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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 19, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ tonight, paris jackson in danger? >> they were talking about you similaring your wrists. >> rushed to the hospital, ranting on twitter, falling asleep at the wheel? why there is new concern tonight for m.j.'s daughter. and mama june caught with crack cocaine. new details on her drug arrest. >> you can't ever trust anyone. then -- >> your education. >> did lori loughlin reveal her role in the scandal months ago? as rob lowe speaks out. >> i know how hard my kids busted their ass. and we're celebrating rob's 55th birthday. >> oh my god. look at that. >> when we first met the teen heartthrob. >> it's a real trap if you start taking yourself too seriously. plus -- >> like mother, like daughter.
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j-lo shows off her twins' talent, and showing up celine dion on stage. ♪ >> this is "entertainment tonight." welcome, everybody. well, we have new video of michael jackson's daughter, paris, just hours after she reportedly tried to commit suicide again, and what has happened to michael's son. >> that's a big question everybody is asking, and we have new reporting on all three kids and how their lives have been rocked by the "leaving neverland" documentary. >> can you talk to us one second? tell us you're okay. >> they were talking about you slashing your wrists. could you just kill that rumor for us? >> paris jackson showed her wrist to the paup raw zi so to the shut down a report she tried to kill herself. >> why were you in the hospital? >> "e.t." did however confirm that authorities responded to a call involving an attempted suicide at her home. >> it's a 41 rescue 827
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psychiatric problem. rescue 827 upgrade to emergency. >> a source later downplayed the incident telling "e.t." it was an accident at her home, but still paris has been open about her mental health struggles in the past. she told "rolling stone" magazine she has tried to kill herself multiple times and paramedics were called to her home in 2013. >> female o.d.'d on 20 motrin and cut her arm with a kitchen knife. >> there is speculation that paris could be dealing with the impact of the hbo documentary, "leaving neverland" which details sexual molestation claims against the king of pop. >> congratulations, little ones. >> the jackson family vehemently denies the claims. paris was asked last week on canter why she hadn't comment say that hasn't already been
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said in regards to the defense. what about his other chil all h. >> michael's nephew, taj, addressed the impact last week on a bbc talk show. he says 17-year-old blanket who jackson once infamously dangled from a hotel balcony goes by the nickna nickna nickname b.g. >> he's not talking now, and people are worried about him because he's sensitive just like his dad was. >> blanket and michael's travel. prince and paris celebrated what would have been their dad's 60th birthday last year in las vegas. >> we honor him in our own way, and i don't really expect anyone else to understand besides this dude right hear. >> you know, i think we forget how young these kids are. they have been through so much. >> i can't even imagine. well, there are also new developments tonight in the college bribery scandal. this as the stars who were accused find their words coming
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back to i you would have said england is my city, i would have said, why are you paying all this money for your education? >> this is the 2017 youtube episode that is taking a woe new meaning after authorities claim lori and her husband paid $500,000 to get their daughter into usc. >> aunt becky told you first. >> lori and felicity huffman are supposed to appear next friday at a boston federal court. >> are you worried about going to jail? >> felicity's husband was not char charged. >> ma'am, you're going to have to come with us. in season one of "desperate housewives," her character discusses a payout to get her kid into a private school. >> how generous. >> $15,000. >> $15,000 is the exact amount allegedly paid to get their 18-year-old daughter sophia, a better score on the sats. >> on season one of macy's show
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time series, "shameless," his on screen kids ran their own sat scam operation. >> when you get your results back and see how great it was, it's another one. >> i sit next to you while you take the test? >> no. he's pretending to be you. you can't be there. >> it's a slow-moving train wreck. >> suspect isn't it? >> that you can't take your eyes off of. my kids went to stanford and they went to duke. i know how hard my kids busted their ass. so if i'm pissed about it, can you imagine what a family that has no access, no ability to go etng taken?ust feel about their >> you may remember that lori deleted her social media pretty much immediately. well, now felicity has done the same. >>. right now mama june released after her felony drug arrest. the d.a.'s office says the
