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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 17, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>>now at 9 a health alert in the city of berkeley where people may have been exposed to the measles good evening, everybody on the killer cap in for grant lotus tonight. >>berkeley health officials are saying the person with measles visited the berkeley bowl market that's on 2020 organ street. this was tuesday may 7th. khan force gayle aung she's live in berkeley with who needs to be concerned about this scale. >>katherine is a key as a very busy market during the day and that berkeley resident who was
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who have the illness was infected and that was passing through here during a busy time. city health officials say this is not a measles outbreak, but it is the first confirmed measles case in a city of berkeley and in alameda county. >>shoppers and workers of the berkeley bowl an organ street may have been exposed to measles earlier this month. the city of berkeley public health says the infected person is not an employee here but came through the grocery store on may 7th between 3, 5, in the afternoon. so to dorian johnson but says he is vaccinated and fortunately nothing has happened for me, but. it doesn't create problems for other people. shopper ron moore tell is not worried about the exposure. >>i got measles in the 50's and i survived quite nicely. everybody i know that it was no >>martell may have a lifetim immunity, but city health officer lisa hernandez says the person who contracted the illness while traveling abroad visited the store putting many at risk.
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>>when people asked what can i do. we know vaccines an affective way to prevent certain diseases, especially measles. >>hernandez says anyone not immunize could get sick if they travel through the same places measles is an airborne disease that means that travels in the air. and i'm with someone car. it stays in the air for about an hour symptoms can take up to 21 days after exposure. symptoms include high fever runny nose, cough red eyes and a rash all over the body for 5 to 6 days. >>anyone who thinks they may be infected should call a doctor before going to a doctor's office or emergency room to prevent spreading the illness. i did speak to a store manager here at the berkeley people they have put up signs notifying customers and they have been checking in with employees to see if they're ok. >>so far health officials say this is safe live in berkeley
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get along kron 4 news all right gail and we have more information on the measles outbreak on our website there you can find details on the case is reported here in the bay area. >>and where infected people may have visited that's all on kron four dot com. >>patching sometimes sunny day across the bay as we take a live look over san francisco. >>the raindrops as top least for now at least for now is they are a key part of that sentence. >>chief meteorologist large car knows here so we want to know what kind of rain to expect this weekend. yeah looks like it's going to be heavy times i think into the afternoon the storm systems in the slow that's like me a complete washout but yet here we go again be prepared for some rain as the storm system going to come in you see developing off the coastline right now last few hours just beginning to put itself together here and i think it's going to pack a punch as it comes through could have some isolated thunderstorms with this and well some gusty winds to go along with the heavy rain too so a nice quiet night out there right now some clouds beginning to float overhead mostly just some high clouds moving up above from that's frontal system that's off the coastline, but that
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will change as it looks like we're going to see a much more stormy weather over the weekend temperatures jump today though with a little sunshine up 9.10 degrees in some parts of the bay area so these warm-up but still well below the average usually we're in the 70's even some upper 70's by this time of year, but we're not even close numbers are running in the 60's 61 in san francisco, 65 in oakland 66 for a high in san jose 64. well below the average in livermore 68 in concord and 66 degrees in santa rosa. so very active weather pattern right now you see that storm system that is gathering along the coastline some high clouds are to begin to move across our skies that will be some time before it gets i think it's going to strengthen before it moves on shore still we're seeing that sea breeze blowing right now those when to switch to a southerly direction here in the next few hours that storm approaches and then they're going to gusty than some of those winds may be a blow as high as 30 plus miles per hour. here's a live forecast for some of those wind gusts as we take you through time is tomorrow morning will begin notice some changes that by the afternoon as that front approaches look at all the
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color of the screen you have some yellow he gets more and you get some red, those are winds gusting of the 20 plus 30 plus miles per hour. that's over the mountain tops around the coastal ranges now the kind of moves on through front moves on by but still some breezy conditions as we get into sunday. so kind of a 1, 2 punch here we've got that main front that wants to move through. but the from behind and that someone is diving on the backside that was kind of reinforce a storm system and really kind of amplified as it makes its way toward the coastline. so the rain is on the way let's count on and it's going to slow down a little bit though the models i think are starting to pick up on that a bit maybe of scattered light shower in some of the parts of the north a early on tomorrow and then as we head to the middle the day the rain begins to pick up then rain is going to get heavy at times through the afternoon. then you see that very impressive cell moving to the north bay as we head toward the latter part of the day to so stormy weather ahead, and more rain on the way for sunday too. >>all right lawrence california high school in san ramon is going to increase police security on campus through the end of the school year and this is after students found yet another threatening graffiti with racist remarks this was
