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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 27, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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(jrstone) now at 10 -- bay area baseball fans are mourning the loss of former san francisco giants owner and leader peter magowan. the man who was credited with leading the charge that kept the team in san francisco.(jrstone) the giants said magowan died sunday after a battle with cancer. good evening and thank you for joining us at 10. i'm j.r. stone.(justine) and i'm justine waldman. magowan was a lifelong giants fan. and played a critical role in the team's success over the last quarter-century. kron4's gayle ong joins us live with more on the man who was credited with not only keeping the team in san francisco but also signing barry bonds.gayle. he has seen some of the top moments in giants history.he
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is remembered for serving san francisco. he is known as the man who changed baseball in the city of san francisco..peter magowan, former president and managing partner of the san francisco giants, was with the team from 19-93 to 2008.he propelled the giants into world class performance -- three time winners of the world series --all because he aquired one great player - barry bonds..during his 16- year-tenure,magowan was dedicated to san francisco. former mayor willie brown:
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get there.">but perhaps his greatest accomplishment.. keeping the giants in san facilitating the creation of oracle park... their permanent home.. magowan grew up a giants fan - back when they were the new york giants.he graduated from stanford and was chairman and c-e-o of safeway before overseeing some of the most important moments in franchise history..magowan died sunday, at the age of a statement, his family says magowan was battling cancer for several years.he died at his home in san francisco, surrounded by family. magowan leaves behind his wife, debby, five children and 12 in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news. (justine) thank you gayle. mayor london breed released a statement on the passing of peter magowan, it says in part: "on behalf of the city of san francisco, i want to send my thoughts and
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sympathies to the family and friends of peter magowan. san francisco owes peter a debt of gratitude for his leadership in keeping our beloved giants right here in the city where they belong." (jrstone) the san francisco giants tweeted: "it is with deep sadness that we share the news that former #sfgiants president and managing general partner peter magowan passed away today, surrounded by his loving family.#forevergiant" (justine) and barry bonds tweeted: i'm extremely saddened by the passing of peter magowan. i will never forget our first call about the possibility of me coming home to play. he saved baseball for san francisco and will be greatly missed. sending my love and prayers to debby and family. i love you peter magowan. (jrstone) now to our other top story tonight -- senator kamala harris launched her presiential campaign with a rally in her hometown of oakland this
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afternoon. (jrstone) the slogan for her campaign is "kamala harris for the people" - those are the words she said daily in court as a prosecutor.(justine) both progressives and conservatives have criticized her record as california attorney general... on issues such as the death penalty and california's three strikes law. but harris says, she's been a leader in the arena of criminal justice reform. (jrstone) she joins an already crowded field of democratics eyeing the 20-20 presidential election. as a senator, harris has been a vocal opponent of president trump and his agenda - specifically on immigration. (jrstone) an estimated 20-thousand people showed up to hear her plans for presidency. (justine) kron 4's sara stinson was one of them and brings us the highlights. (on cam)the turnout was huge here in front of oakland's city hall as senator kamala harris announced her campaign theme 'kamala harris for the people' everyone i spoke to says she is definitely a candidate for the people.
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care for we the people.">
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science fiction.>harris then posed a question to the people...
