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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  May 2, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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early even though i don't have any hot spots leave now okay. >>hey run >>how's the weather going to you know running also helps to warm you up on these cool mornings show so even though cool this morning will be awarded about james think about whole run james, this is the time to do it so we'll see in 30 minutes looking outside this morning. we do have some nice clear skies overhead just some the low lying cloud cover much like yesterday in fact today is starting off very similar to what we did have for your wednesday. so if you liked yesterday's weather in the morning. you're really going to like this morning if you liked yesterday afternoon. like this afternoon to us temperatures will rise out of these 40's and 50's eventually taking us back up into the 70's for a lot of the day bayside areas and inland areas well up into the 70's while the coast back into the 60's talking more about what to expect this afternoon and for the upcoming weekend still to come. robin. >>expect a little bit of a crowd at the bay bridge toll
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plaza it's getting busy heading into san francisco but not bad cash leans a filling and quickly right but no major issues to worry about so come on in while we're holding at at 9 minutes to make it off fremont street, some of bridge busy to look at all the brake lights on the flat section is packed, but still trouble free 13 minutes to one on one. and here's what i want across the golden gate, no major issues from the north bay. you're southbound trip will average 20 minutes from highway 37 in the auto to the toll plaza in san francisco james. >>much robin new this morning we had little earthquake last night was a 3.4 in the north bay happened about 7 miles from santa rosa actually just outside of calistoga so. >>if you felt the ground shaking that's what it was about 10 17 last night, nobody hurt and no reports of any damage. but again just cause the ground shake for just a little bit speaking of earthquakes as san francisco mayor. >>and in breed wants to strengthen the city's infrastructure in case of the big one that's right. yeah, but it's going to cost a
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pretty penny million was the latest estimate from for sarah stinson is live in san francisco with more on the earthquake bond that she is proposing. >>public safety infrastructure building such as police and fire stations like the one now right now at the embarcadero this would make sure that these building stay strong. earthquake that way those first responders can get to work and help the public in that critical time of san francisco voters could see this bond on the march 2020 election ballot. again this is million. it's the earthquake safety and emergency resilience ball in breed says this is a critical investment in public safety. take a look at your screen to see a breakdown of what the money would go towards million the bond would fund projects for the city's fire stations and
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firefighter training facilities, 153.5 million would go toward emergency firefighter water systems and then million would go towards the city's police department then we have 70 million going towards. fund disaster response. facilities and then million is on the city's 911 call so they are very important when we have an earthquake in 2014, san francisco, voters passed a similar bomb by 79%. but before this can even get on the ballot. a london breed has to propose this too city supervisors that's going to happen on tuesday and if they approve it then us voters will see it on the ballot. i'm live in san francisco, sarah stinson for on for news. >>very good. thank you sarah. >>5 oh 3 is the time in the east bay el serino high school is going to reopen today after a bomb threat forced the school to evacuate. yesterday police gave the all-clear after they did a sweep of the school yesterday afternoon and
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didn't find a bomb. officials say the school was threatened online, but they didn't give any specifics. 5 oh 3 and threatening graffiti was found at california high school in san ramon. it was in the boy's restroom on campus. and it threatened a shooting at the school next thursday, which a night. police are increasing security on campus in response. >>it is dead after a shooting in san francisco that happened yesterday afternoon in the area of 22th and bartlett streets that's in the mission district that shooting victim was taken to the hospital but later pronounced dead. police are still looking for the shooter this morning. opening statements are now over for the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire trial. we've got there about and max harris, both facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the deaths of 36 people. they died in a fire while attending a music event at that warehouse back in 20 16 yesterday, the attorney for al and harris used the oakland fire department's report listing the cause as
