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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 24, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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wall."(ken) house speaker nancy pelosi was quick to respond to trump's proposal, calling it "not reasonable". this as federal employees are set to miss their second paycheck.. prompting concerns about worker morale. (ken) today the internaitonal president of of the association of flight attendants says there is no excuse to continue the shutdown, saying furloughed workers are sleeping in their cars. (grant) this as more federal agencies are coming forward saying the shutdown is putting the safety of every american at risk. alex maquardt has the details. alex naffa:"not getting paid is a serious problem that really needs to end and i really hope it does soon."alex naffa is a t-s-a officer in
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houston - a dad to two little girls, who's also taking care of his own ailing father - and about to miss his second paycheck in a row.alex naffa: "no money for the mortgage, for the cars, for the insurance, for the bills that we have. it's been very tough on all of us."now, the threat to american flyers is also growing - air traffic controllers, who are also going without pay, issuing a warning."we cannot even calculate the level of risk currently at play, nor predict the point at which the entire system will break. it is unprecedented."paul rinaldi: "i'm starting to see routine mistakes in clearances being made because controllers are distracted."as federal workers suffer, the impact is being felt within the agencies and departments they work for, particularly when it comes to national security.tom o'connor: "for special agents, financial national security."a report from the f-b-i agents association said that operations - including fighting terrorism and developing critical sources - are being affected, with dramatic potential consequences.tom o'connor:"the failure to fund the fbi is making it more difficult for us to do our jobs to protect the people of our country from criminals and terrorists." another group tasked with protecting the country - the coast guard - also not being funded.a coast guard pilot telling cnn that flights are being canceled because pilots are stressed and feeling
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unsafe, saying ...."flying is unforgiving. you have to be 100 percent focused or people die."and with the coast guard's parent agency... the department of homeland security... also without funding...five former homeland security secretaries... including the president's former chief of staff john kelly...who was leading the west wing when the shutdown started --sent the president and congress a letter... asking that they ... "fund the critical mission of dhs."jeh johnson:"i fear that the damage already done to our security will be months if not years as a result." (ken) back here at home, the government shutdown is not
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only affecting federal workers but it's also starting to affect low income families. (grant) kron 4's gayle ong joins us live in san francisco with the concerns from people relying on food stamps.gayle? local food banks have done their part delivering bags of food to furloughed government workers but as long as this shutdown is happening, tens of thousands of bay area residents who rely food stamps may soon feel the affect.. san francisco resident bill johnston is not a furloughed federal employee,johnston is a part time worker, looking for full time work.he receives snap benefits..and is concerned about being cut off. snap is a federal program that provides food assistance to tens of thousands of families in need. as the government shutdown continues, officials are offering help to residents who recieve government benefits.
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tish gallegos, spokesperson for contra costa county's employment and human services - the department that oversees the state's calfresh program - issued benefits for february more than two weeks earlyeven though customers recieved benefits early, the concern is to spend it wisely. officials say they're continuing to monitor the shutdowns affect on funding and they're unsure whether march benefits will be impacted as in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news. (grant) as the government
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shutdown drags on, federal workers will be missing their second paycheck tomorrow. bank of america c-e-o brian moynihan says his organization will assist federal workers to ease the econmic pain. (grant) wells fargo and citi banks are also offering special programs for federal workers. for more inforation on the program you can head to oyur website kron 4 dot com. (ken) a mexican restaurant in oakland is helping feed coast guard members hurt by the partial government shutdown. for every meal sold, nido kitchen and bar in jack london square will give coast guard members a grocery gift card for up to 100 dollars. silvia maccollow and her husband own the