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(justine) our coverage of senator kamala harris' bid for the presidency continues at kron-4 dot com. there you can find out about her campaign theme. her record as a prosecutor and attorney general..and her path to public office. it's all at kron-4 dot com a mild airmass over the west coast will result in above normal temperatures through monday in the bay area. overnight lows will be in the 40s. daytime highs on monday will be slightly cooler thanks
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to the return of the cool sea breeze and increase in cloud cover. tracking widespread 60s in the bay area. the ridge will start to break down by midweek with rain chances increasing on wednesday. dry weather will return on thursday before a stronger system arrives on friday. the pattern will stay unsettled into next weekend. (jrstone) oakland police arrest a driver suspected of dragging a teen during a hit
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and run accident. the woman faces several charges connected to the january 2nd incident. (justine) today the teen's community held a bicycle ride-out and fundraiser in support of the victim. kron4's dan thorn joins us live from children's hospital in oakland with more. dan? the 14-year-old is still here at the hospital in critical condition. his family says they're thankful police have made an arrest but their concern for the boy's recovery. meanwhile, the community comes out for teen in a big way. oakland police arrest 36 year old leah conner as the suspected driver in a viscious hit and run. police say on january 2nd 14 year old carlos preito was left begging in the street after being struck by a car and dragged 4 blocks. he was riding his bike near the fruitvale bart station. the victim's family says they're happy police have made an arrest..sot: i hope that
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justice is gonna take place our concern right now as a family is to have carlitos lil dad get well you know move on with his recovery that's our main concern.dozens of bicycle riders took over 35th avenue in oakland to show support for the teen and his family. the boy's grandfather carlos prieto senior says it's been tough seeing his grandson suffer..sot: to see him in that condition it's heartbreaking.. movement ink a t shirt printing shop served as a hub for the family benefit coined "lil dad day" all of the money raised goes to help carlos with his recovery..sot: when we heard about what happened we were really sort of moved and it was really sad so we wanted to see how we could support as a business in the first place. co-owner of the shop ernesto quinones says this fundraising event shows solidarity and compassion for one of their own. it has also helped the family's go fund me page raise almost $50 thousand of their $100 ousand dollar goal .the
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suspected driver is facing a series of felony charges including assault with a deadly weapon and leaving the scene of an accident. as for the suspected driver kron4 news learned late last year she was arrested for other reckless driving behavior in sonoma county. court documents show in october she was charged with dui and evading police. reporting in oakland dan thorn kron4 news. (jrstone) coming up -- an illegal weekend sideshow has neighbors on edge... how deputi were able to get a handle on the situation. (justine) and -- the man accused of going on a shooting rampage in louisiana is now in custody. details on the
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arrest when we come back.
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(justine) facing a 30- million dollar deficit, the oakland unified school district could close as many as 24 schools in the next few years. on monday, the school board will make a final decision on closing roots international academy located in east oakland. those trying to save the school... protested the shutdown at a school board meeting last week. the plans mean 150 current sixth and seventh grade students would have to
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go to another school next year. ... as the school would shutdown in june. the district says it will work with families to place kids in the the right school. board members will meet again on monday night at 6, to vote on whether roots will stay open or close. (jrstone) sideshows are nothing new in north sacramento; they happen almost every weekend. many happening around the bay area as well.(jrstone) but the sheer size of the illegal sideshow last night in north sacramento surprised even the california highway patrol. (justine) this after after it shut down traffic just after 9 in the area of antelope road and watt avenue. "it was loud, it was real loud," said nearby neighbor fitzgerald figures.figures rushed outside to see what was going on."it worries me because it's too close. this is a residential neighborhood," he told fox40.the chp headed to the scene with helicopters and multiple agencies
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responding. officer mike zerfas says they tried to make arrests as more than 100 people driver sped away."very quickly the driver lost control of his vehicle. he collided with a parked car and then a fence," zerfas said. officers took him into custody but that's not where the night ended.miles away near national drive and north market boulevard the sideshow continued."we confirmed that the event was occurring again, this time with over 200 vehicles in the area," officer zerfas said.after roughly two hours, they were able to break it up and get the drivers to the end of the night, chp officers made two arrests, impounded at least five cars and issued multiple citations. "anytime you engage in this reckless, distracted driving that involves high speeds, the risk of losing control of the car is huge," zerfas said. figures hopes that warning will keep sideshows away from his house."be careful, that's the only advice i can give you. be careful, you never know what's going on out there," (justine) that was jessica
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mensch reporting for us tonight. no one was seriously injured but the chp says it could have been a lot worse. (jrstone) now to a big story we are following tonight -- a man accused of going on a shooting rampage in louisiana is now in custody. police in richmond, virginia say they arrested 21-year-old dakota theriot today. authorities say theriot shot and killed his girlfriend and two of her relatives in livingston parish. investigators say he then drove to his parents' home and also killed them. deputies in richmond say they were at the home of one of theriot's relatives when he pulled up and pulled out a gun. theriot ended up dropping his firearm and was taken into custody. tonight the family of three of the victims is speaking out. no word on what specific charges he now faces or if he has a lawyer. deputies say theriot's parents identified him as the shooter before they died.