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yesterday. it was the 4th found on campus this month. parents and students say they are on edge. >>talked about my boys about and some of their friends in they're stressed out about it, you know could says what ifs they're just kind a 50 almost like it's inevitable that one day it just going to happen every day on the news is he somewhere it did like you know they have so much to worry about grades. >>teams this is the last thing you need to worry about is there life on campus. >>school administrators say they have identified and discipline for students for the graffiti. and that that last week the graffiti they're talking about in that case that threatened to school shooting may 9th. the working on finding those responsible for messages and plan to install more security cameras. police will also be doing safety training this summer at california high school to get ready for a possible mass shooting. more than 11,000 students and their parents and union city's new haven school district are bracing for a teacher strike monday. this is
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if there's no new deal with the district and it doesn't look like that's coming. teachers say they are not making enough money to cover the cost of living or to buy or rent a house in the bay area but the district says they have cut $4 million out of the budget this year will probably do so again over the next 2 years and say they just can't afford to pay the teachers, what they want. we just don't have that money we've been cutting. >>we cut last million we're cutting $4 million for next year and we're looking at cutting at least $4 million for 2021 for paying over $20,000 a year just to health insurance alone. >>on an and all we want is a fair contract settlement just district managers are just digging in and being an care. >>11,000 students would be affected by that strike. well the second week of testimony in the ghost ship warehouse fire has full of wrapped up but the trial itself is are really just beginning. it is expected to last month so far we've heard from people who live inside the warehouse.
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people who were at the party the night of the fire and from police and firefighters who responded to the warehouse years before the fire and on the night of december second 2016. our first michelle king said she's been covering the trial for us and she back to the warehouse for us to see what it looks like today. >>it's quiet out said the ghost ship warehouse windows are boarded up caution tape still lines the building. an rv it's parked in the back of the front door is locked shot people still drive by slowly remembering the fire that burned here 2 and a half years ago, >>and unexplainable. >>out front of the go ship a memorial still stands a lot of art in photos and flowers on 31th avenue to remember the 36 victims. >>you know one is one of those said that you never forget when i watch it on tv going through the trial like
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everything i flash back and think about the crime faces that were on the street that had brothers and sisters of family members that have burn in the fire. >>in the trial we've learned so far that there was no record of any inspection at the warehouse fire fighters testified the building was unsafe and the fire itself was the most difficult one they've ever fought. some of the people who lived inside or were at the party the night of the fire have testified it was a breathtaking space boulevard. >>but that the warehouse was full of arby's one person calling it a death trap. while the trial continues the ghost ship warehouse remains standing. >>city councilor noel said the city pulled back a permit to demolish rehed out to the city update but did not hear b >>some of the family members of victims in the community hope whatever takes that those ships place include some of the more. remember the people who died the night of the electronic music party on
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december 2nd 2016 in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>a protest is planned in support of max harris at 08:00am monday. this would be a outside the alameda county superior court in oakland. to the south bay now police are investigating a body found near san jose state university. >>police found a 75 year-old man dead this morning in an area of east san antonio and south 11 streets. that's about one block away from the campus police say the death does not appear to be suspicious. >>and now to a story that you'll see only on kron 4 news tonight in lafayette, a man was riding his bicycle when a truck ran over and killed him now almost a year later his family has filed a lawsuit they did that today conference justin waldman says they believe that's necessary to prevent a similar tragedy. >>he is a loving was a loving
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caring extremely compassionate person who cares about his community as kids his family, his dad was his best friend that's what aided mcguire tells kron 4 news. >>and without him he and his 2 younger sisters struggle to move forward during this tragedy. you can't. change history. you know. in august of 2018 martin nealis who work for the city of pleasant hill. what for a bicycle ride during his lunch break this video shows the 54 year-old that his bright bike here on released valley road in lafayette. >>the truck accused right next to him. seconds later the truck's trailer would collide into martin taking his life it's about. >>being cautious and being safe on the roads in the don't rate risk people's lives. the family has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit. it names the driver of the truck claiming he was prohibited from passing martin at a distance of less than 3 feet. one of the family's attorney says the driver acted carelessly the driver of the
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truck that day violated that law and that when he passed martin and overtook him. he didn't allow for 3 feet of space struck martin tragically killed. the lawsuit also names hawk builders and signature development group, the companies involved in the new housing project under construction nearby called highlands collection claiming both companies should have known. it's large commercial vehicles are prohibited from driving and released valley road that death of martin the list was entirely preventable for aided and his sisters. the lawsuit is to raise awareness for drivers to be mindful of bicyclists and also to hold accountable. the people they believe are responsible for taking their father from them. >>we're doing this because we think that's what he would do. in this case if there were one of us that took place. >>i did reach out to the companies named in the lawsuit ment or did not return calls back in san francisco, i'm just involvement kron 4 news.
