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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 12, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>>now attend the oakland amber alert that put the bay area on edge turns out to be a false report according to police and tonight the child's father is facing charges. good evening and thank you for joining 10 i'm jr style and i'm noel bello a bizarre. >>case that all started late last night when police began looking for 3 year-old girl who they believed had been abducted. but early this morning, oakland police announced it was all a lie for stan, thorn joins us live now in the studio to break all all of this down down. >>this are certainly a good way to put police putting out that amber alert last night telling people to be on the lookout for a stolen car with
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the child inside. but police say this little girl was actually safe at home with their mother and our dad has been arrested. >>a large police response to an amber alert and as with the crashed mercedes benz and a father in handcuffs. open police say the father of a 3 year-old lied about his daughter being abducted, so the police would be quicker about recovering his stolen card. >>nation the father told police his 2005 mercedes benz was taken around 8 10 saturday night and his daughter was still inside police and then sending out an amber alert with a picture of the girl and the license plate of the car had the fbi down. around 11 40
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saturday night police spotted the mercedes and the suspected carjacker who then led them on a short chase. the man crashed a stolen car at the intersection of carlson boulevard and san pablo avenue in el serino police arrested the suspect that the child was not in the car. a few hours later police say the 3 year-old was found safe at home with her mother. it was then that police discovered the child was not in the car at the time it was stolen. well filing a police report a false police report is a felony in the case is being handed over to the alameda county prosecutor's office. >>the identities of the father nor the carjacking suspect have been released reporting live in studio dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you so much dan and this just in tonight deputies in alameda county say they are investigating a double shooting that happened around 11 30 last night happened on
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second street near campus drive in the fairview district in hayward deputies say 2 victims were shot and one was severely wounded. but both are expected to survive. they say the suspect and the motive are unknown at this time. >>san francisco police are investigating a deadly accident involving a city transit bus officials say a man was hit by that bus around 7 30 last night at the corner of golden gate and hyde street in the tenderloin a spokesperson for golden gate bridge highway and transportation district tells us. the man fell backwards and hit his head. on that transit bus the driver immediately underwent drug and alcohol testing and is on administrative leave now walk san francisco has tweeted in response to the accident. the organizations wrote in part quote we are in shock. in hearing this news, this is the 10th pedestrian deaths this year and san francisco, this must stop. >>a mother's day fire in daly city leaves more than a dozen people without a home tonight.
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the fire started just after 4 this afternoon. kron four scale long has details. >>13 people are without a home tonight we're here on mission street where crews are still on the scene the fire was knocked out just before 5 30 in the afternoon. here's a closer look at the aftermath north county fire authority firefighters say the fire started in the back unit of an apartment on the second floor here on mission and lie big streets in daly city there's a total of 3 apartment units above this type studio. no one was in the taekwondo studio at the time of the fire. the call came in at 4 20 this afternoon it turned into a 2 alarm blaze about 6 engines in a truck a right to the scene we're told one unit just got their water heater fix today and they've had no hot water for quite some time now we don't know with the smoke detectors are working inside the building. but this last seen it has the most damage right now. the pause woes action but do you know, i to my right now so i have to wait put investigation
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become wunderlist expand to me that you know they don't have a hot water. gas stove and not looking so what they have to have bhutan. >>we can't hang to what you get on they when you go cap so that something that you know i need to go back and take a look at. >>red cross is assisting the 13 people who were displaced by the fire there were no reported injuries and the official cause is still under investigation. here in daly city get aloag kron 4 news. >>thank you gail on the peninsula. the search is on tonight for a suspect accused of staff being a man saturday morning. >>deputies said the victim suffered multiple stab wounds and cuts to his legs and torso shortly after midnight, the victim told police the gotten into an altercation with an unknown suspect near the western and of wave avenue during the altercation the suspect allegedly stabbed the victim with a knife. deputies