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undetermined in their defense to prove that investigators did not pursue or did not. find the cause of arson. >>and i outlined the reasons and evidence with respect to the arson and we have witnesses in respect to the arson and out that was something that he could not prepare for. >>in response. the prosecution said the venue was set up as a death trap and accused the suspects of cutting corners when it came to safety on monday. the prosecution will call its first witness the trial is expected to last at least 2 months. >>i love 5 in oakland, one man was killed in a shooting that happened in the 1900 block of 17th avenue near san antonio park. it was about 3 30 yesterday afternoon he was shot several times and police are still looking for the gunman at 5 oh 5 in the north and vacaville family is grappling with a racist a note left in their mailbox mark you
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and his family moved into the meadowlands neighborhood within the last year in vacaville tgat threatening note they got tells them to find a different place to live and gives them 60 days to move out part of the note reads quote your interracial family is not welcome here. and it accuses the fake it says the family are renters uses he owns the home and he and his family are not about to leave. >>sending that there's some least there's people still out there is 2019. and the weighted no they're still this and therein. you know racial us to peace to look around that uh uh i'm sad so i was relayed a message to this person. it would be that you know just please just. he was a long line business. >>this is the second threatening letter that they have received it's unclear if the same person sent them both. >>in the east bay, several groups represent workers rights rallied in concord to
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protest bay area housing. the demonstrators organized to ss rent control in concord r d >>and in a long time it's been forever since he conquered has actually had any type of brain control, the rain and the housing market here so articulate that they have to choose to land in cities, you are waiting to cross bridges, he wasn't in their money on gas just to get to work in an area to make it profitable way. >>yesterday's rally was held on may day also known as international workers day. it celebrates the working class and brings awareness. 2 workers rights. >>now is 5 oh 7 a big story thousands of families across the bay area don't know where their next meal is coming from the highest rate of food insecurity is in the east bay and that's where crown force will tran is standing by live in alame more will. >>it is hard enough rate to go into any supermarket and put
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food on the table anywhere in america. it's even harder in the bay area and hardest in alameda county i'm in berkeley this morning. and the food prices are a big struggle for many families in the bay area altogether according to the new study from feeding america. 800,000 families in the bay area they have a difficult time balancing their rent as well as food and it comes down to one simple thing. cost of living week just pay more to live here in the bay area for example, according to the study that it cost about $3 for every meal but in the bay area were close to $4 for every meal so where pay more for rent and we're paying more for food and to feed our families take a look at your screen here is how it all breaks down alameda county is the most challenging county for families with nearly 200,000 families struggling to put food on the table the next one is santa clara county and that's around 170,000, san
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francisco obviously very expensive to live san francisco county is about a 115,000 families and then the county with the least amount of people they also have their struggles but the least amount we're talking san mateo county at around 64,000. and that's why food banks they struggle all years trying to stock the shelves because more and more people instead of being able to walk into supermarkets and pay for their own food. they're turning to food banks for help. james terry, a ok. >>thank you well, 5 oh 9 is a time san francisco spends million a year on homelessness despite all that money city officials say 150 people become homeless in the city every week. the bulk of the money the city spends goes towards permanent. affordable housing and services but at least 7500 people still remain out on the streets of san francisco and that number. it's holding steady because people are becoming homeless
