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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 29, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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tonight, multiple stars facing fbi investigations. >> welcome to l.a. why jussie smollett isn't off the hook. plus, the one way he could safe his career. and the college admissions scandal. new barmt for lori loughlin's daughter. >> what the -- then, rosey's new rant. is it her worst yet? then, ben affleck little league coach? and rob lowe's $70 million mistake. why he passed on playing mcdreamy. also, big music news. adele spotted in the studio. when you could hear new songs. scoop on celine's "carpool
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karaoke." and we are getting a sting serenade. then, an unexpected "this is us" rivalry revealed. >> i went to every house. boom! this is "entertainment tonight." listen, jussie smollett may have been cleared after owl charges but the "empire" star's future is far from clear. can he, will he ever be able to rebuild his image? that is a huge question. the bigger one -- could he wind up still in prison? because the fbi is involved now as jussie tries to leave it all behind. >> jussie, you think you can come back with your career after being branded as a liar? anything you want to say to your fans, jussie? >> four hours after jusly landed at lax the president tweeted the fbi and justice department will review his case, calling the dropped charges a embarrassment
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to our nation. the chicago mayor said he wants to jussie to to receive a bill. it comes out to $130,000. smollett's team fired back. quote, it is the mayor and the police chief who owe jussie an apology for dragging an innocent man's character through the mud. can jussie's image ever ro ever? >> is it a hopeful sign for america that regardless of the your race or sexual orientation they all get off equally? >> despite taraji p. henson and ava duvernay, jussie has a hard road ahead. >> he's a liability. >> the "empire" star is nominated for a war ward at saturday's naacp image awards.
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we are toll jussie is still deciding whether to attend. nick si says he should be laying low. >> at the awards ceremony is not the time to be discussing court proceedings. this is not over yet. >> if he decides to come, it will be -- >> spectacle. >> thank you. you write a check for $130,000 chicago wants? you know who's doing a lot of talking, not just kevin frazier? rosie o'donnell just escalated her she said-she said with elisabeth hasselbeck. >> she accused me of sexually harassing her by having a crush. >> she tried to groom me. >> i wasn't grooming her. i was loving her. it wasn't a sexual thing. we were friends. and i have proof. >> let's do it. >> "e.t." occasionally saw both
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women bond on set, but this week when hasselbeck returned to the "the view" on fox and friends, she denied they were underlaying lesbian overtones. >> what she said is not true. i prayed. >> she had to go directly to jesus, do not pass go, do not collect $200. >> i would have called her if i had her number. >> she knows a lot of people who have my number. she was afraid of my crush. >> reporter: the rosie crush not the only thing. barbara walters believed the show w tank without her. in 2014 during her last week on "the view," walters brought back
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the o.g. cohosts. she told debbie, how long can the show go on? it's going to be canceled in a few years. one year later we brought them back together. >> the show does not need saving. >> i feel like it needs juice. >> i have been there already. >> by the way, barbara is quoted assaying she disapproved of the revolving cohosts. quote, you should tune in and know who they are. i tune in and don't know anybody. more fallout for lori loughlin's daughter olivia jade. facing new backlash over a different application. first her fraudulent college application came under fire. now it's her patent application. she tried to trademark her name
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and her olivia jade beauty. both were rejected due vague products and bad punctuation. her mom and felicity huffman are due in boston court for their alleged roles in a college cheating scandal. of course "e.t." will be there. >> this thing is such a mess. rob lowe has been very, very vocal about this college cheating scandal. he said he is sons went to duke and stanford on their own merit. easy, guys. these are all kids privileged. rob generating a lot of buzz these days. remember when he could have been on "grey's anatomy"? he's paying the price. up tonight, rob's mcdreamy regret. on mark maron's podcast he said the decision was pretty costly. >> probably cost me $70 million.
