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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  May 15, 2019 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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on the road to get crawford's yulia sevens out there in it showing us what it's like so that you know what you need to be prepared for pretty slow around them yet. >>soggy and sloppy. and it's going only get worse as far as the weather worse this morning, a soggy and sloppy it's going to be downright wet not so much fun. measure heading home from work conditions out there at the golden gate bridge looking just as great as you know we shot as up in the north bay can see all those clouds of work their way over head and all that rainfall that has settled in across the bay to. >>a lot of green and you know what that means light to moderate showers all across the region and so if you're taking to the roads in the next few minutes, it doesn't matter where you are roadways are wet. so slow it down robin and tell you about that in the second light showers in san francisco, some moderate showers right around daly city down through san bruno in the airport and towards the east. some of our heaviest of rainfall in the bay so far has been right along 24 between
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areas like lafayette on walnut creek on over to berkeley of and the span general also if you're traveling down 6 a teacher san ramon in danville you've got some moderate shower activity that is going to be making for some slick roads. we haven't seen rain since april 16th. that's almost a solid month without us you've got those oils on the roads conditions going to be slick as for areas further north up in marin county moderate rainfall right around richmond richmond center fell bridge certainly seeing it lighter showers up towards santa rosa, currently, your current temperatures will those are in the 50's and 60's so it is a mild start to the morning. but don't expect temperatures to boost much further than this into the afternoon we're going to stay in a range of 60's cooler than yesterday with even cooler temperatures tomorrow, future cast shows you that as we push through this morning you will continue to see moderate shower activity continuing at times. the heaviest of rain and that's after 04:00pm pushing on in torture evening commute tonight such your drive home from work that's really going to be impacted by today's rain and also at that
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time as you're driving home from work when speeds are going to be picking up peak. wind gusts later today at around 40 miles per hour and you can see wind gusts regularly into a range of 20 miles per hour on the map for many of our biggest cities, san francisco oakland and san jose all in the 60's for highs today in all looking at the potential of heavy afternoon rain. robin all right back to the bay bridge. one of our busiest bridges a lot of heavy traffic into san francisco. >>you're backed up all the way through the maze so it's going to be quite heavy this morning coming in and it's going to stay like this for hours, but it's very quiet and we don't have any major trouble spots on the span so just under 20 minutes for now here is a new accident and it's east found 24 near fish ranch counter commute direction. crews on scene so that's an unexpected slowdown for you and then it's also impacting westbound traffic which was already recovering from an earlier hot spots so that crash had 2 lanes blocked going west. now you have a new crash east that still impacting the commute.
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it's crawling through a renda in lafayette all the way back to wanted creek at 32 minutes to make it from 6.80 to oakland but 6 80's tough as well so keep that in mind and then 2.80 san jose cupertino 40 minutes for your drive target. thanks a lot. nato to in the east bay u c berkeley police are looking for a man who took pictures of people in a campus bathroom disturbing story craw force will tran joining us live ith the very latest on the investigation. >>well what we know about what happened. >>and still they catch that man u c berkeley police there were any of the students to be careful look around it or environments when you walk into the bathroom because they recently discovered it, here's a picture of the man it actually dates back this investigation dates back to october where they said back in october, 13 people during a three-day window had there. time in the bathroom recorded and then in march 5 people in one particular day had there in that recorded as well this is on the 4th floor of moffitt
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library there recently discovered is they were able to get some surveillance pictures which is why they're releasing it to the public at this particular time. i got a chance to talk to students as they're heading to their finals this morning. some of them, i'm breaking the news to them. they say they're very disturbed. you sound creeped out totally creeped out. i'm like this dude. it's quite disgusting for me like i'm just reveille by. the fact that somebody would do this you know. i'm is a gender neutral bathroom as far as you know the as far as i every every there's no signs saying it's male or female on i'm pretty sure the official stance is that it's a gender neutral bathrooms. u c berkeley police they removed this recording device in the meantime they're looking through their surveillance footage again to see if they can pinpoint this particular person. the question they have this morning is whether or not this person is a u c berkeley student or somebody who went on to campus to plant that