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(anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. a mild airmass over the west coast will result in above normal temperatures through monday in the bay area. overnight lows will be in the 40s. daytime highs on monday will be slightly cooler thanks to the return of the cool sea breeze and increase
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in cloud cover. tracking widespread 60s in the bay area. the ridge will start to break down by midweek with rain chances increasing on wednesday. dry weather will return on thursday before a stronger system arrives on friday. the pattern will stay unsettled into next weekend. (justine) (justine)
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next weekend. (justine) (justine) (justine) coming up --
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marijuana may be legal in many states, however there is still a thriving black market on the streets. what one business is doing to combat the problem...
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(justine) even though marijuana is legal in nevada, the black market is still strong enough for at least one
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brand to fight back.(jrstone) max darrow reports on this controversial issue. at spring mountain and decatur you can't miss this billboard. it reads: "b-m-k: black market killer."kevin forde/ acres dispensary:"it is our brick-through-the-window sort of approach. but, again, no disrespect to the hustle, but i think its about time we ditch the dealer and head into the dispensary."acres dispensary's kevin forde says black market killer is a brand of marijuana sold legally at many dispensaries in the state. now they're using the name as a slogan to convince people to buy their pot legally.despite the existence of a 500-million dollar legal market for cannabis in nevada, forde and other industry leaders say there are people who still get their pot from the black market.andrew jolley/ nevada dispensary association president:"the black market is still very much alive in our
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state, and we would like to see that demand for cannabis products channeled into the regulated, legal framework." one appeal of the black market...lower cost.but forde says prices at the dispensaries should drop as the legal marijuana industry continues to blossom.kevin forde/ acres dispensary:"look, the prices aren't too much different. there's a little bit of tax on there. it's about safety, right? you want to make sure that you can come into an environment where you can engage with somebody and get the product that you deserve and that you are asking for."as folks in the valley drive by the billboard... forde hopes it will serve as a reminder that it's simpler and safer -- to buy marijuana legally, from regulated dispensaries.kevin forde/ acres dispensary:"we respect where this industry has came from, but it is time for people to understand that there is no need for a black market. they way to engage with cnabis, is through a dispensary." (jrstone) coming up -- price for u-s-p-s stamps and service are rising again... how this latest hike is the largest since 1991. (justine) and -- senator kamala harris' support goes back decades... with the help of a few hundred women. hear how harris' sorority sisters are stepping up for her
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(mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up...
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(jrstone) democratic presidential candidate kamala harris formally kicked off her campaign of the 20-20
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nomination.(jrstone) the senator from california spoke at a rally in her hometown of oakland.(justine) this week for her first major campaign trip she headed to south carolina where she is targeting a power voting block there ... kyung lah has the details. nat sound:at a home in suburban marylandnat sound: these college friends reflect on their pastas one of their own makes a run fohistory. lorri saddler rice:"we were all just right there together. we were just all just you know regular girls and now here's kamala."or as the public calls her senator kamala harris now a presidential candidate sen. kamala harris:"that's why i'm running for president of the united states."on the heels of that announcement the senator is making her first campaign stop not in iowa or new hampshire but in south carolina for her national sorority.kyung lah: "what does this sisterhood mean politically?"monique
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poydras:"it is a fact that there are close to 300,000 women in alpha kappa alpha sorority incorporated. and that is a fact. so it's not rocket science."kyung lah: "these translate into votes and bringing other people in?" monique poydras:"i think that i think that's a fair assessment."these women are the footsoldiers of a powerful voting block.cnn exit polling shows black women supported democrats more than almost any other voting subgroup helping drive democratic wins in last year's midterms.a fellow sister, the first black woman to enter the 2020 fray...jill louis:"it translates into a ready made group of people who will come when she calls."kyung lah: "this isn't just a friendship or sisterhood. we're talking about political power."lorri saddler rice:"we're talking about political power. and we have it. we have it and we're going to leverage it and you'll see it's gonna make a difference."you're looking at a built-in infrastructureand here's why.lorri saddler rice: "there was a connection that was made back on the campus of howard university that has transcended miles and years
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that brought us here today."a bond crossing more than three decadesin 1986 38 women became line sisters.they were all students at howard university a historically black college and joined alpha kappa alpha the first black sorority in the u-s formed more than 100 years ago. jill louis:"when you think about it in 1908 people were just a few ticks off emancipation. and so now they find themselves in college and what are they trying to do. it's really an uplift mission." bound by that history they forged their own pathsyear after year their lives weaving togethermonique poydras:"we were down at the senate. she had a formal swearing in at the time. vice president biden had sworn her in."kyung lah:"this is a recent picture."monique poydras:"this is a very recent picture. so this picture was at her gw book event and we were there to support her."t sound:monique poydras:"and then she said she talked about being a member of pha kappa alpha. and the room exploded. the appropriate response was a skeewee."sen. kamala harris: "that's my sorors, and my sans are in the room as well."