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reality star and her boyfriend were booked for drug paraphernalia and a controlled substance, believed to be crack cocaine. the news came the same day viewers saw them get handcuffed in season three of "mama june: not to hot." >> he served prison time before, and he's not the first felon she has dated. >> do you believe your daughter was molested by mark? >> i do. >> june made headlines for reuniting with the man convicted of molesting her eldest daughter. they forced her to drop her show, "here comes honey boo boo," and we reached out to her current network, but they had no comment. last told us about her current daughter. >> with a side eye. >> dwr >> you can't trust anyone. jussie smollett hasn't impacted the "empire" set according to taraji p. henson. >> ast great atmosphere. >> we're told he'll continue to
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appear, except for the last two episodes. he pleaded guilty to 16 counts of felony disorderly conduct. he's accused of staging a fake hate crime against himself. as for the drama on the show -- >> cookie's on a really emotional roller coaster. she's finding herself. i still don't know who is in the box. >> we're going to beat segregation once and for all. >> she also stars opposite sam rockwell in the new movie "the best of enemies." she's a civil rights activist in the movie, a true story. she went vegan aftert risk for . i couldn't swallow that rib. >>. all right. from meat to meat dress. lady gaga last night, she walked her first red carpet since becoming an oscar winner making a surprise appearance all in the name of fashion. ♪ paparazzi
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>> gaga's got a new man on her arm. okay. he's not a boyfriend, be he's kind of just as important. it's her hair stylist, freddie. gaga presented her mane man of ten years with an award. >> whether it's staying up all night before the oscars because we're both going [ bleep ], we didn't come this far to go to the oscars with a root. we have got to bleach it. he's the brother i never had. >> also at the daily front row fashion l.a. awards, kate hudson. before hitting the red carpet, she showed off 5-month-old ronnie on the gram, and changed into this red sequin gown. >> once upon a time there were a lot of people that felt like, if you did something like that, that meant you couldn't be an actor. you couldn't be an artist, and i don't like anybody telling me what to do. >> when i saw you a week andlf planning your aniston-level 40th. full aniston or keep it, like,
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low key? >> full aniston. from what i have heard -- >> i'm just going to go for it. you know, i love a party. fun. fun. >> pa jaw ma party on a cruise ship. >> how did you know? >> massages at 2:00 in the morning. >> i hope so. >> we'll get it. >> i just want to go. >> i know. going to be so good. on another fashion-related note, check how good brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio look. coming up, chrissy teigen dr catches hubbyoh drives her crazy. >> you don't love it? >> it's a lot. plus -- >> you went to bed grown and you woke up little. >> our big exclusive on the set
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to eliminate odors with no heavy perfumes, try new febreze one. brand power. helping you buy better. ♪ i love, like, being apart of teams and i wanted a group kind of thing and us to all kind of have something, so the jackets are just a cool thing to be able >> yes, they are. kelly clarkson, she's explaining in
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jackets. >> tonight, "the voice" is joined by chrissy teigen. >> he since to us. >> you like us? >> i loveov it? >> it's a lot. >> he sings -- he sings a lot. >> you know what i mean? send him over here. we'll take john's singing. >> she's the greatest ever though. speaking of singing -- ♪ that is "black-ish" star marsai martin. i love her. she was belting out beyonce when she was just 6 years old. marsai is 14 now, and she is the mastermind behind her own feature film. >> my mom -- we had the movie "big." i had this idea, like, yo. what if we do the opposite of that and, like, reverse it? >> i wish you were little. >> i told you, watch it. and yo, i have thik.
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>> marsai martin comes to me, her and her dad and they sit in my office and i hear a lot of movie ideas. i thought it was going to be bad. she came and pitched me "little" and i was, like, that's brillia brilliant. we got to make this. >> that's how the "black-ish" star became the youngest film executive ever. she landed a deal with universal pictures. her dad, josh, is also with "e.t." on the film. >> he's right there. >> yeah. >> he never budges. he never moves. >> move! >> dingdong. dingdong. >> the old ere versier version by regina hall and she bullies her assistant who is me. >> it's so good to be the men e monster. >> wake up. >> marsai wanted her in the adult role. >> stop. see that? i'm joking, y'all. i'm joking. >> you're too fat for that skirt. >> she can be intimidating and
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she just turns it on like that and she goes back to being her 14-year-old, regular self. i'm, like, who? >> her daddy is always right there, and i love their family yu unit. they hang together and she can't act out. still ahead -- >> before there was twitter, there was "entertainment tonight." >> rob lowes what's up. the one true secret to staying forever young. >> that's freaky. plus -- kim and kanye's daughter dancing. j- j-lo's wins singing and fan girling over a 7-year-old. then, we're with marcia clark. her new tv drama based on the o.j. trial? >> i'm going to come back and get him this time. closed captioning provided by -- (vo) zero calories...
