll be greeted by 1-hundred demonstrators outside the capitol building. north bay and camp fire victims will be there urging lawmakers to not allow pg&e to move forward with the plan at the end of the month, legal experts
9:34 pm
say the company could avoid paying victims in full for the many fire-related lawsuits launched against it. (vicki) wind chill temperatures in the minus double digits. the northeast is reeling from a frigid blast of polar air. at least six people are dead... tens of thousands are without power. and hundreds of airline flights cancelled. the big freeze arriving on the heels of a weekend blizzard that dumped several inches of snow from missouri to maine. kron four's catherine heenan wind, rain, sleet and snow, special delivery mail carriers have to do their job.lots of clothes lots of layers tow truck operators have to keep moving.two sweathshirts and snow pantspower workers have keep everyone else do
9:35 pm
you stay warm out there? lots of clothes warm drinks occasionally coffee that's about it." working in the cold carries a deadly risk.a utility lineman was crushed by a falling tree in connecticut. a snow plow driver died in a rollover accident.and in west virginia was very heartbreaking to see,the body of a woman, found frozen to death on the steps of a homeless shelter.a buffalo plow driver nearly became another statistic,everything happened so quickly,good samaritans pulled him to safety when his truck burst into maine, a hawk was treated for frostbite .its native habitat is mexico,and this pennsylvania college student wasn't her dog buttercup victim.when slipped through the snyder jumped into the icy water."i don't regret it one bit because she's fine and i'm fine and i'm just happy that she's still here!" (grant) back here locally --
9:36 pm
recent storms brought a lot of snow to the sierra for the holiday weekend... and it was a nice day on the slopes. this was the scene from heavenly resort in lake tahoe today. there was another round of fresh snow over the weekend. an avalanche warning that was in effect earlier today --- has passed. (vicki)a modesto couple say they were shocked to wake up and find out their house had been vandalized by paintballs early saturday morning. janeice and douglas partridge say bodega lane is normally a quiet neighborhood where everyone looks out for each other. janeice, is a full-time care-giver to her husband--- a disabled navy veteran who suffers from a rare brain disease. they've lived at their home for more than a decade--- more than 20 paint-ball sized holes, dripping with yellow paint now cover the front of their home. (vicki)
9:37 pm
the force ripped through their window screen, punched holes in their vinyl siding and splattered their front screen door. at first they thought their home had been egged-- but say a neighbor told them their house had been shot up from the street with a high-powered gun. (lawrence bay area weather) (sports tease) still ahead in sports, an update from staples center with the warriors playing the lebron-less lakers. also, tom brady and jared goff... set for a showdown in super bowl 53 in atlanta. we'll hear from the qbs who have strong roots in the bay area. (vicki) and... we remember dr. martin lunther king jr's legacy...... tonight hear how one man says the civil right's leader changed his life...
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one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn.
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champs facing the lakers. lebron james missing tonight due to an injury suffered in that christmas day game against the warriors. at last check score... the warriors rolling as we have reached the 4th qurarter klay thompson has 44 points after three periods to lead all scorers and started 10-for- 10 from downtown. we'll have full highlights later tonight. the recently red hot sharks have come back to earth... peter deboer... and company... after a 7-game winning streak... trying to avoid their third straight loss... in florida tonight 2nd period... 2-1 panthers... timo meier... shoves the puck into the back of the net...
9:41 pm
2-2 tie but things fall apart early in the 3rd... keith yandle... with the power play goal to regain the lead for florida... 3-2 then 9 seconds later.... a sharks turnover lead to the vincent trocheck... score... again on the power play... 4-2 panthers final...6-2 panthers... next up for the sharks... at the defending stanley cup champion washington capitals tomorrow to the nfl-- although the 49ers and raiders aren't in the playoffs. bay area football connections run deep in the biggest game of the year. what a showdown for super bowl 53. jared goff...novato's own, former cal bear...and his rams take out the saints in the superdome and are in line for their first championship in the goff-sean mcvay era. the 24-year old is the 4th youngest qb to win a conference title...and first top overall pick to start a super bowl by his 3rd season. --meanwhile, tom brady...lives in the postseason...the pride of san mateo and serra high, appearing in his 9th super bowl. 41-years-old and going after a 6th world title. --both qbs on me.