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at a faster rate than existing homeless people are being moved into housing. >>okay to this that a 150 people. us every week. >>and some of those folks are able to resolve their homelessness on their own for their resource networks and others are not we need more permanent supportive housing, yes, we need more shelter and we also need to focus on what we call prevention and diversion or problem solving which helps people at the moment of housing crisis. >>in addition for paying a for shelters and housing city supervisors are also looking at spending money to tackle substance abuse and mental health among the homeless population. >>coming up on that awful morning news, a man dies after crashing his tesla now his family's holding that car maker responsible. plus we have new plans for california's high speed rail. but some officials say it's incomplete we'll find out how it could affect its funding. and attorney general william barr clashes with senate democrats over the mueller report and his
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characterization of it now he is refusing to do another day of testimony on capitol hill. and a lot like yesterday we're off to a cool start but a warm finish ahead of us your forecast >>and traffic is filling in on bay area bridges getting a little crowded out there, especially at the bay bridge to cash lanes are backing up
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>>14 right now checking out the weather for your early this morning a little chill in the air little chill does the year. >>not so much this afternoon now well a lot of warm another nice little picture and it doesn't sound is nice. but um yeah, really nice day ahead of us tomorrow looking really great too. we are going to see plenty of sunshine overhead in the days to come before a bit of a switch up this weekend which are good to just said as second here we're going to berkeley do have some low clouds overhead hanging out above the bay area this is again a lot like yesterday so we're starting today with some of those clouds with a cool conditions. this morning reminds you a lot of yesterday
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so we push into the afternoon high pressure still remains in place so we're still going to stay very similar to yesterday later on today to you notice that area of low pressure which will step out of the way from that's going help to nudge out this high in the days to come and also helped offer up some changes into the weekend ahead of us as for today and tomorrow skies, nice and clear continuously i'm very comfortable in here afternoons so great start your weekend on friday, especially your daytime highs in many spots in our inland areas. well back into the upper 70's come saturday, temperatures start to drop just a little bit dropping even further into sunday, 60's for your highs in bpsan francisco today, 50's and 60's right along the pacific shore and 60's along the are further south down the peninsula. redwood city in palo alto each at 72 degrees mountain view today, 74 degrees for your daytime high south bay much like yesterday mid to upper 70's to be expected. plenty of sunshine to be expected as well double in pleasanton your daytime
5:16 am
highs at 76 while oakland just shy of 70 degrees very similar to yesterday concord fairfield warmer spots hovering around the 80 degree mark also with some calm winds again today much like yesterday was santa rosa 75 for your high. so today and tomorrow, nice and warm plenty of sun nothing worry about come saturday just a few more clouds and temperatures on the cooler side leading us into sunday with a slight chance of rainfall a rain we do see on sunday. it's going to be pretty limited in short lived, but still a chance of showers in our first one in a while now come monday tuesday and wednesday temperatures climbing again by wednesday of next week. it's near 80 degrees. robin. >>all right. thank you john want to head over to 92 and take a peek at the san mateo bridge because it's a getting a little busy right the traffic 92, but so far we haven't had any major issues to throw you off leave early word, 14 minutes and
5:17 am
growing to make it over to the peninsula. we're checking the bay bridge and often on it will stack up a little bit in some of the cast lanes right now it's looking good, but you know it's not going to stay this way another 3040 minutes, it's going to be packed coming in so leave as early as you can while it's under 15 minutes into san francisco. so no hot spots, no major issues of the drive times look great if you take highway 4 60 minutes, antioch to concord 6.80 nice and smooth. the nimitz wide open want to one trouble free. so far a very quick 30 minutes from san jose to menlo park will checks more drive times in a bit back to you. >>all right, thank you very much robin to national headlines now attorney general bill barr is refusing a second day of testimony before the house judiciary committee on capitol hill this comes after he strongly defended his justic russia investigation that was his senate hearing yesterday that democrats are demanding his resignation we have all mark and then as now with the latest on the developments.
