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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 25, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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(vicki) next on kron-4 news at five: a grandmother accused of killing her 3-year-old grandson appears in court today.
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and 8 -faculty members ... are under quarantine in los angeles... after possibly being exposed to measles. they are people who either are not vaccinated ... or cannot verify they have immunity. this is happening at u- c-l-a and cal state l-a. health officials say,
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some of those people could remain in quarantines for up to 48- hours... and some as long as seven days. this comes as a small outbreak of measles has hit l-a... involving five confirmed cases linked to overseas travel. (pam) meanwhile .. 38 cases and counting. california is seeing an 'above average' number of measles cases... and it is still early in 20-19. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala ... explains the warning now coming from state public health officials. éas the number
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(ken) the n-b-a and the sacramento kings are launching a joint investigation into sexual assault allegations against head coach luke walton. it comes just days after a former sports reporter filed a lawsuit accusing walton of assaulted her. kelli tennant says walton forced himself on her in a santa monica hotel room. she says it happened about five years ago, while walton was an assistant coach for the golden state warriors. a lawyer for walton called the allegations "baseless." attorney mark baute also sharply criticized tennant, calling her a quote ni." the n-b-a and the kings said in a statement they take the allegations seriously and promised a thorough investigation. (ken) they were found described as ecause hs pu (pam) 930 auto
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burglaries... 354 auto thefts... and 102 catalytic converter thefts. bart police say -- they all happened in bart parking lots today -- bart's board of directors approved automated license platl start a pilot project with four license plate readers which it owns ...but has not used until now. (pam) later this year... the plate readers will be installed at all bart's parking lots (ken) in national news... it's not a surprise -- but still, a shake-up. after months of speculation and deliberation, former vice president joe biden has entered the 2020 presidential race. he starts at the top
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of most national and early primary state polls -- but can he stay there.. in such a crowded and diverse field... karin caifa has the latest from washington. nats
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(pam) north korea reportedly insisted the u-s agree to pay 2- million dollars in medical costs.... for the medical care of otto warmbier -- he is the american college student who was held prisoner in north a source says, north korea insisted the u-s sign a pledge to pay the bill ... before releasing him.. warmbier was comatose when he was finally released in 2017 -- and died six days after returning to the u-s. the washington post says, a u-s
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envoy, sent to get him, signed an agreement to pay. but the u-s did not pay the money ... at least through 20-17. it is unclear if the money was paid later. (pam) the report comes, as the north korean leader is meeting with russian president ávladmir putin.á the two leaders exchanged swords as gifts... and talked for three- and-a-half hours ... on topics including denuclearizati on. some experts speculate, kim's meeting with putin is a sign that kim's personal relationship with president trump is in trouble .... and kim could be looking elsewhere for partners. trump's second summit with kim failed to produce any results in february. still ahead at 10:45... super commuters spend hours on the road everyday to get to work in the bay area... is all that time in the car really worth it? (ken) plus... how global warming could affect your restaurant tab. we have details on the new optional carbon offset surcharge. < the details ahead...>
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(pam) if you are streaming us on "kron-on" - the news continues during the commercial break. go-to kron-on-dot-tv to see what you're missing.
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(pam) he was playing the organ at the cathedral of notre dame in paris, when the fire broke out. he got out unharmed, and the early word from paris is, the cathedral's famous 8-
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thousand pipe organ ... survived the catastrophic fire as well.(ken) organist johann vexo was in washington, dc, at the roman catholic basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. he's practicing for an organ recital on friday night. washington correspondent morgan wright reports on organist vexo's visit to the u-s and his thoughts on the worldwide effort to help notre-dame to rise up out of the ashes. morgan wright. in washington nats... organ playing... johann vexo is the organist at the notre-dame cathedral in parishe was playing the cathedral's famous 8-thousand pipe
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organ...when the fire broke out... i was playing the mass and everything started i would say normally and after a few minutes maybe 10 or 15 minutes we could hear an alarm in the cathedral during the gospel on april 15th vexo...and the world watched in horror as the cathedral's spire was engulfed in flames and its roof collapsed. this was a terrible tragedythe massive blaze destroyed much of the 850 year old notre-dame, but remarkably the organ vexo last played escaped the blaze undamaged. inside instrument nothing burned, nothing took water from the firemen for example, and the organ is apparently undamaged we still have to switch it on to make sure everything is ok. but the organ is still there vexo is encouraged that the notre dame cathedral will be rebuilt -- support has poured in from many including from right here at the basilica of the national shrine. vexo is in washington, dc, to play a benefit organ recital here at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. monsignor walter rossi is rector of the basilica.. the basilica established a special online collection at support for the rebuilding and restoration of this sacred church that we all know and love - vexo says he..and the people of paris...are grateful for the help...not sure that the would have been able to afford money even for
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(pam) coming up... hundreds of people gathered at the state capitol ... before lawmakers could discuss a handful of affordable housing bills. we hear from one woman who stayed the night at the governors office. (ken) and package thefts are a problem all across the bay area. now police are offering a solution on how to protect your parcels from porch pirates. (lawrence)ten at ten
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eating out at restaurants could soon cost you more money ... coming soon is a "c-o-2 offset" charge. that money will go to fight climate change. kron4's justine waldman has details on the new added fee coming to restaurant checks. pkg)before the dinner rush at misson
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(pam) these days many of us have packages delivered to our front doors.. and sadly that has led to an increase in so- called porch pirates.. where packages are stolen right off people's front steps. (ken) it's a big problem in san francisco and the board of supervisors would like to do something about it. our grant lodes
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joins us now in the studio with the details. grant? (grant) the board of supervisors discussed the problem at the public safety meeting. the supervisors heard from a not only porch pirate victims.. but also from some contractors who work in the sunset who say they have been hit several times.
