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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 8, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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♪ bradley cooper, irina shayek officially over. the supermodel puts on a pokerer face. we know the real deal about what's going on with her ex and lady gaga then, nsync on tour. plus, beyonce bites back. why she's technology beyhive to back off. then -- ♪ >> what's up, "e.t." >> welcome to our house. >> we're in music city, cruising with florida georgia line as the ady kids hit nashville.
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♪ everybody's laughing sunshine day ♪ this is "entertainment tonight." welcome, everyone. there's no better way to wrap up "e.t.'s" week in nashville than right here as you can hear, party central, fgl, the bar and restaurant owned by florida georgia line. >> it's friday, we'll get started inspect is great place to celebrate and drown your sorrows. so come on down, bradley cooper, because "e.t." was first to tell you that he and irina were on the rocks. >> well, now, it's officially over. and we know why. >> hi, irina, how are you? how are things with you and bradley at the moment? >> irina, in a chic burberry jumpsuit ignored questions about bradley cooper. the russian supermodel jetted out of l.a.x. about three hours before the breakup news broke. the 33-year-old left for the airport from bradley's home, carrying her suitcase. so, after four years together, what caused the breakup?
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well, a source tells "e.t." that irina "had high hopes" for her life with bradley but was ultimately "unhappy with his work schedule." that same source says, "they haven't been getting along for quite some time and seemed to be holding on to their relationship for the sake of their daughter." >> and how is irina and how is >> they're all right here. my mom is here. irina is here. yeah. >> irina was at bradley's side as he promoted "a star is born," and we're told there were high hopes that the couple could work it out when he had more time after awards season. >> most of all, i have to welcome irina for putting up with me while i was trying to make music in our basement for a year. >> turns out that after, according to our source, things only got worse. quote, she didn't feel she was getting the level of commitment she wanted and the endless fighting made their life unbearable. irina dabbed tears and avoided eye contact with bradley in 2016 at wimbledon.
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one possibility his ex suki waterhouse was just a few steps away. meanwhile social media is going crazy with speculation that lady gag broke the couple up. >> two be clear our source says the star is born singer wasn't a factor in the split and gaga al shut down the rumors telling kimmel she and her co-star were putting on a show. >> people saw love and guess what, that's what we wanted you to see. let's start with beyonce who was originally attached to star is born. >> we have all seen that viral video with beyonce. she had a little stare down at nicole curran, the wife of the man who owns the golden state warriors and it sent the beyhive warriors. after that, the beyhive went off. beyonce wants you all to chill.
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♪ hold up, they don't love you like i love you ♪ >> a day after beyonce's supposed courtside side-eye went viral, her team is telling the beyhive to behave. ♪ don't get it twisted get it twisted ♪ >> the swarm ruthlessly attacked nicole for chatting up jay. fans even started calling her the new becky with the good hair. ♪ you better call becky with the good hair ♪ >> here's the thing, nicole is happily married to warriors owner joseph lacob. beyonce's longtime publicist shut it down on instagram. quote, i know your love runs deep but, it will bring no joy to the person you love so much if you spew hate in her name. joey fatone has filed for divorce from his wife, they had been estranged for years. ♪ just after the news broke, joey was clearly on a mission to be seen. >> so, how is everything? >> he had a mini reunion with j.c. chasez. they're tearing up our hearts
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because there was no talks of rebooting their boy band's past even without justin. ♪ going on tour again? thinking about making some new music again? >> no. just catching up. tow to justin's ex britney, who's surrounding herself with family as she navigates her latest mental health struggle. sister jamie lynn had been literally camping out in brit's $18 million estate with her daughters, 14-month-old joan and 10-year-old maddie. yesterday, she was spotted in santa monica with their dad jamie. the two remained tight lipped despite the paparazzi's repeated attempts at flattery. >> you guys look great. what brings you to santa monica today? >> meanwhile, back here in nashville, the celebration continues in a somewhat subdued fashion -- granger smith was scheduled to perform here at cma fest this week, instead he is at home dealing with the tragic passing of his 3-year-old.
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>> little fish. that's all it's all about. >> granger's youngest son river loved life, fishing and being around his famous father. >> camo's a little small. >> camo? >> but wednesday at granger's texas home, which the 39-year-old shares with his wife amber, tragedy struck. a rep tells "e.t." that river drowned reportedly in the family pool. yesterday, his grief-stricken dad delivered the news. quote, following a tragic accident, and despite doctor's best efforts, he was unable to be revived. >> so many country stars posted messages and prayers, and last night, dad-to-be kane brown passed along this message. >> i just want you to know i love you, man, and anything at all you ever need i'm here for you, brother, i love you. >> granger and his wife have two her small children, both featured in this music video about overcoming the loss of a loved one. ♪ we let go of those heaven-bound balloons ♪
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>> night-night. >> the couple said their last good-byes to river yesterday and made the decision to, quote, donate his organs so that other children will be given a second chance at life. >> there's a lot of healing in that. >> when we last spoke, the proud dad reflected on how the country music community came together after another tragedy -- the vegas shooting. the star echoed these same words he posted yesterday -- love the ones close to you. >> we only really have today. tomorrow's not guaranteed. >> the family ask that in lieu of flowers or gifts, you donate to dell children's medical center in river's name. meanwhile, more news out of cma fest. thomas rhett, who recently clapped back at internet trolls who came after his wife. ♪ >> you can say whatever you want about me and my outfits and how ridiculous i look, but once you start talking about my wife, sometimes i can't hold back.
