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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  May 10, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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this morning still cloudy but not as bad and skies are going clear really quick your view berkeley this morning is definitely showing that cloud cover the low fog and clouds that are. >>hanging out across the bay to kick things off this friday they're not going to last for near as long as yesterday and even though temperatures are around the same as they were yesterday and skies look similar later on today as when you're going to start to see those differences some mid to upper 50's right now we are familiar with this range of temperatures into the afternoon though those low 70's we saw for some parts of the bay yesterday will a rise into the upper 70's also a bit of a difference up and down the coast and along the bay shore too so a comfortable one to start the weekend in a really nice mother's day weekend to come i'll get to those details. still ahead. >>robin very busy for the drive into san francisco. we had a stall truck west of treasure island that did not help it's out of the way but now you're officially backed up into the maze so just be prepared for this if you're about to roll into san francisco right now. it is
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very slow leading up to the tolls right now you're clocking in at 60 minutes for your average softer fremont street. we have a crash that still wrapping up on southbound 6 80 at the sun all exit. it actually happened early this morning in the 2 o'clock hour there's an overturned big rig on the shoulder. they've cleared the lanes but it still attracting a lot of attention so it's a little heavy there on southbound 6 a year averaging 23 minutes, dublin to fremont but you're still looking good on highway 4 the nets and want to one james. thanks a lot of 6 one in the developing story this morning repairs have been completed ahead of schedule on the new transbay terminal in san francisco, a good news on that front this comes after to crack steel beams of course discovered about 8 months ago crop for sarah stinson live in the city with the latest case era. >>months and months of head, thanks confusion traffic down here. fremont and howard and first street in definitely now it's a relief to hear that they have fixed those crack beans in the sales for transit
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center and knowing that good be they still have. little things to get done before can actually reopened so the sooner they get that those beams repaired makes it a lot easier sorin ron good track here now take a look at this video you can see those that shoring system that's been up for 8 months now in the middle of the roadway. they're both gone now. the jury system was installed just weeks after the transit center open last august forcing buses and passengers to go back to using the temporary transbay terminal. now as you remember the construction shut down fremont street causing major delays but even repairs completed the transbay joint powers authority has not announced when it will reopen because over the next few months contractors will be re installing lighting panels and replacing the granite pathways on er 5.4 acre rooftop park concrete making sure it's more durable and
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also the main thing we're looking for is the metropolitan transportation commission. they are working on independent peer view on the repairs. what should be done by the end of may and if proves are cares if they think everything is good then the billion for story transit center. open sometime in juneau after that officials say they will need about 4 weeks to get everything together that means doing bus training the buses inside the transit center. get their staff together a lot of stuff that's going to be needed to make sure that that transit centers up and running. everybody was very excited when it opened. in august last year and the we quickly had to say oh well no more no more transit center. so we can get excited again it's going to reopen. so that's good news. but when it reopens will have to continue to follow that i'm live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. thank you sarah. >>time now is 6 oh 3 let's head to the south in our san jose police are looking for a
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gunman after 3 men were shot at a strip mall. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon was on the 2800 block of center road. 3 men there shot they were taken to hospital one of them, we're told has life threatening injuries. in the east bay, a freeway shooting injured 2 people in san leandro those 2 were in nissan maxima and here's video of that car. it was traveling east on the a 5 80 yesterday afternoon one person apparently hit in the hand with a bullet. another was shot at least 3 times in the upper body. both are expected to survive so they are recovering, but that shooting did prophesied p to shut down the eastbound lanes for almost an hour's they searched for bullet casings and other evidence that was left on the road. that freeway has since reopened. >>on the peninsula police in millbrae have arrested a man in connection with an auto burglary. they say that lawrence fabiani is responsible for an auto theft that happen or a burglary from an auto was on monday. they think what happened was that he stopped his car next tuesday. other car and it was parked broke into it and then
