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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  May 9, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>local news station. >>to 95 2 people are injured after a shooting on in a hit the east bay freeway in the middle of the afternoon in a manhunt is underway right now for the suspected gunman. good evening, everybody. i think you will cassette i great lotus that shooting was in san leandro on 5.80 crown force charles clifford reports. >>well erin stanley and roll on thursday the california highway patrol responded to a shooting along interstate 5.80. that apparently happened at just after noon on thursday highway patrol found this vehicle on the side of
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eastbound 5.80 just 100 64th avenue before the to 38 interchange they also discovered 2 people suffering from gunshot wounds those 2 people were taken to the hospital as of thursday afternoon. we do not know their condition, although we have heard that one of them may have been shot in the shoulder. the highway patrol shut down all lanes of interstate 5.80 eastbound between fairmont and the 2.38 interchange around 3 o'clock on thursday afternoon. so they could search that area for evidence possibly shell casings or any sort of evidence that might help in this case. they have also said that they are looking for 3 black males who were spotted in a black sedan that may have been involved in the shooting if not to identify those people nor have they said what a motive for the attack may have been in san leandro charles clifford kron 4 news. >>and we first told you about the shooting through a push alert download the crime for mobile app to always get breaking news alerts in your neighborhood. >>i don't think he knows what he did look he looked back at he thought someone hit him in
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the killings. >>ouch kevin duran officially out for the rest of the western conference semifinals the good news here. >>his injury does seem to be less severe than originally thought. we learned today that he suffered a mild strain on his right calf have it's still a lot of fans are even more nervous now is the words get ready for game 6 against the rockets. mar the warriors. >>need to win one more game in this best of 7 series to advance to the conference finals. our jason dumas's here is all means just watching on tv last night you could kind of says the words were playing well in the 3rd quarter and then direct gets hurt the energy just is gone from the building but give the old-school warriors credit, you know the warriors predraft they came through made big shots got a gutsy win last night. >>yeah they played in a showed what they can do without katie remember they won 73 games without him not to say that they don't need and they do need him. but there are some talented guys on the team in your right when that happened last night you could hear a pin drop it or it was crazy.
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this is less than ideal. obviously the warriors will now have to play the rest of this series without their best player, the team has ruled kevin duran out with a right calf strain will be reevaluated after game 6 in game 7 the ranch strain that kept after hitting a jump shot late in the 3rd quarter. it was a non-contact injury after coming down from that jumper everyone feared the worst because non-contact injuries are typically the worst kind you can get so the fact that this is only a mild strain with the best possible outcome that this situation and govern nation should all be taking a collective sigh of relief. it's also a good thing that the warriors have another mvp in their lineup. and he is capable of stepping up without katie just like he did last night. i think you saw staff go into a different mode. >>when kevin went out he knew he had to to be the folk are in you things were going to run through him and he took over that 4th quarter wasn't a great night for him until that
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point but he was brilliant in the 4th when we absolutely need >>game 6 is friday evening in houston katie will not make that trip you'll stay here in the bay area and rehab and get treatment of that calf and just high drama here in area with game 7 with the sharks and now we have 2 wars, an ok day to if the warriors lose friday and it goes to 7 games on sunday, direct. >>it's not going to play i'm going to play he will be reevaluated to monday or tuesday of next week but they're thinking if they are able to get past the rockets. he should be available if not the first game of the western conference finals at least second 3rd time just to must thank you for that. so the big question is when will katie be able to play conference finals. if the warriors and up advancing their or the nba finals harper's dan kerman spoke to a sports >>surgeon today and he joins us live from the newsroom with word on that. well only the calf strain is better right now only espn reporting that it's a mild strain, the warriors not confirming that
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are mild. >>mild certainly would be better doctors say, but still it doesn't guarantee you will be ready to return to the court for the finals. when kevin duran grabbed at his calf and started limping with 2 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter. >>were your fans got a sinking feeling my first thought. >>is that they have an achilles tear. fortunately the mri has show that it was an achilles tear orthopedist doctor merlene more thing you specializes in foot and ankle sports medicine surgery. >>says ruling out the achilles tear is great news because that would have required surgery and put durrant out for at least 9 months with a calf strain or calf tear. >>that's good news because it's generally not required surgery. >>the more the says a calf strain doesn't guarantee durrant will be able to return in time for the finals should the warriors proved victorious against the rockets. he says it all depends on how severe the right calf was strained