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restaurant and they feel a need to be actively involved in giving back to the coast guard because silvia's husband is in the coast guard. (ken) each of the special meals offered comes with a dessert and a choice of a non- alcoholic beverage or a margarita. (ken) a retiree in iowa has raised money from almost 100 people to buy groceries and gift cards for t-s-a workers. eric schwab started with his own money, but his grass-roots cause has taken off since he started a fundraising page on facebook. part of the reason schwab says he wanted to help was because he said he had periods of homelessness in the 80's. so far, he has donated about 23-hundred dollars worth of groceries and gift cards to t-s-a officers at the quad
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city international airport in moline, illinois. he also brings donations to the coast guard at the rock island arsenal military base. (grant) this is the property on bennett lane in calistoga, is where cal fire investigators say the fire started. private property, private electrical system... not p-g & e's fault. from here the fire spread in napa, lake and sonoma counties. the tubbs fire doing the majority of it's damage in the santa rosa region of sonoma county. that's where the coffey park and founta neighborhoods were decimated. 22 people lost their lives. nearly five thousand homes were destroyed... at the time it was the most destructive fire in state history. pg-and-e did release a statement in response to this news today. saying quote-- "without question, the loss of life, homes and businesses during these devastating wildfires is heartbreaking, and we remain
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focused on helping affected communities recover and rebuild. the safety of our customers and the communities we serve is our most important responsibility, and we are committed to assessing our infrastructure to further enhance safety and help protect all of the customers we serve... from the ever-increasing threat of wildfires." today governor newsom had this to say. ...... (grant) center.">front and their interests are bankruptcy, that do enter into a power that if we everything in our that we do possessions, and personal relates to their and close as it they hold dear and close as it relates to their personal possessions, and that we do everything in our power that if we do enter into a bankruptcy, that their interests are front and center.">(grant) last week the pg&e
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announced plans to file for bankruptcy at the end of the month... citing the 30 billion dollars it faces in liability.. the governor's office says the tubbs fire accounted for 17 billion of that. newsom says its still up to pg&e to decide whether the utility will file for bankruptcy. he says his office is staying close and in constant contact with the utility. when it announced the bankruptcy intention alst week... the utility's share price plummeted... its stock soared today with news of how the tubbs fire started. (ken) even with the answer... that the tubbs fire was started by private electric lines ..there are sti survivors.(grant) kron 4's justine waldman went to the hard hit coffey park area of santa rosa to hear how vicitms of the fire are reacting to cal fires' findings. im in coffey park, where the rebuild from the tubbs fire in non-stop.for most people here... knowing the cause of the fire does not bring some
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relief but not closure.natsthe cause started at a home on bennett lane in calistoga.kron 4 was there right after the tubbs fire started.. because for weeks neighbors told us, investigators were there collecting fire said in its 80 page report the fire started in a privately owned conductor or equipment located on a private residence. it took almost 15 months to get to this result.and investigators said they did not find any violations of state law.people i spoke with... who all lost their homes in in the fire.... despite hearing the results of the cal fire report.. are still holding pge accountable. sots"i cant worry about pge is or isnt but maybe it will change .thit is really all the people who have gone though this i feel pge has not been taking care of business there is a history of not taking care of their lines and transformers properly."people also told me they feel bad for the reported 90 year old woman who lived in the home on bennett lane when the fire started. they do not want her to feel guilt for the death and destruction.(justine) so what does this mean for lawsuits...because hundreds of homeowers either did not have insurance or were under insured... santa rosa attorney roy miller who
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represents 1,200 people who are suing pg&e for lost homes and other damages, .. tells me said the cal fire report "changes zero." in santa rosa justine waldman kron 4 news.