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took $1500 worth of tools, using surveillance video they were track down the license plate of that vehicle that fabiani was an. and thelma police arrested these 2 men for a windows smashed burglary in the parking lot of a business in the 500 block of el camino reale police say that the 2 stole a brown handbag from a car they arrested one flores um or uh and as well though, just. just a light bulb everybody's fine here. because he is ruled out for the rest of the series with the rockets. the warriors are right now in houston get ready for game 6 if it goes to 7 also be without a all because of what happened right here you see him at the bottom of the screen coming down off that 3 pointer. >>and you start slipping right e's going to be out
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the warriors know a straight. heat the warriors i'm obviously managed to to win the game in the end not by much and steve kerr talk a little bit more about cady now and what they're going to do in houston hit him in the killings. calf strain, he's had them before his responded well. >>obviously we're disappointed he will be able play. you know in this series you know for able to to win the series and move looks good for for his return. you know in the not too distant future. >>game 6 tips off at 6 o'clock then as we were looking for game 7 comes to that is in a day get 1230 early >>in other headlines. this morning as we head to the east bay more laptop thefts at a coffee shop in berkeley, one of the latest victims actually assaulted during the robbery as well we've crop forcefully to call reporting now the students are concerned about this rising trend of laptop thefts. >>a 21 year-old woman sitting near the front of
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sacks coffee shop in berkeley monday night resisted for young african american men wearing ski masks trying to steal her laptop. they'd already stripped a 19 year-old man of his the woman fought back when someone is trying to take your property remember that your property can be replaced, but. >>your personal safety tonight. officer, byron white says the suspects not the woman to the ground and kicked or she got her laptop back though when the men dropped it on their way to the getaway car waiting outside and got into a burgundy or maroon sedan white says the berkeley police department has investigated 35 stolen laptop cases so far this year, the victims in this latest case on college avenue. where you see berkeley students. police say sit in the back of establishment is rather than the front if you're using your laptop. so it's tougher for potential thieves to get to you i don't think it's about where you're sitting. i think it's about. >>people just driving around looking for opportunity all for 2 counting in this particular to this place happens. closer to camp is
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happens in other places. people walk by night and rob my friend was sitting gamed and got a gun but as far as i mean it's not a it's not unusual. >>police say laptops have been stolen from saks multiple times already this year. >>lot of my friends have been talking about how there scared to come here and stare that their self is getting its own land specially for students, it's kind of scary because get your laptop stone and disrupt your whole leave it at home if you can. >>in berkeley fully all kron 4 news. >>new this morning, the trump administration has raise tariffs on billion worth of chinese goods. they went from the current 10% now to a 25% tariff. that increase will impact the prices of things like fish soybeans, handbags steel of course, not on the current list though are things like iphones television shoes and toys but president trump says the tariffs on those popular items may be coming
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soon. minutes after the new tariffs went into effect this morning, chinese officials threatened retaliation. still ahead on the cross for morning news traffic in the bay area getting worse and uber and lyft may be to blame. and work at the transbay transit center. actually finishing ahead of schedule which is fantastic news. we'll have more on that plus. colorado sho back in court today to be formally charged we'll have the latest there. and dry across the bay area today there are showers in the vicinity though bill this year that about of the central valley and the great looking at some areas of rain this morning. >>i'm tracking what to expect for your holiday weekend. still ahead. >>and i'm tracking a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza there it is it's crawling all the way back from crawling all the way back from the maze are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool. ...because we bottle at our mountain source. crystal geyser alpine spring water.
