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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  May 3, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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joining that as well as you get up and get ready for work riverhead and how are the road i'll take my 2 slices and even in my little corner of area and rush of traffic at the same time brought to a great start this a little crowded on some bridges right and the weather for the weekend slice of heaven. >>and i got this forecast. there's a look outside this morning, a berkeley conditions really nice red to get this morning started off it is chilly so get the jackets going but. >>calm winds overall not that cloudy of conditions you do have some low clouds especially out towards the goen gate but at's just the way we've been starting our mornings these weeks and we know how that ends up in the afternoons makes for some very pleasant days temperatures in the 40's and 50's right now jack it's ready to go for your morning hours knocking the them so much later today, berkeley in dublin at 48 each conquered in the late how each 51 degrees for your temperatures. so we're kicking things off chile by noontime we're already pretty comfortable and by the
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afternoon even warmer than yesterday was some of our inland areas back into the low 80's today, i'll tell you which areas can expect some 80's and which areas might even see a couple of sprinkles come sunday. still ahead near forecasts robin i'm tracking the bridges right we're trying to find out which bridges are the most crowded. >>we have a little bit of a line in the cash lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza, minor way minor have right here in the right hand side, the left side looks great down the middle it's wide open a great trip across the upper deck to downtown san francisco. here's a richmond xenophobe ridge and our bridge work finally picked up we had one lane called off east and west. you're at the limit here 8 minutes to the north bay. the busiest bridge. the san mateo bridge. we see all the brake lights on the flat section. but it picks up at the high rise 13 minutes us and the tale back to you. >>happening today radioactive materials found in a home in san carlos are going to be removed by a hazmat team that right now that home has been roped off its being guarded by police as we speak right for
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sarah stinson live near the area this morning and sarah what's the scene right now. >>well as you said there is a deputy here with san mateo sheriff's office and they are making sure that the hazardous material is secured, and that it stays inside the home and nobody enters the they're still caution tape all around it. we have a sheriff's deputy on my right and so basically they are waiting for the hazmat teams state hazmat teams to get here so that they can remove it and then taken to a place where they can get rid of it safely now take a look at this video from the scene yesterday. you can see people in the neighborhood and then there's lots of different sheriffs and police law enforcement city officials there. they all came here just to see no to what 1000 block of cedar street. the city officials say the home has been unoccupied for some time now as the man who lived here died earlier this year his family members are the ones who notified the city yesterday at noon about some
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containers that may contain a radioactive material that when police responded they closed several streets in the neighborhood as hazmat crews entered the home people who live around here were then notified about the situation. >>police man just came up to her door and just shows that we that there's a potential hazards race. down the street and if we'd like to evacuate. please do, but you don't actually have to go our phone was blowing up a lot of concern neighbors. this is a busy and street, especially at school pick-up time. >>so a lot of people are asking and to be asked to evacuate or not without any information of what it was with a little. we just didn't have any information. >>and you know that's still a concern this morning for people even a us we don't know what this radioactive material is well they haven't said what kind of material at all it is we do know that no radiation has been detected on the out so the containers and that is why there's no threat to the
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public know while the nearby parks and different areas were closed off yesterday they're all supposed to reopen this morning, the streets are definitely open. the san carlos youth center will open this morning, some will be live here this morning on kron four morning news to give you the latest on this situation live in san carlos, their stunts in kron 4 news, okay, we'll come back to you for the update. thank you sir. >>5 o for another big story the chp is looking for the gunman who shot 2 people in a car on 8 80 in alameda county acropolis christina tater on that story for us this morning. joining us live from chp offices in hayward christina. >>now the incident was so bad it actually left the car. the victims were driving in what each the officers called disabled or just an able to drive i want to go ahead and take a look at where this happened. we've got a map up on the screen for you just as they were saying it happened all around last night at around 06:00pm and it happened
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on interstate highway 8.80 northbound now after the 2 victims were shot at. >>they pulled up behind the chp officer who was actually on a separate call in the area. officers and actually shut down the freeway for about 30 minutes to look for evidence and to start an investigation. the chp officers say the suspects in another car drive away and continued northbound they don't have a description of the suspect's car yet, but they do assume someone must have seen it because it's happened during rush hour traffic know if you saw something that happened yesterday please go ahead and reach out to the word thp officers of the word chp office we actually have their information up right kron four dot com for you and luckily we do hear that the 2 victims. they were in the car that got shot at are ok and were able to walk away from the incident. all information we have now free of reporting live in hayward christina tetreault kron 4 news all right, thank you christina. it's 5 oh 5 in the san jose, a man faces up to 54 years in prison after being found guilty of randomly shooting. >>at cars in the south bay 33
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year-old michael james lewis was convicted of shooting at 11 cars between may 4th in august 5th in 2016. this all happened near blossom hill road. police tracked down lewis to surveillance footage and arrested him after a high speed chase back in august, he'll be sentenced in july. homicides in oakland have dropped significantly. they're fbi statistics that show in 2012. there was a 50% drop in homicides in the city, oakland mayor libby shaft a humanitarian approach says it says in a pen minute area approach to the problem insurers. look decline will continue. >>incarceration or punishment. it is about this. communication. >>gun violence advocates say the report. this report show reducing the number of whom homicides as possible.