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>> he was deciding between "gray's" and doctor vegas. >> it was a really cool character and really fun. >> might have been fun, but it lastedless than one season. patrick dempsey told us it changed his life. >> it allowed people to look at me in a different way and it's made me a better person because of that. >> reporter: also doing better, ben affleck. we saw him out at his son's little league practice. he was hands on chats wl other parents. what's with the hat? he grew up in boston. >> he goes, dad, you're from boston. i'm from l.a. >> in new york, adele was spotted in new york going into a music studio. her next album is rumored to arrive later this year.
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in 2015 her album won five grammys. hasn't been all work. last weekend's party with j-law showed up. adele made it sound like music may not be her top priority. >> what do you do for a live something. >> i'm a stay at home mum. >> not staying at home is sting who invited us to an intimate performance in l.a. he was previewing his musical, the last ship, about his life's story. >> i feel like i reviewed more about myself than i intended to. >> the last ship was on broad whati and is now heading west. >> i'm playing a role i think i can give my own soul to. >> opens in los angeles in january. >> we have more music news. >> yeah. celine dion's "carpool karaoke" with james corden premiers april 20th. they shot it all over los angeles. speaking of that -- >> hello, we are in vegas.
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>> we are bringing the show to sin city to hang with all the hollywood high rollers. >> you're going get it. >> take you behind the scenes of the big-time acts. >> donny marie and "e.t." show tonight. >> and feeling the heat inside star kitchens. >> sorry. excuse me. >> oh, for goodness takes! >> we lay all our cards on the table. >> what happens in vegas. >> boo! >> happens on "e.t." coming up, angelina, an a venninger? speaking of superhero, move over chris evans. how "shazam!" star zachary levi is bringing the muscle. >> daddy. daddy. then -- ♪ oh pretty baby >> the movie that made heath ledger a star turns 20. our throwback to the set
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coming up on "e.t." -- >> a new "this is us" costars
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> angelina is marvelous as maleficent with part two, "mistress of evil." here's my big question, can you picture her as a superhero? >> she has six children. he's already a superhero in my book. >> great point. she's about the join the marvel universe in "the eternals." we assume angie is fighting for the side of good. >> either way, we are good. if it's bad, i'm into it too. superheroes is something my guy zachary levi knows something about. he's all in as shazam. >> i was like, dang, zack got
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ripped! >> listen, honey -- >> hotty. >> well, thank you. i've spent a lot of time in the gym. the suit also -- there's definitely augmentation in the suit. i did everything i could to fill it with as much real me as possible. >> what are your superpowers? >> superpowers? dude, i don't know how to pee in this thing. >> it's not his i spent six days in the gym physique. but that does help. it's in spite of his raising fame, he's keeping it real. >> this is not real life. >> it is real life. >> well, it is real life but it's not normal life. most people don't get do this. i want the make sure i'm just appreciating every second. i could get his by a bus tomorrow. you don't know what your life is going to do. >> he joins the d.c. universe as
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shazam. >> i would like to purchase some of your finest beer, please. >> now you have gone full-fledge, like, i'm coming for you himself worth brothers heartthrob. >> zaddy. >> are you ready for full heartthrob in hollywood? you're in the running for sexiest man of the year. >> "people" magazine. >> he's ready for this. tonight is their big hollywood premier. >> we got talk. still ahead -- >> sterling k. brown versus justin hartley, their on set competition and why is justin eating humble pie. >> "this is us." you're the a huge fan. then, "10 things i hate about you" turns 20. the five things you never knew about the classic rom com. >> perhaps i helped get some fake i.d.s. >> and meet "dumbo's" scene stealers. can you guess this stunning
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welcome back. our exclusive with the "this is us" couples continues with justin hartley and melanie liburd's costar confidential, which reveals their love/fake hate relationship. >> so you're the newest couple. what has it been like to sort of fall in love? >> i think we surprise each other. i was surprised by the relationship with kevin. she wasn't interested in having this serious relationship. he surprised her and i think that's a beautiful thing. >> what drives you crazy about each other? i don't want the start a fight, but -- >> he does arm wrestling with everybody on set in a group. >> is that annoy something. >> there's always an arm wrestling competition going on. >> is it annoying because i do it or because i win every
