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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  May 10, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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mother nature is celebrating mother's day appropriately i guess and to bring us some nice weather. so a good forecast to be planning something outside for mom if you do want to get out and about. >>you are looking at nice dry skies above the bay area. there's still certainly some low clouds. no big surprise there that's the way we've been all week long to start our mornings but it's not near as foggy as it was yesterday for most of the bay at least we're looking at a visibility impact in napa santa rosa on over to livermore across and through some hilly spots it may be running into that fog making for some low visibility at times but it's going to clear sooner than it did yesterday the bay area dry right now you have to head well down into southern portions of the central valley before you start seeing any rain so we're in the clear here in the bay we're starting this friday off right and that's the way we're going to stay this weekend. temperatures in the 50's for your current numbers, these are yesterday so really all in all not a whole of the change here from the start to the day yesterday temperatures of the same we've
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still got some cloud cover later today though is when those changes kick into gear has come a lot going to come along with clear skies earlier on and temperatures that are going to than yesterday's for some of our inland spots will be back to the 80's of not just the upper 70's i'm tracking what exactly to expect for your mother's day weekend. and what we can expect next week to all still to come. robin all right, thank you john let's check in on traffic now. >>looking good so far around the bay area, you know friday's you get a little break. there's still traffic out there, it's just not as bad as monday through thursday, so we're checking in on the san mateo bridge. and it's a pretty good looking commute leaving hayward right now we had a minor accident on the nimitz near a street that's gone. traffic looks good here westbound jusd a little busy and crowded, but overall no issues making your way into foster city or send the tale. we're checking in on the bay bridge that repair the toll plaza getting a little sluggish and some of your cash lanes but overall a smooth trip to downtown it's also goi
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be a smooth connection on 1, across the golden gate, no major issues you'll see bridge crews going back and forth us a pickup there lane closures that's that flashing see on the right side, northbound that's just bridge work. overall a great trip rolling south 20 minutes, nevada to the toll plaza traffic tracker showing great numbers so you are off to a great start. it's a good time to go ahead and use a tv show freeway. it is 15 minutes right now to head west from crockett to oakland, 24 us doing just fine all the way up to the caldecott no problems for 5.80 and no major issues for the name, it's 11 minutes for your connection from san leandro to 38 to downtown open. another big story that we're following for you this morning police will be back out at the california high school campus in san ramon. after a threat was found on campus earlier this week. now the f b i is involved in this investigation and graffiti threatening violence was found 3 times in just one week. 80% of students
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decided to stay home from school yesterday and police are still trying to figure out who is responsible for each threat. when this terrible to witness testimony will resume on monday and the ghost ship warehouse trial. fire trial in oakland derick almena max harris are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 2016 fire that killed 36 people. so men who actually survived the fire he broke down in tears on the witness stand on force michelle kingston has more from the courtroom. each day during this trial. we learn more and more about the people the community that lived with in this warehouse and hear their painful stories about the night of the fire. >>this is jose out of those walking into court on thursday testifying about its time in the ghost ship warehouse, he'd lived there for 2 years and escape the night of the fire. >>the photo behind him in court is of his rv after the night that 36 people died in
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the warehouse, remembering the and walking in circles seen lost sight of for in broke down in court when he said he couldn't grab her. >>no one knows one thing she perished. >>unlike jennifer turner, another woman who lived in the warehouse apple, those described it as the safest place where he felt accepted in could self and create art. told the court she moved out after just 3 weeks feeling so unsafe. she slept in her car instead of the warehouse where she paid rent, she said some people including el mina frequently screamed at each other. and that electricity came from long extension cords. >>that was the early stages and they were still upgrading the electricity. the 2. it's a red much argued. let cook