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coat. she looks stunning. h harry is lena's godfather, and lena is the daughter of the royal family tree is very confusing. it was a fabulous ceremony, and meanwhile, j-lo spent the weekend feeling nostalgic over her twins and sk of course, a n york night out with a-rod, her fiance. >> two nights and two hot dates. j-lo and a-rod are basking in the glow nine days after a-rod popped the question. last night, j-lo's 15 carat bling was on full display as they hit up the bar. but before the couple's trip to the big apple, j-lo was just a proud mama watching her 11-year-old twins perform in their fifth grade musical. check out max singing his heart out alongside a-rod's 10-year-old daughter, ella. ♪ >> while emme held her own during a solo number. ♪
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meanwhile, kim kardashian and kanye west's daughter stole the show. 5-year-old north was feeling the music. ♪ and just look how north lit up when her dad went up to the mic. to another talented kid who caught the attention of celine dion during her vegas show over the weekend. >> i'm going to give you my microphone, and you can turn around and sing. ♪ >> just look at celine's face as 7-year-old angelie belts out "i surrender." >> can you do this for me? ♪ this girl is on fire >> i love this so much.
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anything can happen at a celine dion concert. sadly her reign is coming the an end. her last performance is june 8th. it's almost over. hey, everybody. thank you for the birthday wishes. headed out to a beautiful sunset jacuzzi. >> this is what 55 looks like. very unfair i must say. you had a big birthday yesterday though. >> i did. any time you can end your birthday in a jacuzzi -- >> not a bad thing. >> it's a party, right? >> we have been with rob lowe throughout the years. "entertainment tonight" has, so i figured i have to come and wish you a happy birthday. >> thank you, thank you. >> first of all, happy birthday. >> thank you. >> so what did you do to celebrate your birthday? >> i took it easy. we had friends up and played >> you played golf with chris pratt too, right? >> yeah. he's my golf buddy and he's hitting the ball great. i might have beaten him. >> rob is looking amazing at
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5 1/2 decades, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. >> my dad has amazing genetics. he's going to be 80 and he looks 60. >> "e.t." has known you for a long time. >> i know. my first "e.t." interview i might have been in my teens still. >> actually, rob, you were 19 when we first sat down with you. >> this was something you said to us about the secret to success many, many years ago. >> oh my gosh. look at that. >> look at how cute you are. you really have barely changed. >> when you are still trying to find some sort of success, it's very important to be very serious, but once you reach a certain level where you have done a few films, then it's a real trap if you start taking yourself too seriously. >> that kid knew what he was talking about. >> that's kind of a mature thing to say, being that young rg rig, right? >> i'm just freaked out because it looks like it's one of my kids talking. that's freaky. >> no. what is freaky is the man does
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not age. he says besides, genetics, it's what he eats. >> i have been doing the low-carb, atkins thing forever. as much as i love my pancakes, i do. i'm not a perfect human. >> it's fun spending time with you. >> always great. >> don't forget that rob's show "mental samurai" premieres on fox. >> the obstacle course for the mind. >> we'll have that for you tomorrow. former o.j. prosecutor marcia clark is the boss lady on a new crime drama appearing tonight. >> megamovie star seve johnson is accused of stabbing his ex-wife to death. >> you have twists and turns and cliff hangers in every episode. >> an a-list movie star stands trial for double murder. the verdict is a devastating defeat for the lead prosecutor. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> sound familiar? >> we the jury, find the defendant not guilty for the
1:54 am
crime of murder. >> it's about a prosecutor who went through what i went through in a sense, but then completely fictionalized after that. >> like marcia, the prosecutor played by robin tunney does quit her job, but eight years later, the same star is accused of another murder. >> you have to come back, maya. this time, we're going to get him. >> there's a revenge fantasy aspect of the show, which is this guy got away with two murders, and i'm going to come back and get him this time. >> as executive producer, marcia is a fountain of information on "the fix" set. >> marcia is the most famous lawyer in the world, and i don't want to screw it up. >> i'm an innocent man. >> the accused is british actor adewale akinnuoye-agbaje. >> i studied criminal justice. i was fascinated, you know, to see how it worked on the other side of the pond. >> she pushed back, and he killed her. >> at the end of this season, you will know who did it. it will end for sure.
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