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can help. you can have your package delivered to work.. or get it delivered to a friend or relative if they will be home. they say the idea is... if there is something they can do besides leaving it out in public display to create the display to create the temptation to steal.(grant) the police department says package thefts are grouped in with other types of thefts, and they say they may be able to separate them to treat them as a different issue all together. there is also a proposal in the state legislature that would increase the penalties for anyone who steals a pakage off a porch. (ken) severe storms are rolling their way from texas through louisiana.. onto the east coast. this is a time lapse video of the storm moving through new orleans. the rain creating white out conditions for anyone out on the roads during the storm. (pam) at least five people have died across two states... from the violent storms
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which tore through the south. (ken) reporter reid binion has the latest. gov. john bel edwards, (d) louisiana: "to see the second floor of the motel 6 for example.. that second floor just seems to be gone and to know by the way that we had individuals sleeping in those rooms."louisiana's governor declaring a state of of emergency...after a violent ef-3 tornado tore through the town of ruston around 2-am. gov. john bel edwards, (d) louisiana: "it's some of the worst devastation that we've seen to be concentrated."at least two people killed there.. gov. john bel edwards, (d) louisiana: "a mother and son. the mother is kendra butler, 35. the son was remington butler, 14, and a high school freshman here."devastation at louisiana tech university forced the close at least through friday.. dormitory areas, students' cars..and several of the severely damaged.les guice, president, louisiana tech university: "windows and glass blown out. things like that. athletic facilities are basically unusable."just next door in texas..multiple funnel clouds caught on camera tearing through the state..and the violent storms blamed for the deaths of a mother and her two children...killed when
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their car was swept away by flood waters..the family's father found clinging to a tree when he was rescued.i'm reid binion reporting. turning now to weather with lawrence karnow.
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(ken) lawmakers at the state capitol met today to discuss a trio of affordable housing bills... referred to by supporters as the keep families home bill package. reporter charmaine nero has the details.
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members. committee fellow public and from the after hearing amend the bill a large crowd of people stood one by one in line - telling the committee whether they support or oppose the bill. people on both sides admitting something needs to be done to fix the states housing problem. (package)dozens rushed inside this packed room at city hall.((nats))at one of the first legislative meetings for ab 1482. (david chiu, assembly member)"for the millions of californians who are one rent increase from being evicted or losing their homes, or are really struggling, we have proposed for the first time in california history that there be an anti rent gouging policy." the bill - introduced rent increase can be imposthe consumer price index, plus 5 percent, which is basically 8 percent per year." ab 1482 is one of several affordable housing bills - including ab 1481 and 36 - making their way through the state legislature. (ginger hitzke, supports ab 1482)"housing is a basic need." holding signs in support of the bill - some standing in line thursday - say there needs to be regulations for the millions of families struggling with the high cost of housing throughout the state - (ginger hitzke, supports ab 1482) "there needs to be something, control, whether stabilization, for all residents being evicted for no cause." opposing the some real estate there are more rather than controls or caps. "a brand new product coming out of the ground, developers will be disincentivized to continue building more housing here in
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california, and we need more housing, that's really the only solution." while ab 1482 advances - (ken) that was charmaine nero reporting. a-b 1482 did advance through the committee with a 6-to-1 vote. assembly member david chui says he's working to amend the bill after hearing from the public and fellow committee members. (pam ) before lawmakers could meet to discuss the controversial housing bills.. two women spent the night at governor gavin newsom's office ... in an overnight sit- in. mari sanchez is from san diego, and says, finding affordable housing is out of her reach. she is currently homeless. that's why she was in sacramento alongside other activists.. lobbying lawmakers to pass a trio of affordable housing bills. sanchez says, a lot of lawmakers closed their doors to her... so as a last resort they went to newsom's office and refused to leave. and to her surprise, the governor's staff listened to her concerns.