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device changed area. ok thank you will. >>8 oh 4 is the time right now and on the peninsula. sam, a tale man is in jail. he's accused of sexually assaulting ildren and police believe there could be more victims forced christina tetreault following that story for us joining us live with the latest christina. >>so we are live out here in front of the san mateo county sheriff's office where deputies have arrested that man he is now booked inside of the maguire correctional facility when she couldn't take a look at his picture. this is 47 year-old francisco nunez now he allegedly sexually assaulted 2 young children under 10 years old at a private home in pesky continuously for 6 years between 2009 and 2015, he's been arrested on suspicion suspicion of reaping a child lewd acts on a minor and continuous sexual-assault of a child. now deputies say he may have ticket taking advantage of also other victims also in that scene age range now
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they're asking for your help if you happen to know anyone who has been in contact with nunez or if you know anyone who's had their child in contact with newness please go ahead and contact the sheriff's detectives as soon as possible. we have a list of the phone numbers and e-mails directly to detectives working on this case right now over a crime for dot com. reporting live in san mateo county christina teatro on for news. thank you christina. >>time now 6 in the south bay surveillance video captures a man snatching a woman's purse and dragging her and her daughter down a flight of stairs. it happened early in the month at a business complex on towers lane in san jose. and you can see them go tumbling down the stairs in the surveillance video and that's how the video is what led police to 26 year-old pablo cabrera junior, he was already on parole for another burglary and police think that he may be connected to several other purse snatching cases in each case. it was a an asian woman who was targeted carrying an expensive purse. >>that's a little scary because i mean.
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>>whether he's targeting asian women women in general, you know, i'm just got to be. you know on the looking like you got to be aware all the time people are getting more and more desperate. >>cabrera was arrested at his home last week and booked into jail. breaking news from overnight a man was shot and killed in oakland near san antonio park shotspotter sensors detected the gunfire about 3 o'clock this morning in the 1700 block of east 7 seen street. and that's where officers found a man who had been shot several times and he died at the scene. new this morning, one person is dead. they were killed in an atv crash in sonoma county. >>we know that this atv crashed last night on grange road but it was on private property, we don't know anything about the victim whether was a man boy were man a woman or child. >>in the east teenagers in the hospital now after he was hit by a truck in brentwood it happened near first street.
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>>this was yesterday afternoon that 14 year-old boy was walking along the shoulder when the truck hit him. he was taken to the hospital with severe injuries as for the driver of that truck that person is now under investigation for dui it's 8 oh 7. >>and game 2 is in the past like ponytails and clay and the sad. >>happened just the way we wanted it to have to the warriors a pretty substantial want to as they face the trail blazers in the arena, 22 points that was the spread at the end of it all so amazing and it was great to seth and steph even now is real face off casesa couldn't do much the warriors which is and curry was on fire their or their parents watching the game. it was from the start he was high from the start. he had 9, 3 pointers 36 points and then clay got when the tumor on fire. it's over clan 26 final score, one 16 to 94 what they call him the splash brothers right is when they're
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both click and it's hard to beat game 2 at oracle tomorrow night tip off in that one. >>6 o'clock. >>and we know we've got the sharks as well western conference for her little bit tonight and that's tonight away in st. louis and we've got a special for you, yes, or 4 o'clock we got kron four here on the broadcast channel special which will also carry on our new streaming app as well kron on's of crime on. >>dot tv to find out more about that tonight special by the way hosted by cross governor and kate running. >>chillin inside watching one of the specials taken in the game from cousy indoor places the rain falls outside because guess what this afternoon at 04:00pm is when really kicks into gear. i'm tracking what to expect not just for today, the rest of the week still to count. >>and i'm tracking that soggy commute around the bay area, the bay bridge traffic still stacked up from the oakland mays and i'm just getting word of major
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>>the rain is getting harder out there for sure and definitely yeah we had a nice quiet start around 05:00am andp new. >>gate bridge actually looks heavy to traffic. wise and the rain wise well, at least when it's heavy traffic you're driving slower on the road yet have to is a good thing in that regard, but it is definitely a not a quiet morning that it once was rainfall picking up across the bay area from the golden gate bridge down through san jose word is a little bit lighter right now in san jose out to the east way of a whale rider unpleasant in walnut creek down especially through danville and center mode you're having some moderate shower activity you see some of the heaviest of rainfall like i mentioned just to the east of 6.80 right over blow also plenty to work with still to our west that's going to be making its way over the bay area so it's a mix of light to moderate shower activity across the region right now