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least this everyone understand. >>they can even contended abelow school be back on monday when testimony continues in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>in the east bay to u c berkeley students were robbed of their laptops at an off campus cop coffee shop and one woman was assaulted. this happened at saks coffee shop, a group of men were wearing ski masks. they stole a laptop from a man and then they tried to take a woman's laptop. but she fought back so the attackers and knocked her to the ground they kicked her. police say that this is not the first time that laptops have been stolen from this particular coffee shop. >>a lot of my friends have been talking about how there scared to come here and stare that their self is getting its own land specially for students, it's kind of scary because get your laptop stone and disrupt your whole >>well the berkeley police department has
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stolen laptop cases so far this year. staying in berkeley, a police are looking for a man who brought a gun to a middle school, the person was on the campus of martin luther king junior middle school yesterday that happen in r hool let out. police have only a vague description of the man that they're looking for. well a 48, year-old man suffered life threatening injuries in a stabbing following an argument in san francisco. this happened in the and the partner said neighborhood on carballo drive. the attacker left the area before police arrived and they do not have a description of the man that they're looking for so far. well to the south and now the senate for city council approved an affordable housing agreement that will bring a 100 and 96 unit apartment community to that area. so the project will consist of 37 very low income units, a 158 low income units and one managers unit. now all of the units will be available to people who are less than $55,000 a year. the goal is to start construction in early
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2020. we different. well traffic congestion is getting worse and san francisco now a new study out says that the main reason for the slowdown as ride sharing companies like uber and left khan for swearing. kelly has that story. since the inception of ride sharing companies like uber and lyft the san francisco county transportation authority found that things have gotten way worse. >>in terms of getting to where you want to go in the city speech have gone down quite a bit. >>the amount of delay we experience has gone up quite a bit. the amount of vehicle miles traveled which is a key metric that we transportation planners use has also increased significantly. >>their study which looked at traffic congestion between 2010 2016 show that it increased 62% part of that snarled traffic comes to the addition of about 70,000 new residents during that time. and the addition of about a 150,000 jobs in san francisco. but the study found about 2 thirds of the problem comes
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from the addition of transportation network companies. >>the city's transit options. so head tnc has not showed up we probably would have experienced something like a 22% increase in delays. instead it was 62%. the study does not come as a surprise to these construction workers who drive into work. >>what they stopping in a blocking traffic. it is is no no law. no bargain. no stopping any time in a stop there. i just read more and more to have a one person's convenience is another person's inconvenience. >>randy rentschler with the metropolitan transportation commission says this increase could just mean we're suffering from too much of a good thing the old complaint to on the weekends. >>that wasn't of cabs for anybody we couldn't get around now, it appears likely kind of too much mobility so look to certain extent we have to accept that what we have in the bay area are symptoms of a booming economy. this study was created to help give facts to city leaders as they shape future transportation
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policies. >>the county transportation authority has already been directed by the board of supervisors to take another look at the idea of congestion pricing otherwise known as charging a toll on busy downtown streets as a way to help ease congestion maureen kelly 40's. >>santa clara county sanctuary policy is back in the spotlight amid a proposal for the board of supervisors to consider some changes. so the board of supervisors called for a review of its sanctuary policy following the february killing a 59 year-old then the larson of san jose, 24 year-old carlos kuranda is accused of that murder, he's an undocumented man who was released from jail despite numerous detention requests from ice. so critics of the current policy say that refusing to notify ice when certain inmates are released from jail. represents a threat to the general public. >>what could change is the county's policy about notifying eyes. in cases where there are very serious violent
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solondz who are about to be released. also happen to be undocumented. and the district attorney have also called for changing the detention policy but immigrant rights groups warn that cooperating with ice will mean undocumented people will not report crime and stopped cooperating with police. saying in the south bay santa cruz police are asking for the public's help finding the man in this video you see the sky. this was near the intersection of pacific and birch lane on april 27. the man just walks up behind a woman he hits her in the face. the suspect had on i'm sure he had short are abuzz style hair he was wearing a black shirt and black shorts and police are still looking for this guy. well happening today, the 2 students accused of shooting a school in colorado are due in court 18 year-old devon erickson and the 16 year-old girl will likely face first-degree murder and attempted murder charges. the