5:18 am
>>contention on capitol hill as democrats denounce attorney general handling the russia investigation. i think history will judge you harshly minutes before bars testimony, the justice department released a march letter from special counsel robert mueller in it mueller says bar summary of the investigation in conclusion, the president did not obstruct justice quote did not fully capture the context nature and substance of this office's work and conclusions i decided to simply state what the bottom line conclusions were was there an underlying crime here now some calling for his resignation. >>the attorney general of the united states is a sacred trust. you have betrayed that trust america deserves better. >>should resign. republicans say the focus shouldn't be on bar or the president but on protecting future elections might take away from this report is that we've got a lot of work to do to
5:19 am
democracy against the russians and other bad actors bar was scheduled to appear before the house on thursday now refusing to attend. >>democrats say they'll take action if barr doesn't turn over an unredacted version of the mueller report, the next steps. >>is a seeking to a contempt citation against the attorney general. >>on capitol hill. a march madness. >>there are 21 democratic candidates, running for the white house in 2021 of them. washington governor jay inslee is sharing his vision for the nation with voters right here in the bay area the democratic presidential candidates stop by mountain view yesterday and talk to voters about his focus on climate change and raising the minimum wage and paid leave for families. he says he also understands the bay area's issues of rising housing costs and homelessness. get on crisis that has affected multiple places, including the very including some of the communities in my state work. if you have people moving into your state as we do you've got to build more
5:20 am
housing. >>the 2 term washington governor was born and raised in seattle and he has been a frequent critic of president trump. >>learning more about the victims of monday's deadly helicopter crash in hawaii. we have video of the wreckage in fact there it is the pilot has been identified as joseph berridge his father says he just moved to honolulu from new mexico 2 weeks ago. the other 2 victims were just identified as 28 year-old ryan mcauliffe and 76 year-old jan burgess investigators are trying to find out now what caused that helicopter to spiral out of control and smash into a street monday morning. morning news, a man . the san francisco archdiocese in a lawsuit alleging abuse will tell you what he wants from the church antails on that coming up after the break, here's a live look outside at the bay bridge approach where traffic in a handful of lanes they're beginning to back up just a
5:21 am
bit. robin with a full check of the ride in just a minute and john with your thursday forecast in a moment, we'll be right back.
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>>one it is now 5.23 on this thursday morning, a lot like yesterday for your thursday ahead of us cool it a bit on the cloudy side to start there's a view of sfo doesn't look too bad at least what you can see it's still pretty dark out there this morning no delays at sfo oakland or san jose as we approach the
5:24 am
weekend that's always a nice thing to see temperatures in the 40's and 50's right now and just a touch warmer than at the same time yesterday, oakland and san francisco you try to 50 degrees which for oakland is a are very much so the same number san francisco actually one degree down fairfield at half moon bay, a subtle warm up as compared to where we were sitting 24 hours ago. now been talking about the next couple of days, a nice weather here in the bay area and then the weekend switch up ahead of us and it's not just the bay area that's looking at a chance of showers on sunday but for the sierra nevada that's not just a chance of showers but showers looking very likely come the weekend. so saturday night you'll see the first sign of rainfall arriving after what will be a sunny start to your saturday come sunday, i'm not your best day to be out and about too much in the mountains as we have rain and even a few thunderstorms possible up in the high country. that's a look at your forecast robin how is traffic holding up this thursday morning it's doing just fine
5:25 am
at the richmond center fell bridge getting a little busy so often on it will back up in some of the cash lanes there on the right foot. >>overall a nice quiet commute into the north bay use it now all it's only 8 minutes to head over to highway one on one, so we don't have any hot spots or special traffic alert. but we do have some growing backups here's one 80 west look at all the headlights it is packed coming into san francisco. i checked it was at like 10 minutes ago and we had a minor weight and now we have a backup that stretches all the way out to west grand so that's just how quickly things can turn around here at the toll plaza, but it's quiet this is not caused by accidents or stalls are at 13 minutes for the average off to fremont street just know that it's going to continue to grow within the next what 15 minutes will be through the maze so you still have time to beat the bulk of the traffic which is still on the way we're heading over to the golden gate. that's usually the easier bridge right, no problems into or out of san francisco. it's just wide open nevado were in one sandra phil larkspur mill valley sausalito
5:26 am
to smooth on up to the toll plaza on the san francisco side. we want get some freeways because you have to get to work right so if you are an 80 commuter. it's 16 minutes from crockett to oakland, maybe you take 24. you don't have to worry about problems there and the nimitz looks good for you to 11 minutes from san leandro to downtown oakland james. >>you very much obsession with pets reaching all new heights now we have new data that reveals americans are spending. >>a lot more on pets than ever before yeah and i don't know if this includes all the little outfits halloween has toes were just talking. >>a lot of food and hampering in that way more than 72 billion dollars. so we all spend americans on our pets in 20 18 that a majority that did go to pet food in fact a lot of americans. a total spend with $30 billion on higher priced more premium dog food resign or ingredients. i have a there's a place that opened to be called just for pets or something and it's like a real like a buffet like real food
5:27 am
like its load up its with its a restaurant job we had a pretty price like i'm you i have a and also just the sheer number of people who have pets has also gone up to that is adding to the number total number of dollars spent on pets and their food is expensive if you're lot like the really good stuff and you're told to try and go like more organic something healthier for the dog a set of. which i do i'm i was walking my dog and another guy was walking his dog is like i'm from philly. >>and my dog is real trim i'm sad to admit it. but i've turned moran and i bought it at the fancy play whole foods for don't tell anyone did side tony so it is a time and still ahead new developments in the college admissions cheating scandal involving stamford. we'll tell you what's going on down.