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looking at the south bay first of all there san jose, some light showers overhead if you're heading north towards milpitas up to fremont moderate showers in that direction also looking at some moderate showers around los gatos just a bit further south of the city and as you're heading up the peninsula light showers on 2.80 as well as one to one. let's take a look at some of the strongest of showers right now just east of walnut creek pleasant hill and concord if you're heading down 6.80 just east of san ramon is where you are seeing some of the heaviest of rain right around now t ah but right now that yellow indicating that increased intensity darker green to show you where some of those heavier spots are just east of richmond very close to 80 right now so often on light to moderate showers are going to take us through the rest of your morng on into the early afternoon after which point post 04:00pm the storm door swing in a wide open and at that point yellow and orange indicating the heavier rainfall which settles in across the bay area later this afternoon see your drive i% home from work is going to be even more problematic. the new
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drive into work is about to be likely to be slowing traffic and with winds gusting as high as 40 miles per hour at this time. you are definitely going to have some issues slow it down and just sent us a paid a longer commute home. really start to die down after that point your evening into tomorrow morning coming on with often on sprinkles before this this is at 10:00am right here. some isolated thunderstorm activity starts to push into the bay in the middle of your day tomorrow and the best chance of any sort of severe storms will be seen up in the north bay. so much like today tomorrow starts on the converse side activity kicks up towards the middle of the day. then we start to see that shower activity officially tapering off tomorrow night setting us up for a nice break from the rain at least initially on friday. if all the things i'm talking about right now make it feel a little bit more like march or the middle of winter it's because this is quite the unseasonable of event that we are in the midst of right now normally any sort of rais that we do see from a really just amounts to a few light showers
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very brief but this is a plume of moisture that will be impacting the entirety of the bay with almost twice the amount of rainfall that we usually see over the course of the whole month of may just over the course of the next day or 2 so definitely a system that is unseasonable and just how much rain it is bringing and how cool these temperatures are about to become too today already a cool down from yesterday all of us in the 60's for highs. tomorrow, we're only going to be in the 50's for daytime his as that cool air really settles in rain and afternoon thunderstorms today, rain and afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow come friday, we catch a break from the rain least until a few sprinkles possible tomorrow night. our friday night should say saturday some steady evening rain sunday we start the day with a few showers before clearing skies later on and this moist flow continues all the way into next week with monday and tuesday also offering up chances of rain. robin. all right want to check in on caltrain there was an accident or in the south bay involving
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train to 27. >>that struck a pedestrian this happened near capitol and south san jose so do expect delays out of the southbound caltrain this morning, the eta is working at a set up a bus fridge to get between. the dear don station and the capital station to once again. a major incident here involving the caltrain and number 2.27. they are combining other trains working to get service somewhat back to normal and so far we do not know the condition of the person that was struck by the train. but we'll definitely keep you updated. meanwhile we're checking in on 92 very soggy commute out of hayward here over to the finance let's not let coming up not get 29 minutes off to want to one. the richmond center fell bridge. we see the rain drops now on the camera to really soggy out there so watch your speed. you know you could easily spin out it happens all the time. no major incidents here 15 minutes that's a good for your trip to the north bay from oakland san francisco long line at the bay bridge toll plaza. >>this is all that back into the maze so it's pretty heavy
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but we had one little hot spot. it's gone, we haven't had any other problems since in so hopefully it will stay quiet for you. hi drive times and making your way from san leandro to downtown oakland, 43 minutes for the name, it's not too much better. this morning for 5.80 so just blame it on the rain and then 2.80 extra slow 40 minutes now from san jose to cupertino james >>so east bay over driver accused of kidnapping and trying to rape 2 women is expected in court next week with one incident happening in berkeley the other one in oakland. >>crown forcefully jungle tells us how the women managed to escape. >>twice on the early morning of thursday may second the berkeley police department says 23 year-old umbrella mari of oakland kidnap 2 different women in his capacity as an uber driver with the intent to commit rape robin wright over for years and i have never experienced anything like that i thought it was seen on monday the alameda county district attorney's office filed a criminal complaint against him are e.