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with the mild calf polls that we see that. >>you're generally looking at about a week to 2 weeks off. but with these moderate ones at least 4 weeks with a severe one you're looking at 2 months. >>so you know we have to keep hoping that the word that that is a mild strain is again he said one to 2 weeks. so the one thing going for the warriors in durrant is he will be highly motivated to rehab and get back on the court live in the newsroom. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you dan now to a developing story tears on the witness stand in the ghost ship warehouse courtroom today. >>at least one juror cried as a man described, leaving that oakland building during the 2016 fire that killed 36 people. he said a woman who did not live there explained that she was trying to get out and she was leaving that area after just 3 weeks after she moved in then she moved out ground forces equal june has been in court all week is now live in oakland with a recap
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of what happened today as he can. >>triedhe day started with day. prosecution witness returning to the stand and the question was did she move out of the ghost ship because it was not safe. because she was on the run from police that was the quest to wear lot that going to rio's there was a fire safety concern. i thought the place with bird them. >>that is what prosecution witness jennifer turner testified on direct examination here day 4 of the people versus derek i'll be the next air is the ghost ship warehouse fire drought here that would be the county's courthouse, it open the witness told the court that she lived a trailer inside the warehouse back in november, 2014 2 years before the deadly fire that took the lives of 36 people attending a musical of the 3rd and testified that another reason she felt unsafe was the electricity being supplied by a series of electric cords running throughout the building. >>one that was the early
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stages and they were still upgrading the electricity. the 2. it's a red fire was much argued. cook least this everyone understand. >>they can even contended should cross examination. defense attorney tony serra we'll have to turn his credibility suggesting that she did not move out of the ghost ship 3 weeks after movie good because of safety concerns he told the court that she left after police paid a visit to the warehouse because she thought they were looking for it connected to a police report evolving identity theft and credit card fraud. so she she's the police. >>she sees them inside she's fearful that oh my god they're going to find out you know what's in my trailer that will incriminate me i didn't get the heck. that's the way i see it that so we have been arguing that the close. >>as for the call defended mac terror is different today said that she only saw him inside of the go ship. what's.
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>>that's a good witness for us she doesn't. >>no so then from the very first time that she met him. >>jose avalos you see here walking outside of the courthouse was the decks prosecution witness. he described himself as an artist who lived at the ghost ship with 2 and a half years. says he was there night of the fire. >>in fact during the afternoon session jose avalos became very emotional as he remembered tried to need someone. the burning building that night. have more on that part of the story coming up on kron 4 news at 6 live in oakland has it that you from 40 all zeke santa clara county sanctuary policy that is back in the spotlight. >>amid a proposal from the board of supervisors to consider some changes at the debate over whether the country should be more fully co-operative with immigration authorities was rekindled earlier this year after a san jose woman. >>was allegedly murdered by an
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undocumented man who was released from jail crowd force outside on this story. he's live in san jose rob. >>troy grant and vicki the county human rights commission will hold a public hearing on all of this this evening and they will likely be hearing from critics of the current policy. argue that refusing to cooperate with ice about a detention. for an inmate potentially dangerous inmate that is about to be released puts entire community at risk on the other side of this are people who say cooperating with ice is also risky because it means that the members of the law-abiding undocumented community will stop reporting crimes stopped cooperating with police. here's more. at the center of the proposed changes to santa clara county sanctuary policy. >>is whether to ease restrictions on civil detainer requests an inmate notifications 2 us immigrations and customs enforcement as of now the county will not hold an inmate
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beyond their release date and requires that ice obtain a warrant to what could change is the county's policy about notifying eyes. >>in cases where there are very serious violent solondz who are about to be released. also happen to be undocumented. >>the board of supervisors called for a review of its sanctuary policy following the february murder a 59 year-old man be larson of san jose accused of that murder is 24 year-old carlos corrodes a an undocumented man who was released from jail despite numerous detention requests from ice. larson's neighbors like george the segue leah support changing the policy if there was something in place to to protect the public against people like. this person who you know did this to bandy. she might be alive today, san jose police the sheriff and district attorney have also called for changing the detention policy but immigrant rights groups like
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siren in the asian law alliance and many in the community who weighed in before the supervisors last month warned that doing so will put others at risk. >>if the community sees cooperation between the county government law enforcement and ice. then there's a fear that people then who are victims. violence or witnesses of crimes will hesitate will come forward. >>ice is also come under fire for failing to obtain warrants and arriving too late to give an inmate release instead of relying on detainers what's needed is better communications says supervisor cortez use. >>when somebody has violent rap sheet serious felonies on the rap sheet. and the feds are looking for them. how do we link those 2 together how do we do it in a way without you don't make it really impacting the other 360,000 people that live in this county who are here on temporary status.