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>>5.30 right now look at weather and traffic early on a thursday morning, how are things things are great just a little crowded out there saw do a bridge deck, ok and on the weather front we're looking at what's on tap for today, nice weather again almost identical to yesterday. i go wash rinse repeat we are looking out there at the size scene of a berkeley this morning looking pretty good a little less cloud cover. i'd say that even yesterday offered up. >>so it's of solid start to the morning temperatures in
5:31 am
the 40's and 50's which as you remember that's exactly the range of numbers we were in for your wednesday, double in san mateo in redwood city all at 47 berkeley of 48, oakland and san francisco each sitting at 50 degrees now later on today temperatures are going to rise up into the 60's and 70's again a lot like yesterday a warm afternoon on top making for a good one to spend outside a big cooler this weekend though, and i'll talk about that. still ahead rob. >>all right. thank you john want to check in on the commute into san francisco, the bay bridge, your approach one of the slowest right now we have a lot of heavy traffic coming in and it's already stacked up from west grand. shortly it's going to be through the maze and it's going to be a little crowded on the suspension as well, but this is not a bad commute. this is what we call the norm, 12 minutes for the drive to fremont street, your drive times on some of the east bay freeways, look good like 6.80 self, 24 wannacry to oakland the east shore freeways, quiet. and if you commute out of the south but you're also a good shape on 8.80. it's only
5:32 am
8 minutes to head north from 2.80 to 2.37 back to you daryn chase you robin side. 31 a big story now we've learned the family of a chinese student paid 6 and a half million dollars to get their daughter. >>admitted to stanford have the latest in that scandal investigators say the family pay that money to rick singer. >>who know from prosecutors as the central figure in the college admissions scandal. ron forster seen the tape trump is live in stanford to explain christina. >>very sad to hear more in this scandal and finding more families who are part of this we're live at stanford and again there is an international student from china whose parents paid 6.5 million dollars to get them here now this is something that investigators say they're not sure if it something that they the parents is certainly did wrong because there was a 3rd party adviser who advise them to paint rick singer again that central character in all of this scandal. so at
5:33 am
6.5 million to go to him, here's a picture of him in case you haven't seen it before. so began the investigators are saying they're not sure if the parents officially did anything wrong for this advisor now the advisor his name is michael wu and paents h stanley know wu has since been terminated from his job at morgan stanley and certainly did come out and make a statement saying that he was terminated for not cooperating with an internal investigation into the college admissions matter. now stanford also came out and made the statement they very much said that they have they were not involved and did not receive that 6.5 million from singer or anyone else so they're saying at this point they are not involved with in the matters of this new element of the scandal as well know also that student from china here that is a student at stanford university right now they have not been charged in this event investigation and we're not sure if the student is made
5:34 am
aware of what the parents to do to act to get them a minute. for now we are live at stanford christina teatro crime. >>family of a bay area man who died in a car crash in his tesla is now suing the tesla a maker of whole company and the highway and transit authority to the lawsuit blames the death of walter wong on the driver assist navigation system because they say it failed. they say that tesla is negligent and careless when they were making a 2017 model x, as you ve they say that the they did a stint in study on what happened and his vehicle that tesla increased its speed 10 miles an hour. and had no breaking right before impact and he died when the car slammed into that barrier on highway one lot want to one in mountain view and caught fire. >>add that barrier been in place and functioning as it should have been and according to caltrans his own. policies
5:35 am