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(ken) kron 4 first told you about the cause of the fire through a push alert. make sure you download the kron 4 mobile app to always get breaking news updates in your neighborhood. (grant) breaking news tonight out of the south bay where san jose police have found the young boy who went missing this morning.... police say 10-year-old elias ramirez was found safe and is being reunited with his family... no word on where exactly elias was found... he had been missing since 11 this morning and police are thanking everyone who assisted in the search. (ken) bart is cracking down on fare evaders... tonight it stepped up patrols at the embarcadero bart station to catch cheaters in the act...(grant) kron4's dan thorn is live in san francisco with what commuters are saying about it, dan?it, dan?saying about it, dan? i spoke with several bart
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riders who's opinions vary on fare cheats but bart officials say these evaders are costing then system millions of dollars and these inspectors help in a big way. bart's proof of payment team out in force thursday night... they're making sure riders are doing the right thing and not skipping the fare...sot: money in september, the bart board voted to hire these community service officers. they check for valid fares on-board trains, on platforms, near stairs and escalator landings, and outside elevators they're work is primarily dedicated to primarily to days nights and weekends..sot:the spokesman also says the proof of payment inspectors have no discretion regarding citations meaning they check every rideseveral bart commuters shared mixed opinions on fare cheaters... sot: just buy a clipper bro sot: it's one less dollto worry
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expensive times..others say bart might have bigger things they should worry about..sot: it is a problem but not as much as the elevators or the escalators not working.. if youre caught skipping a bart fare you're looking at a fine up to $55 for children and teens and $75 for adults. reporting in sf dan thorn kron4 news. searching for a driver who was involved in deadly hit and run accident early this morning. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, police are calling on the public to help them find the person behind the wheel of a white van
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captsurveillance video. (surveillance video)san jose police are looking for this white van in connection with what is now a felony fatal hit and run investigation. surveillance video from a nearby business shows what police believe is a white, full-size, gmc or chevy van with dark rims. the van has no markings but is very liklely showing some damage says sergeant enrique garcia. sgt. enrique garcia/san jose police "....we know there is going to be damage to the right front quarter panel based on the impact with the victim but we have no idea who the suspect is, whether it's a man or woman or if there was anyone else in the van...." (early video)the collision occurred just after 12:30 this morning. police say the victim, described so far only as an adult woman, was walking east on santa clara streetclear when she was hit. the van was traveling south on tenth street. the woman died at the scene. the van just kept on going.sgt. enrique gracia/san
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jose police "....the person may be wanted for a crime or may have an outstanding warrant, omaybe they just committed a crime and were fleeing the scene, or were under the influence of drugs or alcohol or driving with a suspended license...."this sign was set up to inform drivers that an accident occurred here in the hope of generating some tips from passers by. here's another look at that surveillance video. the accident scene is just a block from san jose state and see's a lot of traffic pretty much around the clock and the sign might just jog someone's memory say police. rob fladeboe/san jose "...this was the 4th traffic fatality so far this year in san jose, the 3rd involving a pedestrian and the first fatal hit and run accident. in san jose rob fladeboe kron4news (grant) ght... an arizona man is behind a
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fremont man 28 years ago. as kron-4's dan kerman explains it's a cold case that fremont police believe they have solved thanks to dna technology. in december of 1990 the body of 30 year old fremont resident jack upton was was found in his tyson lane apartment... police say he was beaten and stabbed to death. police say fingerprints and blood not belonging to upton were collected from the home. a week after the body was discovered... police found upton's missing car 350 miles away in thousand oakes. blood was also found inside, that matched the blood found in the home... when dna testing became available, they hoped to find a suspect but did not . sot det. jacob blass/fremont policebut fremont police continued to search ... and in 2016 the department created a cold case unit which continued the investigation. then last year the arrest of the golden state killer shed light on new dna technology. fremont police shipped their dna evidence to the same lab... it was processed adn compared against existing genealogical dna profiles... and produced a potential suspect.. this man russell guerrero, now living
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in arizona.sot fremont police tracked guerrero to an italian restaurant where they collected items he used and found his dna and fingerprints were a match and he was arrested for murder... upton's family has now been notified. sotstandup dan kerman/fremont 141 t 141
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lawrence t 141kerman/fremonstandup dan sotstandup dan kerman/fremont 141 lawrence karnow: it was a spring-like day with beautiful sunshine across the entire bay area. highs today were in the mid to upper 60s. tonight it will be clear and chilly again with lows in the 30s and 40s. on the satellite you can see high pressure building along the west coast. that ridge will bring sunshine and warmer weather on friday. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s with a few low 70s possible. this weekend a few clouds move across our skies but the temperatures will be mild. it will be dry for the next seven days. (ken) still ahead... officials ordered to take a second look at some san francisco look at some days.the next seven will be dry for the next seven days.