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searched the area, but no suspects or witnesses were found. it just doesn't happen in our neighborhood were very social all the way around here and. >>show it's just it's just really surprising. >>the victim was taken to a hospital and treated for non life threatening injuries, the suspect has been identified as an asian male between 3540 years old 6 feet tall 200 pounds bald and clean shaven. >>we'll take a look at this a rude awakening for a santa clara family after a tree fell on their home last night. santa clara sheriff's office tweeted these pictures from cupertino deputies say the homeowners were inside. when the 50 foot tree crashed into the roof. fortunately, no one was injured. >>a celebration of some sort caused a brief power outage in santa clara tonight after balloons got tangled and some power lines about 2400 silicon valley, power customers in southeast santa clara were
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affected. that's according to the company a utility worker says the outage was first reported around 00:55pm tonight. power was restored though pretty soon after. and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast. so if you had a great mother's day out there in the bay area, let's take a live look outside of downtown san francisco in you could see. >>city hall lit up in yellow and green in honor of mother's day today, so happy mother's day to all the moms out there in the bay area. temperatures out there right now relatively cool widespread 50's with the exception of antioch currently in the mid 60's, so warmer temperatures for you this evening just because that cool sea breeze hasn't really reacher area just yet. but overnight lows tonight, we'll dip into the low 50's and upper 40's, the coldest locations will be those of you in the north bay, but we can plan our forecast is going to show that cooling trend continuing for the bay area because of that increase in cloud cover we're going to remain dry. but storm tracker for is tracking our next storm system set to bring us is big
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storm from a standards where we are going to notice showers as early as tuesday night for those of you in the north bay but for the rest of us. it won't get here until later afternoon and early evening hours. and it is going to bring us the threat of pop-up thunderstorms as well details ahead on the oppressive rain totals with this system coming up in just a few minutes in my full forecast and a look ahead at your 10 at 10 forecast in just a few minutes noel back to you. >>theresa in world news tonight, an attack back on a catholic churcin central burke, burkina faso africa has left to 6 people dead. >>the country's information agency says gunmen on motorcycles stormed the church this morning, killing 6 men, including the priest. and then set the church on fire. the landlocked country in northwest africa has been plagued by extremist violence in recent mont s in february cnn reported the us was considering sending additional military advisers and intelligence tools to burkina faso to help combat the growing terrorism threat. an
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american airlines pilot was arrested at louisville's international airport for the murders of 3 people in kentucky in 2015, 51 year-old christian richard martin is accused in the deaths of a married couple and their neighbor. a louisville to charlotte flight had a big delay saturday morning because of the arrest chad mills spoke with passengers on that flight. >>ashley martin in her mother frances wiser in charlotte now. but saturday morning they were here. at louisville. muhammad ali international airport where the original flight to charlotte delayed for reason they still can't believe what did you think. she either knew it at the time, but a group of officers showed up here to arrest their pilot for murder. friday, a grand jury indicted that pilot for 3 2015 killings that happened near hopkinsville one
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of the victims was found shot to death in his home. 2 others were found in a burned out car in a cornfield miles away start. >>it's scary 8. just so long if you're just now. >>officials say the guy is christian martin who wdrb news has learned is a first officer for psa airlines which is owned by american airlines group all of us at american airlines and psa airlines are deeply saddened to have learned about these allegations from 2015. an airline spokesperson wrote in a statement. we will provide any investigative assistance possible to law enforcement throughout their investigation they shouldn't. now as they wait for their new flight to their final caribbean destination. >>if does. cajun thtt speech it is a source for an entire year wise and martin are still
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digesting the morning of chaos. >>it was definitely it was a little chaos. they were stressed if it's she is a skill and from. >>tendons. >>those chad mills reporting for us tonight american airlines says it's put martin on administrative suspension pending the outcome of the investigation and court proceedings. >>the department of homeland security is asking the military for help dealing with the influx of migrants to administration officials tell cnn the request includes tense for large numbers of people. the request delivered to the pentagon friday night came as customs and border protection predicted it would surpass half a million migrants crossing the border, so far this fiscal year, acting defense secretary patrick shanahan is considering the homeland security's request.
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>>she is still on edge after disturbing encounter with a stranger. we'll explain after the break. >>also heavy rain prompts road closures in water rescues in the southeast overnight with a dangerous storm system is heading next. >>and a special mother's day treat how a local business made sure some san fr here you go little guy.
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a cockroach can survive submerged underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow.