and procedures walter you know be alive today know beta test with live people. and we feel that's happened here and that's something that should not have been done. >>so that's why they're also suing caltrans the state we reach out to both tesla and caltrans they have both declined to comment. 5.35 another big story the san francisco archdiocese is named in a lawsuit along with 10 other diocese and the california catholic conference by a lawsuit tom the men's alleges that he says that he was sexually assaulted by a priest when he was just 11 years old. right now though that priest has not been named on any of the lists that have been released by the dice is so far he's hoping that this lawsuit we'll push church officials to release the names of credibly accused abusers within the church and provide more documents on offenders in
5:36 am
california. >>at the very least no. information and those files and that their kids safe. and without this law so i think we could go on for years and years near never know the truth. >>the archdiocese of san francisco is among the last few of all the california dices to withhold the names of accused clergy members. >>in the east bay, a bicyclist is in critical condition after he hit a truck in berkeley it happened at 9th and cedar streets that's in northwest berkeley. the truck was traveling east when that cyclists struck it a 50 year-old man de is been identified as a cyclist he was taken to hospital and again he's listed in critical condition this morning. police in walnut creek are looking for a man who attacked someone at a bar. this is a photo of the person, they're looking for it happened at mass masses sports park that's on north main street 2 weeks ago the
5:37 am
suspect injured a man after he smashed a glass against the victim's face. and for california's high speed rail project has been revealed but now officials are asking for more money and more time to get it done. the project update shows that the rail lines from bakersfield timmer said will be ready by the year 2028. the construction costs would be at an increase of one billion and though the fa's calls for plans in los angeles and san francisco. it also shows that there's a month no money committed to them nor funds approved after their 2030 fresno sentiment. jim patterson is calling on the governor now to halt funding for the project. >>they're making it up as they go along again they have no idea what they are doing let alone in 9 years from now this is a absolute and trust operation that i think has lost all credibility.
5:38 am
>>governor newsom says that he is available for questions but his office staff doesn't know when that will happen. >>time now is 5.37 and still ahead for morning news. we're getting close to the wildfire season and crews say this year could be worse than last and p g's sets aside millions of dollars as it faces legal claims from wildfire victims will have details on this new fund. they have set up. 40's and 50's this morning but some 60's and 70's later today, your forecast account. >>and i'm tracking your commute around the bay area, including the drive into san francisco. it's all stocked up here at the toll plaza with traffic crawling ♪ are you ready? ♪ are you ready for some fun? ♪
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a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. book direct at >>they morning looking good about the lick observatory right now yesterday this for you had plenty of clouds hanging out there in the diablo range this morning, not so much definitely off to a touch of a clear start now pollen levels remain moderate today into tomorrow but they are going to be boosting on into the end of the week ahead of us so enjoy the next few days of these moderate levels will pollens those calmer winds certainly helping us out ours allergies are concerned. robert. >>we want to check back in on the 70 a bridge because traffic is heavier getting heavier by the minute we already have. traffic here on the flat section of the san mateo bridge. these folks are leaving hayward and by the time you get over to the peninsula actually to the high rise. it will improve then
5:42 am
it's a decent commute to the peninsula, but definitely heavier on the hayward side, the bay bridge traffic is growing it's already spilling back the on west grand but still very quiet on the span and the skyway we don't have any hot spots obese drive times look get 5.80 picking up just a little bit livermore to dublin but you're fine on 6.80 the nimitz and to ♪ to ♪ protect your pets from fleas and ticks with frontline plus for dogs and frontline plus for cats. its two killer ingredients work fast and keep working all month long preventing new flea infestations on your pet. frontline plus. the number 1 name in flea and tick protection.