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>>the human rights commission meets over here it's 70 west heading that hearing gets underway at 6.30 it will be the first of several such hearings. but as he says the county should i have a look at what the new policy might look like and perhaps take a vote in about 30 days live in san jose writes lot kron 4 news. >>still to come the fbi getting involved in the investigation into violent threats and in the east bay high school and we're now learning just how many children stated hold today out of fear will have the latest. >>plus more than a 1000 guns are seized in one place the man arrested he's out of jail. what we're learning tonight about why authorities say he was allowed to have that many guns in his possession and more bay area college students being targeted by laptop seeds. this time, the robbery turns violent who police are looking for tonight. i'm meteorologist laura's car know we have a lot of clouds lingering in the bay, they keep the temperatures down do you see
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berkeley students robbed of their laptops at an off campus coffee shop and during the incident, one of those victims, a young woman was assaulted. >>one of the laptops was eventually recovered, but is our forcefully juggle reports tonight, students are pretty concerned about the rising trend of laptop thefts. >>carrying your laptop with you in the city of berkeley comes with the risk these days, it's not the first one here. there's been a couple of a couple of laptop robberies
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at saks coffee shop on college avenue, a scary situation on monday night berkeley police say 4 young african american men wearing ski masks stormed into the off campus coffee shop and stole 2 u c berkeley students laptops. >>a 19 year-old man and a 21 year-old woman. officer byron white says another patron's phone was also taken in an encounter. >>a young woman was injured after to try to get her laptop back from one of the suspects. i'm not here to the ground. >>berkeley police say this type of crime is trending in the wrong direction. officers are investigating more and more of them and they're happening all over the city we've had. >>35 different laptop robberies or thefts over this past year the woman eventually got her laptop back. >>the suspects dropped it when they were getting away, i wish to he has to do something about it. tell them, i'll still be really does prevent people from coming out too. you know the schaub's and also
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probably isn't great for these businesses officer white says most victims of these crimes are sitting near the front entrance of establishment. >>he says if you plan on using your laptop at a coffee shop or restaurant. stay in the back in berkeley felipe gaulle kron 4 news. >>another big story today, the fbi is now involved in the investigation into several threats of violence a california high school in san ramon. we're now learning that 80% of students did not go to school today because of those repeated threa, hard to blame parents for keeping their kids home police and the fbi we're on campus today making sure the students and did show up were safe. in a letter the principal today said they understand why parents would keep their kids home in the absences will not have a negative impact on grades. the campus will remain open tomorrow and officers will again be on campus throughout the day. 3 violent threats have been found on campus. each making reference to today's date officials are
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now working to find the person or persons responsible. >>let's talk about the weather going to take a live look outside right now and and as >>yeah, but of the a gloomy day for much of the bed a little sunshine here in their chief mete rologist large cargo joins us as a foe still looks cloudy is that kind of the case throughout the us is low to break up today that kept temperatures down a little bit all around the bay area we've got another cloud variety, some. >>uh maybe some showers popping up around part the bay area we have to watch closely. overnight tonight into tomorrow looking from timber on you've got some partly cloudy skies. so the cloud deck trying to break up just a little bit but it's going to fill in once again tonight we've been watching the storm retro grating backing up into the bay area now it's big in effict. the sierra nevada heavy thunderstorms popping up across there in fact numerous lightning strikes this will continue tonight likely again for tomorrow to fall if you're traveling up to this hearing about a for tomorrow as well you can see some lightning storms and how about that even some snow across the spine of this year. we are dealing with the low clouds and the fog and you see all along the coastline boy is hugging the
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coast and not much clearing and parts of the north and even inside the bay today, a slow to clear out that kept temperatures down outside tonight, you see more the clouds on the way there's a slight chance of some showers i think maybe the east bay and into the south bay that's about it. then it looks like tomorrow morning clouds then partly cloudy in the afternoon again with a slight chance. a few light showers temperatures utside still 70 degrees in redwood city right now to 68 amount new 66 in livermore 56 degrees and cool to fog in san francisco, 57 degrees in berkeley and 64 degrees in the napa valley, but things get interesting high pressure building in the north and the east in those low still backing up the coastline. they want if you're traveling down the southern california over the next couple of days even through the weekend be prepared for some showers and the possibility some thunderstorms maybe some a flash flooding is a slow just kind of spins around that is going to spin up some of those showers occasionally somehow wonders little further north getting close to the bay area so does bear watching here but computer models going to dry out a little bit but you can see still some pop-up showers trying to paid right about