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not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >>welcome back first off a happy mother's day to all the moms and mother figures out
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there, san francisco moms had an extra helping hand today to make sure their mother's day was stress free yet restaurant les colonial coasted homeless and struggling families. >>who are working to get back on their feet kron four is tailored sackey talk to local moms celebrating the big day. his mind and i was able to shower. i was able to turn >>one program on tv with you know mommy this miami that. >>a special mother's day for san francisco moms like to know about in addition to some pampering they all got up this morning and they started to clean san francisco's lay colonial took care of lynchburg dozens of families on the house restaurant partnered with compass family services a 2 year transitional shelter program that helps people get back on their feet and into homes once again christy mack joyner says he's programs and events of make a big difference. i'm really thankful for them do that because. they didn't put on
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the scene and we when you took 40 of >>you know fine dining restaurant like this act to enter join compass family services winner family fell behind on rent and they were evicted from their homes. now she's a nursing assistant able to celebrate with good food and much more this mother's day we go tomorrow monday, power a permanent home see another mom say this was exactly what they hope for a mom's day enjoy it, i know i am. >>we are we are eating. >>so the arrest school day well here on mother's day help feed at least 30 families and each mother went home with one of these gift bags inside everything from grocery products even some nice and the products here. i like colonial tell kron 4 news. >>around with free stuff for mom a palo alto police officer shared a heartwarming mother's day note that was found on her locker today, it reads quote
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dear mom i hope you come back home safe every day the palo alto police department said this note as a reminder of love appreciation and sacrifice the department also wants to wish all moms happy mother's day and of course is giving a special shout out to all of our palo alto police months. >>well major storm system responsible for widespread flooding in parts of texas and the gulf coast is pushing east. damaging winds and hail are the biggest threat right now, but as david daniel reports, people in mississippi and louisiana are still dealing with last night's flash flooding. >>water rescues and road closures 4 days heavy rain has how did the southeast leaving residents in search of higher ground as floodwaters engulfed their homes. >>we've already had 18 houses on the water. you know that said so much water and a muffler above so word been really really upset some parts of louisiana saw several
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inches of rainfall overnight leaving some roads impassable. >>mississippians saw a similar site flooded roads left people stranded in biloxi residents called loved ones as they loaded into rescue boats on sunday. first responders carried stranded residents and their pets to nearby shelters. strong storms rocked off an island off the alabama coast. homeowners and vacationers survey, the damage sund afternoon after fierce winds sent trees into homes and scattered debris across the island. and then our house started shaking like we're in a boat and was shaking and rocking back and forth. >>the gulf will get a break from rain soon forecasts show. but some residents worry any more rain could slow the recovery getting it through line for you start another one. >>i'm david daniel reporting. >>well time now to turn our attention to weather a much different situation there than what we have here right now. >>yeah dry conditions for now
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but winter is coming to the bay area by the middle of next week so i am tracking a pretty impressive storm that is going to bring us up to 2 inches of rain in parts of the bay area in the coming days that today's daytime highs for mother's day absolutely perfect out there dry conditis. we did see some patchy morning drizzle but really that's about it and well temperatures for those of you in downtown san francisco upper 50's. but you did warm up to 70 degrees for those of you in congress nearly a 20 degree difference from our coastal areas to our inland valleys, which certainly noticed the gradual warm up today storm tracker for right now very calm conditions cloud covers right across the coast. but i am tracking our next storm system out in the pacific northwest and this one is going to bring us impressive rain totals from a standards because this is typically the time of the year we start to dry up, especially as we head into those warmer and drier summer months. but we are going to notice some widespread light rain making its way to the bay area as early as wednesday afternoon
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and early wednesday evening and then we are going to notice a modern rain even bring us the threat of pop-up thunderstorms through wednesday night all the way through thursday morning. and then another round of widespread light showers for the remainder of thursday leading up to friday morning when that storm system starts to dry out and clear out from our area as it exits and then that increase in cloud cover by your friday afternoon so rain totals already looking impressive with this latest model run we're going to get at least half an inch of rain and upwards of an inch of rain for most of the bay area but as you can see parts of santa rosa and even san jose in mount view could get more than an inch of rain with upwards of 2 inches for our local hills and mountains so this is certainly a storm that we're going to keep an eye on here from the crime for weather center in the coming days and here's a live look outside from our south market cameron downtown san francisco. tracking that marine layer out there this evening and also that cool sea breeze. well in effect, especially for those of you in downtown san francisco, currently 52