8:19 am
>>and charged him with 2 felony sex-crime says why drive home because people nowadays you can't really trust on police say i'm already picked his first victim up in berkeley at around 5 30 that morning. >>the woman in her 20's was heading to work when she tells ari let her know he would drop are all only after taking her to a room where he later admitted to investigators. he intended to have sec's with her and pimp her. police say he told her she couldn't use her phone and refused demands to letter out the half-mile after being picked up. police say the woman escaped by jumping out of the moving car. >>people to get can if you even chanted in and in the news in about 2 hours after the first incident police say i'm are you picked the woman up in oakland was still on the clock gruber she too was headed to work when police say a mari touched the woman's thigh and lock the doors it wasn't until the woman threatened to break the window ari let her route a week after both encounters. berkeley
8:20 am
police arrested a mari near the same location. the first woman hopped out of the car says. >>my mind blowing is not safe out here not even. even if you're paying for the ari is currently being held without bail at the santa rita jail in dublin. >>he's due in court 10 days from now. in berkeley fully to call kron 4 news. >>virginia and accused somali were criminal was found to be driving for uber. abdi ali is accused of atrocities, including torture and attempted murder in somalia in the 1980's, he he however did not eyes. those accusations while awaiting civil trial on those charges, he's been driving for over that is apparently. >>pretty good at it. he is listed as an uber pro diamond level driver with a 4.8 9 rating. ali says that he's been driving. >>for writer companies for more than a year and says that passing a background check was fairly easy. last year over tightened its background
8:21 am
checks. but says that those checks don't include revealing social media or google searches. what's both companies found out about the allegations against a leave lyft banned for life and uber has since suspended him pending a review. a pittsburgh based uber driver under arrest accused of kidnapping. so richard the mahdi is also an assistant professor at penn state university we talked about the story. according to authoties lot he picked up 2 women on the uber ride early saturday morning. those women say that he then pulled the car over and told them quote you're not going anywhere. and then tried to lock the doors. >>the women were able to escape and then they called the police a preliminary hearing is set for later this month. a spokesperson. cause these allegations deeply troubling at the college and they say that his access to the campus has been revoked. >>as we head to break, here's a quick look at the radar once again, the rain that's going to be big story impacting all of us throughout the day today as the showers are expected to intensify this afternoon. more
8:22 am
on that with your forecast and john.
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>>the 24 keeping a very close eye on storm tracker for this morning because well rainfall activity is really kicked into gear now there are a couple of spots, i'd like to point out here where rain falls especially a really coming down that's just east of concord walnut creek and down through san ramon in danville these areas right here to 22 on the map seeing some moderate even very isolated heavy showers, especially out
8:25 am
towards antioch right now and if you are out in the delta that's where you're looking at some of the most significant rain zooming in on san francisco, lighter showers in the city itself some of the heaviest of rain in san francisco's right around our sunset down through daly city and up and down highway one along the coast, zooming in on those areas i just pointed out the east bay just east of 6.80 is where that heaviest of rainfall is concentrated right now and further north in the bay area you're also seeing rainfall. that's been pretty steady up in the marine headlines and out through center fell those of you making the cross pens crossing on the richmond center fell bridge are also looking at moderate showers in fairly breezy conditions at the moment further south in the bay can't forget our south a neighbor's rainfalls picked up around san jose, especially out towards alum rock and just to the north of the city towards milpitas so those of you traveling on one oh one in a 60 in to hear the next few moments are likely to be running into some very wet conditions on those roads speaking of which robin how is
8:26 am
it out there very busy around the bay area and now we have mass transit delays check out caltrain we have a delay here. >>out of the south bay, a person was struck by a train on the tracks. >>just outside of the capital station and so that rain over to 27. it's on hold as that investigation continues so they've set up a bus fridge to get you between san jose dear don in the capital station so that is your alternate just keep in mind that that throws off the schedule other trains are being combined and elaine as well so i'll stay on top of this also tracking the soggy commute look at the raindrops here back to the richmond center fell bridge crawling. arena but that's normal backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza from the maze. so don't forget the headlights and wipers and make sure you leave early because it's