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>>in the span hidden camera was found inside a men's restroom police say it happened at an indoor children's trampoline facility in fremont and police say the suspect is a man who's been convicted of similar crimes in the past that just last month 36 year-old richer roadshow was arrested by fremont police for inappropriately touching his genitals near children at the rock and jump trampoline park and tonight but as behind bars after again, an employee found a hidden camera in the men's bathroom of that facility. police say that several men and boys were unknowingly recorded. now parents are concerned public restrooms are no we safe. >>that super disturbing like if i had children i wouldn't want that happening to them in in general, it's just i felt a sickness in addition to being a public space. >>a rota is due in court next month and just last month 55 year-old jose ortiz phillies of newark was arrested after parents and employees at rockin jump chased him out of the indoor park after
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witnessing him touching himself near the kids in hayward police are looking for 2 armed a man connected to a home invasion and a police shooting. police say it happened monday afternoon on capitalist street. they have released these home surveillance pictures of 2 armed suspects. police spotted him leaving the property that when the suspects they say pointed guns at them. 3 officers opened fire the suspect drove away. one resident says 3 bullet holes went through his fence. close proximity. pop pop. that many shots4and they were like right here. when the 2 gunmen, the gunman entered the home they'd found a father and side with his 19 year-old son one of them did manage to call 911, anybody with information being asked to contact hayward police are in county teenagers
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now at the center of the latest free speech versus hate speech battle. one of her recent youtube videos has led to a police investigation and a protest at her high school crime first marine kelly shows us what the girl is posting. and the controversy her videos are creating. plus a long my muslim brothers and sisters in this. >>when titled be not afraid the 14 year-old youtuber who goes by soph where's a good job in calls herself a devout follower of mohammed making offensive statements of course i during 40 year-old husband every so often she also talks about going to san francisco to stone gays after the video went viral. it was pulled by u 2 for violating its policy against hate speech but more of what the marine county high school student calls comedy can still be found on her channel last year the singer got anything i just said the teens foul mouth outspokenness and rants against political correctness has made her a far right media darling garnered heard nearly a million
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subscribers. some of her comments have also made her the target of at least 2 police investigations, one concern an alleged threat made against the ceo of youtube of the allegation was you know. the subject had lugar. >>and it's. >>she knew where to seal it and she she i called and over she out of 10 minutes. the drop of well. it was going to be true. >>the timber on police department determined that the threat was not credible says the 14 year-old does not have access to any firearms, central more in police also investigated concerns stemming from her high school. >>and what we determieed is that her speech is not a necessarily of a threatening nature to any individual the school that her speech is protected by the us constitution students at the school say a handful of sosa classmates walked out today protesting her videos. >>does it just disgusts me personally i can't believe she actually said that she serious
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she's being funny that it's not funny and she needs to learn that it's really not fun to around police say so as parents are aware of what their daughter was up to but we're not involved outside of buying her props and cameras. >>needed for her videos. they were concerned about. >>you know the things that she was 80 and were quite to the office to talk to her yet a review some of the case. >>before she the stuff out. i reached out to so far her social media channels but have so far not gotten a response. flooring kelly kron 4 news. >>tonight california lawmakers have been weighing in on the abortion bans which are either pending or have been passed in other parts of the country capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are reacting. >>you have agr pass and subsea with heartbeat bill sweeping through some gop let state capitals, california lawmakers are joining in on the national conversation morally. i agree with the
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narrative about southern california republican melissa melendez says states like missouri and alabama need to rethink their new abortion laws that make no exceptions for rape and incest and my fear is it maybe it's going too far for the appetite that exist right now and don't know what's going to happen. i think they're right to push the issue. >>i'm just not certain you know it will pass constitutional muster. >>on the other side of the aisle bay area democrat buffy wicks took to twitter saying the rights of all women must be defended, she encouraged women to share their stories as she did when she spoke on the assembly floor for the very first time earlier this year. i had an abortion. i was 26 years old in between jobs and in between homes. i had no health insurance. staying on a friend's couch unemployed and facing an unplanned pregnancy was a vulnerable time in my life for many women this decision comes. the heartbreaking struggle. for many women, a different decision is made. but ultimately it is our decision