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♪ >> thomas came to his wife's defense, hard, smacking down haters who insulted his wife lauren over her cmt awards outfit. ♪ >> i said that stuff to encourage people to be kind. i can't imagine being on someone's page and seeing something and ragging on them for something like that. the internet, cyberbullying, what ever you want to call it, it's just very unfortunate. >> thomas shut down comments and took to instagram telling the trolls they should be "ashamed." a friend of mine called it thumb thugs, people who hide behind their thumbs. >> i do my best to not respond but sometimes i can't help myself. if you knew my wife as a human being, i mean, she's as beautiful inside as she is out and you know it was just unfortunate. ♪ >> thomas co-hosted a rain-soaked opening night at the cma fest with kelsea ballerini, the night was headlined by florida georgia line. ♪ okay, so fresh off
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absolutely slaying the opening night of cma fest, my boys, florida georgia line. do you remember just a few years ago we were in the back of a truck, i think i was auditioning to be the third member of this show? >> oh, yeah. >> right, i do remember that. ♪ baby you're a song >> well, they've done fine without me. they even have a huge four-level bar and restaurant here in downtown nashville, fgl house. so, is there a drink that you need, we need to try? >> it's not even like old camp on the rocks, it's old camp shot. >> welcome to nashville. >> i'll go for it, i'll do it with you guys. >> speaking of "going for it," that's what a fan did last week when the guys called her on stage during their sirius xm show at nashville's famed ryman auditorium. ♪ so, won't you ride with me ride with me ♪ >> she was just rocking, having a good time right there in the front. we couldn't help ousts. >> brian and tyler are family
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men. they ha last week, tyler was telling me about his and wife haley's little daughter olivia. >> i mean, we play a lot of our music just to watch her light up and say dada and it's the funniest thing. >> dada. >> brian and his wife have no kids planned. dogs? that's another story. >> we always have room for more dogs in the kelley household. our female sage, she might give us some puppies in the next cycle. >> you're going to save one for me? >> well, you know, brother, you're the top of the list, baby. coming up -- much more as "e.t." in nashville rolls on. hanging with the bradys. inside their music city lodge. planning a supersecret sleepover -- >> without cameras. then, mandy moore music news. is she taking a break from "this is us." no lie. our epic flashback before the big little lie return.
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great crowd. >> welcome back to nashville. inside fgl house. owned by florida georgia line. >> here's the deal, since we're in music city, we got music news from this is us star mandy moore. >> i have been in studio this week and i'm going back tomorrow and excited to have, like, those wheels in motion again. >> new music from mandy moore i'm here for it. music is also on the mind of this is us co-star chrissy metz fulfilling her country music dreams. she is performing forming at th house, which is branded as the brady lodge and today i got a chance to hang with the kids in their groovy nashville home. ♪ here's the story of a lovely lady ♪ >> who decided that you would come down to nashville and hang out during cma? >> i love country music, so to be here at the hgtv lodge with my buddies and like, you, it's so cool. >> the lodge is a
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performance space that's been giving a very brady throwback vibe, from disco balls to '7 ons snacks. i looked around the kitchen and it's crazy. first of all, the fridge is like the fridge. kids, before we had smartphones for selfies, in the '70s we used polaroids. >> fondue anybody? >> along with chrissy, carly pierce and scotty mccreary are also going to sing here. is there any chance that you guys would perform in here? i mean, we could rock, kill sunshine day. ♪ everybody's smiling, sunshine day ♪ ♪ sunshine day ♪ everybody's smiling ♪ sunshine day >> "e.t." was first to show you inside the newly remodeled los angeles house. the complete reveal will be on "a very brady renovation," premiering on hgtv this september. >> i feel like now that you're together, you want to be together forever and that this
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could be something that goes on for a while. >> i would love it. i'm all for it and we definitely -- and i'm not even kidding about this, we definitely -- we definitely have to have a sleepover in the house. >> without cameras. still ahead -- big limit lies scoop before sunday's premiere. then -- >> there's a new hot couple in country music. >> carly pearce and michael ray spill wedding secrets more from nashville when "e.t." returns. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ i still feel responsible for the accident. >> ooh, i can't wait. the ladies of monterey are trying to keep their secrets safe when "big little lies" returns sunday, and to celebrate that, we're flashing back to "e.t.'s" time with the cast now, and then. are you prepared for what could happen to your career after being in a huge blockbuster hit? >> um, no. i don't know how you would prepare for it. >> "e.t." first met nicole kidman in 1990 for her breakout film "days of thunder." >> the 22-year-old up-and-comer just confirmed she was in a relationship with her very famous costar. >> yes, i am involved with tom cruise, yes.