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approaching wildfire season here in the bay area cal fire says i >>looking at the fuel for what is expected to be another very busy fire season in california. a heavy grass crop as much as 5 times heavier than normal has developed across the state and should elevate fire potential as it drives through the summer says cal fire division chief jim cross those those grass feels really are the ones that are the initiator of most of the large fires that we have and so. >>they can easily get to an area where there are homes they move very fast in a large fire very quickly. >>crawford says late spring rain between periods of sunshine made for an unusually long growing season for annual grasses caltrans another blalong highway one to san jose and across the bay area waist-high an extra 6. the heavy grass makes for a
5:46 am
hotter. more dangerous says crawford. >>it really is a game changer because. the amount of effort that it takes to extinguish the fire that in that area is much greater. it's harder to penetrate through that dense material as opposed to something that's more thin and wispy at one to 2 times per acre. so it'll take more resources. it will take more time and more personnel to be thing you would accomplish. in a year where we have one or 2 tenants one to 2 times a brash per acre would be a typical year this year cal fire says it's more like. >>5 tons per acre and send martine rob kron 4 news. >>well let's get to the latest on the forecast with john here as we head into thursday and the weekend ahead. i guess that there is a little bit of a rain chance for the little bit at least get a couple more days so it back out we do have that one chance of rain other least it's a very comfortable dry foec of us
5:47 am
golden gate bridge looking really nice less fog less cloud cover than yesterday really solid you can see those clear skies out there on satellite radar this morning and high pressure keeping us nice and dry, but you do see that low out there to the west to that's going to be shaken things up in the days to come so today and tomorrow going to be staying nice and dry with this high pressure in place. low pressure starts offpr up that chance of rain fall into the very last part of the weekend friday and saturday, you're so good to go getting outside today tomorrow, some of our best days of the forecast daytime highs mid to upper 70's for most of the day a lot like yesterday was which was a really nice one comfortable conditions. calmer winds all this continues over the next couple of days low 60's to mid 60's in san francisco today, low 60's to upper 50'se rlow to mid to ba you start to see those 70's
5:48 am
lot like yesterday redwood city and palo alto each both at 72 saying carlos at 73 while woodside imofrom yesterday and campbell in san jose you are both still sitting at 77 for your highs east bay still solid 70's for your highs as well, oakland and berkeley out of the low 70's back into the upper 60's today just a bit of a cool down a thin you're going to notice so nobody on dylan napa all at 75 has also will be been nation antioch novato center fell in months of petaluma each at 73. so today and tomorrow not a whole lot of change here, plenty of sun calm winds really comfortable saturday a bit cooler but still it can really great then come sunday which starts very dry and then just a slight chance of rainfall looking increasingly likely on into the finish of the day on y cloudy skies and to wednesday that's a look at your forecast robin how are we doing to traffic right now great for
5:49 am
folks heading over to the return center fell bridge right now it is wide open. >>on westbound 5 of the leading up to the toll plaza we have no delays had also use it now it's 8 minutes out to one on one. the bay bridge traffic, it's the complete opposite we're already packed and already goes back to the west grand exit or just be on west grand so full weight here at the tolls for the cash payers, the fast trackers and the drive time is growing, we're just under 20 minutes now to fremont street. but this trying time for good if you take highway 4 nothing to worry about heading west. it's only 20 minutes manioc to concord i don't see any major issues for 6.80 dublin to fremont the nimitz a little crowded but not bad 25 minutes rolling south san leandro to milpitas and one on ones, it's picking up as well, but no major issues 32 minutes and growing from san jose heang north to menlo park james robin thank you. >>says it will set up a million fund to help survivors of recent wildfires that were t
5:50 am
wildfire assistance program will provide relief for those people who lost property during the massive fires that we've seen over the last couple of years. the plan requires approval though from the federal bankruptcy court utility filed for bankruptcy back in january saying that it faces at least billion in legal claims from fire victims. sitting at last place in the division, the giants haven't provided too much excitement lately, but it's always great to see winds especially against the dodgers bottom of the 7th we go home plate umpire tim timmons calls this low catcher buster posey a strike. >>cruise boat you can't believe it. he argues with the umpire and gets ejected. bocce gets a few more words and before he loses what done for the night after that 3 ballots go to the bottom of the knife. >>and he gets a hit to left field runner makes it safe across home plate. giants win 2 to one. posey 7th career the walk-off hit his 3rd against the dodgers. a's a
5:51 am
wbur in boston taking on the red sox let's pick it up at the top of the second. >>here we are a's with a base coming home on that wasn't good enough though for the a's because in the end boston came back ended up winning it 7 to 3. the a's now lost 6 in a roads next stop for them. the pittsburgh pirates. we'll take a break time now 5. the push for a new national museum representing the history and culture of the country's largest minority group. >>more on that in a minute and a new report shed some light on the death of oscar grant find out what it reveals about find out what it reveals about fatal shooting. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box. spicy chicken thyou just stop i wonder what age that is.