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to make california lawmakers vowed to protect a woman's right to choose the state sued the trump administration to block a move that would have stripped significant funding from abortion providers governor gavin newsome also budgeting to double state funds for sexually and reproductive health services in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>california congresswoman katie hill is opening up about once a considering having an abortion herself. hill spoke in deeply personal terms about the agony in dealing with an unplanned pregnancy at the age of 18 at the time hill became pregnant by her now husband even though they were both using birth control at about 6 weeks into the pregnancy. she says she was still struggling with the decision to have the child or get an abortion. she miscarried. judge me how you know. >>what is this and what does this mean for my life if i decide to do. >>you know to do what i fell like i'm i might just need to do.
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>>and and how would that change things forever. i'm sorry but you know these all the men who are the elected officials who are trying t impose this on women who have never been and will never be in that situation. >>the freshman congressman also revealed publicly for the first time that she develop problems with her ovaries and can no longer have children. in other national news us official spoke to the washington post anonymously about where exactly election hacking occurred. the post reported thursday that a washington county, a small florida county made up about to about 25,000 people have been breached back in 2016. that's one of at least 2 florida counties known to have been hacked by russia. it's not clear what the other counties are a country counties are. florida governor ron desantis his office says that he can't share that information since he signed a nondisclosure agreement other officials however are calling for the information to be made public and for action be taken
9:21 pm
against anyone responsible. despite suspicions, the a governor says voter data was not manipulated and did not impact florida vote totals. coming up and jam resorts might pay millions of dollars to settle lawsuits from the deadly las vegas shooting. >>we'll have details ahead and how a couple of bay area residents are taking action on their cities pothole problem. also sharks fell to the blues tonight, but fans still of rallying for the team, we'll take you to a watch party when we come back. >>and we've got a lot of rain headed our way this weekend anna thomas know headed toward the sierra nevada will talk at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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>>hockey talk now the sharks in st. louis for game 4 of the western conference finals. yes charges had a chance to bring a 3, one lead back to san jose but they fell short and even though we just saw a loss of fans are still in pretty good spirits. our first vandoorne has more now from a watch party in san jose. >>as our shows a close one friday night that their fans are feeling pretty optimistic about this series and their team's chances of getting to the stanley cup. they couldn't be with the sharks in st. louis but the bridge in downtown san jose worked out just fine fans say they believe this is the right team for the right time. >>just think that this is the best team we've had in awhile team has no quit in it. and you look belsky going down. it turned the team around and
9:25 pm
around him just carrying a stir into the current around just been amazing some other fans say the sharks are not playing up to their full potential and simply squeezing by in games. play a lot better now but i'm mostly around vernon is plane like that. like this like it we can actually start this ought to get through this series with the sharks, potential opponent in the stanley cup. >>is a tough matchup i'm kind of worried about that but i'm so confident in this >>i know that they really want this one for a job or you. >>with the series tied 2 games apiece the sharks return to san jose on sunday for game 5 reporting in downtown san jose again for ron for it. >>attorney general william barr not backing down on big claims that when it comes to the fbi's counterintelligence probe into russian interference. in the 2016 election, how the president is
9:26 pm
reacting when we come back. and a tripod being used by caltrans crew was stolen then thrown through the windshield of a moving car we're going to hear from a witness. and after the break a trial for 2 men who could be held responsible for the deaths of 36 people in the east bay. we'll get a look at the emotional testimony, ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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>>and his keys. >>ever encountered.