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pair stayed all night .. this morning they joined hundreds of other activists at the state capitol calling for affordable housing. (ken) breaking news.. a shelter-in-place order has been issued tonight night for the area around 17th avenue and geary boulevard in san francisco because of police activity, emergency officials said. the order was in effect as of 10 p.m. there are little details availalble. as soon as we learn more we will let you know. (ken) the trump administration will fight a court battle about how we preapre for war. the admitexas federal court ruling examining the male only military draft system. as our washington d-
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correspondent anna wiernicki (war-nik-ee) reports... the justice department says drafting women would be "problematic" while proponents of a unisex draft argue the current system discriminates against men. --take pkg-anna wiernicki: if there were a national emergency, former marine jude eden says america needs its best soldiers out front.jude eden: and women don't have an equal opportunity to survive in ground combat against men anna wiernicki: she says she's seen first hand women aren't fit to fight.jude edenus marine veterantake cg @ 0:16- 0:24there's a lot of roles in which women excel, it's just in the combat units in particular that's bad for women and bad for combat.anna wiernicki: eden says expanding the country's military draft to include women would be a mistake. anna wiernicki (stand
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up)@annaewiernicki@annaewiernic (stand up)@annaewiernickitake cg @ 0:30-0:39right now, the law requires all men to register for the draft within 30 days of their 18th birthday. if they don't, they can be denied benefits like federal employment and student loans.anna wiernicki:a texas federal court ruled the current male only draft is unconstitutional - and the trump administration announced it will challenge that ruling. ellen haring with the service women's action network says denying women from registering is discriminatory. ellen haring service women's action network take cg @ 0:48-0:59either get rid of the draft and selective service or make women register at the same rate as she knows not everyone drafted is sent to combat. ellen haring: you get tested and you get slotted into occupations for which you are qualified.// if they are qualified, it would be silly to cut off access to that talent pool. anna wiernicki: joseph heck, with a government group that examines military service says the u-s may not even need a draft at all.joseph heck chairman of the national commission on military, national and public service take cg @ 1:14-1:23we have not had a draft since the early 70s.// so the question is do we still need it? should be required to register.anna wiernicki: the commission is holding a series of hearings to examine the draft and report back to congress next washington, i'm anna wiernicki. (pam) still ahead... more people are moving out of big urban areas.. and opting for longer commutes... and a more affordable home. next, we hear from one homeowner who spends up to 5- hours on the road every day ..
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she says she does not regret it. (sports) nfl draft today...we'll show you who you'll see on the field for the raiders and 49ers next season. (pam) and kron4 is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day.(ken) if you haven't tried kron-on yet - here's what you are missing:
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literally knocked 10 years off my life because you sit in traffic, the stress, i mean sometimes at night it would take me 3.5 hours to get home."> (ken) super commutes are on the rise.. and they are all around the bay area.. leaving many drivers exhausted. (pam) about three- and-a-half million people travel more than 90- minutes to work each day in the u-s.. spending over 15 -hours a week just getting to and from work ... and 120-thousand of them are here in the san francisco area. (ken) kron4's michelle kingston has the details. (mk)áhonking hornsáit's 430 on thursday morning ...tracy commuters are filling up their tanks .. grabbing a cup of coffee and hitting the road with the tens of thousands of other super commuters clogging the altamont pass before sunrise.álets goooáspending more than three hours on the road to get to work -- super
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commuters make up some of the nearly 150-thousand people traveling on the altamont every day, according to cal trans.theresa sciortino, super commuter"the reason i do it is because of affordability." theresa sciortino commutes to work from tracy -- one of the fastest growing cities in northern california's megaregion -- traveling on the 580 corridor -- one of the most congested in the state ...she works as a 911 dispatcher for santa clara county ... making double what she'd make, she says, if she worked where she lived.theresa sciortino, super commuter"what does keep me going is the salary ... so that's what i do it."same goes for donelle shorter -- who moved her family from san leandro to tracy in the 90s and has never looked backdonelle shorter, super commuter"we moved beacuse we got more house for e school system"the commute, unfortunately, is only going to get worse ... the tri valley san joaquin valley rail authortiy predicts a 60- percent increase in traffic between 2013 and 2040 ... with thousands of new homes already being built in the valley. theresa sciortino, super commuter"it's at least a two hour ride to work, 3 hours