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monique poydras:"and you could just tell you could see just by her response and then our response that it, it's all love."nat sound:felt most by those who know kamala harris best.but shared by a national sisterhood eager to help one of their own.lorri saddler rice:"so next gathering, next sleepover, next girls' night in, it'll be at the white house! yeah, we're all going to be there." (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero.... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez.
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a mild airmass a mild airmass over the west coast will result in above normal temperatures through monday in the bay area. overnight lows will be in the 40s. daytime highs on monday will be slightly cooler thanks to the return of the cool sea breeze and increase in cloud cover. tracking widespread 60s in the bay area. the ridge will start to break down by midweek with rain chances increasing on wednesday. dry weather will return on thursday before a stronger system arrives on friday. the
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pattern will stay unsettled into next weekend.
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government shutdown is over -- yosemite national park is returning to normal operations. park officials made the announcement today on twitter. the visitor center, museum, and wawona and hodgdon meadows campgrounds all reopen tomorrow. the mariposa grove will reopen
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later in the week. ranger-led programs resume tomorrow, and entrance stations will be staffed as usual. (justine) for your money tonight -- the u-s post office is raised prices on stamps and services today. a first-class one-ounce mail letter will go up to 55 cents. the nickel increase is the largest percentage hike since 1991, when postage increased from 25 to 29 cents.forever stamps are also jumping to 55 cents.and.... priority mail prices will also jump five- point-nine percent... making a small box that previously cost $7.20 to rise to $7.90. (jrstone) an update to a story we first brough to you last night regarding a santa rosa girl who received a message from a pop superstar. that's after the break. (justine) plus -- how a mother is sparking a conversation about domestic
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violence. violence survivor puts her
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theory to the test. wondering what people would do, if confronted with possible domestic violence in public. (jrstone) we want to let you know. the signs of abuse you're about to see are not real. c-b cotton explains. signs of the cityamong them -- something you may not expect. nats - sparkle talking
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to her kids what appears to be an abused mother, and her kids. this is sparkle johnson. on saturday -- the marks that look like injuries on her face -- aren't's all makeup. but at one point -- makeup couldn't even hide her pain. sparkle johnson/domesti c violence survivor - "this long bruise right here, it symbolized like where he stumped in my head. he actually stumped in on this side, and it was bruised like this." he -- is her past abuser. johnson was with him for six years. she was able to leave the relationship in early 2016. now -- she runs a domestic violence nonprofit, super women inc. today -- she's revisits her past -- to see who will speak up. sparkle johnson - "this is actually a reneactment of how i looked after my last attack, minus the swelling, i wanted to see how nashville responds to domestic violence." johnson said, no one did -- in her first hour here.sparkle johnson - "they walked by, they looked, they pointed, they whispered, some even took pictures, but nobody offered to help me." as my camera
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recorded -- i saw one man who did. nats - "what can we do to help you? can we call the police for you?" so then i asked -- why he chose to stop. david keeling/tennessee resident - "i thought she was hurt, i thought she was in dire straights and needed help" in a total of two hours -- only david keeling --- and two other people chose to stop. but what about others? why didn't they? keeling says -- it's simple. david keeling - "a lot of folks don't want to getinvolved in other peoples' business," but he and sparkle johnson want that to change. keeling - "there needs to be more awareness made. are you in danger now? is he close by? who did this to you? sparkle johnson - "that's why people are dying to domestic violence everyday here in nashville, it is going crazy, and now we see why." (jrstone) sparkle johnson also went to a local mall. she says no one stopped to ask her if she needed help. (justine) still ahead -- from slaves to settlers. we'll show you the hidden history of a town built and run by former slaves. just ahead in sports...former sf giants sports...former just ahead in
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. (jrstone) in this