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degrees. everyone else in the mid to upper 50's we're going to cool down even more into the low 50's and upper 40's for those of you in santa rosa and napa daytime highs tomorrow will be slightly cooler compared to today, thanks to that increasing cloud cover 62 degrees for downtown san francisco oakland in the mid 60's and san jose 75 degrees for your afternoon highs napa 72 degrees hayward 67 in mount view 70 degrees to start out your work week monday and let's take a look ahead at the next 10 at 10 forecast. and we are going to notice a little bit of a roller coaster ride, especially leading up to next weekend. saturday is going to be another transitional day and tracking some possible showers returning on sunday. but then 10 days from now we are going to notice. drier and calmer conditions and more sunshine as well so i hope you enjoy this weekend, absolutely beautiful because rain heading our way and thursday. we shouldn't be too worried about it, but it is going to get us a little bit yes during the overnight. we are going to
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notice pop up thunderstorms so just keep that in mind but overall widespread light showers but it is going to be a couple of days of that so just keep that in mind that those rain boots >>fingers crossed right of time for maybe 10 play and thanks recent weeks. forsman agencies from across the country came together this week to honor fallen officers, how one bay area police department is participating when we come back. >>and a woman is on edge after a disturbing encounter with a man she says fondled himself all looking at her on t
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 a woman says she is still on edge after a disturbing encounter with a stranger this week in lodi yeah she says she was walking her dogs alone on oriole drive when a man allegedly drove up to her and fondled himself christy grosz has the story. >>feeling violated for sure erica phillips is still on after a disturbing encounter with a stranger this week she was walking her dogs alone and oriol drive in lodi what i mean in this car cut on her neighbor's security camera drives pastor. >>he actually comes back and stops and asked me for directions to chase bank. phillips says she's for the next 5 minutes or so trying to give them an directions all the while not knowing what he was doing in the driver seat just a few feet away from her. >>and then he comes back up and says i'm sorry i didn't
10:26 pm
tell you're so beautiful can you just look at me while i finished that's when she realized what she believes or his true intentions. she claims he was touching himself as he spoke to her. >>that's when i noticed his hand moving. and that's when it all clicked and he had this weird smirk on his face and it was really creepy so i told them to get away and calling the cops she quickly pulled out her phone. philips reported what happened to lodi police the frightening encounter with a strange way it happened just around the corner from an elementary school and now she's hoping people will recognize the car. >>and help authorities track down the man before what he did to her happens to someone else was able to persuade me who's in late 20's. >>i can only imagine what he can do to a little girl. our little boy or whatever he know i was very easily persuaded into believing what he was saying so. >>i mean it's it's frightening. phillips says she not only feels violated she's now on edge every time she takes her dog for a walk. >>the fact that happened in my neighborhood really bothers me
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because now walking my dogs every day with pepper spray on my head. and i'm nervous, i'm just nervous to walk around the neighborhood in lodi christy grosz. >>well coming up the clock is ticking for california lawmakers to sign off on the governor's budget plan how the governor wants to spend the state's money. and coming up your bay area forecast, i'm tracking dry conditions for now but widespread rain by the middle of this week and also snow ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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>>welcome back it's now up to california lawmakers to decide how the state should spend its money. governor gavin newsome handed off his billion budget to lawmakers for the final weeks of negotiations governor's proposed budget is billion larger than the one. >>he introduced back in january capitol bureau. ashley zavala explains the updates. >>let's send them a revision of his proposed state budget governor newsome wants to spend slightly more than what he originally planned the latest budget sitting at billion with still a billion surplus, he wants to put more than billion and a k through 12 education, boosting funding for teacher training and special education but citing the several struggling school districts across the state. the vice chairman of the assembly budget committee says the budget doesn't do enough when the bottom 10% in terms of her capita students
10:31 pm
>>so to talk about expanding that into new programs without fun there. kate also stunned that we already have i think is unconscionable. >>on homelessness the governor is proposing a billion spending plan to fight it along with redirecting half a billion dollars to help with city and county infrastructure to make way for more housing look this homeless issues out of control. >>this homeless issue like the housing issue as a crisis. it is a stain on the state of california. the governor wants to get rid of taxes on diapers and tampons but proposes taxes to improve the state's 911 system and safe drinking water for communities without it. >>i think it's really. >>hard from and marke ing standpoint to ask the voters to pay another tax for more for gas work for their cell phones for 911 services when we have a budget surplus. it doesn't make budget reflects priorities any of those things are important water is picks and you've got the money now fix it. >>lawmakers and the governor must come to an agreement by