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home, that's five hours a day -- i'm working a 15 hour day" but for some -- it's worth it ... theresa comes home to a large, updated, state of the art house with what she calls her backyard oasis -- that's quiet, safe ... and toss to 4 newskingston kron michelle kingston kron 4 news4 news 4 news
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sports every year on this e football's best see their pro dreams realized...and fans hope their position prayers are answered. niners and the raiders both had top 5 picks. 49ers with the number two
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overall pick...leading up to today a lot of predictions had san francisco taking ohio state's nick bosa in that spot...and it turned out that's exactly what happened. in a draft class stacked with defensive line talent, the 49ers took a guy known for disrupting offensive linemen at the collegiate three seasons for the buckeyes he finished with 17.5 sacks, and was named the big ten defensive lineman of the year in 2017. his brother joey plays for the los angeles chargers...but some scouts have said the younger bosa might be an even better pro player. the raiders the raiders decided to go the
10:50 pm
d-line route as well...selecting clemson's clelin furl with their number four overall pick. the defensive end is fresh off winning a collegiate national title with the tigers...he put up 27 sacks and 50.5 tackles for loss during his clemson campaign. reports surfaced earlier in the week predicting a "surprise" move from the raiders...and this was...furl was widley projected to be a mid to late first round pick...instead oakland makes him a top-five guy. the raiders had an embarrassment of first-round riches...and with the 24th overall pick they decided to address another much-needed position. running back josh jacobs oll be the next player to don the silver and black. he finished 2018 with 120 carries for 640 ta veraging 5.3 yards per carry. and three picks later, the raiders went for anhesec player...mississippi state's jonathan abram. the safety led the bulldogs with 99 tackles
10:51 pm
in 2018, including 9 for loss. he has a chance to be a starter right away, for a raiders secondary that's still in rebuilding mode. here's gm matt mayock, after the first round of his first nfl draft. for every n-f-l fan excited about what the future may hold...there's a warriors fan who's concerned about what the future may hold .that's because the champs lost another first round playoff game to the los angeles clippers last night...just the second time in the steve kerr era they've lost a game 5 at home. and it wasn't
10:52 pm
pretty...kevin durant put up 45 points--a playoff career high--but it wasn't enough to stop a surging clippers squad...the warriors had chances--even tying it up with just over four minutes left...but when it mattered, the shots didn't fall and the dubs couldn't get key defensive stops...leaving golden state fans wondering just what went wrong. thank sports. weather tease.tease. weather sports. weather tease. (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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bird-day party today after annie and grinnell, the peregrine falcons atop the campus' campanile bell tower, welcomed three new chicks this week. here is a live look at the nest. two chicks hatched yesterday.. and the last one started working its way out of its egg this morning. the hatchings were captured live earlier on the nest cam. the university hosted a live watch party until 6 p-m at the
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berkeley art museum on a massive outdoor screen. annie and grinnell have made the campanile their home since 2017. lawrence karnow: the fog returned and the temperatures cooled today. highs were in 70s and 80s inland but cool 50s and 60s with fog at the coast. high pressure will continue to weaken over the next few days allowing for much cooler temperatures for the bay area. doppler radar picked up a few more thunderstorms over the sierra. tonight the low clouds and fog will move along the coast and into the bay. on the weakening ridge of high pressure. the low off the coast will bring more clouds and cooler temperatures to the bay area and maybe some rain to southern california. highs tomorrow will remain cool at the coast with patchy fog and highs in the 50s and 60s. it will be sunny in the bay an valleys with highs in the 70s and 80s.
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kron on continues next at 11. catherine heenan has the latest bay area news. you can download the kron on app today. just head to kron on dot tv to sign up. kron on continues next at 11. catherine you're at ross
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of the biggest political names in chicago politics, and she's working on a shocking tell-all book. please welcome amber madison. (applause) hi. hi. hi, how are you? so nice to meet you. (amber laughs) so this d.a.... mm-hmm. now, did he...? uh, state's attorney. okay. right, whatever, this d.a.... (laughs) so now, did he, um, suck on your toes all the time or was that just, like, a one-time shot? it was a... two-time thing. (audience laughing) chelsea: well, of course, i mean, once you shrimp on somebody once, you kind of have to follow up with another sucking session. and what's the most disgusting thing that he ever asked you to do to him? uh, well... like really, really disgusting. it wasn't the most disgusting, but he... zach: oh...


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