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says the risk of passing on the hiv virus can be eliminated by effective drug treatment. jeremy roth has more in this of hiv we have known for 20 years that meant a lot treatment and which prevents hiv from replicating in the body reduces the infectiousness of the person taking the mets and put the question has been where the. transmission risk inated. the s 1000 game male couples where one partner did not originally have hiv and the other did was taping antiretroviral therapy at the end of the study period. it was discovered the drug prevented the transmission of the virus to their hiv negative partner during unprotected secs in other words, the virus can not use the disinfecting. >>the to produce new viruses. >>antiviral treatment is not a cure. but it can prevent the carrier from being infectious as long as they are taking their medication. and researchers say the latest findings could help prevent
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the spread of the disease. but experts say knowing your status is the first step followed by getting on a treatment plan. >>20 to 22 million some medication locally. >>38 39 million infected so that sort of the bridge that we need to fill for today's health minute. i'm sure. they are going reflect that. well up into the upper 70's if not the low 80's for a few spots a few more than what we've already seen so far this year. so today, a warm one temperatures in the 60's for san francisco as well as up and down the pacific shore. you're also looking at 60's along the bay side for millbrae up to brisbane with
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burlingame in the low 70's 70's expected elsewhere to like in redwood city at 73. woodside at 74 upper 70's and san jose at 77 campbell cupertino in santa clara, not far behind really nice weather all in all it's specially once we get into that sunshine l70's across the east bay with some upper 60's like in berkeley, but even some low 80's conquered pittsburgh vacaville fairfield youngsville and napa all among those spots that will be in the low 80's today, mid 80's for back to bill. santa rose up to 79 while the bottle been 70's at 76 see the picture a comfortable day for most a toasty day for some daytime highs will be pretty similar into saturday and sunday really into the start of next week to our pleasant trend of weather doesn't continue just for the weekend but into the middle of next week after which point thursday looking at a solid chance of rainfall on the horizon. that's a look at your mother's day weekend forecast rob and how is
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traffic to start things off it's a very busy we're starting off with a peek at the richmond. >>center fell britain of course we have a growing back up here on westbound 5.18 now it goes all the way back beyond net return parkway so from that point through the toll plaza you going to be dealing with a lot of heavy commute traffic. but no major issues to worry about your clocking in at 18 minutes, the bay bridge, 80 west. already stacked up from the maze it was not that bad before a stall truck popped up so that's gone, but traffic just never really recovered sell 17 minutes to fremont street. here's an old crash. yes, that's still jamming up your drive a southbound 6 city at the sun all boulevard exit. a big looked over early this morning in the 2 o'clock hour it's not blocking everything's out of the way but folks are just knows and everybody slowing down to take a look at this activity. so it's back you up almost from the dublin interchange keep that in mind. 24 minutes from dublin rolling out of fremont the meme it's not too bad for friday test a little busy heading south 2.38 to 92. and i'm also seeing some crowding as he leaves and
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martine into morgan hill right between sen martina avenue and cochran, but the rest of the south a trip on one oh one to 8087. they all look pretty good so far so no major issues to report to >>thanks a lot rob and 6 17 in berkeley police are looking for a man who brought a gun to a middle school on the campus of martin luther king junior middle school yesterday afternoon it was shortly after school let out. but police only have a vague description of the man they're looking for right now. >>happening today police will be back out at california high school campus in san ramon after a violent and racist threat was found on campus earlier this week. the question is. >>the kids going to show up because yesterday hardly any did about 80%. the high schoolers didn't want to go to school yesterday because of this threat that was found at intimated that there would be a shooting there. so now the fbi is involved in tracking down who is making these threats violence s threats of a
6:18 am
racist as the 2 suspects in the latest school shooting in colorado are due back in court today to be formally charged at the same time the highlands ranch community is trying tomov the 2 suspects in the stem school highlands ranc shooting are expected to be charged friday. no matter how much information is given out by law enforcement or is confirmed by other sources are you develop on your own. >>that for this system to work. those people have to be presumed innocent. the 18 year-old and a 16 year-old will likely face first-degree murder and attempted murder charges. according to the district attorney's office. let us move past asked focusing on the identity of the suspects and their images and focus instead on the innocent victims and on this crime and the investigation itself. 18 year-old kendrick castillo sacrificed and all tho
6:19 am
still shaken by the traumatic experience care right outside the door. >>i had my hand on the on metal baseball bat. just in case. and as i was going to go down fighting the fire was going on now. >>they're looking ahead we're going to 3rd as a community because. you know you don't stop your life just a just because of one bad thing. you can't you can't let that get in the way you have to band together as a community you have to stay strong. stand strong. >>i'm john lawrence reporting. >>still ahead on the call for morning news, the debate over illegal immigration is heating up again this time in santa clara county will tell you why. and senators are calling for an investigation into amazon's alexa why they say your child's personal information isn't safe. and now comes the decisive shot.
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[ pleasant orchestral music ] looks good, looks good. [crowd gasps ] do you believe it? what can you say? [ crowd cheering ] [ pleasant orchestral music ] tom watson has taken the lead of the u.s. open.