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>>welcome back. it is a 29 and we are tracking the storm on the left-hand side you can see where it's raining the hardest now out to the east that's the yellow the green is everybody get wet, including yulia 7 as. >>was off to confirmation about looks like the toll plaza. ok, yes, at the bay bridge you can see the water on the us is so got confirmation from the only that's what it was looking like on the open side of the bay bridge john. he told seen too many people giving thumbs it. >>pay for the board. the dow right now maybe because the commute definitely not going
8:30 am
to be quite as smooth as it would be on a dry day as you would expect on a morning such as this one rainfall. >>has really started to kick into gear now it's light to moderate showers as promised across the day you can see out there towards mount diablo some of the head and the us the rainfall that we do have in the bay area is settled down right there just east of 6.80 out in the east bay areas of yellow indicating those moderate spots just east of again also right around richmond right now rainfalls been picking up and to our west all that rainfall you're seeing out in the pacific is going to be working its way or direction as we make our way through the morning so light to moderate showers continue through the mid morning into the early afternoon. storm door swings wide open after 04:00pm and that's when the heavy rainfall is going to push on into the bay area along with a big increase in wind speeds too that thing about this this is your drive home from work right here really going to be impacted by that heavy rain a lot of rain short period of time here after that frontal boundary sweeps through along with those strong winds and heavy rains we see a break from the
8:31 am
heaviest of rains at least initially tomorrow morning at around 10:11am some thunderstorms looking likely to flare up across especially the north day on the peninsula and that will make for an interesting middle of the day tomorrow after that showers begin to taper off tomorrow afternoo and then your friday finally catching a break from the rain that is unseasonably late in the year usually may is not near this way as anyone who has lived here for allow can tell you as for temperatures they are cooler today, wind speeds starting calm but increasing into the afternoon. gusts of well over 20 miles per hour on the reg across the bay with gusts in excess of 40 miles per hour at their peak. so temperatures 60's for your highs cooler than yesterday even cooler tomorrow with even more rainfall tomorrow too. i'm continuing to track your storms in keeping you updated on the rest of the week. still ahead your forecast robin. so following a big trouble spot in the south bay on caltrain we have delays right now to south san jose. >>after a person was struck and killed by train number to
8:32 am
27 happened about an hour ago, but that investigation is still underway and for now vta is providing the bus bridge to get you between. the settles injured on station and capital so count on that bus fridge. plan ahead know that the investigation continued and it was indeed a fatality checking in on the bay bridge traffic crawling from the maze, it's just slow and sloppy this morning. but quiet we had one hot spot. it's gone in traffic just never recovered sell 16 to 20 minutes now to make it into san francisco. james started thanks robin. >>happening today, teachers in union city are going to be meeting with school district officials one last time to try to avoid a strike nobody really wants it to come to this conference sarah stinson is live with what's going on sarah. >>well i just spoke with the teachers association who tells me that they're hopeful heading to the bargaining table today at 10 o'clock. they're really hoping you won't have to head and to a strike they have declared a strike that would have may
8:33 am
20th. if they do not come to an agreement now the teachers association has asked for a 20% raise over 2 years but the school district is offering 0%. according to the district new even teacher salaries are second highest and all of the east bay they make an average of 96,000 a year. but the association says many people are still struggling to find an affordable house in the area. the one thing teachers in the day and the district do agree on right now is that neither want to strike to happen. the teachers say they just don't know what else to do. >>our teachers are incredible. they are they're great. they deserve a raise they absolutely deserve a raise we just don't have the money to do it and we don't want to go on strike we're doing everything possible to not going to strike. >>district spokesperson john says the district is already cutting $4 million from next year's budget citing declining %
8:34 am
enrollment plus the subsequent foot lack of funding from the government. now the teachers association and the district are expected again there at the bargaining table starting at 10 o'clock today will be bargaining all day long and what happens today in the next coming days will really determine whether that strike is going to be necessary if they do hold a strike. it will be the first one in history of this district in union city sarah stinson kron four news. >>all right, thank you very much sheriff. >>time is a 34 in san francisco supervisors passed the first law in the country banning facial recognition as a tool for law enforcement. the technology marketed by amazon microsoft and others has raised fears about privacy since millions of images are stored in law enforcement databases, the ordinance in san francisco requires all city agencies to develop a policy on how they use surveillance data. >>this recognition is potentially like a nuclear weapon, a survey want to give law enforcement the ability to