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>>an open expect an increase of 12 police presence really is are going to be out in force trying to prevent more side shows this weekend. they'll be more patrols on the streets though the helicopters watching from the air officers will also issue citations to make arrests and tow vehicles. if necessary. no charges will be filed in last week's shooiing that killed a man in pittsburgh contra costa county prosecutors say that jason posey acted in self-defehse that shooting happened on april 22th at the tire shop in the 1500 block of will pass road. emergency crews found a 36 year-old victim shot multiple times he later died at the hospital. the victim and posey knew each other, and they argued for several minutes before shots, right now. north a man now charged with murder in connection with a dui crash that killed a woman that crash happened on saturday night was on butterfield road in san and sal mo 30 year-old james boswell hit 72, year-old carolyn marie allen while she was walking her 2 dogs, one of those dogs died boswell will
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be arraigned on dui charges. he set to enter a plea later this month. >>is 5 oh 07:00am. of barbecue becky in oakland made headlines a year ago and now of the people who she called the police on. >>are planning a community event kenzie smith says that jennifer schulte e a white woman later nicknamed barbecue becky online told them they were trespassing for barbecuing at lake merritt no citation no arrests but this did spark discussion about crime reporting and bias to commemorate out far the community has come since then smith is asking everybody to come out. this mother's day and have a family event at the lake. >>and intrusiveness we want to you know come combat want to we want everyone to understand why we turned a negative into a positive and we're going to continue doing so in oakland california. >>as are asking for donate donations to make sure that the event is free for
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everybody if you'd like to donate we have all the information need on our website, a crime for dot com. >>national headlines this morning, there is a new bipartisan proposal aimed at making the border. more safer migrants, especially children. it's called the humane a and it focuses on addressing humanitarian issues for migrants that are crossing the border. the measure will keep families together call for more homeland security personnel and create more processing centers where needed the bill also improves care for migrant children by prioritizing their claims for relief in immigration courts. it also provides safeguards to prevent children from being in the custody of potentially dangerous people. the bill would not include charging asylum, seekers an application fee. ahead on the cross for morning news new details revealed about the death of oscar grant this morning. we have reaction from his mother. >>plus details on a financial boost to better protect the bay area from wildfires more on that in a minute and after the break officials conduct the final snow survey of the season of them this year and
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we'll tell you what what it shows. >>and speaking of this year they can see some more snow this weekend and we have a chance of rain right here in our own backyard and talk in just that your forecast. your morning commute is off to a great start looking at bay area bridges like 80 west to san francisco. >>wide open and no d healthier pet
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in 28 days. purina one. natural ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals in powerful combinations. for radiant coats, sparkling eyes, and vibrant energy. purina one. 28 days. one visibly healthy pet. >>13 right now and we're into we're well into may james was asked a 3rd player in this area. stick the second acl final survey for the snow fact we got now there are a 180% of normal nearly 200% a normally up the snow pack is 47 inches some kind and so that's going to predict the snow melt for the spring and the summer and i guess the trick is we need that to melt gradually. so that we have plenty of water. >>coming down in at a rate that you know can get into the ground water and writers and