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>>creating a fire trap for 36 people died, horrible death. so what's the challenge facing tony serra and other lawyers representing derrick coleman and max harris in the ghost ship fire try. >>for more than 2 weeks now, the prosecution has been building its case and defense attorneys and then trying to knock it down. began their case on a note of high emotion. the first witness the mother of one of the 3 dozen people who did not make it out of the music event at the go ship nearly 2 and a half years ago, she wept as she described her daughter's last text i'm going to die, i want to. >>there so that everyone of short-term derick almena and max harris are charged with 36 counts of manslaughter. their lawyers laid out their defense in their opening statements we very strongly believe this was arson fire.
9:30 pm
>>at least 10 people participated in our hearts and the prosecution's case, the 2 men knowingly allowed tenants to live in the artis warehouse space in violation of the law that they knowingly created a fire hazard with no exit signs or smoke detectors and a structurally unsound staircase made from wooden pallets and that the fire was caused by slipshod wiring. the defense tried to bat down each of the witnesses, survivor ryan o'keefe testifying about the rapid spread of the fire was very unusual very fast-moving was very hot smoke. >>all. >>and good of the next hour and being used. >>fire officials testifying about the building's lack of compliance migrations, the common joe he doesn't know that to fire home by the end of the second week, the defense attorneys tried to put the fire department on trial for putting fire. suppression ahead of saving lives, someone to bologna. >>what they're trying to do really is shield themselves from civil liability. >>prosecution suffered an
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unexpected setback when a witness died in an accident just days before he was set to testify last week. prosecutors told the judge said he was in on one licensed contractor, hard to install an wiring at the ghost ship warehouse court is back in session next week. in las vegas mgm resorts things they could pay as much as $800 million for lawsuits related to the 2017 massacre, but deals have not been reached between in gm and the thousands of people who sued the company for a variety of reasons after a man killed 58 people and wounded more than 500 others by shooting from the window of mgm's mandalay bay hotel, the attack on attendees at the music festival was the deadliest mass shooting in modern us history and in a statement in gm says the company has about million in insurance coverage that can be used to help cover such costs. in sacramento, a veteran is recovering in the hospital tonight after being
9:32 pm
hit with a caltrans tripod this happened yesterday, the man have been in a van with 5 other people. they were also injured. the van was a shuttle for military families support group. the tripod from a caltrans survey team working in the area. they say he threw the tripod on to a high 5 from second street. it pierced windshield on the passenger side. >>when i looked over and saw my buddy it was like. and there was no blood or anything and i didn't realize that that that spike had gone into his chest and it is long. and broke 4 ribs. >>choose investigators say they use surveillance video from a local business to find the suspect the chp says that man could now face attempted murder charges. >>reading from the same playbook is president trump. general william barr is repeating the claim that spying occurred on the trump campaign. and questions the
9:33 pm
motives of fbi agents who launched the initial russia investigation, bars investigation apparently is getting the thumbs up from the president. >>cnn's laura jarrett reports. >>i have more questions today than i did when i first started. >>more questions than when he started. attorney general bill barr short on specifics long on rhetoric and a pair of interviews on how the russia probe all started. >>we should be worried about whether government officials abuse their power and put their some on the scale and and so i'm not saying that happened. but i'm saying that we have to look at that. >>as the president was tweeting that he was conclusively spied on. echoed his bosses claims to the wall street journal saying quote government power was used to spy i on american citizens refusing to delve into the basis for his concern. bart raised over more familiar talking points from trump and his allies calling into question officials use of the infamous dossier compiled by an ex british intelligence officer. it's a very.