10:32 pm
june 15th. >>and i'm absolutely open argument you've got better ideas i'm all yours, know we kind of terry brown, the adult in the room. it's a kind of try to make sure everything was you know within reasonable parameters i i don't know what happens. >>this year. in sacramento actually zavala kron four knees thank you ashley again lawmakers have until june 15th. >>to pass a budget the governor must sign it by june 30th. >>well national police week began on sunday as part of it for chicago police officers who died in the line of duty in 2018. we're honored in washington d c murray for them was laid at the tomb of the unknown soldier in arlington national cemetery in virginia, fallen officers were also honored by the police unity tour. a bicycle and motorcycle ride the ri ended at the national fallen law enforcement officers memorial in washington. some bay area. police officerw participated this week. these are photos from the concord police
10:33 pm
department they arrived in washington dc today, the concord police department said they dedicated their a 300 mile bike ride to sacramento county deputy mark stas you who was shot and killed while responding to a disturbance in september last year inter county sergeant ron hellas who was shot and killed responding to an active shooter incident and newman police officer reveal saying who was shot and killed during a traffic stop. >>the press and certainly taking a live look outside now it's the bay bridge looking all nice and pretty tonight member esa here to tell us that's going to rain this week fell. i know once again the bearer of bad news don't blame the messenger ok we haven't had a storm like this in a while. >>also this is something we typically see around march, but certainly not may we should be good drying out and warming up but we are going to get some much needed and welcome rain to the bay area because our hills starting to look a little brown so hopefully it helps with that
10:34 pm
storm tracker for right now dry conditions and also for this year as well you did see some pop-up thunderstorms earlier today but now drying out and that drying trend is going to continue to start out your work week monday, partly cloudy skies warming up into the upper 60's and then cooler weather heading your way, thanks to that approaching storm system increasing cloud cover by tuesday temperatures cooling down into the mid 60's and then upper 50's by wednesday for this year you could start to notice those light rain and snow showers as early as wednesday night. but the bulk of this storm will arrive thursday through friday for you dropping snow levels as low as 7,000 to 8,000 feet and about 6 inches of fresh powder in addition to scattered showers as well and daytime highs will be well below average 5 to 10 degrees below normal as that winter storm passes through golden gate bridge right now very dry conditions still seeing that marine layer influence, especially for those of you in downtown san francisco. tracking the coolest locations there right now 52 degrees.
10:35 pm
everyone else in the mid to upper 50's with the exception of antioch still in the mid 60's at 66 degrees but we're all going to cool down into the 50's with the exception of santa rosa and napa upper 40's for you so you are going to notice that cool sea breeze influence during the overnight hours and patchy drizzle as well right along our coastal areas during the overnight hours. tomorrow's daytime highs will be at or slightly below normal so downtown san francisco 62 degrees mission district in the low 60's as has but pacific up 55 degrees for your monday afternoon high san bruno 57 degrees burlingame in the low 60's cma to 63 degrees with hollow alto in the mid 60's at 64 degrees and those of you in the south bay noticing the cooler temperatures as well widespread 60's and 70's cupertino 73 degrees, san jose in the mid 70's for use in near average daytime highs there hayward 67 degrees livermore 75 and wind speeds
10:36 pm
will be breezy and gusty once again 20 miles per hour or less so well below advisory level but enough to get that cool sea breeze influence right along the coast berkeley 63 degrees. walnut creek 71 degrees napa 72 degrees in the north they in santa rosa degree warmer. at 73 degrees. so your pollen outlook for the coming days, we are going to notice meeting amounts of pollen levels specifically mulberry oak and grasses those are the top 3 allergens that you want to watch out for and as we take a look at i am tracking. scattered showers arriving by wednesday night. all the way through thursday could see even see some pop-up thunderstorms so widespread light to moderate rain until that storm system exits by friday morning giving us drier weather but we could easily see at least half an inch of rain upwards of an inch of rain in some areas in our coastal hills and mountains up to 2 inches of rain so we're going to notice pretty decent storm heading our way one that we haven't seen the last couple of weeks say it's been a while since we've gotten any
10:37 pm
significant debbie big very light scattered more light drizzle misty conditions but you know this is a pretty impressive storm certainly may find new roads immediately right yet the umbrella check your windshield wipers everything we're heading back to winter even though summer is right around the corner bilious thanks brigance. >>well coming up tense moments outside of a trump hotel in florida shooting left one man dead and a woman injured here why authorities say they think it's gang related. >>plus hollywood loss to start today actress and former model today actress and former model peggy lipton has man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet. maybe too sweet? internet's down. go! your home is only as smart as your internet. get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing.