9:42 pm
"definitely went through a whole gamut of emotions when the field goal went in, from excited to emotional, to just overwhelmingly happy. very excited. get to play in the super bowl. we earned it. we deserve it.""we found a way to play our best the last four games. buffalo, jets, had the bye, played great against the charger, played really well today. and we're going to need one more great game." serena williams is into the quarterfinals at the australian open.. and she did it agianst a big-time opponent... williams faced her first real test at the aussie... emerging with a 6-1, 4-6, 6-4 victory over the top seed and number-1 ranked player in the world... simona halep the 37-year-old williams is trying to win an eighth championship at melbourne park and record-tying 24th grand slam title overall.williams next meets 2016 u.s. open runner-up karolina pliskova. u.s. open champion naomi osaka is also into the quarterfinal after a three set win of her own coming up on kron4 sports at 10, those full warriors highlights, you have to see how klay thompson took this
9:43 pm
game over. until then, more news after the break. now to our four zone
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forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and beautiful day with cool temperatures. highs were in the 50s to low 60s. tonight will be mostly clear and cold and breezy. lows will be in
9:46 pm
the 30s and 40s. tomorrow will be mostly sunny and bright. highs will be in the 50s and low 60s. the week ahead looks sunny and dry with above normal temperatures later in the week. (grant) 4 your health tonight... is health 4 your (grant) week.
9:47 pm
tonight... is there such a thing as too much screen-time for children?(vicki) according to guidance
9:48 pm
from the royal college of pediatrics and child health... there's little evidence to prove that. but the american academy of pediatrics advises against any screen time for children younger than 18-months, and only one hour per day for children ages two to five. experts at the royal college say there's no direct evidence to suggest a toxic link between screen time with heart disease, obesity and other health issues. the report did find that screen time could have a negative impact on sleep patterns and mental health... and researchers encourage parents to set limits for their children... (grant) eight lots of a certain blood pressure medication have been recalled after testing showed the medication contained trace amounts of a cancer-causing material. one lot of irbesartan tablets and seven lots of irbesartan h-c-t-z tablets were recalled. the company said the medication contained unacceptable levels of n-d-e-a -- a likely carcinogen.s company
9:49 pm
in china. the factory has been linked to several linked to several recalls of regularly- prescribed blood pressure drugs. (vicki) a soda shop in south florida is adding something extra to its milkshakes and sundaes -- cbd oil. c-b-d stands for cannabidiol -- a compound found in the cannabis sativa plant. it has no psychoactive effects and won't get you high -- but many people believe it has therapeutic properties. the owner of delray shores pharmacy and soda fountain says unlike marijuana, it will not make you high. they'll add it to milkshakes, ice cream sundaes and also brownies. cbd oil is known to help people suffering from things such as insomnia, chronic inflammation, and anxiety. (vicki) in tonight's hidden hsitory series.... we're going to take a walk in history through the eyes of a reverend who knew doctor martin luther king junior. (grant) it was the late 19- 60s...the civil rights act had just been passed....but segregation...and racism....was still rampant. reverend mel jackson had
9:50 pm
just met doctor king. and as david williams reports....what happened next...changed jackson's life forever. take pkg(ááreporteráá) 88-year-old reverend mel jackson's first words to dr. king were...well...memorable... in=out=$w6 21 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 0
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(grant) and as we go to break...
9:53 pm
we want to leave you with some of dr. martin luther king jr.'s most iconic words.
9:54 pm
your favorite restaurants now it doesn't matter dash. where you are. ♪ it doesn't matter what you're hungry for. it doesn't even matter how many you are. ♪ restaurants come to you. delicious at your door. download doordash. first order, $1 delivery fee. (grant) couples who want
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to get married have new option when deciding on a venue. (vicki) contra costa county partnered up with the national park service to offer couples to get married inside the historic john muir house in martinez on valentine's day. the ceremonies will be held between 10:20 a.m. and 3:20 p.m. on feburary 14th. weddings will be held in a room that contains a chandelier, grand piano and a view overlooking the property. the italianate victorian-style home was built in 18-82, according to the county clerk-recorder office. people can make appointments for ceremonies at the clerk-recorder office in martinez. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine... (vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and
9:57 pm
vicki.... next at ten... a neighborhood in one south bay city in shock-- after a grandmother was shot and killed ... and police are still looking for the gunman... where it happened and reaction from neighbors. plus... it came as no surpise to many who know her... california u-s senator kamala harris has declared her candidacy for the presidency.... tonight we hear from local politicians who say she faces a lot of challenges ahead...(pam) and... king tides causing flooding in the north bay... we have a live report from mill valley ... and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has what to expect going forward this week. (ken) don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break. alright, i brought in
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ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. (ken) unusually high tides
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10:00 pm
bringing rising water to parts of the north bay. (ken) thanks for joining us, im ken wayne. (pam) and i'm pam moore.. these tides... better known as "king tides," were pushing water into low lying roads and parking lots in marin county. (ken) that's where we find kron4's dan thorn tonight... he's live in mill valley with more from people who dealt with the high water.. dan? the parking lot i'm standing in has mostly just big puddles right now. but earlier today, this area was filled with water and viewers also sent us pictures of what it was like for them throughout marin county. flooding in parking lots and roads in marin county..king tides forcing water


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