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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  January 24, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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thank you for joining us, i'm ken wayne. (vicki)and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore. the tubbs fire was just one of more than 170 fires that ripped through california in october 20-17. investigators have determined pg&e was responsible for a large number of those.... but not the tubbs fire. (vicki) pg-and-e released a statement in response to the news. they said quote-- "without question, the loss of life, homes and businesses during these devastating wildfires is heartbreaking, and we remain focused on helping affected communities recover and rebuild. the safety of our customers and the communities we serve is our most important responsibility, and we are committed to assessing our infrastructure to further enhance safety and help protect all of the customers we serve from the ever-increasing threat of wildfires." (vicki) we have team coverage tonight as we continue to learn more about the official cause of the tubbs fire. (vicki) kron4's justine waldman is standing by in coffey park... one of the areas that is still rebuilding well over a year later.(ken) but first.... kron 4's
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ashley zavala is live in sacramento where governor newsom spoke a short time ago. ashley? (ken) (ken) kron 4's justine
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waldman is live in santa rosa tonight -- where people are reacting to the news that p-g-and-e is not to blame.
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justine? (justine) im in coffey park, where the rebuild from the tubbs fire in non-stop.for most people here... knowing the cause of the fire does not bring some relief but not closure, just more questions. the cause started at a home on bennett lane in calistoga.kron 4 was there right after the tubbs fire started.. because for weeks neighbors told us, investigators were there collecting fire said in its 80 page report the fire started in a privately owned conductor or equipment located on a private residence. it took almost 15 months to get to this result.and investigators said they did not find any violations of state law.people i spoke with... who all lost their homes in in the fire.... despite hearing the results of the cal fire report.. are still holding pge accountable. "i cant worry about pge is or isnt but maybe it will change the is really horrible i feel so sorry for all the people who have gone though this i feel pge has not been tangf not taking care of their lines and
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transformers properly."the question so many victims had... does this finding let pge off the hook ? (justine) so what does this mean for lawsuits...because hundreds of homeowers either did not have insurance or were under insured... santa rosa attorney roy miller who represents 1,200 people who are suing pg&e for lost homes and other damages, .. tells me said the cal fire report "changes zero."
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(ken) kron 4 first told you about the cause of the fire through a push alert. make sure you download the kron 4 mobile app to always get breaking news updates in your neighborhood. "... stay tuned!"(ken) house leader nancy pelosi looking suddenly optimistic on a compromise agreement to reopen the government.congressional leaders working on a three=week funding deal to allow for further negotiations on a border wall.(vicki)it would be a major victory for the democrat from san francisco.catherine heenan is here to show us how it
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happened.catherine? (catherine) first there was the showdown over the state of the union ... last night the president backed down. then today ... he blinked again. for weeks, president trump adamantly rejected any deal that didn't include the full five point seven billion dollars for the wall. now he's ready to let congress make a deal. there are a lot of alternatives. i lot of people want this to happen.... one of the suggestions is that they pay kind of a prorated down payment for the wall.the president spoke after a dramatic interruption in the senate floor. leader mcconnell has requested i go to his office. i think that is more important than some of these activities.the senate's top democrat and republican meeting to discuss the new proposal ... if they come to an agreement i would support it.president trump's new=found flexibility comes after polls showed six out of ten americans now blame the president for the shutdown. nancy pelosi is one of them the shutdown is a crisis that he president created and he alone after 34 day, the designated essential
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workers ... from coast guard sailors to air traffic controllers ... are feeling the strain."and they are coming to work without paychecks. sleeping in their cars between shifts because they can't afford the gas to get to work so they're staying there. are we less safe today. we are less safe today."a month without pay, especially hard on low-salary tsa workers. no money for the mortgage, for the cars, for the insurance, for the bills that we have.and today brought new outage as commerce secretary wilbur ross ... a billionaire businessman ... expressed amazement that workers were forced to rely on food banks,"i know they are and i don't really understand why. because, as i mentioned before, the obligations that they would undertake - say of borrowing from a bank or a credit union - are, in effect, federally guaranteed (catherine) again, the idea is to reopen the government for three weeks ... and let all the workers collect their pay. meantime republicans and democrats will try to come to an agreeement on paying for that wall.ken
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and pam? (ken) president trump's former personal lawyer, michael cohen has been subpoenaed by the senate intelligence committee to testify in mid-february. that's according to a source close to cohen. this is video of cohen leaving his new york apartment today -- he declined to comment. he announced yesterday that he's postponing his appearance before the house oversight committee hearing citing "ongoing threats against his family" from the president and his attorney rudy giuliani. senate intelligence traditionally interviews behind closed doors, not publicly. a committee spokeswoman also declined comment. (vicki/landing) san jose police are hunting for a driver who left the scene of a fatal accident early this morning. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, police are calling on the public to help them find whom ever was behind the wheel of a white van captured in surveillance video. (surveillance video)san jose police are looking for this white van in connection with what is now a felony fatal hit