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tonight's hidden history series we visit a small kansas town with a big story about survival after slavery. (justine) ashonti ford visited the only remaining western town established by freed slaves. (angela bates, director of historical society - "slavery produced in us -- a spirit of determination") --- ashonti --- and áátenacity --- to build and sustain an entire town -- from the ground angela bates, director of nicodemus historical society
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(angela bates, director of historical society - "they were solicited. it was an organized effort to create a town and to solicit people that could make it in this town") but angela bates -- director of the historical society says -- when they arrived -- there was nothing but dirt roads and the nearest town -- ellis -- was a 2-day walk away. (angela bates, director of historical society - "what you have is a situation where people are pretty much starving to death.") amidst their struggle, there were multiple claims on the land. (angela bates, director of historical society - "the osage as well at the potawatomi both claim that they've been here to nicodemus") this was during a time that most considered native americans to be dangerous. (angela bates, director of historical society - "the indians communicated with them by having the game and throwing it on the ground -- that they were not there to harm them") the native people helped the former slaves
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survive the harsh conditions of their first winter in nicodemus. this new town --- soon populated by 600 people -- hit a high point.they built their own schools - churches -- stores -- and banks. the residents of nicodemus used their skills learned during slavery and created a new life for themselves -- they were even promised a railroad ... which would soon help with the flow of resources.the railroad never came but the 1930's depression did -- and the town couldn't survive. cg: ashonti ford, reporting(ashonti ford, reporting - "a town with a history built on freedom and hope and we spoke with those that still live in this community about how their keeping their town's history alive") cg: luecreasea horne, nicodemus descendant (luecreasea horne, nicodemus descendant - "i am a 6th generation decendant of one of the first families that came to nicodemus. i come from the williams line of the family.") (carla bates adams, nicodemus descendant - "this is my great grandfather - neil williams.") cg: shante' ryans, nicodemus descendant (shante' ryans, nicodemus descendant - "i'm a canon and jones, which were descendant of the sloughters and dorsies") each of them say -- what brings people back to nicodemus - every year, is the emancipation celebration. (angela bates, director of historical society - "that's been going on since 1877") more than 140 years of freedom -- an accomplishment that bates says is worth celebrating. (angela bates, director of historical society - "i think being a part of the families of nicodemus and knowing that our forefathers endured slavery and then they came to the west and had the vision to help to establish an all-black town and govern themselves. i mean that's something to be of") in nicodemus, kansas, i'm ashonti ford.
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our sportscast tonight begins with some sad news...saying goodbye to one of the most important figures in bay area baseball. longtime san francisco giants managing partner peter magowan has passed away at the age of 76... magowan... who was owner of the giants from 1993-to-2008... was instrumental on two fronts... the first was the process of building of what is now oracle park formerly at&t park... which opened in 2000 as pac bell park... that allowed the giants to stay in san francisco after they had struggled to survive at candlestick park magowan's 2nd big move was the free agent signing of barry bonds in is first season as owner... 1993... to a then- record 43.75-million-dollar contract... bringing the then 2-time national league mvp back to his home town... the rest was history. magowan also had a great sense of history for the franchise... bringng back hall of famers such as willie mays, the late willie mccovey, and orlando cepeda back to the organization in various roles
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magowan also helped set the table for three world championships. that following soon after he left... and he mentored a young team executive named larry bear as he rose up the ranks in the giants organization... baer had this to say about peter mcgowan today...(wipe to full screen) "the giants family, the entire bay area and the game of baseball lost a man whose passion and loyalty to his favorite team and beloved community made it possible for all of us and future generations to experience the magic of giants baseball in san francisco forever." "peter was my mentor and dear friend, and i will forever be grateful for his guidance, support and love. his legacy will be carried on by all those he inspired. our thoughts and prayers are with his wife debby and his children and their families."we talked to former san francisco mayor willie brown... earlier tonight about magowan's legacy (sot) "he was dedicated to san francisco. it was not about making money with the team, or anything of that nature. when he stepped up and said, clearly, 'the giants need a baseball park and i'm willing to roll the dice to get there."