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this friday morning weekend insight you can see some. >>clouds hanging out above. sfo and hasn't dissipated we are seeing a delay out there around an hour right now that's been pretty consistent throughout the week due to these low clouds to block out
6:23 am
this ability now as you're heading up into the sierra do expect clearing skies. there are some showers this morning. so roadways may still be wet in some places this afternoon but as for the afternoon and then saturday and sunday all looking really good sunday night comes along with some evening showers leading into early monday morning. but besides that the sears really not a bad idea to take mom for mother's day. robin. >>hey i have a photo of that overturned big rig that i've been telling you about this happened early this morning on southbound 6 80 at sun all boulevard you can see the trailer flipped over. the big rig driver ran off the road flipped over on the shoulder and although there's nothing blocked it's been working since 2 30 in its just attracting a lot of attention here it is on traffic tracker and you can see that long a long line of slowing leading up to the scene and it goes all the way back into dublin so be prepared for that south 6.80 crawling from the dublin interchange to the crash scene and so no boulevard so that's going to slow you down the bay bridge traffic backed up through the maze this is normal for friday, you're up tr
6:24 am
minutes after fremont street. >>the city of san francisco can renew its legal fight against pg e over rates and refunds san francisco generates its own electricity from a city on dam and reservoir and they pay pg need to deliver that electricity. city wants regulators to force utility to lower its fees and refund millions of dollars and delivery fees at the city claims utility overcharged the legal battle has halted was halted in january after pg e filed for bankruptcy. a judge lifted that cold yesterday. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. >>and the weather for e on a friday morning any trouble i do have a trouble spot. it's on 6 80 and the pleasanton area there's an overturned truck not blocking cat everybody is slowing down to take a look so it's causing a backup that stretches from my trouble but not hot or does rise feel like we're in trouble all right so we'll keep an eye on that and on the weather front we're looking at another foggy start about as bad right not as bad as yesterday not going to too many problems. >>perfect transition in the form of temperatures rising today and whether as well we are going to see skies clearing sooner than yesterday so these clouds are sting at a mount diablo artistic is round around as long as yese clearing
6:28 am
skies, temperatures are going to stay in the 50's for too long today, we'll see them in the 60's 70's, even some 80's out there concord in dublin age of 55 right now oakland at 56 will nevado and napa it's in the low 50's at 5253 degrees. now there's your 50's this morning, 60's and 70's by the afternoon for the most part. it's a mostly sunny skies great start to the weekend but will it hold i've got your forecast account. robin. >>all right back to our trouble spot which is 6.80 i got this photo from chp double and they're out on the scene assisting with they overturn accident that and working since 2.30 this morning saw earlier this morning south 6.80 before sell boulevard. the driver ran off the road. the trailer flipped over at one point they have the right lane shut down that is no longer the case you see it's on its side right in the bushes, there. so you know these things take time time to up writing clear it is not a easy process and then it also depends on what's actually on the track if they have to offloaded here's where it is on a traffic tracker you can
6:29 am
get a better sense of where the action is south before sun all boulevard everything is on the shoulder. there is nothing block. but the look you lose that traffic crawling from the dublin interchange so be prepared for that 27 minutes and growing dublin to fremont and a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza to but it's very quiet into san francisco, just know that it's crowded from the oakland maze with no major issues across the upper deck back to you. >>all right quick check of the markets, the opening bell set to ring we have fears of retaliation from china over. tariff. >>war that's going on now between the us and that country so we'll see where the numbers go but on the left side of screen over york stock exchange you see over. that's going to be one of the big stocks to follow today is the rideshare company officially goes public. we'll see we'll see where the numbers go. so what i was waiting for trading officially beginning now. >>we'll see where those numbers get. s the bell
6:30 am