8:35 am
hear rewind on anybody's life find out every where they've been who they've been with. >>oakland and the state of massachusetts are considering similar bans, san francisco's ban. exempts federal law enforcement meeting facial recognition can still be used by the fbi the tsa and immigration. >>well it's happened again for the 10th time this year a dead whale has washed ashore along the bay area beach this time in pacifica we still don't know yet how this latest whale died the marine mammal center says they plan to investigate the death. it washed up by their late monday night or early tuesday morning. there you see it now again it's not unusual to see dead whales this time of year since they're migrating from southern california to alaska. but the number of dead whales has officials concerned. bart is trying to work out some issues with its current trains before any new ones are delivered right now only 75 out of the 84 trains are in service. the new cars were made on the east coast, but they can't be tested until they get here to the bay area and in these tests bart has found a variety of problems
8:36 am
with a lot of these cars mostly with the software. so they slow down the new car delivery process of these problems can be worked out there hoping to have more than 400 new cars in service by next year. we'll take a break it's now a 35 still ahead on the kron four morning news, the alabama senate. what is considered the most restrictive abortion law in the country and now it sits on the governor's desk for signature will take a look at what may come next. >>and then governor new service traveling around the state talking to people about his plan to improve healthcare across the golden state. john and today rainfall makes its big return. you're noticing it out there across the bay right now. the heaviest stuff that's still on its way i'm talking when ahead. >>and i'm tracking your commute around the bay area. check out the drive here to the return center fell bridge right on the camera on the pavement to so it's going to be slippery commute make sure you're driving at a reduced speed up there and leave a
8:37 am
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8:39 am
>>bky 39 of course are keeping a close eye on storm tracker for this morning because all all eyes are on that rainfall which year in countering as you step outside your door all across the bay really. the heaviest of it is in areas just west of san francisco now if you're looking just west ocean beach at stops making its way our direction for those of you on the peninsula and right around antioch if you're traveling along highway 4 between conquered in antioch right now
8:40 am
some moderate shower activity campus. fairfield up there in the very top of the screen too and if you're traveling down 6.80 south of walnut creek rainfall intensity will be picking up as you head towards danville and san ramon further north in the bay area light showers continue across the marine headlines as well, sir sonoma and napa counties. so roadways are wet, taking a little bit slower out there, rob and tell you just that to how's it looking out there. yeahhat's great advice leave early even if you have to take mass transit because we have a big problem. >>in the south bay right now with caltrain service number to 27 struck and killed a trespasser earlier this morning on the tracks that happened near the capital station so the investigation continues. and there's no service right now along that stretch they are combining some of the other trains for customers vta also helping out there providing a bus bridge between dear don in the capital station. so that is your next best alternative. do you expect major delays this morning for caltrain out of the south bay, golden gate is
8:41 am
fine just soggy 46 minutes fairly normal that heavy traffic is nevado to sandra fill but after that a great trip to san francisco and the bay bridge traffic is quiet but just know that it's crawling from the oakland mazen pockets to fremont street james. >>robin if you ride bart, then you know it's not always the cleanest experience. coming up in the next hour, the crop for more news. we're going to take a trip with bart night cleaning crew. we'll find out what they do each night to try and make sure your ride is clean as possible. [ dramatic orchestral music ]
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>>welcome back a 45 on this wednesday morning it's made usually we do see some clear skies than what we're looking at this time of year, but yet it is raining all across the bay area and just the first of multiple of days of rain to come in your forecast, moderate rainfall across the golden gate bridge, the roadways wet just as roadways across the bay are looking at san jose definitely cloudy
8:45 am