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(ken) still ahead... officials ordered to take a second look at some san francisco buildings... over concerns there is hidden earhtquake damage. (grant) plus... tonight we are learning more about the suspect in the deadly bank shooting in florida.. what police in two other states are revealing about his past... (ken) and after the break... find out why thousands of pounds of gold medal unbleached flour has been recalled...
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(ken) for your health tonight... general mills has announced a recall for five-pound bags of gold medal unbleached flour. the minneapolis food maker says salmonella was found during a sampling of the flour. there are no reports of illnesses related to the product. general mills is recalling it out of an abundance of caution. the packages affected have a "better if used by date" of april 20, 20-20. general mills says the recall affects less than 100-thousand bags. (grant) if you often eat fried chicken or fish... you could have a higher risk of dying. a new study done on post-menopausal women in the who enjoyed fried chicken at least once a day... had a 13- percent higher risk of death from áany cause-- that's compared with women who did not eat any friewomen who ate f
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shellfish each day saw a seven-percent greater risk of dying. more research on the subject needs to be done-- but the author's of the study concluded limiting consumption of fried foods could be better for your health. (grant) coming up... why not get paid to carpool..... details on the new program that offers 100-bucks for sharing a ride....sharing a ride.... (ken) and there's bound to be more stormy weather ahead this winter. coming up... how to tell if your trees need attention so they don't fall. (lawrence)ten at ten (ken) san francisco's mayor is
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ordering officials to take a closer look at seismic safety standards for high rises. (grant) this step comes after an eye-opening report suggesting some skyscrapers may have hidden damage leftover from the loma preita 89 earthquake. kron 4's maureen kelly reports. (pkg)so if there's one silver lining out of the whole millennium tower debacle it's the fact that you got the city together to do this reportit was after the discovery of the sinking and leaning luxury condo high rise downtown that triggered the tall buildings safety strategy. that report revealed that nearly 70 older high rises in san francisco might have suffered unseen damage during the 1989 loma prieta earthquake....because they have a similar in la's1994 northridge quake.
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the study commended that they be reinspected. the order coming out of city hall calls for the strenghthing the resiliency of tall buildings. the department of building inspection and other deparments has been told to explore adopting stricter seismic standards....and updating policies for assessing buildings after a big quake . while it doesn't directly demand the reinspection of the high rises mentioned in the report.... supervisor aaron peskin who represents the financial district says it could open the door for that to happen. it's certainly a direction to increase seismic safety standards. we can have seismic safety standards that are more stringent than the state standards and we're on the way to do that for new construction. that's easier. it's accessing the problems with existing buildings and requiring fixes for those d by the mayor's call to action which also includes ordering a more through recovery plan for the densely populated downtown sector. when issuing the executive order mayor breed noted that san francisco has a 72 percent chance of experiencing a 6.7 magnitude
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quake or greater in the next 24 years. maureen kelly kron4 news. (ken) police in milpitas are now allowing people to text 9-1-1. it's intended for people who might not be able to talk during an emergency. officers say when texting an emergency-- provide the exact location and describe what type of help is needed. they also say to keep the messages simple and brief-- and not to send emoji's, pictures, or videos. a 9-1-1 operator will respond by text message and let you know when help is on the way. (ken) in national news... 21 year old zephen xaver is charged with five counts of first degree murder in the shooting deaths of four bank employees and a customer. all of them were women.
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florida police do not have a motive at this time... but we are learning disturbing details from other law enforcement. a northern indiana police department has released a 20-14 incident report in which xaver said he had dreams of hurting other students in a classroom. he was 16 at the time. michigan state police say in another incident... xaver was texting a girl and said he was thinking of suicide by cop and taking hostages. that was in 20-17. (grant0 a three-year-old north carolina boy who went missing tuesday, has been found alive. a spokesperson for the f-b-i office in charlotte says casey hathaway was found tnoght in craven county southwest of raleigh. the child had been playing outside his great- grandmother's laves tuesday whe vanished. the f-b-i spokesperson says hathaway is in good health and talking. he was taken to the hospital
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to be checked out. (ken) turning now to weather... (grant) our lawrence karnow joining us now... lawrence karnow: it was a spring-like day with beautiful sunshine across the entire bay area. highs today were in the mid to upper 60s. tonight it will be clear and chilly again with lows in the 30s and 40s. on the satellite you can see high pressure building along the west coast. that ridge will bring sunshine and warmer weather on friday. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s with a few low 70s possible. this weekend a few clouds move across our skies but the temperatures will be mild. it will be dry for the next seven days.
