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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 1, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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sc johnson marvel studios' avengers: endgame in theaters april 26 ♪ tonight -- oprah quits ""60 minutes."" and she's not holding back on why. >> i was like, okay. then -- >> i have cried a lot of tears. >> a big bang good-bye. the last show taping ever. and g.o.t.'s night knight unmasked. but the country star who snagged a came yoe in sunday's epic battle then, pink shares a painful truth. the teenage pregnancy that changed her life forever. plus, remember when charlize told us this -- >> i'm shockingly available. >> now, she has a new love life
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revelation. how is that for a side hustle. rebel turns the table on us. >> look at you. this is "entertainment tonight." oprah winfrey breaks big news. she has left "60 minutes" as a special contributor. >> listen, it was like the perfect match. oprah and ""60 minutes."" here 's the big question -- what went wrong. nischelle turner went straight to the source to find out what went wrong. >> i have admired that team my entire life. we all grew up with that. i learned it's not the perfect venue for me. >> oprah broke the news herself, after two seasons on 060 minutes, she quit. she says the show schooled her on how to say her own name.
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quote, i was working on pulling myself down and flattening out my personality which, for me, is actually not such a good thing. >> i'm oprah winfrey. >> there were many times i had to say my name over and over again. i got to do that again. too much emotion. when someone says you need too flattening out your personality, that's not my space. i really need to be in a space where i can be herself. >> "60 minutes" declined to comment. of course, oprah is famous for her energetic delivery. >> you get a car, you get a car! >> one of the many reasons she honored at the inaugural empowerment gala. one of oprah's next projects, she's collaborating with prince harry on a docu-series on mental health on the new apple platform.
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she understands why harry and meghan are being private about the birth of the royal baby. >> this is what i really want for my baby and my family. i'm going to do it a different way. i'm so proud of her. i think it's great thing. >> i love oprah. you don't put baby in the corner and you don't tell oprah winfrey how to say her name. listen, she's literally special -- there's nobody else on the planet like her. let oprah be oprah forever. >> that's for sure. well, there's more tv news. "the big bang theory" is shooting their final episode in front of a live audience. i'm not sure kaley is going to make it through. i have cried a lot of tears. >> producers promise an emotional journey, and a lot of feeling went into the finale. that is kaley and johnny breaking down behind the scenes. and tissues on cuoco's final script. emotions kicked into high gear back in february, for this iconic cast moment. >> we are delighted to
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be able rededicate and to rename stage 25 which forever more will now be known as "the big bang theory" stage. >> the final episode airs may 16th on cbs and will be an hour long. kunal nayyar really laid out what to look for. >> if you know anything about thishow, you'd know that nothing's going to go right. obviously, everything's going to go wrong and then there will be obviously a very sweet moment of people coming together and that's what's so beautiful about this show. >> maybe there will birthday cake at the wrap party. >> actually, the last taping is on my birthday so it's going to be an interesting night. >> we sat down and we came up with a finale that we're incredibly proud of and we also love these characters, will feel like honors them in the last 12 years and that's the best we can do. >> so, why is "the big bang theory" coming to an end? the cast's decision was after 12
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years was led by jim parsons. he also said he knew he had a hit on his hands after the live taping of the pilot. >> the audience was just going crazy. the audience cared. >> it's been a lot of years and a lot of emotions. and i love our crew. i just love the people that we were with every day. so, you know, all good things come to an end. ? i love this show. it received 62 emmy nominations and listen, we have to send off this comedy with a big bang. you know, i had to say it. before the season finale on may the 16th, join us for our special "the big bang theory" finale show. speaking of great shows coming to anened, everybody's still buzzing about the battle on sunday's "game of thrones," who lived and who died? was the screen so dark? well, we have a little nugget for you. the night king may be dead.