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things like fast and it's a pro, but it seems like the temperatures are not going crazy like >>easing into spring and summer that what you're looking at in this year is a good gradual mount going on so it's still a lot of snow up there like a 180% of average that's lot to be dealing with that at least that's what we're looking at. >>this is a donner summit this morning can see plenty of snow still lingering out there not on the roadways because we haven't seen any new snowfall recently but that's about to change this weekend, especially into tomorrow night. and then sunday as well as we do see the first as the snow and a minute up there in sierra this morning a few clouds filtering in across the bay area there's the bay itself, nice and dry this morning just some low cloud cover much as we saw yesterday area of low pressure to our west that's the going to be what brings us or chance of precipitation this weekend for now high pressure is still in place so it's a dry start to the weekend. but this is future cast and you are seeing that rain well off shore right now notice where that green
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heads over the course of the weekend eyeing areas of california. so this is saturday right here 07:30pm bay area still drive showers still offshore but as we make our way on into sunday, this is by 02:45pm starting to see some showers initially on the central coast, drifting north on into the bay area towards your sunday evnning that is our best chance of rainfall. it is looking like it is looking spotty, but it is our first round of rain in quite some time nonetheless in the meantime temperatures will be warm and conditions dry today, 60's for your daytime hhs up and down the peninsula with pacific at 60 elgar not at 63 and half moon bay at 65 up and down the peninsula on the bay side mid to upper 60's to even low 70's while 70's elsewhere in the bay area like redwood city at 73 today. palo alto at 72 in mountain view at 76 degrees south even closer to 80 degrees today. so it is a warm up before a cool down later on this weekend.
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campbell in san jose each at 79 east bay also on the warmer side double in pleasanton 77 for your highs livermore at 78 today east bay from oakland berkeley up to richmond right at 70 degrees wall conquered, pittsburgh up to vacaville all at 80 degrees. napa and youngsville at 78 each and towards the coast 60's while 70's from center fell towards santa rosa. temperatures today will be among the warmest cooling down just a touch tomorrow with increase cloud cover then come sunday, upper 60's and that chance of evening showers sunday night. monday skies begin to clear temperatures begin to warm up and by the middle of next week, it's back to the mid 70's and are consistently dry skies. >>robin all right. thank you john you want to check in on the commute we are starting off hot spot free will take a look at 92. the drive across the bridge little busy on the flat section. but overall we don't have any accidents or stall so what heading use it. it's 13 minutes and growing to make it over to the peninsula.
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we have the bay bridge traffic an off and on in some of those cash lanes will back up a little bit but nothing major now's a great time to go ahead and use it it is under 15 minutes after fremont street so wide open across the upper deck and old crash left over from the 4 o'clock hour to 37 near middlefield it's an overturned one lane blocked so crews are still wrapping up the when we look at traffic tracker no delays eastbound or westbound on to 37 excuse me so you are getting by without a major delay, but i'll definitely keep my eyes on it for you take a look at these freeways look great for friday right highway 4 at the limit 6.80 south nice and smooth dublin to fremont the nimitz freeway off to a great start so no issues out of san leandro hayward union city fremont what want to smooth from san jose heading north to menlo park. we haven't had any major issues on one creek so go ahead and take 84 tuesday, 24 west it is 11 minutes from the 6.80 split wannacry over to the oakland may start.