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(ken) although e stormy weather, for the moment, is gone from the bay area... a and rain.(grant) kron four's philippe djegal reports from contra costa county...
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where arborists advise on how to identify troubled trees. (philippe) a quick look at this raywood ash in pleasant hill... and, arborist steven duncan has some concerns.steven duncan/atlas tree service- "look at the root crown, and look for anything abnormal." in this case, the base of the tree appears to be weakened. steven duncan/atlas tree service- "this is a root, these are roots, and you see how the trunk is growing over it. so, it's partially strangling, uh, the trunk itself, and cutting off some of its ability. but, overall, this is really not bad, but it is something to notice." duncan, who has worked for atlas tree service going on 20 years now, says a contricted trunk, prevents the tree from soaking in the water and nutrients it needs to stay healthy.steven duncan/atlas tree service- "the other thing
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you look at is this seam, and if you go up -- you see those seams. sometimes liright along seams." any significant wind -- and the branches could possibly split.alex llamas/ "we got a dead cottonwood tree -- that's a common name." down the street -- alex llamas with sexy-trees-dot-com spotted this perilous tree behind a shopping center and near a freeway exit.alex llamas/ "the way you can particularly tell this, uh, this tree is dead, is the bark is just peeling right off. the whole thing completely. not just one area, and also, i can see that there hasn't been any leaves on this guy and if i pull a twig, it breaks right off. that's a good indication that the tree is dead." it's inevitable -- when storms hit -- trees fall -- and, sometimes even healthy looking trees may require a deeper look, which could reveal potential rotting underground. arborists can do light excavations or shoot sound waves through a tree to assess whether or not it's experiencing decay. in pleasant hill, philippe djegal, kron four news. (grant) (grant) a huge sinkhole has opened up in la habra, california ... southeast of los angeles. the hole --
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which measures 20 feet by at least 80 feet -- opened up between two condo buildings. it opened up on wednesday it opened up on wednesday night - residents say it sounded like an earthquake. three homes are under voluntary evacuation orders. police said in a statement that the cause appears to be an underground flood-control channel that collapsed. (grant a man who climbed onto an overpass sign caused a massive traffic backup on a freeway in los angeles. police shut down the 101.. causing traffic to back up for miles.. with some drivers helplessly waiting, some sitting on top of their cars. police were trying to talk the man into coming down, but to no avail. officers placed large inflatable cushions underneath the sign, in case the man fell or jumped. he finally came down about three hours into the standoff, and was arrested. it's still unclear why he climbed onto the sign. (ken) on the peninsula... a new program was launched today to promote car-pooling
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in san mateo county. as kron 4's charles clifford reports... anyone who uses the program could receive up to 100 dollars in gift cards. well this will come as a shock to no one but traffic around the bay area is terrible. here in san mateo county, 101 and 280 can get congested in the morning and at night. especially around the airport. caltrans has a longterm plan to realign lanes along 101 but in the meantime a coalition of agencies is trying to get people to carpool. they launched carpool 2.0 here at genentech in south san francisco that allows people to be rewarded for carpooling. the bay area air quality managment district is also supporting this plan. they say it not only reduces congestion but also improves air quality and reduces the amount of co2 going into the air.sotwe all recognize that congestion in the bay area is awefull. by not driving alone in our cars we can make the situation better and even fix it. one of the great alternatives is carpooling. if youre interested in the program go to mateo county's tracker app that will log the carpool miles you travel and you can then earn up to 100 dollars in e cards that can be used for whatever you want. the one catch is that the program is only for
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people commuting in san mateo county. for example you can live in fremont and commute to san mateo county and qualify, but san mateo county has to be involved in one way or another. in south san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. (grant) in the east bay... fremont police caused a stir a couple weeks ago when they added two pickup trucks to their fleet of squad cars. now they're adding another this 20-14 tesla model s.