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it's not qutie super bowl sunday but you better believe there was still some football today...i'm talking about the pro bowl, of course...the brightest stars in the n-f-l ánotá headed to atlanta enjoyed a soggy situation in orlando... yes it was wet in florida today... the afc dominated this game... patrick mahomes getting them on the board quickly with an 18-yard touchdown pass to eric ebron... 7-0 afcsome locals representing the bay area... raiders tight end jared cook with the bay area highlight of the game... catching this first quarter pass from patrick mahomes... and turning it into a 33-yard play 49ers george kittle had five catches... inclidung this 11-yarder right before the half and the nfc's lone td... a 20-yard completion from dak prescott to stanford and de la salle high school alum austin hooper 49ers deforest buckner and kyle juscyzk both
10:50 pm
took some snaps... it was thanks in part to cook's two big catches that he a-f-c came away victorious on the day...26-7 was the final score. grand slam tennis's finals of the australian open. rafa...the joker.. two of the greatest players of our time going at it...rafael nadal and novak djokovic...and this one was alllll djokovic. a 3-set win for one of the fastest defeats of nadal's career...djokovic was already the number one ranked player in the world heading into the final, and will clearly remain in that top spot...djokovic is now 19-7 all time against nadal...and has won 15 grand slam titles in his career...only nadal and roger federer have more. (justine) last night we told you that pop superstar meghan trainor sent a message of hope and healing to a 10-year old santa rosa girl battling a brain tumor... who really wanted to hear from her favorite singer.(j.r.)today i was with that young girl whose name is danica. her condition is worsening but here is a quick clip recorded recently
10:51 pm
showing danica still smiling through all the she was playing with slime. danica is battling a danica is danica is battling a brain tumor. her and her family have been with hospice volunteers recently. she's already lost feeling and vision on her right side. a thank you goes out to danica's family who invited me to the hospital. it was so special meeting the 10 year old who i asked to be my valentine with a red chocolate rose and peeps. a thank you to everyone out there who shared danica's story online. you are the reason that meghan trainor responded and said "love you danica! thinking of you and wish i could hug you and your sweet family. keep being the princess warrior that you are." danica's favorite color is purple and i am wearing a purple tie tonight to support her.
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(justine) the annual namm music convention wrapped up in southern california today. (jrstone) rick damigella talked with some of the stars of the music world in attendance. (nat guitar)the namm music merchants convention draws musicians of every level, from unsigned artists to living legends."it really is a place where you can, imagine a bull in a china shop, or a kid in the candy store, you know, you're able to go and see all
10:56 pm
the various instruments, new instruments, the new technology, meeting friends that you haven't seen in a while and celebrate the spirit of music."(nat)many musicians are there to talk about gear they have a hand in creating. "my jackson! this is my new, signature model, and that's me! i've been with jackson for over 30 years, and we've been constantly working on this, it's a pc-1, and this is the new one with the, it's got my new dimarzio pick up on it as well.""oh yeah, i'm totally hands on. i help to create these instruments, i help to make them famous so i am 100% hands on now.""i wasn't there obviously from the ground level, but i did take what they had, and put into what my thoughts were. you know, and it was great that i was able to take it out on the road and kind of road test it before we started that, because i could really give it a work out and see how road worthy the amp was and how it held up, under, you know, those conditions of getting tossed around."(nat guitar)in anaheim, california, i'm rick damigella.
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