9:34 pm
>>unusual situation to have that opposition research like that especially one that on its face. had a number of clear mistakes and a and a somewhat analysis and to and to use that to get to conduct a counterintelligence against him american political campaign is a strange. would be a strange development despite the fact that the special counsel's report shows the russia investigation wasn't triggered by the dossier. >>barr now giving trump an investigation he can get behind. >>a great job, setting started on going back so regions of exactly where this all started offering a sympathetic portrayal. >>president wrongly accused. >>if i had been falsely accused i'd be comfortable saying it was a witch hunt and even though bars work is just getting started he told the wall street journal it could ultimately lead to big changes down the line in intelligence
9:35 pm
collection practices when it comes to political campaigns. >>there was a large air to reporting for us tonight in that same interview with fox barr dismissed claims by some democrats that he's acting more like the president's lawyer, then the attorney general saying they may just be worried what his investigation will turn up. adult film actress stormy daniels has agreed to dismiss a lawsuit that accused her former lawyer. >>of colluding with president trump's tax lawyer michael cohen to have her denied having an affair with president with the trump. a notice of agreement was filed thursday. daniels reportedly agreed to end the lawsuit and without asking for any money. the lawsuit was followed from daniel's lawsuit against trump aimed at tearing up the hush money settlement about there alleged affair in 2006. daniel says that she had signed a nondisclosure agreement in exchange for $130,000. a judge dismissed that lawsuit in march.
9:36 pm
>>we're seeing clouds rolling in right now some raindrops in the forecast for the weekend working expect in your neighborhood will talk about that coming up next. complaining about it they're taking action how 2 people are teaming up in the fight against the cities. >>pothole problem. and coming up in sports. the sharks the ice in st. louis for game 4 of the western conference finals, san jose and able to summon is this our new car? it's a new buick envision. and i got it with wi-fi for all of your wi-fi stuff, wireless charging for your phone. cool! wait til you check out the back! that's a lot of groceries. look at my strong man! don't patronize me... the new buick envision is full of surprises. get up to 16 percent below msrp on most of these 2019 buick models when you finance through gm financial. that's just over 7 thousand on this envision premium.
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>>brought to you by your northern california volkswagen dealers visit vw dealers dot com. >>and will open over the sharks in st. louis after a controversial and in game 3 that gave san jose the when the blues finding a way to get even we go to the highlights what a game for the sharks, the other night forced ot in the final minute slap in the game winner. now out of the gates. the blues were messing around 30 seconds in ivan barber ship converts on the first shot of the game louis up one nothing just like that. and then later in the first clues on the power play tyler bozak somehow finds a way to score. blues tack on another. take a 2 nothing lead on the 3rd blue still lot san jose trying to respond sharks power play tomas hertl wins a battle against jordan binnington sharkey's on the board but still down to one now in the final seconds, san jose looking to send it to ot again jones pulled from the net blues just played keep away for the final horn st. louis
9:40 pm
hold on to one your final this series not at 2 after the game. peter, de boer. courage despite the result of tonight. >>maybe the best i've felt about our game in the series. so far even though we lost you would put 2 goals in her own net and. >>off our own guys >>didn't get the start we want a gun or heels on the first shift into couple penalties but you know other than that. and then not finding a way to to get a couple more goals af i thought we did a lot of good stuff. >>game 5 sunday back to the tank in san jose, let's talk some more years, portland put up a fight last night but the chance are in full control of the western conference finals. warriors blazers keen to steph curry log this 3rd straight game with at least 33 points but defense one tonight in the final seconds planes are down 3 damian lillard trying to put up a shot and reagan's all off the block. its life that's the ballgame warriors win one 14 one 11 to take it 2 zip series lead. and as they had to
9:41 pm
portland kevin to rent will be in action he still out with a calf strain, he said to be re evaluated in a week. let's hear from steve kerr with the latest on kd and also curry on the team's ability to whether his absence. >>this is taking a little bit longer than the ones. he's had the past but that's okay, he's coming along. well. you know he if he continues to improve at the rate. he's improving out we're confident that he'll be back we just don't know when. >>markets as well understand how great players they are with. raise our ceiling even higher. but to your point here we feel i doing when games and matter who's out there on the floor. and that's why we're in the position we are. and i want every says with no they just i was so so we know with the mission isn't. >>game 3 tomorrow night with game 4 on monday. we'll hav
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>>bad roads certainly are new in the bay area in fact a study from a national nonprofit transportation group found that they're the worst in all of california and it's costing us thousands of dollars every year in repairs for our cars but there are 2 men taking matters into their own hands. they're being compared to heroes for making repairs themselves on first-and thorne has more on the work being done by the pothole vigilantes.