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nearly 18 million people watched arya kill the night king, and today we're learning more about the man who played the white walker and it's not anderson cooper. >> people say i look like the white walker all the time. >> actually, the stuntman was vladimir furdik. he's 48 and was a "game of thrones" stuntman before getting the role in season six. that's him in a quick flashback scene without all the makeup. and posing on the iron throne. getting the look wasn't easy. the eyes are cig and vlad would spend eight to ten hours in the makeup chair. more white walker news -- you'll never guess who had a cameo in sunday's bloody battle. yep, country star chris stapleton. that's his "don't blink or you'll miss it" moment. chris is such a huge "thrones" fan he offered to fly himself to northern ireland to be in the show. he told "rolling stone,"
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that producers gave him a crash course in playing a white walker, quote, so the direction was basically, we're going to place you, and when we tell you to, open your eyes. all that as another superfan cheers on the show. >> it's cold in here. >> there must be some dragons in the atmosphere. >> gabrielle breaks down the episode with jonathan for his funny or die recap gay of thrones. >> was like, why? why? why me? [ bleep ]. >> you know why you. >> oh, that was good. "game of thrones" has so many celebrity friends. i mean, jay-z, beyonce, chrissy teigen, john legend. all right, let's move on the pink. she sings about one of the most traumatic times in her life in her new album
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"hurts 2 b human." pink's pain is up first in tonight's "know and tell." >> life is really traumatic, really traumatic. >> a miscarriage when she was 17, and several since then. those are the painful experiences pink's sharing she says, quote, when that happens, you feel like your body hates you and like your body is broken. the lyrics of her new song "happy" detail how the now mom of two felt. ♪ since i was 17 i've always hated my body and it feels like my body hated me ♪ >> what's happened pink handle life's lows, husband cary hart, therapy and writing about it all and sharing it in her music. >> i want my kids to see what it's like to have a mom who's like a boss. next up, taylor swift. happily ever after. >> it always be a struggle. i felt really low or really sad. >> taylor opens up about the struggle behind her smile.
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today, she shared this adorable behind the scenes moment when she first met the newest love of her life, her new cat, benjamin button. >> i'm obsessed with this animal. oh, my god, i love this little cat. >> yep, cue the whoohoos after being single charlize theron is ready to mingle. >> i'm dating. >> you're just dating in. >> yes. >> this is crazy. >> you know who she's dating? >> no, she would if the tell me. >> i was raising two small children. and your life just becomes very all-consuming. >> are you easy to live with? >> i'm sure i'm not. coming up star salaries reveal. who's making $35 million for a netflix movie? and which "avengers" star is walking away with major spending
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money. and halle berry's movie regret. the block buster role she wished she never turned down. plus, mean girls turns 15. what you never knew about the film in our flashback with the cast. >> so funny. but first, this morning, gayle king hosted the tony award nominations. amongst the nominees, hollywood names -- adam driver, bryan cranston, jeff daniels and laurie metcalf. the awards will be hosted by james corden and will air live the awards will be hosted by james corden and will air live sunday, june 9th, on cbs. a lot will happen in your life. wrinkles just won't. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's derm-proven retinol works so fast, it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin. neutrogena®
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tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. for all the things that move you. ask your doctor about taltz. ♪ we owe this for everyone who's not in this room to try. >> by now, i'm sure you heard, "avengers" end game took in more than a billion dollars in its opening weekend. but, which superhero is cashing in with a $20 million payday. variety magazine just dropped the salaries. robert downey jr. will make $20 million for "the voyage of dr. doolittle," the same salary he earned for "avengers: endgame," while gal gadot will make only half that for her sequel "wonder woman: 1984."
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dwayne johnson, one of hollywood's highest paid stars, made $124 million last year, and the $20 million he'll make for the "fast & furious" spinoff "hobbs & shaw." but the biggest paychecks seem to be coming from netflix projects. will smith is king of the list. he's expected to rack in $35 million for doing "bright 2" for netflix. still not everyone's cleaning up. many stars are now choosing to take a smaller salary up front in favor of taking a cut of film's actual profits once released. tom cruise who once commanded $20 million per movie, will make $12 million to $14 million for
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the top gun sequel. brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio, two former toppay earners, are taking just $10 million apiece for quentin tarantino's "once upon a time in hollywood." joaquin phoenix is making just $4.5 million for his upcoming "joker" film. still ahead -- halle berry in beast mode. >> she was the boss plus -- >> that's so fetch. >> mean girls turns 15. our new interviews with the cast dishing behind the scenes secrets. >> i had no sense of when the cam are was on me or not. and anne hathaway and rebel wilson take over as "e.t." interviewers. >> honestly, i don't think this is our strong suit. >> let them hustle you, this actually turned out pretty good. >> whoa, whoa. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ are you doing he-man? >> yes! i have an infinity for being in my underwear. i don't know what it is. >> listen to that. "to all the boys i loved befor"" star noah centineo confirmed on "fallon" that he will play the master of the universe, he-man in the upcoming remake. and he's going to be fantastic. and he can always get some superhero advice from halle berry. she played "storm" in the xmen franchise and don't forget catwoman. >> but up next, he'll be with keanu reeves.