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midnight tonight, parts of the east bay and that will continue into the early morning as we head in really toward gilroy some of pop-up showers and certainly a chance elsewhere in the south bay in the span and those patches of clouds that are trying break up in the afternoon should be some nice weather had the warmer temperatures by tomorrow afternoon. >>had a massive fire at a housing development under construction in the east bay will tell you just how many homes were lost. >>plus after the break over and lived say using their service relieves traffic but that is not the case according to a new report
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>>it is not your imagination traffic congestion is getting worse in san francisco. a new study out says we can blame ride sharing companies like uber and lyft scrum force morning, kelly breaks down the new data. >>since the inception of ride sharing companies like uber and lyft the san francisco county transportation authority found that things got way worse in terms of getting to where you want to go in the city speech have gone down quite a bit. >>the amount of delay we experience has gone up quite a bit and the amount of vehicle miles traveled which is a key metric that we transportation planners use has also increased significantly. >>their study which looked at trafc congestion between 2010 2016 show that it increased 62% part of that snarled traffic come sunday edition about 70,000 new residents during that time. and the addition of about a
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150,000 jobs in san francisco. but the study found about 2 thirds of the problem comes from the addition of transportation network companies. >>tnc. the city's transit options. so head tnc has not showed up we probably would have experienced something like a 22% increase in delays. >>instead it was 62%. >>the study does not come as a surprise to these construction workers you drive into work. >>what they stopping in a blocking traffic. it is is no no law. no bargain. no stopping any time in a stop there. they just read more and more have a one person's convenience is another person's inconvenience, a spokesperson for the metropolitan transportation commission says the increase could just mean we're suffering from too much of a good thing the old complaint to be on the weekends. >>that was enough counts for anybody we couldn't get around now, it appears likely kind of too much mobility so look to certain extent we have to accept that what we have in the bay area are symptoms of a booming economy. this study was created to help give facts to city leaders as they shape future transportation
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policies. >>the county transportation authority has already been directed by the board of supervisors to take another look at the idea of congestion pricing otherwise known as charging a toll on busy downtown streets as a way to help ease congestion maureen kelly 40's. >>next 5.30 a massive gun seizure in an upscale la neighborhood and now the man arrested is out of jail. we're gonna have the latest and why you might have been allowed to have those guns. >>plus a warning tonight for parents after a teenager dies from an internet challenge what you need to look out for. and after the break heartbroken parents speaking out after their son died in a school shooting ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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>>tackling the classmate who opened fire on fellow students at a denver area high school. and tonight we're learning more about the 18 year-old who is credited with saving lives day seem right here in new details are emerging also about these 2 students who are facing murder and attempted murder charges. >>it was 02:00pm tuesday. police say 18 year-old devon erickson and 16 year-old alec mckinney entered the school armed with handguns. kendrick castillo did not hesitate he
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charged the shooter immediately. some top of them complete disregard for his own safety. one of the kids told me that like a flashy jump to we surprised by the no no. man you know. >>as we resume that we we raised him too. the of you know we kind of. so you're a parent you have something does happen you struggle with the you know knew that. because of what he did others are live. and i thank god for that. i love him and he's a hero he always will be. but. there isn't a party that wishes who just turned and ran we treated the 2 suspects posed together on social media. >>mckinney is female, but identifies as male and uses the name alec ericsson's facebook page includes the message. you know what i hate all these christians who hate gays erickson in a brief court appearance kept his head bowed except for a series of quick responses to questions fro


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