9:45 pm
>>among the potential bad guys you'll find on bay area roads villainous potholes reigns supreme. although they may have met their match. >>so started this say enough is enough few streets because they've been neglected by the city for too there in our cars that meet oakland's potholed vigilantes. >>a pair of masked men who are fighting crime but they are taking care of the streets. >>it's a simple as pointing not in the poll ever in a down and they ensured slide a 15 minutes depending on the side of the fall. >>and workout do that too ntes show their faces of course we also can share their real names. it's important for them to maintain a secret identity for fear of any negative repercussions. >>worst case my gun, you know. for that we had and you know a
9:46 pm
little slap on the wrist, you know we're not concerned about it it's worth it. >>potholes are a big problem and oakland city government has struggled with a solution but by tackling one street at a time the pothole vigilante say they're swooping in and saving the city. the vigilantes find it's best to fill the past keep on holes at night. >>this way there's less traffic and it's better for keeping their cover. the dynamic duo has been added for several weeks garnering attention on their instagram and go fund me pages much of a good but regardless of the bad. big multiply they're calling it a revolution hashtag whole revolution. >>we're using that because we think if we had the behind as and everyone's helping out that he didn't really quickly in their first pot hold vigilante meet up. >>they supplied their followers with asphalt campers shirts and stickers they want people to become the power
9:47 pm
they seek and to fix the roads in their own neighborhoods. >>our goal is to essentially go out there and you know with the community in the schools might call so we can and i think karen parr people to go out there to kind of communities and cities since this all began the duo has fixed dozens of potholes on their own and they have collected thousands in donations. they're hoping with these new sidekicks they can accomplish so much more. >>we're just 2 guys year the whole community to be done. >>whether those polls that she does go out there and you know. take it upon way for the city or anyone else to do it. >>meanwhile the city has proposed a 3 year million plan to help repay of oakland's poorly condition streets. people are also encouraged to keep calling 3, 1 one to report any pot hole problems but you might be lucky enough to get some help from these guys. reporting in oakland, dan thorn. kron 4 news.
9:48 pm
>>now to our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look out over the in park and they're always looks kind of gold this time in the well we're here. >>right up on the weekend you know trying access those gays and head after this year. all this memorial day still skiing up there and i mean ton of snow just following up their last couple days. >>get more up there again as we've got to winter storm watch is again being posted on the western slopes of the sierra nevada, maybe 12 maybe 18 inches of snow over some the higher peaks there so certainly gonna come down hard if you're headed up there to start a warm to begin with. but on some showers around the lake level but over the past as you're going to see that snow event by sunday, the terms of a rain-snow mix if you're headed up lake tahoe and a lot of power going to fall on the mountaintops and here's what's going to cause and you can already see the clouds begin to stream across our skies just some high clouds so far the storm system to wind up in. well you bring some heavy rainfall for tomorrow, maybe some lightning as well be prepared going to
9:49 pm
be a stormy afternoon around the bay area a lot of rain a very cool temperatures. so these numbers running as much as 20 degrees below the average for this time of year. the storm just getting going here than the core low is going to spin on sunday that will make things very unstable in the atmosphere you see showers and sunshine maybe couple ramos and then more storms rolling on through another storm system moving in by monday night into tuesday and then we get on the backside of that and the things try to dry out a little bit maybe a lingering shower on wednesday, not much and then looks like high pressure tries to take over as we head in toward the holiday weekend. so we've got big changes ahead for this weekend though it looks pretty wet on and off tomorrow, especially starting in the afternoon for much of the bay area of the showers and thunderstorms continuing on sunday monday a cloudy day around the bay area and then by monday night want to see things cloud up enough are talking about some rain overnight monday night and into tuesday maybe a lingering shower on wednesday. >>i lawrence yeah, the only seasonal rain is arrived just as cherry season begins in sherry's the do not like the
9:50 pm