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and run investigation. surveillance video from a nearby business shows what police believe is a white, full-size, gmc or chevy van with dark rims. the van has no markings but is very liklely showing some damage says sergeant enrique garcia. sgt. enrique garcia/san jose police "....we know there is going to be damage to the right front quarter panel based on the impact with the victim but we have no idea who the suspect is, whether it's a man or woman or if there was anyone else in the van...." (early video)the collision occurred just after 12:30 this morning. police say the victim, described so far only as an adult woman, was walking east on santa clara street and was clearly in the crosswalk when she was hit. the van was traveling south on tenth street. the woman died at the scene. the van just kept on going.sgt. enrique gracia/san jose police "....the person may be wanted for a crime or may have an outstanding warrant, or maybe they just committed a crime and were fleeing the scene, or were under the influence of drugs or alcohol or driving with a suspended license...."this sign was set up to inform drivers that an accident occurred here in the hope of generating some tips from passers by. here's another
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look at that surveillance video. the accident scene is just a block from san jose state and see's a lot of traffic pretty much around the clock and the sign might just jog someone's memory say police. rob fladeboe/san jose "...this was the 4th traffic fatality so far this year in san jose, the 3rd involving a pedestrian and the first fatal hit and run accident. in san jose rob fladeboe kron4news (ken) coming up: a bay area restaurant is stepping up to help coast guard members who aren't getting paid. the personal connection the restaurant has with one coast guardsman (vicki) some bay area mayors are in washington d-c for a big meeting. it's
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also a chance for them to push for an end to the government shutdown. (ken) fremont police say they've solved a cold case homicide that's decades old. details on the arrest of an arizona man for murder. (lawrence) i'm chief (lawrence) i'm chief meteorologist lawrence karnow, i'll have your full bay area forecast after the break.
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a big story tonight... an arizona man is behind bars, arrested for murdering a fremont man 28 years ago.(ken)
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it's a cold case that fremont police believe they solved thanks to dna technology. kron 4's dan kerman has more from police headquarters. 52 year old arizona resident russell guerrero is behind bars ... arrested for a fremont murder police say he comitted 28 years was in december of 1990 the body of 30 year old fremont resident jack upton was was found in his tyson lane apartment... police say he was beaten and stabbed to death. police say fingerprints and blood not belonging to upton were collected from the home. a week after the body was discovered... police found upton's missing car 350 miles away in thousand oakes. blood was also found inside, that matched the blood found in the home... but dna testing over the years has proved unable to find a match in the database. sot det. jacob blass/fremont police :38but fremont police and its cold case unit continued to search ... then last year the arrest of the golden state killer shed light on new dna technology. fremont police shipped their dna evidence to the same lab and they found a potential suspect.. russell guerrero.sot
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fremont police tracked guerrero to an italian restaurant in chandler arizona where they collected items he used and found his dna and fingerprints were a match and he was arrested for murder... upton's family has now been notified.sotstandup dan kerman/fremont 131141/std (on cam) (ken) (on cam) (ken) in the east bay... and new tonight. giving back to service members one farm fresh mexican meal at a time. that is what one oakland restaurant is doing to
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help members of the coast guard who... as of tomorrow will have missed two pay checks because of the partial government shutdown... kron4's haaziq madyun has the story nats haaziqwhat are we looking at heresotthese two mouth watering dishes are on a special menu at nido kitchen & bar in jack london square. a portion of the proceeds from these meals will be used to help members of the coast guard here in the bay area impacted by the partial government shutdown. the co-owner of nido, sylvia mccollow, explains how the giving back charitable program workssot
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husband, cory mccollow who you see here in this family photo, has a special interest in lending a helping hand to the bay area coast guardsot each of the giving back special meals also comes with dessert, your choice of a non alcohalic beverage or one of these margaritas. mccollow says her restaurant has been open for a little over six years and giving back to the community is a reccurring theme at here at nidosot in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news (vicki) legendary 49ers
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quarterback joe montana is betting big on the legal marijuana industry. the hall of famer's venture capital firm is taking part in a $75 million dollar investment in san jose-based company caliva. caliva has two retail stores... as well as a farm in northern california, and distributes its products to retailers across the state. the 62-year old montana says he's investing in marijuana -- in part to combat the opioid addiction epidemic. let's take a look outside right now... chief meteorologist chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the four zone forecast. lawrence karnow: it was a spring-like day with beautiful sunshine across the entire bay
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area. highs today were in the mid to upper 60s. tonight it will be clear and chilly again with lows in the 30s and 40s. on the satellite you can see high pressure building along the west coast. that ridge will bring sunshine and warmer weather on friday. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s with a few low 70s possible. this weekend a few clouds move across our skies but the temperatures will be mild. it will be dry for the next seven days. coming up tonight at 6:45... tonight at coming up days.the next seven will be dry for will be mild. it will be dry for the next seven days.