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thanks a lot around 5.17 oscar grant's mother is reacting to the unsealed report. >>about the shooting death of her son which happened at the fruitvale bart station platform more than a decade ago, forcefully to call has the story. >>if he was alive today oscar grant would be a father in his 30's raising his daughter who is about to turn 15 years old sadly, the reality is that oscar didn't make it past the age of 22. and though his mother wanda johnson is still heartbroken she says her son's death has resulted in positive performs at the bart police department passengers can now issue complaints about officers through a citizen review board. the officer that killed graham is no longer with the department and neither is the officer huhne independent internal affairs investigative report says escalated the tense moments leading up to the deadly shooting of oscar grant our police force. >>need to be revamped that there's needs to be more training. there needs to be
5:19 am
more sensitivity training as well there needs to be psychological training. there needs to be education. all those things play a factor. and my son losing his life being killed senselessly the report completed back in 2009 remain confidential until this week. >>johnson says it confirms her son was unarmed that officer yohannes messerli likely intended to use his gun, not a taser as his attorneys argued in court when he shot grant 10 fact the taser didn't even need to be pulled out when he tried to say that and we know that that was just a fabrication. >>even from the reports written that in fact he didn't mean to shoot and kill off skirt he didn't mean to do exactly what he was trained to do johnson says she works to bring law enforcement agencies and their communities together to prevent any more senseless violence through her nonprofit organization. >>the oscar grant foundation felipe should all kron 4 news.
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>>in the north bay, the landscapes of summer in county neighborhoods are going to change dramatically over the next year and a half cal fire. moran was just awarded a million grant to cut back overgrown vegetation to help prevent wildfires. so the roads in the manner hill neighborhood of fairfax is one of the 7 areas that needs help clearing the greenery for first responders and with the make over firefighters are expected to get at least 14 feet of clearance overhead and 10 feet of clearance from side to side the project will cover 55 miles of roadway. it's expected to be finished by next year's fire season. for your health this morning, san francisco now the second most expensive city in the us for prescription drugs. that's according to an analysis released by good prescription. it's a website that tracks. prescription drug prices. now prescription drug costs 14% more in san francisco compared to the national average. researchers believe prices are higher in cities like san francisco because they don't have many big box. retailers like wal-mart to drive down prices, new york was the most
5:21 am
expensive city for prescription drugs with costs. 17% higher than the national average. >>time now is 5.20 and still ahead on the cross. robbed at gunpoint we're going to hear from the police about how to particular groups were targeted. and san francisco's a step closer now to charging you to drive down the crooked part of lombard street we've been asking a lot of questions and we actually have a few answers now allow this to work. and let's take a live look as here at the bay bridge toll plaza as approach an easy ride at the moment, dale's little girl is heading to college.
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and. >>we'll continue to do it as long as everybody joins us. >>24 on this friday, so time for a look at your travel forecast maybe you're heading out about this weekend. the good news for those of you flying out of sf oakland or san jose, philly for you this morning, not a lot of wind to be talking about and well even though there's a lair low lying cloud cover not causing any problems in that department maybe you're heading up to today and tomorrow, not looking bad at all but take a look at happened sunday, we'll be looking at some showers and especially happy up there at times monday as some afternoon thunderstorms in the forecast and temperatures cooling even further into the start of next week. robin. >>a peek at the richmond center fell bridge. we want to check in on westbound 5.80 picking up just a little bit but still not a bad commute working their way into the north bay looks great right on time at 9 minutes out to one
5:25 am
on one. we have the 7 tail bridge which is our heaviest we see all the brake lights rolling west traffic already jammed up here west of the toll plaza approaching the high rise, but overall it's quite decent. we're checking in on which our times and freeways in the green for the east or for 24 the macarthuri and the amendment so off to a great start hot spot free will check more coming up. >>ok now the latest on various proposals to charge tourists for driving on that curry part of san francisco's lombard street. there's a plan moving forward it's passed the state assembly. and uh it would eventually lead to a fee and a reservation system to drive on lumbar now there has been some plans fact one that's gaining the most traction would re a charge $5 on weekdays between 09:00am and 09:00pm and then $10 on the weekends and the holidays. so now there's been an approval at the state level for the city's have just before the testing and the creation of a finalized plan about 2 million people visit lumbar treat every year and that puts a say a lot of wear and tear on the roads and the
5:26 am