>>and it will come as no e% surprise to anybody that traffic congestion is getting worse and safrover there at the stock exchange in their burr and line may be one of the big reasons why we got from force marine kelly with a closer look. ride sharing companies like uber and lyft the san francisco county transportation authority found that things have gotten way worse. >>in terms of where you want to go in the city speech have gone down quite a bit. >>the amount of delay we experience has gone up quite a bit and the amount of vehicle miles traveled which is a key metric that we transportation planners use has also increased significantly. >>their study which looked at traffic congestion between 2010 2016 show that it increased 62% part of that snarled traffic come sunday edition about 70,000 new residents during that time. and the addition of about a 150,000 jobs in san francisco. but the study found about 2 thirds of the problem comes from the addition of transportation network
6:31 am
companies. >>tnc. showed up we probably would have experienced something like a 22% increase in delays. >>instead it was 62%. cp>>the study does not come as surprise to these construction workers you drive into work. >>what they stopping in a blocking traffic. it is is no no law. no bargain. no stopping any time in a stop there. they just read more and more have a one person's convenience is another person's inconvenience. >>randy rentschler with the metropolitan transportation commission says this increase could just mean we're suffering from too much of a good thing the old complaint to on the weekends that wasn't and for anybody we couldn't get around now, it appears likely kind of too much mobility so look to certain extent. >>we have to accept that what we have in the bay area are symptoms of a booming economy. this study was created to help give facts to city leaders as they shape future transportation policies. >>the county transportation authority has already been directed by the board of
6:32 am
supervisors to take another look at the idea of congestion pricing otherwise known as to help ease congestion maureen kelly crown 40's. >>another big story this morning, several teenagers have been arrested in san jose after creating fake dating profiles on tender and then robbing the people who set up for dates with them police believe there may be more victims out there who haven't come forward yet crawford's christina tetreault. >>is live in san jose with what to watch out for a lot of people use these apps these days. >>a lot of people use these apps and this is also a good reminder to make sure to use security measures when you are going to be so open on their internet especially when it comes to meeting up with people, i'm here live at san jose police headquarters where they've arrested 5 teens allegedly robbing like you guys said quite a few of them and not all of them may have come forward i want
6:33 am
to show you the suspects here take a look at these pictures that we have up on your screen here. there's 19 year-old brian gonzales 18 year-old jonathan jimenez 18 year-old leslie for t o 19 year-old you dear very out and also a 1515 year-old juvenile suspect as well and this is what they would do. they would create those fake tinder account posing as women name veronica and becky then they would set up dates under those female aliases now the times and locations a user really late in the evening and also something very suspicious here could also choose secluded areas they would then lure them air male victims into those areas and once they got out of the car they would then there would be a group of suspects that were massed and usually wearing hoods that would that hurt them jump and again carjacked that now those 5 teens, they're all arrested and they are the charges are looking at robbery carjacking auto theft and hit and run. now the police are asking if you know any information
6:34 am
please go ahead and reach out to the san jose police department and their detective unit, they do again want to use this is a reminder that if you're planning on using any of these apps and make sure you guys meet in safe locations that are well lit possibly during the day and also meet in a neutral location rather than meeting at your home so someone doesn't know where you live and again just 3 upsizing there could be other male victims and if you do believe you are one of them. there is and i'm us number that we have actually up right now our web site at kron four dot com you can go ahead and call the and again you will be anonymous reporting live in san jose christina teatro kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you christina. time now 6 3 for santa clara county sanctuary policy is back in the spotlight after a proposal to consider changes. the board of supervisors called for of you of the sanctuary policy following the february desa 59 year old bambi larson of san jose, 24 year-old carlos curran's a is accused of killing her. he's an undocumented immigrant who was released from jail.