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coming up tonight at 6:45... a new survey has found dozens of san francisco high rises have earthquake damage suffered as far back as the loma prieta quake. why the damage is just now being discovered. (vicki) there's bound to be more stormy weather ahead this winter. coming up... how to tell if your trees need attention so they don't fall. (ken) although the stormy
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weather, for the moment, is gone from the bay area... local arborists are still responding to the damage caused by the last rounds of strong wind and rain. kron four's philippe djegal reports from contra costa county... where arborists advise on how to identify troubled trees. (philippe) as he surveys the post-storm landscape... behind a pleasant hill shopping center and off a freeway exit... east bay arborist alex llamas stumbles upon what appears to be a dead cottonwood tree.alex llamas/ "the way you can particularly tell this, , is the bark is just he says it doesn't need a pruning... but rather simply be removed. a leaning branch on a valley oak
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just a few feet away also looks like trouble... but llamas, who owns sexy- trees-dot-com, says the branch is stronger then it appears. alex llamas/ "this bulge, that's telling me that there's probably a crack inside, and the tree's natural response is to put more wood in that area to strengthen that attachment. and, so, if we go out here further, from that sides out to here, its getting a little thinner, which is a good taperedness, and we go out here and it looks like there's quite a little bit excessive weight on this branch particularly. they could have it maintained, but you know, it's not really in a dangerous spot. i wouldn't -- it'll be fine." at a park nearby, arborist steven duncan, with atlas tree service notices a 250 year-old valley oak, that to the average person, may look healthy, but really is not. steven duncan/atlas tree service- "this area in here, looks like there's quite possibly has some decay inside. how the bark is left off too much. this seam is too much. so, this one would be more worrisome in the entire tree falling." duncan says if you have large trees on your property... it's a
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good idea to have them looked at professional ce every three preventative measures are likely less expensive than what you'd be responsible for if the tree eventually falls and causes damage in pleasant hill, philippe djegal, kron four news. (vicki) (vicki)coming up next at 6:30 calfire has determined how the north bay's devastating tubbs fire started. the agency says... pg&e is not to blame. (ken) the nba all-star starters are out...and to no one's surprise the warriors are well represnted... mark will tell you who is in... coming up in sports (lawrence)and i'm tracking your weeknight forcast... that's just ahead.
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story tonight... investigators say the deadly tubbs fire in the north bay was not caused by p-g-and-e. (ken) grant lodes joins us in the studio with more on what investigators say caused it. (grant) they say the fire in sonoma, napa and lake counties that killed 22 people back in 2017-- started from a private electrical system next to a home. we spoke with cal fire deputy director mike mohler today about why it took so long to determine this cause. northern california's major electricity and natural gas
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provider says it's still in deep trouble despite being cleared of causing a 2017 wine country fire that killed 22 people.state investigators on thursday said the tubbs fire in napa and sonoma counties was started by electrical equipment at a private residence in the napa valley and not by pacific gas and electric spokesman james noonan says in a statement that pg&e still faces numerous lawsuits, significant potential damages and a deteriorating financial situation because of the fires that torched california in 2017 and 2018.the company says it plans to declare bankruptcy after it was blamed for causing numerous other fires that killed scores of people and destroyed thousands of homes. it says it faces at least $30 billion in potential damages.a northern california state senator said that just because a private electric deadliest wildfires in state history does not let pacific gas & electric off the hook for its role in other devastating fires in the state. (grant)


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