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[ bleep ] one? unbig easted baby. >> melanie is justin's love interest buck behind the scenes he's trying to one up his tv brother. sterling k. brown's got the moves and the pipes. ♪ i don't know ♪ ain't got a rhyme ♪ i'm just singing what's on my mind ♪ ♪ it's "this is us" >> as for justin, well, it didn't go so well when he surprised this group of tourists. >> justin. justin, yeah. "this is us." you're a huge fan. >> don't worry, justin's got plenty of fans in real life. the biggest? his 14-year-old daughter isabella. >> i try to bring her every chance we get, but she's busy with school. >> i love the show. i mean, i love it. i think it's really cool. >> obviously not getting her allowance docked this week. >> funny and a good daddy. >> nice. tomorrow is the "this is us"
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edition of the "e.t."'d up. they are asking each other random questions. wait until you hear which one of them sleeps like a vampire. >> i could watch them on and off screen all day. let's talk about vampires -- vampiring to elephants actually. "dumbo" opens tomorrow. the cuteness does not stop with that elephant with cute ears because tan di newton's daughter is making her debut. >> is there a favorite set of your moms you like to visit? >> i went to the set with you. >> my mom said, had him come over. >> yeah, we can't get over how much 14-year-old nico looks like her "west world" star mama. her dad parker is in the business to, like producing "mamma mia."
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>> my dad is so nice to everyone. first. >> when we got, like, the entire script, that was definitely quite scary. >> fly, dumbo, fly. >> do you have favorite moments? >> probably when we were doing the fire in the coliseum. >> we had so much fun. but it would get really hot. >> fire! >> hey, hollywood, nico's here. just wanted to let y'all know. >> yeah. >> gorgeous right? okay, i'm about to add some years on to you. get ready. you're the about to feel old. "10 things i hate about you" is 20. >> that is so crazy. "e.t." was actually on set. no better time to celebrate than throwback thursday with the cast, then and now. >> it was just such a special summer where all the actors were so young and open hearted. we were all really good friends. >> we would just hang out with
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each other and listen to muse zblik we spent all of down time together and loved it. perhaps i helped get fake i.d.s. it was a special, special time and i could not recreate that. >> here are five things you don't know about ten things. julia was just 17 and heath ledger was 19 when he shot this swoon worthy moment, taking complete creative control, right down to choosing the song. ♪ can't take my eyes off of you ♪ >> "e.t." was on set when you were filming the movie for one of the most iconic scenes. >> he was so committed to that. i had no idea it was going to be so big. he just really went for it. >> julia and i worked together -- we are fantastic together. she's beautiful. she's so sweet. when she smiles she lights up the camera. >> hi, there, girly. what are you doing? >> he was a cooleder bad boy that had just gotten off the
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plane from australia. >> it's a modern retelling of "the taming of the shrew" where with a strong female lead. >> i was like, this is refreshing. this girl is so feisty. >> whoops. >> i did not have a driver's license. not sure how i got around that. >> the infamous party scene? >> i had never been drunk before. i got advice from other actors. >> we hadded a great time. i thought all movie making was going to be like that. i never had an experience quite as special as "10 things i hate about you." >> these days, joseph's got five projects inle work, gabrielle is on "america's got talent" and she started shooting "hustlers" with jennifer lopez. >> have you ever seen it and on tv?
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>> i have, but it's like a high school yearbook. you might cringe a little bit. >> i'm going watch it tonight now. >> you and me both. oh, man, come on. why you should
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big congratulations to "hot bench" and "hot bench" judges. >> let's not also forget judge judy who created the show. they're hitting a huge milestone, their 1 thousandth episode. i got to join in the celebration. >> i said, judge judy will never fail. >> tell us one secret about the ladies. >> takes them longer to do their hair than i do. >> you like to have accents under the robe. >> we have a robe. you can find shoes. necklaces aren't hard. it's nice to find something personal yet bring a little more percent to my big black. >> what would it take for you to be a fly host? >> oh, wow!
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