skies and you've been looking at rain down in the south bay to out towards mountie although some of the heaviest of rain in the bay area seen just east of 6.80 right now definitely shrouding the mountain and some of our heaviest of showers he actually see the showers on satellite radar right now that's a yellow and dark green that you're seeing out in the east bay. also some dark green just west of the city of san francisco going to be moving that direction. a dry slot right now through mountain view on up through areas like woodside so catching a break driving up to 81 oh one in these areas, but if you're heading south to san jose expect light showers down there light to moderate showers up the peninsula east bay like a pointed out some of her heaviest of rainfall just east of 6.80. if you're traveling east of concord on over to antioch you're going to be running into some heavier stuff also just east of san ramon danville out towards livermore some heavier rainfall right now. this is where we're going to be seeing rainfall in just a few minutes, it's going to start to settle down. you're going to catch a brief break from it into law latter part of the morning and then you'll see the heaviest of stuff pushing
8:46 am
in after 04:00pm that's when the storm door swings wide open and the heavy rain starts to fall right in the midst of your evening commute home from work tonight. that's also when your strongest of winds are to be seen peak. wind gusts today topping out around 40 miles per hour. so when the heavy rain maybe even a few rules of thunder out there, that's definitely not your ideal trip home from work later today may be a good evening to take it easy stay indoors a little bit more so as for tomorrow morning light showers initially but around 10:00am you're going to see some activity firing up from the west and that could result in a few isolated thunderstorms. most likely for the north they are right in the middle of your day tomorrow shower activity into the latter part of your afternoon will start to diminish that sets us up for what will eventually be a dry friday a break before even more rainfall just around the corner in your forecast. how much rain are we looking at here will considering how late in the year we're talking and may only usually sees around a half an inch to 3 quarters of an inch on average for the bay area during the entire month
8:47 am
talking numbers of well over an inch of rain in the next 48 hours is a lot and we're looking at over 2 inches of rainfall possible. there is like santa rosa just under thtt 2 inch mark in napa temperatures today cooler than they have been it's a range of 60's as opposed to the 70's we had been looking at under sunny skies that were hit or miss these next couple of days. tomorrow, even cooler as colder air settles in temperatures fall into the upper 50's for daytime highs, not just at the coast before inland areas. friday, a boost in temperatures and also sunshine mostly sunny skies return the first few sprinkles late in the day friday saturday evening showers sunday morning showers before clearing skies that monday and tuerday to see it on your seven-day even more rainfall looking likely. robin. >>thank you john want to check back in on the bay bridge and see how traffic is moving into san francisco. we know it's been raining on the roads are pretty soggy out there haven't had too many crashes adding to your back up here at the toll plaza that we have one hot
8:48 am
spot. that's long gone, but just know that it's going to be pretty slow from the maze the nimitz the shore. the macarthur they're all pretty tight at just under 20 minutes here, 15 to 20 minutes off to fremont street and they were checking in on highway 4 the drive times going down 34 minutes that's not bad 34 minutes and iata conquered, just got word of a new accident 5.80 west near north livermore avenue that may be blocking so busy from vasco in pockets or livermore but overall the trip to dublin is not bad. 18 minutes by the time you reach the dublin interchange and then one on making your way from morgan hill to 87 and san jose about a 15 minute trip not bad, we'll take you over to 92 7 county one-way traffic control in place. there was a truck that caught fire you only have one lane east to one lane going west. and so this is out near skyline traffic control in place you can see that eastbound traffic at a crawl so that's going to impact you leaving half moon bay working your way toward said the tail just want to throw that in
8:49 am
there and we have major caltrain delays on the south bay after a person was struck and killed by train to 27. that investigation continues so your best alternative is the vta bust bridge that they've already set up between jared on and capital they are working to get that investigation wrapped up and those trains back on time saw keep you posted james. >>governor gavin newsome is promoting his health care platform across the state he kicked off his statewide tour yesterday and here's video of that part of newsom's health care troposal includes requiring everyone to purchase health insurance and then penalize those who doubt. he says the money from those penalty fees will then be offered up as subsidies to families who make up $250,000 a year to help cut the cost of health care. if the measure is approved by the legislature than california would be the first state in the country to help people who make 600% above the federal poverty level like i want to keep. >>premiums low for millions and millions of californians.