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he's a very high-profile person and one of the most famous actors in the world. >> reese witherspoon played a lovesick teenager in her 1991 film debut, "the man in the moon." >> i want you to be the first boy to ever kiss me. >> and that's pretty much the way she was in real life during our first "e.t." interview. >> my first kiss was in a roller skating rink. i was 12 years old, and i had a boyfriend whose name was graham and he was a pretty good kisser, pretty good, graham. perfect. >> while reese is now one of the hottest producers in hollywood, back then she just wanted the grownups to call the shots. >> people want to make like all these big decisions and stuff. and finally, i just kind of sit down and say, i don't know i'm 15 years old, you figure it out for me. i don't know. >> shailene woodley was 16 years old when "e.t." met her on the set of "the secret life of an american teenager." >> ben's the only good thing that has happened to me this year. >> i'm a normal girl who happens to have acting as a hobby and i
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happen to love it but i'm not in it as anything other than a hobby. >> laura dern was raised by two hollywood legends, bruce dern and dianne ladd. "e.t." met her in 1986 when she began getting her own oscar buzz for the film "smooth talk." >> i've been around it all my life like the oscars are such an honor but, i've heard it but i try not to let it sink in. >> zoe kravitz was just 9 years old in 1998 when she was mom lisa bonet's plus-one at the "enemy of the state" after-party. >> what did you think about seeing mom up there on the big screen? >> i liked it. >> come on, they are twins. let's go back to nicole kidman now. she and husband keith urban call nashville home, as do faith hill and tim mcgraw. carrie underwood and her husband mike fisher. garth brooks and trisha yearwood. you can also add music city's newly engaged power couple carly pearce and michael ray. keltie knight caught up with them and found out the secret to relationship success. >> he's a good fiance that watches "the bachelor" and "bachelorette" with me. >> yes! >> he hates it. >> i'm a little mad, though, because jake owens sang on the show, he sang, "made for you."
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and he's singing that in our wedding. >> i just want everybody to know, we called jake first before the bachelorette. >> yeah. >> i'm mad. jakewhat are you doing? that was supposed to be my moment, you ruined it. no, i'm joking. ♪ closer to you >> carly and michael plan to get hitched later this year. we caughted up with them in the famed ryman auditorium. carly can pretty much get michael to do anything for her from a cameo appearance in her new music video. to singing on cp2, the album, she just finished recording. >> duets? >> on cp2, there's maybe a duet. i don't feel like i could put out a new record and not have my husband on there. >> yes. ♪ her world or mine >> michael just released his latest single "her world or mine." side note it's all about carly's world for him, he took us over to the country music hall of fame and museum to prove it. >> this is my ultimate favorite.
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i happen to be marrying this particular favorite. one of the coolest things i get to be a part of her career is seeing her in an exhibit in the country music hall of fame. that's the biggest honor. >> it's a huge thing. we have loved being in nashville this week and if you want to take a trip here, we teamed up with the omni nashville hotel to help you plan the perfect getaway. look at this place. it's so gorgeous. there's so much to do. first up, let's eat. one of my favorite things -- is the boozy brunch. bloody marys. mimosas. omni does it right. and of course, no nashville outing would be complete without some live music. we're here at bar lines. the food is incredible. the music is even better. you might recognize this little tune. ♪ >> now, we're at bob's. this is the fine dining restaurant and we're with todd who has been taking care of us all week. oh, my goodness, did you order the entire menu?
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>> just about. >> bon appetit. >> this is amazing. and you know, one of the best things about a trip like this is heading to the spa and we're so excited. there's nothing better to do than relax on a rooftop pool. and a drink. sflmplts keltie know mop liezs all the time so i never got a drink. they have fantastic drinks. >> have you seen the food and what's on the table behind us? first of all, i don't know what's on this table. but it looks so good. did kevin just dig in on this woman's plate. we'll have more from "e.t." when we come back. ♪
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travel consideration provided by -- ♪ hey, just a quick reminder, j.lo kicks off her concert tonight in l.a. we'll be there. backstage. we'll have all that for on monday. meanwhile, it's been such a party in nashville. >> keltie said she needed her
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rose. keltie, i'm with the fellas. >> i don't want to hurt myself. >> hey, everybody. cheers! >> cheers! >> thank you all for being with us. this so much fun. >> take care, everybody. >> have a good one. >> i'll carry her out, don't - [narrator] the following is a paid advertisement
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