6:35 am
despite numerous detention or requests from ice. critics of the current policy say refusing to notify ice when certain inmates are released from jail represents a threat to the public. >>what could change is the county's policy about notifying eyes. in cases where there are very serious violent solondz who are about to be released. also happen to be undocumented. >>the san jose police chief the sheriff and the district attorney have also called for changing the policy but immigrant rights groups are warning that cooperating with ice will mean undocumented people will not report crimes and they'll stop cooperating with the police. >>jurors in alameda county began patients in the case of a livermore couple who claimed that roundup weed killer caused their cancer. the husband and wife were diagnosed back in 2011 and then in 2015, they say they were exposed to round up for more than 3 decades of spring it on weeds monsanto, the company that makes roundup
6:36 am
says the study's show that their product is safe. although this is the 3rd case to go to trial more than 13,000 lawsuits have been filed across the country against monsanto in the first case we johnson to punish a school grounds keeper. he won he was awarded 7 $8 million in the second case and one heart of santa rosa also won and was it worth million monsanto by the way is appealing both of those verdicts. 48 year-old man suffered life threatening trees in a stabbing following an argument in san francisco. it happened in the park percent neighborhood on our drive the attacker apparently left the area before police orrive so they're still looking for that person this morning. >>your help is needed to find a man in this video right here in santa cruz and as you can see he walks by woman and then he just punches are hits right in face. he's got a buzz style hair cut wearing a plaid shorts and a black t shirt. this happened near the intersection of pacific and
6:37 am
birch lane in santa cruz on april 27th. was killed and 6 vehicle rolled over during a training exercise in southern california. >>it happened at camp pendleton yesterday. the 6 marines went to the hospital for treatment they're going to be ok. now know what hazmat crews found san carlos last friday test results show the material consisted mostly of naturally occurring radioactive material like uranium ore samples and other materials with radioactive metal in them and that was all found in a shed behind an empty home here on cedar street in san carlos, the former homeowner. ronald see fred deed back in january and he was a retired scientists who worked at accelerator laboratory in menlo park which might explain what that stuff wasn't >>ok coming up after the break. twice. your kids
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>>checking out whether friday morning, how's things looking so far. >>foggy again but what else to expect this long as it kping to keep in a predictable but a lot sunshine this afternoon which will be definitely nice to look forward to.
6:41 am
apcs you can seek some cloudy skies overhead over san francisco this morning. cloudy skies over san jose to and what do you know the more clouds sitti hill amount blowout in the distance now as we push our way into the afternoon you're skies are going to clear up pretty rapidly but for southern california, it's not such a dry start to the day maybe a travel plans day for today for mother's day. if you are heading through the grapevine down i 5 eventually to southern california. this is what you're going to be running into some very heavy rainfall across a great find this morning. here in the bay area much the opposite certainly it is cloudy. but skies are going to clear later today as we make our way through the weekend skies are going to stay clear and dry so conditions nice for any mother's day plans. you may have whether it be today tomorrow or sunday itself for mother's day just around the corner, your daytime highs similar out along the coast, san francisco in the 60's up and down the peninsula while we are looking at the biggest difference from yesterday for inland areas
6:42 am
area starting with the south bay looking at a boost in temperatures from the low 70's yesterday 77 degrees today that's a noticeable change in temperatures. it will make for a comfortable afternoon to spend outside. as for the spate, mostly the 70's to with 76 in dublin pleasanton ann livermore upper 60's in berkeley but elsewhere it's either the 70's or the low 80's 100 concord pittsford vacaville fairfield young dylan napa just a few of our spots that are in the 80's that's more 80's and more areas than we've seen any time so far this season. santa rosa and petaluma in the upper 70's see get the picture, it's warm and it's toasty for some even skies will stay nice and clear not the start of next week to monday tuesday and wednesday all it can really good come thursday, some rainfall on the way so do en rob. >>all right we want to head hack to our overturned truck and that's on southbound i want to show you this photo that was tweeted out from chp
6:43 am
you can see the truck that ran off the road. the trailer flipped over south 6.80 after bur now before the signal boulevard exit and so they've been dealing with it since around 2.30. this morning, it's one i started talking about it during the 4 o'clock hour. there is nothing block there is no traffic alert in place for now now that may change but they're still trying to figure out how to get this truck right in cleared. we do have will trend on the scene you give us an update a little bit later but as far as your backup just prepare for a lot of brake lights out of dublin from the dublin interchange all the way to the scene there on the pleasant inside and since it's holding so many folks back the rest of open bay bridge traffic is slow spilling into the maze this is normal fy or awhere 20 minutes to fremont street richmond center fell bridge also backed up, but also quiet so no problems here at 17 minutes to the north bay excusing we're checking in on 24, which looks great. 6.80 pitch a cult a danville wide open and friday like conditions for the east shore and 8.80 not that at all from
6:44 am