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you had me at fried chicken pacifier. with 100% all-white meat chicken. >>welcome back everyone 5.54 and here view from the suture tower both not much of a view at all right now we do have a lot low lying cloud cover in the horizon and that is. >>i'm making for a little bit of an over its possible exposure out there. now what we do have overhead outside you do see some of that low lying cloud cover out at the coast, but overall really not that bad of a start to the morning, pretty clear all things considered especially clears compared to where we were at yesterday. >>rest of the day today looks nice and clear as well so how are in for another treat as far as weather goes robin. >>thank you john, no major issues to report right now s th slow you're going to have to sit in a big backup here at the toll plaza with the toll
5:55 am
plaza which is spilling be on west grand so from that point through the tolls up the eastern span you've got to sit in a backup. but at least it's under 20 minutes to fremont street, no hot spots, no major issues, one wants decent right check out the drive time 7 minutes heading north from brisbane to the 80 split and then to 80 wide open from daly city to san francisco. so now's a great time to use it, i'll check more coming up james all right. >>much so star wars fans you can try to book a trip now to a galaxy far far away beginning this morning you're looking at aerial pictures of the new galaxy's edge theme park in disneyland in anaheim. they're going start taking reservations for thatdtheme park starting this morning. >>when what so you can this is a whole world listen to little the arab world so used just you know that 8 o'clock this morning they're going to start opening reservations because the demand has been so big they're expecting a crush of people that want to go. so you
5:56 am
th awful puns on may 31th you only need reservations though if you're planning to go between now between then and june i think it's june mike wallace joining at those first couple months lie after that he should be fine. they've had such ng like you by disney world you buy at kind of like what it is in florida yet here i got its own separate little world so have fun and made a force be with you you're going to need i know you're going to 5 of the 6 right now and to take the kids so did james we take a chance think about it. >>thousands of their families don't know where they're going to get their next meal from will tran is standing by with may be part of an answer. >>and a proposal to give millions of dollars for earthquake. preparedness. we'll have details on a new bond measure that san francisco mayor london breed i dale's little girl is heading to college. luckily, her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham.
5:57 am
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on fletcher we've got weather and traffic checks before the news this morning, we'll start off with maybe a quick update from rob and it's packed out there and i just got word of a new accident at the bay bridge toll plaza so uncle searching for in a candidate, david rich these hurry there just boot. some people get to work where it's at following and it's a with our clearest morning of the week so far so that'll cause you very little issues. >>as you're getting outside of bethel island skies abundantly clear and you can start to see a bit of glow over there on the horizon. >>temperatures very much so the same as they were yesterday, it's back to the 40's and 50's we've got calm winds yet again so kind of repeating yesterday besides skies being on the clear side of things this morning berkeley sitting at 48 oakland and san francisco, both of 50 degrees right now let's make our way through the day so low cl


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