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fremont pd saying it was the only electric vehicle to meet certain specifications for law enforcement. this is what the vehicle looked like the vehicle this is what the vehicle looked like before a 44 hundred dollar upgrade. fremont police say the tesla has an initially higher price tag than the dodge charger it is replacing... but will help the department save on gas. (grant) the cost of gas and maintenance on ford explorers the department employs... can cost 47 thousand dollars over five years... the expected lifespan of the vehicle. the tesla is expected to stay in service longer due to fewer mechanical issues. (grant) one major school
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district is awaiting approval on a major shake up that would change the school calendar... and drastically affect many families summer plans. starting áschool starting áschool earlier in the year and áending school earlier in the year that's what sacramento city unified school district is proposingbut two weeks of this year's summer break would be lost in the transition. school district officials say short changing the 2019 summer break is necessary to transition to their proposed new school year schedule starting mid august and ending late may. the calendar shift is far from a done deal. the school district says four of five labor unions have signed off on the change but they are waiting for the teachers association to make a decision. in a little over two months the u-k will leave the european union, with or without a deal... causing concern for many in the some residents have started stockpiling food, drinks and medicine in case
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supplies run short. graham hughes says he's been stock piling for months. he's concerned that a hard or no deal brexit could bring major delays and disruption to britian's food supply.
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football star. (sports) just ahead, jam packed night for bay area sports... warriors in d-c.... nba all-star rosters announced, you know the champs will be in the mix.... nhl all-star week... and we introduce you to the 2019 class of the bay area sports hall of fame.
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part in the "100 day challenge" to tackle youth homelessness. every year, and reach their goals within a
10:46 pm
hundred days. the "homeless youth task force" is teaming up with 15 other agencies, including the sacramento l- g-b-t community center to help house the city's youth.
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this washout -- is rare. as rare as the kindness officer calvin graham showed to a young man most would have never turned around to meet. calvin graham, nashville police officer: "i was just patrolling in my zone in the old hickory lakewood area and i saw a young lad that was throwing the ball up in the air, and he was alone. i wanted to be that person to assist him to say, i'll interact with you. i'll throw some catch with you."caden's mom beth caught on camera -- officer graham taking time to play catch with her son.natpop caden even works hard on his craft in 17 degree weather too. caden thieman, eighth grader: "i just want to help my family out, get them better things than they have. just let them live life happy."graham's kind of community patrol is what the city's recent study on policing recobuilding relationships is invaluable officer calvin graham, nashville police officer: "i actually built a friend. hopefully others will see this as hey, we're all trying to do good things out here."caden thieman, eighth grader: "i'd just say thank you for coming out. it made my day, made my
10:48 pm
week."caden's goal is to play football in college.caden thieman, eighth grader: "this is my eighth grade year. we went 7-1."he's already a standout at safety.natpopwhat took five minutes -- changed one eighth grader's week.beth cowherd, caden's mom: "that's his life. football is his life."rain may soaknatpopand cold may sting. but they can't touch the kindness and toughness that lies within. the all-star the all-star the all-star starting lineups ready to go... and
10:49 pm
champs, taking their 8-game win strecapitol tonight. --demarcus he's really back, gets the technical foul. his 3rd game of action. . --he.. also had his best game as a warrior... 17 points in 24 minutes... inclduing this 3-pointer --end of the half... kevin durant... with the dunk inside off the draymond green pass... he had 21 points... 67-59 warriors at the half --steph curry took over from there... nice cut... gets to the hoop... and gets fouled --steph again... just ridiculous dribbling... finally hits the pull-up jumper... the warriors shot only 7-of-21 from 3... but were 63-percent from two --curry... once again... te crossover... the drive... reverse layup... and is fouled... 38 points for steph --warrors winning in d-c... 126-118... win streak is at 9... 8 straight on the road... they are in boston saturday and now let's get a look at those all-star lineups. kevin durant and steph curry representing the champs...6th