san jose to milpitas heading north star hugh james, thanks a just as robin just talk about traffic on southbound 6 80's being affected by an overturned in dublin, yeah we have our camera on the scene crop force will trend there with the very latest so well. >>what's the situation as you see it. as slow and go robin right no lanes technically block you can see all 3 lanes are moving along albeit very slowly. >>and for good reason that lots of lights out here from the tow trucks as well as the chp because of this look at this big rig that ran off the road more than 4 out to go. i've learned that it is fully loaded full of vitamin oil so they have have to take the cargo off make it lighter and then try to remove it. fortunately in here there's the driver right there, he's wearing the black t shirt, he was not injured in this and he's actually trying to help out with the removal process you can see tow truck drivers
6:45 am
at the scene i talked to them and they said that they were trying to find an access road somehow so they can get a little bit closer without having to stop the traffic on the freeway to off load the cargo and to somehow get the semi truck out of this location, the chp officer at the scene says they don't have a timetable on when that will possibly happen and when it does happen, there's a good chance they might have to shut down some of the lanes 2 allow the big breaks to move here to every move. the big rig. the semi truck from the scene but as you can clearly see slowing go. i've also learned the truck was actually trying to head to santa cruz. when it ran off the road. still under investigation, but early speculation is because you don't see any skid marks and the driver still at the scene early speculation is he simply fell asleep at the wheel back to you. >>next in the south bay santa clara cit council approved an affordable housing agreement that will bring a new
6:46 am
apartment community to the area almost 200 low income units that will be a bill to pull the available to people who earn less than $55,000 a year. and construction is supposed to start in early 2020. there's a fight in the state capitol over money for schools governor newsom wants to spend more on education than the originally planned but some lawmakers who say that even his new proposal. >>doesn't go nearly enough. ca reporter ashley zavala explains. >>let's send them a revision of his proposed state budget re he originally planned the latest budget sitting at billion with still a billion surplus, he wants to put more than billion and a k through 12 education, boosting funding for teacher training and special education but citing the several struggling school districts across the state. the vice chairman of the assembly budget committee says the budget doesn't do enough when the bottom 10% in terms
6:47 am
of her happened as students >>so to talk about expanding that into new programs without the k 12 system that we already have i think is unconscionable. >>on homelessness the governor is proposing a billion spending plan to fight it along with redirecting half a billion dollars to help with city and county infrastructure to make way for more housing look this homeless issues out of control. >>this homeless issue like the housing issue as a crisis. it is a stain on the state of california. the governor wants to get rid of taxes on diapers and tampons but proposes taxes to improve the state's 911 system and safe drinking water for communities without it. >>i think it's really. >>hard from an optic standpoint to ask the voters to pay another tax for water. or for their cell phones for 911 services when we have a budget surplus. it doesn't make sense. budget reflects priorities those things are important water is fix it and you've got the money now fix it.
6:48 am
>>lawmakers and the governor must come to an agreement by june 15th. >>and i'm absolutely open argument you've got better ideas i'm all yours, know we kind of called jerry brown the adult in the room. >>it's a kind of try to make sure everything was you know within reasonable parameters. i don't know what happens. >>this year. in sacramento actually zavala kron 4 news. >>and a quick check of the big board this morning as we're watching stocks starting off a bit negative there's some tension over where things are going to go between the us and china over trade and tariffs we've got new tariffs that went into effect today with trade talks resuming at 9 30 this morning between chinese diplomats and the us a trade negotiators will see where it goes don't forget. we're also watching uber to this morning, it's officially going public the largest ride-hailing service in the world announcing that its initial price offered $45 if they also for that price we're looking to market value for over about $82 billion but we'll expect that number actually to go up. that's 5 times more and
6:49 am
higher than lyft which went public earlier this year very interesting. well consumer advocates say the kids version of amazon alexa is listening to your kids and won't forget what they say even after you delete it, that's a problem. and now a group of parents are calling on the federal trade commission to investigate whether amazon is hto children' that personal information longer than it should. their complaint outlines flaws that they found while testing the device in one example, they say the voice assistant remember to young girls allergy information even after adult a deleted it. they say the device may be violating the children's online privacy protection act. amazon though says that its service complies with that law. >>the deal to build a new a's waterfront ballpark could move forward today commissioners for the port of oakland are set to vote on the financial plans that provides the framework for potential least of howard terminal. the possible minimum lease would be about $4 million a year for the rent for the first 20
6:50 am
years and would also give the a's for years to identify environmental and traffic issues surrounding the projects and to work through the of oakland land use and permit processes. >>it's 6.50 and still ahead. our disneyland is trying to ease over. this summer. how it will affect you after the will affect you after the break. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat only at jack in the box.