sidewalks nearby and the congestion also makes it hard for people actually live on lumbar to get in and out of their homes. >>but really it's just sometimes a common courtesy issue right you can't even park in your own driveway, when you've got kids that are ready to go to better at lunch or you can't get out of the house he it's just a it's just really gotten to the point where. it's very difficult to manage it. >>so now that the plant has moved through the assembly will go to the state senate who then can send it on to the governor for his signature after that it would be up to the city of san francisco again to hammer out the specifics but like i said at this point looks like some sort of combination of a a fee, maybe even some camera license plate reading technology implemented will have to sort that ball out are coming up next a property in the south bay would turn into housing but neighbors aren't
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>>check out weather and traffic on a friday morning, how we will win robin i've had 2 slices of pizza so. >>try to focus on the ground and decided tell you that tell when it's happening it's so good. the repeating about the way she did states poll all right so the british ok, no major hot spots but all trying to you on the that's going
5:30 am
every few minutes robert you can only have 3 slice >>but i'm a little more just it's a it's a i love it of this is a look outside this morning you don't need to adjust to this forecast is just something that we've gotten used to cool mornings, nice afternoons and that's the trend that we're continuing today and tomorrow looking outside at lick observatory right here we've got clear skies overhead first sign a day out there and not looking bad at all skies, definitely clear 40's 50's is where we're sitting as far as current temperatures go redwood city in dublin at 47 berkeley of 48 these numbers are cool and the right around the same as they were yesterday so think about yesterday. >>stepping outside would that feel like that's what it feels like today for most areas because this change is pretty minimal. so you've got to do is plan on we're in the jacket they did yesterday at that works for you and this afternoon maybe plan on
5:31 am
foreign something comfortable and enjoying some suhine temperatures are about to be even warmer than they were for your thursday winds come to start, but they are going to pick up into the afternoon today nevado oakland to hayward mountain view of san jose and san francisco well be looking at wind speeds at or above 10 miles per hour. this isn't the breezy us we've seen it. but it is an increase in wind speeds from this morning. so do i think about that when you're thinking about temperatures in the 60's 70's later today, we'll have a bit of a breeze to it that will cool temperatures down just a touch warmer afternoon than yesterday still plenty of sunshine. this is the head of some cloudier skies to finish the weekend then even our first chance of rain in awhile which all talk about so the cab. >>robert sounds good alright, let's check in on traffic now starting off at the golden gate, we're looking at one oh one from the north bay to san francisco it off to a great start right night since moved here, no major trouble spot story about so come on in 19 minutes in growing nevado to the toll plaza now the bay bridge traffic is busy year.
5:32 am
we have a backup right down the middle mostly for the cash payers and it's starting to stretch almost under the 80 over crossing so just a sign that we have more folks coming into san francisco, but still no major issues for 80 west 5.80 to the richmond center fell bridge, picking up a little bit but not bad this commute usually starts a little bit later right when you compare to the bay bridge and the sanity of where to doesn't back up as early 8 minutes from the tolls out to what i want i'm getting word of a new crash and want to create this is on southbound 6.80 before treat several vehicles in the right lane. so i'll be taking a closer look at that livermore to dublin on 5.80 looks good dublin to fremont trouble free the limits wide open and friday light and to 37 7 minutes from 8.80 to one on one in sunnyvale daria chase thanks. a lot rob and 05:32am. >>and this morning. a woman who was hired as a nanny has been arrested for apparently stealing from the family she
5:33 am
worked for among other things every bill police say the darlene monticalvo use the name of a professional manny who had been vetted by the state to get hired as a nanny and then surveillance video from a family home in san francisco help to track her down the family. gave her a name air she gave that family a name that wasn't hers. and apparently this wasn't the first time police say she targeted young affluent families and that she has a criminal history that goes back 40 years, she's been arrested for fraud narcotics and possession of stolen property and additionally, oakland police say that she was wanted for identity theft and intentionally hur-ing a child. in the east bay groups of armed robbers are targeting students walking near u c berkeley. >>2 separate groups of students walking near the cal campus were robbed within a 90 minute time frame yesterday morning. the robbers took their back hacks and cell
5:34 am
phones and in both cases they were in the same area, the 2700 block of channing way however, police don't think it's the same group of robbers. >>suspects pulled up in a vehicle next so many of those around them are approached them some kind of way and they're armed with handguns. the man in their property. scary stuff, scary stuff people are getting robs. >>at least weekly if not more often is unacceptable and i try and be cautious and not do things that are. you know just behaviors that lead like you know walking home late at night by myself and had roseanne. >>in both of those robberies that happened yesterday morning the victims gave up their belongings and were not hurt. it's 5.34 and today radioactive materials found inside a home and san carlos are going to be removed by hazmat team to kind of a scary situation right now the home has been roped off it's under guard by police from for sarah stinson is nearby with the very latest on what we know. >>so far radioactive material sarah.