10:50 pm
all-star bid for curry, 10 for durant. james harden makes the cut as well... and paul george from okc. lebron james a team captain, despite being out a month with a groin injury. and the captain out east is the greek freak...giannis antetokounmpo. the squad also features kawhi leonard, joel embiid, kyrie irving, and kemba walker. the all-star game set for february curry's home state of north carolina. the best college basketball team in the bay area... usf... rolled past portland tonight 83-61... for the other bay area teams... not so good... randy bennett... the st. mary's coach not happy t malik fitts... did have 19 points to lead the gaels... but it wasn;t enough aganst byu yoeli (yoli) childs... score 23 for the childs... score yoeli (yoli) byu yoeli (yoli) childs... score 23 for the cougars and added 11 rebounds byu beats st. mary's 71-66 in provo(wipe) --meanwhile at the farm, the stanford the utah utes. ---kz okpala continues to be one of stanford's stars. ---start of the 2nd half....stanford down by 5....okpala slams it in with
10:51 pm
authority....he led stanford with 22 points tonight. anford up 1... utah's sedrick barefield goes to work from downtown. . he led the utes with 18.. they'd take back the lead and squeak out a 4-point win. stanford drops to 9-and-10 cal also lost to colorado... while santa clara was blown out by 4th-ranked gonzaga now let's talk some hockey-- all-star week has arrived in san jose. the game is saturday at the sap center, and tonight in nearby downtown was media day... a chance to talk to the players... especially the local guys... all the finishing touches are done for the rink and the city is ready to host its first all star event. shark all-stars joe pavelski and erik karlsson talked about what playing it at homee means to them...(sot) "to be the home team, to play for the home team in an all star, i've done it once before, it's very special. i'm sure this one is going to be just as special." "if we're down, or if we're up big, maybe the goalie will let me call my shot. if i call it, i don't know if my shot is hard enough to beat anybody.""it's always nice to share it with friends and teammates, especially being in here in san jose. having burns and pavs (pavelski) here is great for them. they've been here for a long time.
10:52 pm
i'm sure it's going to be very special for them." finally tonight, kron4 once again has the pleasure of being a broadcast partner for the bay area sports hall of fame. let's announce this year's class of inductees. five of the bay area's is your group for 2019. congratulations to jason basketball hall of famer... legendary stanford women's basketball head coach tara vanderveer... beloved giant pitcher dave dravecky... keena turner...a key part o f the 49ers championship runs in the 90s.... and bay area tennis great brad gilbert. the inductees will be honored at an enshrinement banquet on may 2nnd. congratulations to all. (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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(grant) you're going to have to find another way to ask your valentine to "be mine" the popular candy "sweethearts" won't be on shelves this year. necco had been making the popular candies since 18-86. but the company filed for st spring. spangler candy company then bought necco. but say they didn't have
10:56 pm
enough time to bring sweethearts to market this season.(ken) competitors like brach's are still making conversation hearts... but an online retailer says sweethearts were by far the most popular brand.. commanding 80 percent of the u-s market for candy hearts. lawrence karnow: it was a spring-like day with beautiful sunshine across the entire bay area. highs today were in the mid to upper 60s. tonight it will be clear and chilly again with lows in the 30s and 40s. on the satellite you can see high pressure building along the west coast. that ridge will bring sunshine and warmer weather on friday. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s with a few low 70s possible. this weekend a few clouds move across our skies but the temperatures will be mild. it will be dry for the next seven days.
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bishop: i don't want you making the same mistake as the government, thinking that, because of the color of my skin, i sell drugs. why shouldn't the courts be kept honest about bishop? everybody deserves representation. does that stop suddenly when it comes to... a criminal organization whose sole purpose is to sell drugs? cary: blake calamar. in baltimore, he was working two jobs. when he wasn't protecting bond & associates interest, he was out protecting ms-13, baltimore's biggest meth gang. will: bond played us against each other. i don't like being played. so i suggest we do the same to bond. judge: counselor? thank you, your honor. mr. rubio, what is your job? i'm a guard at the northeast illinois correctional center. and what is this? an outdoor cell on the yard. we use it when an inmate acts up in the prison yard. and did anyone act up on september 14th of last year?


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