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shooting happened on tuesday and is school in highlands ranch colorado, 18 year-old kendrk, that attack. months before the deadly attack of the school board asked for an investigation after a complaint from an anonymous parent who said that she was afraid another columbine attack what happened. so the school found no evidence to support the woman's allegations. coming up next on the proper morning news from force can wane. he takes us flight 2 rescce cats and dogs from the central valley. a little peek outside before we go we're checking in on the embarcadero we are waking up to temperatures in the 50's this morning, 54 napa 54 in abbado 58 degrees right now and in mountain view and 55 in half moon bay. we'll check those afternoon high
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form you through that, that's like he
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has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music] >>welcome back to the kron news checking in with meteorologist john schreiber who has a look at friday. your weekend mother's day so listen up folks. >>i think everyone's going join next couple of minutes to get good traffic at got good weather. all is right in the world this friday to that times first want to start off or friday, dry at least at and
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outside a satellite radar nothing in our backyard. but if you look further south. this is where that rain is and not just rain but some very heavy rain pushing through the southern central valley right now that's lightning seen just west of bakersfield right along the i 5 corridor so definitely one of those days for southern california that is a going to be such a smooth start here in the bay area though we are off to a dry start foggy certainly at times to make your drive into work for this friday, but skies are going to clear out sooner than they did yesterday. we're in for a really pleasant afternoon. tomorrow we continue these nice dry and pleasant conditions. another foggy start but another blue and the clear finished year data look forward to for both saturday tdaytime highs pretty comparable with
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shoreline where you'd notice. the difference is elsewhere ini mountain view today palo alto at 72 south bay numbers in the upper 70's and san jose santa clara and campbell at 76 or 77 degrees daytime highs in thide nice range of numbers to look forward to on a friday berkeley holding on to the upper 60's well, elsewhere in the east bay, it's either 70's or 80's like in concord pittsburgh fairfield vacaville napa in youngsville that's the most numbers we've seen in the 80's so far this season, so it is going to be a toasty one but a toasty a nice one really petaluma 78 for your high mill valley right at that 70 degree mark today tomorrow and sunday all consistently nice comfortable great weekend to celebrate mother's day monday tuesday and wednesday continue next week. you see it there on your seven-day forecast some rain around the corner. so do
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enjoy these nice sunny days, especially this weekend as much as you can robin are right it will do just that we want to check in on the friday morning commute. it is looking pretty good here on the san mateo bridge for those of you who are about to pack up. >>rowe lot of hayward make that trip over to the peninsula you are looking good leaving hayward the name it's no big trouble spots getting on to the bridge and want to make it to foster city. it's just smooth all the way through and over to send the tail connecting with what i wanted to 80 and they want to want to 80 both look great up and down the peninsula, especially for those of you heading to the airport this morning, no big trouble spots. we're checking out the richmond center fell bridge west find any also starting a hot spot free we had some roadworks and bridge work. they picked that up early usually wraps up at 5 and they got done in around 4.20 a show doing fine the lanes close here now it's a great trip across the span into the north bank and we're taking a peek at traffic tracker we want to look at some more freeways and drive times for those of you who take 6.80. it's looking good right off to the nation through martinez french a coal
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plus unhealed conquered your find continuing up to want creek alum old and ill. no big trouble spots, leaving wanted creek maybe take 24 so it's wide open right now from wannacry through the caldecott continuing to the open side. i don't see any problems on the shore freeway. so a great trip right up the car can us through berkeley in emeryville on into san francisco, no issues and then 8.80 out of the south bay. it's looking good to a nice trip out of san jose heading north. it will take you roughly 8 minutes to get from to 80 up to to 37. kron four is going to take you on an unusually large animal rescue, but it's not the size of the animals actually the number. so typically kron four is can wane flies one or 2 dogs or cats that's from a kill shelters to a sanctuary. but his most recent trip went way beyond that check it out.