5:35 am
>>yeah, that's all we're hearing so far they haven't said what kind of radioactive material and that is kind of what is the biggest question as of this morning and for neighbors because this was a scary situation as they had hazmat crews coming here. police and we still have 7 to a sheriff's office deputy right here. basically guarding the house making sure nobody goes inside so that this a radioactive material is secured, there's no threat to the public right now because it's secured in containers now take a look at this video you can see some of the law enforcement arriving the has made teams there in neighbors around there. on scene on the 1000 block of cedar street. the city officials say the home has been unoccupied for some time now is the man who lived here died earlier this year. his family members are the ones who notified the city yesterday at noon about some containers that may have radioactive material in them.
5:36 am
when police responded they closed several streets in the neighborhood taking precautions as hazmat crews entered the home people who live around here were then notified about the situation. they were given the option to evacuate several streets were closed. nearby parks in the youth center was closed, but no radiation has been detected on the outside of the containers so that is why there's no pop threat to the public. now those parks have reopened and the streets are white. >>are now open. but that the youth center will open live in this morning, we're just waiting for this hazmat teams to get here remove it and make sure that they can reopen this home. i'm live in san carlos ayres stinson kron 4 news. thank you sir. >>time now is 5 36 and the family of a missing bay area girl wants the overpass asked where she was last seen to be named in her honor that overpass over 7 80 in the late how is the last place the 15 year-old pearl pinson was seen walking to school 3 years ago witnesses saw her struggling
5:37 am
with a man being dragged over the overpass. and that was the last she was ever seen police believe that that man killed her he was killed in a shootout the southern california. >>i'm best to stay strong through all this it's one step at a time each day. ms. pray that wherever where she is that good or bad we spread it will get a closer so we can clear bring a home or put it to rest. >>in order for the overpass to be renamed in her honor can since family will need $6,000 along with the city and caltrans is approval. >>in the south bay people are outraged over a plan to build housing for people who are homeless. the old text supermarket at 4th and younger in san jose's being considered now is a site for this project that could house former homeless people in as many as a 100 permanent apartments. but now neighbors are pushing back on that project. >>even if it was just 120 apartments period. i would be concerned that with this
5:38 am
particular population in very concerned to we all have to do our part here in san jose because every corner you see homeless people. >>neighbors also feel the project could make the existing homeless problem, worse, but the nonprofit group pushing the plan says those fears are based on misconceptions. >>5.30 right now and still ahead the warriors going to houston for game 3 will hear from coach kerr before tomorrow night's game. and it doesn't seem like the measles outbreak is slowing with details of the new cases just reported in california. >>and this weekend off to a clear and calm start but take a look to our west we do have a storm system tracking our direction that will eventually result in some rainfall possible. i'm tracking when to expect it still the cop. >>and i'm tracking growing apbackups on bay area bridges like the bay bridge. we have a long line that now skills beyond a to d over crossing so it's already packed. we'll it's already packed. we'll ♪
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>>everyone looking at high rise and and berkeley right now you do have conditions out there this morning, nice and clear overall we do have just a touch a low lying cloud cover this morning as you're stepping outside but otherwise conditions are nice and dry to kick off this morning. conditions will stay dry for much of the weekend. but we have a storm system to our west this area of low pressure right here and that's eventually going to work it's
5:42 am
where direction resulting in what will eventually be some shower activity looking increasingly likely into sunday night saturday still offshore but this is sunday afternoon here showers now pushing inland. robin. >>a busy commute into san francisco, no major issues we just have a long line at to going to have to sit here at the toll plaza stacking up be on so you have too late to beat the russians already there but you can beat any hot spots 11 minutes to fremont street accident wannacry could want to show you southbound 6.18 your tree blocking the 2 right lanes you're already stacked up from 2.42 so i'll keep tracking
5:43 am
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5:45 am