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guest correspondent ben aaron got the scoop after halle could barely speak after losing her voice. >> have you guys worked together in the past? >> no. >> we almost did. >> where? >> i was offered "speed" before sandra bullock. >> really? >> i stupidly said no. >> stay or get off? >> off. >> but in my defense, when i read the script, the bus didn't leave the parking lot. >> this is not a very good plan. >> i was like, no, no, no, no, no, and then, i see the movie and i'm like, argh! >> fast forward 25 years, halle pretty much begged director chad stahelski to get the butt-kicking, leather-wearing, dog-loving warrior role opposite keanu's hired asis san in "john wick:chapter 3." >> nice suit. >> good to see you, too. >> did you have to learn how to train dogs? >> i did. i worked with these dogs a lot,
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so they could get to know me and i could get to know them, and i could command them on the day and just sort of wrangle them a little bit if things went crazy. >> halle's been training for, i don't know, however many months. the trainer says to me is, don't look at them. don't look at them in the eye. >> great. >> halle's like, come on. they're eating out of her hand. >> old friends? >> she was the boss. >> how much training did you have to do to learn these martial arts moves and all that? >> i worked six months, probably almost five days a week, and training two, three hours. >> it shows. >> i mean, halle makes a hoarse voice sound se. all right, anne hathaway and rebel wilson are making some money moves in their comedy "the hustle" how are they selling their big-screen chemistry? by turning the tables on each other. guys, welcome to "e.t." okay? we're here with the hard-hitting questions. network television.
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>> what's your favorite part of working with me? >> fun takes. >> yeah, the fun takes. >> i feel like my, you know, like not breaking skills got much better working with you. >> yeah, we can see why anne had a hard time keeping a straight face on the set of their comedy "the hustle," the two play con artists in this re-imagining of "dirty rotten scoundrels." >> we're not nice women, we're con artists. >> so, being a producer on this, you probably had a hand in the casting process, why did you cast me? >> oh, yeah, i had both hands in the casting process. okay? not only had i been a fan of yours since "princess diaries"-- >> aw. >> back in the day, how long ago was that? >> that was a long time ago. i shot that in 2000. >> 19 years ago. you don't -- you haven't aged really. >> i have, but i cut my hair in ways that you don't notice it. i never thought things would go this well. i never thought i'd be hitting the pavement as hard as i am now. >> i had this inner confidence my whole life.
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i always thought i'd be rich and successful and then it happens. >> if there's a sequel, which actress should join our team? >> i believe someone like sigourney weaver. >> exactly. >> or meryl. >> give her call. meryl, are you busy? >> yeah. >> how do we think we did interviewing each other if. >> honestly, i don't think is our strong suit. >> we're not ready to take over "e.t."? i think you'd do a really good job. i think it takes me too long to warm up in an interview. i mean, look at you. >> rebel, you're hired. yet another hustle. well, another girl power comedy "mean girls" turned 15 today. the cast looks back on their movie milestone. >> 15 years. >> oh, my gosh. >> see, "mean girls" still to me feels like it was yesterday. >> that is so fetch.
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>> favorite memory from making that incredible movie? >> oh, my gosh, shooting that movie i had never been in a movie before so, i had no idea, you know, i had just done "weekend update." >> some behind-the-scenes secrets. first, lindsay lohan and rachel mcadams could have had each other's roles. >> what is happening to the world? >> but after "freaky friday" the filmmakers didn't think fans would accept her as a villain. >> the casting is perfect. i'm really excited. >> rachel needed to go blonde but she couldn't fully bleach it, so that was a wig. >> i just thought that was very regina, long blonde barbie hair. >> amanda seyfried also tasted for regina. but was a better fit as karen. >> you're so skinny. shut up! >> amanda was just 17. check out her total teen reaction to rachel's next big gig. >> i have a film coming out in june called "the notebook," >> that's with ryan gosling, >> yeah, it is. yeah. >> i'm not like a regular mom. i'm a cool mom, right, regina?
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>> please stop talking. >> amy poehler played regina's mom, but she was only seven years older in real life. and james franco was once considered for jonathan bennett's part. >> well, cool. >> jonathan! >> he's so funny. >> it wouldn't have been the same without him. do you know what mean girls were supposed to be called? home schooled. it doesn't sound quite as mean. coming up, insync know what time it is. it's gonna be may. how their iconic record set a new record. (vo) morning, noon, night;
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travel consideration provided by -- well, today's the last day of april and every true nsync fan knows what that means, right? ♪ it's gonna be may >> that's right, it's going to be may. justin timberlake posted the video and lance bass shared this maytag man. people go crazy. the video sees big spike in views. >> 228,000 views last year. >> will they break the record
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