rain currently not in his conference rob fly double reports the bay area cherry crop could get really badly damaged depending on how much more rain we get. >>threatening skies loom overhead here at andy's orchard in morgan hill, rain puddles beneath the cherry trees ripening cherry is like a says longtime or should just any mary on e and it will keep taking water in until it can't anymore in the membrane of the skin cracks the crack cherry like that a crack cherry is a lost cherian must be cold from the harvest. it cannot be packed up or ship it will soften tfe cherries in mold and decay. >>and they could crack. though once they reached the destination the ripest fruit is most vulnerable to moisture mary audi is fortunate in that his cherries tender right thing a little later we have a lot of for hasn't cracked >>and i think the cracking is
9:51 pm
more severe over the central valley where they've already started picking some cherry varieties are more resistant to cracking but the popular being cherries have been hardest hit early on in what was shaping up to be a rare bumper crop. this is the second crop in 6 years that we've had of course one could be destroyed. >>and we will have a crash. we had one good crop, but 2 years ago out of sight of 6 years mariana shows the larger growers and the export market will be hit hardest. but there should be plenty of local fruit available while it last. >>asked prices are stable for now, but that could change he says fewer than 5% of his crop is cracked but that too could change i guess the the worst is still predicted, so we'll see what happens in a few days when when the rains are done in morgan hill road flat kron 4 news. up next is robert patents and up next to play the new batman we will break down som vision of
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
an infamous horror movie series from an unexpected source our time i chris rock he is going to bring back saw the comedian actor has a new vision for the horror films about the serial killer named jigsaw. >>he's written this he's going to executive produce the movie could be released in october of next year. the last movie title jigsaw was in 2017. it was the 8th movie in that franchise which began in 2004. >>he's most famous for playing
9:55 pm
a vampire but now he may be the next actor to say i'm batman according to variety robert pattinson is close to sealing a deal to star in the forthcoming film. the batman he is best known for portraying. the pats. hasty in brooding vampire edward cullen in the twilight movie series, some fans. they're already up in arms even started a petition, the cast, somebody else. one person tweeted this is exactly why marvel is better in every way that man is a character owned by rival comic company d c other fans urging filmgoers to get patents in a chance and are pointing out that the heath ledgers casting as the joker in the dark knight was equally controversial. i don't see the big controversy. look this is adorable for to therapy they've been given their own page. >>in a school yearbook they've been working at marjory stoneman douglas high flrida. t campus since classes resumed
9:56 pm
after 14 students and 3 staff members were killed in a shooting in february of 2018. a yearbook editor says those dogs are so much show loved and really are being treated like campus celebrities. they're just a amazing to the little golden retriever with the boat, i know you know i. beautiful little dogs and that wraps kron 4 news at night. but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour, pam warren can winner here the court for news attend they key and catherine thanks to you both love that story with the dogs in next at 10 o'clock the latest. >>local measles case traced to a popular upscale market in the east bay, what public health officials are warning you should do if you have been there plus a new lawsuit filed by a family today as are dealing with the loss of a man killed on his bike when he is hit by a big break and will we see more rain this weekend. >>our chief meteorologist lazcano standing by with the tenet and forecast gave it away i am now. >>has nothing to talk our 3 is in prime time after the break.
9:57 pm
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[ commentatora 1-iron [ pleafrom the 17th tee.sic ] [ club thwacking ] it's coming right at the flag stick. [ crowd cheering ] what a shot! [ pleasant orchestral music ] jack nicklaus has now won his third united states open. alert in the city of berkeley where people may have been exposod to the measles thanks for joining us. i'm can way and i pay a more berkeley health officials say the person with measles visited
10:00 pm
the berkeley bowl market on our gun street on tuesday may the 7th. >>well for a long is live in berkeley tonight with details on who needs to be concerned they'll. >>and again anyone who visited this berkeley bowl on may 7 as he said during a very busy shopping time. berkeley health officials say this is not an outbreak of the measles but it is the first confirmed measles case in berkeley and in alameda county. shoppers and workers of the berkeley bowl an organ street may have been exposed to measles earlier this month. >>the city of berkeley public health says the infected person is not an employee here but came through the grocery store on may 7th between 3, 5, in the afternoon. so to dorian johnson but says he is vaccinated and fortunately nothing has happened for me, but. >>i hope it hasn't it doesn't >>shopper ron moore tell is not worried about the exposure. >>i got measles in the 50's and i survived quite nicely. everybody i know that it was no


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