>>measles is still on the rise here in california. the department public health released new information on measles cases in crawford is actually zavala explains now where these latest cases are popping up. >>2 more measles cases reported in california, this week, the department of public health says the latest cases are in los angeles and orange counties. the reports come after an active week for measles in the southern part of the state a warning issued thursday to recent movie goers at an amc theater in orange county into southern california universities quarantined last week still the majority of the now 40 reported cases are scattered across northern california mainly in unvaccinated adults, the state public health department urging international travelers to make sure they're vaccinated california is contributing to the more than 700 reported
5:46 am
measles cases across the country according to the centers for disease control and prevention the number marking the worst year for measles in the us in nearly 30 years, the latest numbers in california in the first 5 months of the year are nearly double the 22 cases reported in all of 2018. for now the department is updating its case count numbers weekly, but the department says it start to see more and more cases. >>it will start updating those numbers more frequently reporting actually zavala kron 4 news. >>and now 5.46 let's chat with robin about the roads and what we're seeing out there for folks heading out on this friday morning as of friday light, it is friday light in some >>everywhere days. so i guess it can sort of depends on where folks are going right. i do have a crash in walnut creek. they back up on the bay bridge for the new hybrid just like this the richmond center fell bridge. looks good wide open friday light so far and 8 minutes for that are from the tolls out to highway one on one so we're in pretty good shape. and then here's 80 looks completely different right you have a backup. cash
5:47 am
lanes and fast start to lay and skilling be on 8.80 slowly stretching to west grand. so it's under 15 minutes, but definitely a full house at the toll plaza. so here's your accident southbound 6 a near treat in walnut creek clearing from the 2 right lanes are back up spilling through pleasant hill into conquered, and on to 2.40 to one right after the crash, the rest of the trip on 6.80 looks fantastic continuing through wanted creagh be on 24 and now to alamo and danville as well so it's just a small pocket, your overall drive time 5th teen minutes that's not bad from highway 4 out to dan bill but increasing because of the accident. we're checking out some more numbers and if you take a look at that looking good 60 minutes from crockett to oakland, no issues for 24, no issues for the macarthur, a very quick 13 minutes from to 38 to downtown oakland, so traffic not so bad, let's see how that forecast is shaping up with john trait. >>well robin forecast, not that bad. either fact we're looking at a gorgeous day ahead of us some. partly
5:48 am
cloudy skies over san francisco right now, but it is business as usual. we've seen these cloudy starts and some nice their finishes san jose off to just a few clouds this morning as also as you can see from berkeley this morning that low lying cloud cover that is hovering across the day temperatures also much like yesterday 40's and 50's so all in all this is one we're pretty familiar with right here cool a cloudy to start the day, plenty of sun and warm to finish the day ahead of us a forecast that is not going to be that bad at all temperatures today will boost and are increasingly clear skies daytime highs eventually into the upper 60's for mission district that's 68 financial district at 67. we 50's and 60's right along the pacific shoreline and some 60's and low 70's across the bay shore 70's is where most of us across the bay are going to peak. now us 76 degrees down in san jose and towards campbell 79. well santa clara milpitas los gatos saratoga and cupertino all its 78 the
5:49 am
east bay just a touch warmer than yesterday. the time highs closer to 80 degrees now and try valley and back up into the low 70's for oakland berkeley and richmond. concord pittsburgh in vacaville are spots in the low 80's, well upper to mid 70's elsewhere in the north bay and some 60's out towards the coast. so today, the warmest day of the weekend also are clearest day after this tomorrow a few more clouds and temperatures cooling just a little bit. then comes sunday now sunday is going to come along with plenty of sunshine but also some showers looking increasingly likely late in the day on sunday into your evening after that we drive back out and stay dry for the rest of the forecast. james. all right, thanks john now to the war years they have a commanding 2 game lead over the rockets in route to the playoffs. >>they're heading to houston for game 3 tomorrow. the warriors took one last opportunity to practice an open floor. >>their trip to texas and you can see steph curry here
5:50 am