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>>welcome back sad news out of hollywood tonight actress and former model peggy lipton has died at the news was confirmed by her 2 daughters key data and rashida jones in a statement, they said she passed away from cancer with family by her side and the family is asking for privacy lipton rose to fame playing undercover cop julie barnes in the series mob squad which ran from 1968 to 1973. she also starred in the hit tv series twin peaks in the 1990's lipton married music producer quincy jones in 1974, they share those 2 daughters rashida and to jones and lipton divorced about 15 years later lipton was 72 years old. in florida police are investigating a shooting near one of president trump's the resort's a man died and a woman was injured in all of
10:41 pm
this witnesses say the shooting began when 2 groups of rival rappers started arguing outside the trump international beach resort in sunny isles beach. now police are searching for 3 suspects. >>well a group of white-supremacist carrying not see flags and signs interrupted a holocaust remembrance event in arkansas last week. about 10 to 15 protesters tried to disrupt the event shouting over the man on stage they were outnumbered by the roughly 50 police officers attending the holocaust remembrance march. the not the group organized the protests do to the controversy surrounding a scholarship at arkansas tech university. that was named after late professor michael link. lake reportedly taught that holocaust denial is a valid historical viewpoint.
10:42 pm
the school has come under increased pressure to reconsider the scholarship which is yet to be awarded. university says there are no plans to return the funds and the name of the scholarship will remain. 91% of people on the scientology cruise ship our immune to measles that's according to a doctor. a crew member on board had tested positive for measles which prompted a screening for all 300 people on board the ship. the ship has been docked since last week but the quarantine should be left to tomorrow. >>harris is opening up about her relationship with her stepchildren on this mother's day. we'll hear from her and from the many other mothers on the campaign in the 2020 race, lots of nba playoffs. action and some dairy,
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>>welcome back to kron four at 10 it is mother's day of course and this year several moms are campaigning for president recently democratic candidate kamala harris opened up about her relationship with her stepchildren who call her mama. >>come the law has look at how harrison other candidates are taking motherhood on the trail. >>in the heart of west virginia senator elizabeth warren joined by her son. why was the guy over the blue shirt. her experience as a
10:46 pm
mother part of her pitch to voters. >>child care never stopped. >>being an issue for me like for so many working parents today. it was this weight i had to carry around every single day. and it never let out. >>the motherhood identity once viewed as an albatross in 2020 is getting a make over with a record number of women running for president. senator kamala harris married to doug emhoff father of 2 children from a previous marriage l a and cold. >>and i therefore have 2 children that are cole and ella who are here and they name to be their mama and their mother. and their mother person is here was a dear friend of mine. and we have a real modern family. >>the portrait of a modern candidate in the personal essay in honor of mother's
10:47 pm
day. harris writes about the heartache of missing her stepdaughters graduation for the 2017 james comey testimony before the senate intelligence committee i am. >>not perfect our kids are not perfect. my husband is not perfect. and i don't think that the american people want perfect. >>senator amy klobunhar target a cnn town hall explained how getting kicked out of the hospital 24 hours after giving birth to her daughter who was born with a condition that made her unable to swallow major fight back and become a lawmaker that was when i got hooked on public service. >>because i could see that you could make a difference. >>to even joke about motherhood means backlash in 2020. of war to quit about barely helping his wife with the kids. prompting this public apology candidate not only will i not say that again. but but i'll be much more thoughtful going forward really looking forward to getting a chance to say hello today, amy awards on the
10:48 pm
trail. she's doing the driving. that will henry with me senator kirsten gillibrand brings her children on the trail. her mom status. a credential as a candidate. little safer. people's kids as hard as i would from my own analytics for their families and the communities. >>a mother who likes nba playoff basketball that today was a very happy mother's day for her indeed some of the best action the sport has to offer as a couple of games. sevens decided which teams would head to their conference finals. we start in toronto, the philadelphia, 76 ers and trying to raptors getting ready for game 7. fast forward to the 4th quarter offical wiley. >>mied free throw. jimmy butler lays it in and ties the game that 90 but leonard had the last word as he drives right shoots a rainbow jumper. raptors win the series and will now advance to the eastern conference finals that