8:50 am
i want to increase enrollment i want to see ongoing decrease in enrollment. and the extent people are dissatisfied with doing something no other state in american history has ever done and they have a better idea and they want to deepen the proposal. come i love the critics. >>the governor said to push for a handful of new health care proposals this week and we'll see what he has to say. >>my is now just one step away from the gnashing the most restrictive abortion law in the it would make. >>nearly all forms of abortion illegal and punish doctors that perform abortions. >>with prison sentences up to 99 years city and ask com has more. >>protesters mustard around the state house as senators debated the bill to ban nearly all abortions except when the mother's health is at risk. the senate voted 25 to 6 in favor of one of the strictest abortion bills in the country sending it to governor kay ivey is desk. if you believe that life begins early. >>as i do then that life has
8:51 am
rights as well. >>you just aborted the state of alabama democrats for hours condemn to the bill because you can't let them about babies having babies in this state berate him is says you know care thing about mothers with children with low birth weight you don't care anything about babies for real you just year-old in the stomach yourself. >>they attacked how the senate voted down an amendment that would have allowed for exceptions in cases of rape and incest 4 republican senators voted for the amendments in my district. >>the women do not want it in all the elimination of a rape and incest supporters say the goals for the bill to overturn roe versus wade. >>and then have states individually decide what laws they want but once it's there it's a life. >>that life has the in my opinion should be afforded the protections that all why does the bill now heads to the governor's desk. >>that was living in a
8:52 am
reporting. if the governor does sign that bill into law and she has indicated she will then it would go into effect for 6 men and 6 months from now. it's a 51 and as we head to the break we'll be back with more weather and traffic on this wet morning, the first of a number of wet days and we're going to see in the forecast which might catch you by surprise if you have been listening to john aide says is ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock.
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>>world a second grader in new york is already working towards his future career as a tv news reporter yeah, take a look. >>what >>i say for i see what is live report so he made the original a if a cow is like hold on a second that's a pretty succinct 8 year old wow he did for class project and he's gotten so much positive feedback from his classmates, his teachers and even local news station got involved there in new york. >>the mike flag is a little vague as is the time little slimmer going soak you know go into it way they're going to shy. they got here are i think so. >>i think you are well on your way to becoming a news reporter, i have a great camera presence you have a great speaking voice. you want to maybe work on your interviewing skills how much money deal >>get this man a race. that's the latest from here from ny that sh y hudson united i'm
8:56 am
shaken is a. now that did studio. >>ok ahead and ask you as hard hitting questions will he really just went right for a day love that that's what it takes. >>wow so there you go, i'm just a fun piece of video we thought we'd share with you this morning. >>a 56 right now and we've got lots ahead here on the convoy morning news, mostly. i don't think he's doing sure whether yet. >>we are whether a lot today because all that rainfall that is a across the bay area and heading our direction not just today but through much your forecast ahead of us which i'm breaking down ahead. >>and because of the wet weather you need to leave early plan ahead for your morning commute. it's so busy out there check out the bay bridge traffic crash falling from the maids and
8:57 am
8:58 am
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>>various wilson and i'm james fletcher we got a whole lot of rain out there and that's what you're seeing here on storm tracker for most of it light, but it is fairly widespread, yeah and it is going to get heavier as the day goes on so let's get right to the forecast john well guys, yeah it's been light to moderate rain so far some of the heaviest of stuff you saw on yellow just a second ago out in the east bay, golden gate bridge certainly one of our many wet roadways. this morning just taken a bit slower out there because that's the biggest impact from this rain which is moving northeast through the bay this morning is that just made those roads on the wetter side of things since we haven't seen rain for about a month now since april 16th, that means moyles have settled on to the roads and conditions could be slick out there as you're making your trip out of your house this morning and into your day ahead, looking at light rain up and down the peninsula, some heavier stuff just north of the bay bridge. the heaviest of rain will that's out towards antioch right now just


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