working at he still has the middle finger on is not shooting hand taped up after he dislocated it in game 2 of theirs. kd he keeps playing the way he's been playing. >>the war is actually real good chance of sweeping the rockets in houston. in fact, here's coach steve kerr talking about the rants a leaked to play. >e stepped up his game even more. to me this is the best i've ever seen. yeah, i think he's the best player in the league. >>game 3 tips off tomorrow at 5.30 we'll see what happens. let's talk about the sharks are coming home to the tank tomorrow with their series against the avalanche tied up to peace. >>charts didn't have it in them last night the us go ahead in the series the colorado avalanche played lights out they beat the sharks cisse regal shutout, so game 5 will be in san jose again that's tomorrow night with the pop propping at 7 o'clock. we'll take a quick break it is five-fifty. still ahead outrage is growing over
5:51 am
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>>welcome back everyone here is your look outside as we do approach 06:00am looking at berkeley right here on berkeley, this is your view across the bay of downtown san francisco. financial district through a few of those low clouds something we have seen a lot this week starting our morning off cool a bit on the gray side for some a little
5:54 am
cloudier than yesterday was 40's 50's for your current temperatures. bill will be warm this afternoon, calm winds this morning. so that's not set me up to worry about too much just get your jackets ready to go for this friday morning the rest the day is looking so nice robin. so is the golden gate to looking good here into and out of san francisco, smooth traffic and nothing to worry about for your trip. >>on highway one on one, but the bay bridge traffic that is much heavier. this already spills back to west grand that speech will pick up on the upper deck. we have all lanes open woman creek after an accident south 6.80 and treat it was blocking 2 lanes prepare for a lot of brake lights out of concord from to 42 but the rest of the trip through wannacry can alamo looks pretty good back to you. >>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>no surprise here avengers endgame is expected to dominate the box office once again, but several new films will try to steal least a little bit of their own thunder. david daniel has a
5:55 am
preview. >>you've been a great secretary. a state we stayed again all of them. >>long shot has a shot at debuting in second place behind avengers endgame seth rogan and charlies there and star in the r rated rom com which is getting generally good reviews and analysts say could open with as much as million. >>audience is looking for family fare can check out ugly dolls in the animated adventure based on the popular toy line and featuring a voice cast led by such music stars as kelly clarkson nick jonas gentleman, a and pit bull. >>it's also expected to debut with up to million. >>king sound. >>the intruder is tracking to open slightly behind the other 2 debuts megan good and michael ealy star in the thriller as a couple who buy a house from dennis quaid who's not quite ready to leave just
5:56 am
as avengers endgame isn't ready to leave the top spot at the box office in hollywood, i'm david daniel. coming up in the next hour radioactive material found at a home in san carlos we've got cross for sarah stenson live on the scene with the very latest. >>and gun violence is down in oakland, we'll talk about the program that mayor libby shaft i says is preventing more than from happening. and a woman hired as a nanny is now behind bars we're learning more about her criminal past. you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. let's go.
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when you can't get to the mountain... that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. >>morning and thanks for waking up with us on a friday morning at 6 and daria full so and i'm james fletcher let's get you set for the day before we get to the headlines because shipley right away we get weather and traffic updates quickly now we had a couple of accidents all check
6:00 am
in on 6.80 because we have a crash in walnut creek ok in the weather jacket or no no jacket this afternoon throw went off this morning. yeah, definitely need one to start this friday with temperatures in the 40's for some. there's a look at the golden gate bridge on the gray side much like we've gotten used to this week so it's great it's chilly to start the day like i mentioned this is something that we've seen a lot over the past few days, but we know what's happened after these cool and grace starts the morning's we've had some really enjoyable afternoons so get through this 4050 a range of numbers that you're seeing right now and then look at what we have to see later on into the afternoon this friday, a warmer afternoon than yesterday, plenty of sunshine to your daytime highs in some spots just shy of 80 degrees so very favorable weather to kick off the weekend. i am talking some showers though in the first showers in your forecast in a while still to come. robin. >>all right, thank you john want to check in on the bay bridge to get a peek at traffic heading into san francisco. it is backed up we have a full house in the


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