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>>,he trip from the bay area across the central valley to fresno we arrive at chandler airport near downtown fresno where i'm told are going to pick up 8 kidneys and 2 dogs, but it's a whole different situation waiting inside the terminal. we just don't have enough resources to it. >>get animals taking care of lot of the shelters are wound. >>instead of 8 we find 23 cats and kittens how far away we were these cats from being put down. >>our lex seconds how many animals to be rescued so under are in the hundreds now we have to figure out if we can fit all of these in my sesno on top of our own luggage and our dog mango we want to leave any behind if we can help >>there's also a dog jordan. jordan's owner recently passed away. >>he was struck topic hair day by the daughter seen you need to take him or us is going to the shelter, he looks and you think it only this over and lot
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of them in miami. >>few minutes later and were airborne, but suddenly a powerful smell takes over the cockpit. mangoes fallen asleep board passed out from the cap gas. carol finds a perfume sample in her purse which brings temporary relief. touching down in napa. >>an extra-large golf car pulls up and we start unpacking 7 crates of cats and kittens and one crate was sweet little jordan. the
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animals are soon the center of attention in the airport parking lot and then they're right arrives and now going to be going into foster they can find their forever homes once again altered you guys were pulling them out of there they would be safe to be instead a chance that many happy days ahead. >>thank you so much. thank thank you. >>well jordan, the dog that was infested with that hicks and had a urinary. infection. he's since been cleaned up and his infection has been treated so he is going to be just fine. smooth flight great story set for the cat gas. right talking about some baseball now, the giants were in colorado, finishing their series with the rockies and after getting down 7 to nothing while san francisco. they try to make a comeback down to their final hours. we have judge panic who hits a single to the right brandon crawford scores. it just was not enough. the giants lose to the rockies 11 to 12. the
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giants will come home to host the reds tonight first pitch. it's 7.15. the a's, they were hosting them at the coliseum and hopefully is off to a. well cincinnati need the reds win 3 to nothing. so the a's. they will host the cleveland indians tonight first pitch, 6 37 we're rooting for the giants no rooting for the a's. hopefully they can do a little bit. as we go to break we're taking a little peek outside at s f o we'll be right back with more weather and traffic stay with u
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>>welcome back everyone for 55 on this friday and we are off to a good start this friday morning skies are definitely on the cloudy your side of things so even though there aren't any delays out of sf oakland or san jose right now don't anticipate that it's going to remain that way all through the morning we're going to clear center than we did yesterday. that's no guarantee that we're going to stay delay free as far as the sierra nevada goes maybe you're taking mom up into the sierra for mother's day weekend looking like some good wdoing so now we could look at a few showers late sunday into early monday, but that potential is actually diminishing now and we do see a few showers up there this morning but if you're watching this right now they'll be cleared out by the time he even get up there so saturday
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sunday and monday all we can great really good days to be up in the mountains, the 60's 70's for your eyes. maybe you're saying here in the bay drop the kids off the bus stop this morning in which case temperatures are in the 50's a clear and warmer day ahead of us. but certainly a foggy start robin all right. thank you john. some the chronicle morning news at 5 a veterans memorial vandalized in the south bay. >>and police are still looking for the person responsible. plus a group of teens accused of using fake dating profiles to 5 victims rob them car jacked them in the south bay. we'll have the details coming up in a live report. work at the transbay transit center in san francisco. well, it's ahead of schedule. coming up we'll have a live report and we'll talk a little bit about the work that still needs to
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music] [vacuum]
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>>let me be the first to say happy friday and daria wholesome and twitter yes we've made it to the end of the workweek for most people if you work this weekend, sorry. of got john roberts with a check of weather and traffic will begin with that community around good morning. it looks good so far and you know on fridays the commute usually starts a little bit later and it ends early or so says. >>hopefully we'll have that today, ok chris her today, a really good or could is cooperating mother's day weekend looking good mother nature really coming through. today tomorrow and sunday all going to be foggy at times during your morning hours like we are seeing right now across the bay, but skies are going to clear sooner than they did yesterday that's for sure and we actually are in for some very pleasant afternoons in the days to come so that's what really matters right you want that pleasant afternoon weather to have a chance to get outside and enjoy the


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