10:49 pm
initial instinct. are finally set as well the portland trail blazers getting it done in 7 against the denver blazer star damian lillard will be coming back to his hometown of oakland as portland reaches the conference finals for the first time since the year 2007 was unnecessarily limits that showing just 13 points 3 for 17 shooting that he's averaging 29.8 points. this post season when it came to beating the nuggets his teammates stepped up cj mccollum turn it on 37 points as the blaze is to keep an eye gets to 100 to 96 and of course they will now take on the golden state warriors in oakland for game one of the western conference finals on tuesday. to the baseball diamond the a's hosted the cleveland indians and got things started the great mother's day tradition for the 21th straight years, the team hosted breast cancer awareness day. 100 survivors made this field a sea of pink before the game. pretty special we go to the bottom of the 3rd to one
10:50 pm
in the in stephen's body. >>got to be a challenging day for him that he lost his mother died year ago. he singles to center field a run scores game tied at 2. top of the 8 still tied from roper as goes deep left. for 3 run homerun 5 to try. bottom of 8th. nick wittgren. strikes 1000 adelson swinging. he's not happy throws the bat is bottom of the 9th, but strikes out lori on no look into the game oriana did not like that call, but it's to no avail. as the final score, anybody sleep. next stop is head to seattle to face the mariners on tuesday they won for their last 6. now heading over to oracle park madison bumgarner donning the pink themed cap in honor of mother's day. of the
10:51 pm
season, it's a 2 to tie atop the 6 yasiel week giants know him well now cincinnati reds. making it 4 to read bumgarner gave up 4 runs in 6 innings but only 2 were earned. still for 2 reds. couple of fans on the walkway scuffle and over that. the season pinch hitting that one by the way we're not tied for 4th. what has he been for this team and does it again with a hit to left. giants defeat the reds 6, 5, they went to sleep. san francisco heads up north to face the toronto blue jays on tuesday, so good day for sports and moms alike. >>and more to come this week with the sharks are shark special tomorrow 04:30pm in
10:52 pm
the afternoon. that's right shark special every game love it, thank you so much you got it. >>for retired nba player and championed dennis rodman is being accused of helping 3 people still more than $3500 in merchandise from a yogurt a yoga that is studio. the owner of the southern california yoga studio says security cameras captured the former nba star, walking into vibes hot yoga newport beach last week with his alleged accomplices the owner told police that the 4 work together to distract employees so they could steal clothes and a 400 pound crystal from the front desk. the owner said rodman returned wednesday, and tried to distract the different employ why while a female companion grabbed clothes that were on display. police told the los angeles times they were investigating the matter and no one has been arrested. rodman has denied the allegations. what next
10:53 pm
peak that you face the avengers of the box office this weekend who cam
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 for the first time in a while there was some real suspense of the box office this weekend david daniel has the big face off between a certain pokemon and the avengers one shot fell to 5th place in its second weekend
10:56 pm
the romcom grow million the intruder added million to finish 4th in its sophomore weekend. i want >>the con woman comedy, the hostile made off with 13 and a half million dollars for a 3rd place debut. i know you can't understand me pokemon detective pikachu opened a strong second with $58 million a record launch for a video game adaptation but not enough to dethrone the champ will be going in short hand avengers endgame captured its 3rd straight weekend title, million gave the blockbuster a domestic total of million the top grossing marvel movie of all time in hollywood, i'm david daniel and and. >>during our attention that quickly the weather because it is going to be from what you've week a very active week out there as well. yes storm
10:57 pm
that we really haven't seen since march so i am tracking another impressive storm making its way to the bay area but starting out. >>on a dry know we will notice those changes taking place as early as tomorrow with that increase in cloud cover and some showers to our north as early as tuesday night, but the bulk of the rain with this storm system not arriving until wednesday with pop-up thunderstorms by thursday until it starts to exit by friday morning so this storm could bring us about half an inch to an inch of rain with higher amounts in the north bay and south bay and even our local hills and mountains so we are turning more to winter like weather with below average temperatures and then we dry out by the 1st half of the weekend. >>thank you so much and thank you for being here tonight, thank you for having every (male announcer) the following is a paid program for crepe erase.
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