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6:53 am
see may think in their head hey it's going to be another cloudy one another cool unlike yesterday, but the skies are going to clear little bit quicker than what we saw for yesterday that means or cool temperatures in the 50's which are actually pretty comfortably cool won't be sticking around for long high temperatures eventually well up into the 70'sndjust for toda into mother's day just around the corner mother's day, daytime highs ranging from the 70's inland to 60's by the coast. so early on all a good weekend to look forward to but is traffic cooperating this morning robin to make that >>some spots like great others, not so much john want to check the beirut's turpin to san francisco. there was a lot of crowded here the tall plaza as you can see and yes it goes back into the maze so it's on to 5.80 almost 24. if you come in from the shore freeway, not as bad as yesterday, it's only backed up into same path pablo and that if you come in from the att over crossing of course at stacked up. here's the bigger trouble spot and it's not that it's blocking lanes insist
6:54 am
attracting a lot of attention look at his overturned big rig. this is southbound 6.80 before the sun all boulevard exit happened. early this morning and crews are still trying to w to a frightening clear its lanes blocked us lots of looking lose lots of rubberneckers and those looking loser stacking up your traffic from dublin. that's why it's so heavy callie from the dublin interchange up to the scene but after the scene it's wide open and smooth sailing continuing south on 6.80 james. >>all right, thank you very much robin. so take a look at this video it shows up a cat that apparently got stuck high atop utility pole and way up there. >>yes as a reservist wasn't part of one of those just things that businesses go to after jumping trust fall >>we're going to be coming down slowly. this was a close with a spotted by florida department transportation camera he didn't have to be safe. she was doing on can down is on but the f to d energize the wiring all really careful. i'm like that prompted a lovely saw they had a little pull up to the kind of nudging them and that's urged him to should be his way
6:55 am
down he managed to avoid any of the power lines all the way down. >>and will it all the way up when they were all. yeah alright then amazing. >>once we got down ran off into the wild. so he's ok now, but those kind of an interesting situation where they look so shoot from a distance and on yes from the right part of your living room, he looks like a giant just to catch like a cute cuddly thing come here now now don't get it. 6.55. about 4 morning is over. now san francisco officials are saying the rideshare companies might be to blame for all the traffic that we're supposed to alleviate traffic that was smell not so. >>all right and people looking for a date end up getting robbed and carjacked after falling for fake online dating profile we're going to have more details on that in a live report and work at the transbay transit center have you heard. they finished ahead of schedule coming up a live report we're going to take a look at what work still needs to be done before can be. officially reopened for public
6:56 am
use. here's a live look outside the san mateo bridge again whether traffic checks never far away here on the never far away here on the cobbles morning news we'll get ♪ never far away here on the cobbles morning news we'll get ♪ protect your pet with the #1 name in flea and tick protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years. by finding the best deals on paint and stain. lowe's knows you do it right we do it right too, with big savings on top brands like valspar, cabot and hgtv home by sherwin williams. the time is right at lowe's.
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>>local news station. morning thanks for joining daria false and i'm james fletcher the breaking news traffic related want to take southbound 6 say the words being. >>affected by an overturned semi truck in dublin this morning from force will tran is on the scene will what's going on now. >>the semi truck is not even on the roadway, its author roadway on its side this accident took place at 2.30 in the morning and you can see all these tow truck drivers, they're putting their heads together to try to find out what's the best solution to get it out of here we do know that there's a full cargo of vitamins inside the truck that was heading towards santa cruz at the time when for some
7:00 am
unknown reason still under investigation. the driver leaves the roadway. no skid marks and comes out here the driver is fine fact, he's the one wearing the black t sure in the gray pants there right next to the chp officer, so he's cooperating with investigators as far as the traffic problems all the lanes are open to the public so they're not shutting it down because obviously the truck in mind. later on they n'


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